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Wednesday, 20 September


sewing: tencel rayon hadley top imagine gnats

This post is written by Heidi of Handmade Frenzy.

Happy Wednesday Gnats readers!

I dont know about you, but I sure am enjoying seeing all of these Hadley Tops this week! The pattern is available in the shop in both printed and digital version. It is such a lovely design. I was drawn to it immediately when it was released and couldnt wait to sew up my own tencel rayon hadley top.

I used the Geneva Tencel Rayon in black from the shop (available here), and I could not be more thrilled with this pattern/fabric combo!

This fabric was an absolute dream to work with! It pressed better than any rayon I have used before; it has more weight than a challis and was less shifty overall when working with it.

The outcome (and I honestly mean this), is the most RTW (ready-to-wear) like top that has ever come off my machines. It has a silky smooth feel, and the seams all pressed so beautifully, plus the drape and flow of the fabric just makes it feel very high-end.

I was worried about top-stitching the center front and center back seams with this fabric, since my experience with rayon is that (without interfacing) this can be a pain because the fabric just wants to shift and the stitches end up not being nice and even. I am so, so happy that I didnt have any of that problem with this fabric!!



80+ Glasses Case Sewing Patterns and Tutorials So Sew Easy

glasses case sewing patternsDon't you hate it when your glasses get scratched? Well, I know I do.  I recently scratched a pair of very expensive and very elegant sunglasses that were given to me by a loved one.  I feel terrible but they just must have rubbed against something while they were in Continue reading


24 Things to Make for Fall The Sewing Rabbit

I have a confession. I still have Summer decorations up. I know, I know! I keep wanting to switch them out for Fall decor, but it is pretty low on my priority list for now. But as I start to think about Fall, and October, and Halloween, and Thanksgiving and everything good, colorful, and []

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Beginner Sampler in New Colors Purl Soho

A pretty piece of fabric stitched in colorful floss is an especially lovely thing, made for no other reason than to enjoy its timeless beauty. Our Beginner Sampler Kit is all about the satisfaction of creating such an object!

Beginner Sampler in New Colors | Purl Soho

An update to our Learn to Embroider a Sampler Kit, this Beginner Sampler may look familiar. It is the same design and set of instruction as the original, but is now available in two additional palettes! Sunny Day, above, really is a sunny day with rich roses and golden yellows set on a warm pink linen-cotton blend.

Beginner Sampler in New Colors | Purl Soho

And Coneflower, above, is an ode to that wonderful flower that blooms in a range of lavenders and pinks with a toasty orange center. We love this delicate garden on a crisp white background, so fresh and pretty!

Beginner Sampler in New Colors | Purl Soho

The Beginner Sampler Pattern booklet, which comes with the Kit or on its own, includes step-by-instructions, from putting the fabric in the hoop to stitching a whole collection of basic embroidery stitches. Each circlet in the finished design offers the chance to practice your new skills!

Beginner Sampler in New Colors | Purl Soho

Although designed for beginners, accomplished embroiderers will find this project just as compelling. With the freedom to create your own combinations of stitches or to follow along with ours, theres lots of room to play and learn.

Beginner Sampler in New Colors | Purl Soho

And never fear, the original palette is still available! Now named Window Box, its warm slate background is like a container for a garden of bright colors. A new name and two new color stories but still the same combination of modern design and traditional stitches, our Beginner Sampler is a beautiful place to begin!



The Refashioners 2017 Beth makery

When I first set this challenge I anticipated lots of neutrals. As tends to be the nature with mens suits in particular. Grey, navy, black. That kinda thing.  I hadnt factored in ladies suiting  (so clear was I in my minds eye that it would all be mens suits) which of course (duh) will come

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Quick Postage Stamp Themed Birthday Card creative jewish mom

Does anyone other than me actually sit down and draw simple birthday cards, you know with a permanent marker and colored card stock? As you can see, I do, and fortunately so, as how else would I make a cute...


Next Phase ikat bag

My oldest turned thirteen last week.

I am henceforth officially the parent of a teenager.

I promise, though, that this isn't going to be one of those nostalgic and overly-sentimental posts I am apt to write whenever I think of my children Growing Up.

I am actually a bit excited. See, for years, all the young people I've ever had dealings with were teenagers. Like youth group and the girls in the dance team at church, and my high school students when I taught Physics. Loved them. Loved that age so much.

When I was a guidance counselor in Minnesota and Singapore, I worked with both teens and children and discovered that while both were intensely rewarding and enjoyable, given the choice, I'd still pick teens. I remember wishing that when I became a mother, I might somehow give birth to teens rather than babies, because surely I would be frightfully awkward with humans who couldn't hold conversations and with whom I'd have to instead make blubbering sounds and devise bizarre hand games just to say hello.

Then: motherhood.

Real motherhood, with real babies and real blubbering.

Not gonna get all weepy here (I promised, right?) so let's just say that I've loved having babies. And toddlers-in-potty-training. And preschoolers. And just. . ....


How to survive things you cant change. Funky Junk Interiors

Pallet sofa sign fabric post HERE Every morning, I bring my coffee out to the pallet wood sofa to begin my day. This is the spot where I linger a little too long, waiting until the mental morning fog lifts. It usually takes about 2 cups This little spot became my BFF. It was always there to []

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The Little Treasures & A Request Little Treasures


My dearest bloglovlies,

Some of you might know, others might not know that we've been running our online gallery / concept store for almost a year now. It was a big step, something we have dreamt and wished to do for a long time.

Running it is definitely like having a roller-coaster ride, while we grow and learn along the way, and it is certainly a unique experience we are thankful to have and we wouldn't change that for anything in the world.

Aside for the products you can find from our indie designers, we would like to point your attention to the site's blog
Fashion trends, sustainable fashion, interior design, presentation of emerging designers, DIYs are the main topics being covered there.  The reason I am writing this and  reaching out to you is a request for collaboration. If you have an idea for a blog post that fits our niche, we would love to have you with a guest post.
The blog posts are also shared on my personal profile on Bloglovin' so you can follow us there too.

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Tuesday, 19 September


Yarn Pumpkins Using Balloons Fun Crafts Kids

Yarn Pumpkins Using Balloons Just love this time of year I know, in denial that Summer is OVER but hey, Fall, or Autumn as we call it in London brings us so much loveliness like these Pumkins made from yarn! We spotted these over on and cant wait to get making! If

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sewing: adorn cotton lawn hadley top imagine gnats

This post was written by Alli of MorePleaseThankYou.

My personal uniform for work is a tank top, skirt, and cardigan, so I was excited when Grainline Studio released their Hadley top, which can be made sleeveless with any of the mix-and-match fronts and backs. Read on for all the info about my Adorn cotton lawn Hadley top.

I chose to sew a size 6, which matched up with my upper bust measurement, and I folded the dart out completely. (On a side note, I noticed that the dart legs on view B are further apart than the dart legs on view A. How interesting!)

I liked the high-low hem to begin with, but an additional benefit was that even if I was overly aggressive in taking the dart out completely, its not too noticeable since its meant to be a high-low hem! ;D

Speaking of the hem, I LOVE deep, faced hems!

The white parts of the lawn are not opaque, and I wasnt in the mood to make a full lining, so I replaced the neck and arm...


Now You Can Even Add Images to Your Comments: Share Your Work! So Sew Easy

Regular readers and especially those who comment often (we LOOOVE comments and so do our readers) may have noticed that we recently added a new feature to the website. You can now easily attach images to your comments on  Files types supported are standard .jpg, .gif and .png Continue reading


The Saturday Afternoon Quilt Safari Party Style Simple Simon and Company

Today  we get to participate in our friend Melissas fabric tour.

Melissa is the create mind behind The Polka Dot Chair and we are lucky enough to have been friends for years now.  In fact, I remember a lunch conversation years ago where talked about how cool it would be to be able to design fabricso how lucky do we feel now to design fabric for the same company and be able to create projects using each others designs!?!  Most days it still doesnt seem real.

Melissas newest fabric line is called Safari Party and is produced by Riley Blake Designs.

When I saw it I knew I wanted to use some to sew up our Saturday Afternoon Quilt Pattern with itand Im glad I did!  I really love how the fun prints are showcased against the white sashing.

One of the many things I envy about Melissa is that she is a world travelerliterally this girl is always on the move!

And this line is based off of an African Safari that she went on with her family!  (An African Safari!!!  Who gets to do things like that!?!  How incredible!)

The fabric comes in different color waves (all with a little gold sparkle!) but the blues and greens are my favorite!!!



The Refashioners 2017 Emily makery

Suiting goes Femme with a capital F!! Todays inspo  from Emily couldnt be much more feminine, classy and fit for a cocktail (or three)     More pattern tetris going on with this make. From the front you wouldnt even know this was made from a suit   Even from the back the only indicator

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How to dress like a New Zealand Suffragist The Dreamstress

Today is the 124th anniversary of New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to allow women the right to vote.  September 19th is celebrated as White Camellia Day or New Zealand Suffrage Day, the first name after the emblem of the New Zealand suffrage movement: the white camellia.

White Camellia Day is particularly exciting this year, as Saturday is a parliamentary election, early voting is already open, so lots of women I know are planning to vote today, and there is a reasonable chance that New Zealand will elect its third female prime minister.  Im going to vote on Saturday (Mr D & I have a tradition of walking to the polls together ((daww)) and Ill be voting based on policy, not gender, but I still think its fantastic that New Zealand has already had two female prime ministers, and might have another.

In honour of the elections and Suffrage Day falling so close together, and since there has been discussion of people going to the polls dressed as suffragettes, I thought Id do a post about what New Zealand suffragettes wore, as opposed to what was worn by votes campaigners in England and the US, 20 some years after New Zealand women were already voting.

Technically speaking, New Zealand womens votes campaigners werent suffragettes at all the term refers to members of violent suffrage movements like the WSPU in England.  New Zealand campaigners were suffragists: they to achieve the vote by more peaceful means.  Suffragette as a term was not coined until the early 20th century, and was not used in New Zealand until July 1906.

New Zealand suffragists also differed from the British suffragettes in that the New Zealand womens vote moment was always determined that all women, of all walks of life, should have the vote English campaigners were willing to compromise and give the vote only to richer women, and some of the major groups, like the WSPU, were never focused on universal female suffrage.

As New Zealands most well known suffragist, Kate Sheppard, expressed it:

all that separates, whether of race, class, creed, or sex, is inhuman, and must be overcome.

So, want to honour the amazing women who made New Zealand the first country in the world to have the vote?  Heres how to dress like a suffragist, New Zealand style:

1. Wear a white camellia:


Frankenstein Necklace Halloween Jewelry Tutorial Jewelry Making Journal

by Rena Klingenberg. Make a Frankenstein necklace with this fun Halloween jewelry tutorial. With a few beads and some wire, you can create this haunting project. Also, you can give Frankie two different facial expressions one on the front of his head, and one on the back. Turn his head to show the expression []


The Refashioners 2017 Elisalex makery

This is a hard challenge. Easily the most challenging weve tackled to date.  So if youre struggling, take heart. Youre not the only one! This one has alot of us scratching our heads. (Me included btw.) And the lovely Elisalex is no exception. But shes still come out smiling   And wilth a killer skirt

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Saturday, 16 September


DIY Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins Fun Crafts Kids

With Halloween just around the corner, we are looking for some fantastic ways to spook up your home. These DIY Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins stood out. they look fantastic (subtle yet colourful) but are also easy to make. Perfect for those rainy autumn days leading up to Halloween. Dangle them in your front garden, kitchen or

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