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Friday, 15 September


[BONUS] Brett and Andrews Teen Saga, Part 5 Burning Grandmas Chairs School Sucks Project

(1 HOUR, 8 MINUTES) Brett remembers his freshman and sophomore years in college. Things take a dark turn indeed. Click HERE for link.

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[BONUS] Brett and Andrews Teen Saga, Part 4 Teen Romance, Pittsburgh Style School Sucks Project

(1 HOUR, 35 MINUTES) Andrew discusses the first girl he slept with and their tumultuous teen romance. Then that girl calls in and joins the conversation. Brett analyzes her choices in men post-Andrew and makes fun of how people talk in Pittsburgh n'at. Click HERE for link.

The post [BONUS] Brett and Andrews Teen Saga, Part 4 Teen Romance, Pittsburgh Style appeared first on School Sucks Project.


Transformative Youth Work International Conference registration open IN DEFENCE OF YOUTH WORK

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN at  Transformative Youth Work


Transformative Youth Work International Conference
Developing and Communicating Impact

4-6 September 2018 at Plymouth Marjon University
This will be the 1st major International conference focusing on the Impact of Youth Work.


  • To disseminate the latest research on the Impact of Youth Work
  • To promote the Impact of Youth Work
  • To stimulate debate about the processes which bring this impact about.



Includes inputs from across Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as the publication of the Erasmus+ funded 2-year comparative study of the Impact of Youth Work in Europe.

Joachim Schild: (Former Head of European Youth Partnership) History of Youth Work Impact in Europe
Dr Dimitris Ballas: A Human Atlas of Europe United in Diversity

The conference is open to youth workers, youth work academics & trainers as well as policy makers.
Bursaries are available for non-UK delegates

Transformative Youth Work 2018 [pdf poster] please circulate


Thursday, 14 September


[PODCAST] #512: School Sucks Across America (With Thaddeus Russell) School Sucks Project

Thaddeus Russell joins me to make the biggest announcement in the history of School Sucks Project. We look forward to your participation! Also: The Next Renegade University and School Sucks Project event is happening this November 10-12 in Los Angeles. For more information or to secure your spot, go to Please Support School Sucks ...


Prototyping the Future of DevTools freeCodeCamp - Medium

12 years ago web development had almost no tooling. There was no easy way to inspect the DOM, monitor the network or even console.log things.

Web development in 2002debugging with alerts. From Pure JavaScript (ISBN 0672321416)

These dark times can be summed up by this quote from Joe Hewitt, creator of Firebug and the Console API:

Im always surprised to hear people call FireBug innovative. It shows just how weak the web developers toolbox has become that something as old school as a console would be considered novel.

The creation of Firebug in 2006 marked the beginning of modern web development tooling. Today, each major browser ships with fantastic built-in tools for web developers. Behind each DevTools there is a dedicated team of developers, designers and product managers pushing it forward.

As DevTools became important, they started competing with one another and gaining tons of new capabilities while trying to keep up with the evolving platform.

Firefox DevTools were first to feature a grid inspector

Firebugs legacy

I believe that nowadays, we are blessed to have one of the best tools in the industry. In fact, our tooling got so good that it is constantly forked and adapted to work with other platforms.

StethoChrome DevTools fork for debugging Android applications

One thing that always struck me though is how the original concepts introduced by Joe in Firebug still live on, almost unchanged, in todays DevTools.

Elements panel in Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox DevTools.

These similarities sure make our lives much easier when switching between the browsers, but I always wonderedwere these concepts ever challenged? Or were they just copied over without much thought? And if they were, can I somehow challenge them myself?

Getting inspired

Motivated by the invitation to speak at Front-Trends, I decided to build a couple of prototypes showing some alternative paths that our tooling could follow in the future. In a search for inspiration, I thought about getti...


Fresh Picks for Fall: 16 New Courses and Specializations Launching on Coursera Coursera Blog

Start fresh this season with new career-relevant content added to the Coursera catalog, including courses and Specializations in areas like software design and architecture, deep learning, and innovation management. Every course is taught by leading instructors from the worlds top universities and leading global companies; Specializations are designed to build your mastery of a particular topic, and include hands-on projects to help you demonstrate that youre ready for the next step in your career.

The following new courses and Specializations are now open for enrollment:

Data Science

Computer Science


  • ...


Rethinking Education for 21st Century Careers Coursera Blog

by Lauren Cuzzaniti, Business Development at  Coursera

College can be an incredibly valuable experience. At its best, college is a place that teaches you to work well with others, challenges you to think critically, and gives you the skills you need to embark on a career.  Unfortunately, not all college graduates have that experience.   And while its universally recognized that college is no longer the ticket to a secure future it once was the proportion of college graduates has tripled since 1970 (11% to 33.4%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau)what is troubling is that not only are students not getting the job outcomes, but they also are not getting the skills they should from higher education.

In todays world, critical thinking may be one of the most important skills to ensure long term career success given the need to continually adapt to changing job market needs.  Yet after tracking thousands of college students across 24 universities, sociologists Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa found that even after 4 years of study, 36% of students did not significantly improve their critical thinking. Employers agree with this deficiency with only 26% feeling their recent college graduate hires are well prepared in critical thinking. They also found them lacking in a host of other skills from working with numbers to solving complex problems.

As a result, new grads are finding it harder to find quality jobs with many winding up in jobs that do not require college degrees. Meeting these harsh realities in the workplace led only 44% of college seniors to believe that their college experience had been very helpful in preparing for a career, according to McGraw-Hill Educations 2017 Workforce Readiness Survey.

However, while returns in actual skills gained from college are not there for everyone, an increasing number of employers are requiring college degrees for jobs that traditionally never required one. Since there are many more college graduates, employers are using a college degree as an additional way to filter candidates even if the skills they are looking for are not taught in a traditional bachelors degree.

The result is that the nearly of the U.S. population without a bachelors degree is being shut out of more and more high quality careers, and according to Harvard GSEs Pathways to Prosperity report, roughly half of all Americans reach their mid-20s without the skills or credentials essential...

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