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Saturday, 23 September


A Closer Look at Africas First Contemporary Art Museum Hyperallergic

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art from Africa exterior, designed by Thomas Heatherwick (photo by Iwan Baan)

CAPE TOWN Africa has always enjoyed a rocky relationship with the interweb of commercial and cultural interests we know as the art world. Take tribal art, an egregious category used for far too long to refer to the pilfered artwork from colonial conquests that ended up in the West, or the fact that contemporary art from Africa is still dogged by that geographical designation. Slow and steady though, the terms of engagement appear to be changing.

On Friday, September 22 in Cape Town, South Africa, the first museum dedicated to contemporary art borne of the continent will open its doors to the public. Dubbed Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art from Africa), the museum aims to ensure that the people of Africa can see some of the best artistic production from their continent [so] that the discourse around art in Africa can be led by Africa.



Lin-Manuel Miranda Reads Junot Diazs The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Open Culture

It's worth taking note of this: In a newly-released audiobook, Lin-Manuel Miranda (the creator and star of Hamilton) narrates Junot Diaz's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Above and below, listen to excerpts of an unabridged reading that lasts nearly 10 hours. And also note that Miranda is joined at points by Tony Award-winning actress, Karen Olivo.

If you're tempted to hear the full production, you can purchase the audiobook online. Or you can download it for free by signing up for Audible's 30-day free trial. As I've mentioned before, if you register for Audible's free trial program, they let you download two free audiobooks. At the end of 30 days, you can decide whether you want to become an Audible subscriber (as I have) or not. No matter what you decide, you get to keep the two free audiobooks. Miranda's reading of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao can be one of them.

NB: We have a partnership with So, if you give their program a try, it will help support Open Culture.

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If you'd like to support Open Culture and our mission, please consider making a donation to our site. It's hard to rely 100% on ads, an...


Punk Rock Resisting Islamophobia Sociological Images

Originally posted at Discoveries

Punk rock has a long history of anti-racism, and now a new wave of punk bands are turning it up to eleven to combat Islamophobia. For a recent research article, sociologist Amy D. McDowell  immersed herself into the Taqwacore scene a genre of punk rock that derives its name from the Arabic word Taqwa. While inspired by the Muslim faith, this genre of punk is not strictly religious Taqwacore captures the experience of the brown kids, Muslims and non-Muslims alike who experience racism and prejudice in the post-9/11 era. This music calls out racism and challenges stereotypes.

Through a combination of interviews and many hours of participant observation at Taqwacore events, McDowell brings together testimony from musicians and fans, describes the scene, and analyzes materials from Taqwacore forums and websites. Many participants, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, describe processes of discrimination where anti-Muslim sentiments and stereotypes have affected them. Her research shows how Taqwacore is a multicultural musical form for a collective, panethnic brown identity that spans multiple nationalities and backgrounds. Pushing back against the idea that Islam and punk music are incompatible, Taqwacore artists draw on the essence of punk to create music to that empowers marginalized youth.

Neeraj Rajasekar is a Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of Minnesota.

(View original at


Incredible 3D Portraits Made of Over 20,000 Screws My Modern Met

Screw Sculpture Art Bruce Mackley

Artist, graphic designer, and self-proclaimed daydreamer Bruce Mackley is the creative mind behind a duo of incredible 3D portraits, respectively titled Descent and Turning Away. The artist used thousands of tinted decking and framing screws for each piece, drilling them in at varying depths for texture. This proves especially appealing for blind art-goers who are encouraged to touch his works and thereby create a mental image of each piece.

For Descent, which he refers to as a study of balance, chaos and harmony, he spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning over 20,000 painted screws to achieve a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect. Weighing in at over 350 lbs. and standing at 7 feet tall, the vibrant, industrial mosaic lies somewhere between painting and sculpture. And despite its limitations, Mackley claims his unusual medium of choice allows his work to excel through the subtle use of tone and color. This medium can be tedious and challenging, he says, but it offers a fantastic level of undoing and redoing.

Mackley discovered his affinity for working with screws through the creation of his first piece, Turning Away. He used over 9,000 screws for this piece. Surprisingly, the artist admits, I have no formal training in fine art, though most of my misspent youth was defined by a fascination with Frazetta, Giger, Parrish, Dali, and countless other mystically deranged illustrators of the time. This steady diet of the unreal fueled a chronic habit of daydreaming that persists to this day!

If you want to check out Mackley's work for yourself, Descent will be exhibited this fall at The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids during ArtPrize 9.

Artist Bruce Mackley used over 20,000 screws to create an incredible 3D portrait called Descent.



When Stephen King met Pennywise the Clown Dangerous Minds

Big Stephen King was on his way home. Last leg of a whirlwind book tour. Seven cities in six days. All for his latest 426-page blockbuster Dead Zone. Now it was back to his wife Tabitha and the kids. Big Stephen King. Six-foot-three. Blue-eyed. Gangly-limbed with his thick square glasses and...

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Friday, 22 September


Turns out, its crazy easy to write a Morrissey song Dangerous Minds

Who knew how ridiculously easy it is to write a song in the style of Morrissey?

Musician Andy Wood reveals the one weird trick in this brief three-minute tutorial.

Wood demonstrates that Morrisseys melodies tend to be one notethe major third of whatever key you are playing...


Navajo Nation Artists Respond to the Threat of Uranium Radiation Hyperallergic

Radioactive Pollution Kills. Its Time To Clean Up The Mines. (2016) by Icy & Sot for The Painted Desert project in Gray Mountain, A.Z. (all photos by Emily Pier for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted)

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. A large-scale human rights violation is occurring in the United States, and there is a dearth of news coverage on the issue. Nuclear contamination from abandoned uranium mines is rampant across the Navajo Nations 27,000 square miles of land, throughout Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. This situation has left thousands of people without access to safe drinking water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In response, a community of artists is raising awareness about the problem through a street art project and a gallery exhibition.

The Southwest has a legacy of uranium mining that has contaminated water, destroyed land, killed people and animals, and forced the government to pay billions in reparations. Abandoned mines and nuclear waste litter the areas Indian reservation, yet only a fraction of the contaminated sites have proper warning signs. Fortunately, artists are using murals and billboards to alert the public to these hazards.



Attentiveness as the Pulse-Beat of Art: Alice James on Living with Wide-Open Consciousness Brain Pickings

There are some people downstairs who drive everywhere and admire nothing.

Attentiveness as the Pulse-Beat of Art: Alice James on Living with Wide-Open Consciousness

To be an artist, in the most expansive sense, is to live with uncommon wakefulness to the world, both interior and exterior, unafraid to be moved by a universe observed with benevolent and unrelenting curiosity, then to give shape to those observations in a way that helps other people live. Go into yourself, Rilke counseled in his advice on being an artist, and test the deeps in which your life takes rise; at its source you will find the answer to the question whether you must create.

One of the simplest, most profound meditations on awareness as the pulse-beat of art comes from a person who lived generation before Rilke and was not exactly an artist of tangibles but was very much an artist of life: Alice James (August 7, 1848March 6, 1892) the brilliant bed-bound sister of psychologist William James and novelist Henry James, a woman who considered herself simply born a few years too soon and who spent her life as an astute observer of the human experience, with its full spectrum of tragedy and triumphant joy, from the confines of her infelicitous vantage point as a lifelong invalid bedeviled by a mysterious and debilitating illness.



Teachers Science Experiment Reveals the Gross Importance of Washing Your Hands My Modern Met

Cool Science Experiment for Kids

Learning how to properly wash your hands is a valuable life skill, and one thats often reinforced in school. Getting kids to understand why, however, can be a challenge. Donna Gill, a health occupation teacher in Grays Creek, North Carolina, showed just how important this isin a disgustingly memorable way.

Gill introduced the lesson in a now-viral Facebook post. To all my teacher friends this is the grossest yet coolest experiment, she wrote. I did this while teaching about germs and how they spread. To start, Gill had three slices of bread: one that was the control; another clean; and the other dirty. She placed the control piece in a bag while wearing gloves. Afterwards, she washed her hands and put the clean slice in its own bag. Finally, she prepared the dirty slice by having every kid in the class touch the bread; it too went in a sack.

Over time, the germs on the dirty slice of bread began to grow. Eventually, it lived up to its classificationand then someby turning green and moldy. (The other slices fared much better.)

While a memorable science experiment for kids, now hundreds of thousands of adults in the world can picture it every time they need to wash their hands.

Teacher Donna Gill recently introduced her class to a cool science experiment that shows the importance of hand washing.

Science Experiments for Kids

After having all the kids in her class touch a single slice of bread, she let the germs spread and it grow moldy over time.



Having fun with the Doors collected singles in mono, stereo and quad Dangerous Minds

Spare a thought for the Doors fan who has already spent time with 13, Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine, The Best of the Doors (1973), Greatest Hits, The Best of the Doors (1985), Classics, The Doors (Original Soundtrack Recording), The Doors Box Set, The Best of the Doors (2000), The Very Best of the Doors, Legacy:...


Recommended: Brian Marsella Buer: Book Of Angels Volume 31 Bird is the Worm

  Theres plenty of individual moments to enjoy on the new installment of John Zorns Book of Angels series, but what ultimately reveals itself to be the greatest factor in this albums success is the nature of the changes between pieces and how their accumulation delivers a seriously powerful emotional impact.  Theres the more obvious []


CRASSCAR: the mashup no one asked for Dangerous Minds

Lets see things I am and am not a fan of: The UK anarcho-punk band Crass? Yes, I am a fan. NASCAR? No, but my parents seem to like it quite a bit. The fetishization of the Confederate flag? Nope, not a fan. Mashups? Not generally, but...

I guess every...


Art Movements Hyperallergic

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Study of a Mourning Woman (ca 150005), pen and brown ink, heightened with white lead opaque watercolor, 26 16.5 cm (courtesy J. Paul Getty Museum)

Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world. Subscribe to receive these posts as a weekly newsletter.

Suzanne Malyon, the head of the Stop Anish Kapoor stealing our light and colour! campaign, accused the artist of being mean-spirited following the approval of his studio extension by Southwark Council. Local residents fought against Kapoors proposed design, arguing that the architectural extension would block natural light to their properties. Hes part of the moneyed, connected establishment and we feel like were not listened to as were less able to afford lawyers, Malyon told Dezeen.

Phillips withdrew a painting attributed to Mark Grotjahn from auction after the artist suggested in a comment on Instagram that the work wasnt his. Yo Phillips. (. Dm. Me. ), Grotjahn wrote, Im not sure I made this. Either way it sucks.

The Getty Museum will display Michelangelos Study of a Mourning Woman (ca 150005) for a limited time through October 29.

Photographer ada Erdoan was arres...


Watch the New Trailer for Wes Andersons Stop Motion Film, Isle of Dogs, Inspired by Akira Kurosawa Open Culture

It surprised everyone, even die-hard fans, when Wes Anderson announced that he would not just adapt Roald Dahl's children's book Fantastic Mr. Fox for the screen, but do it with stop-motion animation. But after we'd all given it a bit of thought, it made sense: Anderson's films and Dahl's stories do share a certain sense of inventive humor, and stepping away from live action would finally allow the director of such detail-oriented pictures as RushmoreThe Royal Tenenbaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou fuller control over the visuals. Eight years later, we find Anderson overseeing another team of animators to tell another, even more fantastical-looking story, this one set not in an England of the past but a Japan of the future.

There, according to the project's newly released trailer, "canine saturation has reached epic proportions. An outbreak of dog flu rips through the city of Megasaki. Mayor Kobayashi issues emergency orders calling for a hasty quarantine. Trash Island becomes an exile colony: the Isle of Dogs." Equals in furriness, if not attire, to Fantastic Mr. Fox's woodland friends and voiced by the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Scarlet Johansson, Tilda Swinton, and of course Bill Murray (in a cast also including Japanese performers like Ken Watanabe, Mari Natsuki, and Yoko Ono yes, that Yoko Ono), the canines of various colors and sizes forcibly relocated to the bleak titular setting must band together into a kind of ragtag family.

Anderson must find himself very much at home in this thematic territory by now. It would also have suited the towering figure in Japanese film to whom Isle of Dogs pays tribute. Although Anderson has cited the 1960s and 70s stop-animation holiday specials of Rankin/Bass like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Little Drummer Boy  all produced, incidentally, in Japan  as one inspiration, he also said on an ArteTV Q&A earlier this...


A Reading of Edgar Allan Poes The Raven in 100 Celebrity Voices Open Culture

For every august personage whos taken a crack Edgar Allan Poes evergreen poem, "The Raven," there are thousands more who havent.

Humorist Jordan Monsell is doing what he can to close that gap, providing a sampling of 100 mostly male, mostly white, mostly human celebrity voices. Its a solo recitation, but vocally a collaborative one, with a fair number of animated characters making their way into the credits, too.

He certainly knows how to cast outside the box. Traditional Poe interpreters such as Vincent Price and John Astin bring some well established creep cred to the enterprise. Monsell picks Christopher Walken and Christopher Lee already have existing takes on this classic, and Anthony Hopkins and Willem Dafoe are welcome additions.

But what to make of Jerry Seinfeld, Pee-Wee Herman, Johnny Cash and even poetry lover Bill Murray? Manic and much missed Robin Williams may offer a clue. What good is having an arsenal of impressions if youre not willing to roll them out in rapid succession?

While some of Monsell's impersonations (cough, David Bowie) fall a bit short of the mark, others will have you regretting that no one had the forethought to record Don Knotts or JFK reciting the poem in its entirety.

The titles offer a bit of a misnomer. In many instances, its not really the performers but their best k...


The Announcement Soundinstallation von Rocco und seine Brder zum Thema Videoberwachung URBANSHIT

Das Knstlerkollektiv Rocco und seine Brder haben sich in einer neuen knstlerischen Intervention mit dem Thema Videoberwachung im ffentlichen Raum auseinandergesetzt. Dafr haben sie in einer Berliner U-Bahn-Station eine aufwendige Soundinstallation realisiert, die den oft zitierten Zusammenhang von Videokameras und Sicherheit hinterfragt. Bild und Video Frank Henkel / Vimeo Screenshot Die neueste Arbeit mit dem Titel The Announcement von Rocco and his Brothers ist sicherlich eine der aufwendigsten Arbeiten des Kollektivs und gleichzeitig inhaltlich eine der strksten. Rocco und seine Brder schaffen es immer wieder mit pointierten und kritischen Interventionen im ffentlichen Raum, auf ein bestimmtes gesellschaftliches Problem oder einen Misstand hinzuweisen und die Menschen so zum Nachdenken anzuregen. Fr mehr von Rocco und seine Brder besucht die Website des Knstlerkollektivs oder folgt auf facebook und Instagram.

Der Beitrag The Announcement Soundinstallation von Rocco und seine Brder zum Thema Videoberwachung erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


Dadbag Bauchbauchtasche fr einen zweiten Bauch vor dem Bauch URBANSHIT

Der Designer Albert Pukies hatte die vielleicht beste Bauchtaschendesign-Idee, seit dem es Bauchtaschen gibt: Bauchbauchtaschen fr einen zweiten Bauch vor dem eigenen Bauch. Zur Zeit sind die Dadbags, wie Pukies die Taschen nennt, noch eine Designstudie. Das groe Interesse im Netz lsst aber darauf schlieen, dass die Taschen schon ganz bald auch in Serie gefertigt werden und zum Kaufen zu haben sein werden. Wann genau die ersten Dadbags zu haben sind wird laut Website bald bei Facebook verkndet. Alle Bilder: Albert Pukies

Der Beitrag Dadbag Bauchbauchtasche fr einen zweiten Bauch vor dem Bauch erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


dreams - black bug mouth - cosmology thinking lateral movement Mike Philbin's free planet blog

it's my own fault, I 'asked' for these dreams: well, dreams of worth or value...

1) about 3am:
woke up with a big triangular moth in the room that fluttered near my face and might have landed on my mouth. Next I'm in front of the bathroom mirror and fat black shiny caterpillars or carapaced millipedes are filling my mouth. I use my fingers to wedge these things out and they clatter into the sink below. More and more appear and finally I can pull no more of them out as they're secreting this slime that starts to seal my mouth shut. I approach a fellow 'exploration team' member saying, "Fix me, I'm in a dream." and they bring out a small spinning diamond crystal that emits a needle-fine corrective beam of song.

2) about 5am:
a friend of mine shows me the (substantial) paperback they've written; lilac-coloured swirly cover-font reads Cosmology, Thinking & Lateral Movement. How man of these have you written? Oh, about THIRTY.


Faith XLVII Aurum Limited Edition Print September 22nd StreetArtNews

Just in time for the Equinox this upcoming Friday, weve teamed up with Faith XLVII to work on a brand new limited edition print.

This silkscreen print is based on the new performance work AURUM. A collaborative work created by Inka Kendzia, Manthe Ribane and Faith XLVII.
The inaugural performance was at the recent opening of Urban Nation Museum in Berlin with the second performance in Miami this December.

This print is a limited edition of 47, it measures 50 x 80 cm, stamped & signed, six layer silkscreen print with additional hand finishing and varnish, deckled edged. Aurum is priced at 200 and limited at 1 per household.

Aurum will be available at 6.30PM UK on Friday, September 22nd in our store.



The Musical Brush of M. K. Ciurlionis A R T LR K

51PB0OQyPyLOn the 22nd of September 1875, Lithuanian painter, composer and writer Mikalojus Konstantinas iurlionis was born in Senoji Varna, the Russian Empire. iurlionis contributed to symbolism and art nouveau at the turn of the century and is seen as one of the earliest experimenters with abstraction in European art. The majority of his paintings are housed in the M. K. iurlionis National Art Museum in Kaunas, Lithuania and his art has had a profound impact on modern Lithuanian culture. 

After leaving his picturesque birth village of Drushkininkai, sought throughout his life to find an intellectual community supportive of his synaesthetic approach to music and painting. Neither his student years in Plunge, Warsaw, and Leipzig, nor his adult sojourns in Vilnius, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, and Drushkininkai brought him success commensurate with his promise, in part because he could not adapt to the regimentation of those academic institutions that did offer him positions; furthermore, his loyalties were torn between music and painting. () Ciurlioniss personal struggles with poverty and illness, difficulties were balanced by the love and support of his wife, Sofija Kymantaite, a writer and activist in the agitation for Lithuanian cultural independence. () a key re...


Aspen Trees Grow on Delicate Ceramic Vessels by Heesoo Lee Colossal

Ceramic artist Heesoo Lee brings the textural depth of aspen forest canopies to her sculptural bowls and vases. Lee painstakingly places each and every leaf by hand, building unique, organic trees that seem to come to life with their shimmering, colorful leaves. While the vibrant glazes add a lifelike layer, the pieces are equally stunning in their unglazed form. The Montana-based artist shares many progress shots and videos on her Instagram, and works are available for purchase on Etsy. (via Lustik)



An App Tells the Overlooked History of the Largest Slave Port in the Americas Hyperallergic

Art for The Museum of Yesterday app (courtesy Casa Pblica)Art for The Museum of Yesterday app (courtesy Casa Pblica)

Earlier this year, the Valongo Wharf archaeological site in Rio de Janeiro was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site List, with UNESCO stating that it is the most important physical trace of the arrival of African slaves on the American continent. However, at the wharf itself, located in the Brazilian citys port area, that history is not easily accessible. The site only recently got public notice when mass graves were uncovered during construction ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. To highlight its still obscure legacy, Agncia Pblica, a nonprofit journalism initiative, created an augmented reality app called the Museum of Yesterday.

The free mobile app, made with Dutch developer Babak Fakhamzadeh with content in Portuguese and English, was released for Android and iOS on Google Play and the App Store. It has location-based content thats revealed by moving through the port. The areas role as the largest slave port in the Americas where hundreds of thousands of enslaved Africans were brought until slavery was abolished in 1889 is among the 170 stories in the Museum of Yesterday. Users can choose different routes, such as the Terror Tour, Samba Tour, and Corruption Tour, each with its own secrets to unlock.



The Many Arms of Takashi Murakamis Career Hyperallergic

Takashi Murakami, "Isle of the Dead" (1994) (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)Takashi Murakami, Isle of the Dead (1994) (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)

CHICAGO Youre probably familiar with Takashi Murakamis smiling flowers and eccentric paintings of Buddhist monks, but you might have never seen his earlier works, which looks drastically different from the joyful, luxurious style associated with his name. With 50 works spanning 1982 to 2017, the current Murakami retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago(MCA) is visually and thematically rich. Its title, The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg, evokes a doomed atmosphere and refers to an old Japanese saying that, according to the artist, suggests that in times of despair, one has to be fed by oneself to survive. Echoing Murakamis sentiments, curator Michael Darling frames the artists career within a narrative of re-invention, a continuous struggle against dichotomies within established systems.



How to Address the Shortcomings of New York Citys Official Cultural Plan Hyperallergic

Artist Alicia Grulln at one of the cultural plan meetings (image courtesy Hester Street Collaborative)Artist and Peoples Cultural Plan member Alicia Grulln at one of the cultural plan meetings (image courtesy Hester Street Collaborative)

New Yorkers face a massive crisis in housing and affordability and huge inequities in funding for arts and culture. Public land is being sold off to developers; homelessness is reaching heights not seen in the city since the Great Depression; and most of the arts community hangs on by a thread. We need a cultural plan matching the scale of the crisis, proposing bold, courageous action but Mayor de Blasios CreateNYC Cultural Plan disappoints, with its cosmetic and feel-good narrative. Wheres the activist mayor who pledged to fight Albany so that New York City could collect higher income taxes? Where are the City Council members who faced arrest protesting the 2015 expiration of the rent laws?

Were pleased that CreateNYC highlights the need for greater equity, seeking to make our cultural institutions more inclusive. This mandate reflects a commitment to the work begun in 2015 with the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) first ever diversity survey whose results informed some of our work on the Peoples Cultural Plan (PCP). Well continue to encourage such efforts and take action to fix this malignant problem. Its imperative that New York take the lead, because New York is a city of color.

Nonetheless, CreateNYC is missing fundamental components, which fall broadly into two categories: the lack of concrete funding commitments, and the absence of adequate anti-displacement policies. We will address funding first, because CreateNYC was undertaken by the DCLA,...


An Artist Who Grew Up in Boyle Heights Navigates the Fight Over Gentrification Hyperallergic

Over the past 18 months, the struggle over gentrification and displacement in Boyle Heights has focused on a crop of about a dozen art galleries that have moved into the predominantly Latino neighborhood, and community activists who have taken a hard line against them, unequivocally demanding that all art spaces leave the area. According to residential real estate website Trulia, the median monthly rent for an apartment in Boyle Heights has jumped from $1,825 to $2,550 over the past year, a significant increase in a neighborhood where over 75% of the residents are renters and the median household income is just over $33,000, according to the LA Times.

Most mainstream media sources have painted this tense situation as a binary opposition between a largely white, moneyed art world, and a unified community of minority residents whose homes and way of life are threatened by the galleries encroachment. A new short documentary, however, takes a different approach. Produced by Field of Vision, The Town I Live In is narrated by Guadalupe Rosales, an artist with roots in both Boyle Heights and the arts community. The media often portrays local conflicts like this in black and white terms of us against them, and in the case of Boyle Heights, the community versus the galleries,' said Rosales and her film collaborator, Matt Wolf, via email. In reality the situation in Boyle Heights and in many other communities facing gentrification is much more nuanced and complex.

The documentary, which you can watch in full in the exclusive clip above, considers the less discussed and more personal perspective of what its like to be an artist from Boyle Heights. Rosaless artistic practice involves archiving the Southern California Latino youth culture she grew up with  from photographs sent in by fans of her...


DIARY: Take Me To The Other Side

Trinie Dalton around Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA


220,000+ Japanese Woodblock Prints Available Online in Growing Database My Modern Met

japanese woodblock prints online archive

Fine Wind, Clear Weather (Gaif kaisei), also known as Red Fuji Katsushika Hokusai. 1830-1831- Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

With a long rich history, Japanese woodblock prints are sources of inspiration for everything from tattoos to reimagined video games characters. And while we've already shared how the Library of Congress has made their ukiyo-e available free online, a new database brings together over 220,000 examples of the art form. is a digital archive that collates collections from 24 museums, libraries, auction houses, and art dealers around the world. By uniting the individual collections, there are several interesting features that make a top destination for anyone interested in Japanese printmaking. Aside from the ability to search by institution, artist, and time period, you can also upload an image to see if there are any similar prints in the database. And, once you click on an entry, similar prints in the archive also appear, allowing you to click through and see the differences in color and quality.

These features make the website, which was started by programmer and Khan Academy engineer John Resig, the top entry point for those looking to discover more about Japanese woodblock prints. And while greats of the golden age like Hiroshige and Hokusai are well represented, it's fascinating the see the hidden gems available within the vast archive. There are even modern and contemporary prints that demonstrate how the ukiyo-e tradition carries on today. is an online database that brings together over 220,000 examples of Japanese woodblock prints from institutions around the world.



The Smithsonian Design Museum Digitizes 200,000 Objects, Giving You Access to 3,000 Years of Design Innovation & History Open Culture

John Lennon poster by Richard Avedon

When we think of design, each of us thinks of it in our own way, focusing on our own interests: illustration, fashion, architecture, interfaces, manufacturing, or any of a vast number of sub-disciplines besides. Those of us who have paid a visit to Cooper Hewitt, also known as the Smithsonian Design Museum, have a sense of just how much human innovation, and even human history, that term can encompass. Now, thanks to an ambitious digitization project that has so far put 200,000 items (or 92 percent of the museum's collection) online, you can experience that realization virtually.

Concept car designed by William McBride

The video below explains the system, an impressive feat of design in and of itself, with which Cooper Hewitt made this possible. "In collaboration with the Smithsonians Digitization Program Office, the mass digitization project transformed a physical object (2-D or 3-D) from the shelf to a virtual object in one continuous process," says its about page. "At its peak, the project had four photographic set ups in simultaneous operation, allowing each to handle a certain size, range and type of object, from minute buttons to large posters and furniture. A key to the projects success was having a completely barcoded collection, which dramatically increased efficiency and allowed all object information to be automatically linked to each image."



Behold the Mysterious Voynich Manuscript: The 15th-Century Text That Linguists & Code-Breakers Cant Understand Open Culture

A 600-year-old manuscriptwritten in a script no one has ever decoded, filled with cryptic illustrations, its origins remaining to this day a mystery. Its not as satisfying a plot, say, of a National Treasure or Dan Brown thriller, certainly not as action-packed as pick-your-Indiana Jones. The Voynich Manuscript, named for the antiquarian who rediscovered it in 1912, has a much more hermetic nature, somewhat like the work of Henry Darger; it presents us with an inscrutably alien world, pieced together from hybridized motifs drawn from its contemporary surroundings.

Voynich is unique for having made up its own alphabet while also seeming to be in conversation with other familiar works of the period, such that it resembles an uncanny doppelganger of many a Medieval text. A comparatively long book at 234 pages, it roughly divides into seven sections, any of which might be found on the shelves of your average 1400s European readera fairly small and rarified group. Over time, Voynich enthusiasts have given each section a conventional name" for its dominant imagery: "botanical, astronomical, cosmological, zodiac, biological, pharmaceutical, and recipes.

Scholars can only speculate about these categories. The manuscript's origins and intent have baffled cryptologists since at least the 17th century, when, notes Vox, an alchemist described it as a certain riddle of the Sphinx. We can presume, judging by its illustrations, writes Reed Johnson at The New Yorker, that Voynich is a compendium of knowledge related to the natural world." But its illustrations range from the fanciful (legions of heavy-headed flowers that bear no relation to any earthly variety) to the bizarre (naked and possibly pregnant women, frolicking in what look like amusement-park waterslides from the fifteenth century).



500 WORDS: Tabboo!

Tabboo!, aka Stephen Tashjian, talks about his life and art


Comic Artist Maps the History of Languages with an Illustrated Linguistic Tree My Modern Met

Minna Sundberg Linguistic Tree Illustration

Using research from Ethnologue, Minna Sundberg created this amazing infographic in the form of a magnificent tree, which illustrates the ancient linguistic links between the worlds languages. Trees and branches are often used by linguists as a visual metaphor to explain language origination. This tree model explains the connections between groups of languages, which all descend from a common ancestral proto-language.

In the same way we think of people in a biological family tree, these groups of languages are known as families and linguists would say that daughter languages within a family are genetically related. This visualization stemmed from Sundberg's own webcomic, Stand Still. Stay Silent, which is set 900 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic Nordic world. Sundberg wanted to show why her characters could understand each other, despite them speaking different languages.

Scroll down to see more details of the artist's infographic.

Comic artist Minna Sundberg explores the history of languages with a creative infographic, designed as a tree diagram.

Minna Sundberg Linguistic Tree Illustration

The size of the leaves approximates how many people speak each language, with English being one of the largest groups, alongside Spanish and Hindi.



FILM: Small Wonder

Nick Pinkerton on Wavelengths at the Toronto International Film Festival


Circus Artist Roxana Kwen Will Captivate You with Her Foot Juggling Routine Open Culture

Roxana Kwen is a German-born circus artist who "likes to take her audience into her world and make them be astonished, confused or amazed by playing with categories and presence." Witness the video above, where Kwen does something quite simple. She puts her feet next to her hands and moves her 20 digits in unison. Familiar body parts are put into strange motion, leaving you feeling charmed. But also a bit disconcerted.

Then Roxana starts her foot juggling routine. It's not the most high velocity, risk-filled juggling act. The balls move slowly and never get more than a few feet off of the ground. There's a strange simplicity to it, though captivating nonetheless. 

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12-Year-Old Ventriloquist Wins Americas Got Talent and Her Final Performances are Awesome TwistedSifter


Last night, 12-year-old ventriloquist sensation, Darci Lynne Farmer, was crowned the champion of Season 12s Americas Got Talent. 52 million votes were cast as Farmer edged out 9-year-old singer Angelica Hale for the crown.

Farmer became the second ventriloquist and third female act to win Americas Got Talent in 12 seasons. The two-night finale wrapped up last night and you can see her solo performance above and her duet below, with seasong 2 AGT winner, Terry Fator.




Faces of Pioneering Female Scientists Are Projected on Grand Centrals Ceiling in New York My Modern Met

Famous Female Scientists Projected in Grand Central

Photo: Unseen Stars

For three days, New York Citys iconic Grand Central Terminal is showcasing a dazzling display that celebrates brilliant women. In the busy train stations Main Concourse, passersby can see the faces of 12 famous female scientists and the incredible accomplishments theyve made. Called Unseen Stars, its part of GEs Balance the Equation Initiative, which aims to bridge the STEM gender gap by 2020.

Unseen Stars projects the historically-significant women onto the ceiling like constellations in the sky. Running in a seven-minute loop, each line-drawn portrait is paired with a brief introduction to their crowning achievements; it features an array of fields from medicine to space and beyond. Honorees include Hadiyah-Nicole Green, the first woman to kill cancer cells with lasers, and Millie Dresselhaus, the first woman to win a National Medal of Science in Engineering.

The dates, Tuesday September 19 to Thursday, September 21, are during a time when many commuters are making their way through the massive space. This site-specific installation is an artful way to introduce them to these women, whose successes have largely gone unnoticed by the general public. If you cant catch the projections, check out some of the show in the video below.

From Tuesday, September 19 to Thursday, September 21, the Grand Central Terminal showcases a dazzling display of brilliant women.

Famous Female Scientists Projected in Grand Central

Photo: Unseen Stars

Called Unseen Stars, it features famous female scientists who have made important contributions to...


What the fuck is going on in Wiley Wallaces crazy sci-fi paintings? Dangerous Minds

Wiley Wallaces meticulous canvases depict a peculiar universe in which fantastical things happen, usually in nature with kids involved. They suggest an unholy mashup of Jeff Vandermeers


The Car as a Vehicle for Desire Hyperallergic

Langdon Clay, Zizka Cleaners car, Buick Electra (1975), from Cars New York City series, slideshow (from the artists collection, Langdon Clay)

PARIS When accompanied by human figures, cars in photography inevitably become objects of desire. Their owners, lounging on the wide leather seats of vintage models or posing with their new shiny purchases on suburban streets, exude a sense of glee, confidence, and newfound freedom that is intimately linked to their physical proximity to a well-oiled driving machine. Autophoto, an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier for Contemporary Art in Paris that traces how the car has transformed into a fixture of photography, offers a largely rosy view of our attachment to these longtime signifiers of social status. But its numerous photos of solitary cars, devoid of human presence, also suggest that there is a certain elegance to these vehicles that emerges only when aspirations for exclusivity are cut out of the picture.

William Eggleston, Los Alamos series (1965-1968), dye transfer print, 40.5 50.5 cm (courtesy David Zwirner New York/London, Eggleston Artistic Trust, Memphis)

The exhibit opens with photos of the car as an icon of the mid-century American Dream. In William Egglestons Los Alamos series (1965-74), even the detached coolness of the young couples behind the wheel...


Local Seattle Gas Station Sign Has the Best Messages Ever (21 Photos) TwistedSifter


4 lines. 17 characters per line. Updated weekly.

Back in 2005, the local Chevron gas station in Seattles Wallingford neighbourhood converted their auto repair shop into a convenience store. Their outdoor signonce used for service promotions and store specialsbecame redundant with the inside of the store already plastered with signage.

So the owners decided to have fun with the outdoor sign instead, and the @WallingfordSign was born. Funnily, the weekly sign message has become so popular it has become a more effective marketing tool for the gas station than anything prior.

Below you will find the Sifters 21 favourites, but be sure to check them on Twitter and Facebook for many more!


Wallingford Sign


Pratt Manhattan Gallery Presents You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping Hyperallergic

Left: Nicholas Fraser and Heidi Neilson, Oak-Tulip Tree Forest, from Forest & Stream (2009), site-specific sidewalk chalk drawings, 14th Street New York, approx. 60 x 84 inches. Right: Christopher Mason/MetaSUB team, Enterobacteriaceae Subway Map (2015), computer generated illustration (images courtesy Christopher Mason / Cem Meydan)

Pratt Manhattan Gallery presents You Are Here NYC: Art, Information, and Mapping, an exhibition of New York City maps and cartography-based artworks. The exhibition features a selection of contemporary artists, designers, and data analysts who address a question currently surfacing in the art/design zeitgeist: in what forms can information visualization become art, and how can artists make data visible? Together the works in this exhibition, all maps of the city, show a melding of information visualization and artistic endeavor.

As a hallmark of this exhibition, Pratt Manhattan Gallery commissioned three artists, Christine Gedeon, Ekene Ijeoma, and Doug McCune to create works based on a specific set of census data focused on New York Citys immigrant population.  Other featured artists, designers, and data analysts include: Kim Baranowski; Alexander Chen; Xingying Du, Michelle Htar, and Jessica Silverman; Nicholas Fraser and Heidi Neilson; Neil Freeman; Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, and Lev Manovich; Jill Hubley; Bettina Johae; Jerome Marshak; Christopher Mason/MetaSUB team; John Nelson; Jenny Odell; Perkins+Will/Quilters without Borders; Erica Sellers; Herwig Scherabon; Chris Whong.

Opening reception: Thursday, September 21, 6-8pm
Panel discussion: Tuesday, October 24, 6:30pm, room 213, adjacent to gallery

Pratt Manhattan Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm, and Thursday until 8pm. Exhibition and events are free and open to the public.  

For more information, please visit

The post...


Amateur Archaeologists Discover Rare Ancient Roman Mosaic in England My Modern Met

Boxford Ancient Roman Mosaic Discovery

Just prior to finishing funds for their three-year-long archaeological dig, amateur historians and archaeologists in southern England have stumbled upon an incredible finda rare ancient Roman mosaic. While the group has discovered many important artifacts in the past three years, their findings pale in comparison to the 4th-century CE artwork.

It's an incredible coup for the volunteer group, which is composed of 55 members ranging in age from 9 to about 80 years old. Working near the village of Boxford in Berkshire, local groups like the Boxford History Project and Berkshire Archaeological Research Group joined forces with larger organizations like Cotswold Archaeology and the Heritage Lottery Fund, which provided funding for the excavations, to carry out research on several Roman sites in the area.

Working rapidly to complete as much of the dig as possible before funding ended, the group discovered the mosaic as they began scooping soil, catching glimpses of the gleaming red tile in the sun. The find is being hailed as the most important discovery of its kind in Britain in over fifty years, letting the group end their work on a high note.

Measuring more than 20 feet (6 meters) in length, mosaic expert Anthony Beeson believes that it may depict the Greek mythological hero Bellerophon at the court of king Iobates or the sea-god Proteus. Bellerophon was sent to kill a fire-breathing monster known as a chimera and its depiction in the mosaic is quite unusual. Typically, the chimera is shown as fleeing from Bellerophon, but in this case, the creature turns back to attack.

ancient roman mosaic in england...


Musician Taryn Southern Is Composing Her New Album with Artificial Intelligence: Hear the First Track Open Culture

Break Free is a new song by Taryn and Amper. The former, Taryn Southern, is a musician and singer popular on Youtube. The latter, however, is not human at all. Instead, Amper is an artificially intelligent music composer, producer and performer, developed by a combination of music and technology experts and now put to the test, being the engine behind Taryns single and eventually a full album, tentatively called I AM AI.

To understand what is Taryn and what is Amper in this project, the singer talks about it in this Verge interview:

The way it works is to give the platform certain input like BPM, instrumentation that I like, genre, key, etc. The platform will spit a song out at me, and then I can iterate from there, making adjustments to the instruments and the key. I can even change the genre or emotional feel or the song, until I get something that Im relatively happy with. Once I have that, I download all the stems of the instrumentation to build actual song structure.

What Ampers really good at is composing and producing instrumentation, but it doesnt yet understand song structure. It might give you a verse or the chorus and its up to me to stitch these pieces together so that it sounds like something familiar you would hear on the radio. Once Im happy with the song, then I write the vocal melody and lyrics.

The key sentence for cynics is the second to last one. Amper delivers the familiar, or rather, Taryn makes Amper work until she gets something familiar. AI is not at the stage yet where it might surprise us with a decision, except in the cases where it goes spectacularly wrong. Right now its very good at learning patterns, at imitating, at delivering a variation on a theme. (Thats why its really good at imitation Bach, for example.)

We could imagine, however, a future where AI would be able to take a number of musical elements, styles, and genres and come out with a hybrid that weve never heard before. And would that be any better than having a human do so?

By the way, you can try out Amper yourself here. Your mileage may vary.



The Rise of Paleoart, and the Artists Role in Our Visions of Dinosaurs Hyperallergic

Charles R. Knight, "Laelaps" (1897), the predators may represent paleontologists Othniel C. Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, whose intense competition defined early American paleontology (courtesy American Museum of Natural History)Charles R. Knight, Laelaps (1897), the predators may represent paleontologists Othniel C. Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope, whose intense competition defined early American paleontology (courtesy American Museum of Natural History)

Earlier this summer, I visited a quiet park in south London, where families pushed strollers around a small lake, and solitary people read books on benches in the sun. Nestled in the foliage by the water is a curious relic from the Crystal Palace Exhibition which gives the Crystal Palace Park its name: a herd of concrete dinosaurs, lazing with gaping jaws, and standing scaly and proud by the trees. The prehistoric creatures were made by artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in the 1850s, and are recognized as the worlds first dinosaur sculptures. Yet they dont look quite how we envision dinosaurs today; the Iguanodons appear like rotund iguanas, the Dicynodonts like overgrown turtles, although contemporary knowledge suggests they never had shells.



FART SEXY STYLE: More wildly offensive t-shirts from the streets of Shanghai Dangerous Minds

Previously on Dangerous Minds, mcolleague Cherrybomb highlighted the amusing trend in Asia for wearing wildly offensive t-shirts and wondered whether the wearers of such sartorial eloquence knew what their shock tops actually meant?

The answer is: probably not.

These fashion statements are like those


Travel Photographer Reveals the Dreamlike Tranquility of the Desolate Faroe Islands My Modern Met

Travel Photographer Merlin Kafka Faroe Islands

Travel photographer Merlin Kafka ventures across the world to capture moments that are as spellbinding as they are beautiful. One of his latest adventures took him from his home in Glasgow, Scotland to the Faroe Islands, an archipelago that lies between Iceland and Norway. There, he spent a week exploring the lush mountainous landscape with its low-lying clouds, deep blue waters, and quaint villages in the countryside.

Kafka crafts his images to feel like they occupy a moment in a distant dream. The desaturated colors, especially, have this effect, and their appearance is reminiscent of vintage photographs from long agocertainly not of this century. This reinforces the idea behind Kafkas pictures, which are intended to transport the viewer into a world of travel and adventure and offer a form of escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Faroe Islands are just one of Kafkas recent stops. He's also trekked to locales including Slovenia, the Northern Dolomites, and Bavaria, where he uses his keen eye to compose photographs thatll ignite your sense of wanderlust. Check them out, below.

Travel photographer Merlin Kafka has captured spellbinding beauty of locations around the world, such as the Faroe Islands

Travel Photographer Merlin Kafka Faroe Islands Travel Photographer Merlin Kafka Faroe Islands...

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Thursday, 21 September


Glimpses of the Future of Architecture at a Chicago Biennial Hyperallergic

Installation view of the installation Vertical City at the Chicago Architecture Biennial (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic)

CHICAGO The Chicago Architecture Biennial is now officially a biennial, with its second iteration open to the public this past weekend. The free event now stands as North Americas largest survey of contemporary architecture. Curated by Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee of LA-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee, and organized by the citys Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, it brings together over 140 participants from more than 20 countries to showcase projects under the theme Make New History.

IIT College of Architecture + SANAA, Lake 33rd, Bronzeville

A reference to Ed Ruschas eponymous book of 600 blank pages, its a broad topic that explores potential futures for architecture that build on the past. The myriad projects on view manifest in elaborate models, photographs, videos, and more show how architecture can look to history for inspiration to build environments that meet the needs of today.

And thats only at the biennials primary venue of the downtown Chicago Cultural Center, where Johnston Marklee has redesigned areas of the four-story, labyrinthine building to make visitors navigation as streamline...


Baker Creates Cake Pops That Are Tiny Edible Sculptures on a Stick My Modern Met

Best Cake Pops by Raymond Tan

One of the best things about baking is that anyone can do it. With some basic techniques and imagination, its possible to produce edible creations that enter the realm of food art. Raymond Tan, aka Ray Ray, is a self-taught baker who uses the activity as his creative outlet. About two years ago, he explains, I set myself a challenge to bring a dessert every time I was invited to a party, hence my first cake left my tiny apartment kitchen and the rest was history.

Since the life-changing soiree, Tan has produced many eye-catching treats. His forte is a twist on cake pops; these desserts are typically shaped as small balls affixed to the top of paper candy sticks, but Tan uses wider wooden popsicle sticks that allow him to make more complex pops. With an increased surface design, he layers colors and textures to sculpt cute animal characters, marble surface patterns, and assemble pretty floral designs resembling bountiful bouquets. Like all incredible food art, Tans cake pops seem almost too good to eatbut with flavors like white lotus and chestnut, who could resist?

Follow along with Tans mouth-watering creations on his Instagram. And if youre local to Paris, hell be teaching a weekend workshop with Amourducake on October 7 and October 8, 2017.

Self-taught baker Raymond Tan creates some of the best cake pops.

Food Art Cake Pops...


Kate Bushs charming Japanese TV ad for Seiko watches, 1978 Dangerous Minds

As quickly as the young Kate Bush had won over the British public, she was even more of an overnight sensation in Japan where she performed Moving at the Nippon Budokan arena during the 7th annual international Tokyo Music Festival. The performance was broadcast on Japanese television on June 21, 1978 and was watched by...


Recommended: Abisko Lights Abisko Lights Bird is the Worm

  Theres really no sense breaking this album down for you.  This is a gorgeous recording, and theres not a whole hell of lot more to say about it.  The self-titled album from Abisko Lights dishes out a series of melodic visions, possessing form and substance, and yet also an ephemeral quality that allows them []


Led Zeppelin watch a couple have sex on top of their gold records at a Stockholm sex club in 1973 Dangerous Minds

Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant back in the day, perhaps recalling some good times at Chat Noir in 1973.
I havent really thought about Led Zeppelin in a while, so the other day I started poking around looking at photos of the band taken...


The psychedelic retro-futurism of Swedish artist Kilian Eng Dangerous Minds

A gorgeously vibrant poster Space is the Place by Kilian Eng. The poster was created for a 2015 exhibit called Alien Encounters curated by the Nottingham Contemporary Museum.
Kilian Eng is a digital artist working under the moniker of DW Design in Stockholm, Sweden. Now 35, the...

Monkee Python: Micky Dolenz directs Michael Palin and Terry Jones in The Box Dangerous Minds

Micky Dolenz directing the final episode of The Monkees
After the Monkees, after Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart, after the stage show of Harry Nilssons The Point!, Micky Dolenz spent a few years working as a TV...


Jennifer Lawrence - Red Sparrow - new Cold War resurgence? Mike Philbin's free planet blog

Hollywood is the political mouthpiece of the Global Elite Cabal of oil-rich i.e. cash-rish i.e. slave-rich i.e. war-mongering scum who ruin countries to make them profitable, so...

Yeah, MK-Ultra-March2018 is a long way off, but let's not candy-coat the future here. Mankind will only do what mankind has been TERRORised into doing.

Otherwise, peace love harmony mind-expansion real-love real-learnin' chillin' lol...


Caitlin Moran on Fighting the Cowardice of Cynicism Brain Pickings

When cynicism becomes the default language, playfulness and invention become impossible. Cynicism scours through a culture like bleach, wiping out millions of small, seedling ideas.

Caitlin Moran on Fighting the Cowardice of Cynicism

There is nothing quite so tragic as a young cynic, because it means the person has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing, Maya Angelou wrote in contemplating courage in the face of evil. In the decades since, cynicism has become a cultural currency as deadly as blood diamonds, as vacant of integrity and long-term payoff as Enron. Over the years, I have written about, spoken about, and even given a commencement address about the perilous laziness of cynicism and the ever-swelling urgency of not only resisting it but actively fighting it defiance which Leonard Bernstein considered an essential countercultural act of courage.

Today, as our social and political realities swirl into barely bearable maelstroms of complexity, making a retreat into self-protective cynicism increasingly tempting, such courage is all the harder and all the more heroic.

Thats what English writer Caitlin Moran examines in a stirring passage from How to Build a Girl (public library) a novel that quenches questions springing from the same source as her insightful memoir-of-sorts ...


A Game Lets You Navigate an Artists Flight from Syria Hyperallergic

Screenshot from <em>Path Out</em> (courtesy Causa Creations)Screenshot from Path Out (courtesy Causa Creations)

Path Out starts in 2014, with your character Abdullah lost in the forest of Northern Syria. Landmines block your route one way, armed patrolmen the other. When you die, the real Abdullah Karam suddenly breaks in through a video box in the game. You just killed me, man, he moans, teasing that he wasnt nearly so clumsy.

In the fall of 2015, Hobmeier met Karam at a theater show in Salzburg, shortly after hed arrived in Austria. Karam discussed his interest in game design and illustration, and he soon began working with the studios associated illustrator Brian Main. The Path Out demo was released this June on as a pay-what-you-wish download for Mac and PC.

The idea for the game came quite organically, when some funding opportunities for projects addressing migration opened up, Hobmeier stated. We already worked on games that took a closer look at migration before, and so we asked Abdullah if he would be comfortable putting his experiences into some sort of game. His answer was, to put it mildly, very enthusiastic, and so we embarked on this journey together.

Causa Creations, started in 2014 by Hobmeier and Tilmann Hars, often develops games exploring issues of social justice, whether ...


Prominent German Artists Object to Arms Manufacturers Exhibition Sponsorship Hyperallergic

A group of artists included in Deutschland 8 German Art in China, an exhibition featuring 320 works by 55 contemporary artists spread across eight venues in Beijing that opened on Saturday, were alarmed to discover that one of its main sponsors is the German weapons manufacturer Rheinmetall.

As artists, we refuse to enhance the image of such corporations, an open letter signed by six of the artists in the exhibition Antje Ehmann, Marcel Odenbach, Julian Rosefelt, Hito Steyerl, Rosemarie Trockel, and Clemens von Wedemeyer and the estate of the late Harun Farocki, reads. We dont support advertisement for weapons manufacturers under the umbrella of German cultural diplomacy and we explicitly protest the instrumentalisation of our work for this purpose.


A Year of Vomiting Color: Sean Price Williams on Cinematography Hyperallergic

Thirst Street, directed by Nat Silver with cinematography by Sean Price Williams

Cinematographer Sean Price Williams has been revered by critics and indie film fans for the better part of the last decade. While drawing particular influence from master filmmakers like Robert Altman and Roman Polanski, his visual thinking stays fresh by constantly seeking fellow image makers whether cinematographers, photographers, or others who make the vulgar and common beautiful.

Williamss singular eye has kept him in-demand; youll see his name in the credits of four movies in 2017 alone. Michael Almereydas Marjorie Prime is a tale of technology simulating humanity and Good Time the latest from Queens natives Josh and Ben Safdie is a sprint through the New York City underworld. Golden Exits (which has yet to receive a theatrical release following its Sundance premiere) marks Williamss reunion with Brooklyn-based director Alex Ross Perry, who has worked with the cinematographer on his four prior features.

However, Thirst Street, directed by Nathan Silver, is the truest visual smorgasbord of the batch. To tell the story of flight attendant Gina (Lindsay Burdge) as she fixates on a one-night stand in Paris, Williams draw...


1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Manuscript of Herbal Remedies Available Online My Modern Met

british library digitized manuscript

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Seeking natural remedies outside of chemical pharmaceuticals isn't just for Eastern medicine. In fact, plant-based health cure also has a long tradition in Western medicine, as evidenced by a beautifully illustrated book in the British Libary's collection. The Cotton MS Vitellius C III is a 1,000-year-old illustrated manual to plant pharmacology, and has now been digitized for online viewing.

The beautifully illustrated 11th-century book is filled with herbals, natural plant-based treatments to cure everything from body odor (simmer artichokes in wine) to easing chest pain (licorice root does the trick). Zooming in on the high-resolution scan, it's incredible to see the Old English script and detailed drawings of the plants and animals used for their healing properties.

Though herbals were quite common in Anglo-Saxon medicine, the British Library's manuscript is the only surviving illustrated Old English manual. No one knows for sure how this manuscript was used or even where or by whom it was made, project curator Alison Hudson shares. Its production has been associated with monastic scriptoria at Canterbury and Winchester, due to its style of decoration and script, but this is by no means certain. Monasteries in those areas functioned both as centers of natural and supernatural healing and also as libraries and centers of learning.

Medieval Herbal Remedies Online

Each entry in the manual lists the plant's...


Apply Now for an MFA at Stamps School of Art & Design Hyperallergic

The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan is currently accepting MFA in Art applications for Fall 2018 (deadline: January 6, 2018). Stamps MFA students join an intense, supportive, curiosity-filled culture of makers and scholars. Idea and material work together at Stamps, as students create culturally relevant work and gain a clear understanding of theory and context.

Without the constraints of media-specific boundaries or disciplines, Stamps MFA students immerse themselves in the rich research community of the University of Michigan to conduct real cross-disciplinary inquiry and create cogent and transformative art. Learn more about the Stamps MFA program and the new Stamps Gallery through the thesis work of our 2017 program graduates: Carolyn Gennari, Ruth Burke, and Shane Darwent.

Graduate Program Open House
Learn more about Stamps graduate programs and meet faculty, current graduate students, and graduate program directors and cohort leaders at the Stamps Graduate Student Open House on Friday, November 17, 2017 from noon-6 pm. (RSVP is required). Highlights of the day will include:

  • Guest lecture by visiting designer
  • MFA and MDes program presentations
  • Tour of Stamps facilities and graduate studios
  • Reception with Stamps faculty and graduate students

2017 Graduate National Portfolio Day Events
Visit the Stamps School of Art & Design booth at 2017 Graduate Nation...


Book Lovers Remodel Brooklyn Home as a Secret Playground for Their Two Shy Cats My Modern Met

Architecture for Cats by BFDO Architects

People who live with cats know that their furry friends are the ones that truly rule the householdthe humans are simply guests. Many folks are happy with this arrangement, and they go as far as to accommodate their favorite felines with elaborate scratchers and toys; however, one couple in Brooklyn took it a step further and made their abode into a true cat house. Combining their desire to please their two shy but inquisitive cats with a passion for literature, the House for Booklovers and Cats was born, designed by BFDO Architects.

The entire house got an interior face lift. One of the biggest changes was to the first floor living space. At 20 feet by 50 feet, its a sizable area that now includes bookshelves created with cats in mind. The structure lines one wall of the room and feature steps for the kitties to easily access the top and observe their kingdom below. Additionally, there are trap doors that make it easier than ever for them to escape to another room. From the top of the elongated shelves, the cats can hop into the second floor.

The timid felines are certainly happy with the new space, and there are many perks for the humans as well. Other unique elements also pertain to shelving, one of which was designed by the owner, who is an artist. Its an inset wall shelf (guarded by another trap door) that contains a diorama of a living room. The special nook is accompanied by other recessed areas that hold small collections of objects.

Although this home was built with cats in mind, there are some spaces that are off limits from fur. In the basement, its a cat free zone. Part workout space and part guest suite, the area has access to the yard out back and is an inviting place for visitors to stay.

BFDO Architects have created the perfect cat house that humans will enjoy, too.

Architecture for Cats by BFDO Architects

The book shelf on the first floor is made for cats to watch the world below



30 km Long Art Project for Train Passengers in the German Countryside is Wonderful TwistedSifter


The art project Bewegtes Land transforms Germanys Saale valley into a 30 kilometer long stage, entertaining passengers in passing trains. Some 500 residents and volunteers take part along the Jena-Naumburg route.




Their gender has everything (and nothing whatsoever) to do with what made the Slits so great Dangerous Minds

Typical girls?

Everyone has somethingthat ONE THINGfrom their youth that they wish they had kept and still had today. Mine? The most regrettable thing Ive ever loved and lost? A nearly lifesize cardboard cutout standee advertising the Cut album by the Slits. All three of them, covered in...


The Print Legacy of Louise Bourgeois Unfolds at MoMA Hyperallergic

Installation view of <em>Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait</em> at the Museum of Modern ArtInstallation view of Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait at the Museum of Modern Art

Louise Bourgeois remains best known for her spider sculptures, cell installations, and uncanny sewn figures, but print- and book-making sustained her practice for decades. Beginning with tightly composed, precise, and Surrealist-inspired etchings and engravings in the 1940s, through the illustrated books and fabric prints she created in the ensuing decades, to the airy and virtually abstract drypoint prints and etchings she created in the last decade of her life, the printing process enabled her to work through and develop some of the core themes and symbols of her career.

The Museum of Modern Art owns about 3,000 printed works by Bourgeois, and a selection of 265 of them are on view in the new exhibition Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait, alongside contextualizing drawings, paintings, sculptures, and, naturally, a couple of bronze spiders.



France Offers U.S. Scientists 4-Year Grants to Study Global Warming After Paris Agreement Withdrawal My Modern Met

After the United States' June 1 withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreementan international pact acknowledging the threat of global warminggovernments and citizens around the globe were up in arms. But in France, they are taking concrete action to ensure that American scientists, teachers, and researchers have a place to go and continue the fight against climate change.

The Make Our Planet Great Again initiative offers four-year grants to researchers, students, and teachers looking to further their studies or instruction in the field. In addition to the fully funded grant to private citizens, businesses and NGOs are encouraged to apply for government funding.

According to the website, which also provides information about obtaining a work visa and residency permit, you will be able to stay in France at least for the duration of the grant, and longer if you are granted a permanent position. There is no restriction on your husband/wife working in France. If you have children, note that French public schools are free, and the tuition fees of universities and grandes coles' are very low compared to the American system.

emmanuel macron and donald trump

French President Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump in Paris, July 2017. (Photo: U.S. Embassy France

Since President Emmanuel Macron won the French elections in May, he's made a point to make American scientists who feel alienated by the Trump administr...


How to Butcher an Entire Pig: Every Cut of Pork Explained TwistedSifter


Butcher and author Bryan Mayer shows Bon Appetit how to butcher an entire pig at Wyebrook Farm and explains every cut of pork. There are five sections of the pig that yield edible cuts: pork shoulder, pork belly, pork loin, pork butt (or ham), and the head.

From those sections, the butcher can offer sausage, bacon, spare ribs, brisket, ribs, steaks, pork chops, pork cutlets, coppa, presa, secreto, and tenderloin.

If you found this video interesting and informative be sure to check out, Jason Yang Breaking Down Half a Cow and Explaining Every Cut of Meat in the Process.

Video produced by Bon Appetit




Remembering Greg Escalante, a Gallerist and Friend to Artists Hyperallergic

Jon Swihart Greg Escalante: Selfie in Heaven (2017)

One of the illusions that we live by is that we can really know anybody else, and were often surprised by traits in people that we thought we knew very well.

Thomas McGuane

When the news began to spread, on the morning of September 8th, that gallerist Greg Escalante had died, the shock was resounding. A much-loved figure in the L.A art scene he was dapper, generous, and quick to smile Escalante once stood in the center of his Chinatown gallery during a crowded opening, handing a sharpie to anyone who wanted to draw on his white suit. This gesture was, among other things, a ritualized way of letting others into his life while empowering them to create. Recognizing, encouraging, and supporting the creativity of others was what Escalante lived for. His great reward in life was his circle of devoted friends, many of whom were artists.

Robbie Conal signs Gregs suit, (2016) (photo courtesy of Heidi Johnson / Hijinx PR)

Greg had more friends that loved him than anyone Ive ever known, says artist Jon Swihart. When public confirmation came from his brother, Joe Escalante, that Greg had taken his own life, the shock deepened, turned to sadness and generated a difficult question: How could such a beloved public figure a man who meant so much to so many have been in so much private pain?  The answer soon appeared in a Facebook tribute from his sister Mary Ann Escalante Nasser: My brother Greg was bipol...


AC/DCs Back in Black Played on the Gayageum, a Korean Instrument Dating Back to the 6th Century Open Culture

Every now and again, we check in on what's happening in the musical world of Luna Lee--a musician who performs Western music on the Gayageum, a traditional Korean stringed instrument that dates back to the 6th century. Over the years, we've shown you her adaptations of Jimi Hendrixs Voodoo Chile; David Bowie's The Man Who Sold The World; Leonard Cohens Hallelujah; blues classics by John Lee Hooker, B.B. King & Muddy Waters; and Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall & Great Gig in the Sky. To keep the tradition going, we bring you today Luna's take on AC/DC's 1980 classic, "Back in Black." Enjoy these four minutes of metalized Gayageum.

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Artist Uses Chainsaw to Carve Giant Octopus into a Fallen Redwood Tree My Modern Met

redwood tree octopus sculpture

American chainsaw artist Jeffrey Michael Samudosky recently transformed a redwood snag into a magnificent giant octopus. Carved to perfection, its giant tentacles stretch out, tapering off in refined detail.

Working out of Gig Harbor, Washington, Samudosky is a self-taught carver who started his company, JMS Wood Sculpture, in 1998. Since starting his career, Samudosky has appeared on the Discovery Channel and participated in competitions around the world.

The massive sea creature, which has influenced art from large-scale octopus installations to sculptural candies, gives off an impressive air, as it looks to almost be swimming through water. The trunk, which was provided by Redwood Burl, dwarves Samudosky, who painstakingly worked to chisel out the animal's final form.

Interestingly, Samudosky began his journey with chainsaw art after a snowboarding accident left him without feeling in his legs for eight months. After regaining his mobility, he decided to conquer his fears and begin snowboarding again. It was during a trip to the mountains in Vermont that he spied wood carvings on the side of the road, and from there he taught himself the artistic skill.

Now, carving is his full-time career. Focusing on animals and Native American motifs, some pieces have taken up to four years in order to reach his desired level of perfection.

Expert chainsaw carver Jeffrey Michael Samudosky used part of a dead redwood tree to create his incredible octopus sculpture.

JMS Wood Sculpture - Chainsaw Art...


When the legendary Hipgnosis did fashion shoots for classy porn mag Club International (NSFW) Dangerous Minds

Its a fair bet that a large part of many (most?) record collections includes a good percentage of covers by the legendary London-based graphic designers Hipgnosis.

Storm Thorgerson and ...


Get your very own David Bowie life mask Dangerous Minds

David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger
Before the advent of photography as a widespread practice available to common citizens, it was not unusual to take casts of the faces of prominent personages in the moments after death. For those who had logged noteworthy accomplishments, it was a way to fix...


Underground Cave in Mexico Houses the Worlds Largest Crystals My Modern Met

Giant Crystal Cave - Chihuahua, Mexico

Photo: Alexander Van Driessche [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Mexico is a beautiful country boasting incredible landscapes, which not only includes a underwater river, but also a cave growing the world's largest crystals. Almost twenty years ago, miners stumbled upon an incredible discovery in Chihuahua, Mexicoa hidden underground cave that housed some of the largest natural crystals ever found. At a depth of 980 feet (300 meters) below ground, the Giant Crystal Caveor Cave of Crystalsis an incredible feat of nature.

Located below the Naica Mine, the cave produces jaw-dropping crystals that dwarf humans who enter the area. Containing selenitegypsumcrystals measuring up to 39 feet (12 meters) in length, the cave is a relatively hostile environmentwithout proper protection, people would only survive about 10 minutes inside. And with temperatures reaching up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit (59 degrees Celsius) and humidity over 90%, the same environmental factors that make the crystals thrive, also make the Cave of Crystals an unfriendly home for humans.

Though the cave is currently floodedwhich is good news for crystals, as they deteriorate in airfor many years the mining company pumped water out of the cavern, allowing scientists to document and study the giant mineral formations.

cave of crystals naica mine

Photo: Paul Williams

How did the Cave of Crystals develop such large formations?



Korean Illustrator Perfectly Captures the Small Romantic Moments of Falling in Love My Modern Met

Cute Couple Illustrations by Hyocheon Jeong

There are many ways to let someone know you care, and it doesn't have to include sweeping grand gestures. If you're looking for inspiration (or even guidance), artist Hyocheon Jeong highlights different forms of amorous expression through illustrated love stories. The wordless images feature couples as they navigate their relationships with tenderness and kindness.

Often intimate, Jeong focuses her compositions on small moments. Her characters enjoy quiet candlelit dinners, cuddling on the couch, and taking a whimsical twirl in the privacy of their home. Cloaked in dreamy purples, golden yellows, and blushing pinks, the illustrations are reminiscent of pleasant memories you'd cherish for a lifetimeand what made you fall in love with that special someone in the first place.

Jeongs images might feel otherworldly, but they are grounded in reality. The sources of my inspiration are always stories of people, she explains. Most of them are the stories of me and my boyfriend. I also get my ideas from the conversation with my friends. By drawing from these real-life moments, her illustrations are romantic without feeling too cheesy.

Artist Hyocheon Jeong creates cute couple illustrations that depict the quiet moments of being in love.

Cute Couple Illustrations by Hyocheon Jeong Cute Couple Illustrations by Hyocheon Jeong...

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Intimate Photo Goes Viral for Quietly Celebrating a Nurse Who Helps Deliver Babies My Modern Met

Birth photos are primarily centered around the parents and baby, but there's a whole side to this life-altering experience that isn't as well documented. What's often missing are portraits of nurses and doulas that act as a vital source of support before, during, and after the baby has arrived. One striking imagethat has since gone viralpays homage to the amazing staff who help bring life into this world. Shot by Katie Lacer, the photograph depicts an intimate moment between a nurse and a mother who has just given birth.

The picture struck a chord with Jill Krause, a writer and mom of four. She shared it on Facebook with a personal message celebrating doulas and nurses for their kindness and compassion in these challenging, but ultimately amazing, times. The minute I saw that photo pop up in my personal Facebook feed, I was flooded with emotions, Krause later remarked. Each and every nurse was an angel.

Krauses post resonated with moms across the world, and many of them shared their own positive experiences with support staff. My delivery nurse grabbed my cellphone without me asking and snapped pictures of my boyfriend and I when they first put the baby on my chest, one woman said. It was honestly one of the sweetest things anyone could've done for me that day. I'll always be thankful for that.

Another mom recalled a story that epitomizes the passion that nurses and doulas have for their patients. When I was pushing, she wrote, I'll never forget pulling my face away from my nurse's chest to see her scrub top SOAKED with my sweat and tears. I was like, Oh my god I'm so sorry! And she went, Baby, this is life all over my shirt. Nowhere else I'd rather be. Now let's get that baby out.

Read more heartwarming stories in the comment section of Lacer's photo. With over 7.5K comments, there are...


Satanic Fashion Show Inside a Church at London Fashion Week The Vigilant Citizen

This post Satanic Fashion Show Inside a Church at London Fashion Week appeared first on The Vigilant Citizen.

Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglus presented her Spring/Summer 2018 collection at London Fashion Week and it was nothing less than a satanic Black Mass. Indeed, the event took place at the altar of St Andrew Church in London and incorporated heavy occult and satanic symbolism. In short, the event summed up everything the fashion world is truly []

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Saturday, 16 September


SLANT: Extraction Point

Peter J. Karol on copyright termination and dematerialized art

Thursday, 14 September


Butterfly Effect or How Travis Scott Got Recruited by the Industry The Vigilant Citizen

This post Butterfly Effect or How Travis Scott Got Recruited by the Industry appeared first on The Vigilant Citizen.

Behind the psychedelic visuals of Travis Scotts video Butterfly Effect is a hidden message, told through symbolism: Travis Scotts introduction to the elites entertainment industry and the Monarch mind control system. Travis Scott is a rapper and producer who began his career behind the scenes, collaborating with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna. He []

This post Butterfly Effect or How Travis Scott Got Recruited by the Industry appeared first on The Vigilant Citizen.

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