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Friday, 22 September


DIY Craft Tutorial: How To Make Paper Mache Jack O' Lanterns Borei Design-DIY Craft Project Tutorials Upcycling

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Keep Your Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors Safe With This DIY (Video) Design*Sponge

Were still on the Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors 50th Anniversary party train and last week, when we asked you to share your Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors story, we knew there would be some talk of the forbidden and the do not touch, but seriously that was the overwhelming theme! Keep away from my scissors! We should all just hold hands now and start a Fiskars chant. I feel like our next DIY should be a hollow book where you can hide your favorite Orange-handled Scissors.

Considering the hands off theme rang out loud and proud, we thought long and hard about a pretty (but possibly embarrassing) way to 1. make people think twice about taking your scissors; and 2. to dispel any ideas that the thief wont be caught when the scissor owner realizes their prized possession is gone and they do a quick visual scan looking for said scissors. Aside from a loud alarm and a mini shock collar (kidding!), we thought a large and perhaps a tad gaudy  tassel might dissuade any potential scissor thieves. We didnt add bells to this DIY, but we did purchase them and may consider adding them if our Fiskars go missing again. Feel free to add them to yours from the get-go.

And again: Calling all Orange-handled Scissors lovers! Will you please share your Fiskars story with us in the comments below? Aside from being entered to win 1 of 4 awesome gift packs (DIY or design book + Orange-handled Scissors + Fiskars Kids Scissors) packed by yours truly, your feedback will be contributed to some weird scientific research and possibly a fancy pie chart around the different categories of orange-handled memories that Im obsessed with creating.

Now, lets DIY! Caitlin

(P.S. We used beautiful yarn from Purl Soho and, of course, our beloved...

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Thursday, 21 September


Three Women Making Waves on the Colorado Maker Scene Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

These three women have all had a large impact on their respective maker communities. Meet them all at Maker Faire Denver.

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Trip Recap: Seattle Southside At Home In Love

Thanks to the companies linked to below for hosting us on this trip.

Last weekend we took a quick mini-vacay to the Seattle Southside. To be honest, I've never really considered that area as a vacation destination--unless you count starting a vacation by leaving from SeaTac Airport. But when we were invited to come stay for the weekend and explore, we couldn't turn down an excuse for a little getaway. And we had a blast! I was impressed with how many fun, family-friendly activities are there. Plus it was a nice, affordable launch pad for visiting the overall region, and less hectic than staying in downtown Seattle. In addition to our planned activities, we were able to meet our new nephew Seth (who was just born last month), see Ben's parents, and buy a few things from IKEA (Spokane doesn't have one yet). Worked out perfect!

Trip to the Seattle Southside

We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard right by Southcenter Mall. It was a convenient location, clean and modern inside, and their hotel breakfast was really good...instead of a continental buffet, they had made-to-order French toast, eggs and bacon, avocado toast, etc., plus Starbucks drinks. It was also located right by iFly, an indoor skydiving place that Ben has wanted to try. We didn't do it this time because of Ian (you have to be at least three), but maybe in the future!

Jumping on hotel beds

Our first morning there, we visited the Des Moines Farmer's Market, which is right on the harbor. Supposedly there's a great view of Mt. Rainier, but it was still really smoky in the air from all the fires in the Northwest so we couldn't see the mountain at all (thankfully it's rained since then and the air is MUCH clearer now). The farmer's market was really cute and reminded me a lot of the one in Edmonds, where we used to live: a charming waterfront community market with seasonal local crops, inexpensive bouquets of fresh flowers, and yummy food trucks. We got some hot kettle corn and a twice baked almond croissant, and I ogled the gorgeous dahlias.

Farmer's market



A Zero Waste Food Diary (Part 1): Mealtimes Treading My Own Path | Zero Waste + Plastic-Free Living

I get asked about this a lot and Ive been intending to write about this for ages: the kinds of things I eat in a typical week. I confess, I tend to get stuck in a rut of eating the same 5-7 meals week in, week out until inspiration strikes again. (Can anyone else relate []


The modern vanity that amazingly became so much more Funky Junk Interiors

Do you make lots of mistakes? Get ready to laugh AND feel good about it! Because the blogging worlds greatest storyteller just wrote a feel good story book that celebrates the blunders in life! Im referring to KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and her new book, So Close To Amazing.   Click to Shop on Amazon (affiliate link) HERE Visit the original []

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Tiny House has PLENTY of space to COOK and ENTERTAIN

The Rocky Mountain Tiny House folks certainly outdid themselves again as we get a look at a guest tour of a home built in recent years by their team. This 26 tiny house on wheels has a great kitchen, complete with a full refrigerator, a second loft space JUST for crafting (atop a steel framed loft to save space), and a some great storage options- some of them hidden.




Two Tool Coffee Table Shanty 2 Chic

You read that right!!! We built this coffee table with only TWO tools: Our 18-volt miter saw and our 18 gauge brad nailer! So we are calling this coffee table Table for Two! Not only is this a two-tool project, we also built it with only 13 14 boards, which means we spent about $65 {...Read More...}

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Three Jewelers Choose Collaboration Over Competition Design*Sponge

3 Jewelers Choose Collaboration Over Competition via Design*Sponge

I recently caught up with one of my close friends from architecture school. We reminisced how our school years were simultaneously the most challenging years of our lives and the most fun. We reflected on how our collective studio environment was both intensely competitive (cut-throat even) and collaborative. We were all fiercely committed to our studies, to bettering ourselves and presenting work of which we could be proud, but we were also nearly dependent on each other for encouragement and constructive feedback. In talking with my friend, I realized how much I still seek that balance of collaboration and competition in my professional world and how difficult it is to find.

Jewelers Sharon Zimmerman, Corey Egan and Christy Natsumi are three independent business owners who have managed to strike that balance. Each woman has her own brand, but they share a San Francisco studio and showroom. As Christy explains, In an industry that is traditionally secretive and competitive (not to mention male-dominated), weve found a way to work together as torch-and-hammer-wielding metalsmith businesswomen. In fact, we spend so much time at the studio together that weve started calling each other studio-wives. We hope our way of working can be inspiring and helpful to [the Design*Sponge community]. Below, Sharon, Corey and...


Design from A to Z: U Is For Upholstery Design*Sponge

Every day we are surrounded by upholstered furniture like sofas, chairs, benches and everything in between. From lush velvet fabrics to vintage tweed, furniture can be recovered or reupholstered in just about any fabric you can dream up. Thats one thing that I love so much about upholstered furniture you can make it your own, working in your personal style, and fit it into any room of your home. While big projects, like a sofa, might be best left to a professional, there are many weekend DIY projects that you can tackle yourself when it comes to upholstered furniture.

From the many home tours, studio tours, and DIY projects here at Design*Sponge, weve rounded up 10 of our favorite upholstery pieces for your inspiration. Enjoy! Erin

Wednesday, 20 September


Maker Spotlight: Elizabeth Kruger Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Inspired by what she witnessed at Anime Milwaukee in 2013, Elizabeth Kruger has taken up cosplay to express her creative side.

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Learn the Basics of JavaScript with MakeCode Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable skills in our modern day world is being able to program. One of the best teachers is MakeCode.

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Malta Earthbag Community Center

Malta Earthbag Community Center in Nepal

Malta Earthbag Community Center in Nepal

CASD USA (Common Action for Sustainable Development) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that facilitates funding and promotes the programs of our partner, CASD-Nepal, in order to improve quality of life through community-driven, rural development projects.

We have purchased land in a village called Malta in the Lalitpur district. In April, 2017 we began construction using earthbags to build our first community center. It will soon house an existing and thriving womens micro-finance organization (whose previous office was damaged in the earthquake) and a variety of community driven programs.

CASD intends to implement a robust after-school education program for the local children and in-demand classes for adults. Our goal is to provide computer classes, reading and writing instruction, an agriculture program, and possibly domestic abuse counseling and sex education.

The priority is to offer our classroom as a safe space for learning and communication amongst the villagers, and to listen to their needs to determine how we shape the programs.

Common Action for Sustainable Development



Rebuilding the Greenhouse: Foundations DIYdiva

Unsurprisingly, spending multiple weeks away from the farm this summer created a serious backlog of work to tackle now that Im home. Some of that is maintenance, some of it is fun work, and some of it is shit I have to do for a second time, because I didnt do it right the first time. Ahem. And then this happened


Nothing like some high winds to teach you about not taking shortcuts when youre putting in a little greenhouse. I first built this thing (from a kit) last June, and while I leveled out the foundation with some bricks and gravel and used the provided anchoring system, which was a couple of X-brackets with some rebar driven into the ground.  Im going to be honest and tell you that deep down I did not think this was a good enough foundation for some of the high winds I get out here in the country, but I was far too excited about building the greenhouse (and checking it off the list) than, you know, potentially needing to dig a bunch of holes and haul a lot of concrete into the garden for a proper foundation. So I didnt. And then my greenhouse blew over.


Let this be a lesson to all of us, but mostly to me. I know better.

And my penance for knowing better but taking a shortcut is that Ive spent the last five months looking at the broken pieces of my once adorable greenhouse stacked up in my barn all summer.

The good news is that Ive had five months to think on my mistake and figure out how to do it better. And by do it better I mean, figure out how much concrete I can legitimately anchor this thing to the earth with. A thousand pounds? A thousand pounds sounds about right.

So heres the plan.

<href= title=Untitled>Untitled

If it isnt clear by that super awesome picture (my napkin drawings are getting better sketchup, what??) the new foundation for the greenhouse consists of sinking 6 concrete piers into the ground (8 wide, 4 deep) and then attaching the greenhouse with some 8 anchor bolts.

The greenhouse itself is just panels made up of 22 redwood, strong-tie brackets, and cl...


Making Your Own Solar Cells from Powdered Donuts? Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Make a photovoltaic solar cell using common household items... and donuts!

Read more on MAKE

The post...


How to survive things you cant change. Funky Junk Interiors

Pallet sofa sign fabric post HERE Every morning, I bring my coffee out to the pallet wood sofa to begin my day. This is the spot where I linger a little too long, waiting until the mental morning fog lifts. It usually takes about 2 cups This little spot became my BFF. It was always there to []

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Playful and Layered Design in a Familys Historic Connecticut Home Design*Sponge

Playful and Layered Design in a Familys Historic Connecticut Home | Design*Sponge

Historic homes can come full of surprises and may not be everyones cup of tea, but when Charlotte and Mark Smith had the opportunity to buy a 1854 Federal-style home in Southport, CT, there wasnt really much to debate. It had been on the market for four years and stood empty when the couple came to see it for the first time. Like many other historic houses in the area, it had been slowly neglected and was crying out for some tender loving care. All it took was for Charlotte to see the beautiful sunny windows and wide wood floors to fall endlessly in love. Two and a half years later, Charlotte and Mark have no regrets. The old house has become the perfect place to raise their five children, Eleanor, Oliver, Martha, Louisa and Arthur, and a wonderful project for Charlotte, who loves bringing her familys house to life with small updates and creative ideas.

When Charlotte and Mark, a financial analyst, first moved to Southport from New York City, Charlotte left behind her career as a guidance counselor. To accompany some of her time as a new stay-at-home-mom, she started blogging about her style and unique design ideas. She writes about fixing her familys old house and shares ways to add flea market finds and vintage decor into the mix. For Charlotte, who is now a full-time blogger, mom, and television personality, breathing new life into her familys home is key it means bringing in lots of pattern and color, while always respecting the bones of the historic house and staying true to its style. She wants to ensure that the innate charm is maintained, which in turn has made decorating both a fun and challenging process. Theres nothing standard about old homes!

Charlottes main goal is to create s...

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