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Sunday, 15 October


Survival Medicine Hour: Labor and Delivery, Wildfire, More "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In any long-term survival situation involving a group or community, eventually the issue of pregnancy and childbirth arises. The medic for the group should know basics about pregnancy and childbirth. Childbirth is a natural process that usually doesnt require a doctor or even a midwife to manage, as long as some simple steps are followed. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, take you through a typical labor and delivery process. Also, wildfires are raging through Northern

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ICAN Accreta Awareness Month I Almost Lost My Daughter and My Life

By Jennifer Degl, May 8, 2016

I wish I could remember, but I cant.

The day my daughter was born was one of the worst and best days in my life  a day that almost ended my life and I cant remember much of it at all.

After spending six weeks in and out (mostly in) of the hospital  I went into labor sometime after 1:00 a.m. on May 12, 2012.

I was in the hospital because of a severe case of placenta accreta, which later turned into placenta percreta.

My daughters placenta implanted smack dab on my scar tissue from my previous C-sections and began to burrow through my uterus. She always has gone her own way!

This was detected early on in the pregnancy because I continued to experience light bleeding from about 4 weeks on. The problem was that since she was barely visible through ultrasound eyes, all we knew was that she implanted very low in my uterus and we would have to keep a close eye on where she went as she grew.

At 17 weeks gestation, I had a massive hemorrhage on a school field trip with my high school freshman. I was admitted to the local hospital where I required several units of blood to stay alive and pregnant. This ultrasound confirmed the suspicions of my obstetricians and they diagnosed me with 100 percent placenta previa. 

Some women are diagnosed with partial placenta previa, which can be dangerous but can also resolve as the placenta and baby grow. I was told that mine would not resolve as it was a severe case.

I was told not to return to work and to stay off my feet. This was particularly difficult. At that time I had an almost 7-year-old, a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old boy at home to mother.

How could I mother from my bed? Thats for another blog post.

It turns out that not quite two weeks later, I had another massive hemorrhage as I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom (10 steps away) and I almost lost my life.

After a stay in the hospital and several units of blood transfused into my body  I was still pregnant and I was sent home with strict instructions not to leave my bed unless I had to use the bathroom.

That didnt work for too long. About two weeks later  it happened again.

This hemorrhage was worse than the previous two. I was already very anemic and I immediately passed out on the floor. Luckily, I was able to call for help before I passed out. Once I...

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Saturday, 14 October


Bisphenol A initiates excessive premature activation of primordial follicles in mouse ovaries. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Reprod Sci. 2017 Jan 1:1933719117734700. Epub 2017 Jan 1. PMID: 28982275 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A Initiates Excessive Premature Activation of Primordial Follicles in Mouse Ovaries via the PTEN Signaling Pathway. Abstract:  The essence of primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) is the premature exhaustion of primordial follicles in the follicle pool, which is caused by the excessive premature activation of primordial follicles after birth. Bisphenol A (BPA) exposure promotes the transition of primordial follicles to primary follicles, thus the number of primordial follicles in the primordial follicle pool decreases significantly. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying abnormal follicle activation are poorly understood. Phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN) signal system is a negative regulator of follicle activation, which is called the brake of follicle activation. Besides, BPA induces Michigan Cancer Foundation-7 breast cancer cells proliferation by dysregulating PTEN/serine/threonine kinase/p53 axis. Whether BPA initiates the excessive premature activation of primordial follicles in the mouse ovaries via PTEN signaling pathway is unclear. In this study, we treated 6-week-old female CD-1 mice with different concentrations of BPA to study the effect of BPA on follicular activation and development in vivo, as well as the role of PTEN signaling in this process. We observed that BPA in concentrations from 1g/kg to 10 mg/kg groups downregulated PTEN expression and initiated excessive premature activation of primordial follicles in the mouse ovaries, and this effect was partly reversible by PTEN overexpression. Our results improve the understanding of both the effect of BPA in occurrence of POI and molecular mechanisms underlying initiation of primordial follicle pool activation, thus providing insight for POI treatment and theoretical basis for reducing the risk of POI.

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BPA exerts epigenetic effects in both male and female reproduction. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Curr Med Chem. 2017 Oct 9. Epub 2017 Oct 9. PMID: 28990514 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A in reproduction: epigenetic effects. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disrupting chemical widely used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin to produce a multitude of consumer products, food and drink containers, and medical devices. BPA is similar to estradiol in structure and thus interferes in steroid signalling with different outcomes on reproductive health depending on doses, life stage, mode, and timing of exposure. In this respect, it has an emerging and controversial role as a"reproductive toxicant" capable of inducing short and long-term effects including the modulation of gene expression through epigenetic modification (i.e. methylation of CpG islands, histone modifications and production of non-coding RNA) with direct and trans-generational effects on exposed organisms and their offspring, respectively.OBJECTIVE: This review provides an overview about BPA effects on reproductive health and aims to summarize the epigenetic effects of BPA in male and female reproduction.RESULTS: BPA exerts epigenetic effects in both male and female reproduction. In males, BPA affects spermatogenesis and sperm quality and possible trans-generational effects on the reproductive ability of the offspring. In females, BPA affects ovary, embryo development, and gamete quality for successful in vivo and in vitro fertilization (IVF).CONCLUSION: The exact mechanisms of BPA - mediated effects in reproduction are not fully understood; however, the environmental exposure to BPA - especially in fetal and neonatal period - deserves attention to preserve the reproductive ability in both sexes and to reduce the epigenetic risk for the offspring.

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BPA alternatives induce similar toxic and estrogenic effects to BPA and that BPAF is more potent than BPA. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Environ Sci Technol. 2017 Oct 10. Epub 2017 Oct 10. PMID: 29016128 Abstract Title:  Acute toxicity, teratogenic and estrogenic effects of Bisphenol A and its alternative replacements Bisphenol S, Bisphenol F and Bisphenol AF in zebrafish embryo-larvae. Abstract:  Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical incorporated into plastics and resins, has estrogenic activity and is associated with adverse health effects in humans and wildlife. Similarly-structured BPA analogues are widely used but far less is known about their potential toxicity or estrogenic activity in vivo. We undertook the first comprehensive analysis on the toxicity and teratogenic effects of the bisphenols BPA, BPS, BPF and BPAF in zebrafish embryo-larvae and an assessment on their estrogenic mechanisms in an estrogen-responsive transgenic fish Tg(ERE:Gal4ff)(UAS:GFP). The rank order for toxicity was BPAF>BPA>BPF>BPS. Developmental deformities for larval exposures included cardiac edema, spinal malformation and craniofacial deformities and there were distinct differences in the effects and potencies between the different bisphenol chemicals. These effects, however, occurred only at concentrations between 1.0 and 200 mg/L which exceed those in most environments. All bisphenol compounds induced estrogenic responses in Tg(ERE:Gal4ff)(UAS:GFP) zebrafish that were inhibited by co-exposure with ICI 182,780, demonstrating an estrogen receptor dependent mechanism. Target tissues included the heart, liver, somite muscle, fins and corpuscles of Stannius. The rank order for estrogenicity was BPAF>BPA=BPF>BPS. Bioconcentration factors were 4.5, 17.8, 5.3 and 0.067 for exposure concentrations of 1.0, 1.0, 0.10 and 50 mg/L for BPA, BPF, BPAF and BPS respectively. We thus show that these BPA alternatives induce similar toxic and estrogenic effects to BPA and that BPAF is more potent than BPA, further highlighting health concerns regarding the use of BPA alternatives.

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The Effects of Pitocin on Birth, Bonding and Breastfeeding by Jillisa Kraemer Indie Birth

The Effects of Pitocin on Birth, Bonding and Breastfeeding Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, plays a crucial role in birth, bonding and breastfeeding. It is a naturally occurring hormone that causes the uterus to contract during labor. It increases throughout labor and is highest at the time of birth, causing euphoric feelings and...

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Meet the Leadership: Jennifer Moore, ICAN of Bloomington

ICAN is excited to announce Jennifer Moore as our newest Chapter Leader!


I wish people knew that ICAN is not only about VBAC preparedness but to help bring awareness to cesareans in general. ~ Jennifer Moore, ICAN of Bloomington, IN

Please introduce yourself to ICAN:

I went to college and got my associates in Paramedicine. I worked as a paramedic for a few years before getting injured and being medically retired. I then had my first son and became a doula. I have been a doula since 2013 and am also a placenta encapsulator. Since moving to Bloomington, IN in 2016, I became co-owner of a doula group. My husband and I have been married since 2011. I have a bonus son and 2 young boys. We love to be out in nature whether it is hiking or fishing.

What led you to join ICAN?

I first learned about ICAN when I was pregnant with my first son. I was drawn to the group because of the national groups and education & support opportunities.

How do you share ICAN as an organization with others?

I believe that everyone has the right to be fully educated about their options and to make the choices that they feel are best for them and their family. I am so excited to help educate and support members of my community to help them have an educated and supported birth experience.

Where will you be serving families through ICAN?

Bloomington, IN serving all of Monroe County. We have lots of support options for families but I would like to see more options for birth.



Man sues city of Cleveland for arresting him over parody Facebook page "IndyWatch Feed World"

A man acquitted of a felony for creating a fake Facebook page that parodied a suburban Cleveland police department is suing the city, saying they violated his right to free speech. Anthony Novak filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Parma and three officers. He created a Facebook page in March 2016 that appeared similar to the page of Parma's police department, and he posted items suggesting police were performing free abortions for teenagers. The page also suggested it would be illegal to help the homeless for three months, and it had a recruitment post "strongly encouraging minorities to not apply." Parma police announced an investigation into the page the day it was created. Novak, 28, took the page down less than 12 hours after putting it up. Officers sent Facebook a letter requesting that the Menlo Park, California-based company shut the page down, and they issued a subpoena to obtain Novak's identity. Novak was charged with disrupting public services, a fourth-degree felony that carries a sentence of up to 18 months in prison. A SWAT team raided his apartment and confiscated his laptops, cellphones, tablets and gaming consoles.


Flu Vaccines in Pregnancy and Childhood: What You Need to Know "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By The World Mercury Project Team


Download and print our flu vaccine brochure. Share with your family, friends, doctors and community leaders.

Visit our flu vaccine web page. Its full of flu facts to help you make informed decisions about your familys healthcare.



You want to do everything right for your child, and would never knowingly allow someone to inject a neurotoxin into your infant. Before getting a flu shot, you need to know this: MERCURY is a NEUROTOXIN.


What You Need to Know

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns pregnant women and young children not to eat fish containing high levels of methylmercury. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends pregnant women and infants get influenza vaccines, many of which contain ethylmercury from the preservative thimerosal. Receiving them may result in mercury exposures exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended maximum levels.

World Mercury Project is deeply concerned that the risks of getting mercury-containing seasonal influenza vaccines may outweigh the benefits for pregnant women, infants and children. Mercury is known to be highly toxic to brain tissue and can impact critical stages of brain development.

A 2017 CDC study links miscarriage to flu vaccines, particularly in the first trimester. Pregnant women vaccinated in the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 flu seasons had two times greater odds of having a miscarriage within 28 days of receiving the vaccine. In women who had received the H1N1 vaccine in the previous flu season, the odds of having a miscarriage within 28 days were 7.7 times greater than in women who did not receive a flu shot during their pregnancy.

A s...

Friday, 13 October


Gay Coffee Shop Owner Shouts Profanities at Christian Pro-Life Group, Kicks Them Out "IndyWatch Feed World"

A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle kicked a Christian pro-life group out of his coffee shop because he felt offended by their presence, according to video footage of the incident. The Washington Times reports that the group, called Abolish Human Abortion, decided to order drinks at Seattles Bedlam Coffee after passing out pro-life pamphlets in []


in may last yearIt seems we have become so concerned Home Birth Aotearoa

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in may this yearFunding under the ARIF program allowed NRI Home Birth Aotearoa

in may this yearFunding under the ARIF program allowed NRI to install prefabricated cheap football jerseys trailers in Arviat, Igloolik, Cambridge Bay, and Rankin Inlet to support cheap sports china research activities. The trailer units in Arviat and Igloolik are bunkhouses equipped with kitchenettes, sleeping facilities, and washrooms, while the trailers in Rankin Inlet and Cambridge bay are set up as wet laboratories intended to support a broad range of sample processing, preparation, and analytical work. For more details on these facilities and amenities, and to book usage please contact:. He finished 16 of 18 at the line. But there was plenty of excitement left, including Anthony just missing a potential four point play when the Rockets fouled him intentionally behind the arc leading by three with 5 seconds left. Anthony threw the ball up and it went in, but officials ruled it came after Harden fouled him. The contributions to knowledge of this research are: The development of a toolbox for eco innovation. The validation of tool customisation as an approach to improving the introduction of eco innovation tools. The definition of a generic process for tool introduction based on tool customisation which is appropriate for workshop based design and innovation tools (including eco innovation tools). wholesale jerseys You must provide a separate corner in your website, where customers can post their feedback and also find answers to their queries. Your replies to their queries should unto the point and quick. You must frequently visit this corner to solve the issues quickly. The multicultural approach is also useful in helping to mitigate positioning. According to Tochon and Karaman (2009) colonial positioning refers to situations in which individuals of dominant cultures impose their perspectives on others as the single best way of viewing reality. Such a sense cheap nfl jerseys of superiority can lead to the creation of policies that are both invasive and based on flawed assumptions. Costs texts Books and other reading materials are very important cheap nfl jerseys to the Education Studies programme. In the students second year of study, students will be required to purchase core texts for two mandatory modules. These books can be purchased at a considerably reduced rate second hand. And so what if the photo included a window, no one was home. Either the reporter failed to include relevant information, or the security forces over reacted.What was unstated in the article; was the man in the car when and questioned or outside it? If outside, the cops would have had no right to...


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labelled option a1 and a2An exasperated Zeenat cheap nfl jerseys left straight for his house, where she was told that he was attending a party at the Taj. She reached the hotel to discuss her dates, at which point the atmosphere suddenly turned cold and menacing. An inebriated Sanjay asked her why she had come to the hotel, while his wife Zarine sneered.. Applicants are all sophisticated business persons with considerable investment knowledge and cheap jerseys china experience in corporate governance, states that document. Know (or ought to know) that their alleged including the attempt to avoid market risks associated with an equity investment in real estate development, are unreasonable and contrary to the best interests of the company. And his companies also deny in court documents that there were ever any restrictions on how the King Wharf neighbourhood would be marketed.. The Radeon Higher Definition 5800 series is the most expensive. I am heading to Wholesale NFL Jerseys let you in on a few secrets that you can use to invest much less and get a entire lot much more out of your home entertainment experience. The initial thing to understand is that room is fifty%twenty five of the issue. I have to sing the praises of TRU for both our kids cheap nfl jerseys because it gave them incredible access to profs who are very excited about their research and gave them wonderful undergraduate research experience, said Pam. Aristotle echoes his wifes sentiments, saying many in Kamloops seem to have an inferiority complex of sorts, which causes them to cheap jerseys overlook the great amenities the city offers. Its too bad, he said, because TRU is top notch. Some suggestions on packing a handbag that you will want to know. That insistent might need for planning and arranging is even now with me a great number of several years afterwards. Even soCheap Jerseys, no for a longer time am I carrying bits of candy and leftover snacks in an oversized back again pack. Jack White, 32, was working a dayshift with the Kamloops subdivision general investigation section, not the Citys downtown detachment, when he got the call to come in along with Const. Norm Belanger and Cpl. Ab Willms. Brendan Muldowneys epic thriller set in 13th century Ireland not only boasts a stellar cast including Tom Holland, Richard Armitage and Jon Bernthal, but showcases the rugged landscapes of counties Mayo and Galway in addition to the Belgian Ardennes.One of my creative obsessions has always been religion and faith so I felt that this was rich wit...


labelled and baggedIve made about 10 or 15 custom jerseys Home Birth Aotearoa

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no one in the health department knows for sureHumans have Home Birth Aotearoa

no one in the health department knows for sureHumans have three main energy systems; two for moderate high intensity activities (anaerobic) and one for low intensity activities (aerobic). The first anaerobic system (Phosphagen) satisfies the first 10 seconds of intense activity by using up creatine stores for energy (which is why all athletes should supplement with creatine, but thats a topic for another day). If intense activity persists, the cheap jerseys second anaerobic system kicks in. About the musical, itself, Robert says: It is really exciting. The TV drama was cheap nfl jerseys a great experience for me, personally, and my mum was thrilled by its success. And looking back, I am really grateful that mum had that renewed appreciation of her singing career. M s Souter painting, Hat depicts her son striped woolly hat lying on a table beside two green apples. Ms Souter lives and works on Achill Island. The Art of a Nation was created from Allied Irish Banks collection of paintings, photography, tapestry, sculptures and video and includes works by many of Irelands greatest artists.. For a political journalist, the crisis triggered by the Rome summit was as big as it gets. As a citizen, it completely changed my view of the European project. From that moment, it was quite clear that an institution we joined in the full expectation of being able to influence its evolution while defending our own national interests a partnership of equals, in other words was going to do whatever it wanted, notwithstanding Britains misgivings.. Women are not just leading companies, headlines and new deals, were doing so in record numbers. In addition to closing the gender gap for participation in post secondary education and the workforce, were excelling at the top levels of every sector, says WXN Owner CEO, Sherri Stevens. The purpose of the Canadas Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards is about celebration and inspiration. Throw in a triple from the Rays Kevin Keirmaier to clear the bases and the Jays trailed 4 1 Gibbons on Rowley, who lasted just 31/2 innings: thought he was a little bit wholesale nfl jerseys off. He had to face (the Rays) for a second time in a week and that never easy. I thought he was trying to be a cheap nba jerseys little too fine. Amidst an uncertain political backdrop, the global economy continues to build momentum. RBC forecasts global growth will reach 3.5 per cent this year, surpassing the 3.1 per cent growth in 2016. Administration will implement in the months ahead. His colorectal interests include colon and rectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and pelvic floor dy...

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no one i talk to can stop talking about itJudy Home Birth Aotearoa

no one i talk to can stop talking about itJudy is also survived by her dear mother, Velma Dorman and her sister and siblings Bonnie (Floyd, Deceased) Serson, Dwayne (Marilyn, deceased) Dorman, Jeanne Baxter (David Shoebottom, deceased) and Cameron (and Adele) Dorman as well as many nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews. There will be a cheap nfl jerseys Memorial cheap football jerseys Service cheap nhl jerseys held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, 115 Joyce Street in Kingston Ontario on Saturday July 12, 2014 at 11:00am. The service will be followed by a reception with the family at the Lions Club, 2992 Princess Rd. We had two teachers. One was named Miss Smith and the other one was Miss MacKenzie. The first thing they would say at the start of every morning was of all. Moving away from a reliance on user fees is not only a challenge for China, but for many middle income countries. However, if China had a system of universal insurance with a 70% minimum reimbursement level, says Bekedam, insurance companies wholesale jerseys and funds would have an incentive to make service providers improve efficiency by introducing prepayment and other mechanisms. Pooling of premiums could be expanded up to the provincial level, which would make insurance companies and funds more capable of negotiating good deals with service providers.. He faces the possibility of a federal jail sentence, as the weapons offences carry mandatory minimum jail terms. A date for the mans sentencing will be set Sept. 6.. Quality Research Fund, University of Winchester 1859.40. Uther, M., Jones, R., McGrath, M. Distractibility and work home life balance.2013. People had just started to arrive for the party and soon music was blasting and people were dancing and laughing into the wee hours of the night. Terry arrived at 4:30 the next morning we were not in very good shape jet lagged and sleep deprived but we didnt want to miss the opportunity to experience sunrise on Haleakala (the House of the Sun) with Guruji. We jumped in the back of Terrys truck for the hour long ride up to the top of the crater. In delivering that message, Metrolinx may have done us all wholesale jerseys at least one favour. It should stop absurd chatter among local politicians about how, with a keen lobbying effort, the province could be persuaded to move up the 2021 target date for the service arrival in Grimsby. (It will take another couple of years to bring trains to St. Science, 349 (6251). Open Science Collaboration. (2013). How does Jio Prime fare against Airtels 345 and Vodafone...


four in five were maleThe Dalesway development boasts brilliant transport Home Birth Aotearoa

four in five were maleThe Dalesway development boasts brilliant transport connections, with the A59 providing a connection to Harrogate town centre in under 10 minutes. Harrogate train station is just a five minute drive away and direct links to the A61 mean you can drive to Leeds in just 35minutes. Children of any age are catered for thanks to the wide variety of primary, high schools and academies within the area, most being under a 10 minute drive away.. And John Paul Lavoisier (Rex), whose facial expressions I spent a great deal cheap nfl jerseys of internet space poking fun at, did a really nice job today, running the gamut from scared to worried to angry to shocked and back through a few times and he did it all without twitching and mugging and clownish double takes. And Austin Williams (Shane) did some more meaty work today when he exploded at Jack and later had the anguished realization that what happened to his mother had been intended for him. But really, the best part of all these family scenes today was that they included Roxy, who thankfully has been allowed to re instate herself as Shane non DNA grandma. The 2014 2016 outbreak in West Africa was the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the virus was first discovered in 1976. There were more cases and deaths in this outbreak than all others combined. It also spread between countries, starting in Guinea then moving across land borders to Sierra Leone and Liberia.. The containment of all refuse is far more important than the average citizen realizespuma velvet creepers bordeaux, until something interrupts service. All manner of foul result occurs when large volumes of what is thrown away accumulates. Vermin in the form of bugs of every description and animals of disrepute are naturally attracted to such accumulations threatening the health of everyone int he area.. Acting chief executive David Potten said: Many of the demands seem to us to be frankly unethical. Given the requests we have received for help and advice and the number of complaints posted on the hospitals own website I really feel action is called for. And I cheap football jerseys question whether the hospital trust should be allowing these practices to be happening on its property.. That panoramic glass ceiling that is such a hallmark of the Model 3s design is also included in the deal.To what extent you can use Teslas Autopilot self driving technology depends on the wholesale nfl jerseys local laws in your country but Elon Musk says that every car has the hardware to drive itself where the legislation allows, if not the software. This hardware includes 8 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sonar sensors and forward radar as well as the processing power to use all the data...

four islamist attackers slaughtered 52 commutersAza: Without Name and I Home Birth Aotearoa

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four hours free parking in time restricted or metered spacesFormer Home Birth Aotearoa

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Not Just For Birth: Doulas For Miscarriage, Abortion, and Reproductive Health Birth Takes a Village

While doulas have been growing in popularity for their work related to childbirth and the early postpartum period, their value in all areas of reproductive health is just beginning to percolate in the public eye. Traditionally, the people who attended the births in their communities provided support during ALL areas of reproductive health. Preconception, fertility, preventing pregnancy, miscarriage and loss, Read more


Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies Blog - Newborn Mothers

When I wrote my postpartum recipe book, one overwhelming request I got was for gluten-free lactation cookies. But I couldn't figure it out! Gluten-free cookies are a challenge for any baker, and I just couldn't find out a way to make gluten-free lactation cookies that weren't too dry or crumbly, that was easy to digest and that was actually worth eating.

NM - Blog Thumbnails.png

I'm proud to say, many years too late for the recipe book, I've finally cracked the code! Gluten-free lactation cookies that actually taste GOOD! Like seriously good, as good as the ones with gluten in them!!!

The bad news is they contain oats. Since 4 out of 5 coeliacs can tolerate oats, and oats are excellent for increasing breast milk, I have to let the oats through on this one.

Oats and linseed increase milk supply and ginger aids digestion.

Without any further ado - let the milk flow!


165g Jaggary or Rapadura Sugar

(see my recipe book for details on jaggery)

200g Organic Butter

200g Rolled Oats

180g Desiccated Coconut

1 Tablespoons Ground Linseed

1 Teaspoon Ground Ginger


Preheat oven to 160C. Grease a small 30 x 25cm baking tray.

Roughly chop jaggery and put into a small pan on a low heat with the butter and spices. Stir occasionally until butter and jaggery are both melted. You may need to mash lumps of jaggery with a fork (if you use jaggery you can simply stir until dissolved).

Mix all other ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add the wet ingredients and stir well.

Press into the baking tray with your wet hand till smooth and flat.

Bake for 1015 minutes. Shorter for chewier biscuits, longer for crunchier biscuits.

Whilst still warm, cut into squares leaving in the baking tray. When cool remove and store in a biscuit tin for up to a week.

Download the first chapter of my postpartum recipe book free here.


The Crusade of Lillith Through Sagittarius: How Black Moon Lillith Is Effecting the World of Astrology "IndyWatch Feed World"

On February 14th of this year, Black Moon Lillith entered into Sagittarius. Since then, we have been in her reign of pure, raw, sexual power.

Lilith represents to many a need to break free from current chains holding us back. Her entrance into Saggitarius adds a spirit of adventure to the situation that can aid us on our journeys to freedom. According to astrology, Black Moon Lillith was Adams first wife before Eve. As the legend goes, she was cast out of Eden for not being sexually submissive.

Furthermore, Lilith rules seduction, unleashed female power, sexuality, orgasms, womens rights, abortion, and witchcraft.

Psychologically, Black Moon Lilith represents the hidden aspects of our true selves. Of course, because of that, since February 14th we may have all struggled a bit with who we truly are. (Forbidden urges and all.)

Sagittarius is a sign that doesnt hold back, either, especially when there is a cause to pursue.  Lilith in Sagittarius is fiercely independent and her need to exercise her feminine power is great.

Due to Saggitarius ruling over religion and profits, Lilith in Sagittarius is a symbol of the Feminine Goddess. She is a leader and a searcher for truth.

While BML in Scorpio may have stirred up past secrets, in Sagittarius it is on full display.

However, be careful with how you pursue your interests while Lilith is in Sag because her vengeance can come hard and her sheer power can bitch slap you into oblivion if you arent careful. Instead, let anger fuel your endeavors into the unknown and let Lilith guide you through your soul-finding journey to battle oppression and sexual discontent.


This suggests the potential of A. macrocephala to cure intestinal disorders characterized by injury and ineffective repair of the intestinal mucosa. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Ethnopharmacol. 2015 Jan 15 ;159:23-35. Epub 2014 Nov 12. PMID: 25446597 Abstract Title:  Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz stimulates intestinal epithelial cell migration through a polyamine dependent mechanism. Abstract:  ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz (AMK), a valuable traditional Chinese herbal medicine, has been widely used in clinical practice for treating patients with disorders of the digestive system. AMK has shown noteworthy promoting effect on improving gastrointestinal function and immunity, which might represent a promising candidate for the treatment of intestinal mucosa injury. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of AMK on intestinal mucosal restitution and the underlying mechanisms via intestinal epithelial (IEC-6) cell migration model.MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cell migration model of IEC-6 cells was induced by a single-edge razor blade along the diameter of the cell layers in six-well polystyrene plates. After wounding, the cells were grown in control cultures and in cultures containing spermidine (5M, SPD, reference drug), alpha-difluoromethylornithine (2.5mM, DFMO, polyamine inhibitor), AMK (50, 100, and 200mg/L), DFMO plus SPD and DFMO plus AMK for 12h. The polyamines content was detected by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with pre-column derivatization. The Rho mRNAs expression levels were assessed by Q-RT-PCR. The Rho and non-muscle myosin II proteins expression levels were analyzed by Western blot. The formation and distribution of non-muscle myosin II stress fibers were monitored with immunostaining techniques using specific antibodies and observed by confocal microscopy. Cell migration assay was carried out using inverted microscope and the Image-Pro Plus software. All of these indexes were used to evaluate the effectiveness of AMK.RESULTS: (1) Treatment with AMK caused significant increases in cellular polyamines content and Rho mRNAs and proteins expression levels, as compared to control group. Furthermore, AMK exposure increased non-muscle myosin II protein expression levels and formation of non-muscle myosin II stress fibers, and resulted in an acceleration of cell migration in IEC-6 cells. (2) Depletion of cellular polyamines by DFMO resulted in a decrease of cellular polyamines levels, Rho mRNAs and proteins expression, non-muscle myosin II protein formation and distribution, thereby inhibiting IEC-6 cell migration. AMK not only reversed the inhibitory effects of DFMO on the polyamines content, Rho mRNAs and proteins expression, non-muscle myosin II protein formation and distribution, but also restored cell migration to control levels.CONCLUSIONS: The results obtained from this study revealed that AMK significantly stimulates the migration of IEC-6 cells through a polyamine dependent...

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