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Sunday, 21 January


Life In The Worlds Most Traveled Tiny House

Tiny House Expedition is the worlds most traveled tiny house. Since filming this story in Vancouver, this intrepid family have put many thousands more miles behind them and now have travelled over 40,000 (64,000km) miles in their 20 (6m) tiny house on wheels.

One of the greatest things about a tiny house on wheels is that it is able to travel. This film-making family takes full advantage of that fact and has built an incredible life for themselves on the road traveling as part of a community out-reach program, while also filming their documentary series, Living Tiny Legally.

Living Tiny Legally is a 3 part educational docu-series. It provides an in-depth, inside look into how a handful of cities from all over the country are making legal tiny housing a reality.

Please subscribe. These channels are putting out fantastic, life changing/culture changing information.


Saturday, 20 January


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 411 Funky Junk Interiors

Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 411 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific A big hello and a happy junk weekend to you! Im a little jealous of all your fabulous creations. Ive had a busy self-care kinda week Ive already blogged under 4 Brave Things HERE filled with appointments and even an []

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Krave the Adventure Bus Barnwood Kitchen

Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

This kitchen popped up randomly in a search engine image search of skoolies (buses converted into tiny houses). I was immediately impressed with this extremely beautiful kitchen, and was very surprised to learn that it was built with reclaimed barnwood. Its incredible that free, salvaged/recycled materials can be turned into a kitchen that looks so great.
Another view of the Krave the Adventure Bus barnwood kitchen

Barnwood kitchen made with recycled wood.

Salvaged barnwood is often available for free in exchange for tearing down old buildings and cleaning up the building site. Check the wood carefully. Many times old barnwood is beyond use. Other times it can be a gold mine as in this case. Just for fun try a quick image search of barnwood kitchen in your favorite search engine and youll see most kitchens built with barnwood are gray and rather dingy.



Grocery Bag Dispenser Holder

Finally a solution for those disposable grocery bags!

This DIY Grocery bag dispensers stores, dispenses and holds bags - the perfect solution for reusing those plastic grocery bags.

We are donating a Warm Up Shack to our Community Ice Rink.  There is no budget for daily janitorial, so I knew better than to include a trash can without having a designated means to take the trash out.  So I racked my brain - How could we create a system that enabled people to pack their own trash?  And one that doesn't cost our community any extra money?

Of course we use reuseable grocery bags, but inevitably, everyone ends up with some plastic grocery bags.  I can't stand throwing them away, so will use them in bathroom trash cans and keep a few in the car and in my diaper bag (when we are in the diaper years).  They can be quite handy for dealing with trash.

So I came up with this - 

Plastic grocery bags can be stuffed in from the top.  Bags can be dispensed out the front.  And two knobs can be used to hold the bag up when in use as a trash can.

We've already used it a few times, and the system works!  It's too easy to pack your own trash this way, and I'm confident this system will be very help to users of the Skate Shack.

You can watch me build it in this video -

Since then I've stained the outside Rustoleum Dark Walnut -



10 Streaming Shows To Watch This Weekend Design*Sponge

The weather in our town isnt expected to top six degrees this weekend. Add that to the foot of snow from earlier this week thats now solid and specked with bits of dirt, sand, and salt and youve got what I call a recipe for staying inside all weekend. Since we brought Bananagrams into our house over the holiday break, Ive been watching less TV and spending more time looking up words with Xs and Qs (thank you, Xenon and Quixotic!), but I still find myself sinking into the sofa at some point to indulge in some easy entertainment. Since so many of us are spending these cold winter days indoors, our team decided to share our recommendations (with specific episodes!) for our favorite streaming shows things you can watch on your phone or computer of the season. We hope these can provide a little inspiration and entertainment on cold winter days. Until Monday, have a safe and warm weekend! xo, Grace

Chewing Gum on Netflix

Graces pick: Michaela Coel can do no wrong in my book. She is a comedy genius. Every second of this weird and wonderful show makes me laugh and I seriously cannot get enough of Tracy (Michaelas character) and her sister Cynthia (played by Susan Wokoma). Their super-religious upbringing leads to some hilarious moments with their mother and Tracys best friends mom, Esther, is incredible.

Notable episode (spoiler alert!): Season 1, episode one: I dont know if Ive ever laughed as hard as Tracys attempted hookup with Connor. The nose-kissing scene still makes me roll on the floor in laughter....

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