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Saturday, 11 November


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 401 Funky Junk Interiors

  Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 401 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hello friends! Mahalo for keeping this party going while I was on my travels over the past while. Im officially back and ready to roll 1000%! I have so many fun new things to share with you about my newest adventures. However Im hungry to []

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Young Man Builds Stunning School Bus Tiny House for Only $4,500 Debt Free Mobile Home

Aaron converted this vintage baby blue school bus into a debt free tiny home for less than $4,500, and the interior design is absolutely stunning.

He traded an older vehicle for the bus, and used mostly reclaimed wood to build DIY storage spaces and a bed frame; and the countertop is made from a goat teeter totter. Most of the decor has been thrifted and specifically chosen to match the era of the bus, which is a 1959 Ford B600 Warden Master.




Art Cart Underbed

Do your kids love coloring and artwork?  My daughter in particular is always doodling or drawing or making signs.  

For this Handbuilt Holiday season, Jaime Costiglio and I wanted to create a plan for an art station that can be rolled under a bed or sofa.  

First up, needs lots of storage compartments -

Can you see it?  We added a clear acrylic top (available off the shelf to fit this plan) that serves as a smooth working surface and also allows the user to see the contents inside the cart.

Then we moved the wheels to the sides to lower the clearance and also save some materials cost, as casters can be expensive.  Of course, you can still put casters on the bottom.

Jaime and I are both very pleased with how this one came out and anxious to see it built for loved ones everywhere.  I can see variations to suit every child's interests - from Legos to action figures and craft supplies.

For the plans below, I have the clear top just resting on top of the project.  But Jaime wanted to create a sliding top option for those of you with routers -

So make sure you head on over the for the details on how she modified the plans to create this option.


You'll find the plans following, but do pop over and read Jaime's build post for lots of tips, more photos and details - like how she cuts her wheels and attaches.  



Lawrence Agyei Portraits + Best of the Web Design*Sponge

When it comes to photography, I have very little skill, but an endless amount of appreciation and love for those who do it well. Ever since I got to see Sasha Israel work on In the Company of Women, Ive been following more and more photographers online to see what its like to view the world through their eyes.

Photographer Lawrence Agyeis work has been on my mind all week because he is able to capture and celebrate such vivid colors with incredible softness. Originally from Ghana, Agyei is now based in Chicago where he...


Moving Day Tips + Ways To Plan To Eliminate Stress Design*Sponge

This post is sponsored by Travelers Insurance.  All words and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors who help bring you original content two times per day!

Whether youre moving yourself or hiring someone to help, moving costs and stress can add up quickly. From boxes and packing materials to truck rentals and snacks for your helpers, what seems like a few dollars here and there can add up and create even more stress than just preparing to move. Today were teaming up with Travelers to share some tips for turning any move into a less stressful and costly experience. From tips on what to focus on each week to prepping a First Night kit, these ideas will hopefully save you a few dollars and provide a lot of peace of mind. Plus were sharing some inspiring interiors and DIYs to get you excited about creating a new home!

Wed love to hear what moving tips and tricks you swear by (which room do you unpack first?). Please feel free to share them below in the comments section and hop on over to the Travelers site here to download a free 30 Day Moving Planning calendar. Print or save our helpful weekly to-do overview Moving Guide below. Sometimes it pays to ease into the daily duties by having an idea of what awaits you on weekly basis. So if youre moving or thinking of moving anytime soon, check both guides out now so the stress wont over take you once you have a move-in date!

Images above: Pinterest + Studio DIY







Illuminate Your Mornings with this Sunrise Light Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

This light slowly illuminates in the morning and simulates the rising sun. It will trick your brain into thinking it's time to wake up.

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A Wicked Good Creamsicle Parfait + Giveaway Design*Sponge

The classic orange creamsicle is a fond childhood memory of mine, and the idea of deconstructing it is exciting! Any time the idea of heating sugar to one of its various stages appears in a recipe, it can seem daunting, but dont be afraid! With a hand mixer and sugar thermometer you can dive in and master the semifreddo, one of the most versatile cold dessert bases like the base used for this Vanilla Bean Parfait with Orange Granita served at Myers + Chang restaurant in Boston. This recipe comes from Joanne Chang and Karen Akunowiczs new cookbook, Myers + Chang at Home, which is full of recipes for the delicious food served at the restaurant. So while your parfait and granita are setting up in the freezer, you can prepare an amazing stir-fry, salad, plate of noodles or dumplings for your main meal. Kristina

To win a copy of Myers + Chang at Home, leave an answer in the comments section below: What cooking technique has been the hardest for you to master? Tell us your most memorable attempt, and give us some tips for success!

Why Joanne and Karen love this recipe

Joanne: I eat dessert all day long at my bakery, Flour, so by the time I get to M+C Im dying for spicy, punchy, garlicky noodles, stir fries, greens and dumplings. Once Ive had my fill this is the only dessert I want. Its creamy and cold, light and refreshingly bright. Even when I feel like I cant eat another bite, put this in front of me and it somehow magically, happily disappears.

Karen: Sometimes our guests will say, Please dont...


Raspberry PiBoy Mixes Walnut, Carbon Fiber, and Retro Gaming Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

This handheld mixes walnut and carbon fiber, maintaining the 80s charm of the original Nintendo GameBoy but looking more dapper.

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2 Simple Linux Tricks to Code Like a Pro Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Linux is a powerful open source operating system that has been around for many years. These helpful tips will make it easier to use.

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Friday, 10 November


A Focus on Tech Literacy: Barnes and Noble Discusses Their 3rd Annual Mini Maker Faire Weekend Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Barnes and Noble VP Kathleen Campisano, the driving force behind their Mini Maker Faires, discusses this year's events happening Saturday and Sunday, November 11th and 12th.

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The post...


Hurricane Resistant Earthbag Houses

Steve and Carol Escotts hurricane resistant earthbag house in the Bahamas.

Steve and Carol Escotts hurricane resistant earthbag house in the Bahamas.

Earthbag building is perfect for constructing storm resistant affordable housing in hurricane and tornado regions. Steve and Carol Escotts house for instance has been through numerous hurricanes with no serious damage so far.

When the Mississippi floods, people use earthbags to hold back the water. And when you buy a sack of oats for your horses, it might come in a polypropylene bagthe same kind that they fill with sand or soil and use to direct the flood waters.

Did you know you can build permanent structures with the same bags? In fact, you can get the material they make the bags from in a big rollit is one long continuous tube at that point! This is before they cut it into smaller pieces and sew it to make bagsand thats often even easier to use than the bags!

This building technique, which can use a wide variety of soil types, is called Earthbag Building. You can build foundations out of it, retaining walls, square houses, round houses, amoeboid houses, arches, vaults, domes, sculpture, benches, privacy fences. The list goes on!

Mud Straw Love



Restoring a Late-90s Packard Bell Multimedia PC Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Look over the shoulder of an antique computer collector as he's restoring a homely PC from the last century.

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Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp Design*Sponge

Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge

Working within an air-tight timeline can do a number on you. It starts with overthinking the details. Then maybe you purposefully procrastinate in order to just let yourself breathe for a bit. That helped for a second, but now youre behind. And youve spent just as much time thinking about the deadline as you have actually working towards it. How exhausting! Not everyone is like this, of course. For some, this intensity is the very push they need to create something great. Which brings us to Jessica Reilly and her husband, John. When they moved to Lubbock, TX, the pair only had three months to find a house. The pressure was on, but *spoiler alert* they nailed it.

During the house hunt, Jessica and John held themselves to some pretty high standards. And rightfully so. This wasnt only going to be a huge monetary investment for the family, but this was a chance to leave the rental market and put a permanent stamp on a space. Hoping to find the ideal nest, they only set up showings of the most-perfect options in the most-perfect neighborhoods. That is, until they hit a dead end. It was during this stressful time, with their move looming ever closer, that Jessica decided to revisit a 50s-era house she and John had passed up earlier in their search.

It was the homes location that initially kept it out of the running. While they hadnt lived in Lubbock before, according to Jessica and Johns research the houses locale wasnt in prime territory. With their three months ticking away, however, Jessica desperately sent her husband to take a peek. Thankfully, not only was the neighborhood much better than they expected, but the 2,800-square-foot home was full of potential. Tall ceilings, original molding and large rooms had the pair simultaneously gawking and sighing in relief.

So theyd found a house. Now all they had to do was turn it into a home both quickly and affordably. Luckily, Jessica is well versed in all things interiors, and transforming the bare box was right up her alley. Since moving in shes painted walls black, doused cabinetry...


Corner & Compass: Celebrating Inspiring Families and Interiors Design*Sponge

One of the most powerful lessons Ive learned in the past decade is the power that media at all levels and in all formats has to affect change. In the early days of Design*Sponge I paid more attention to the style of what we posted, rather than focusing on who was being celebrated (and who wasnt) and why. Im not proud of the time it took me to recognize how important representation and inclusivity are, but Im glad to see that more and more blogs, magazines, newspapers and books are working to ensure that everyone in our creative community is being represented and supported. One of the projects Im most excited to see launch lately comes from photographer, David A. Land. Youve seen his work in just about every top interiors magazine and you may also remember him from the most popular home tour weve ever run on Design*Sponge the home David shares with his husband, writer Rumaan Alam, and their two sons in Brooklyn. (Thats their family below!)

This week David launched a new project, Corner & Compass, a website that showcases an incredible range of stories and interiors that celebrate a diverse group of families and creatives. I asked David what the tipping point was for starting a project like this and he said,

I know so many talented, creative people of color who ar...


Collage and Frame Your Journey as a Maker Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Chuan-Li Chang took her and her boyfriend's posters that they had collected from multiple events and framed them as a collage.

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Cozy Up With These 6 Indie Shop Throws Design*Sponge

I fell in love with Donna Wilsons Blah Blah throw a few months ago when I discovered it on Woonwinkle and was sweating through the humid summer in the Shenandoah Valley. Now that fall has arrived & I sit at my computer with a fleece blanket over my lap as I type, I think about it even more. This would be the perfect throw to wrap myself up in and revel in the sentiment when my family talks to me during my shows.  (I have these Stop Talking cards too.)

These 6 indie shop throws and blankets are a feast for the eyes and a big dose of cozy for the cold months to come! And theres even a gorgeous display-worthy basket to hold them in. Caitlin


Shop Tour: Le Cactus Club Design*Sponge

A road trip is the perfect time to hatch our wildest, biggest ideas. For Paris, France-based sisters Pauline and Camille Laffargue, road tripping through California and exploring American boutiques and restaurants enabled them to dive into an idea of their own. Growing up, Pauline and Camilles family spent a lot of time together in the garden. As city-dwelling adults, the sisters moved from tiny Parisian apartment to tiny apartment, but one theme remained consistent: they loved plants and loved the space-transforming properties of plants. They missed digging in the dirt, and they wanted to spread their zeal for greenery. Thus, the seed for Le Cactus Club was planted!

Pauline and Camille shared this dream secretly at first, but their California road trip exposed them to a wide variety of shops that made their ideas seem more realistic (sky diving also may have put their dreams into perspective). The sisters recall, Everywhere we went, there were little, cute plants hanging around, and they were so smartly arranged. They returned to Paris feeling more confident in the idea they had been nurturing. They set to planning and scouting, and once they found the perfect location, they hustled to add their special touches. They received their keys this past March, and by the end of April, Pauline and Camille officially opened Le Cactus Club to share their passion for plants with the rest of us. Heres hoping I get to attend a workshop there soon! Quelcy

Photography by Le Cactus Club and Lola Reboud



MakerBot Releases Educators Guidebook for 3D Printing Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

In an effort to see more teachers use their 3D printers in a classroom setting, MakerBot released a guidebook that contains 9 lesson plans.

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How 3D Printing, Lego, and Custom Sleeves Are Helping Hospitals Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

A wide variety of people, who have been using maker techniques to help in the medical field, showed up to World Maker Faire New York.

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