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Friday, 22 December


Studio Tour: Abigail Murray Design*Sponge

In Detroit, Michigans historical Indian Village, on a property it shares with a home, youll find an old car collectors garage standing steady despite its 1910 beginnings as a sanctuary for cars made in the early 1900s by the Anderson Electric Car Company. Soaring arched windows cast in high-fire masonry block let in an abundance of light, as do the cupola in the vaulted ceiling and its neighboring skylight all told, the old garage feels more like a church. For ceramicist Abigail Murray, this church-like garage serves as her home studio, and drives a newfound dream that was born of a major life change.

Inspired by a request for dishes from a friend and a re-prioritizing of my life after my child [was born], I founded my brand in 2012, Abigail shares. I now run my independent ceramics company from my studio in Detroit, using a combination of hand building and slip casting techniques. My pieces are influenced by the intimacy of the relationship between pots and their users.

With Abigails ceramics company underway, her husband got tenure at the University of Michigan while the family was living in Ann Arbor. They were hoping to move to Detroit and find a home with ample studio space so Abigail could run her business from home. The couple set their sights on the Indian Village area, and a year and a half ago, bought their current home with a 575-square-foot garage onsite that was perfect for Abigails studio.

The garage that became the studio hadnt been rehabbed, probably ever, Abigail recalls. The floor was heaved, the windows were painted shut, the plaster on the inside was crumbling. It was still so beautiful though, we didnt want to change much. Since we had to redo the floor anyway, we decided to put in radiant heating. My old studio was on a slab and the floors were so cold in the winter I had to wear Sorel [boots] inside to keep my feet from getting cold. It was pretty great to avoid that problem.

All windows were taken out and re...


Start a Business With Your 3D Printer Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Reapply your 3D printer skills to start your own business selling prints or training others to use their machines.

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Thursday, 21 December



In this episode, I explain how I make my living from numerous different sources. By doing so, it enables me to maintain the independence I desire for my off grid lifestyle.

On my channel you will find videos on homesteading, gardening and living off the grid with helpful DIY projects for self reliance and emergency preparedness situations. Sharing knowledge from over 30 years of living in the woods.




NEW: Electronic + Arduino Faves Added to Humble Bundle Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Today we add two new Arduino and electronics books to our end-of-year Maker Skill Builder Humble Bundle deal, bringing the total to nearly $300 worth of ebooks available for a price you name. This particular Bundle focuses on honing essential maker skills like working with sensors and solder. We also []

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The post...


7 Projects of the Year on Latest Maker Update Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Donald Bell closes out the year of Maker Update with his favorite projects.

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The post...


Quick Mini-Loom Ornament Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

One of the most fun and satisfying projects in my book Fabric and Fiber Inventions is the little cardboard loom. With just some scraps of board and bits of yarn, you can make really interesting weavings. While the pieces in the book are coaster-sized, I decided it would be fun []

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Family Printable and Christmas Blooper Reel! Shanty 2 Chic

Merry Christmas friends!  We are just a few days away!  Today we are sharing a fun wrap up of the year!  You can see the whole blooper reel HERE or below! Also, you may have seen the new artwork I made and shared on Instagram HERE! I used our Mod Podge transfer technique to make

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Your New Holiday Tradition: Soak & Steam Design*Sponge

This is my last post before our holiday break, so I thought it was only fitting to share what helps me actually make it through the holidays. While I do love the season, it does get a bit overwhelming for me and when I need to take a self-imposed break to regroup, guilt sometimes nibbles at my toes. My favorite way to relax is to take a soak, scented with heady concoctions that take me to a quiet place for thirty minutes or so. Some of my favorite adventures have been to natural springs where I was spirited away to a calm and magical headspace almost instantaneously. Those trips are what I think about as I wind down during the holidays. I live close to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and not too far away from my favorite hot spring, Jefferson Pools in you guessed it Hot Springs, VA.

If you find yourself in need of a little self-care or quiet time, take a soak or a steamy shower over the next week or two. Ive included some of my favorite dreamy bathrooms below for inspiration and to coax you into trying this restorative ritual. I always end New Years Eve in a big tub of lavender Dr. Teals epsom salts and dream my way into a brand new 365 days. Read on for my favorite soaking companions Ive tried over the years and still come back to. Dr. Teals is always on hand, but Ive either been gifted or treated myself to the others on occasion. Caitlin

Image above via Lush

This is one of my favorite bathrooms on Design*Sponge. Theres just s...


The most read shed posts of 2017

Its been a great Shed year in 2017 here are the top post people have been reading this year (some are from years ago but people still want to read them anyway)- enjoy and join us in 2018 for more #shedoftheyear

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StitchKit Hopes to Bring Electronic Fashion to Schools Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

StitchKit is meant to open the doors to fashion tech for people who previously would have found it too complex.

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Wednesday, 20 December


Great Living in a Minivan

In todays video we meet my friend Jim again who takes some very long trips in his minivan. We see some drastic improvements in his cozy little Kia Sedona home-on-wheels over the video of it last year, especially in his bed [and kitchen!] which I think is brilliant in design and execution!

No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about vandwelling and how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap and mobile, tiny house on wheels! Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel.

See the first video with Jim here:
Bob at Cheap RV Living has hundreds of great videos on living in RVs, vans, schoolies and all sorts of vehicles and tiny houses. You may never live in a SUV or van but often the information presented can be applied to other small/compact living spaces. Im enjoying Bobs latest videos on his favorite books.

This minivan setup is extremely efficient. In addition to good mileage, its easier to drive than a bigger vehicle, and no one will know youre sleeping inside. When you get to your camping spot just pull out the awning, set up a folding table, lift the hatch and very quickly youll have a very livable space. This particular minivan requires almost no building a big plus if you lack constructions skills and tools.



Our Simple, Safe & Smart Holiday Front Door

We are thankful to have product provided by Schlage in exchange for sharing our honest experience.  All opinions expressed are my own.


It's the Holiday season up here in Alaska, and we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home.

I've always dreamed of a beautiful front door at Christmas time - a cheery entry, greeting our family each day, and reminding us that it is the season to be merry and bright.  But the holidays to me are all about simplifiying, allowing for more time with family and friends. 

A holiday entry doesn't get much simpler than ours this year - a wreath and a throw rug - but it's still very festive.

The trick is to create a beautiful front door year round that needs little garnishment.  We choose a 3/4" panel glass door and lantern lights, and changed up the siding at the entry.

But the hardware was the big deal.  We installed the Schlage Century Handleset with Lattitude Lever for the hardware.  It is the most beautiful door hardware I've ever seen, so simple and perfect.

We opted for the matte black finish - it is brilliant against our white front door.

As part of our...


In London, a Wallpaper Designers Meticulous Planning Pays Off Design*Sponge

In London, a Wallpaper Designer's Meticulous Planning Pays Off, Design*Sponge

Id say only about 10% of my Pinterest pins ever make it off their boards. Its not my lack of motivation or indecisiveness thats holding me back from bringing them to life. The fact that Im still renting has me in a bind. Theres only so much DIY and personalization one can put into a property that isnt their own. So here I sit, pinning and waiting for the golden opportunity to buy a house I can sink my teeth into decorating, then un-decorating and then (probably) decorating again.

Luckily, while I await my chance, I get to live vicariously through each of the wonderful spaces our readers share with us. Take wallpaper designer and Pinterest-enthusiast Sian Zeng and her husband Sebastian, for example. A year and a half ago they purchased their first flat in Londons Kidbrooke Village and finally got to put all the pins theyd collected to work.

The bulk of their time leading up to move-in day was spent combing through their collection of images in search of new furniture. It wasnt that the pair disliked their old stuff or simply wanted to start fresh. They had to purchase something. Years of bopping from furnished rental to furnished rental had left them furniture-less. Thats right. This couple owned zero furniture: no bed, no couch, etc. And now they had 770 empty square feet to fill.

As she compiled options, Sian worked methodically. Not only did she create inspiration boards by room, but she also downloaded apps for layout organization. At the peak of the planning phase, she even used Photoshop to create mockups to help her visualize each space. Now thats dedication to craft. Scroll down to check out the results, and enjoy! Garrett

Photography by Joanne Crawford

Image above: This is one couple unafraid of admitting they arent great with renovations. That being said, when they began their house hunt they only looked for move-in-...

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