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Wednesday, 18 July


GMO Kids? Argentina Moms Confront Monsanto and Philip Morris Over Greed and Pesticides Organic Consumers Association blogs

July 17, 2018
Organic Consumers Association

Seventeen-year-old William Nuez cant walk or talk, and has to be fed through a tube in his stomach. Five-year-old Lucas Texeira suffers from a severe and incurable skin condition. Lucas Krauss has congenital microcephaly, epilepsy, delayed motor and mental development, multiple muscular atrophy and numerous related pathologies.

What do these children have in common? Their fathers, all farmers working in Latin America, were exposed to agricultural pesticides that likely damaged their DNA, increasing the risk of cancer, birth defects and neurological disorders in the children they later fathered.

They also have this in common: Their mothers are fighting for justice for their kids.

Genetically Modified Children, a new one-hour documentary, exposes how Philip Morris and Monsanto have exploited generations of impoverished Argentinian farmers since 1996, when the Argentinian government authorized the use of genetically engineered crops to withstand the use of Monsantos...

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Tuesday, 17 July


Secret Documents Expose Monsantos War on Cancer Scientists Organic Consumers Association blogs

July 17, 2018
U.S. Right to Know
Stacy Malkan

DeWayne Johnson, a 46-year-old father dying of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, became the first person to face Monsanto in trial last week over allegations the company hid evidence about the cancer-causing dangers of its Roundup weedkiller. Johnson is the first of some 4,000 people suing Monsanto in state and federal courts claiming their cancers were caused by glyphosate-based Roundup. The litigation, and documents coming to light because of it, are shining light on the heavy-handed tactics Monsanto (now a subsidiary of Bayer) has used to deny cancer risk and protect the chemical that is the lynchpin of its profits.

Monsanto was its own ghostwriter for some safety reviews, Bloombe...


Intimidation, Disinformation, the Formula Industry and the Next Dietary Guidelines Organic Consumers Association blogs

July 12, 2018
Union of Concerned Scientists
Gonna Reed

Its nearly time for the federal government to update its Dietary Guidelines for the public, and this time around the recommendations will include legally mandated dietary guidance for pregnant women, infants, and toddlers (from birth to age 24 months). With that in mind, my colleagues and I were troubled to read of a dust-up over infant formula that occurred at the World Health Organization this past spring.


Is the HPV Vaccination Preventing Your Pregnancy? Organic Consumers Association blogs

July 12, 2018
Alliance for Natural Health

The data say yes: yet the FDA might approve the vaccine for adults. Action Alert!

A new study shows that women aged 25-29 who received the HPV vaccine have a lower probability of becoming pregnant. This is just the latest in a stream of evidence that points to the dangers of the HPV vaccine, particularly to those already infected with the virusyet the FDA is considering a request from Merck to expand the population to whom the vaccine can be marketed. If the request is granted, it would be another example of how the agency sells out consumers for the benefit of the vaccine industry.

In addition to the study on the HPV vaccine preventing pregnancies, the governments vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) lists a startling 57,287 adverse events from the vaccine, including 419 deathsfar more than any other vaccine. A World Health Organization study demonstrated that the vaccination has a tendency...


Innovative Food Bank Program Benefits Local Farmers While Feeding Those in Need Seedstock

For a long time food banks and food pantries have occupied a respected, but relatively fixed role in the food system. They are the safety net that catches food before it goes to waste and redirects it those ... Read More


Smile-Improving Tips for Your Next Job Interview Get Holistic Health

If you are scheduled for a job interview, its always best to remember that presentation is everything. The way you dress and the way you talk are crucial to landing a resounding yes from an employer. However, you also need to make the effort of improving the way you smile. For sure, having a healthy []

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Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening Get Holistic Health

Your smile is often one thing about you that makes a lasting impression. Who doesnt want a smile that sparkles like a movie star? Being at your best is not only important for your own self-image and esteem, but it can make all the difference on how others see you as well. There are so []

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The Best 5 Equipment Perfect For Home Crafts Get Holistic Health

Nowadays, many people are trying to make something on their own. DIY projects became popular. Someone is making money selling them while someone is showing how to make something on their youtube channel. The third part of crafters is either making gifts or making something for themselves. Anyway, this became popular and payable hobby that []

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Could Marijuana Be the Answer to Alzheimers? Get Holistic Health

In recent years people have asked about marijuana stopping Alzheimers and many other illnesses. One of the problems with exploring that question is there has been a lack of research due to federal laws restricting cannabis. But plenty of evidence suggests that Alzheimers is one of many health conditions that cannabis can treat. What Scientists Have Learned []

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Jalapeno Strawberry Jam Closet Cooking

A fresh homemade strawberry jam with a hit of jalapeno heat! One of my favourite things about summer is fresh strawberries! I enjoy eating them by the bowl full and using them in tasty recipes and the one that I make every summer is strawberry jam! Using fresh strawberries to make your own jam is...

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Monday, 16 July


Perfect Pie Crust (AIP) The Paleo Mom

Note: I have only ever used Ottos Cassava Flour for this recipe and cant vouch that alternative brands will work as beautifully.  You can get Ottos direct from Ottos or from Amazon, OneStopPaleoShop, ShopAIP, Thrive Market and even Whole Foods stores!

This recipe makes enough dough for a double crust pie for an 8 pie plate.

Perfect Pie Crust (AIP)

Prep ...


Does When You Eat Affect Your Circadian Rhythm, Metabolism, Appetite, Physical Activity, And More? A "Big Breakfast" Study Aims To Explore. Weighty Matters

By Amin - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
The fight over "breakfast" among diet gurus and social media warriors is so tiresome.

Firstly it's tiresome because "breakfast" means different things to different people, and yet conclusions about the utility of the meal as a whole are regularly made despite the fact that a bowl of Froot Loops is likely to have a very different impact on fullness than a couple of eggs and a piece of toast.

Secondly it's tiresome because what works for one person, may well not work for another, and no doubt when it comes to weight and dietary control, for some, breakfast will be crucial, while for others, it'll be inconsequential, and others still, potentially problematic.

In my clinical experience, though clearly coloured by my own confirmation biases, a protein rich breakfast with minimal liquid calories benefits more people than not, and whether that applies to you is easily tested on your own.

With all that out of the way, I wanted to talk a bit about an upcoming study coming out of the UK. The Big Breakfast Study: Chrononutrition influence on energy expenditure and bodyweight aims to explore the impact of breakfast by way of a randomized controlled trial comparing morning-loaded vs. evening-loaded weight loss diets on people with excess weight, and where all components of energy intake and energy expenditure will be monitored throughout.

That researchers' hypothesis is that breakfast will make a positive difference, and their thinking is that part of the reason why may be the effect of breakfa...


Every Member of Your Prepper Group MUST Have This On Them When the SHTF Ready Nutrition

I wrote several articles in the past about the importance of maintaining good first-aid treatment capabilities when youre out in the woods, as well as in the home. I also mentioned the need for training and suggested several ways to go about receiving it to better prepare you and your family. That being said, your situation is your own: you may not have the time to do such training, although it is a priority.

In a related article, we discussed the importance of prepping trauma packs in detail:

Having these items pre-packaged cuts down on response time, and gives the responders more of an advantage in properly caring for the wounded

Medical first response packs can be made ahead of time using most of the medical products that you have on hand. In fact, these first response packs are not limited to medical emergencies, they can also be used for dental emergencies as well. To prepare for a SHTF scenario, it would be beneficial to take into account the most likely medical situations you may come in contact with and plan accordingly.

In the meantime, you can stock up on some supplies that will help you and perhaps fill in the gaps when you dont have the time to train. As Ive covered the topic extensively, this is not the scope of this article. Youve all heard of quick clot, the substance used to stop bleeding and aid you in bandaging up wounds. We just put out an article on Yarrow, an herb that stops bleeding and aids in clotting. Lets go a step further with a couple of kits to recommend.



A Surprising Way to Add 4 Years to Your Life Natural Remedies

A new study has discovered a way to add four years to your life without changing your diet or exercising.

A new study has uncovered that those with close religious affiliations tended to live up to four years longer compared to non-religious persons. The four-year extra longevity was found after considering other factors that could affect mortality including marital status and sex. Read more

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Sunday, 15 July


Get Your Grill On! Closet Cooking

Its officially Summer and that means that grilling season is here! (Well, for those of us that were not willing to bundle up, get out and fire up the grill all winter long.) So dust off your barbecue, fire it up and get your grill on! Whether you are cooking for family or friends the...

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Friday, 13 July


Food Scare: Are Pre-Washed Salad Greens Worth the Risk? Ready Nutrition

Whats with all the produce recalls lately? Recently, lettuce growers in California announced a major lettuce recall due to an E.coli outbreak. It seems food recalls are a news staple these days. In fact, the CDC estimates that 1 in 6 Americans gets sick from eating contaminated food every year. Raw foods of animal origin including chicken, beef, dairy products, raw shellfish, and eggs are the most likely to be contaminated. Sometimes, fruits and vegetables get contaminated as well. Food can get infected at any time, from the field to the kitchen.

With modern convenience came a surprising culprit: bagged leafy greens including lettuce and salad mixes.

Before we move on to discuss health concerns associated with bagged lettuce, lets first talk about common foodborne diseases.

Foodborne Illness 101

Researchers have identified more than 250 foodborne diseases, according to the CDC. The agency estimates that 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness each year, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die.

Most foodborne illnesses are infections caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Harmful toxins and chemicals also can contaminate foods and cause foodborne disease. Sometimes natural toxins such as those in some mushrooms and molds are the cause.

Food poisoning symptoms may range from mild to severe and may differ depending on the germ you consumed.

The most common symptoms of food poisoning include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever

Sometimes, food poisoning causes severe illness and can be life-threatening.

The CDC recommends seeing a healthcare provider if any of the following symptoms appear:

  • High fever (temperature over 101.5F, measured orally)
  • Blood in stools
  • Frequent vomiting that prevents keeping liquids down (which can lead to dehydration)
  • Signs of dehydration, including a marked decrease in urination, a very dry mouth, and throat, or feeling dizzy when standing up.
  • Diarrhea that lasts more than 3 days

Despite the common belief th...

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