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Monday, 17 September


Review of Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart COMFORT BITES BLOG

A look at a book that gives us tips on how we can live a life that's lower in harsh chemicals, stress and waste. Come have a read.  This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to make a purchase and click on a link, I may receive, at no extra cost to you, a small commission which goes towards helping me to keep the blog going. Thank you for your support.  You know how I feel about plastic. And chemicals in makeup. And perfectly-shaped fruits buffed and polished with wax.  And, so I discover, so does educator and activist Alexx Stuart.  She has written a handbook, called Low Tox Life, that helps you adapt to a healthier, planet-friendly life....

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


There's No Realistically Prescribable Amount Of Exercise That Will By Itself Lead To Useful Weight Loss, But That Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Exercise! Weighty Matters

This isn't the first time I've noted that there is no realistically prescribable amount of exercise that by itself will lead to clinically meaningful weight loss, and it probably won't be the last. And that said, it doesn't mean it's impossible, but reality really is a useful place to live, and is probably a worthwhile frame of reference.

Today's reiteration stems from a recent-ish study that looked at "energy compensation in response to aerobic exercise training in overweight adults" which when translated refers to whether or not people eat back the calories they burn exercising and if that's why the results of exercise for weight loss studies so often disappoint.

The authors followed 36 men and women with varying degrees of excess weight (BMIs ranged from 25-35) and randomly assigned them to exercise either 30 minutes daily or 60 minutes daily, 5 days a week, for 12 weeks.

3 months on analyzed data later and the authors summarized conclusions include this statement,
"Results of the current study suggest the recommendation should be closer to 300 minutes per week to achieve appreciable fat loss"
because in their study it was only the participants who averaged 335 minutes of weekly exercise who were seen to lose a statistically significant amount of weight (and though significant statistically, it was only an average of 5.7lbs).

Though it's not noted in the study, it should go without saying that whatever intervention you employ to lose weight, if you stop that intervention, the weight you lost by way of its impact will likely return. And so while perhaps 335 minutes of weekly exercise for another bunch of months would lead to further loss, if you stop or decrease exercising that much, the weight you lost with it is likely to return.

Back to the headline of this blog post. If you think the average person, living a real life, replete with its many stressors, challenges, and responsibilities, can sustainably and consistently find upwards of 300 minutes of weekly exercise, I'd invite you first to get that much yourself even for just 3 weeks, as for the majority of people out there, it's not even a remotely realistically prescriba...


The Paleo Diet for Skeletal Health The Paleo Mom

Osteoporosis affects approximately 10 million Americans over the age of 50, and a further 34 million older Americans have low bone mass (osteopenia).  And brittle bones in our later years is a major mortality risk. For example, 1 in 5 people who fracture a hip die withing 6 months (and if you extend that time frame to 1 year, its even worse, 1 in 4 die).  Keeping our bones healthy can greatly improve our health in old age, but it comes in handy at any time of life!  Our bones provide structure to our bodies, anchor our muscles for movement, protect our organs, and store calcium and other minerals for us.  The good news is that its relatively easy to support our skeletal health, by providing the right nutrients and the stimulus of activity!


Is Dairy Essential for Bone Health?

Milk, it does your body good, or so weve been told by actors and models with comical milk mustaches since the 1980s. However, once we recognize that there are several reasons why dairy products are not ubiquitously beneficial (see The Great Dairy Debate), the natural follow up question is but, what about bone health? Dairy products are not the only good source of calcium out there. In fact, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat, and seafood all contain substantial quantities of calcium.

Lets compare some Paleo foods to a glass of milk:

Food Calcium per Serving
Milk 300 mg per 1 cup
Salmon (with bones) 241 mg per 4 ounces
Sardines (with bones) 213 mg per 2 ounces
Bok choy, cooked 190 mg per cup
Collard greens, cooked 179 mg per cup
Spinach, cooked 145 mg per cup
Kale, raw 137 mg per 1 cup
Figs 135 mg per 5 figs
Turnip greens, cooked 104 mg per cup
Almonds 93 mg per cup
Orange 52 mg per medium orange
Sesame seeds 51 mg per 1 tablespoon
Arugula, raw 32 mg per 1 cup
Mushrooms 18 mg per 2 ounces



Jalapeno Honey Drenched Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich Closet Cooking

Fried chicken is pure comfort food! There is just something magical about still warm from frying chicken with that crispy and crunchy coating thats all juicy and tender on the inside and it gets even better when you throw it into a sandwich! This chicken is seasoned with a spicy cajun blend of spices and...

Read On

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Honeys Health Benefits and Why You Need It In Your Ready Nutrition Medicinal Pantry Ready Nutrition Official Website Healthy Living, Food Storage, Preparedness, Recipes And More

Not only is honey the perfect health food, but it can be used in natural medicine and wound care.
Ready Nutrition readers, the use of honey in medical emergencies is older than recorded history. There are many reasons that honey is excellent for use in first aid and homeopathic aids such as cuts, abrasions, burns, coughs, colds, and infections. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and is also anti-bacterial/microbial in nature. Honey is bacteriostatic against certain bugs such as E. coli and Salmonella. Bacteriostatic means that honey prevents these organisms from growingand as these two are found in food, thats a good thing.

Honey actually fights against bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus. The latter is the most common bacteria found in the human nasal passages and nose. Also, honey should be as raw as possible, and the darker the better.  Dark honey contains more antioxidants, and it is more effective in fighting microorganisms and bacteria.

It is highly effective as a cough-suppressant and as a demulcent. That latter term means something that coats the throat and the linings of the trachea and mouth to soothe the surfacesa principle for which cough drops and lozenges have a primary function/goal.  Buckwheat honey surpasses dextromethorphan (the primary cough suppressant found in Robitussin, for example) in terms of cough suppressant action.

There is also a type of honey known as Manuka Honey, a special type of healing honey that can fight against more than 200 types of bacteria and some of the species it defeats are resistant strains such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Manuka honey is obtained from bees that are in New Zealand and is differentiated from other types of honey for its healing qualities because it comes from pollen the bees there take from the Manuka bush.

This bush apparently has a compound in its nectar called dihyroxyacetoneand this compound is conve...


The Baking Soda Cure-All Redux Natural Remedies

Bill Sardi provides the latest on the baking soda cure-all.

It tastes salty. It is in your kitchen. And its dirt cheap. And its threatening Big Pharma? What is it?

Just tell your doctor: Hold the steroid shots, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers. Ill take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda straight up with water. Could Big Pharma be brought to its knees by sodium bicarbonate pills?

After the website was overrun with viewers to read a recent article I wrote that was posted there about baking soda being a cure for almost every known malady, feedback received from readers confirm this alkaline powder may just be what the doctor (didnt) order. Read more

Sunday, 16 September


The Wheat Belly One-Way Street Dr. William Davis

Theres a practical reality to the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle, one that I believe some followers of the lifestyle fail to recognize. Understand these simple facts that Ive discussed in the Wheat Belly books and your life will be simplified.

By living the Wheat Belly grain-free lifestyle, you will find that:

You cannot consume grain-containing foods without becoming ill. Many of you have learned this lesson the hard way and found, for instance, that eating a handful of French fries fried in oil also used to prepare fried chicken will have you sitting on the toilet while your gastrointestinal tract forcefully evacuates its contents. We therefore choose grain-free foods such as eggs, beef, cucumbers, and blueberries, and recreate familiar foods such as grain-free pizza, cookies, and muffins.

Grain-consuming people can consume your grain-free pizza, cookies, and muffins without becoming ill and find them tasty and filling.

You, as a grain-free human, have lost your partial (never total) tolerance to the toxic components of grains and cannot consume grains or foods contaminated by grain residues without suffering bloating, diarrhea, joint pain, anxiety, appetite stimulation, or other ill effects. In other words, re-exposure to the toxic components of grains yields undesirable health effects that can last anywhere from hours to months (as in reprovocation of autoimmune or neurological effects). At a social event, for instance, you cannot eat foods containing wheat flour, cornstarch, or other grain-based ingredients without having to make a run to the bathroom, nursing aching hands or knees for several days, or enduring re-provocation of rheumatoid joint pain and swelling for 3 months.

But people who continue to consume wheat and grains and suffer the long-term conseque...

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