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Thursday, 22 September


Eggo Waffles Recalled Due to Listeria Contamination "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Frozen Eggo waffles are the latest food to be hit with a recall due to possibly being contaminated with the listeria bacteria. So far, 10,000 cases of the Kellogg’s® Eggo® Nutri-Grain®Whole Wheat Waffles have been pulled from the shelves. No illnesses have occurred from the possible listeria contamination, as the bacteria was discovered during routine testing at their Battle Creek, Michigan production facility. [1]


The recalled waffles have been distributed in 25 states: CO, CT, DE, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, VT, WI, WY.

The only affected products are the 10 count, 12.3 ounce containers of the waffles with expiration dates between Nov. 21 and Nov. 22, 2017 and the UPC code 3800 40370. [2]

If you have purchased a package of waffles affected by the recall, you are advised to throw it away immediately. Contact Kellogg at 1-800-962-1413 on Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm to receive a full refund for your product. You may also contact them via their website.

Read: Listeria on the Rise – How to Combat Bacteria in Your Food

Symptoms of listeriosis can occur 3 to 70 days after the initial contamination. According to the National Health Service, you may be experiencing listeriosis if you are experiencing:

  • A high temperature (fever) 100.4F or above
  • Muscle ache or pain
  • Chills
  • Feeling or being sick
  • Diarrhea

For most people, the bacteria will go away on its own, though it can be especially damaging to pregnant women as it can cause miscarriages and stillbirths. It can also be dangerous for those who have a compromised immune system or for the elderly population.


[1] NY Daily News

[2] Kelloggs Leggo My Eggo

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Wednesday, 21 September


Dear Son "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Dear Son,

I saw what you posted on Facebook and I couldn’t click ‘like.’ Then I had a second thought that I wanted to support you, so I clicked ‘love,’ not because I loved it but because I Love You.

Your Facebook status:

Married man. Two degrees. White collar employed. Self-taught linguist. God-fearing man = Eligible for police brutality (#fact happened b4)

I’m sensible enough to know that my presence in society doesn’t just depend on how “I” see myself or what “successes” I might think I have …love for our neighbors. Fight for our justice. Pray for our freedom. #RIP #AltonSterling #struggle #pray #freedom #justice #love #worldwide

I recognize now that my first thought was one of fear that you were feeling this pain. Fear at the thought of you feeling oppressed. You were brought up between the color lines, living in poverty and educated amongst the affluent people. You wrote in your music about becoming one of the affluent men as you looked at your past as sin that you wished not to go back to again. I was hoping that your walk with God would shield you from this pain. Then I re-read the post and saw that you were speaking your TRUTH.

I know that you feel the pain deeply. While attending school at the University of Berkeley, police officers did surround you with the police cars, lights and a gun in your face while you were riding your bicycle home with a hoodie covering your head to stay warm. The reason? The police said you looked like a suspect that had just committed a crime—a black man wearing a hoodie.

How did this happen? You, being God-fearing, met your wife on your twenty-first birthday and married her five years later. Your wedding day kiss was your first kiss—respecting her and her family, you waited. Your love for the word of God is evident in your being. So how did you get connected to this thing? This thing that is roaming the earth seeking to devour.

The answer is that we all have pain. For some of us it is buried in shame, and let out in anger and aggression toward self and others.

When I was twenty-three, during the first year of your birth, the pain and trauma from my past caught up with me and I was suffering. I did not have anyone in the community who wouldn’t judge me as bad, so I suffered silently. I turned to psychiatry to help me attain a well life like the drug commercials and television movies promised, and the procedure was to label and drug me for almost twenty years. My coping mechanisms were judged as illnesses. Despite having a child in private school, they couldn’t see me as a person worthy of living well.

I did not know the history of mental health, psychiatry and drugging people that I know now. I went in blind, and this is why I continue to share my story—I know for sure that there are many others who do not know alternatives to move forward from anxiety and fear and get to loving themselves and others.

I wanted to spare you, my son, from suffering like I did. I wanted to give you every opportunity I could. You have grown into a good man, a caring and successful man, yet you still have to fear for your life in this country. You still feel pain when you see what is happening.

When you were four years old you briefly took gymnastics, just from me observing the world, seeing what worked well for others and wanting the same well life for you. Your uncle told me that I shouldn’t allow you to take gymnastics because you needed to be tough.

I asked him, tough for what? Of course I knew he was talking about the streets. He lived a street life—guns and drugs—and my other brother, my cousin and many friends had lived street lives and are now dead, in prison or deported.

I remember my brother getting killed less than two weeks after you were born, by a person he’d trusted and shared what he had with. The next day on the news, I saw a black body bag being carried as they mentione...


high concentrations of L. crispatus inhibit infectivity of C. trachomatis in vitro. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Sci Rep. 2016 ;6:29024. Epub 2016 Jun 29. PMID: 27354249 Abstract Title:  Lactobacillus crispatus inhibits the infectivity of Chlamydia trachomatis elementary bodies, in vitro study. Abstract:  Lactobacillus species dominate the vaginal microbiota of healthy reproductive-age women and protect the genitourinary tract from the attack of several infectious agents. Chlamydia trachomatis, a leading cause of sexually transmitted disease worldwide, can induce severe sequelae, i.e. pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility and ectopic pregnancy. In the present study we investigated the interference of Lactobacillus crispatus, L. gasseri and L. vaginalis, known to be dominant species in the vaginal microbiome, with the infection process of C. trachomatis. Lactobacilli exerted a strong inhibitory effect on Chlamydia infectivity mainly through the action of secreted metabolites in a concentration/pH dependent mode. Short contact times were the most effective in the inhibition, suggesting a protective role of lactobacilli in the early steps of Chlamydia infection. The best anti-Chlamydia profile was shown by L. crispatus species. In order to delineate metabolic profiles related to anti-Chlamydia activity, Lactobacillus supernatants were analysed by (1)H-NMR. Production of lactate and acidification of the vaginal environment seemed to be crucial for the activity, in addition to the consumption of the carbonate source represented by glucose. The main conclusion of this study is that high concentrations of L. crispatus inhibit infectivity of C. trachomatis in vitro.


Bill Gates’ Philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

What philanthropy has to do with vaccines, we would wonder, especially if the philanthropist is Bill Gates. The world’s richest man decided to give away the massive wealth he had amassed by selling computers. It was a philanthropy that the world had not witnessed earlier. Mr. Gates, with his wife Bellinda, built up the foundation that would dispense wealth to the poor: Africa, India and a host of other countries in need of ‘healthcare.’


Bill Gates, with his wife Melinda, built a foundation that would dispense wealth to the poor: Africa, India and a host of other countries

Why was Bill Gates funding India’s poor health sector? A partial but negative answer began to emerge in 2014, when the country’s Supreme Court raised questions about the operations of the foundation in some rural parts of India.

In 2009, tribal children from the Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh were administered with a Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine meant for cervical cancer. Around 16,000 girls between the age of 9-15 years were given three shots of vaccine, (manufactured by Merck) by the state health department. The girls were told that they were being given “well-being” shots. The incident started getting attention when some months later, several girls’ health deteriorated and the following year, five of them died. Two such similar cases of deaths were reported from Vadodara, Gujarat, where 14,000 tribal children were also vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Cervarix, made by Glaxo SmithKline.

Aman Dhawan, 16, from Indore lost weight and stamina after be was enrolled in a trial of vaccine, aimed at preventing cervical cancer. He had no idea he had been signed up for the trial.

Around the same time when these incidents were reported, young girls were hospitalised in northern Colombia with similar symptoms. Coincidentally, these girls had been given doses of vaccine too.

Skeletons started tumbling out when an NGO visited Andhra Pradesh. Health activists from the NGO Sama visited Khammam in March 2010 and found out that more than 100 girls were having epileptic seizures, stomach aches, headaches and mood swings. The girls also complained about early menstruation, heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps. Sama raised the issue that these students were made guinea pigs on the pretext of providing healthcare. The illiterate parents were kept in the dark about the real vaccine, and most of them gave their consent in the form of thumb prints.

Sana Ansari, 19, at her home in Indore. She and her brother Mazhar and sister Asiya were enrolled in a trial of Merck?s new Gardasil 9 drug, aimed at preventing cervical cancer. She and her family say she had no idea she had been signed up for the trial. More than 2,800 people have died during drug tests in Indian since 2005. In October 2013 the country?s Supreme Court put drugs trials on hold, warning that ?Foreign companies are treating India as a heaven for clinical trials, but it is proving hell for India.

Sana Ansari, 19, at her home in Indore. She was enrolled in a vaccine trial ai...

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Tuesday, 20 September


Report Reveals 7,100 Politicians Paid Off to Keep America Addicted to Pain Killers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Starting with a meager $50,000 donation to a politician’s campaign, the pharmaceutical industry’s lobbyists make sure we keep getting those pain pill prescriptions filled at the pharmacy. This type of coercion is nothing new, but a report has just revealed that more than 7,100 politicians were paid off with various cash donations, all to make sure that America’s painkiller epidemic continues.

The report details how Purdue Big Pharma lobbyist, Burt Rosen has paid more than 7000 politicians who are legislative gatekeepers for pain drug approvals. With the industry’s influence, we’re kept doped up and paying out, almost endlessly.

Opiod drugs have gotten so popular in the US, often selling for 200 times the price they might in other countries, that many will seek them out before Cocaine or Heroine. Opiod drugs are the second largest drug class globally, but Americans consume almost all of them. Last year 300 million pain pill prescriptions were written in America.

Most people only need opiods during acute illnesses, through childbirth, severe trauma, burns, or during a terminal illness. Thanks to the decisions of politicians swayed by Big Pharma’s money, we use them in the US like breath mints.

And then there’s the massive lobbying campaign aimed directly against a single substance which would likely end opiod abuse forever. Though the US government has claimed that marijuana has no medicinal value, it helps control seizures, stops pain, and has even been shown to dissolve cancerous tumors. No wonder then, that Chandler Pharmaceuticals was one of the biggest donors to Arizona’s anti-marijuana campaign.  The company gave $500,000 to oppose the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, making it the largest funder to defeat Proposition 205 in the state.

The journal, Clinical Neurology News reports that marijuana users are less likely to adhere to opiod therapies – simply because they don’t need them.

As the Times Free Press articulates:

“For more than a decade, members of a little-known group called the Pain Care Forum have blanketed Washington with messages about prescription painkillers’ vital role in the lives of millions of Americans, creating an echo chamber that has quietly derailed efforts to curb U.S. consumption of drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet.”

The annual sales for these few drugs amounts to billions with the OxyContin clan being welcomed to Forbes list of richest families for their efforts.

Though researchers...


Battered Bees and the Threat to Our Food "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Some plants produce offspring by producing seeds, but the seeds can only be produced by the transfer of pollen from the male anther of one flower to the female stigma of another.

While wind and water can transfer pollen to some extent, and some plants are self-pollinating, pollinators are the primary route that this pollen transfer occurs for many plants, including those we depend on for food.

The pollination process is quite incredible, really, and is carried out by certain birds, butterflies, bats, moths and bees (along with some other animals like honey possums).

In short, when the pollinator feeds from a flower, the pollen attaches to its body and then deposits on another during the pollinator's next stop. When examined more closely, however, there are even more details to this process that make it that much more amazing.

Bees Are Hardwired for 'Buzz Pollination'

Bees use a process called sonication, or buzz pollination, to shake loose pollen hidden in certain plants' anthers. The bees bite the anthers to hold on, then buzz. The vibration causes the pollen to spill out of the plant and stick to the bee.

Experiments conducted by University of Arizona researchers found that rather than being a learned behavior, bees appear to be hard-wired to use sonication. The study included bees raised in a laboratory that had never seen a flower.1

Yet, when they were given the chance, the bees knew just what to do. As The New York Times reported, they:2

  • Grabbed the plant's anther with their mandibles
  • Buzzed until they were doused in pollen
  • Groomed the pollen off their front legs and body and stuck it to "pollen baskets" on their rear legs

Having an innate ability for sonication has its benefits, including making bees highly adaptable to changing environments. If new plants come into a bees' range, or if they're forced to forage in unfamiliar areas, it means the bees should still be able to adapt.

Queen Bees Dying From Pesticide Exposure and Parasites

There is only one queen bee per hive. She mates once and then is fertile for life, laying up to 2,000 eggs per day to sustain the colony.

Research published in the journal Nature suggests, however, that combined exposure to neonicotinoid pesticides and parasites may alter queen bees' physiology and survival, thereby potentially destroying the whole hive.3

Queen bees exposed to infection with the parasite Nosema ceranae along with 0.7 micrograms per liter of a neonicotinoid called imidacloprid, which is a dose a bee may be exposed to in the wild, had serious effects.

More than 90 percent of the exposed queen bees died within 45 to 90 days (if healthy, a queen bee may live for several years). The researchers continued:4

"Furthermore, single and combined effects of pesticide and parasite decrease survivorship of queens introduced into mating hives for three months.

Because colony demographic regulation relies on [the] queen's fertility, the compromise of its physiology and life can seriously menace colony survival under pressure of combined stressors."

Past stud...


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Estimating Fetal Weight Increases Cesarean Risk The Well-Rounded Mama

Image from Wikimedia
One intervention often seen in pregnancies these days is estimation of fetal weight. But does this improve outcomes?

Bigger babies are more at risk for getting stuck, which is called "shoulder dystocia." Although the actual numerical risk for shoulder dystocia with big babies is not very great (and small babies get stuck too), the risk for shoulder dystocia is higher with a bigger baby. Most of the time it is resolved without damage, but in some cases babies or moms are hurt, sometimes seriously. In rare cases, babies even die. Damage from shoulder dystocia is one of the main reasons care providers get sued.

As a result, a big baby make many care providers nervous. So they routinely employ estimation of fetal weight near the end of pregnancy, either by hands-on estimation or by ultrasound estimation. But the critical question is whether estimating fetal weight actually improves outcomes.

Here is yet another study that shows that estimating fetal weight does NOT improve outcomes and that it increases the risk for cesareans. 

In this very large multi-center MFMU study, a baby estimated to be above 4000g (8 lbs., 13 oz.) was more than twice as likely to be born by cesarean. A diabetic mother with a baby estimated to be above 3500g (about 7 lbs. 12 oz.) was more than nine times as likely to have a cesarean.

This relationship persisted even when adjusted for actual birth weight and other variables, showing it was not just about the baby's size. The mere prediction of a large baby (whether baby was actually large or not) increased the risk for cesarean, suggesting that it is the way big babies are managed that makes the difference.

This is a particularly pertinent issue for women of size. Because "obese" women tend to have larger babies on average, care providers can get very anxious about fetal size in their pregnancies. Fear of big baby (and the resulting interventions) is one of the top drivers around the outrageously high cesarean rate in high-BMI women.

Sadly, this study does not directly address the effect of fetal weight estimation in the sub-population of obese women. It would be great to have data actually examining a practice that is so common in the management of obese women.

However, this is a very large and very powerful study showing that the practice of estimating fetal weight is harmful in pregnant women in general.

And it is just the latest in a long series of studies that show that the...


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The Algorithm Will See You Now: A Geek Tragedy "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In 1939, in the laboratories of Geigy pharmaceuticals, Paul Mueller discovered that DichloroDiphenylTrichlorethane — DDT — killed insects more effectively that anything else then available.

Robert Domenjoz, later the creator of imipramine, had the job of evaluating it. He did the testing on lice that was to make DDT one of the best-selling pharmaceuticals in the world. He asked the Salvation Army to bring him two of the paupers who slept there and he bought their shirts – for their lice. He put the lice in small boxes which could be sealed with a sieve so that the lice could breathe. He attached the boxes to his arms so that they could live off his blood. Over weeks, they multiplied. When he had enough, they started testing DDT on them. It worked a treat.

Lice carried typhus, a disease which, since Napoleon, has killed more people during wars than wartime combat itself. Domenjoz headed straight to the Swiss army, which started using it and then presented the results at the American embassy in Bern. When the Americans invaded Italy soon after, the troops were all sprayed with DDT and pretty soon everyone who was liberated from the Germans was liberated from lice also.

After the War was Over

After the war, it became common to spray the public in cinema queues and at football games across Europe and America, as the photo above shows. Mueller won the Nobel Prize in 1948. Domenjoz might have thought at the time he should have shared it.

As almost every ghostwritten article about all of the drugs in current use now says, DDT was very clearly "safe and effective."

The use of DDT spread. The image most of us have now is of planes dusting crops with plumes trailing behind them.

Then, in the early 1960s, the wheels came off the bandwagon. By the time Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published, DDT was on the road to oblivion, with most of us thankful we had been saved from oblivion. DDT, it became clear, accumulated in the food chain, with small doses in some insects and crops ending up as larger doses in the predators living on them, and larger and lethal doses in the birds, fish and other mammals living on them — or in their eggs or milk.

And larger doses in us.

We had learnt that the acute effects of a drug given in a particular way might be dramatically different from the effect that came with chronic exposure or from unexpected routes of administration.

Wasn’t this what we learnt?

Geek Tragedy

Controlled trials (RCTs) are all about establishing the acute effects of a drug given in a standardized way, by drug companies who hope the verdict will be that their chemical is safe and effective, so that they can head out and put it in the drinking water (metaphorically). People will end up on these chemicals chronically and they will be mixed with lots of other chemicals in ways never imagined when the drug was first tested.

The result is biphosphonate drugs marketed to reduce the risk of fractures, but which increase the risk of serious fractures. Antidepressants marketed to reduce suicide risk, alcoholism, substance misuse, marriage breakdown, etc., which increase the risk of all these things, as well as causing Autistic Spectrum Disorder and birth defects. Statins marketed to reduce risks linked to diabetes which increase rates of diabetes, and to reduce the cognitive problems stemming from strokes but cause cognitive problems in their o...


Neonatal gut microbiome dysbiosis might promote CD4+ T cell dysfunction associated with childhood atopy. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Nat Med. 2016 Sep 12. Epub 2016 Sep 12. PMID: 27618652 Abstract Title:  Neonatal gut microbiota associates with childhood multisensitized atopy and T cell differentiation. Abstract:  Gut microbiota bacterial depletions and altered metabolic activity at 3 months are implicated in childhood atopy and asthma. We hypothesized that compositionally distinct human neonatal gut microbiota (NGM) exist, and are differentially related to relative risk (RR) of childhood atopy and asthma. Using stool samples (n = 298; aged 1-11 months) from a US birth cohort and 16S rRNA sequencing, neonates (median age, 35 d) were divisible into three microbiota composition states (NGM1-3). Each incurred a substantially different RR for multisensitized atopy at age 2 years and doctor-diagnosed asthma at age 4 years. The highest risk group, labeled NGM3, showed lower relative abundance of certain bacteria (for example, Bifidobacterium, Akkermansia and Faecalibacterium), higher relative abundance of particular fungi (Candida and Rhodotorula) and a distinct fecal metabolome enriched for pro-inflammatory metabolites. Ex vivo culture of human adult peripheral T cells with sterile fecal water from NGM3 subjects increased the proportion of CD4(+) cells producing interleukin (IL)-4 and reduced the relative abundance of CD4(+)CD25(+)FOXP3(+) cells. 12,13-DiHOME, enriched in NGM3 versus lower-risk NGM states, recapitulated the effect of NGM3 fecal water on relative CD4(+)CD25(+)FOXP3(+) cell abundance. These findings suggest that neonatal gut microbiome dysbiosis might promote CD4(+) T cell dysfunction associated with childhood atopy.


Scientists Create Baby Mice Without Using Fertilized Eggs "IndyWatch Feed World"

Scientists in the UK have found a method of creating offspring without using female eggs. In an experiment at Bath University scientists successfully created healthy baby mice using sperm that was injected directly into modified, inactive mouse embryos rather than from a fertilized egg cells.  International Business Times reports: This is the first time offspring have been born without egg cells, suggesting the process of fertilisation is more complicated than we once thought. It is important to be clear – an egg was required for the mice to be born. In their study published in Nature Communications, scientists started with an egg and created an artificial signal to make it develop into an embryo. Normally, these embryos – parthenogenotes – die after a few days because they need sperm to continue the developmental process. However, researchers were able to inject sperm into the parthenogenotes to allow fertilisation. Moreover, the fertilised embryos resulted in healthy mice being born in 24% of the experiments. Tony Parry, a molecular embryologist and senior author of the paper, said: “This is first time that full term development has been achieved by injecting sperm into embryos. It had been thought that only an egg cell was capable [...]

The post Scientists Create Baby Mice Without Using Fertilized Eggs appeared first on Your News Wire.


China Heads 57 Nation Alliance Against U.S. (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"


“This is a bigger financial threat than Islamic terrorism or a Nuclear Iran. Our fiercest enemies and closest allies have just formed a 57-nation alliance. They have one goal: to dethrone America as the world’s financial superpower.”  – The Sovereign Investor News.

There is a country that is forming alliances against America. A country that wants to be the superpower of the world. A country that imprisons political dissidents, pushes forced labor camps, and sells organs on the black market. A country that owns a good portion of America and it’s rearing it’s ugly head in a powerful way.

Here’s what is about to slap us all in the face….

Facts About China:

  1. China is a one-party communist country, though it allows some forms of capitalism. Chinese corporations belong to the state and money for corporations become money for the state. Every business is under the control of the government.
  2. More than 82 million people in China are very poor. But the government is rich because they take all the money from the corporations.
  3. For 40 years Chinese citizens were only allowed to have one child per family, if they had more they were forced to have an abortion. In 2016 they changed the law. Citizens can now request to have two children.
  4. China has labor camps. Many are kept secret. These prisons are not for regular criminals. They are for religious believers, reporters, journalists, and anyone who disagrees with their regime.
  5. There is a lot of persecution and regulations on religious groups. Christianity, Tibetan Buddhists, and those of the Falun Gong religion are specifically targeted.
  6. China banned the Falun Gong religion and these people can be sent to labor camps and killed simply for practicing their faith.
  7. Christians are only allowed to practice their faith in stated approved churches. The Government has bulldozed churches a...

Sunday, 18 September


Is Your Smartphone Killing Your Sperm? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A new review of several studies confirms that the radiation from cell phones can actually negatively impact a man’s sperm. This has been more so the case since these phones have begun to fit easily into men’s pockets, meaning the source is even closer to those family jewels.

The review of 27 scientific studies examining the effects of a cell phone on men’s reproduction shows that at least 21 of the studies demonstrate some form of negative effect. In most of the studies, it was shown that the radiation effects sperm mobility, and there is some evidence of DNA damage done to the sperm themselves. [1]

In an Israeli study earlier this year where 100 men were studied, it was found that 47% of men who kept their cell phones in their front pockets experienced low sperm levels, as opposed to 11% of the general male population who face this issue. The study also demonstrated that men who talked on the phone for an hour a day or more were twice as likely to have degraded sperm quality as those who did not speak on the phone that long.

The authors of the Israeli study believe that the issue is not necessarily radioactivity, but the heat from the phone can cause the sperm to literally “cook.” The heat from phones may be different as well depending on the model, as some are known more than others for their capacity of overheating.

Professor Martha Dirnfeld, of the Technion University in Haifa, who helped carry out the Israeli study, stated:

“The [sperm] levels were down to a number that would make conception difficult. If you are trying for a baby and it doesn’t happen within a year you might want to think of whether it could be your mobile phone habit that is to blame.”

Related: 10 Ways To Reduce Radiation from Cell Phone Use

Other research from the University of Exeter also pinpoints cell phones as having a detrimental effect on sperm counts, and suggests men who keep their phones in their front pockets find some other way to tote their device.

“The implications are likely to be greatest for subgroups of men with multiple exposures to different factors which act together to affect their sperm; and possibly for men who already have borderline fertility,” said researcher Fiona Mathews, PhD., discussing the findings of her work to the Huffington Post.

Researchers are concluding that they feel more intensive research is needed in order to come to more educated conclusion on the damage males might sustain from using their cell phone too often.


[1] IFLScience

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