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Monday, 16 July


No jail for Indiana fertility doctor who lied about using own sperm to inseminate patients "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Former patients of a retired Indianapolis fertility doctor expressed anger that he avoided jail time Thursday for lying about using his own sperm to impregnate as many as dozens of women after telling them the donors were anonymous. Dr. Donald Cline was given a one-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of obstruction of justice. No other charges were filed ... because Indiana law doesn't specifically prohibit fertility doctors from using their own sperm. The charges stemmed from two confirmed cases of paternity. Matt White and his mother, Liz White, said Cline deserved far greater punishment. He said DNA tests showed that Cline was his biological father even though Cline told his mother decades ago that he used anonymous sperm donations. "There's dozens of us," said Matt White. Some of the now-adult children of Cline's former patients filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General's Office in 2014, after they became suspicious while scouring online records to find biological relatives. Paternity tests performed the Marion County prosecutor's office determined Cline was likely the biological father of at least two of his patients' children. Cline, who retired in 2009, initially denied the allegations when he wrote to investigators, saying the women who filed the complaints were trying to slander him. On Thursday, he acknowledged that he had lied. Matt White said private DNA tests have identified 23 people as Cline's biological children with mothers who were his patients.

Note: See a list of powerful articles revealing egregious and rampant sexual abuse by doctors around the US. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sexual abuse scandals and health.

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Sunday, 15 July


Latin American feminist struggle "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

The Teenager Who Filled Latin America With A Green Bandana

14 July 2018

The feminist struggle in favor for legal, safe and free abortion has taken on unusual force in Latin America.


Worried About Tearing During Childbirth? How To Reduce The Risk Of Severe Tears Maria Pyanov CPD, CCE Page Array BellyBelly

Worried About Tearing During Childbirth? How To Reduce The Risk Of Severe Tears

As a childbirth educator, I give my class participants plenty of time to process and voice their fears and concerns about their upcoming births. The two most common concerns I hear are fear of tearing and fear of pain. Nearly every participant has heard a tearing horror story from a mother, sister, cousin, or even from a stranger at the grocery store. Fear of episiotomies, stitches, and discomfort can cloud a mothers excitement over meeting her baby.

Worried About Tearing During Childbirth? How To Reduce The Risk Of Severe Tears

But what if there were a way to reduce your risk of severe tearing by 85%? How would you feel about a solution that didnt require medication or increased risks? You would think this information would spread like wildfire, considering what a concern it is among birthing women. But it hasnt. Im not entirely sure of the reason, but every midwife who reads this is probably thinking, Ive been trying forever to spread the word.

Dont Want To Tear? Just Dont Push

Wait a second. Youre saying if I dont push my baby out I reduce my risk of tearing? But how else will baby come out? If the only births youve witnessed include dramatised movie scenes, or reality TV births (which are about as real as any other reality show), then youre probably utterly confused. How can a woman possibly give birth without actively pushing? Surely, Im not suggesting women should just have a c-section? No. As it turns out, our bodies are designed to give birth without severe trauma to the vagina or perineum (the area of tissue between the vaginal opening and anus). Unfortunately, for decades weve been doing things that get in the way of this normal physiological process. Before birth became a medicalised hospital experience, many women gave birth while staying upright and active. They listened to their bodies and went with the urge to push or not to push. They didnt pull their knees to their chests, hold their breath, and push with all their might while someone counted down. Evidence is finally catching up with what our bodie...


Viagra Trial To Reduce Fetal Distress In Labour Sam McCulloch Dip CBEd Page Array BellyBelly

Viagra Trial To Reduce Fetal Distress In Labour

As recently reported in the media, a drug used for erectile dysfunction is being trialled on labouring women, to reduce fetal distress. For the last 18 months, a research trial has been under way, using the drug Sildenafil (brand name Viagra) on women giving birth. University of Queensland professor, Sailesh Kumar, from the Mater Research Institute, said there were promising results from the Sildenafil trial.

Viagra Trial To Reduce Fetal Distress In Labour

The trial, which involves 230 women, suggests using Sildenafil during labour could reduce fetal distress, lowering the risk of further interventions such as forceps or c-section.

How Does Viagra Work?

Viagra first hit the market in the late 1990s. It was initially designed to treat hypertension and angina pectoris, but is commonly prescribed to men for erectile dysfunction. Viagra only works when a man is sexually stimulated. When sexual stimulation occurs, nitric oxide is released by the nervous system, which then signals an enzyme that produces cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP causes the blood vessels in the penis to relax and expand, so the arteries and the erectile tissue fill with blood, resulting in an erection. An enzyme called PDE5 breaks down cGMP and reduces blood flow. PDE5 is found in the brain, lung tissue, heart, liver, kidneys, bladder, prostate, urethra, penis, uterus and skeletal muscles. Viagra inhibits PDE5, so the blood flows and the erection can continue. Viagra is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream; maximum concentrations are reached within one hour of taking the drug. All traces of the drug have left the body 24 hours after it has been taken.

How Can Viagra Help Reduce Fetal Distress?

The Mater Mothers Hospital trial is an Australian first, and early results are said to show an almost 50% reduction in the number of women requiring an emergency c-section...


Meet The Mother Who Breastfeeds Other Peoples Babies Fiona Peacock Page Array BellyBelly

Meet The Mother Who Breastfeeds Other People's Babies

Samantha Gadsden is a mother who breastfeeds other peoples babies   more of them than she can remember. Over the past ten years, Samantha, a mother of four, has donated countless hours of time and plenty of breastmilk to other peoples babies. Wet nursing was once a common practice; many women who were unable to feed their own babies would turn to wet nurses instead. Wet nurses were women employed for the sole purpose of breastfeeding another persons baby. Historically, royal babies were given to wet nurses for feeding and this meant the practice remained popular amongst the upper classes. You can read more about human donor milk sharing in Human Milk Banks If They Save So Many Lives, Why Arent There More?

Meet The Mother Who Breastfeeds Other People's Babies

Since the introduction of infant formula, however, wet nursing has almost died out in most Western cultures. Most modern mothers opt for infant formula if breastfeeding doesnt work out. Some choose to use milk donated by other breastfeeding mothers, but very few women have the option, or the inclination, to use a wet nurse. But you might be surprised to discover it still happens. There are no official figures on the number of babies fed by wet nurses, though it is possible some parents rely on wet nurses but don't discuss it publicly. Unfortunately, as with natural term breastfeeding and breastfeeding in public, unnecessary social stigma might be keeping the ancient practice of wet nursing as a taboo. Samantha didnt set out to become a wet nurse. In fact it was something she stumbled into almost by chance. Her friend had to stay in hospital overnight with her toddler and needed somebody to look after her baby. Samantha didnt think twice before agreeing to help out. She has since written about the experience on her blog. Writing about the first feed, Samantha said: He had a few test suckles and then settled down for a good long feed; my little one (aged nine months) wasn...

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Saturday, 14 July


Gene Editing Tool Tried Out on Mammals "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Gene editing may sound like another example of human beings trying to cheat nature. Who are we to decide which genes in which species should hold evolutionary advantage over another? Yet scientists are making eye-opening progress in this field although some worry that too little attention is being paid to the ethical implications.

A group of researchers from the University of California San Diego recently tested a radical gene-editing technology called CRISPR for the first time on a mammal.

CRISPR is a tool that boosts the chances of specific genes being passed along to the next generation with the goal of changing genes that cause diseases or other problems. In a study posted on July 4 on bioRxiv, a preprint repository for biology, the researchers used CRISPR to develop a mutation in lab mice that would turn their coats white. The results of the genetic manipulation were impressive: The white-coat trait, on average, appeared in nearly three-quarters of a female mouses offspring significantly higher than the usual 50-50 rate of inheritance for most genes. The process is hardly fool-proof: It worked only in female embryos, and the mutation was sometimes incorrectly copied.

Nonetheless, researchers and geneticists hailed the study as a breakthrough in gene editing and an important first step towards development of gene drive technology in mammals.

A recent study suggests that CRISPR could reprogram cancer cells to fight tumors. The method has produced some positive results in mouse models of recurrent breast and brain cancer.

CRISPR has already proved useful in dealing with a problem caused by...


Anna Von Reitz -- Catholic Church Exonerated; Bankers Implicated "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Catholic Church Exonerated; Bankers Implicated

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Let me explain why I -- a card-carrying Lutheran since 1963 -- don't jump on the bandwagon and decry the Roman Catholic Church.

Part of it is because of my own experience as a critic of the Church's secular administration. When we brought forward evidence of the vast corruption and criminality infesting the incorporated governments, Pope Benedict took immediate, actual, practical steps to deal with the problems we exposed.

He responded as any honest and good man would. He got out his mop and bucket and went to work.

Later, Francis continued the work Benedict began, albeit, in his own fashion, and with an obvious concern to protect the Church and its interests. Given that the Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, his concern in that regard did not surprise me or seem inappropriate.

So, although I could wish for faster responses or actions taken in a different order, I can't criticize the Church for lack of response or inappropriate response to the issues raised.

Francis, like Benedict, has picked up his mop and bucket and soldiered on.

My Shinola Sensor also takes note of other indicators--- for example:

What other human institution has taken a stand against the wholesale murder of babies, deceitfully disguised by the word "abortion" as if that magically transformed murder into something else?



Study Reveals Your Child Is More Likely to Be Schizophrenic If You Did This While You Were Pregnant "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sure, we take into consideration a lot of the things that might affect our unborn child or children while in the womb but some of those risks are completely unknown. While many people think doing this while pregnant is a bad idea they might not completely understand why.

I recently came across a study that showed me something I had never even thought about before. Sure, smoking while pregnant is not a good idea but did you know it could cause your baby to be schizophrenic? This controversial link was made a while back and is quite interesting to say the least.

This research was conducted in Finland and found that the more women were exposed to nicotine the greater chances their children were going to be affected by some kind of mental illness. This was linked with an almost 40 percent increased likelihood of schizophrenia, shocking right? Smoking habits were according to Metro UK assessed by looking at levels of a nicotine marker known as cotinine within the blood.

The summary of this study goes as follows:

Researchers report an association between smoking during pregnancy and increased risk for schizophrenia in children. The paper evaluated nearly 1,000 cases of schizophrenia and matched controls among offspring born in Finland from 1983-1998. Results showed that a higher maternal nicotine level in the mothers blood was associated with an increased risk of schizophrenia among their offspring. The study provides the most definitive evidence to date that smoking during pregnancy is associated with schizophrenia.

While this might not sound like much to some of us, considering the fact that cigarettes are overflowing with carcinogens we should be keeping them as far away from our developing fetuses as possible. Smoking has also been linked with a higher risk of birth defects and miscarriages. What do you think about all of this? I for one think it is quite shocking.

Mental health is not something we take into consideration often and the things we do could impact that in ways we do not quite understand. Being as careful when pregnant as possible will benefit your child greatly. How do you feel about smoking while pregnant?



Meet the Leadership: Jessica Anderson, ICAN of the Twin Cities

ICAN is excited to announce Jessica Anderson as our newest Chapter Leader!

I wish people knew ICAN isnt just a VBAC group. We are welcoming of all people wherever they are on their journey. Jessica Anderson, ICAN of the Twin Cities

Please share a little about yourself.

I have 3 children, the first who was born by cesarean. I became a birth doula shortly after my first VBAC and have attended over 100 births since, with about half of them being TOLACs. My degree is actually in Event Management, but now I say instead of weddings, I work on helping mothers prepare for their births!

What areas does your chapter serve?

We serve the midwest region of Minnesota, including the Twin Cities and also western Wisconsin.

What is the best thing about the birth climate in your area?

We have many truly VBAC supportive provider options, both for in the hospital as well as at home.

What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about cesarean/VBAC awareness?

I would like to get it out to people that once a cesarean does NOT mean always another one. I think that is an old-fashioned way of thinking, and yet I think a majority of people feel that way, or just dont know that they do have options.

Where can we get more info about your chapter, including meeting dates and times?

Check out our chapters Facebook page here!

Congratulations, Jessica!

Friday, 13 July


Horrific: California couple punch their 30-week unborn baby to death - charges unlikely due to abortion law "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) - The parents of a baby girl who died of catastrophic injuries shortly after birth have been accused of deliberately killing her, according to court documents. The unnamed couple arrived at Kern Medical in Bakersfield, California to give birth on 24th May. The woman was about 30 weeks pregnant. Horrendous attack Medical staff found that the baby girl was suffering from a fractured skull and spinal injuries, "traumatic injuries... that led to the child's death" shortly afterwards. They also noticed "severe bruising" on the woman's stomach, and, suspicious of her explanation that she'd fallen while mopping, called the police. During the police interview, the woman admitted that having decided together that they didn't want the baby, she and her boyfriend agreed for him to beat her in an attempt to kill the baby. Police say she told them he struck her stomach with his fists "at least 10 times," and squeezed her, after which she "stopped feeling the baby move." In a separate interview, police say the boyfriend denied hurting the woman or the unborn child.


New Study Proves the FDA Is Actively Suppressing Information About the Harmful Effects of Gardasil "IndyWatch Feed World"

Young, healthy women who experience amenorrhea, ovarian failure, and infertility have likely been damaged by Mercks HPV vaccine. A new study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health analyzed data on pregnancy outcomes, comparing women who received an HPV vaccine with those who did not. The data analysis is titled, A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection.

The study, uninfluenced by pharmaceutical money, analyzed data on 8 million women aged 25-29 living in the U.S. from 2007 and 2014. According to the analysis, conception rates would have fallen by 2 million if 100 percent of the females in the study would have received the HPV vaccine. The study warns that the HPV vaccine has a negative influence on fertility and more research is warranted.

Despite mounting evidence of harm, Merck seeks to fast-track Gardasil on new age group

Despite these grave concerns, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently fast tracking the process by which the Gardasil-9 is approved for use in women and men ages 27 to 45. Mercks application for approval has been granted priority review, and is scheduled for an approval date of October 6, 2018. So, much important information about Gardasils risks will be suppressed as the FDA moves quickly on behalf of Mercks business interests.

When Gardasil was initially licensed, many post-marketing reports poured in, claiming that vaccine recipients endured primary ovarian failure after vaccination. The cases of Gardasil vaccine damage that have been identified and reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) are in excess of 58,000. Many cases have resulted in emergency room visits, seizures, and the diagnosis of autoimmune conditions. Additionally, approximately 11,000 cases have been filed, documenting serious disability and sudden death. Women should no longer be subjected to Mercks deadly experimentations. Gardasil is an experimentation because the risks are concealed and the vaccine is fast-tracked for approval. (Related: Merck accused of fast tracking Gardasil for financial gain; judge orders the drug company...

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