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Saturday, 11 November


Racism is Literally Bad for Your Health "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From WBUR: Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health. Not only do daily acts of prejudice and discrimination lead to poor health outcomes, but people of color also receive lower quality health care than white people.

The research indicates it is not just the big experiences of discrimination, like being passed over for a job or not getting a promotion that someone felt they might have been entitled to. But the day-to-day little indignities affect health: being treated with less courtesy than others, being treated with less respect than others, receiving poorer service at restaurants or stores. Research finds that persons who score high on those kinds of experiences, if you follow them over time, you see more rapid development of coronary heart disease. Research finds that pregnant women who report high levels of discrimination give birth to babies who are lower in birth weight.



Vaccines Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

The multiple award-winning documentary, "The Greater Good," was initially released in 2011. Five years later, the tragic truth about the toxic effects of vaccines on brain and immune system health that was revealed in this ground-breaking film is as true today as it was when it was first shown in film festivals around the country.

Weaving together stories of families whose lives have been forever altered by vaccine damage, the documentary reveals how modern medicine, especially when driven by politics, ideology and big business, can rob you of some of your most basic human rights, including voluntary, informed consent to medical risk-taking.

The results of such politically- and financially-driven public health policies can be devastating. "The Greater Good" is a provocative but thoughtful and well documented examination of hot button vaccine topics. Uniquely, it includes the perspectives of prominent voices messaging differently about vaccination in mainstream media today both those pushing for mandatory vaccination policies and those opposing forced vaccination policies.

The profiles of families, whose children have been injured or even died from vaccination are heartbreaking, and it is infuriating to learn about the short cuts that government and industry take to fast track vaccines like Gardasil, and how too many doctors dismiss vaccine reactions as "a coincidence." The film ends with a bittersweet but hopeful message, urging positive change to reduce fear so that parents, doctors and legislators can work together to protect the health of all children and prevent vaccine injuries and deaths.

Protecting Health of All Children Demands an Individual Approach to Vaccines

There needs to be an open, rational discussion about vaccination, infectious diseases and health. After all, don't all of us want our children to be healthy and safe from unnecessary harm?

If we want to protect the health of all children, we cannot continue to ignore the signs that public health policies making mandatory use of multiple vaccines in early childhood as our nation's No. 1 disease prevention strategy has gotten to the point where we have no idea how many children's lives are being sacrificed in the name of "the greater good."

From my point of view, there can be little doubt that we need to review the safety and effectiveness of the current vaccination program in the U.S., and that this review needs to include methodologically sound investigative studies that are not compromised by conflicts of interest within industry and government.  



BOMBSHELL Science Paper Documents The Depopulation Chemical Covertly Spiked Into Vaccines "IndyWatch Feed World"


Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa.

Entitled, HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World, the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administered to young black women in Kenya:

Oller, J.W., Shaw, C.A., Tomljenovic, L., Karanja, S.K., Ngare, W., Clement, F.M. and Pillette, J.R. (2017), HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World. Open Access Library Journal, 4: e3937.

The paper confirms exactly what Natural News reported earlier in the week: That a covert depopulation program is being run by the World Health Organization, targeting Africans for extermination via infertility chemicals administered under the guise of vaccines.

These vaccines, notably, contain chemicals that are administered without the informed consent of the women being injected. In fact, the women are deliberately lied to and told the injections are meant to protect your health. But the real reason for the shots is to exterminate blacks in the name of science and medicine.

Ive detailed all this in this powerful one-hour lecture thats already getting rave reviews across the net. Watch the full lecture below, and visit for more coverage of race-targeted extermination efforts being waged today under the banners of science and medicine.

GreenMedInfo nails it in story by Jafferey Jaxen

A solid analysis of all this comes from Jafferey Jaxen writing for GreenMedInfo. That story, republished here with credit, is entitled, CAUGHT: WHOs Anti-fertility Vaccination Program Chronicled In New Paper.

Has th...


Molecular and biochemical evidence on the protective role of ellagic acid and silybin against oxidative stress-induced cellular aging. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mol Cell Biochem. 2017 Sep 8. Epub 2017 Sep 8. PMID: 28887692 Abstract Title:  Molecular and biochemical evidence on the protective role of ellagic acid and silybin against oxidative stress-induced cellular aging. Abstract:  Aging is a natural process in living organisms that is defined by some molecular and cellular changes with time. Various causes such as mitochondrial DNA aberrations, aggregation of proteins, telomere shortening, and oxidative stress have an influential role in aging of the cells. Natural antioxidants are compounds that are potent to protect the body from detrimental effects of molecules such as free radicals. The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-aging properties of ellagic acid (EA) and silybin (SIL), as natural antioxidant compounds on rat embryonic fibroblast (REF) cells. These cells were pre-incubated with EA and SIL, thereafter were exposed to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Then, the cell viability, SA--GAL activity, distribution of cell cycle, NF-B, and mitochondrial complex I, II/IV enzyme activity were measured. The results of this study revealed the protective effects of EA and SIL in H2O2-treated REF cells, which confirm the previous achieved data on antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics of EA and SIL against H2O2 in the treated REF cells. However, more new in vivo experiments are required to discover the anti-aging effects and mechanism of action of such compounds.

read more


12 Bizzarre and Cruel Ways Women Were Punished During Medieval Times "IndyWatch Feed World"

Throughout history men and women have been tortured in all kinds of ways. If you know anything about the medieval times, then you know how full of pain they truly were.

Below you will find a list of medieval torture devices used on women in the past. While some of these are still used in some places, for the most part, the use of these has died out. Could you imagine the pain these terrifying devices could cause? My heart truly hurts for the women of the past.

12 Bizarre and Cruel Ways Women Were Punished During Medieval Times:

1. The Iron Spider (Breast Ripper)

Fifteenth-century Breast Ripper in a torture museum, Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany.


This was a torture instrument that was mainly used on women who had been accused of adultery or self-abortion. It was designed to tear the breasts from a woman and as the name suggests, it was made of iron. It was also usually heated before use.

2. The Spanish Donkey

This one is also known as the wooden horse/spanish horse. It was used throughout medieval times during the Spanish Inquisition and consisted of a sharp triangular wedge supported by two or four legs. While it was used on both sexes, it seems women got this treatment more often. The woman would be forced to straddle the pointed end of the device and wights were put on the feet to weight down the woman. This caused the wedge to begin cutting through eventually making way to the organs.

3. The Scolds Bridle

This was an iron cage for a womans face. It was used to punish scolds, or women who nagged too much or even talked back. The bridle was literally locked onto their heads and a piece of metal covered in spikes forced into their mouths. Every time they even tried to move their tongues the spikes would cut them.

4. The Pillory

A pillory at the Medieval Market in Turku, Finland. (Wiki)


This was very similar to the stocks. The woman would be chained to a post b...


Meet the Leadership: Michelle Kemp, ICAN of Chicago

ICAN is excited to announce Michelle Kemp as our newest Chapter Leader!


I believe that every woman deserves to make her own informed choices about how she will birth, who will be with her, and where she will be. ~ Michelle Kemp, ICAN of Chicago

Please introduce yourself to ICAN:

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have three kids that I stay home with, (ages 6, 3.5, and 1.5). My first was a C-section for prolonged rupture of waters, my second was a long labor resulting in a VBAC and my third was a quick unmedicated VBAC. We love to travel and see new places with our kids. I love birth, reading, and researching things of interest.

What led you to join ICAN?

I learned about ICAN after my first son was born by C-section. I wanted to learn everything I could about birth. ICAN was a great source for education and support for me.

How do you share ICAN as an organization with others?

I wish more people were aware that it exists. I am most excited about bringing ICAN closer to some of the members in our area.

Where will you be serving families through ICAN?

Our chapter is located in Chicago and we also cover the suburbs in the surrounding area. We have many hospitals in the area that do VBACs you just have to be willing to look.

Please share your upcoming Chapter meeting:

The next meeting will be December 9th, 2 pm, at Odyssey Play Place, 395 W Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL 60067


Friday, 10 November


The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks Bombshell Health Ranger lecture documents race-based crimes against humanity "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Image: The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks Bombshell Health Ranger lecture documents race-based crimes against humanity



(Natural News) As promised, Ive now released a one-hour science lecture video that documents the multiple vectors through which people of African descent are being targeted for depopulation, covert infertility and extermination by science and medicine. (Watch the full video lecture below.)

This video lecture documents the pattern of heavy metals poisoning, medical experimentation, organ harvesting, covert fertility task forces and other tactics that seek to eliminate blacks from our planet. It uses, with credit, video footage from the shocking documentary film Maafa21, available at

These genocidal tactics are carried out in the name of science and medicine via the following vectors:

  • Food supply (laced with infertility chemicals, confirmed by the New York Timesquoting a U.S. Presidents science advisor)
  • Water supply (heavy metals poisoning, as we recently witnessed in Flint, Michigan)
  • Medical experimentation (TuskegeeGuatemalan prisoner experiments funded by the U.S. government, etc.)
  • Immunization campaign (covert sterilization of young women in Africa)
  • Cancer (disproportionately affects people of darker skin color due to vitamin D deficiency)
  • Abortion activities that target blacks in order to harvest baby organ tissue for use in vaccines  medical cannibalism...


Recommendations Finally Allow Women to Eat During Labor MotherWise

For years, women have fought for their right to eat during labor. The research is finally catching up. I wasnt allowed to eat during labor. Like most mothers in the U.S., my first birth took place in a hospital. The majority of my 40-hour experience had me pacing the halls of my local labor ward. []

The post Recommendations Finally Allow Women to Eat During Labor appeared first on MotherWise.


Embrace Your Mother Archetype Blog - Newborn Mothers

I love personality tests, and understanding your strengths and weakness can really help in finding peace and joy in motherhood.

NM - Blog Thumbnails - New Version.png

Maybe you love cleaning and cant relax till the dishes are done, or maybe your house is verging on unhygienic cause you prefer to play with your kids.

Maybe you are fastidiously organised or always running fashionably late.

Maybe you are consistent and predictable, maybe you are intuitive and emotional.

Maybe you prioritise fun, maybe you prioritise education.

The thing is, there is no one correct way to be a mother. Spending too much time on Instagram can lead you to believe that every other mother is doing it Martha Stewart style complete with crafting, cooking, de-cluttering and a successful career to boot.

But this is fools gold. Heres the truth:


You can do anything, but not everything
David Allen


Figure out what you are good at, and stick to that.

Do some personality tests (there are literally millions of options online!) Find your strengths and outsource the rest.

I cant knit, so my mum is teaching my daughter. I hate sport, luckily my husband is an athlete. I suck at cleaning, so we pay a cleaner.

On the other hand, I love cooking and often cook for friends when they are sick or have a baby. I am a good businesswoman, so I earn a good income for my family. And I can sing and play the piano which means I can teach my kids and we have plenty of family sing-a-longs.

Embracing your strengths and outsourcing the rest frees you to be the mum you want to be, and your village will fill in the gaps.

No one is perfect, but together we can provide all the pieces of the puzzle.

To create your postpartum plan (including village building) join the free course.


CAUGHT: WHO's Anti-fertility Vaccination Program Chronicled In New Paper "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Has the World Health Organization (WHO) been purposely misleading women in developing countries into thinking they are protecting them and their future children from tetanus while in fact robbing women of their fertility and the very children they wanted to protect? 

read more


Iowa Farmer Reveals What Happened to His Pigs after Being Fed G.M.O. Corn (The Results Are NOT Pretty To Say The Least) "IndyWatch Feed Health"

[xyz-ihs snippet=Square-Box]

Jerry Rosman, a corn and livestock farmer in Iowa since 1974, has long been a follower of the newest technologies in farming.

He once placed his faith into scientific innovations, and besides personal use, he spent many decades selling and promoting these products.

But then, something unexpected happened that changed his viewpoint, and his farming style, completely.

Rosman began by trying out genetically modified (GMO) corn. This was in 1997, just as Monsanto brought its very first genetically engineered Roundup ready seeds into the world. Jerry started feeding this corn to his livestock, but the problems did not start until the arrival of the year 2000s crop.

Immediately, the Iowa farmer started witnessing a shocking side effect reproductive issues in his pigs.

According to Jerry, pigs started experiencing pseudo pregnancies or false pregnancies, a condition in which the body replicates all symptoms of pregnancy without actually being pregnant, affecting over 80% of his pigs. In most cases the pregnant pig would birth a bag of water, and the process would repeat itself again and again.

It happens occasionally out here. There are certain toxins that will do it, Jerry said.

But when he checked for all the usual causes but found nothing. The situation was also different, because in the past, this never happened to that many animals, a couple at most. This occurrence must have had a different cause.

After a year of these fake pregnancies, the farmer deducted that it must be the GMO corn that was causing reproductive issues in pigs, a side effect that Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology Dr. Don Huber of Purdue University warned about as a possibility in his research.

Was Mr. Rosman correct in his assessment of the situation, and is GMO corn really a threat to livestock health?

[xyz-ihs snippet=Square-Box]

Farmers Across America Noticed Livestock Reproductive Issues

Through research, Jerry found out that he was not alone in his struggles at least five other farmers in the area were experiencing the same problem. Unfortunately, Rosman realized the corn was the problem too late, and even though he tried switching the feed, the pigs were not in the shape to reproduce again, and he ended up losing the farm.

Rosman did not want his loss to be in vain. Today, he warns other farmers about the risks of switching GMO crops, and consults small farming operations on organic farming.



Helena Hentz Still Birth Day

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.



Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


MaryBeth Collins Still Birth Day

Certified Birth & Bereavement Doula

SBD Doulas are accessible to you through our open group or through our CONNECT app.



Discover what the SBD credentialed doula has achieved.


Do We Really Want a Future of Synthetic Foods? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Many in Congress do, according to a letter nearly 80 representatives just sent to the FDA, USDA, and EPA. Action Alert!

The letter, presumably inspired by big corporate donors, calls for the agencies to provide a consistent, appropriate approach to the regulation of biotechnology. On the one hand, the FDA has proposed to regulate any animal intentionally altered using gene editing techniques as an animal drug; on the other hand, the USDA has recently proposed to make it easier to bring low-risk genetically engineered plants to market.

The letter urges the agencies to adopt frameworks that foster innovation and to remove any unnecessary burdens that would inhibit the use of these innovative solutions. Translation: kowtow to the biotech industry and green-light their synthetically produced products or Congress will cut your budget.

Following the Congressional letter, the USDA withdrew its proposed regulations. The agencys decision was influenced by commenters, likely from the biotech industry, who argued that even the relaxed approach outlined in the proposed regulation would hamper innovation.

As weve written before, we are in the Wild West of gene editing. Scientists are experimenting with editing the genome of human embryos; gene-silencing sprays are in development that can change the color of flowers; do-it-yourself CRISPR kits are being sold for less than $200. These technologies need to be studied carefully and controlled appropriately, not rubber-stamped.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them that you want gene editing techniques to be carefully scrutinized to protect consumers. Please send your message immediately.


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