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Sunday, 15 October


Soft Clutch Bag Pattern for your Collection: The Katherine Clutch So Sew Easy

The soft clutch bag pattern is an easily adaptable pattern to make the clutch of your dreams.  This is the perfect accessory for cocktail parties, a dinner or a gift for Christmas. We owe this handy design concept to the House of Hermes when they first launched the Verrou Clutch, a Continue reading


Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! creative jewish mom

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, and welcome to the new Jewish year! Our heads are still spinning a bit from all the festivities, but life goes on, and with more guests due to arrive for shabbat, well, as you can...


Getting Into Leather Works and Please Share Your Leatherworking Tips Jewelry Making Journal

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) Havent posted here for quite awhileThought Id share some new things Ive been playing with in leather. I googled Leather Scraps Local and found a wonderful shop and owner who has been teaching me lots about this material. Also, at $10 a pound for scrap leather, you cant go []


How to make a full bust adjustment to a sewing pattern So Sew Easy

full bust adjustmentA full bust adjustment to a sewing pattern is simple and easy to do when you require extra room without adding space at the shoulders and armhole.  It is without a doubt the most requested tutorial I have ever gotten. To be honest with you, I could write a whole book Continue reading

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Saturday, 14 October


6 Free One Skein Crochet Projects Little Treasures

The weekend is here and if you are planning on spending it cozily with a little crochet, here are six 1 skein projects I found on the internet and thought would be worth saving.



DIY Raccoon Costume Shwin and Shwin

When my daughters requested multiple halloween costumes this year (mainly because they wanted to match when they trick or treat together) I told them I would make a second halloween costume only if the pieces could be worn again for daily wear. It should just be my general rule of thumb since I love making []

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DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 397 Funky Junk Interiors

Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 397 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hello and welcome back! Its time for the best weekend junk in the land once again! So, next week Im taking off to the land of all Hawaiian things. Squeal! Due to my shorter than usual stay, Id like to attempt []

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Replacing a Bead in Peyote Stitch Jewelry Making Journal

by Dianne Jacques. (United States) A few years ago I posted a free tutorial on how to replace a misplaced or broken bead in your peyote stitch without having to unstitch. That website has gone by the wayside and I have had a few folks write to ask where they can find it. I have []


Sterling Silver Leaf Necklace Jewelry Making Journal

by Ivana. (Croatia) I made this necklace inspired by the autumn colors and textures. All components of this piece have been crafted from sterling silver. Each part of this necklace has been carefully cut using a jewelers saw. First I saw upper layer leaf shape and soldered on second layer leaf shape which was previously []


Busy Bee Beader Girl Jewelry Making Journal

by Lindy Hartig. (San Diego, California USA) Been keeping busy with projects. Pyrite druzy I picked up in Ashland Oregon last year: Magnificent turquoise magnesite statement piece: Seed bead double-ruffle necklace: I love these pearls, and they love me too: Lindy Hartig Lindy Lee Treasures


Botticellis Birth of Venus Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet Jewelry Making Journal

by Holly Kurzman. (the sunny south of France) I love Renaissance art & used Botticellis Birth of Venus as my inspiration for this 2-drop peyote stitch cuff bracelet. I focused on a close-up of her face & used a sepia-toned palette, reminiscent of Renaissance-era etchings. (2,800 Miyuki Delicas, 7 colors). Holly Kurzman Hillcrest Studio


African Statement Necklace Jewelry Making Journal

by Babsi Casack. (South Africa) My sister loves African jewelry just as much as I do. Up there in Johannesburg, she has access to a larger variety of beads than I do here in the Freestate province. Sometimes she falls into the bead shops and sends me materials to make a nice necklace for her. []


Be Our Guest Jewelry from Silverware Jewelry Making Journal

by Cindi Bernloehr. (United States) In Orlando, the fall season makes us all think of the Epcot Food & Wine festival. So in honor of eating all those great dishes from around the world, I got into making jewelry from silverware. I use silver-plate for cost and have a tool that is specially designed to []


Best Flush Cutter Brand? Jewelry Making Journal

by Angie Pinion Kelley. What are the best flush cutters that you recommend? My cheap pair that came in the set have just about had it. Looking for recommendations. Thank you. Angie Pinion Kelley


What Gauges of Headpins for 6mm and 8mm Beads? Jewelry Making Journal

by Angie Pinion Kelley. What is the most common gauge headpins for 6-8 mm beads? Thank you. Angie Pinion Kelley


How to Use Your Slow Cooker: Tips and Tricks Simple Simon and Company

How to Use Your Slow Cooker:  Tips and Tricks

Actually its 22 Tips and Tricks for using your slow cooker!

We both love using our slow cookerthere isnt a week go by that I dont use it at least once.  Life is busy but I still want to sit down for a warm dinner with my family which makes my slow cooker a necessity in the kitchen.

We often get emails asking how we juggle running a business, taking care of our families, and managing a household.  And one of our answers always is managing meal timeswhich means employing the help of our slow cookers.

However, we have discovered that many of the women we talk to either dont know how or dont use their slow cookers so today we put together a basic how-to list for those of you just starting out on your slow cooker journey.  So if you havent ventured into the world of slow cooking take a look over this list and then follow along with our Slow Cooker Spooktacular as we continue sharing easy (and delicious) recipes.  I promise once you fall in love with your slow cooker it will be a lifetime love affair.

Nowlets get started:

#1.  Safety first!  Every slow cooker emits heat so make sure you place your slow cooker in a clear area when in use.  Be sure there is enough room on all sides for your cooker to vent heat.

#2.  Slow cookers come in a variety of sizes however this can affect cooking times.  Make sure your cooker is at least half full to three quarters full before use otherwise this will effect both the time and temperature used for your recipe.  (This is especially true when using large cookers.)

#3.  They are called slow cookers for a reason.  Plan on each recipe taking between 4-6 hours to fully cook.  (And some take longer than that!)

#4.  A great time saving tip is to put all of the ingredients into the crock pot portion of your slow cooker the night be...


New Jersey Selection Emporia Fabric & Crafts

This week to celebrate the arrival of our amazing new cover stitch machine, were showing off all our lovely new jersey. Weve got cats, skulls, pandas, florals and even llamas all perfect for making everything from a basic t-shirt to yoga pants and pyjamas for your kids. All these lovely prints are available for []

Friday, 13 October


sewing: adorn cotton lawn cleo skirt imagine gnats

This post is written by Tiffany of @tiffjudd.

Hello, I am thrilled to be a new contributor here at Imagine Gnats and cant wait to show you my new lawn cleo skirt. I love all things sewing and am especially obsessed with beautiful fabric, but my experience up until now had been exclusively baby and kid clothing, specifically dresses for my 3 girls.

When given this opportunity to branch out and try something new, I wasnt sure where to begin. However, it didnt take me too long to realize that a Made By Rae pattern is never a bad idea, and I had seen pretty little Cleo skirts all over the place so I knew it had to be the one. It was also helpful that I had a certain comfort level with Made By Rae patterns since I have made an obscene amount of Geranium dresses (who hasnt, right?).

Now that I have finally entered the world of sewing for myself, I get it. The satisfaction of wearing your very own makes is pretty special. After choosing the perfect beginner pattern for my new challenge of grown up sewing, I searched the Imagine Gnats shop for about 30 seconds before I fell madly in love with this gorgeous adorn cotton lawn silhouette.

There are a few color choices in this amazing fabric such as gold and magenta and any of them would have worked for my purposes, but I couldnt resist the classic blue.

I also got my first experience with a printed pattern! Having that little book in hand gave me a chance to carry it around and go over directions and details before I sat down at my machine. I loved the printed pattern so much that I will have a hard time going back.



Top-Down Ear Flap Hat Purl Soho

What winter demands is a hat that does the job of keeping your head and ears warm, and does it without making you look like a Smurf. Our Top-Down Ear Flap Hat is such a hat the good kind, that is!

Top-Down Ear Flap Hat | Purl Soho

Basic, yes, but beautiful, and in Season Alpaca, our Top-Down Ear Flap Hat is as soft as it gets. Warm? Check. Cozy? Check. Theres not much more to ask of a winter hat, except

Top-Down Ear Flap Hat | Purl Soho

Except that it have ear flaps and adorable I-cords and tassels! And how about constructing it from the top down, so you can determine exactly when the rim falls just to your eyebrows, the flaps hit the bottom of your lobes, and the back perfectly covers the nape of your neck.

Top-Down Ear Flap Hat | Purl Soho

Sized from babies to adults, youll need just one skein of Season Alpaca to make one adult hat, two kid hats, or three or four baby ones. Choose from 14 straight-from-nature colors and cast on for this wear-everywhere topper!

Top-Down Ear Flap Hat | Purl Soho

This project designed for Purl Soho by Laura Ferguson.


Top-Down Ear Flap Hat | Purl Soho

  • 1 skein of Purl Sohos Season Alpaca, 100% baby alpaca. We used Heirloom White, Peony Pink, and Raw Sienna.
  • US 3, 16-inch circular needles (for Kid and Adult sizes only)
  • Set of US 3...


Lifted Increases (RLI + LLI) Purl Soho

The Lifted Increase method is also known as a Raised Increase, and even sometimes as an Invisible Increase. Lifted or Raised because of the action done to perform it, and Invisible due to its discrete appearance, making it an elegant substitute for m1R and m1L.

RLI (Right Lifted Increase): Lift right leg of the stitch below the next stitch on the left-hand needle onto the left-hand needle and knit it. [1 stitch increased]

LLI (Left Lifted Increase): Lift the left leg of the stitch 2 rows below the stitch on right-hand needle onto left-hand needle and knit it through the back loop. [1 stitch increased]


Surviving the storm and trimming the shrubs Funky Junk Interiors

The other night, the wind was absolutely howling through our little valley leaving me surprised any tree was left standing. But you can bet this blogger-nerd was on top of it! I ran out there barefoot my iPhone and captured a true Instagram Stories moment filming the willow tree out back swaying like crazy. It was gorgeous actually. Sidenote: []

The post Surviving the storm and trimming the shrubs appeared first on Funky Junk Interiors.


Rustic or Satin Finish on These Enameled Earrings? Jewelry Making Journal

by Dianne Jacques. (Vermont, USA) When I set out to make these, I had a very different finish in mind. When this beautiful rustic orange reds showed up during the cool-down from enameling I was torn. Do I leave it and seal it as is.or give it a satin finish? What are your thoughts? Dianne []


Two Bracelets Make a Necklace Jewelry Making Journal

by Sharon Ashburner. (Toronto,Canada) I wanted to make a necklace that would go with a water green dress I was wearing to a wedding. I love making chainmail and had two byzantine bracelets left from a batch I had made. I joined them together and added some beautiful red and green crystals. I was very []


Going Outside My Color Box with Peyote Stitch Jewelry Making Journal

by Holly Kurzman. (the beautiful south of France) Most of us have colors we prefer and those are our go-to colors when we create jewelry. I recently challenged myself to break out of my color box and I created the pattern for this peyote stitch Flames bracelet. Holly Kurzman Hillcrest Studio


Leaves of Autumn Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Making Journal

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) Sharing another design in my Autumn Daze jewelry collection, I call this piece Leaves of Autumn. I used Czech glass, mixed metals and leather to create this necklace. I used some patinated leaves and a patinated closure on this piece to set it off. I designed matching earrings to go []


Making Paper Beads Whats the Best, Easiest Glazing Process? Jewelry Making Journal

by Joybelle. (Atlanta, GA) I dont have a piece to share, but lately I have been rolling tons of paper beads. I am loving rolling beads using 5+ strips because of the thickness of the beads. What I have discovered about myself is that I absolutely detest the glazing process especially with the quantity that []


Black Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Jennifer Prim. (Mar Vista) Sometimes its all about the focal. I found this wonderful dipped leaf that had just a hint of blue iridescence to it, so I paired it with a chunk of obsidian, and some blue crystals on an oxidized chain. Perfect Halloween necklace. For a hint of The Wizard of Oz, []


Copper Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant Jewelry Making Journal

by Linda Rolsma. (Colorado) This labradorite stone is wrapped in oxidized 20 and 28 gauge copper. It was made as a birthday gift for my daughter-in-law. Linda Rolsma

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