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Sunday, 20 May


My Placemat Clutch Bag Bags & Unusual Materials #2 So Sew Easy

placemat clutch bagI know I'm running the risk of sounding crazy by making a placemat clutch bag.  But please bear with me.  I am using plastic placemats to make my clutch and it only took me two hours to make!  (Making the pattern, however, was another story, because of the way the bag Continue reading


Londons Best Fabric Shops Fabric Hunting In The UK So Sew Easy

London's best fabric shopsLondon's best fabric shops are pretty much on each extreme of the scale.  One with one the softest cottons in the world and the other with a bold mixture of color and texture to tickle the imagination of any costume designer. Ever wonder where the fabric used in the costumes Continue reading


Arty DIY Picture Frame Magnets Fun Crafts Kids

    Now here is a traditional craft with such a super pretty twist making photo frame fridge magnets so simple and yet so effective, that when I saw these I HAD to share them with you. I simply love how vibrant and colourful these are. They scream of fun fun fun to

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Throwback Saturday: How to Mend Your Jeans The Renegade Seamstress

One of my earlier posts from exactly 5 years ago today I still remember crackin myself up while writing this

Mend Your Jeans Tutorial

Today I feel like Bill Murrays character, Bob, in the movie, What About Bob, one of my all time favorites. It is a hilarious laugh fest throughout every scene. In the movie, Bill Murray portrays a man riddled with anxiety who has every phobia in the book. He accidentally ends up  on vacation with his psychiatrist, played by Richard Dreyfuss, and ends up driving his doctor completely out of his mind. My favorite scene in the movie is when he is covered in life jackets and tied to the mast of the sailboat joyously and triumphantly proclaiming,



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Saturday, 19 May


Fabric Lapel Pin Jewelry Making Journal

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) Using fabric cut away from my granddaughters prom dress (I shortened it 3 and 1/2 inches), I made a rosette lapel pin for her date. There are great tutorials on the web for how to flame the edges of fabric circles with a tea light that melt and curl []


Rainbow Season Earrings Jewelry Making Journal

by Erinn. (Japan) Recently rainbow themed, or chakra themed items have been popular in my shop. These teardrop earrings on copper wire with a modern rainbow theme are especially popular. Starting with an 18g. copper wire, I shaped the teardrop and made the frame, then textured, oxidized and polished, and finally I seal the wire []


A Sailing We Shall Go Summertime Patriotic Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Deborah Rodriguez. (Mesquite, Tx) As our season changes, I wanted to create jewelry that would shout Summertime and Patriotism. While surfing the net for my latest passion, Vintage Buttons, an assortment of Nautical themed Celluoid, Bakelite and more modern plastic buttons caught my eye. I had on hand, a metal collar necklace purchase from []


Polymer Clay Silver Calla Lilies Jewelry Making Journal

by Glenda Munguia. (Texas) I had made Calla lilies out of polymer clay before, however this one was for a request for a smaller ones. I used metal silver powder to give it the silver finish, and though I usually start with black clay, this time I decided to try white. I also skipped sealing []


Adhesives for Attaching a Metal Tag to a Chalkboard? Jewelry Making Journal

by Michele R Trappe. (Michigan) Anyone know what to use to adhere a metal tag to a chalkboard? Ive tried using hi/lo temp glue, Gorilla glue, and E6000. Nothing works. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Michele R Trappe Peppered Blessings


Need Help with Screw-Clasp on Waist Beads Jewelry Making Journal

by Danielle Greer. Hey I am trying to make waist beads, but I am using a screw clasp with no hoops to hold it together. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to put on the second part of the screw so that the knot sits as close inside the barrel as []


Earring Finding for an Eight Year Old Girl? Jewelry Making Journal

by Anita. (Central New York) I have been making jewelry for a few years but never needed to make something specific for my Grandaughter before. She is 8 yrs. old and likes to make jewelry like me. She wants me to make her some clip on earrings. She has high expectations from her Grammy! I []


Wire Wrapping Amethyst Stone and Vintage Button Jewelry Making Journal

by Frances Perdew. (Northern California) I have been wire wrapping custom jewelry for about 14 years. My inspiration comes from creating wire wrapped jewelry that is unique and one-of-a-kind by using a variety of colors, patterns and materials, including faceted gemstones and cabochon stones. I also love to create genuine gemstone beaded chain necklaces that []


Re-Purposing My Mothers Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Jeanette Oglenski. (Plano, TX) Before my mom passed away 2 years ago, she gave me all her jewelry with the express wish that I re-purpose it into pieces I create. These earrings came from a 5-strand graduated crystal necklace that she used to wear to fancy events Ive titled these earrings Marys Ladder to []


Abstract Art Jewelry Jewelry Making Journal

by Jo Ann Graham. (Beaufort S C) These items were cast. First I made a wax mold which was put into a crucible with investment. After burn out in kiln melted silver is poured into mold. I create a setting for each piece and finally clean and polish one of a kind wearable art. Jo []


Wedding Pearls Set Jewelry Making Journal

by Julia Ferry. (Central New York State) Wedding pearls set I made for a daughter of my dearest and oldest friend. I had the honor of creating the brides simple yet elegant earrings and necklace set. I used freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and argentium sterling silver. This ole gal has been making all kinds of []


Rings the Thing! Jewelry Making Journal

by Annette Revilla. (Montebello, Ca) Three different rings made from new and vintage beads and pearls. Bases are from metal alloy that doesnt tarnish and is nickel free. Lighting is afternoon light around 3:00 pm coming from the window. I am disabled and can only reach my raised small dinning table. I cannot reach the []


Quilt Market Sneak Peek Simple Simon and Company

Both liZ and I are scurrying to get ready for the day.but we wanted to give you a little sneak peek of our Quilt Market set up yestarday. We promise a full re-cap next week with some better pictures, but for now here you go! Its crazy to see all your mannerisms come out in a time-lapse video (and most are embarrassing!).

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Seahorse & Manta ikat bag

Wrapping up the collection of VBS critters with the two sea creatures - the seahorse and the manta ray.

This is our seahorse,

inspired by this one:
screenshot source

I used Katie's template (it was free on her blog some years back), reduced it so that the final size of the animal was about 18" tall,  added a dorsal fin and side fins (that are not present in the real animal),

Friday, 18 May


Welcome To Craft Schooling Sunday! creative jewish mom

Welcome to Craft Schooling Sunday! Today is the Jewish holiday of Shavuos, in which we celebrate the receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, and so I am most certainly not on the computer, and this post was written before...

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