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Tuesday, 10 July


Protect Estriol and Other Bioidentical Hormones "IndyWatch Feed Health"

If the FDA is not dissuaded, millions of women will lose access to life-saving hormones that are often safer than the alternatives currently on the market.

How is Access to Bioidentical Hormones Threatened?

In implementing the Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013, FDA began accepting nominations to the Difficult to Compound List. When finalized, compounding pharmacies will no longer be able to make items that appear on this list. Bioidentical estriol, estradiol, and progesterone are crucial hormones women need when going through menopause or fertility challenges, or when struggling with other hormonal imbalances.  All three are currently nominated for the Difficult to Compound List. In the case of compounded bioidentical estriol, which has no FDA-approved alternative, consumer access would be eliminated if the agency places it on the list.

Estriols nomination is especially concerning given the FDAs demonstrated hostility toward this hormone. In 2008, the agency ruled that pharmacies could not compound medicines containing estriol without first obtaining an investigational new drug authorization.[1]The FDA remains unconvinced of estriols safety despite acknowledging that the agency is unaware of any adverse events associated with estriol[2]in addition to the fact that this hormone has a USP monograph.[3]The FDAs position on estriol could be influenced by a 2005 Citizens Petition from a major drug manufacturer that urged the FDA to undertake enforcement actions against pharmacies producing bioidentical hormone products that competed with the drug makers own products.[4]

FDA action on these three bioidentical hormones estriol, estradiol, and progesterone could come as early as March 2018. That is when the FDAs Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC) is next expected to meet. PCAC has the responsibility of considering FDA staff recommendations concerning all substances nominated for the Difficult to Compound List.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Unlike conventional hormone therapy that uses synthetic and animal-derived hormones that are slightly different from a womans own hormones, bioidentical hormones are biochemically the same as those made by the ovaries during a womans reproductive years. Bioidentical hormones are used chiefly to relieve and control the symptoms of menopause.

Custom-made bioidentical hormones are extremely popular with patients: up to 2.5 million US womenaged 40 years or older may use compounded hormone therapy...


4 things to know about Brett Kavanaugh, Trumps Supreme Court nominee "IndyWatch Feed World"

The nominee has strong opinions on everything from abortion to net neutrality.

The 53-year-old judge is Trumps pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. The nomination is sure to be a heated one for Kavanaugh, who used to be an aide to President George W. Bush. Here are four things to know about Trumps pick:

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Jaime Smith Still Birth Day

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.





Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Kelli Brus Still Birth Day

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.





Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Maria Weiss Still Birth Day

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula serving

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.





Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Exercise can decrease several risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Physiol Rep. 2018 Jul ;6(13):e13783. PMID: 29981201 Abstract Title:  Exercise prevents HFD- and OVX-induced type 2 diabetes risk factors by decreasing fat storage and improving fuel utilization. Abstract:  Previous studies suggest that the loss of estrogens increase one's risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D), and combining the loss of estrogens with a high-fat diet (HFD) poses an even greater risk for T2D. The extent to which exercise can ameliorate the deleterious effects of estrogen loss combined with a HFD and the molecular mechanisms accounting for the whole body changes is currently unknown. Therefore, we fed female Wistar rats a standard diet or a HFD for 10 weeks. The rats fed the HFD were either ovariectomized (OVX) or their ovaries remained intact. A subset of the HFD/OVX rats also underwent exercise training on a motor-driven treadmill. Exercise significantly reduced the total body weight gain, periuterine white adipose tissue (WAT) weight, hyperglycemia, and hyperinsulinemia. Additionally, the ability to store fat, as measured by lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in the WAT, was increased in the HFD/OVX group; however, exercise reduced the LPL levels. Furthermore, the combination of the HFD with OVX decreased the WAT citrate synthase protein level,which was increased with exercise. These data suggest that even during the combined HFD/OVX physiological state, exercise can decrease several risk factors associated with T2D, decrease fat storage, and increase fuel utilization.

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Bullfrogs And Graveyards: On A Sense Of Belonging Kindred Media

Jug-a-rum, jug-a-rum, jug-a-rum.  

I dont think much of the Westchesters who own the vacation house next door.  But I think a lot about their pond.  My bedroom windows are up against the state forest, and as I fall to sleep at night, they channel in the songs of the thrushes.  The clerestories above me face south, and capture the bullfrog chorus from the Westchesters pond. Together the bullfrogs and thrushes create the solstice symphony that sends me into blissful sleep.

The Westchesters were up last weekend.  We worked all day Saturday, and didnt see much of them, save for listening to their ATVs run up and down the dirt roads that run through the State Land.   We thought it was strange that the bullfrogs were quiet that night.  On Sunday, Ula figured out why.

Theyre dragging something out into the water, she came running up the road from her walk to tell me.  She dove into the house, preparing for what she expected would come next.  As the door shut, the explosion from next door rattled our timbers.  Dusky and Nikky ran to hide under the beds.  I went to the window and saw smoke rising from the pond.  Apparently they were firing at tannerites, legal explosive targets.  A few minutes later, the automatic rifle fire ensued.  

For an hour, the house rattled and shook.  Bobs jaw clenched tight as he sat on the porch with Ula, trying to help her with a buoyancy experiment without losing his temper.  I laid down on the bed and tried to snuggle the dogs through the onslaught.  Saoirse stormed and paced, her fury shaking our rafters more than the gun fire.  

You need to do somethin...


ABC: Viagra reducing fetal distress during hospital trial on women in childbirth "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The drug Viagra, commonly used for erectile dysfunction, is currently being tested on women giving birth as a way to reduce fetal distress. And just like with preemies, the results are encouraging. A preliminary trial has been underway for 18 months in Brisbane, Australia with the drug Sildenafil (which dilates blood vessels in the pelvis). University of Queensland []

The post ABC: Viagra reducing fetal distress during hospital trial on women in childbirth appeared first on Health Nut News.


Desperate times: Top Dem suggests sacrificing Senate seats to stop Trump SCOTUS nomination "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pundits spotlight abortion as Trump mulls pick. Just one day before President Trump is set to announce his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy in a primetime address from the White House, a top Democratic senator suggested that stopping the nominee is more important than the upcoming midterm elections. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., acknowledged that so-called red-state Democrats may be tempted to vote for Trump's selection out of political necessity, but urged his colleagues Sunday to consider more than their political careers. "Beyond the procedure, beyond the gamesmanship, it is a life-and-death important decision to be made by this court on so many issues," the Senate minority whip said on NBC's Meet the Press.

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Monday, 09 July


Breasts of the World Unite! Call the Doula!

A Voice for Babies!

U.S. (the Trump administration) Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials 

Full article found in NY Times:  By Andrew Jacobs

July 8, 2018 Wesley Tomaselli contributed reporting from Colombia. Reprinted here without permission.

 A Brooklyn mother unable to nurse fed her child donated breast milk. The $70 billion infant formula industry has seen sales flatten in wealthy countries in recent years.

A resolution to encourage breast-feeding was expected to be approved quickly and easily by the hundreds of government delegates who gathered this spring in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly.



IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

IQ scores have been steadily falling for the past few decades, and environmental factors are to blame, a new study says. Norwegian researchers analyzed the IQ scores of Norwegian men born between 1962 and 1991 and found that scores increased by almost 3 percentage points each decade for those born between 1962 to 1975 - but then saw a steady decline among those born after 1975. Studies in Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia have demonstrated a similar downward trend in IQ scores. "The causes in IQ increases over time and now the decline is due to environmental factors," said [study co-author Ole] Rogeburg. These environmental factors could include changes in the education system and media environment, nutrition, reading less and being online more, Rogeberg said. Researchers have long preferred to use genes to explain variations in intelligence over environmental factors. However, the new study turns this thinking on its head. Intelligence is heritable, and for a long time, researchers assumed that people with high IQ scores would have kids who also scored above average. Moreover, it was thought that people with lower scores would have more kids than people with high IQ scores. The study not only showed IQ variance between children the same parents, but because the authors had the IQ scores of various parents, it demonstrated that parents with higher IQs tended to have more kids, ruling out the dysgenic fertility theory as a driver of falling IQ scores.

Note: This New York Times article shows that pesticide exposure can affect IQ. And this Newsweek article shows how flame retardants can harm IQ. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing health news articles from reliable major media sources.


More evidence on how to keep birth normal sarawickham

Another study has shown that the adoption of evidence-based approaches to determining the onset of active labour, assessing the progress of labour and determining whether a woman/baby are truly experiencing dystocia may safely decrease the use of oxytocin and the caesarean section rate (Neal et al 2018).

A group of researchers in the US analysed data from the experiences of more than 27,000 healthy women who had their first baby in a hospital. Here are some of the key results:


When they were admitted to the hospital, 68.0% of women were in preactive labor and 32.0% were in active labor. Cesarean rates for these groups were 18.0% and 7.2%, respectively (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] 2.69; 95% CI 2.452.96).

Oxytocin augmentation and adverse neonatal outcomes were more likely for women admitted in preactive labor.

Among women admitted in active labor, 9.3% experienced labor dystocia and 90.7% progressed physiologically. Cesarean rates for these groups were 20.4% and 5.9%, respectively (AOR 3.02; 95% CI 2.453.73).

Nearly half of the cesareans performed for dystocia among women admitted in active labor occurred when cervical dilation was physiologic.

Oxytocin augmentation and adverse neonatal...


Weekly Health Quiz: Ketosis, Cannabis and Tea "IndyWatch Feed Health"

1 Which of the following combinations is likely to provide the greatest improvements in overall health, based on the evidence?

  • Intermittent fasting in combination with cyclical ketogenic diet

    Recent research highlights the importance of combining intermittent fasting with cyclical ketosis. While the participants lost weight on an intermittent fasting schedule, by not implementing a cyclical ketogenic diet, important disease parameters remained unimproved. Learn more.

  • Water-only fasting cycled with a high-carb diet
  • Intermittent fasting without restrictions on what or how much is eaten during prescribed eating hours
  • Intermittent fasting in combination with a high-protein diet

2 An estimated 4,000 individuals have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, claiming Roundup caused which of the following diseases?

  • Leukemia
  • Bone cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

    Thousands of Americans have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, claiming Roundup caused their Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The first to get his day in court is Dewayne Johnson, who used Roundup extensively in his work as a groundskeeper and was diagnosed with a type of Non-Hodkin lymphoma called mycosis fungoides in 2014. Learn more.

3 Which of the following nutrients has been shown to lower your risk of cancer and heart disease in addition to protecting pregnant women from miscarriage and premature birth?

  • ...


Am I Pregnant? Being Present in the Mystical Space of Not Knowing Indie Birth

In this podcast, I sit with you in the mystical space of "not knowing" whether or not you're pregnant.

The post Am I Pregnant? Being Present in the Mystical Space of Not Knowing appeared first on Indie Birth.


University Study: 5G Roll Out Will Be Disastrous For Human Fertility "IndyWatch Feed World"

The roll out of 5G technology is a massive health experiment that will have disastrous consequences for the human race, according to the first major university study into the controversial wireless service and a [...]

The post University Study: 5G Roll Out Will Be Disastrous For Human Fertility appeared first on Your News Wire.


Abortionist Caught Strangling Baby Who Survived Abortion "IndyWatch Feed World"

Babies who survive late-stage abortions are routinely strangled to death by abortion doctors, according to a European physician whose chilling testimony on the barbaric practices of abortion doctors claims they often improvise and suffocate the [...]

The post Abortionist Caught Strangling Baby Who Survived Abortion appeared first on Your News Wire.

Sunday, 08 July


The Digest: First Rhino Embryos Produced In A Lab Could Save Almost-Extinct Subspecies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Kristin Houser via The Futurism

SAVING A SUBSPECIES. In March, the last male northern white rhinoceros (NWR) died, leaving behind just two females of the subspecies. Without any way to procreate naturally, it may look like the subspecies is nearing extinction.

But some scientists have a way to make sure the NWR (well, its genes at least) doesnt disappear forever. An international team of researchers has successfully created NWR hybrid embryos in the lab, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications.

A MEDICAL FIRST. To create these hybrid rhino embryos, the researchers first extracted eggs from female rhinos of a closely-related subspecies, the southern white rhinoceros (SWR). This was a risky procedure, since the ovaries are close to a huge artery, researcher Thomas Hildebrandt told the BBC, and puncturing it could kill the animal. Next, the researchers fertilized the eggs using sperm collected from now-deceased male NWRs while they were still alive.

These hybrid embryos developed into blastocysts  the stage of development at which the researchers could implant them into a female. This is the first time anyone has successfully developed rhinoceros embryos to this stage, according to a...

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