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Wednesday, 21 September


Hand Lettered By Hannah: For I Know The Plans I Have For You We Lived Happily Ever After

Here's a long past due #handletteredbyhannah on one of my living room mantle signs that I made. I happen to be a very thrifty person, I mean, I splurge on things like quality make up and stuff, but I like to have most everything in my house made from my own two hands. It brings me so much joy & makes my house really "my style." 

See how I made it by pressing play on the video above. 

This sign is seriously one of my favorite pieces in my house. It's my favorite bible verse. 

The style is very similar to my DIY Master bedroom Love Letter Artwork (HERE)

Not into DIY? No problem. I have you covered. This verse is available as a printable in my shop...


Ring Stolen from My Booth – What Should I Have Done? Jewelry Making Journal

by Joan. I had a ring stolen by a stout short man last Saturday. I saw his hand come out of his pocket, and one of my friends saw him take the ring. I went over to him, he couldn’t talk English very well, but he knew he was caught. I am very trusting with […]


Life is Better With A Little Me Time. Seriously! Flax & Twine

Does this back to school thing have you as crazy as I am? With three kids getting older (all 5th to 8th grade!), it seems like things just get nuttier and busier with every passing day. You add to that my newly signed book contract (yay!), and you have an Anne that’s feeling a tad READ MORE

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DIY a Boho Tassel Necklace Little Treasures

Hello and welcome to a new DIY! Today we are making a long tassel necklace. It is a fast project and will take you no more than 10 minutes to make it if you have everything ready.
What you need:
1. A fabric piece / strip (rectangular - the shorter - the cuter);
2. A fabric bead (use this tutorial to make it);
3. Embroidery floss;
4. Metal jump rings, chain, 2 clasps, eye pin and a cap.  
>Fold the fabric strip and press the clasps.
>Fold the floss in half. Take a thread and tie the floss tightly. Make a strong knot.
> Insert the thread through an eye pin, and tie another knot around it, to secure it well.
>Next push the pin through the center, add the cap. You can push the thread under the cap and hide the ends on the inside.



Striped Pocket Maxi Dress The Sewing Rabbit

I have been wanting to sew myself another maxi dress for quite some time now, but kept stumbling on the style. I wanted it to be basic enough that I could wear it as an every day dress, but not so basic as to be utterly boring. Fall weather here in Virginia Beach can be […]

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Double Seed Stitch Scarf Purl Soho - Create

Maybe if you live in Cairo, a camel is not so uncommon a thing, but for New Yorkers your best chance of getting close to a camel is at the zoo… Or at Purl Soho! Our new Camel yarn from Lanecardate is 100% camel and 100% special.


This Camel yarn has a lofty chainette construction, which makes it especially toasty and also lends itself to pretty stitch patterns, like the one we used in our stunning Double Seed Stitch Scarf. In the only color nature intended, camel, this scarf’s rich color and beautiful texture make it a true classic.


Fine camel yarn comes from the animals’ downy inner coats, which are as soft and warm as cashmere. And so, although we love the fun of trying this off-the-beaten-path fiber, even more, we love its softness, beauty, and intrinsic warmth. Thank you, camels! -Laura





19 stitches = 4 inches in stitch pattern


Finished Dimensions: 9 ½ inches wide by 78 inches long


Cast on 45 stitches.

Row 1: K1, *p1, k1, repeat from * to end of row.

Row 2: Repeat Row 1.

Row 3: K2, *p1, k1 repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

Row 4: Repeat Row 3.

Repeat Rows 1-4 until piece measures approximately 78 inches from cast-on edge, ending with Row 3.

On the next row, bind off in pattern.

Weave in your ends and block as desired.



Tutorial - Make a Popsicle Stick Soap Dish Totally Tutorials
Use tea to darken the wood

Tutorial at Exodus Treasures Blog

"My soap is always getting stuck to the sink. It's annoying, it looks bad, and it wastes my precious soap. Thus, I decided to make my own soap dish that looks good and drains water well. Honestly, I mostly made it because I think constantly leaving my soap out was secretly annoying my roommate".... Read more


giant spider web tutorial Fun Crafts Kids

Giant spider web tutorial  Oh you know how it is, you buy (or grow!) your pumpkins, carve your pumpkins, and pop them outside the front door, but what about the INSIDE of the house? We often make smaller pumpkin carvings and have them facing out to the windows, so wouldn’t it be great to make…

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Tutorial - How to Decorate Spartan Sandals Totally Tutorials
Embellish your sandals with pom-poms and tassels

Tutorial at Little Treasures Blog

"Pom-pom and tassel embellished sandals were immensely fashionable this summer, so Eva bought these lovely Spartan sandals with the idea to add them a bit of color. We decided to use only pom-poms and tassels although various types of pendants and charms can be added as well. To make the pom-poms I used this method".... Read more

Tuesday, 20 September


Craftsy Sewing Wallets Class – Free Giveaway! So Sew Easy

Sewing Wallets:Step by step. Learn lots of new sewing skills and techniques while sewing 3 fun and interesting wallet projects.

We recently revealed a few behind the scenes shots and sneak peaks of Deby’s upcoming Craftsy class Sewing Wallets: Step By Step.  I’m delighted to tell you that editing is almost completed and the class will be ready to launch soon.  Keep following to hear more about the launch.

Sewing Wallets: Step by Step. Craftsy class with 3 different wallet sewing projects. Even beginners can get great results with these easy patterns and helpful tips.

You’ll get the opportunity to learn:

  • 3 different snaps you can use on your wallets, and how to install them
  • how to sew a zipper pocket without a zipper foot (although you can still use one of course if you are comfortable with it)
  • how to fold and sew pockets for your bank cards
  • about the different types of interfacing that are suitable for wallet making
  • how to sew both fixed and removable wrist straps, and the hardware you’ll need
  • 3 different wallet patterns all based on a similar set of starting elements, the last one being a customizable project
  • tips for neat and accurate top stitching
  • how to keep interfacing from sticking to your iron
  • and more…

Sewing Wallets: Step by step. Learn lots of new sewing skills and techniques while sewing 3 fun and interesting wallet projects.

One lucky reader has a chance to win the class for free and to be among the first to get access on launch day.  To enter, simply click the link below and log in to your Craftsy account.  You’ll be automatically entered and one...


Why Do You Sew? Elizabeth’s Story… Simple Simon and Company

Whenever liZ and I go anywhere to teach a class we always begin with a little introduction of who we are and why we sew.  And while those stories are really extreme opposites, I still love the fact that sewing and creating is an underlying theme. And since most of us will never meet in...

Read More »

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Tutorial - How to Decorate an Old Vase with Twine Totally Tutorials
Recycle a boring vase with jute twine

Tutorial at Nifty Sheep Blog

"Do you have an old boring vase that you no longer use but still hesitate to get rid of? The best part about this easy tutorial is that you can simply turn even stained, broken and glued together again (my case) vases into beautiful new ones.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a vase that you are decorating. I've also decorated some old olive oil bottle and it turned out beautiful as well".... Read more


The Refashioners 2016 – Your Makes – Vol II makery

Welcome to Vol II of your makes. And maaaan! They just keep coming! So SO good. As a reminder (or a kick up the backside if you prefer it that way) there are 10 days left until the deadline! (30th September. Midnight. BST/UK) So if you want to enter to be in with a chance of winning that amazing prize, then get moving! I’d also like to clarify that not appearing in one of these round ups does NOT mean your entry is out of the running. It simply means that I couldn’t use your images for reasons of size/resolution/quality etc. So make sure there are plenty of large size images knocking around for me to use. Either on one of the sharing groups (detailed below) or on your blog. Because I want to share as many as possible on here!

So…what’s been coming in? Wellllll…….The Refashioners 2016 - Your Makes - Vol 2

Big love for this fab sweatshirt from Selmin of Tweed & Greet. The subtle little sashiko detail is so perfect!

The Refashioners 2016 - Your Makes - Vol 2

Although I don’t wear dresses, I could be tempted by this. Right up my style strata!  If I wore dresses then this dress by Stitch Remedy would be in my wardrobe for sure. Love it.

The Refashioners 2016 - Your Makes - Vol 2

Vicki’s briliantly executed refashion has yielded a supremely wearable wardrobe staple. More deets and images in her facebook post here.

The Refashioners 2016 - Your Makes - Vol 2

What a difference some dye makes!  Looks like 2 completely different jackets right. Also intrigued by the back yoke of Linda’s jacket. Are those the original...


Wrap Choker Necklace (Tutorial) Jewelry Making Journal

by Rena Klingenberg. The leather wrap choker necklace that was popular in the 1970’s has made a strong comeback. (I have also seen this renewed style being called a “bolo necklace”.) This necklace style is basically a long cord that wraps around the throat, with long or short ends that usually have some sort of […]


Chalky Finish Painted Furniture Aunt Peaches » Tutorial

A few years ago I started getting emails from product companies about chalk paint. Chalk paint this, chalk paint that. It was, dare I use the word; trendy. The advantage of chalk paint over other sorts of furniture paint was that, in addition to a soft matte finish, the application process was far more forgiving than regular paint. Minimal prep work, less-noticeable brush strokes, and some nifty self-leveling properties that made any paint job look professional. Neat stuff right? But the price tag for the trendy chalk paint ran around $40 for a quart. And even more if you bought the finishing wax. So, all-in, you were looking at $80 in supplies to paint a $10 thrift store chair? No thanks.

Granted, those emails were from people contacting me to offer free samples, but, when you are a blogger and you take stuff for free there is an expectation that you will post about it, and that puts the blogger in an awkward spot. If I hate the product and I post an honest review, it hurts the company and makes me look bad for whining in public. If I like the stuff and talk about it, people second guess the honesty of the review and/or it looks like I’m pandering for free stuff (which is hilarious because the last thing in the world I need or want is MORE STUFF). So, for the most part, the only time I take a product review or sponsored post is if I have already put my own hard earned money on the line to buy it. Because if I buy it and like it, I can tell you, with all sincerity, that it is worth the money. Which brings us to the product of the day: Deco Art Chalky Finish Paint.


I saw this on an end cap at Michaels earlier this year and grabbed a few pots. I liked the colors – muted and pale but not pastel. I liked the size – at 8oz they are bigger than regular acrylic tubes, smaller than a quart of house paint, large enough to dip a whole brush in the top. I liked the price tag – under $10. Way, way less than the $40 I had seen (and spent) on those other kinds of chalk paint. So I thought, why not give it a wirl?  And you know what?

It goes on LIKE A DREAM. It has a sort of creaminess to it that you don’t find in acrylic paint. The color is opaque without being too thick, but dries smooth in a way you usually only get from thin house paint. So yeah, I’m a fan. So when the folks at Deco Art asked if they could sponsor a post wherein I overhaul a piece of furniture with their line of chalky paint I was like UMMM YES PLEASE.


Most people use chalk paint finishes for revamping old furniture – flea market-esque, antiquey looking things with distressed edges, which is AWESOME, but I wanted to see if it could use it for something for modern. Utilitarian. Functional, yet whimsical. And then I rolled over and saw my old Ikea dresser and an idea was born.


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