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Saturday, 18 November


These Stones Come to Life with Clever Sculptural Effects Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Jos Manuel Castro Lpez accomplishes the seemingly impossible: sculpting stone to look like soft putty or liquid.

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Maker Spotlight: Aidan Leitch Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Aidan Leitch has always enjoyed building things. He started with Legos, before making 3D video games, and finally settling on 3D printing.

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Friday, 17 November


The spectacular Road To Hana trip with tips day 1 Funky Junk Interiors

So I plan a quiet trip to Maui, and thinking it will be a little too quiet, include a new-to-me romp over to Lanai for a new adventure. That parts coming soon. Its a GOOD ONE. However, what actually transpired once I got here was so vastly different, I would have only labeled it dream material. My []

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$2,000 Georgian tiny houses to appear on the market in 1 month

These tiny houses have pre-built sections that are assembled on site

These tiny houses have pre-built sections that are assembled on site

New Georgian brand of mobile cottages, which can be assembled in 25 minutes, will appear on the market from November 30. Initially, only 9 square meter cottages will be sold and the price will be determined according to the customers demand. However, the approximate price of the cottages will be GEL 5 000 (USD 1,995). According to the founder of Levan Tkemaladze, it may be possible to offer customers a choice of GEL 4 500.

The price is determined according to the requirements of a particular customer, he explains. The price will also be determined according to the communications. Levan Tkemaladze says the company has several options for sewage and waste processing.

Georgian Journal
Although these houses are only available in Georgia at this time, its exciting to see the rapid pace of tiny house developments. It shouldnt be long until something similar is available in the US, Canada and elsewhere.



Mourning the Loss of TechShop Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

The founder of another makerspace, Dr. Evan Malone of NextFab, weighs in on what the closure of TechShop means.

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Shop Tour: Moorea Seals New Space In Seattle, WA Design*Sponge

Moorea Seal is a Seattle shop owner, author, entrepreneur, and designer. This fall has been a big one for Moorea her second book was released and her shop got new digs. Were delighted to be offering a peek into the newly reopened and designed Moorea Seal (the shop), all of which is gorgeous, but were particularly smitten with the enviable dressing rooms! Mooreas business initially grew out of her massive Pinterest following; she began her online shop with the same style people had come to know her for from Pinterest, opened her brick-and-mortar shop (which is now in its new downtown Seattle location) and authored two books. Moorea describes her books, The 52 Lists Project series and Make Yourself At Home: I like to think of my books as beautiful objects that trick you into knowing yourself well, loving yourself on a deeper level, and tricking you into giving yourself therapy with your own internal wisdom. With so many titles personally, its no doubt that the shop Moorea Seal also has a myriad of offerings theres still the online site, the newest storefront, a jewelry line, desktop products, and over 150 handmade items curated from across the country. And since her shops beginnings, Moorea Seal has given 7% of all proceeds to non-profit groups (you can even shop by cause on their site).

When it came time for a new location after outgrowing the previous one, Moorea Seal teamed up with the design team at Flint, first with branding in the beginning of last year. That branding was then used as part of the inspiration behind the design of the new space. Flint wasnt just a good design match, Moorea and Tyler (one of the founders of Flint) have known each other since college. Brooke, the other founder of Flint, was a perfect fit, Moorea explains, Brooke was honestly the only person I could trust to bring to life the vision I had hoped for with our store. And...


Before & After Inspiration: A Bakers Redone Rental Design*Sponge

See the full Before & After here. Miriam Reeder is a baker and small business owner in Connecticut.

Inspiration List Notes: Each week we take our most popular home posts and provide sourcing notes with similar pieces that capture the look and style of the home. We provide actual source links when available. When the sources arent available or are thrifted, we provide links to similar pieces from a variety of shops big box, indie shops and second-hand resources. We also provide DIY instructions to achieve similar look on some items.

Living Room (pictured above and below)

  • ...


A Home In Memphis, TN Filled With Vintage Aesthetic and Charm Design*Sponge

Anna and Ben Avant on Design*Sponge

When Anna and Ben Avant decided to sell their East Memphis, TN home and move to the Midtown area of Memphis, finding the right place came with some challenges. They sold their house faster than finding a new one, so they had to move into a rental while Anna was about to give birth to their daughter, Louis. One day, while driving to work, Ben saw the for sale sign going into the yard of a 1938 Tudor. The couple planned to see it that day and as soon as they walked inside, they knew they had found the home for them. It was filled with vintage wallpaper throughout the home, had many of the original fixtures, vintage tubs and sinks, and all the charm they dreamed of. They made an offer right away and moved in shortly after that. Besides needing more room and wanting a bigger yard, I envisioned a house untouched I wanted vintage tile bathrooms and vintage metal kitchen cabinets, Anna shares. It was proving to be very difficult to find a house with the intact vintage character I wanted. This house has it all we have five bedrooms [and] three full baths. The guest bed and bath are downstairs, so our guests have their privacy. And the master and kids rooms are all upstairs, which is also very difficult to find, and I love that our family is all together upstairs.

Anna works from home running her online vintage clothing shop, Hoot + Louise, and Ben is a lighting designer. A turnkey home was also important to the Avants, with their busy schedules and two small children, so changing the lighting was pretty much the only thing they did. We kept a few original fixtures downstairs dining room chandelier, kitchen glass ball pendant, hall light at the bottom of the stairs, and the fish/shell brass sconces in the guest bathroom theyre to die for. All the other lighting we changed. The entryways l...


We Built a Bluetooth-Enabled Porch Light and Were Giving It Away Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Enter to win this beautiful porch light with Leviton connectivity. There are couple runner-up prizes for the contest as well.

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5 More Podcasts to Listen to While You Work Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

While one may never be at a loss for great podcasts, it's difficult to find great podcasts about making. Here are 5 of our favorites.

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The post...

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Thursday, 16 November


Why Are Some Similar Sheds So Different In Price

This is a guest post from Whatshed When looking for a shed, you may be amazed at the huge difference in prices that there are. We have joined forces once again with Jason at WhatShed and he is going to share with you why sheds that are the same price can differ so much in...

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10 Tips for Buying a Sofa Online At Home In Love

This post is written in partnership with Lamps Plus. All opinions are my own.

We recently got a new sofa from an unexpected source...Lamps Plus! And we bought it online without ever sitting in it. Do you think we're crazy??? I admit, I was definitely nervous to get such a major piece of furniture without seeing it in person first...but it turned out perfect, and we have no regrets. Being willing to shop online really opens up your options, especially if you live in a smaller city (Spokane doesn't have many of the national furniture chains). Plus, there are so many online-only furniture companies these days, it's definitely worth looking into them. But I know it can be nerve-wracking to get something that expensive online, so I wanted to share my best tips for success!


1. Sit in other sofas. We've been thinking about getting a new sofa for years, so every time we go to a store that sells furniture, we sit in a few and see what feels comfortable. Before we even started looking online, we already knew our ideal style (English roll arm) and ideal dimensions (at least 85" wide and 40" deep). If you're looking at a sofa online, go to a furniture store in your city that has comparable pieces, and sit in some sofas that are similar in style and have similar dimensions. Even if they're not the exact same as the one you're considering, it should help you get an idea of whether that depth feels good, whether those arm rests are a good height, etc.

2. Compare the details to brands you know. Besides comparing measurements, you can also compare other product details to brands you're familiar with. Our old sofa was from Pottery Barn, so we literally went through and compared the bullet points for our old sofa and the new one we were considering. Is the frame hardwood? What are the cushions filled with? These details will help you compare the quality across brands, to see whether you're really getting a good deal or just a lesser-quality sofa. For the record, the Lamps Plus sofa we got held up in comparison very well--it has a kiln-dried hardwood frame, hand-tied 8-way heavy gauge steel springs, and a blend of polyester and feather filled back cushions that are channel-sewn for durability.


3. Me...


A Zero Waste Guide to Reusable Coffee Cups Treading My Own Path | Zero Waste + Plastic-Free Living

Is a reusable coffee cup a zero waste essential? Well, that depends on your perspective. Do you think that coffee is a life essential? ;) Seriously, whether you personally think so or not, the fact is that over 500 billion disposable coffee cups are produced every year. Which clearly shows that plenty of people do []


Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Make homemade pizza in a Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven

Make homemade pizza in a Pizzeria Pronto outdoor pizza oven

Make healthy homemade pizza in your backyard. The Pizzeria Pronto is Pizzacrafts deluxe outdoor pizza oven that will change pizza night forever! Its lightweight, portable and safe on any surface. Its incredibly easy to use. Simply hook it up to a propane tank, let it pre-heat for 10 minutes, and youre ready to go.

The Pizzeria Pronto reaches cooking temperatures of over 700F and cooks a pizza in only 5 minutes. The Pizzeria Pronto features a heat containing visor and stainless steel reflection plate, resulting in a 20% decrease in cooking time. The Pizzeria Pronto comes with two 14 baking stones. It is not recommended to use a pizza steel on top of the baking stones.
Consider using a no-knead pizza dough recipe on YouTube. Thats what I did for years. Baking the pizza in a gas-fired oven makes the process very fast and simple. You can control the ingredients if its homemade and get it just the way you like it. If its out of your budget then you could buy one of their stones and build a hood over a regular BBQ grill.



DIY Sliding Barn Door Console Shanty 2 Chic

Ok My love for this next piece is extreme!  Look how cute this DIY Sliding Barn Door Console turned out! You can check out the YouTube video tutorial HERE or by clicking the link below! Before we get started, be sure to download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE! The first step of {...Read More...}

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Indias Maker Movement Honors the Sweet Spot Where Tradition and Technology Intersect Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

for the third year in a row, the community converges at Maker Faire Bengaluru, taking place this year on November 17 and 18 at the Bengaluru Palace.

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Modern Chicken Coop Rogue Engineer

By Jamison Rantz

When my wife Jamie and our daughter Madison came home with 6 baby chickens, I knew it only meant 1 thing we needed to build a coop. We have wanted chickens for some time now, but buying the chickens before we had a coop really gave us the push we needed to get it done. We wanted to design  coop with clean, modern lines that would not only function great, but also look great sitting in our yard.

This coop was designed for 6 chickens. It has 3 nesting boxes, 2 roosts, large door for easy cleanup,  storage compartment, and a covered run which will keep our chickens covered during the snowy winter months. We put a lot of thought into every inch of this coop, from design to functionality. Im pretty sure our chickens have one of the coolest coops on the block , which I hope will result in many eggs or us!

>> Full Plans on the Simpson Strong-Tie Blog <<

Dont forget to subscribe on YouTube and for sneak peeks of our upcoming projects be sure to check out...


How to Let Go of Things: One Essential Tip To Make Minimizing Easy and Sustainable Design*Sponge

When Marie Kondos book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, was released in 2014, an intense new wave of minimalism swept the country. People were getting rid of things left and right while espousing the joys of living with less. Communities like The Minimalists had been building steam for a while and there seemed to be a new movement within the interiors community that decided less is most definitely more. But with that movement came criticism. Lots of it. Mainly around the the idea that these new ideals were steeped in classism and elitism. And while I agree with a lot of those critiques, I think theres always a grey area between both extremes were the truth seems to lie.

Thinking about minimalism has been a healthy way for me to better examine the reasons I buy and hold on to things

When Roshanda Cummings and Erin Johnson (below) shared their 10 Tips for Living Minimally Longterm with us last month, one of their ideas really stuck with me. They said to remember that you will always, Begin Again. Meaning, youll inevitably buy something new and end up doing another round of tossing/donating/giving to edit things down. Their long-term approach really clicked with my changing worldview, which is more about small, sustainable commitments rather than grand gestures. Their advice made me think about why finding more meaning in and appreciation for the things I do have is so important to maintain over t...


TechShop Closes Doors, Files Bankruptcy Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

"Jim Newton, TechShop employees, members, and investors will go forward with their experience. Many will find a way to collaborate and work together again. The world will be a far better place for TechShops experience," says Dan Woods.

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Two Dramatic Blue Accents For Your Thanksgiving Table Design*Sponge

Weve seen deep blues make their mark on the home style palette since last fall, and, as we move towards the holiday season, Ive been longing to make some handmade accents for our table. My best friend from NYC is making the trek to sweet, old West Virginia with her family and Im hoping to squeeze in some craft time with her two children and my daughter.

These two DIYs make a beautiful and custom final product, both in glorious shades of blue. The DIY materials for each are under $15 and kid-friendly. Heres to bringing some blue to the table this Thanksgiving! Caitlin

Image above courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Cyanotype by Hippolyte Bayard (French, 1801 1887)  [Arrangement of Specimens], about 1842

Sun prints always look lovely and with fall leaves pretty much everywhere, theyre definitely the motif of choice this time of year. Sun prints kits are inexpensive (under $12) and perfectly suited for kids to get in on the action. If youre having a larger gathering and get into a too-may-cooks situation, this is an easy task for an adult or two to take a walk outside with the young ones to collect leaves to print. Even an older child can lead the gang.

Once the prints are ready to go, create place cards with them and place them around the table for a touch of nature in blue and white tones.



Turn PVC into a High Impact Soldering Iron Case Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Follow along with Jeremy Cook as he transforms a PVC pipe into a functional, and stylish, case for his soldering iron.

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Wednesday, 15 November


Build a RGB Matrix Electric Guitar Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Use a 32x32 Adafruit RGB matrix to decorate your electric guitar with LEDs that respond to the music that you're playing.

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