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Tuesday, 16 October


Letters, Fall 2018 The Weston A. Price Foundation

I recently visited Chile, which I found terribly sad and discouraging. I went to take a course on a farm, a permaculture farm, and they gave us all of the wrong stuff to eat. And this is one of the most known permaculture farms here in Latin America. To visit that farm and find the food completely wrong was something I didnt expect.

However, in the middle of that craziness I met a guy living there who understood me. Pipe knows about WAPF and follows a WAPF diet! Here he is holding up some rendered pork fat, which he has been making since he started raising pigs.

He really gets it and told me the owners of the farm wont change the diet since people around permaculture are so into vegetarianism and not really interested in real food.

Veronica Belli Obando
Lima, Peru

I have been taking care of a relative whose lowfat, low-salt, soy- and almond-milk laden, vegan diet finally caught up with her. She was dying of multiple causes including severe hypothyroidism, severe anorexia, lung tuberculosis, sarcoidosis and squamous cell carcinoma. You could almost say she was dying of malnutrition, if not outright starvation. All this of course, peppered with the usual toxic cast of other chemicals like vaccines and Roundup. Could anyone survive this onslaught of debilitating conditions?

Her entire abdominal area, neck to groin, was filled with tumors. Kaiser doctors gave up on her, giving her three to six months to live, with an emphasis on the former. This was in June. Mercifully, she rejected chemo and radiation, when the doctor told her she was too fragile and too advanced for either...


Cleaning Products May Alter Childrens Gut Bacteria and Lead to Obesity, Study Suggests Ready Nutrition Official Website Healthy Living, Food Storage, Preparedness, Recipes And More

The findings of a new study suggest that commonly used household cleaners could be making children overweight by altering their gut microbiota. Here's what you need to know.
Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said: All disease begins in the gut.

The father of modern medicine was way ahead of his time. While gut health has not been linked to every disease (yet!), a growing body of research into the gut microbiota is revealing just how important the communities of bacteria that reside there are to our overall health.

Obesity is one serious health issue that studies have linked with gut bacteria imbalances.

How can bacteria in our gut affect our weight? Anthony L. Komaroff, M.D., Editor in Chief of Harvard Health Letterexplains:

When we eat food, our gut breaks it down into small pieces. Only the smallest pieces get absorbed into our blood. The rest is eliminated as waste material. In other words, not all of the calories in the food we eat get into our body and increase our weight. The gut bacteria help break down food. Some bacteria are better able to chop food into those smallest pieces that get digested, add calories to our body and thereby tend to increase our weight. Theoretically, if our guts have more of those kinds of bacteria, it should be harder to lose weight.

Scientists continue to explore the role that chemicals play in weight gain and obesity. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, more than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the United States. Some of these chemicals interfere with how the bodys hormones function:

The ones that impact hormones are called endocrine disrupting chemicals, or endocrine disruptors, and are linked to a variety of diseases.

Some endocrine disruptors have been shown to be obesogens, or involved in weight gain, and may be contributing...


Leaked footage of Lamb Slaughter in Australia reveals the harsh Meat Industry Get Holistic Health

A leaked CCTV footage of lamb slaughter in Australia reveals what the meat industry would never want us to see. Besides the brutal killing, the new footage shows workers kicking decapitated heads of lambs and slamming them to the floor. This shocking footage of a standard day in a standard killing facility exposes the []

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Monday, 15 October


New Study Announces Cancer Patients Are Killed By Chemotherapy And Not The Cancer Get Holistic Health

Up until recently, chemotherapy and radiation have been the only two approved treatment methods for treating cancer by mainstream medicine, but as more research emerges, light is being shed on just how damaging these treatment methods can be and how often they are the cause of death and not the cancer itself. Upon this discovery, []

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Coffee and Autoimmune Disease The Paleo Mom

For many of us, any study suggesting our coffee-drinking habits might be good for us is a reason to celebrate (and to raise our mugs of hot delicious Americanos in toast)! And as luck would have it, a number of research studies show that drinking coffee in moderation could legitimately provide a range of health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers, stroke, diabetes, Parkinsons disease, Alzheimers disease, cardiovascular disease, gout, gallstones, and depression, along with protecting against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and cirrhosis of the liver. It can even reduce muscle soreness after a workout! There are even studies, including some new and robust ones, that show coffee drinking as a mediator of all-cause mortality, suggesting that drinking coffee every day can have a life-extending effect. In fact, a meta-analysis from 2014 found that drinking four cups per day was associated with a 16% reduction in all-cause mortality (as well as a 21% reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality).

Two important prospective cohort studies, recently published on the same day in the Annals of Internal Medicine, confirmed a mortality-reducing effect of coffee across a wide spectrum of populations. The first studyencompassing 10 different European countries and a total of 521,330 peoplefound that the highest coffee consumers (28 ounces per day for men and 23 ounces per day for women) had significantly lower all-cause mortality (12% lower for men, 7% lower for women) compared to people who didnt drink coffee at all. This study also found that the highest coffee consumers had lower risk...


Cauliflower Gnocchi in Asiago Mushroom and Spinach Sauce Closet Cooking

Homemade cauliflower gnocchi in a creamy asiago mushroom and spinach sauce! Today is National Mushroom day and I am cooking up a tasty mushroom and asiago sauce to serve on some soft and pillow-y cauliflower gnocchi! This mushroom sauce is so easy to make, you saute the mushrooms along with some onions in butter, add...

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From The Education Alone Isn't Enough To Change Behaviour File: Fast Food Edition Weighty Matters

Two weeks ago I gave a talk at Ottawa's 6th Biennial Championing Public Health Nutrition Conference. I was part of a group of speakers talking about the how can it possibly not be published yet new Canada Food guide.

I was struck, both during the other presenters talks, and during the question and answer period, how focused people were on how the Food Guide will be utilized by individuals.

In my opinion, as a direct tool, it pretty much won't be. That's not to say it can't or won't have an impact on Canadian dietary patterns (it will by way of its impact on policy), nor that a person who picked it up couldn't choose to follow it, but rather speaks to the simple fact that education alone doesn't seem to be enough to change behaviour. Because time and again we learn that education, even when tied to terrifying events like heart attacks, doesn't seem to be able to consistently lead people to sustain consequent lifestyle changes, nor does genetic knowledge of specific disease risks.

The reasons why are likely myriad, but probably boil down to a combination of normal human nature and change being difficult, along with the impact of a person's food environment and social determinants of health.

For a food related example of this, take this recent paper regarding perceptions about the consumption of fast food. In it, among many other statistics, the authors note that 73% of weekly fast food consumers reported that they believed fast food wasn't good for them.

When it comes to behaviour change, knowledge alone does not seem to correlate particularly strongly with power.


Cauliflower Gnocchi Closet Cooking

Light and pillow-y cauliflower gnocchi (dumplings) that are easy to make and perfect for tossing in tasty sauces! Gnocchi are small dumplings commonly made with potato and flour but you can make them with other things, like cauliflower! To make this cauliflower gnocchi you simply rice some cooked cauliflower by pulsing it in a food...

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How To Maneuver a Vehicle and Drive During Whiteout Conditions Ready Nutrition Official Website Healthy Living, Food Storage, Preparedness, Recipes And More

When youre faced with a life-threatening situation and you must driveits best to have something such as this for a plan.
Whiteout conditions can be dangerous if not deadly. With cold weather around the corner, were going to cover some basic information on what you need to do when driving in these winter conditions.

For those of you who are unaware of what it is like driving in whiteout conditions, this is a good video that demonstrates just how dangerous it can be.

 The most basic rule to follow for your safety before we proceed:

If you do not think you can drive further, pull off to the safest available portion of the shoulder or off the road, hunker down, and wait out the storm. Make sure you have some emergency supplies to survive being stranded in your vehicle.

One of the best things about living in the area that I do is that open stretches of empty road are just that: hardly any traffic at all. This Whiteout caught a lot of people off guard, and they were forced into it to make it home from work (as it began about 4 pm and lasted a few hours). Whiteouts are caused when the snowfalls effects are exacerbated and strengthened by a strong wind. It is not necessarily a blizzard, but the more snowfall the worse it will be when the winds pick up. You cannot see even half a vehicle length in front of you.

How To Drive in a Whiteout

These techniques mentioned here should be practiced before you employ them for real.  How do you practice? Find a road that does not have a lot of traffic that is close to your home and take one or two people with you. Take flashlights and attachments that make the flashlight a colored cone, preferably red as it stands out in the falling snow the best. Now practice the techniques that we will outline, with one person in the vehicle, and another one as a control person to help ensure success by guiding the vehicle from the outside.

Now, lets begin. This technique can be very dangerous if you do not employ it correctly. For naysayers and law-and-...

Sunday, 14 October


Magical Mushroom Recipes Closet Cooking

October the 15th is National Mushroom Day and since mushrooms are one of my favourite foods I took it as an excuse to roundup some of my tastiest mushroom recipes! Mushrooms are so versatile! You can use them in breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, hey wait a minute, I wonder if they can be used in...

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Another Greening the Desert update, whos the ostrich?, and the unexpected top office perk GeoffLawton Online

Hi, this is Geoff.

We just wrapped up another PDC here at the Greening the Desert II site. We were blessed with an incredibly diverse and talented group of students who joined us from all over the world. Were now shifting from the classroom to the field as we kick-off our one-month practical Permaculture in Action internship. Among the things we intend to explore: 1) engage with new design evolutions on our own project site as well as local sites and the schools of our students, 2) interface with some of the projects at nearby refugee camps, 3) complete a bulk compost order for an urban forest implementation project. Often students will ask me what to do after they complete their 2 week PDC course; these Permaculture in Action on-the-ground practicums are one option I frequently suggest. We have just ONE last one left in 2018 (December 3rd through the 14th at our farm in Australia). If interested, feel free to find out more here as spots are filling up. And if you cant wait until December, but can make it to Jordan in the next couple of days, shoot us an email. Even though the internship starts today (14th October), it continues on for 4 weeks, so even if you miss the first couple of days, no worries well do our best to accommodate you.  

And if you cant make it to Jordan or Australia, you can do what thousands of some of my best students have done: Enroll in the online Permaculture Design Certificate 2.0 course. This is our flagship PDC course that has produced more than 15,000 graduates, and this particular online course represents the most comprehensive, most in-depth, and most detailed iteration of the course that I have ever taught in my 30+ years. We had more than 1500 students when we first quietly launched this in late 2016, and are looking forward to another capable group of students ready to change the world. I welcome you to be one of them. The schedule for the course looks something like this

  • End of October / early November: Early bird enrollment (EBE) offered to those of you on my early notification list (EBE entitles you to priority, guaranteed enrollment, a tuition discount, and a wealth of early bird additional permaculture resources). If youre interested in being on this list, click here, then hit the green button labelled Please add me and input your name and email. Our team will take care of the rest.
  • ...

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