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Monday, 16 July


Pretty Paper Jewelry from Colla Carta Creo - Giveaway! All Things Paper

While my previous post was all about the summer fruit trend, this week I'll focus on another crowd pleasing trend that combines one of my favorite things - handmade paper jewelry - with oh so popular...

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Insta love: Puzzle Necklaces by Peekaboo Little Treasures

I couldn't help but thought that this is one extraordinary idea when I saw Peekaboo's puzzle necklaces.
I asked her about the inspiration and idea behind these and this is what she said:
The internet has been an everlasting inspiration for everything - including my new jewelry pieces that come with their own case - puzzles. It resulted from the need to store my necklaces without fearing that the chains are going to get tangled or break.


Selling Paracord Jewelry Do People Buy It? Jewelry Making Journal

by K.C. I got into making paracord jewelry and wondering if anybody has had any success selling this kind of jewelry? So far Ive been making them for myself and my friends that ask for a paracord necklace or bracelet in certain colors. If I made some for a craft fair, is it something I []


Is It Too Late to Start Instagram? Jewelry Making Journal

by Megan. Im getting started with my jewelry business, and trying to figure out which social media platforms Ill want to use. I like Instagram because its all about pictures, and I want to show pics of my jewelry. But I feel like Im too late to the party and Ill never catch up or []


How to Take Care of Jewelry Tools? Jewelry Making Journal

by Bill Mikulas. I have been making jewelry for about a year now, and just upgraded to my first set of high quality tools a collection of pliers, cutters and a few specialty pliers. I never did any cleaning or routine care on my old beginner tools, but I want to take good care of []


Simple Way to Solder Jewelry? Jewelry Making Journal

by Becky. I was wondering is there a simple way to solder just to join items that would not involve so many tools? I design pendants, rings and bracelets and have been using the E6000 glue. No problem with it so far. But I am going to be doing a sterling on bronze piece and []

Sunday, 15 July


Reversible Skirt FREE Pattern: Lets Call It Bali So Sew Easy

reversible skirtI've had so much fun working with Batik fabric since my recent trip to Indonesia.  This is another in the series of projects featuring Batik.  If you missed any of the prior articles, please have a look at The Ancient Art of Batik Printing for an introduction to Batik as well Continue reading


What I have Pinned Lately #12 Little Treasures


My latest source of inspiration, my latest pins. This gorgeousness was crocheted by Cindy Van Der Schee according to Jen Tyler's pattern and I couldn't be more in love!!! Follow Jen for more amazing squares - they are nothing you have seen before!

Draiguna has made an amazing, vintage doily with her crochet hearts and named it heartblossoms.

I don't know if you noticed how these circle bags are getting more and more popular. Well, yours truly jumped on the same wagon, but left the project after one such circle made. Will tell the story soon, that is if I ever put an effort and actually finish it! However, I am always on the look out for some new patterns and these two are simply the best.


Seashell Earrings Jewelry Making Journal

by Daphne Liatou. (Greece) Wanting to create a jewel with a summer theme, I decided to make shell earrings. I followed these steps: On a copper sheet I designed the shape of the shell with the help of a real shell and then cut it with the scissors. Using a thick needle and hammer, I []


Happy Accident in Jewelry Making Jewelry Making Journal

by Tina Murphy. (Kennewick, WA) I like to use Argentium Silver because it is tarnish resistant and will fuse to itself. While torch soldering this piece I was pressing it with tweezers when pop! My tweezers went right through the backplate! After a few choice words I threw it in the pickle and thought about []


Wonder Woman Patina Cuff Jewelry Making Journal

by Julia S Vaughn. (Raleigh, NC) After receiving compliments and a nickname for a test piece, I decided to expand on it. I designed these cuffs to be asymmetrical to help me escape my comfort zone. They are made out of copper or brass. I patina them after they are shaped. I am obsessed with []


Blue Flowers in Polymer Clay Jewelry Making Journal

by Esther Schmidt. (North Vancouver, BC. Canada) I have been making lots of polymer clay flowers. Decided to make some purple and orange /yellow flowers. I cut this into a beautiful butterfly and added some pixie dust! Esther Schmidt The Purple The Purple Cove


Nifty Knobs for Necklaces Jewelry Making Journal

by Sonja Horzelenberg. (Hamilton, Ont, Canada) On a recent trip to Holland I purchased some ceramic knobs with the intention to turn them into jewelry. Once home I removed the screws, inserted long sturdy head pins and layered the knobs with interesting beads, baubles and findings which I glued into place. The embellished knobs were []


Taking Cha Cha Up a Notch Jewelry Making Journal

by Michele R Trappe. (Belleville, Michigan) After finding suggestions on using the odd beads I had left after projects, I began making Cha Cha bracelets for friends and family. They were a hit. I then began thinking Why not a Cha Cha-style necklace? And voila! I used silver-plated chain, size 6/0 Peacock iridescent seed beads []


Kiev's Khreshchatyk Street Is The Fifth Avenue Of The Ukraine! creative jewish mom

After spending Passover in the Ukraine, in relatively economically depressed areas, arriving in Kiev and seeing one of the top 20 most expensive shopping streets in Europe was truly a shock. Kiev's Khreshchatyk Street is said to be the Ukraine's...


Jewelry Thats Easy OnEasy Off Jewelry Making Journal

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, CA) Gotta love those memory wire and stretchy bracelets, plus cuffs and bangles. No clasps involved with any of them. They are most definitely Easy onEasy off just like the title says. My favorite for bracelets is the memory wire. The design possibilities are limitless. I have all kinds []


That Summer Blue Murano Glass Jewelry Making Journal

by Patricia Pojer. (Somers, NY) I am in love with Murano Glass! Designing starts with selecting a very unique pendant glass bead as the focal. I then design the rest as I go along. Sometimes I may sketch a design, other times I just feel my waywhich usually is more my style. I feel as []


Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! creative jewish mom

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday, thanks so much for joining me here! We are now in the period on the Jewish calendar called "The Nine Days", during which many activities are prohibited, such as swimming , and joyful activities such...


Crackled Agate Not Heat Treated Jewelry Making Journal

by ZB. My girlfriend and I found this agate on a small island beach off the coast of Washington State. Everything we can find about this type of effect claims heat treatment to get the crackle, but that was definitely not the case here. Maybe it was heated naturally a long time ago. Does anyone []

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