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Monday, 16 October


This Week in Making: Secret Prison Computers, Destiny Sparrows, and a Invisible Girl Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

This week, computers are found in a prison's ceiling, Destiny Sparrows are brought to life, and a cosplayer dresses up as an invisible girl.

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Sunday, 15 October


School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

This family is hitting the road and doing it in style! They have converted a simple school bus into an unbelievably comfortable home. The entire bus is designed to be off-the-gird giving them perfect freedom to roam wherever they choose.

The interior is very nice. Like Bryce says, it doesnt even look or feel like youre in a bus. They pretty much did a total rebuild raised the roof 20, reduced the number of windows, fantastic kitchen, etc. This video has already had nearly 3 million views in just a few months, so obviously there are lots of people interested in school bus conversions.



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Saturday, 14 October


DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 397 Funky Junk Interiors

Welcome to DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 397 Every Friday, 7 PM through Wednesday 11 PM Pacific Hello and welcome back! Its time for the best weekend junk in the land once again! So, next week Im taking off to the land of all Hawaiian things. Squeal! Due to my shorter than usual stay, Id like to attempt []

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How & Why Plants Build the BEST SOIL in Vegetable Gardens

Want to grow/build excellent soil at the lowest cost? Listen to this incredible information from world famous organic farmer Gabe Brown. He gets bumper crops without using any fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or tilling.

Gabe first grows green manure soil building ground covers. Then he knocks them down with a roller and plants his seeds. Gabe is saving about $80,000/year on his organic farm. This is how to crush the big agra companies that are destroying topsoil across the world.

If you enjoy this video then check out other videos by I Am Organic Gardening channel. Mark has many other excellent videos about building healthy soil naturally. He explains how once you build healthy soil you probably wont need to keep adding so many soil amendments. Soil building plants do the work for you.



Kids Wood Play Toy Grill

Last week, we tackled the kitchen, and this week, it's grill time!

From now until Christmas, we'll be sharing a brand new, free Christmas wood craft plan that is intended for gifting as part of the Handbuilt Holiday series put on by Jaime Costiglio and I.  We've added literally dozens of projects over the years, so do check out all the projects in our Handbuilt Holiday series here.

We are so excited to share with you today a brand new grill plan!

The plans follow, lots more photos and build step pics by Jamie Costiglio here.

Enjoy and do share if you build!

XO Ana










Our Trip to Caravana Americana + Best of the Web Design*Sponge

Our Trip to Caravana Americana + Best of the Web, Design*Sponge

My 30th birthday was last weekend, and I celebrated in a major way: By visiting Mexico City for Caravana Americana. The design fair, which is put on by LAGO DF, highlights some of the best Latin American creations out there. As a whole, its a sea of pottery, jewelry and home goods from Mexican states far and wide.

While each brands offerings were absolutely stunning, the greatest part of the event was the insight it provided into the inner workings of Mexicos design community. For instance, I learned that many of the designers pieces are actually the result of cross-country collaborations; a leather maker here, a weaver there. Wherever the experts are, these creatives are seeking them out. And its all in an effort to elevate their offerings, honor ancient techniques and hopefully snag some international fanfare.

Unfortunately, getting the world to pay attention has proven to be a monumental challenge. While speaking with one of the fairs managers, I got an honest glimpse into Mexicos current design reputation and the stereotypes holding Mexican makers back. She explained how foreigners only associate Latin American design with the colorful blankets, patterned ponchos and woven baskets one finds at the countrys many street markets. These preconceived notions are proving difficult to undo, and oftentimes result in Mexican companies being overlooked when it comes to serious design coverage.

I obviously knew this wasnt all Mexico had to offer, but it wasnt until I visited Caravana Americana and saw all of these wonderful makers in one place that it truly sunk in. I was stunned by the depth of talent, subtle colors and quality of craftsmanship. Needless to say, I left wanting every single thing I saw.

Scroll down to check out my favorite pieces from the market, and take a peek at even more great Latin American designs from Caravana Americana in this weeks edition of Best of the Web...


Studio Tour: YIELD Design Co. Design*Sponge

When Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming started YIELD in 2012, they were working out of their tiny studio apartment in San Francisco, CA, producing brass geometric paperweights that double as photo holders. Fast forward to present day and Rachel and Andrew have since relocated to St. Augustine, FL and now work out of a 4,000-square-foot warehouse, home to YIELDs complete operations involving production, inventory storage, shipping, photography, and office space. Their line has since expanded to include planters, bags, furniture, lighting, and more.

When we first moved into the space, we prioritized organizing our storage, building out our kitchen, and designating a lounge area, Rachel remembers. Organization is key to peace of mind, and we are constantly trying to improve upon that as we grow. The lounge area sits right amidst the action, but is a great place to meet or relax throughout the day. Since we all have separate workstations, a gathering space even with somewhat invisible walls is the perfect place to shift your headspace whether it be for a group meeting or even a quick nap.

Sometimes an open floor plan can create more challenges than expected, and when you are talking about a warehouse, it becomes endless, with the high ceilings and absence of walls. The best and worst feature of our space is the open floor plan, Rachel shares. Its so versatile, but on occasion can lead to so many possibilities when it comes to organization. The openness is beautiful, but sometimes we hesitate to break it up visually. We have purposefully created invisible boundaries of space with some visual distinctions, but in a busy work environment those lines can become easily blurred.

Tricky layout aside, it beats running their business out of a studio apartment, and its clear that Rachel and Andrew have made this space work. Enjoy this studio tour and getting to peek behind the scenes of such a beautiful design house. ...


Use Puck.js to Automate Your Gardening Tasks Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Are you one of those people, like us, that have trouble remembering to water your tomato plants? Now you no longer have to!

Read more on MAKE

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Friday, 13 October


This Lemonade Stand Is a Giant Drivable Lemon Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Video game artist Rob Adams and his son built a mobile lemonade go-kart stand in the shape of a giant lemon.

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Searching for the Perfect Credenza At Home In Love

So, if you remember this post...we decided to go with the gallery wall for our living room! I still love the mantel and mirror idea, but we already had all the art for the gallery wall so it seemed like the more practical route. After all, a penny saved is a penny left to spend on our kitchen--you know the famous quote ;). I'll post pictures soon, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's similar to our old gallery wall, but I mixed in some different pieces too so it still feels fresh. And it's so nice to have some COLOR on our walls at last! Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect credenza/sideboard/buffet/ console table/whatever you called it to go underneath. I haven't found "the one" yet, so I thought I'd post my inspiration and some of the pieces I've seen, and ask for your suggestions. Ideally, we'd find something vintage...but the selection on Spokane's Craigslist isn't as great as Seattle, and I haven't had good luck with prices at antique stores here. So I've mostly been looking online. But if you're in Spokane and you see one at Goodwill or a garage sale or whatever, please let me know!!!!!

Perfect midcentury credenza

This credenza above is my dream piece, and of course it's vintage (via The Nest). That rug is beautiful too!

Vintage credenza as TV stand

I also love this one, which is from the room I originally posted as an example of a sideboard + gallery wall. It's a little more traditional and a little less midcentury...and of course it's also vintage (via Garvin and Co.).

A credenza for our living room

This one's new, but more expensive than I can spend. We're hoping to get a piece that's over 70" wide and the...


Surviving the storm and trimming the shrubs Funky Junk Interiors

The other night, the wind was absolutely howling through our little valley leaving me surprised any tree was left standing. But you can bet this blogger-nerd was on top of it! I ran out there barefoot my iPhone and captured a true Instagram Stories moment filming the willow tree out back swaying like crazy. It was gorgeous actually. Sidenote: []

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Green Homes FRAUD alert!

So-called green homes are very often a total fraud, warns the Health Ranger, because theyre filled with toxic chemicals that saturate the air.

I agree. Many green homes are just marketing hype. Same with how words like natural and healthy are used on so many foods now even though most are unhealthy. They overuse the word to where it becomes meaningless. Thats why Ive always preferred the term Natural Building.



In Olympia, WA, A Cottage Bursting At The Seams With Love Design*Sponge

Maggie and David Cogswell have lived in their charming Olympia, WA cottage for three years. In that time theyve welcomed a baby girl, Nora, and their beloved dog Penny, and Maggie feels like its finally the home she had envisioned and worked towards over those three years. Its hard to imagine when looking at the 1927 cottage that it didnt instantly fall into place for the family as it is now, but because of the small and admittedly somewhat awkward layout, Maggie had to be very intentional with how she planned the home to make for the most efficient use of the space. Despite some tears over the challenging layout, and the fact that they would have to part with nearly all of their previous furniture they brought with them to the new home, Maggie has embraced the task of creating their home with old and new pieces shes sourced that feel destined for their house now.

Maggie is a Photo and Digital Preservation Archivist by trade, but asserts that her passion has always been in art and design. Before obtaining degrees in history and library science, Maggie studied photography and art history in San Francisco, and finds that she gets to continue to explore her artistic side within her home and in her spare time. David is a fish biologist, an avid fly fisherman and an amateur woodworker. In fact, many of the furniture pieces and decorations in the couples home were built by David.

While Maggie is the first to admit that they love house projects, they also want to maximize their time enjoying the beautiful outdoors that are so close at hand. Being a busy family, theyve strived for a home that is efficient and minimal in distractions (and clutter that requires extended cleaning). Theyre also conscious about what they bring into their home and try to take care of the items they already own so that theyll last while lessening their impact on the planet.

One of the familys favorite aspects of their little home is the fact that it came with fruit trees, When we bought this house we inherited four apple trees, one pear tree, one cherry tree, a chestnut tree, grapes, and several large blackberry patches,&...

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