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Saturday, 21 October


Lords Select Committee: Citizenship and Civic Engagement evidence presented IN DEFENCE OF YOUTH WORK



Ta to


A very long weekend read indeed! See below the vast range of evidence provided to the Select Committee. It makes you wonder how on earth this material can be treated seriously and given the attention it deserves.

More specifically see our IDYW contribution put together by Tania de St Croix, for which much thanks.  We focus on two of the questions posed re citizenship education and the NCS.

Dr. Tania de St Croix, In Defence of Youth Work written evidence (CCE0218)

An excerpt :

2. Citizenship education (Q5)

2.1               We would like to remind the committee that education is wider than schooling and universities (formal education). While it is undoubtedly important for schools and universities to focus on political participation, it is also important to create conditions where a wider education sector in our case, informal education, youth wo...


[BONUS] Drive Journal Day 6 School Sucks Project

(AUDIO, 16 minutes) -In York, PA -My thoughts on my visit to The Circle School and the conversations with students -I start answering listener "ask me anything" questions Or click HERE On October 15th Brett began a road trip across the country to interview listeners, parents and children about self-directed education, home education and other ...

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[PODCAST] #518: Phil Surdam The Human Use of Human Beings School Sucks Project

(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica - DAY THREE - OCT 17 - The Pine Barrens, NJ) A rapid-fire, unscripted conversation with my new friend Phil Surdam. Phil is the Vice President of a very successful glass manufacturing business, an independent researcher and a School Sucks listener/supporter. He is well-versed on the subject of cybernetics, so we discuss it. I ...

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Friday, 20 October


Apprenticeship starts down Education, Economy and Society

Official figures show a 2.7% decline in apprenticeship starts  for the period August 2015-2106 compared to the previous year. Its the fall in participation rates for those under 19 (7%) that is most significant. The number of 19-24-year-old starts have also fallen, while the number of adult starts is narrowly up. More specifically, the number of []

Thursday, 19 October


Is the tide turning in Northampton? IN DEFENCE OF YOUTH WORK


In Defence of Youth Work presents:

Is the

Reimagining the future possibilities for youth work

A series of discussions based on IDYWs paper on the
future of youth work in the light of the 2017 election

  • Should local authority youth services be reopened, or are there different ways that state-supported youth work can be organised?
  • What principles should underpin the revival of open youth work?
  • How can these changes be made feasible in terms of funding, infrastructure and staffing?

Latest event in Northampton

Thursday 9th November, 6.30-8pm at Nene Whitewater Centre, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7AA.

For more info/book a place, contact

The full discussion paper can be found here Is the tide turning?



I just got my free Hacktoberfest shirt. Heres a quick way you can get yours. freeCodeCamp - Medium

The design for 2017s Hacktoberfest shirt

Every October, Digital Ocean and GitHub ship out free Hacktoberfest shirts to thousands of people around the world.

They mailed me one last year. It still looks great after being laundered every week. And Ive already qualified to get this years shirt, too.

In this quick article, Ill show you how you can get a Hacktoberfest shirteven if you have never coded before.

The bottom line is this: if you can open 4 pull requests by October 31and Ill walk you through how to do thisyou can get your own Hacktoberfest shirt shipped to your door for free.

Step #1: Register for Hacktoberfest

You need a GitHub account. If you dont have one yet, you can create one for free in just a few minutes.

Then go to the Hacktoberfest registration page and follow the instructions. It only takes a moment.

Step #2: Learn how to make a pull request

Pull requests are a way of contributing your code changes to an open source project. They use a tool called Git, which runs on a social coding platform called GitHub.

GitHub is the center of the open source universe, and is home to projects like Linux to jQuery.

It can take months for developers to get good enough to contribute to some of these projects. But the freeCodeCamp community has created an open source project that even absolute beginners can contribute to: the freeCodeCamp Guide.

A screenshot of the main page of the freeCodeCamp Guide

The freeCodeCamp Guide is full of easy-to-understand explanations of basic technology tools and concepts.

You can contribute to the freeCodeCamp Guide right in your browser on GitHub. You dont need to install anything on your computer. You dont even need to know a programming language. You just need to choose a topic youre interested in, research it, and write about it.

Currently there are thousands of topics and sub-topics. Most of these are Wikipedia-style stubs with nothing more than a name. You can do some research and help flesh-out these stubs.

Heres a short gif showing how you can do this:

A Gif showing how to make an open source contribution to an article, right in your browser.

The steps are:

  1. First, read the style guide so you can understand how these articles are structured.
  2. Explore...


[BONUS] Drive Journal Day 5 School Sucks Project

(AUDIO, 15 minutes) -From The Pine Barrens, NJ to York, PA -There was no entry yesterday because I was in the car with Phil -A quick ramble at the end of my drive before I meet up with Tony Myers Click HERE to download. On October 15th Brett began a road trip across the country ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Conversation with Dr. Anees Chagpar Coursera Blog

Dr. Anees Chagpar teaches Introduction to Breast Cancer on Coursera. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine, and the Assistant Director for Global Oncology at Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is a breast surgical oncologist who participates in investigator-initiated and cooperative group clinical trials, as well as translational and clinical research. Her most recent groundbreaking work was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

What led you to a career in medicine?

In fourth grade, I discovered that I was fascinated with anatomy when we dissected frogs in class and thought it was absolutely amazing. In the years to come, surgery was something I naturally gravitated towards. I love being a team player and surgery is something that requires you to work with a multidisciplinary team. I was interested in science, how the human body works, and had a desire to help people which became my passion for medicine.

Residency confirmed my love for surgery; specifically in regards to breast cancer. I loved that patients were generally healthy but had a diagnosis that shattered their world and surgeons were able to rebuild that world by removing the cancer. You get to spend a lot of time talking to your patients and really educating them about the disease process and reassuring them that everything was going to be alright.

Why did you create this course?

Creating the Introduction to Breast Cancer course was a wonderful experience and the feedback Ive received from learners around the world has been incredible. Over 10,000 learners have signed up for the course, and they range from people who are in medical or nursing school to people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or those who have loved ones with breast cancer. Im really hoping this course will appeal to people from all walks of life.

Why is breast cancer awareness important?

I think its important for people to know that breast cancer is the number one malignancy impacting women in the United States, and one of the leading malignancies worldwide. 1 in 3 women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer within her lifetime, so its important to learn about the disease in a meaningful way.

Through the course, we eliminate some myths that are often propagated in the media and social media. Not on...


Reacts JSX: The Other Side of the Coin freeCodeCamp - Medium

Stay calm. Embrace the evolution.

When React was released, many people took one look at JSX and lost their minds. What are these angle brackets doing in JavaScript?! What about separation of concerns? Has Facebook learned nothing from the community?

Like many, my initial reaction to Reacts JSX was skeptical, to say the least. And while Ive come to love JSX, anytime I introduce it to a new developer, I feel like Im showing off my ugly baby.

Try to imagine an ugly baby here. My son is clearly adorable.

Despite the initial drama, Ive come to realize that JSX isnt such a radical idea after all. In fact, its simply the other side of the coin. Its a natural evolutionary transition. To appreciate why, a history lesson is in order.

Phase 1: Unobtrusive JavaScript

Remember the good old days of jQuery? The era of unobtrusive JavaScript was in full bloom. Our HTML was pure HTML. Our JavaScript was pure JavaScript. Our concerns were perfectly separated.

Wed write HTML like this:

<a class=hide>Click to hide me</a>

Then wed write JavaScript like this:

$(.hide).click(function() { $(this).hide(); } 

#win. Ri...


How Employers Will Fill the Data Science Talent Gap Coursera Blog

All of a sudden, data is everywhere.

Data science is booming simply because the rate of data collection is outstripping our ability to train people to analyze it, Johns Hopkins professor Brian Caffo says. Many companies are eager to harness new data streams to inform business decisions. But how can we collect, analyze, and understand all of the data thats available? How can we all use data to make better business decisions? The answer, for many organizations, is building more robust data science teams.

The shortage of data science talent worldwide is serious. Burning Glass, which analyzes a database of current and historical job listings, says there are about 2.5 million open job postings for people with data science and analytics skills in the U.S, a number thats expected to surpass 2.7 million by 2020.

But responding to the data crunch will take more than just quick hiring. In a 2017 report about our current age of analytics, authors from McKinsey & Co. warn: Adapting to an era of data-driven decision making is not always a simple proposition. Some companies have invested heavily in technology but have not yet changed their organizations so they can make the most of these investments. Many are struggling to develop the talent, business processes, and organizational muscle to capture real value from analytics.

How can leaders think holistically about the future of data science inside their organizations? We asked two data science experts for their advice.

When You Recruit, Think Broadly About Data Science as a Discipline

Caffo is a co-creator of the Coursera data science specialization. He encourages employers to think outside the box when it comes to finding and training data science talent. Data science combines a set of skills that dont fit neatly into traditional disciplines, he says. Data science includes elements of statistics, computer science, domain knowledge and practical hacking skills. Because of the many talent streams and diverse applications of data science, Caffo says training outlets...


[PODCAST] #517: Richard Grove Making A Map School Sucks Project

(#SchoolSucksAcrossAmerica - DAY THREE - OCT 17 - HARTFORD, CT) A rapid-fire, unscripted conversation with my dear friend and mentor Richard Grove. Rich is a forensic historian, film maker and founder of Our conversation is built around 2 questions: - What is your "school sucks" story? In other words, how did you come to ...

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