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Tuesday, 20 February


McDonald's, But Not Your Child's Elementary School, Removes Chocolate Milk From Their Menu Weighty Matters

Not sure if you caught this news release last week. It detailed McDonald's announcement that they'll be overhauling their standard Happy Meal offering in a bid to, "support families".

Part of that "support" (I'll come back to the word, I promise), is ensuring,
"at least 50 percent or more of the Happy Meals listed on menus (restaurant menu boards, primary ordering screen of kiosks and owned mobile ordering applications) in each market will meet McDonald's new Global Happy Meal Nutrition Criteria of less than or equal to 600 calories; 10 percent of calories from saturated fat; 650mg sodium; and 10 percent of calories from added sugar"
And to meet those goals cheeseburgers will only be available by special request, a kids; fry size (smaller than current small) will be developed, bottled water will be a featured beverage option, and chocolate milk will only be available by special request.

Though I'm certainly happy that McDonald's Happy Meals will generally be lower in calories and sugar, here's the rub. While the rollout of this initiative speaks to health, corporations never make changes that they think will hurt their bottom lines. This is not an indictment - corporations aren't social service organizations - their goals are profit driven, and McDonald's are no exception as evidenced by their press release's first line?
"Today, McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) announced an expanded commitment to families, supporting the company's long-term global growth plan by leveraging its reach to impact children's meals"
They hope that these changes will bring in more families more often for more meals at McDonald's, which is good for their investors, but probably not so much so for public health, even without chocolate milk.

But you know which organization's goals aren't profit driven? Your children's elementary schools', yet their chocolate milk programs continue with no end in sight, and not just for a sometimes treat, but daily. If you wouldn't serve kids who didn't eat fruit, daily pie, you might want to rethink their daily chocolate milk.

Motivation aside, it's odd to see McDonald's being more proactive than ou...


Keeping it Classy: Vaping Has Become More Than Just a Trend

Vaping is becoming much more accepted and popular all around the world, and some even consider it a lifestyle. E-cigarettes dont take up that much space at all, which means you can carry them around with practically zero effort or extra accommodations. And best of all, most people really like the way they look, effectively


Top Health Considerations For Those With Reduced Mobility

There are several health considerations for those with reduced mobility, from ensuring you have a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight, to taking good care of your mental health. Wheelchair accessible vehicles for one can help reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you may experience when getting from A to B on a


Fermented veggies Dr. William Davis

Ive been discussing the role of fermented foods in preventing or treating dysbiosis and the more difficult condition small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, SIBO. While a high-potency probiotic supplement and prebiotic fibers continue to play important roles, Id like to expand the conversation about the role of fermented foods.

First of all, there is no need to purchase fermented foods, as you can make them easily, with no special equipment, and at virtually no cost beyond, say, the beets, onions, or cucumbers you plan to ferment. (You will find the basics on how to ferment vegetables in the Wheat Belly Total Health and Undoctored book appendixes; there are many excellent and more detailed websites and books, as well, including Sandor Katzs excellent and exhaustive book, the Art of Fermentation.) But many people find that even this small effort is too much to manage in a busy life and some store-bought fermented foods would be an advantage. So Id like to review some of these products in coming weeks and months.

Lets focus today in a fairly new product available at Whole Foods Market: Farmhouse Culture Fermented Organic Vegetables (company website here). I tried the Taqueria Mix that was somewhat spicy, but there are others to choose from, including Ginger Beets and Orange Ginger Carrots, Kimchi, and Sauerkraut. I paid $5.99 for a 12-ounce bag.

The Taqueria Mix contains fermented carrots, daikon, jicama, onion, and jalapeno. The inclusion of daikon, jicama, and onion means that you obtain prebiotic fibers in addition to probiotic microorganisms. Helpfully, the package lists the CFU count of 110 billion (entire package), which is...


Pasta Recipes Closet Cooking

Pasta Recipes

Pasta has to be one of my favourite go to meals! It's so easy just to toss a few simple ingredients together with pasta for a quick and tasty meal and it's versatile enough to be used in everything from soups to salads to casseroles and lets not forget, simply with a tasty sauce! I have been making a lot of pasta lately so I thought that I would take some of the best pasta recipes on Closet Cooking and share them with you here in this roundup of these top pasta recipes! These recipes include some of the most pinned pasta recipes, some of my favourites along some of the most viewed! With the cooler days I have been enjoying noodles of all sorts in soups, casseroles and with hearty sauces but lets not forget some of the lighter pasta dishes! If you are looking for a tasty pasta meal, you can'y go wrong with one of these!

Read the recipe


Raw Deal for Raw Milk: FDA Eases Regs for Big Food, but Makes Life Hard for Small Farmers Organic Consumers Association blogs

February 19, 2018
Organic Consumers Association
Alexis-Bayden Mayer

We were furious when the Trump administrations U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed Obamas decision to ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide that causes neurological damage, especially in children.

We were equally dismayed when Trumps U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed rolling back animal welfare standards for organic  production.

But as long as Trump has his scissors out, there is at least one piece of red tape we wish he would cut: The U.S. Food & Drug Administrations (FDA) ban on raw milk.

The Real Food Consumer Coalition has drafted a legal petition asking the FDA to let raw milk dairy farmers distribute unpasteurized milk in interstate commerce, as long as it bears a warning label and instructions for safe handling. 

Were asking our networks to support Real Foods petition by...


Fermented foods to beat back SIBO and dysbiosis Dr. William Davis

If youve been following the Wheat Belly discussions, you already know that efforts to cultivate healthy bowel flora in the wake of wheat/grain elimination is a key factor in regaining health. While Ive emphasized the importance of a high-potency (e.g., 50 billion or more CFUs per day), multi-species probiotic supplement and prebiotic fibers, Ive not focused on the importance of fermented foods. This issue comes to light in particular with our experience in battling small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO.

Dysbiosis, or disrupted composition of bowel flora in the colon, is exceptionally common, essentially the rule in modern people and plays a role in numerous health conditions. SIBO is a more extreme form of dysbiosis in which bowel flora have ascended up from the colon and infect the small intestine, duodenum, and stomach. The unhealthy species that proliferate in this condition are responsible for causing or worsening an impressive number of health conditions, a list that includes fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer, autoimmune diseases, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome and many others. Weve discussed the tell-tale signs of SIBO including what I call the Prebiotic Fiber Test. Weve also discussed how more and more people participating in our discussions in the Undoctored Inner Circle are managing and treating their own SIBO with success using various herbal antibiotic regimens coupled with low-dose prebiotic fibers (presumably to prevent sporulation and/or prevent mucous lining sequestration that makes microorganisms impervious).

But, whether you engage in conventional diagnosis and treatment of SIBO (tough, as the majority of doctors have never heard of this condition, let alone how to diagnose and treat it) or the Undoctored path, there is not 100% success (often 50% or lower response with conventional antibiotics) and substantial likelihood of recurrence over time. After treatment, for instance, that res...

Monday, 19 February


10 Cool Season Plants You Can Grow Today! Ready Nutrition

Whos itching to get back in the garden and start growing some yummy veggies? For those who are in the I cant wait group (Im definitely in this group), there are a few vegetable varieties that you can grow now and tend to do well in colder conditions. In fact, sometimes the cold weather makes certain vegetables taste better! My grandfather always planted his turnip greens in the fall so they would get some frost on them. He said they always tasted better that way.

That made me ask why this was? I found out that when colder temperatures hit vegetables like parsnips, celery, carrots and, kale it causes a biological reaction and the vegetables begin producing sugars, thus making them sweeter. Pretty neat, huh? That said, you want to plant cool-season crops early enough in the fall or spring so they can complete their full cycle up to harvest before the temperatures get too disagreeable. As well, make sure you that you plant early enough in fall to allow plants to reach maturity before hard frosts hit or the daytime temperature drops too low. In spring, youll need to take the opposite approach, waiting to plant until the air and soil temperatures are warm enough for the plants to thrive.

Growing in the cooler temperatures also have fewer insect infestations that bother growing plants.

10 Cool Season Plants You Can Grow Today

Even though the days are still cool, there are some seeds you can start today.

  1. Beets  The trick to growing beets is to not plant them deeply. 1/2 inch to 1 inch deep is sufficient! Go with 1 inch deep, as the temperature warms, because it will be cooler underground. When the beet matures, you want to see a portion of the root above ground. You can use the greens in salads or stir-fry, or give them your livestock as a treat.
  2. Broccoli  In the Fall or Spring, plant broccoli in full sun. They love the sunshine! Too much shade causes legginess and slow maturation. When the plant matures, it will bear five to six-inch heads but new side shoots will produce so you can harvest regularly.
  3. Bunching Onion  These little guys will be one of the first seeds to germinate and want to be grown in groups of 6 or more. Start seeds 6 weeks before your last frost date and plant in successions for a continuous harvest.
  4. Cabbage  Who doesnt like fresh cole slaw or sauteed cabbage in their stir fry? The great thing about cabbage is it can be stored for up to a month in the...


The Main Skin Pigmentation Issues and How to Deal With Them

A lot of people are dealing with skin issues these days and they are concerned about dealing with them the proper way. Pigmentation problems come from various causes, and there are also various ways to treat them, thats why its important to inform yourself about the factors that cause these issues and the best manner


Apocalypse? Head to Middle Earth + Trompes, not Trump GeoffLawton Online

Hi, this is Geoff.

Its Presidents Day today for our friends across the ocean in the US, so well start off our Friday Five by talking about

Trompes, not Trump: You read that right: trompe is not a typo Trompes are compressed air systems created by capturing rainwater; in turn, they can then be used as a highly-efficient energy source. Bill spoke about this extensively, and you can view a short intro he gave on this here, as well as a brief animation that we include in our online PDC course here. And for those of you who signed up for the Permaculture Circle (TPC), you can see my demonstration and commentary on it here. (Note: Those of you not enrolled in TPC can do so quickly and for free here). Youll then be able to view the full video right away, as well as 100+ other video / media resources all housed under one roof.

Forced Growth: A fantastic read from Outside magazine: Students in the Extreme Polar Training course, a two-week freeze-fest held near the Arctic Circle on Canadas Baffin Island, learn how to live in Earths coldest conditions. Still, nothing really prepares you for 72 hours of a sled-pulling, pathfinding ordeal on a skinny pair of skis. Putting ourselves in extreme situations helps us understand ourselves and who we really are, which in turn helps us understand how we fit into the larger and amazing world we live in.  I spent many ye...

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