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Tuesday, 19 June


The Irresistible Allure of a Vintage Sewing Machine So Sew Easy

vintage sewing machineThere's always been something quite special about creating clothes with a good ole' vintage sewing machine. Perhaps it's the idea that you're partaking in a fragment of historyor maybe it's the fact that your vintage sewing machine was originally owned by your great-grandmother and has been passed down to your Continue reading


3D Papercraft Sculpture - Low Poly Trophy Models from Ecogami Shop All Things Paper

From time to time I feature an online paper art or paper craft shop that has caught my eye due to its special creativity. ric Franois's Ecogami Shop (also Ecogami Shop on Etsy) is filled with...

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DIY Musical Instrument Crafts Fun Crafts Kids

DIY Musical Instrument Crafts Here are some BEAUTIFUL musical instruments. To me they dont look DIY Musical Instrument Crafts, they look shop-bought! It always amazed me, how you can make simple things so easily and so prettily, with just a few little hints and tricks rainbow coloured elastic bands, suddenly make your homemade string instrument

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Indie Designer Interview: Steampunk by Maja Little Treasures

I had the pleasure of meeting my namesake several years ago and I will always remember seeing her jewelry for the first time! It literally cast a spell on me! So, I invited her over for a small chit-chat.  I hope you enjoy it too!

1. Welcome Maja! Please tell my readers more about yourself.
My name is Maja Tasic and I come from Pancevo (Serbia). I had studied and qualified for a dental technologist - a profession I chose under the influence of my parents, although I have always desired to study applied art, because I have always been drawn to drawing and painting. Aside from these two, my hobbies also included writing poems and making jewelry. I stuck to the latter.
I am married to Goran and we have two boys, ages 7 and 8 and I am also a stepmom to two beautiful grown up girls. We are one big, happy family!

2. How did the brand Steampunk by Maja get to see the day?...

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Monday, 18 June


Quilting with Double Gauze Simple Simon and Company

Have you tried working with double gauze yet? I know it can look intimidating but it really is fun to work with. Double gauze is lightweight and soft and just gets softer and softer every time you wash it. And the perfect fabric for baby quilts as well as large sized quilts too. Today Ive []

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Where to Find Good Quality, Inexpensive Memory Wire That Doesnt Break? Jewelry Making Journal

by Virginia Milner. (United States) Im looking for some good quality, reasonably priced memory wire. Ive ordered from all over, but I have recently had a problem with breakage something that Ive not experienced with memory wire before. I also dont want any plating as it comes off when pliers are used to make []


Sources of Metal Pendant Blanks? Jewelry Making Journal

by Joan. (Pennsylvania) Does anyone know a source to purchase the rectangular pieces of metal for pendants? Also does the metal come with the hole pre-drilled or must a hole be drilled and what do you use? Joan Raggs Enterprises


Source of Donut Beads for Lariat Necklaces? Jewelry Making Journal

by Nora Freeman. (USA) This is not about anything Ive made. I love the lariat projects on this site but I have used up all the donut beads I have and cant find any more with wide enough holes. Anyone have any suggestions about where to get more donut beads for lariat necklaces? Nora Freeman


List of Crystal Bead Manufacturers? Jewelry Making Journal

by Virginia Milner. I was wondering if anyone has a list of crystal bead manufacturers. Im familiar with Swarovski, of course, and Preciosa, but those are the only ones that I ever hear named. I know there are others out there. Can anyone help me with that? Virginia Milner


Gemstone and Chain Bracelets Jewelry Making Journal

by Christine Yuss. (Ventura, CA) I Love Love Love wearing bracelets! And I have to admit, I was getting a little bored with the same-ole designs I was coming up with for myself. Then I came across a picture on Pinterest where someone had mixed some chain with gemstones. Brilliant I thought and how elegant []


Teaching Mommy & Me Hearts Jewelry Class (How I Overcame My Fear of Kids) Jewelry Making Journal

by Cindi Bernloehr. (Winter Garden, Florida) I was asked to teach a class for Mothers Day and I was a bit worried because I have not taught little children before. I reluctantly agreed but only if the Moms were there too. Then I had to think of a project that didnt require a lot of []


Henry the Hippo Pendant Jewelry Making Journal

by Tammy Baalman. (Willis, Texas) Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. I was perusing through Facebook and came across a picture of the baby hippo Fiona. Im on a cute critters kick, so what could be better than a baby hippo pendant! My favorite part of the hippo are its cute little ears! Tammy []


Tribal Inspiration for Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Christine Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I recently visited Branson, MO with friends, and found some wonderful vintage Peruvian beads that inspired me. For the 1st piece, I used the Peruvian beads with some natural coral, dyed Howlite and silver accents, all strung on fine leather. Although the photo pictures a wolf charm, I swapped that []


Vintage Paperclip Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Mary Ferland. (NH and AZ) I try to find unusual pieces to make my one-of-a kind necklaces. While junking in Tucson, AZ this paperclip spoke to me and I thought Id see what I could do with it. I put patina on the metal then embellished it with an old earring, colored rhinestones, chain, []

Sunday, 17 June


Pine Cone Lion Fun Crafts Kids

  Pine Cone Lion Here is a Pine Cone Lion craft that should provide you with INSPIRATION. Sometimes, we need to share things with you that are simply so darn cute.. And no other reason. And this pine cone lion is just one such idea.. I mean, look at him.. isnt he simply the cutest

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