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Sunday, 16 December


Californias Medical Board Stepping Up To Prevent Harm "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

California Medical Board Begins Tracking Docs FDA Warning Letters Action follows MedPage Today/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation By John Fauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today The warnings involved fertility clinics that didnt test donors of eggs and sperm for communicable diseases; researchers who didnt follow rules designed to protect patients who volunteer for trials of drugs and devices; []


DAY 4: Learning With Our Elders Indie Birth

(Distance) Learning with our Elders is a Crucial Part of Our Growth: Todays gift is one that we hope to share with many of you! Here at Indie Birth, we host several webinars a month, and one of of our favorite teachers (and elders!) is Gail Hart. Gail has been in midwifery and birth for...

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Saturday, 15 December


German and Irish Postpartum Care Newborn Mothers Podcast

Here at Newborn Mothers we often discuss traditional cultural postpartum care, but equally important is looking at funding and systems of postpartum support available in countries today. Layla is Irish and had two babies in Germany and a third in Ireland. In this interview she reveals the difference in the care she received in each country including a discussion of her experience of "wochenbett meaning weeks in bed.


Contractions Everything You Need To Know Sam McCulloch Dip CBEd Page Array BellyBelly

actions - Everything You Need To Know

If youre pregnant youre probably doing quite a bit of thinking about contractions. After all, theyre a pretty significant part of birth. For many women, theyre one of the most feared aspects of labour. And you probably have a million questions about contractions.

Contractions - Everything You Need To Know

You've also probably heard all sorts of stories about contractions. For example, how one friend was in labour for three days. Another had contractions on top of one another (whatever that means). And your best friend said she just breathed through hers. Contractions are taking up a lot of your head space right now. So to put your mind at ease weve covered everything you need to know about labour contractions.

What Are Contractions?

Contractions are natures way of starting labour and getting your baby from the inside to the outside. The uterus is made up of two main layers of muscles. The outer layer of muscles in your uterus is different from other muscles in your body. For example, the muscles in your arm contract (shorten), and then return to the same size and shape when they relax. In your uterus, the outer layer of muscles can also contract and relax. During labour, however, instead of returning to the same size, these muscles stay shortened. This shortening acts on the inner layer of muscle, which keeps the cervix closed during pregnancy. As the outer layer of muscles begins to pull up, the inner layer of muscle relaxes and the cervix opens or dilates. This is what we call a labour contraction. When the cervix is fully open, the outer layer of muscle fibres has bunched to the top of the uterus. When the pushing stage of labour begins, these bunched up muscles contract down on the baby, pushing him or her out through the vagina.
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What Are Braxton Hicks?



Bottle Propping Warning After Baby Chokes To Death Maria Pyanov CPD, CCE Page Array BellyBelly

Bottle Propping Warning After Baby Chokes To Death

Caring for a baby is tiring and sometimes, to make life a little easier, we take shortcuts like bottle propping. As new parents, we take in loads of guidelines, evidence and opinions about child rearing. It can be hard to sort through them, to work out which topics are most important and vital for keeping our children safe. It also adds to our fatigue. Sometimes, too, although caregivers are warned about many things, not every single topic is relayed to them. And sorting through everything that's thrown at us means we sometimes miss an important topic, such as bottle propping.

Bottle Propping Warning After Baby Chokes To Death

Many people assume the warnings against bottle propping have to do with the importance of bonding and healthy development, rather than about any risk to babies. After all, its just a bottle filled with liquid, how could it be physically harmful? We could see bottle propping as a parenting preference a survival tactic rather than a safety issue. However, as one mother so tragically discovered, bottle propping is in fact a risk. The mother, Chloe Masters, didnt prop her sons bottle, but a caregiver did, and it cost her 4-month-old son Alexs life. Masters son died a few years ago, but her message is still relevant today: it is not safe to prop a bottle.
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How Can Bottle Propping Lead To Death?

Even though many infants have survived bottle propping, and even despite commercial bottle propping devices, the evidence shows it comes with real risks. From the moderate risk of increased ear infections, to the very serious and real risk of death, bottle propping isnt safe. How is bottle propping dangerous? The American Academy of Pediatrics says: Never p...


'Young miracle': Baby recovers from second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in Congo "IndyWatch Feed World"

They call her the "young miracle." A baby who was admitted to an Ebola treatment center just six days after birth has now recovered from the virus. Congo's health ministry calls the baby the youngest survivor in what is now the world's second-deadliest Ebola outbreak. The ministry late Thursday tweeted a photo of the infant, swaddled and with tiny mouth open in yawn or squall, surrounded by caregivers who watched over her 24 hours a day for weeks. The baby's mother, who had Ebola, died in childbirth, the ministry said. The infant was discharged from the treatment center in Beni on Wednesday. "She went home in the arms of her father and her aunt," the ministry said.


DAY 3: So You Want to Be a Midwife? Indie Birth

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu So you want to be a midwife? (Or just midwife curious?) Today we are gifting you 50% off our super popular midwife starter kit! Use coupon code 12DAYS at checkout. ** Whether you are on the path yet or not, we have...

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Friday, 14 December


Dead whale found with 13 pounds of plastic in its stomach "IndyWatch Feed Health"

For the third time in as many years, we are saddened to announce that another whale has been found dead with a stomach full of things other than fish. In November, the 31-foot sperm whale washed up on a beach in Indonesia with 13 pounds of plastic waste in its stomach, including 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic []

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Tormented into a guilty plea? Experts denounce US "miscarriage of justice" in Butina case "IndyWatch Feed World"

Maria Butina's only crime is that she is Russian, legal analysts told RT, attacking the US justice system for keeping her in solitary confinement until she admitted guilt to at least one of the many charges brought against her. "This is an utter and total miscarriage of justice," retired CIA agent and whistleblower John Kiriakou told RT after Butina pleaded guilty to the charge of failing to register with the Justice Department as an agent of the Russian government. "You can see clearly, this is not about justice, this is not about criminal activity. This is about making a political point. This is about identifying Russia and Russians as the enemy of the United States, and punishing them." "We arrested this young woman because we need dirt on Trump and Russia. And she is Russian, political and pro-Trump," US legal analyst Jennifer Breedon explained. "We are seeing [the Foreign Agents Registration Act - FARA] being used specifically as it relates to undermining the Donald Trump...


Reddit War Between Moms Over Vaccination: The Vilification of Healthy Children "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Hate FearHere's the nutshell version: A NC Mom uninvited a child to a birthday party because the child is not vaccinated assuming she could sicken another party guest who has a compromised immune system due to cancer treatments. Mad ensued on both sides. How is a healthy child a threat to a child with a compromised immune system? There may have been children who were shedding flu or chicken pox vaccines at the party. Or an adult who had gotten the shingles vaccine.  Were temps taken at the door? Rapid strep tests? Who is the "threat" and why are children being considered "weaponized" because they do NOT have a vaccine? It's part of the troubling trend to demonize vaccine choice. I can't think of one Mom I know who would jeopardize another child willingly. But all children live in a germ and virus filled world. I'd be more afraid of a grocery cart handle or the bathroom stall door at school for my child, than a healthy friend attending a party. Fear breeds hate. Hate breeds violence.


A North Carolina mother says that another mom lost her cool after her daughter was uninvited to the first daughter's birthday party due to some very serious health concerns.

A 35-year-old Redditor, who goes by dankmoms on the site, was hosting a birthday party for her seven-year-old daughter when she learned that one of the little girls who'd been invited was not vaccinated.

Unfortunately, her daughter's best friend is a cancer survivor and has a compromised immune system, so getting sick could kill her leading dankmoms to feel compelled to uninvite the unvaccinated child, sparking the fury of that child's mother. Read more here.

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