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Sunday, 22 October

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Saturday, 21 October


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 398 on Facebook! Funky Junk Interiors

Hello all!  As most of the regulars here know, Im off on a little hiatus. The weather is FAB! And Im still busy settling in, not even having taken enough pics for a complete blog post yet. More soon! However you can find my recent adventures on Instagram Stories and Instagram for now HERE. So for this []

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Homemade Tractor Driven AC Generator

This tractor driven generator can run off of an old diesel powered tractor. This type of generator is less expensive than a big standalone diesel generator, and does not require storing gasoline. Its easier and cheaper to store diesel. Thanks to Mike Adams, a survival expert in Texas, for this tip.

Video description: I built this genset using a 10KW Generator head. The tractor is 14hp at the PTO. 825 PTO speed. Used a double V-belt system to get the 3600 RPM needed for 240V. I can get about 7-7500 KW of power. I took the protection cover off so you can see how I have it put together.




Daiana Ruiz + Best of the Web Design*Sponge

Sometimes during tough weeks, I find myself scrolling through illustrators websites looking for images that feel uplifting and powerful. While researching a piece for our new print project, I came across the work of Argentinian designer, Daiana RuizDaianas work is full of bold color, shapes and pattern and women who seem to hold the world (and beautiful shapes, animals and flowers) in their hands. I love all of Daianas Matisse references in the form of brightly colored shapes that feel like they were cut out by hand. If you need a visual pick-me-up this weekend, click here to check out Daianas work online. Until Monday, have a safe and happy weekend! xo, grace



House Shaped Craft Desk

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week, it's time to celebrate with a BRAND NEW Handbuilt Holiday plan!

If you are new here or just popping back over for the first time in a while, for the fifth year in a row, Jaime Costiglio and I have been sharing a free series of Holiday gift plans every Friday in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  You can see all the past plans here.

We are so excited to add a brand new plan to the Handbuilt Holiday series today!

It's a house shaped desk!  We love house shaped anything, but a desk with pegboard on the back???  

Too cute, too functional, too awesome!

Do check out Jaime Costiglio's post with lots more photos and details on how she used 1x12s for the desk and shelf (instead of the project panel) and added the pegboard back.

Plans follow, enjoy and share!

XO Ana













Drywall Finishing Levels & More Texture Talk Vintage Revivals

You guys are BLOWING MY DANG MIND with your comments on yesterdays post about drywall texture. So I thought it would be a good idea to do some more research so we can compare better notes.

Heres what I learned, there are 5 different levels of drywall finishing, and there seems to be a lot of variation on how to define the final 2 levels.

Level 0 | Unfinished: The drywall is hung with no finish work at all.

Level 1 | Unfinished: is when you put the drywall tape in the joint compound along the seams. Its ok to have it be rough and have tool marks.

Level 2 | Unfinished: is when you skim a thin coat of joint compound over the tape and screws. This just has a thin coat of compound over the tape and screws. There is usually no sanding at this point and tool marks are still ok. FYI you can stop at this level if you plan on covering it with tile.



Luxurious Black Pepper Glazed Short Rib Bao + Giveaway Design*Sponge

Im fascinated by Hong Kong, and not just for its layers of intriguing history (depicted beautifully in Louise Hawsons book, 52 Suburbs around the world), but also for its world-famous culinary offerings that I can only dream of tasting. Ive found a great new cookbook that can stand in as a substitute for a plane ticket in the meantime, though! Jeremy Pang and Adrienne Katz Kennedy, both of Londons School of Wok cooking school, have written Hong Kong Diner, which provides recipes for some of Hong Kongs most iconic dishes. These Black Pepper Glazed Short Rib Bao are from just one of those recipes. We have included Jeremy and Adriennes recipe for making the bao (or buns) as well, so you can use them for this recipe and also create your own bao fillings. (Great idea for serving something special at a party!) Kristina

To win a copy of Hong Kong Diner (US readers only), leave an answer in the comment section below. The two-part question is: Whats your ideal destination for food, and what dish would you eat first there?

Why Jeremy and Adrienne love this recipe: We first tried these baos at a restaurant called Sohofama, which sits inside PMQ in Hong Kong; a government supported organization devoted to the creative practices of Hong Kong residents. The minute we tried this dish we knew it had to go into the book, and we consequently went back to Sohofama twice more during the trip for research purposes. Not...


DIY Crepe Paper Fritillaria Tutorial Design*Sponge

gold vase filled with fritillaria stems

The fritillaria meleagris is a spring blooming bulb, but its common names which include snakes head fritillaria, dead mens bells, lepers bell, and Lazarus bell reflect the dark glamor that makes this little bloom perfect for Halloween.

Dyeing and dotting each little petal might seem like a lot of fuss for such a small flower, but even a single sprig with a couple of blooms adds sophistication and complexity to a paper flower arrangement.

gold vase with small floral arrangement

floral arrangement flatlay



8 Cosplayers Share Their Tips, Tools, and Ingenuity Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

These cosplayers have been practicing their trade for years. We asked them if they had any advice for aspiring creators. Turns out they did!

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Friday, 20 October


Hackerfarm Builds and Donates Lights to Hurricane Victims Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

After hearing that Puerto Rico would be without power for at least six months, Freaklabs worked to send the country some light.

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A Tiny House For Tall People

For very tall people the idea of building a tiny house may be quite daunting. When designed well though, its amazing just how comfortable a tiny house can be for us giants!

Because tiny homes are almost always built custom for, or by their owners you can ensure that every inch of the house is constructed to meet your unique needs. For tall people like Dylan and Julie, it may mean raising up all the benches and counter-tops to be higher, while also raising the ceilings in the home. This DIY built tiny house is also packed full of really nice design elements, clever storage features and overall is a smart and comfortable home for this dynamic young couple.




Make These Totally Gothtacular Bat Wings for Your Boots! Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Add a great gothy flourish to your cosplay with these 3D printed bat wings.

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In the Netherlands, a Magical Home in the Middle of the Woods Design*Sponge

In the Netherlands, a Magical Home in the middle of the Woods | Design*Sponge

Some homes feel so unique and special that Im almost certain that theyve been sprinkled with a little bit of fairy dust. Liesbeth and Jan Disbergens home in Epe, the Netherlands, tops my list of homes with a magical feel and Im sure youll see why. Surrounded by beautiful leafy forests, the house exists in its own wonderful little world, unaffected by busy lives and hectic schedules (at least in my imagination). Its appearance is as unique as it is enchanting without even peeking inside, its clear that this is a special house, with architectural details you dont stumble upon every day. Checkered and stained glass, dark green steel window frames and large double doors are some of the most eye-catching features of this stunning mid-century brick home.

Its not just the house that creates such a charming atmosphere in fact most of the credit goes to Liesbeth and Jan along with their furry and feathered friends. When guests arrive, the couples two peacocks might appear from the woods to welcome visitors onto the property. Dex, the border collie, then eagerly waits on the patio to lead friends inside, where Liesbeth and Jans colorful and creative world is unveiled in the most delightful fashion.

Liesbeth, designer and founder of the quirky and colorful lifestyle brand Sloppop Yeah, and Jan, COO of Polyganics, first set eyes on their secluded house just over a year ago. They had been looking for an older home for a while and werent afraid to take on one that needed updating. After visiting their house for the first time, there wasnt much to debate they immediately knew it was the one.

As nothing had been done to the house in 25 years, Liesbeth and Jan had several repairs to tick off their to-do list when they first moved in fixing the leaking roof and gutters were some of the most notable projects. To upd...


How We Got Smooth Textured Walls on a Budget Vintage Revivals

Lets talk drywall finishing shall we? I had my heart set (or so I thought) on perfectly smooth walls. As you know Im trying to keep the Merc as time-period true as possible. So in 1928 when it was built, they used plaster walls with minimal texture.  Going the route of plaster walls would have been an expensive tedious and unnecessary process. Drywall was definitely the way to go, but I still wanted the finish to be smooth.

(Real renovation life perfectly captured above)

Uncompromisingly smooth. That is, until I got schooled on a few things.

  1. The cost. Though I didnt get an actual formal bid for it, my contractor estimated that it would be about 3-5x the regular cost to do a completely smooth finish. WUUUUUUUUT. (Im wicked jealous of all of you east coasters that get smooth walls standard.)
  2. They sort of still show everything. Picture your postpartum body in a super tight dress.

    I know I know, just go with me on this.

    A smooth texture is like wearing spanx. Yes it helps a lot, you may have smoothed out the texture, but the general shape isnt going to change all that much. With smooth textured walls, if the walls have any sort of wave or bulge from the framing (which they most likely will cause boards arent always straight) that will still be there.


  3. Theres a great compromising finish called Old World that made me a believer that we could have the best of both worlds.

A quick google image search shows a huge range of what Old World texture looks like and none of them look like mine.



Shop Tour: Little Leaf Design*Sponge

When I travel, I go out of my way to stop into shops and restaurants that I have discovered previously. Even if Im just passing through, I make a point to visit these beautifully designed and merchandised brick-and-mortar spots in person. So, while on my book tour up the East Coast last spring, I made sure that Little Leaf and sister store Salt & Sundry were on my agenda as I passed through Washington, D.C.

Owner Amanda McClements first opened Salt & Sundry in 2012 after years spent writing about food and lifestyle. I had a place in my mind that pulled together all of my favorite things from vintage textiles to handmade ceramics and small-batch foods and started dreaming about it actually existing. The question became, Why not create it? I opened a second location of Salt & Sundry in 2014 in a little historic 700-square-foot space in Washington, D.C.s Logan Circle neighborhood, Amanda shares. Her next step was to carve out a space for another love of hers plants. Amanda doesnt remember a time when plants werent part of her life. She recalls, I was raised in North Carolina by free-spirited parents and my mom always had a tangled jungle of cacti, succulents and leafy plants in our house. I remember lying on the floor doing my homework one night and accidentally kicking my foot into a particularly mean cactus that left my toes looking like pin cushions. Little Leaf opened in 2016, around the corner from the second Salt & Sundry location. Mixing her fondness for both plants and paper goods, Amandas goal with Little Leaf is to fill a void that the neighborhood was missing.

A good problem to have when keeping shop is running out of inventory. Since their weekly stock of plants is generally completely wiped out by Sunday, Amanda and her team have worked hard to stock more...


Source List: A Mississippi Farmhouse Design*Sponge

See the full home tour here. Natalie & Tim live in their home with their four children, Skylar, Luke, Brooks and Levi.

Source List Notes: We try our best to provide links for the actual home goods when possible and available from their original source. Substitutes to similar pieces are made and noted when the original product is not available from its original source. We also provide DIY instructions to achieve similar looks on some items. 

Most of the artwork is by Natalie and the majority of the furniture was built by Tim. Visit Natalie & Tims handmade furniture store Hammade to see their line of handcrafted goods.

Living Room (pictured above)

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