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Friday, 17 November


Amazon Whole Foods Drops Prices for Thanksgiving Whole Foods Magazine

Austin, TX  In a taste of whats in store, Amazons Whole Foods Market stores are talking turkey by discounting Thanksgiving meal staples and offering even more for Prime members.

Antibiotic-free turkeys are selling for $2.49 per pound, or $1.99 per pound for Prime customers. Whole organic turkeys, meanwhile, will go for 14% off the discounted price for $2.99 per pound, while supplies last. Prime members get an electronic coupon they can scan in-store for the discount and Amazon is offering a free trial Prime membership (normally $99 per year) to shop at Whole Foods Market stores and get the discount.

Prime, which offers its members access to expedited delivery at no charge, access to original videos and other entertainment programming, will also become the in-store loyalty program for Whole Foods Market.

These are the latest new lower prices in our ongoing integration and innovation with Amazon, and were just getting started, said John Mackey, Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO in a statement released with the joint datelines of Austin and Seattle. In the few months weve been working together, our partnership has proven to be a great fit. Well continue to work closely together to ensure were consistently surprising and delighting our customers while moving toward our goal of reaching more people with Whole Foods Markets high-quality, natural, and organic food.

Whole Foods Market also lowered prices on value pack boneless skinless chicken breasts (organic and no antibiotic), responsibly farmed raw peeled shrimp, and private label 365 Everyday Value canned pumpkin, organic broccoli, organic salad mixes, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Among the brands seeing cost reductions are Lunderg Family Farms organic rice, Eden Foods organic beans, Pacific Foods organic chicken and vegetable broth, Organic Valley eggs and milk, and Toms of Maine toothpaste. Everyday low prices are being established for brands such as Chobani yogurt, California Olive Ranch EVOO, Siggis yogurt, Applegate hot dogs and Fage yogurt. Its also offering lower prices on Vital Farms and Alfresco brand pasture raised eggs.

Shares of Kroger Co. and Sprouts Farmers Market were bouncing back on Thursday. Kroger had fallen as much as 3.5% in New York trading on Wednesday while Sprouts tumbled as much as 3%.

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Will This Thanksgiving Dinner Be the Healthiest Yet? Whole Foods Magazine

By Ronak Sheth, Chief Customer Officer for Label Insight

Every year, Americans collectively loosen their belts in anticipation of one of the most beloved and glutinous meals of the year, Thanksgiving dinner. But as consumer awareness about the ingredients being used in the food products they purchase increases, so too does their demand for more transparency from retailers and manufacturers alike. In fact, this holiday season consumers are expected to spend more on better-for-you ingredients leading up to Thanksgiving than they do during an average week.

Why? Because Americans are changing the way they shop for food products. Todays consumers are more concerned than ever before about the food they consume. According to Label Insights 2017 Shopper Trends Study, nearly half of U.S. shoppers (49%) adhere to a particular diet or nutrition plan, and 75% avoid specific ingredients when purchasing food products. While each consumer may vary their definition of healthy, or the diets they follow, there is an overwhelming consensus that ingredient information is still confusing or not detailed enough.

Data from Nielsen Product Insider, powered by Label Insight, shows more inclusion for diets, lifestyles and preferences than ever before. Products meeting vegetarian, vegan and Paleo diet requirements sell faster for three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving than during the weekly average. Whereas Thanksgiving dinner was once used as a cheat day for many, todays consumers are bringing their standard eating habits into this holiday.

The rise of superfoods and clean/organic products this holiday season

Superfoods have quickly become a popular purchase in grocery stores across the country. And this Thanksgiving, superfoods are expected to have a prominent place at the table as well. Sweet potatoes and cinnamon are two staple ingredients used widely in Thanksgiving recipes. Theyre considered superfoods because of their health benefits; both are rich in vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants.  According to data from Nielsen, more than 10% of sweet potato sales were generated during the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving alone. Organic sweet potato sales increased 12%, but conventional sweet potato dollars declined 2% during this period.

Last year, Nielsen found that consumers spent more than twice as much on desserts with cinnamon in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving than during an average week. Across the grocery store, shoppers are looking for food including cinnamon as an ingredient. Cheese, processed meats and nuts/butters/jellies including cinnamon all sold more during the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving compared to the rest of the year.

The demand for greater tra...

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Thursday, 16 November


Your Brain on Gratitude Whole Foods Magazine

Why do so many books and articles implore us to strengthen our gratitude muscles? Theres more to it than the fact expressing thanks is considered to be a polite and kind thing to door that we have an entire national holiday dedicated to it. Like meditation, expressing gratitude has been shown to influence our mood, our behavior, and even our brains.

A 2016 study by researchers at Indiana University took a group of 43 people seeking counseling for anxiety or depression and divided them into two groups: both groups attended weekly counseling sessions for three months. One group was told to spend 20 minutes writing a letter of thanks to a person of their choice during the first three sessions (and then never again), the other had only standard counseling sessions with no thank-you notes required.

Those 60 minutes (total) of writing down their thoughts of gratitude had a significant impact on the feelings, behaviors, and even the brains of the first group, and the benefits were long-lasting. Months after the counseling sessions ended, members of the letter-writing group reported greater feelings of gratefulness than the other groupthey also showed more activity in sections of the brain that are associated with being able to anticipate the effect ones own actions have on others. These findings suggest it doesnt take a lot of focus on gratitude to make long-lasting changes in how your brain works, and to make it more likely youll mentally find your way to gratitude more easily in the future.

Gratitude Can Make You a Better Person

A 2006 study published in the journal Psychological Science also found that feeling gratitude makes it more likely that you will help someone else, and go to greater lengths to do so. And a 2011 University of Kentucky study found that gratitude also works to reduce negative behavior toward othersparticipants who reported higher feelings of gratitude in general were less likely to respond negatively when in the face of criticism and to feel more empathy to those who were giving the negative feedback.

Who Is Also More Resilient

And these benefits arent just applicable when things are going swimmingly: gratitude has also been shown to provide important benefits to people who are recovering from traumatic situations. A 2006 study found that veterans who were more likely to feel gratitude for daily occurrences also reported having more good days, motivation, and self-esteem whether or not they had PTSD.

Making Gratitude a Daily Habit

I know what youre thinking: How can I possibly make space for one more thin...


Physicians Best To Have Practiced What They Preach Regarding Lifestyle Weighty Matters

A few days ago I put out a tweet that stated that physicians (and with more characters here I'll say other allied health professionals as well) shouldn't give lifestyle advice unless they've followed it themselves. Given it led to a varied discussion, thought I'd expand more here.

First, I'm talking primarily about diet and fitness advice which pertain to any diet/fitness responsive condition or simply on healthy living as its own aim.

Second, while I think it'd be terrific if all physicians continually walked their talks, this isn't a reasonable expectation. What is however reasonable, at least in my opinion, is that a physician providing lifestyle advice has spent at least some time following their own advice (barring of course any physical or medical limitations that might preclude same).

Living the whys, wherefores, real-life challenges, and logistics, of their own lifestyle advice provides physicians with insights and empathy that in turn will help in their understandings of their patients' struggles and barriers. That understanding is likely to improve the counselling and support those physicians provide.

Whether it's keeping a food diary, following a particular diet, cooking the majority of meals from fresh whole ingredients, exercising a particular amount each week or day, mindfully meditating, etc - spending a real amount of time doing so (my non-evidence based suggestion would be for a month at least) will make you a better clinician.

[And to be clear, as there were those online who wanted to extrapolate my statement into one that suggested physicians must themselves all live incredibly healthful lives and maintain certain weights - that's definitely not what I'm saying, nor of course does weight provide real insight into the health of a person's lifestyle (as plenty of people with obesity live healthy lives, and plenty of people without don't).]


20 Health Hacks Everyone Should Know

Whether its curing a throat tickle, resolving your headache in minutes or experiencing supersonic hearing, these 21 tricks are proven methods of fooling your body to achieve a desired result, whether thats relieving pain or just having fun. 1. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Now,


Natural Cures for Receding Gums

Most people dont know they have gum recession because it occurs gradually. The first sign of gum recession is usually tooth sensitivity and you may notice a tooth looks longer than normal. Gum recession is where part of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, or pulls back, showing more of the tooth


Natural Remedies For Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes itchy or sore patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales. Most commonly it appears on your elbows, knees, scalp, back, face, palms and feet, but it can show up on other parts of your body. Here are some natural remedies to ease symptoms and minimize flare-ups.


10 Signs You Have an Autoimmune Disease and How to Reverse It

Autoimmune conditions affect over 50 million Americans, a large percentage of whom are women. In fact, I myself had an autoimmune diseases called Graves. Autoimmune diseases are considered a top 10 leading cause of death in women under the age of 65. They come in many different varieties, including rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, thyroid


Discover How To Manage Stress Without Meditation Body in Balance

  Discover How To Manage Stress Without Meditation   Stress can undermine your health and happiness. It can cause a lot of problems, including depression, anxiety, weight gain, sleep disorders, and adrenal fatigue. Some people use meditation to combat stress. The science of meditation, however, is still young. People do not know exactly why, how, []

The post Discover How To Manage Stress Without Meditation appeared first on Body in Balance.


How to Reduce Your Heart Scan Score Dr. William Davis

Millions of people have undergone CT heart scans that provide a heart scan or coronary calcium score. Unfortunately, people are then advised by doctors to take a statin drug, aspirin, a beta blocker or other combination of drugs that do NOT stop the 25-30% year-over-year rise in score. This eventually leads to heart attack or needing heart procedures like bypass surgery, angioplasty, or stent implantation, even death.

Doctors say that there is nothing you can do to stop this rise in heart scan score. What they are really saying is that there are no DRUGS or PROCEDURES that they can provide beyond the useless ones they prescribed. They did NOT tell you that there are a number of crucial non-drug and non-procedural ways to reduce your heart scan score and reduce, even eliminate, risk.

That is one of the many things we do in the Undoctored approach.

About Undoctored:
We are entering a new age in which the individual has astounding power over healthbut dont count on the doctor or healthcare system to tell you this.

We draw from the health information of the world, collaborate, share experiences, collect data, and show how to apply new health tools to achieve levels of health that you may have thought unattainable. We do all this at a time when conventional healthcare costs have become crippling.

The result: personal health that is SUPERIOR to that obtained through conventional means.

Start with the book:
Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You and How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor

Join the conversation to take health to the next level:


Lets talk about how to reduce your heart scan score. First of all, is that even possible? Yes, it is very possible. Ive done it many times. Ive helped people reduce their heart scan scores, for instance, from a high score of like 900 down to 300 or 400. Its not that difficult.

The conventional answer is that you cannot do that, and the reason why a lot of my colleagues say that, is because what theyre saying is:
theres no drug that does that;
theres no procedure that does that.
What they dont recognize is that there are non-drug, non-procedural tools that you can draw from, that you can get on your own, and reduce your heart scan score, in the majority of people.

What is a heart scan score? Thats a coronary calcium score. Its a scan of your heart obtained by a very rapid...


How To Attract Positive Friendships And Shed Toxic Ones

As we age, theyre the spice that keeps us vibrant and challenged. Theyre also good medicine. When your body sags, longtime buddies lift you up. When youre sick and bedridden, they brighten your outlook. When death comes knocking, they slam the door on evil thoughts. But how do we keep positive friendships in our lives


Taking Painkillers Like Aspirin and Ibuprofen Triples Your Risk of Kidney Cancer

Recent research has linked pain killers like aspirin, acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to hearing loss. New findings suggests people on such drugs are also tripling their risk of kidney cancer, say scientists. A study of over 125,000 participants found those who regularly took over the counter anti-inflammatories were 51 per cent more likely


Uncensored Film Highlights Further Evidence That HIV Does Not Cause AIDS

International communities of scientists have been questioning the origin of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) for decades. Not only have they questioned the origin, but the shocking reality that HIV may not even be the cause of AIDS at all. Winner of a best documentary feature, House of Numbers rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding


A Natural Pain Killer More Effective Than Morphine

Millions live with chronic pain, while millions more suffer bouts with acute pain due to injuries or surgery. Opium-based painkillers, such as morphine and oxycodone have been around for decades. These are the same painkillers used for decades. When it comes to painkillers, weve learned very little about what they actually do to the body.


Frankincense: A Wise Mans Treatment for Arthritis

The answer to treating painful arthritis could lie in an age old herbal remedy frankincense, according to Cardiff University scientists. Cardiff scientists have been examining the potential benefits of frankincense to help relieve and alleviate the symptoms of the condition. The search for new ways of relieving the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis


Eat Your Way To More Muscle and Less Fat

Whether youre just trying to make yourself healthier overall or focusing on a specific goal, like body building or endurance training, the goals of building muscle and burning fat seem to go hand in hand. However, the lions share of advice you find out there for burning fat while you build muscle concusses on specific


Impacts of Weather Change on Your Health and Tips to Deal with Them

You must have either heard it or said it yourself, Theres a storm brewing, I can feel it in my bones. If this holds true, then certainly there are some impacts brought to our health due to weather changes. Many individuals are reported to feel an increase in pain when there are uncertain weather changes.


Boulders Alfalfas Market Sold Whole Foods Magazine

The founders of Boulders Alfalfas Market have sold the natural grocer to two Denver-based investors who plan to revamp the Boulder location and expand in other parts of the state, reports the Daily Camera.

Mark Retzloff and Barney Feinblum sold their majority shares in the company to Mark Homlish, vice president of property management firm Lincoln Property Company, and William Tripp Wall, vice president of wealth management company Alliance Bernstein, the Camera reports. Price was not disclosed.

Alfafas was founded as the Pearl Street Market in 1979. In 1996, Wild Oats acquired what had become an 11-location operation. It was divested when Whole Foods bought Wild Oats in 2007. The owners restarted Alfafs in 2011 and opened a second Boulder store in 2014. Feinblum plans to retire and Retzloff plans to focus on other ventures, a spokesperson said.

We are pleased with the transition to a new majority shareholder and believe this local, Denver-based investment group is the right investor to help Alfalfas move forward, said Feinblum via an emailed statement to Daily Camera. As other natural and organic food retail chains get gobbled up by larger companies, Alfalfas will continue to serve the needs of our local Colorado communities, and support local farmers and food artisans.

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Gluten Free Argentine Choripan COMFORT BITES BLOG

A gluten free take on a snack from Argentina - Choripan. A juicy sausage in a gluten free ciabatta style roll and a good spoonful of chimichurri salsa.  This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that goes back into helping me keep the blog running.  One of the things I miss most about Argentina is the food. The people were amazing, but my gosh THE FOOD.  I remember eating grilled meats in a restaurant with fries, salad and red wine. I remember eating pizza nearly every day, and getting an ice cream that was the size of my head (this was before I...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Butterball Releases Organic Turkey for Thanksgiving Whole Foods Magazine

According to an article in USA Today, Butterball will be releasing organic turkeys and ground turkey in time for Thanksgiving this year. While one can get organic turkey from another producer, the fact that Butterball, one of the largest turkey product companies in the country, is throwing their hat in the ring is a significant moment for organic products. Sales of organic product has been huge in recent years and according to the Organic Trade Association, sales hit $43 billion last year.

Besides the growth in organic sales, Butterball got their first taste of success in pushing more natural products last year when it first began providing antibiotic-free turkeys, which now account for 10% of the companys sales by volume. Of course, transitioning into organic is challenging because its both expensive and time consuming. This is particularly true for a company that operates on such a huge scale.

Were not particularly promoting the items, said Jay Jandrain, chief operating officer of the company, in the article. We want to (avoid) a situation where were overselling what we produce.

We hope enough people go for the organic turkey so that Butterball is encouraged to make organic turkey a more important part of their repertoire.


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Thanksgiving Main Course Recipes Closet Cooking

Thanksgiving Main Course Recipes

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I thought that it was about time that I dusted off and updated the roundups of all of my favourite Thanksgiving dishes starting with the main course. I have to say that a simple roast turkey is my favourite main course and I am always looking forward to it! Although you could get all fancy with your roast turkey, you really don't have to as a long as you roast it properly, that turkey is going to shine all by itself. Since I generally serve Thanksgiving diner to a small group of people I often opt to just go with a large turkey breast which is much easier to roast but you do miss out on all of the dark meat and the bone that you can make turkey stock from. If turkey is just not your thing or if you are just bored with it or if you are serving to a large group of people and want a second roast, you cannot go wrong serving a ham, a roast beef or even a roast lamb. Without further ado, on to the recipes:

Read the recipe


Creamy Brie Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Soup Closet Cooking

Creamy Brie Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Soup
Sweet potato casserole is a classic Thanksgiving side dish and one day I was dreaming about soups for the holidays the two ideas crossed paths this creamy brie sweet potato pecan pie soup was born! This soup has a savoury base that starts with onions and garlic moving on to chicken broth after which we start with some sweet aspects with some apple cider. The sweet potatoes are simmered in the broth until tender, brie is added for creaminess along with some more savoury undertones, and once the cheese has melted everything is pureed until silky smooth. Things are finished off with some more sweet in the form of maple syrup and a hint of vanilla! This soup is amazing just like this but I like to top my sweet potato pie with a crunch pecan topping and so I top this soup off with a crispy rolled oat and pecan crumble! Yum! This creamy brie sweet potato pecan pie soup is such a fabulous starter fro your Holiday meal and it also makes for a great meal served all by itself!

Read the recipe


#MorningMonarchy: November 15, 2017 #FoodWorldOrder Media Monarchy

Digital pills, toxic swill and the ionized atmosphere + this day in history w/the Milli Vanilli scandal and our song of the day by Saintseneca on your Morning Monarchy for November 15, 2017.


FTC Deceptive Advertising Complaint Settled Whole Foods Magazine

Washington, D.C. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says a network of online marketers and the three people behind it have agreed to settle charges they sold more than 40 weight-loss, muscle-building, and wrinkle-reduction products to consumers using unsubstantiated health claims, fake magazine and news sites, bogus celebrity endorsements and phony consumer testimonials.

The FTC also alleges the defendants used deceptive offers of free and risk-free trials, and automatically enrolled consumers without their consent in negative option auto-ship programs with additional monthly charges.

The court order settling the charges imposes a judgment of $179, which is the amount FTC alleges consumers nationwide paid the defendants over a period of more than five years. The settlement of about $6.4 million will suspend the judgment, and bans the defendants from using deceptive marketing and billing tactics.

The FTCs complaint names Richard Fowler, Ryan Fowler and Nathan Martinez and 19 companies they control, which operate as Tarr, Inc. It alleges Tarr, Inc. used fake media websites with domain names that appeared to be legitimate news or magazine sites, such as, and

These fake sites had mastheads for what appeared to be legitimate news and journal organizations, including Mens Health, Good Housekeeping, and Everyday with Dr. Oz. The sites featured reporters and celebrities, like Paula Deen, Dr. Oz, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Statham, who supposedly used the products themselves and experienced dramatic results. The FTC alleges that these celebrities never endorsed the defendants products.

Among the false claims were an advertisement for one of the biggest sellers, the Miracle Garcinia Cambogia weight-loss product, which claimed: I lost 23 lbs in 5 Weeks, No Special Diet, No Intense Exercise. The FTC said the ads also falsely stated the products dramatic

The Commission vote approving the complaint and proposed stipulated final order was 2-0. The order was signed by Judge Larry A. Burns of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. A complete list of defendants can be found in the documents on the case docket page.

The post FTC Deceptive Advertising Complaint Settled appeared fi...

Wednesday, 15 November


Why You Should Never Eat Microwave Popcorn

While microwavable popcorn tastes great and is made in a jiffy, it has a dark side. The manufacturing process is harmful to workers and the finished product is laced with unhealthy chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). After reading this article, youll likely choose to air pop your popcorn or cook it in a large


Essential Skills, Tasks, and Training for Preppers and Survivalists: Part 1 Ready Nutrition

For this article, were going to go into basic focus mode: you start out with the basics and build upon them.  This is the type of mindset and foundation that work for everything in life (basically).  You use it as a format in everything you do, such as building a home or when you begin an exercise program.  In this vein, were going to create a Training METL: A Mission-Essential Task List for your Training as a basis for well-rounding yourself.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.

What is your focus?  What type of work do you do?  How do you allocate your time?  A short time ago, I wrote a piece on the importance of self-analysis: creating a true picture of yourself, your strengths, and areas that you need to improve in.  This holds true here, as you identify and prioritize your goals, with an overall objective in mind.  Here is an overall objective for you:

To survive and thrive as you and your family develop physically, mentally, and spiritually to well-round yourselves and prepare for any disaster that arises.

Simple enough.  The Mission-Essential Task List for Training can become a big part in actually realizing that objective and maintaining it.  This METL (called Metal in the Army) for your use will use broad categories to train and prepare that you can refine as your needs change and your skills improve.  Lets start it off!

  1. Physical Training: It all starts here, with whatever you do to be able to hang with the big dogs!  Whether youre a Triathlete, a weightlifter, a boxer, or a swimmer, you need to take your personal forte and tailor it to the maximum productive capacity.  Outline your training schedule, plan short and long-term goals for improvement, and take copious notes!  If youre a swimmer, do you want to swim the English Channel?  If youre a marathon runner, do you want to set a personal record for yourself?  Want to up your max on the bench press by 50 lbs.?  Part of your training is to identify your goals, and work up to them.  Tie in what you can do with the tasks you will need to accomplish as a survivor.  This also has to do with your overall body fat content (what is your goal?) and your measurements of weight, and tape.  Physical training is not an accessory: it is a priority!
  2. Martial/Fighting Arts Training: thi...


A Single Essential Oil That Can Prevent Foodborne Illness

Essential oil of cinnamon is a potent antibacterial agent that may be useful as a natural method for preventing the spread of foodborne illness, according to a study conducted by researchers from Washington State University that is scheduled for publication in the journal Food Control in December 2014. The study was conducted on the oil of the


How to Naturally Remove Warts in 2 Weeks

Garlic is definitely one of natures biggest stars. Not only does it taste good in a variety of dishes, but it also offers numerous health benefits. Adding to the body of research outlining those benefits is a new study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, one that indicates garlic holds the power to eliminate warts and help heal


7 Natural Remedies for Arthritis in Hands

When joint cartilage wears away, bone rubs against bone, causing arthritis. Sounds painful? It is. Arthritis seriously impairs the quality of life for 27 million Americans. Given that osteoarthritis is so disabling, painful and common, there are plenty of ridiculous claims out there, from shark cartilage to copper jewelry to snake venom. But here are


Acid Reflux Folk Remedy: Baking Soda Natural Remedies

Acid reflux is a medical condition that is experienced by almost one-third of the populace at least once a month. Using baking soda for acid reflux is an old folk remedy, but its value in treating heartburn has been verified by science. There are many solutions for relieving heartburn and other digestion issues, so why would something so simple work so effectively?

How Does Baking Soda Work?

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is alkaline. When a small amount is mixed with water, it neutralizes refluxed stomach acid. In fact, one popular effervescent antacid tablet has sodium bicarbonate as its main active ingredient.

To find out about an all-natural, holistic 5-step system for curing acid reflux and heartburn and achieving freedom from most digestive disorders faster than you ever thought possible, click here!

How Much Baking Soda Should You Use?

Only use a half teaspoon dissolved in a four-ounce glass of water when acid reflux occurs. Just stir or swirl the mixture around so it dissolves and swallow it. You may need to wait for several minutes, but what you're looking for is that welcoming belch which feels like a ton of pressure has just been released. (Might be a good idea to use it when no one else is around). Belching after consuming baking soda for acid reflux is a good sign and it's just gas being released following the neutralization of the stomach acid.

Don't Overdo the Baking Soda

You have to be careful when using baking soda for acid reflux. Too much baking soda may neutralize too much stomach acid in the stomach, thus, interfering with the proper digestion of food in the stomach itself. This could itself cause acid reflux because of the interference with the proper functioning of the regulating mechanism of the sphincter muscle, which lets food into the stomach and which is supposed to keep the acid from refluxing back into the esophagus.

Using baking soda for acid reflux should only be seen as a temporary measure if you are a chronic sufferer. While some people find it highly effective, others may not. The most important thing is to use it as per the above said method. Intake of large amounts may produce negative effects.


An Open Letter to Dr. John Warner, President of the American Heart Association, on surviving a heart attack Dr. William Davis

Headlines today announce that the new President of the American Heart Association (AHA), cardiologist Dr. John Warner, has suffered a heart attack, aborted by an emergency stent placement. Typical of the ridiculous attitudes that prevail at the industry-friendly AHA, they Tweeted:

Sending all our love and support to @American_Heart president Dr. Warner as he recovers from a mild heart attack. Heart disease can strike anyone, at any time. Thats why we keep fighting.

If you ignore the nonsense that AHA policy dictates, you can absolutely gain control over cardiovascular risk. But you will NOT find the answers in any AHA policy. I learned these lessons practicing as an interventional cardiologist, then abandoning this ridiculous way of managing coronary disease to devote my efforts to early detection and prevention.

So I thought I would articulate some of these thoughts in an open letter to Dr. Warner as he recovers from his procedure.

Dr. Warner

Imagine you read these headlines:

Campaign in Afghanistan a success: 10,000 Americans dead.

You would be confused, perhaps outraged. How can the death of American soldiers be regarded as success when it is clearly an outright failure?

Well, for the same reasons, why do our colleagues, hospital executives, and people in Big Pharma and the medical device industry make claims such as Weve had a banner year, our most successful year ever: 800 coronary bypasses and 18,000 heart catheterizations performed. These are not measures of success; they are measures of failurefailure to identify the people at risk, failure to correct the factors that lead to heart attack, angina, and atherosclerotic coronary disease, failures that you have now survived.

There are a number of reasons why some...


Beets Could Help Prevent Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

It figures: one of the least tasty vegetables turns out to be among the healthiest beets. Fortunately, raw beets work well for juicing. Beets mixed with juiced fresh carrots, some apple and some greens thrown in then topped off with a freshly squeezed lemon provides a tasty vegetable juice. Beets lose a lot of


Curcumin Found to Prevent Brain Degenerative Diseases Like Parkinsons and Alzheimers

Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in the Indian curry spice turmeric and commonly referred to as holy powder, has been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat wounds, infections, and other health problems. Today researchers are using the power of the evolving science of epigenetics to reveal how curcumin is crucial in the fight


Why Drinking Alcohol Makes You Fat

There are many factors that affect weight loss, making the process more complicated than it may seem. The body produces different hormones in response to different types of foods and/or drinks. Losing weight is not only about calorie consumption but also about the types of foods and drinks consumed. Alcohol is one of the worst


Just One Soda Per Day Can Cause Heart Attacks in Men

You have no doubt heard that sugary, high-fructose soda is a major contributing factor to the nations ever-growing waistline, but new research indicates that even in moderation, drinking just one soda a day is a major health risk, especially for men. According to a new study published in the medical journal Circulation, a daily soda increases your


Scientists Find Rinsing Mouth with Colloidal Silver Treats Infections

The amazing infection-treating properties of silver seem to be flooding the pages of scientific journals these days, as researchers, scientists, and medical experts are finally fessing up to the fact that this unique element possesses healing properties far superior to pharmaceutical antibiotics and drugs. And a new study published in the Society for Applied Microbiology journal Letters in


Naturally Relieve and Heal Toothaches and Tooth Infections

Toothaches generally occur when a tooths nerve root becomes irritated. The most common causes of toothaches are infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth. Pain may also occur after a tooth has been pulled. While no one enjoys a painful tooth, the good news is that tooth pain and infections can usually be relieved


Amazons Retail Consolidation May Ease Change Whole Foods Magazine

Seattle, WA Amazons latest management move combining all its retail operations, along with Whole Foods Market, under SVP Steve Kessel gives it the flexibility to experiment seamlessly with the most efficient ways to deliver groceries to consumers and optimize the brick-and-mortar to digital connection and data.

Kessels background using data to create inventive solutions for the retailer and his mandate to create the store of the future has already led to things like bookstores selling products tailored to what sells in a particular market. Shoppers scan to find the price and this also gives Amazon merchandising insights because its a real-time browsing inventory.

While hes long overseen the retail end of the business books, music and led development of products such as the Kindle reader and Fire tablet Kessels great advantage could be his freshened perspective from taking a two-year sabbatical from the company. He returned in 2015.

The Wall Street Journal was first to report that responsibility for Prime Now, the fast delivery operation and Amazon Fresh, its grocery-delivery operation; now fall under Kessel, in addition to Whole Foods and Amazons physical operations.

The Seattle experiment called Amazon Go that employs artificial intelligence and allows customers to grab goods and automatically check out is another Kessel project.

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine, 11/14/17

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The Pharmaceuticalization of Americans: Blood Pressure Dr. William Davis

News headlines are filled with the new advice from the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, and other health organizations: 50% of all Americans now have hypertension, given the new target blood pressure of 130/80 or lower, and more Americans therefore require treatment of their blood pressure.

CNN reports, for instance:
One in three Americans had previously been diagnosed with the condition, but now 14% more Americans will be diagnosed with high blood pressure. The new guidelines will classify 103.3 million people as having high blood pressure, while the previous guidelines placed only 72.2 million Americans in this category, according to the authors of the report.

TV news reports (you know, network and cable TV whose biggest advertiser is the drug industry with direct-to-consumer drug ads) are filled with talk of hypertension, the deadly, silent killer to prompt people to run to their doctors to be saved by another prescription.

The halls of pharmaceutical companies Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca and others will be filled with rejoicing employees, as these guidelinesjust like the (inane) cholesterol treatment guidelinesexpand the ranks of Americans who need treatment of their high blood pressure and thereby enrich the revenue flow, salaries, and perks for insiders. It means that more prescriptions for beta blockers (that contribute to obesity/weight gain and raise blood sugar), diuretics (that deplete magnesium and potassium and cause the occasional sudden cardiac death), ACE inhibitors and ARBS (that cause a variety of peculiar issues such as angioedema and abdominal pain), and other drugs will be handed to Americansthe same people advised to cut their fat, eat more healthy whole grains, eat in moderation, move more and eat less, and take their statin drugs. It means that TV drug ads will feature more...

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