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Sunday, 14 October


Magical Mushroom Recipes Closet Cooking

October the 15th is National Mushroom Day and since mushrooms are one of my favourite foods I took it as an excuse to roundup some of my tastiest mushroom recipes! Mushrooms are so versatile! You can use them in breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, hey wait a minute, I wonder if they can be used in...

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Another Greening the Desert update, whos the ostrich?, and the unexpected top office perk GeoffLawton Online

Hi, this is Geoff.

We just wrapped up another PDC here at the Greening the Desert II site. We were blessed with an incredibly diverse and talented group of students who joined us from all over the world. Were now shifting from the classroom to the field as we kick-off our one-month practical Permaculture in Action internship. Among the things we intend to explore: 1) engage with new design evolutions on our own project site as well as local sites and the schools of our students, 2) interface with some of the projects at nearby refugee camps, 3) complete a bulk compost order for an urban forest implementation project. Often students will ask me what to do after they complete their 2 week PDC course; these Permaculture in Action on-the-ground practicums are one option I frequently suggest. We have just ONE last one left in 2018 (December 3rd through the 14th at our farm in Australia). If interested, feel free to find out more here as spots are filling up. And if you cant wait until December, but can make it to Jordan in the next couple of days, shoot us an email. Even though the internship starts today (14th October), it continues on for 4 weeks, so even if you miss the first couple of days, no worries well do our best to accommodate you.  

And if you cant make it to Jordan or Australia, you can do what thousands of some of my best students have done: Enroll in the online Permaculture Design Certificate 2.0 course. This is our flagship PDC course that has produced more than 15,000 graduates, and this particular online course represents the most comprehensive, most in-depth, and most detailed iteration of the course that I have ever taught in my 30+ years. We had more than 1500 students when we first quietly launched this in late 2016, and are looking forward to another capable group of students ready to change the world. I welcome you to be one of them. The schedule for the course looks something like this

  • End of October / early November: Early bird enrollment (EBE) offered to those of you on my early notification list (EBE entitles you to priority, guaranteed enrollment, a tuition discount, and a wealth of early bird additional permaculture resources). If youre interested in being on this list, click here, then hit the green button labelled Please add me and input your name and email. Our team will take care of the rest.
  • ...

Saturday, 13 October


The Whole Herb: The Most Important Principle of Herbal Medicine Ready Nutrition Official Website Healthy Living, Food Storage, Preparedness, Recipes And More

The more holistic and natural the supplement, the better it will be for you and the better it will enable you to perform. Learn more about the importance of the whole herb with herbal medicines.
One of the problems with supplements overall is the tendency for pharmacological science (commonly referred to as Conventional Medicine) to attempt to isolate each and every chemical in the supplement. Conventional Medicine then bases a supplements efficacy on the individual chemicals and pronounces an edict as to its effectiveness. This edict is based on the results of testing with individual chemicals identified and either extracted from or duplicated (reproduced) in the lab. These actions violate one of the foremost principles of Herbalism and Naturopathic substances:

The whole herb or food is more effective than any of its parts administered individually or in combination.

What this means is that with all herbs (especially those identified as utilitarian for the human body), there are constituent parts that render the herb effective in one or more departments, such as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic, and so forth. The constituent utilitarian part of that herb is in balance with all of the other constituent parts/component substancesfor that particular plant. The plant is in balance. From a biological perspective and in medical terminology, the plant is maintaining homeostasisthe physiological balance of form and functionwith the amounts of component chemicals and substances in itthat are balanced/counterbalanced by other substances.

Lets take garlic (Allium sativum), for example. Allicin is the substance found in garlic that is productive as an antimicrobial and antibiotic when consumed by humans. That level of allicin in the garlic is also balanced by a host of other chemicals, such as sulfur, for example, in a proportion that maintains homeostasis for the herb. In other words, when you consume the herb, you take in the substance that will benefit you (the allicin) as well as other substances that can b...


Saturday Stories: Labour Antisemitism, The Name Of The Dog, And a Risk Conundrum Weighty Matters

Man Booker prize winner Howard Jacobson, in The Atlantic, with perhaps the definitive piece on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour's antisemitism.

Taimer Safder, in The New England Journal of Medicine, with a lovely read about the name of the dog (do read this one before it disappears behind a paywall).

Lisa Suennen, in Venture Valkyrie, on the conundrum of divergent ways to evaluate cardiac risk that span from biology to social determinants of health.

[photo by Alexandru Rotariu via Pexels]


TPV Podcast, Episode 321: Benefits of Being Barefoot The Paleo Mom

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss the surprising number of benefits of wearing minimalist (aka barefoot) shoes! From relieving back pain to helping prevent injury, find out the science behind why minimalist shoes work, the best way to transition into minimalist shoes, as well as Stacy and Sarahs favorites!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 321: Benefits of Being Barefoot

  • (0:00) Intro
  • (0:40) News and Views
    • How low can they go who has the lower voice?!
    • Get excited, Sarah is working on a new microbiome-focused book! In writing the book, Sarah has discovered some major knowledge-bombs that will rock your world!
  • (6:07) Introducing todays topic: the benefits of being barefoot and minimalist shoes
    • Stacy and Sarah both started wearing minimalist shoes when they went paleo.
    • Stacy loves Xero Shoes, especially for Stand Up Paddle-boarding (aka SUPing). Theyve helped her back feel better!
    • In fact, todays episode is sponsored by Xero Shoes!
    • Xero Shoes have been a game changer for Sarah when using her treadmill desk.
    • If you want a Pokemon Go friend code, message Sarah on Instagram
    • Sarah bought her first pair of Xero Shoes Z-Trek sandals at the Ancestral Health Symposium!
    • The whole idea behind minimalist shoes is that your foot can move as naturally as if its barefoot, but you have protection from sharp objects, dirt, etc.
    • Sarah is such a fan, she owns 4 pairs of Xero Shoes! And...

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