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Saturday, 18 November


Daily Deals "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I would like this to be an on-going thread. Many times I will see deals spoke of in the shoutbox. I realize that some members never look in the shoutbox or scroll around and may miss a good sale/deal.

If members find a great sale on ammo, guns, food or a product that Survival Monkeys may find helpful, feel free to post it in here.

Todays deal that I found was:

Wise Company 140-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack...

Daily Deals


Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Sosome people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. Theyre lining up for it. Theyre having parties to get it done. It if isnt available to them, theyre totally Read the rest

The post Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


Look at the kitty! Pranksters force milk-lapping footage on unsuspecting Times Square tourists "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

One of the many legacies of the experimental art movements of the middle of the last century has been a heightened tolerance for weird site-specific art nonsense. The Fluxus folks certainly come to mind in that regard, as do the works of artists as varied as


80 Reasons to Amazon Smile and Donate to Autism Age! "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Hi, friends. We're in the middle of our November $5,000 matching gift fundraising event for Autism Age - which is the non-profit organization that publishes Age of Autism every day. $10,000 is a whole lot of money to us! Your...


The Vivacious Presence of Parrots in Dutch Golden Age Painting "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Caspar Netscher, Caspar Netscher, Woman Feeding a Parrot, with a Page (1666), oil on panel (courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington, the Lee and Juliet Folger Fund)

Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting: Inspiration and Rivalry now at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, includes a 1666 painting by Caspar Netscher of a woman offering a parrot a snack. The work, one of around 70 pieces from the Dutch Golden Age on view, was recently acquired by the museum.

I walked into the conservation studio, not knowing about the acquisition, and I saw it sitting out there. I said, I own that bird!' Kristen Gonzalez, the curatorial assistant in the Department of Northern Baroque Paintings, told Hyperallergic. So I was really interested to look more at Dutch genre paintings. That got me on this research path to look at them from the perspective of an art historian and someone who lives with these creatures.

Gonzalez has an African Grey parrot, not unlike the one in the 17th-century painting, and that familiarity made her perceive the painted birds as more than solely symbols. In an online feature called More than Mimicry: The Parrot in Dutch Genre Painting, she explored the significance of the parrots as metaphors, and their presence as intelligent animal companions. For the latter, she drew on Dr. Irene Pepperbergs animal cognition studies on African Greys. On November 20, Gonzalez will give a talk at the museum about her research, which is part of a...


Silencing Sexual Harassment Complaints in Pakistan and the US "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

All hell broke loose online in Pakistan this winter after their first Oscar winner, Sharmeen Obaid, tweeted a complaint against a doctor who sent an unsolicited friendship request on Facebook to her sister following an E.R. visit. Sharmeens tweet provoked a firestorm of debate amongst Pakistani social media users, who shared a picture of Sharmeen posing with American film producer Harvey Weinstein as proof of Sharmeens double standards on sexual harassment.

Sharmeen Obaid, World Economic Forum (via Wikimedia Commons)

Sharmeen is not the first Pakistani to incite calls to violence by going public about abuse. Member of Parliament Ayesha Gulalai received severe and terrifying censure from social media trolls for her public accusations of sexual harassment against former-cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. Similar critiques have also been used against Malala Yusufzai, Pakistans only woman Nobel laureate, when social media users suggested that photographs of her at Oxford University wearing a bomber jacket and jeans, under a modest headscarf, looked just like porn actress Mia Khalifa.

These issues are not limited to Pakistan alone, of course. Digital harassment has been a prominent issue in the United States as well, and the tactics trolls use to challenge women who speak out about harassment are strikingly similar in both countries. Trolls in both contexts deploy words like feminazi, or man-hater, accusing women of exaggerating, attention-seeking, or of trivializing real cases of abuse to further their own taste for drama. They create fake Facebook or Twitter accounts in the name of a woman (or other abused person) going public, using these accounts to post humiliating status updates or embarrassing personal details about the survivor. Women in both cases are quickly accused of being traitors, airing their dirty laundry on a global stage with implications for the reputation of their social groups or organizations.

Comparing American and Pakistani harassment cases highlights how geographically distant and culturally different locations draw on similar...


What Will Become Of The Old People "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

by Lint Picker

Much has been written about caring for the young in our society during difficult times, but what will become of the old people?

We all know old people. Either we have elderly parents or grandparents or neighbors, or we are the elderly. Have you ever contemplated what you would do for (or to) the elderly in a SHTF scenario or during TEOTWAWKI? I have. Would you abandon them and save yourself? Or would you risk your own wellbeing in order to help them? Its a tough call and one that should be considered BEFORE things spiral out of control any further. Here are my thoughts on the...

Read the whole entry... ...


La Nia Advisory Issued. Milder and Drier This Winter? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This La Nia is expected to be relatively weak and short-lived. Typically, warmer- and drier-than-normal conditions occur over the South Central U.S. during a La Nia winter. The below image shows the average difference (anomaly) in rainfall for weak La Nia winters (December-January-February). Only years were used that had an Oceanic Nio Index (one of the indices NOAA uses to assess El Nio or La Nia events) of -1.0C or less. NOAA considers anything -0.5C or less as a La Nia....

La Nia Advisory Issued. Milder and Drier This Winter?


Some Stockholm commuters are irritated by menstruation-themed subway art "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Anyone whos ever been to Stockholm has probably gotten at least a taste of the remarkably vibrant artistic concepts that define many of the citys subway stations. A bunch of the stations are incredibly distinctivemy favorite was the Solna Centrum station on the blue line, executed by Anders berg and...


Salvador Dals hilarious lesson in proper English speech "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Echo number four (via Discogs)
One of the nice people I met at the Revolting Cocks and Meat Beat Manifesto show last weekend kept telling me about an instructional record Salvador Dal made, demonstrating the proper way to speak English. I think...


Caught Our Notice: Profoundly sorry researcher retracts Alzheimers-DDT paper "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Title: Immune response cytokines as potential biomarkers for DDT induced neurodegeneration What Caught Our Attention:  Does exposure to pesticides such as DDT influence the onset of Alzheimers? Hard to say, especially after a researcher retracted a recent paper purporting to find a link in mice, a few months after a press release was issued about the []

The post Caught Our Notice: Profoundly sorry researcher retracts Alzheimers-DDT paper appeared first on Retraction Watch.


Hopelessly Devoted to Woo: TLC and Forbes Bring Us Yet Another Celebrity Healer "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Endorsed by journalists and studied by academic medicine, bogus celebrity energy healer Charlie Goldsmith now has his own television program. In other words, it's just another day at Science-Based Medicine.

Friday, 17 November


The Right Price for Saving the Planet Depends on the Energy Form "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The controversial US energy panel at COP23 was over, and people began pouring out of the room at the climate conference in Bonn. While most panelists left, nuclear engineer Lenka Kollar from NuScale stayed and gave interviews to several camera Continue reading


End Point Pangaea (Working Title) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

So here's my latest. It's about ready to go to the publisher, and as usual, I'll be taking down all but a short sample once it publishes. This one was written as part of a package deal. When I sent them the proposal for the Chucklers series, they said they liked the writing and the story, but that it didn't really fit their "normal" readership. Still, they said they would take it as long as I would also agree to write at least two books in one of their niche sub-genres. Those niches...

End Point Pangaea (Working Title)


Rare 1915 Film Shows Claude Monet at Work in His Famous Garden at Giverny "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Long ago, we showed you some startling footage of an elderly, arthritic Pierre-Auguste Renoir, painting with horribly deformed hands. Today we offer a more idyllic image of a French Impressionist painter in his golden years: Claude Monet on a sunny day in his beautiful garden at Giverny.

Once again, the footage was produced by Sacha Guitry for his project Ceux de Chez Nous, or "Those of Our Land." It was shot in the summer of 1915, when Monet was 74 years old. It was not the best time in Monet's life. His second wife and eldest son had both died in the previous few years, and his eyesight was getting progressively worse due to cataracts. But despite the emotional and physical setbacks, Monet would soon rebound, making the last decade of his life (he died in 1926 at the age of 86) an extremely productive period in which he painted many of his most famous studies of water lilies.

At the beginning of the film clip we see Guitry and Monet talking with each other. Then Monet paints on a large canvas beside a lily pond. It's a shame the camera doesn't show the painting Monet is working on, but it's fascinating to see the great artist all clad in white, a cigarette dangling from his lips, painting in his lovely garden.

Note: This beautiful clip and post originally appeared on our site in 2012.

Related Content:

1922 Photo: Claude Monet Stands on the Japanese Footbridge He Painted Through the Years

Impressionist Painter Edgar Degas Takes a Stroll in Paris, 1915

Rare Film of Sculptor Auguste Rodin Working at His Studio in Paris (1915)

Watch Henri...


Art Movements "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi (c.1500), oil on panel, 25 7/8 x 18 in.(65.7 x 45.7 cm) (courtesy Christies)

Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world. Subscribe to receive these posts as a weekly newsletter.

Salvator Mundi (c. 1500) sold at Christies for $450,312,500 (inc. buyers premium) after just under 20 minutes of bidding, becoming the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. Christies hired an outside PR firm for the first time in order to conduct its marketing campaign branded The last da Vinci which included a video of viewers stunned in awe before the painting. The record price was set despite concerns regarding the precise attribution of the work from figures like Michael Daley, Frank Zllner, and Jerry Saltz. A Guardian article published last month regarding Walter Isaacsons new biography of Leonardo was later revised with an editors note explaining that the piece is the subject of a legal complaint made on behalf of Christies International Plc. Isaacson subsequently took to ...


Mrs May safe and sound under house arrest by Zimbabwean Generals "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Britains chaotic government needs order restored to it, which is why, now we have the Mugabe situation under control, we are taking over the British government. So said Major General Sibusiso Moyo after landing scores of Zimbabwean tanks in Dover in the early hours of yesterday morning, before heading to Whitehall, despite roadworks on the A2.

We have to save Mrs May from the criminals around her, continued Major General Moyo.  Especially the fat albino one and the oily squeaky one with glasses.  Many others in her government face legal proceedings or have fled, so regard this as a gentle offer of international aid, not a military coup.  Mrs May is safe and sound in No 10 Downing Street although we understand her husband Mr Philip Hammond may have fled to somewhere called The Isle of Wight.

In a joint broadcast with the A to ZBC Major General Sibusiso Moyo said to listeners in the UK and Africa:  It is my honour to save Britain from itself.  It is a land where sex greed and corruption have long run rampant, with a failing leader whose garish clothes and weak image in public tells the story of a dangerously vulnerable government about to enter into a catastrophic phase with its neighbours.  Meanwhile ordinary citizens are burned out of tower blocks and face unprecedented food shortages after migrant workers are being told they can no longer work on white-owned farms.



Fuel Problems (BR Podcast 56) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Engine problems, and fuel problems in particular, are soooo frustrating to try to figure out. Tips and tricks that we've learned.


Reflections on Life with PANDAS at Thanksgiving "IndyWatch Feed Health"

November 17, 2017 Just returned from Orlando where I endured four days at Disney World, including one MASSIVE breakdown at Epcot (him, not me), a flaring hip, a room that reeked of Glade Plug-in disgustingness, and then a kid with Continue reading

The post Reflections on Life with PANDAS at Thanksgiving appeared first on The Thinking Moms' Revolution.


GDAX Will Support the Limited SegWit2x Hard Fork After all "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The SegWit2x hard fork has been very contentious, to say the very least. Initial support started dwindling pretty quickly. Moreover, the developers informed the world this plan was canceled not too long ago. It seems that situation has come to change as well. A few community members will still attempt to go ahead with this fork in a few hours. As a result, GDAX will disable Bitcoin transactions and make funds available to users. An interesting development, to say the very least.

It is uncanny how the SegWit2x debacle is still not over. A lot of people were relieved when the developers scrapped their initial plans. A few hours later, someone mentioned the community would still go ahead with this fork. There are still a few miners supporting it. How all of this will play out over the next 48 hours, remains to be determined. There is a lot of confusion regarding this development, which is only understandable.

GDAX Doubts SegWit2x Will Survive

GDAX has announced their stance regarding this fork. First of all, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals will be disabled 6 hours before the fork. This event is scheduled to take place later today at around 2 AM. Preventing users from sending funds to the wrong chain is the companys main priority. It is unknown what type of replay protection SegWit2x will offer in its current iteration. Trading on GDAX will not be affected by this change, though.

Assuming the chain is valid, the company will support the B2X tokens as well. There is no reason to believe this will become the majority chain later today, but one never knows. A lot of strange things have happened in the Bitcoin world as of late. This new fork will create even more tension among Bitcoin supporters. Do keep in mind trading of B2X will not be supported by the company right away, if ever. It certainly creates an incentive for people to buy Bitcoin right now.

Should the chain be unusable, there is no plan for B2X support whatsoever. GDAX wont even allow withdrawals of the currency either in that case. It is still possible they would allow trading later on, depending on whether or not the chain survives. Rest assured a lot of people will keep an eye on the SegWit2x chain in the coming hours. It...


Recommended: Francesco Chiapperinis InSight Paradigm Shift "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

  Paradigm Shift is the pattern of sharp images melting into alien shapes, and then reuniting again as something no less vivid, no less stunning than before, and also still vaguely familiar.  Guitarist Simone Lobina drives the scorched earth melody of France Mon Amour, etching it onto the face of the tune, and even after he []


JPMorgan Guilty of Money Laundering, Tried To Hide Swiss Regulator Judgement "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The worlds largest investment bank is guilty of money laundering, despite calling Bitcoin a fraud.


Doncaster council asks public to name its gritters and its todays best thing "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Undeterred by all that Boaty McBoatface palaver, someone at Doncaster council thought it would be a good idea to do this. And youll be very glad they did.

Heres how the semi-finals went. Theres four of them, but, well, anyway.


WATCH: Cop Snaps in a Fit of Road Rage, Drags Man from Car, Beats Him to a Pulp for No Reason "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

WATCH: Cop Snaps in a Fit of Road Rage, Drags Man from Car, Beats Him to a Pulp for No Reason

Disturbing dashcam footage showing a cop senseless beat a young man for no reason has become the subject of an ACLU report and subsequent lawsuit.


St. Paul, MN Dashcam video of a senselessly violent assault by a cop on a then 21-year-old Laotian American was released earlier this year and quickly became the subject of an ACLU report and subsequent lawsuit. The video shows Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Agent Joe Joswiak stop Anthony Promvongsa in Worthington, Minnesota and immediately begin a violent attack.

This week, the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota filed an excessive force lawsuit against the Worthington Police Department, the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force and the City of Worthington along with a number of individual officers on behalf of their client, Anthony Promvongsa a local Worthington resident. Promvongsa was assaulted by Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Officer Joe Joswiak in Worthington in 2016.

The beating was captured on another officers dashcam who is caught disabling the audio to cover up Joswiaks insanely violent fury.

According to police, Promvongsa was d...


11 Top Benefits and Uses Of Bay Leaf "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Bay leaves are leaves that come from the bay laurel trees that grow over in the Mediterranean, France, Italy, North American, Central America. Bay trees are evergreens with long, aromatic leaves. Bay is a variety of laurel, and many times different varieties are referred to as bay. Bay leaves lose their health benefits after one


Cilantro Juice Can Detox Your Body and Eliminate Inflammation "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Cilantro, this healing herb is loaded with several essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium and manganese. Its also a good source of vitamin A, C, K and B vitamins. It has been widely used for many ailments thanks to its medicinal properties and one of the most remarkable benefits of this herb


3 High Alkaline Beverages You Should Drink In the Morning "IndyWatch Feed Food"

You should know one fact: your body is at its most acidic point in the morning time when you wake up. And an acidic body is not good, so its a good idea to take some solutions to alkalize your body. If you are a coffee lover, its time to make change as it is


This guy has read Michael Flatleys autobiography so you dont have to and heres the funniest bits "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Enjoy this epic 45 tweet thread from @demarionunn who has done all this hard work of digesting Michael Flatleys terrible autobiography into digestible morsels just for you.












Natural Recipe For Removing Uric Acid From Your Joints "IndyWatch Feed Food"

If you suffer from arthritis or gout, you know how painful it is. Fortunately, were here with a natural recipe that can help! Both arthritis and gout are the result of a build-up of uric acid. This drink helps remove uric acid from your joints (as well as other toxins), which helps relieve your pain.


RepuX Announces Upcoming Token Generation Event for its Blockchain-Backed, Data Sharing and Rewards Platform "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Krakw, Poland; November 17th, 2017 RepuX released its white paper today outlining its Ethereum-backed platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to earn rewards for sharing data on a decentralized network. Developers can use the data provided by SMEs to build Decentralized Applications (Dapps) that can then be sold back to SMEs to grow their businesses. This system of exchange and rewards enabled by the RepuX protocol forms the foundation for a new, peer-to-peer, data-sharing ecosystem.

In todays digital economy, data is gold. Software developers need access to data in order to build better applications for businesses. RepuX incentivizes SMEs to share data through the tokenization enabled by blockchain technology. Because trust is a consequence of blockchain technology, RepuX can overcome the lack of trust between anonymous actors in peer-to-peer networks. In the current data ecosystem, businesses are beholden to third parties for data set verification, which is both inefficient and costly. RepuX addresses this issue with participant-provided reputation values assigned to data sets. Reputation incentivizes data sellers to be honest and provide the highest quality data sets.

Eliminating the need for trust between actors on the network could significantly reduce fraud while simultaneously enable a spectrum of potential advancements in areas such as insurance, international trade, and micro loans. RepuX returns value to user data and bridges the digital divide between those who have easy access to machine learning data-sets and those who dont. Industries and businesses that stand to benefit from applications integrated with the RepuX protocol include, medical records, Electronic Point of Sale EPOS, Credit Scoring, Ecommerce and International Trade, Advertising and Online content, Big Data, and Archival Databases, amongst others.

RepuX intends to launch a Token Generation Event (TGE) in early 2018. 300 million RepuX tokens will be offered for sale by RepuX Limited through a pre-sale and the RepuX Foundation during the public ICO. The RepuX Token is an ERC23 token, which will be the only method to pay for and sell services on the RepuX platform. RepuX tokens can be purchased during the ICO with a transfer of ETH or BTC as well as via wire transfer for the pre-sale.

To schedule an interview, please contact Nikki Brown at Melrose PR; nikki(at)melrosepr(dot)com or call (310) 260-7901.

About RepuX

RepuX is a blockchain-backed protocol and platform for SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data on a secure, decentralized network. The RepuX platform anonymizes data and maintains quality through reputation scores determined by purchasers. Industries that sta...


Panasonic G9 | Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f:2.8 | Autofocus Speed Demo "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Panasonic Preorder links: Panasonic G9 at BHphoto. Amazon. Adorama. FocusCamera. Wex UK. Leica 200mm lens at BHphoto. Amazon. Adorama. FocusCamera. Amazon DE. Amazon UK. Amazon IT.

The post Panasonic G9 | Leica DG Elmarit 200mm f:2.8 | Autofocus Speed Demo appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


The Refashioners 2017 And the winner is. "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

So here we are! At the end of another series and about to announce the winner of The Refashioners 2017. Yet again its been jaw droppingly brilliant. So many great refashions. So much creativity and skill on display. So many suits given a new lease of life and hopefully.many more people discovering the rewards that

Read More


YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction

Play very close attention to this one. Its boggling.

A reader recently sent me a note which alerted me to a form of programming Id never heard of. The links he sent introduced me to what is a very widespread phenomenon on YouTube. The technology involved is beyond my limited understanding. Some of you will be able to clarify the situation.

While Google and YouTube are engaging in censorship of political content, they are allowing a packaging of cartoons for very small children. While Momma works around the house, her toddlers can sit, mesmerized, and watch long-form collections of cartoons.

But in these cartoons, there is disturbing content, to say the least. Ugliness, violence. All presented in a repetitive cheery tone.

Supposedly, some of this content is created by random algorithms. From what Ive seen so far, I find that hard to believe.

Here is the readers note. Read, follow the links, and see what you think:

The article about Googles Youtube Kids program is entitled Something is wrong on the internet. (note: Lots of good stuff in the article but then the author makes the conclusion that it is all capitalisms fault.)

Example video: (Look at the number of views on this one video alone. They are making money off of the ads that Google inserts into the video. It could also be that not that many humans (children) watched the video. It could also be bots watching the video, too.)

Giant Lollipop Ice Cream Candy Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids Children Toddlers



Hearing an Opinion Said Aloud Humanizes the Person Behind it "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From the Association for Psychological Science: According to a new research study, people attribute more humanlike qualities to those expressing opinions they disagree with when the opinions are spoken aloud rather than written. The findings may become increasingly important as technology influences the way we communicate.



Consciousness Began When the Gods Stopped Speaking "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for Nautilus, Veronique Greenwood discusses the legacy of Julian Jaynes, a psychologist best known for theorizing that consciousness was a cultural development resulting from the existence of language.

Its a remarkable thesis that doesnt fit well with contemporary thought about how consciousness works. The idea that the ancient Greeks were not self-aware raises quite a few eyebrows. By giving consciousness a cultural origin, says Christof Koch, chief scientific officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Jaynes disavows consciousness as a biological phenomenon.'



Reading Girl, Interrupted in the Psych Ward "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for Electric Lit, Anne Thriault shares how the book Girl, Interrupted helped her survive her 72-hour hold in a psychiatric ward following a suicide attempt.

The psychiatric field tends to value compliance above all other traits. A compliant patient, after all, is one who is likely to take her medication on time and show up to appointments and follow commands like tell someone if you feel like youre going to hurt yourself. And yet a hospital is not an environment where compliance flourishes; patients have no access to fresh air or sunshine, theyre expected to follow arbitrary rules to the letter, and if they do things like question their medication or try to talk to hospital administration about conditions on the ward, theyre labelled difficult and medicated even more aggressively. While I was in the hospital I saw a situation escalate from a frustrated woman throwing a cup of (cold) tea on the floor to that same woman being pinned down by guards and injected with a tranquilizer.

It wasnt hard to see that if I wanted to be released, I would have to learn to be compliant. Which meant learning to participate in day-to-day life on the ward.

Coming into the hospital, Girl, Interrupted had felt like a friend that I was allowed to bring with mesomeone Id known for more than a decade who knew the ins and outs of life on a psychiatric ward. Having this friend with me made it easy to spend hours alone in my alcove, flipping through the pages of my book by the humming fluorescent light above the bed. And yet as easy as it was to be alone with my book-friend, she spent hours patiently convincing me to get up and out of my room and talk to someone else. After all, Kaysens relationships with other patients form the core of Girl, Interrupteds narrative; its their camaraderie that makes the book what it is. And a guidebook is a guidebook, by which I mean that you choose not to follow its advice at your own peril.


A Mad Pride Perspective on Borderline Personality Disorder "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I have spent a lot of time trying to convince myself and others that I do not have Borderline Personality Disorder.

Its true that my fear of abandonment has been a driving force throughout my life. During high school, when I stayed up until the wee hours of the night studying, striving to earn straight As, everyone around me was shocked when they found out my end goal was not to get accepted into an Ivy League college. I stayed up late studying because I was terrified that my grades were the only good thing about me, and if I scored anything less than straight As, I would no longer be valued or liked by those around me.

You see, Ive always been the weird, awkward girl. Growing up, I was that socially awkward kid with glasses, braces, and bushy curly hair who would not stop talking about Greys Anatomy or the original stories I was writing. I didnt have many friends and was even sometimes bullied. My parents, who were well-meaning and wanted me to be happy, tried to help me fit in. They urged me to wear make-up and contacts and to style my hair. They implored me to talk about subjects that other kids my age were interested in. I tried. Contacts and make-up were horribly uncomfortable; I never really succeeded in figuring out how to stick to normal topics of conversation.

But I was successful in one area. I was a hard worker, I received straight As, and for that my parents were proud of me. For that I received praise from my family, my teachers, and even my classmates. So high school became a nonstop tightrope walk during which I was constantly living on the edge of my seat, terrified of scoring anything less than 100 percent, of not participating in enough extracurricular activities, and of not being the perfect student.

Sometimes, my own perfectionism, lack of sleep, and terror of not being good enough got the best of me. There were times when I became so overwhelmed that I would have meltdowns, crying hysterically and even screaming and scratching myself in public. Of course, this embarrassed my parents and those around me. I was sent to therapist after therapist and even put on medication to try to get my emotions under control. Nothing ever really worked.

So, on top of being weird and awkward, I was also emotionally unstable and a walking embarrassment to my family. I became so incredibly ashamed of who I was.

When I started dating my first serious boyfriend in college, that shame and embarrassment surged. I was absolutely convinced that I did not deserve him. How could someone like him handsome, funny, well-liked love someone like me awkward, weird, unattractive, emotional?

Although things had gotten better for me in college I had finally found a group of friends who accepted me for who I was, and I started putting less pressure on...


Bethesda Employee Dead After Attempting to Port Skyrim Onto Own Body "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ROCKVILLE, Md. Bethesda Softworks employee Herbert Naples died today after attempting to transfer Skyrim, a popular fantasy video game, onto his body, according to sources close to the scene.

Naples heart stopped after surgically replacing it with the Cell microprocessor, a hardware component featured in the PlayStation 3 gaming console.  His colleagues called for an ambulance, but it was too late.

I just dont understand how this could have happened, said one employee, who wished to remain anonymous.  He seemed fine, delighted even, when his irises were projecting the towering stonescape of Markath onto our office wall.  We could hear the bustle of the marketplace emerging from the back of his throat, where we had installed the audio output.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

But he died doing what we all yearn for. Porting Skyrim to the final frontier: the human body. It was a noble sacrifice any of us would have made, said the employee to police.

The game did not run successfully in his body for long, however, and soon both Naples frame and heart rates had dropped to disastrous lows. He passed shortly after, leaving many Bethesda employees wondering if they shouldve approached the project differently.

Looking back, we probably should have consulted a doctor or something before we went for this, said Sylvia Brown, a developer at Bethesda.  Not every idea pans out but thats what game design is all about.  You expe...


365 Challenge: Day 250 Relentless (Author Alert: Didi Oviatt) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Relentless: (a) a force to be reckoned with or (b) 365 Daily Challenge word for todays author alert Didi Oviatt


If you are new to the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog, the 365 Daily Challenge, or the Author Alert segment, check out the About Site section from the main menu. Below are some key things to know about this author, but at the end of this post, youll see the permanent page Ive added to my blog. You can return to check out more on who she is, what shes writing and how to buy her future work.

Today is extra special due to an offer from the author to everyone reading this post read below to find out and you can thank her yourself by following her!


Hello there This Is My Truth Now readers (and hi Ryder!).  Allow me to introduce myself before I proceed to bar...


Cold Weather Boot Socks Are Not Enough "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Having good cold weather boot socks is important! However those socks wont help much if the boots dont fit right. The secret to keep feet and toes warm in your boots is largely about how your boots fit! Have you ever put on winter socks and then crammed your feet into boots only to discover that your feet and toes get cold? Doesnt make sense right? You figure that those nice thick socks combined with your boots ought to keep your feet nice and warm! Heres the secret: With winter boot socks its simple. It is imperative that your boots

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Stallone Reportedly Raped a 16yo Girl & Cops Told Her Not to Press Charges as Hes Very Powerful "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Stallone Reportedly Raped a 16yo Girl & Cops Told Her Not to Press Charges as Hes Very Powerful

A scathing police report from the alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl by Sylvester Stallone and his bodyguard has just surfaced.


Shocking revelations have just come out detailing a police report filed on Sylvester Stallone for the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. Unlike previous instances of he said, she said, this case was documentedas soon as it allegedly happenedto the police.

The incident reportedly took place in Las Vegas with then 40-year-old Stallone was filming the hit movie Over the Top in the late 1980s.

As the report from Daily Mail notes:

Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexual assault by a 16-year-old girl while he was filming a movie in Las Vegas in the late 1980s, according to a bombshell police report obtained by


The Rocky actor was 40 years old when an unnamed teenager disclosed to Las Vegas police that she had been intimidated into having sex with him and his bodyguard Michael Mike De Luca at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel in July 1986.


The 16-year-old claimed she had sex with Stallone and he encouraged De Luca to join them. At that point she became very uncomfortable with the encounter but f...


Ep. 229: Did Newsweek Just Make Things Worse? and more "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Episode 229 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Canon Explorer of Light Denis Reggie

In This Episode

If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to...


Mystery object which crashed in Finland causing a huge blaze in the sky is thought to have been a satellite or meteorite "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

A probable meteorite caused a huge blaze in the sky and major noise in a large area of northern Finland on Thursday evening, media reports said.
Based on phone calls from the public, the regional alarm center in Oulu first gave an alert about a medium level air crash before 7 p.m. local time (17:00 GMT), but the information was soon corrected as air traffic control could not verify any plane being missing.
Following the exclusion of an air crash, the Oulu alarm center concluded that it was very likely a meteorite.
Jukka Harmanen, a rescue service chief in the Lapland region, told newspaper Kaleva that a fireball was first seen in the sky, followed a minute later by a major sound wave.
It was like the sound of an artillery barrage, he said. Calls to the rescue services came from an area hundreds of kilometers in diameter.
The southern limit was the town of Kokkola.
Images were uploaded to social media by residents.
The northernmost calls came from Nellimo, in Norway.
Harmanen said he was pleased with the way the alarm system was now tested.
He said the information about the situation reached higher levels very soon, before the actual nature of the event could be verified.
He did not define what the higher levels meant.
Finnish authorities did not receive any reports about actual damage on the ground.
Rescue supervisor Mauri Saniola in Inari told national broadcaster Yle that windows had been rattling and pressure had been noticed inside buildings.
Jouko Manninen, a researcher of space physics at the Sodankyla observatory, told Yle late Thursday the object could have been part of a man made object such as a satellite.
Manninen was unwilling to suspect the object was a missile, also in consideration of its direction of movement.


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Bitcoin Price Watch; A Wild End To The Week "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

So, we have come to the end of the week in our bitcoin price trading efforts and its looking as though we are going to have a pretty interesting close to the session. Things started moving late yesterday and we were able to jump into the markets on a nice clean breakout trade shortly before the US session closed out. As the chart below will show, action has not stopped appreciating overnight in Europe and price is now hovering in and around fresh all-time highs just below $7900. The hope is that this upside run will continue, but weve got to be aware that there is a chance we will see some degree of correction near term. If that happens, we will be ready to jump in short on a corrective downside entry.

if not, we will maintain our upside trajectory and stick with the markets as they are.

So, with this noted, lets get some levels in place that we can use to execute on this above-described strategy as and when it plays out. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea where things stand and where we are looking to jump in and out of the markets if things move during the session today. It is a one-minute candlestick chart and it has our range overlaid in green.

As the chart shows, the range we are looking at for the session today comes in as defined by support to the downside at 7748 and resistance to the upside at 7849.

If we see price close above resistance, we will enter long towards an immediate upside target of 7930. Conversely, a close below support will have us in short towards a downside target of 7700. Stop losses on both trades will take us out of the positions in the event of a bias reversal.

Charts courtesy of Trading View



Staying Safe Online: Five Cyber Safety Tips Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Years ago, when my kids were in elementary school, I let one of them play a kids game on my computer. Hours later, when I got back on the computer, I had a virus. This was our first of many discussions about cyber safety.

Its safe to say that the internet is increasingly becoming more of an unsafe place thanks to new cyber threats coming out and child predators finding more sophisticated ways of accessing our childrens accounts. While this frightens parents, it doesnt seem to stop children from wanting to get online to play games, hang out with friends, or research. Parents must stay ever vigilant in making sure children know the threats that are out there.

As a parent, I have explained the dangers on the internet and what they need to avoid, but is this enough? We say our Stay Safe Online and Keep Away From Perverts lecture and send them on their merry way? There is much more that we must explain to them!

Part of having the responsibility of being on the internet is using it safely. These tips are musts for ensuring your kids are staying safe online.

  1. What you put out into the internet stays there even if you delete it. It is important to understand this and avoid making off-hand comments, bullying statements to other kids, etc. What you put on the internet now will stay on the internet. That means your future boss could read it, your childrens children could read it, so be aware of this.
  2. Check your basic security to see what is showing up on search engines. Doing a simple Google search on your name, address, etc. to see if your personal information is protected is a great start in making sure your kids are staying safe. Moreover, teach them to keep this information off the internet. That means not adding this to social media accounts. To be clear, kids and teens should not post their email address, physical home address, phone numbers or any information that compromises the safety of the family.
  3. Use the strictest privacy settings for social media accounts. With 73% of teens and 68% of young adults on social media, its hard to avoid. You still have a say in where they socialize online, so be present when they are setting up their accounts to ensure their privacy is protected. As well, instruct them not to put personal information out there. For instance, a teen posts a message on F...


Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

We are so taken with our new Gentle Giant colors that we want to recreate every project weve ever made in the new palette. Alas, we are dreamers but even more so, doers. So weve made choices and among them, our Granny Square Blanket in Gentle Giant and our Colorful Corner Blanket came out winners.

Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors | Purl Soho

The original versions had a soft, vintage look, while this seasons blankets combine bright bursts of neon with warm outlier shades. Together, they bring out the best in each other, a bouquet of total happy!

Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors | Purl Soho

Sometimes the gray days of winter beg for a playful touch, whether in one corner or at the center of a square. Injecting jolts of color into these big-stitch blankets give them a thoroughly modern feel and and a get-through-winter-with-a-smile power.

Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors | Purl Soho

Our soft and cozy 100% merino Gentle Giant is pure pleasure and now comes in 21 colors! Weve dipped into our six new colors to put together some new Gentle Giant Blanket Bundles: a new 12-color Bundle for the Granny Square Blanket, plus seven new 9-skein Bundles for either the Granny Square or Colorful Corner Blanket. The original collection of Bundles is still available, too, so lots of choices to make: Crochet or knit? Playful or serious? Lots of colors or a few? All of the above?

Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors | Purl Soho

Colorful Corners Blanket

Gentle Giant Blankets in New Colors | Purl Soho




Govt Now Condoning Pedophilia: Man Acquitted of Rape as Court Rules 11yo Victim Consented "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Govt Now Condoning Pedophilia: Man Acquitted of Rape as Court Rules 11yo Victim Consented

A legal loophole in France allows pedophiles to walk free provided they don't use violence on their victims and claiming that an 11-year-old can consent to adult sex.


A recent French court case has sharpened the debate over the age of sexual consent and rape. This is the second recent case that highlights the normalize of pedophilia currently taking place across western society.

In the most recent case, a jury at Meaux, near Paris, said last week that the prosecution failed to prove any of the four criteria required for a rape conviction under French law threat, violence, constraint or surprise.

The accused, a Cape Verde citizen now aged 30, who has not been named, admitted to meeting the 11-year-old girl in the street where she was playing, taking her to the park and engaging in sexual intercourse, which he claims was consensual.

According to a report in le Parisien newspaper:



Birth, Bodies, Bharat "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Thanks Stella, for this photo from Madurai, of a nurturing man and a pregnant (birthing?) woman.


FLASHBACK 2012 - PRAVDA.RU - Americans Never Give Up Your Guns "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Via Original Source:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Americans Never Give Up Your Guns

These days, there are few few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bare arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions.
This will probably come as a total shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar. Weapons, from swords and spears to pistols, rifles and shotguns were everywhere, common items. People carried them concealed, they carried them holstered. Fighting knives were a prominent part of many traditional attires and those little tubes criss crossing on the costumes of Cossacks and various Caucasian peoples? Well those are bullet holders for rifles.
Various armies, such as the Poles, during the (Times of Troubles), or Napoleon, or the Germans even as the Tsarist state collapsed under the weight of WW1 and Wall Street monies, found that holding Russian lands was much much harder than taking them and taking was no easy walk in the park but a blood bath all its own. In holding, one faced an extremely well armed and aggressive population Hell bent on exterminating or driving out the aggressor.
This well armed population was what allowed the various White factions to rise up, no matter how disorganized politically and militarily they were in 1918 and wage a savage civil war against the Reds. It should be noted that many of these armies were armed peasants, villagers, farmers and merchants, protecting their own. If it had not been for Wash...


YouTube Adpocalypse Gets Blockchain Solution "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

What Brave is doing is letting YouTube users enjoy an ad-free experience, while letting content creators enjoy an alternate stream of revenue.


Prominent Investor: By 2040, There Will Be No World Without Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin will evolve into the global digital currency, especially amongst millennials.


How Does Your Consciousness Make Everything Real? "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Does reality exist without us? Physicists have found it maddeningly difficult to write the observer out of quantum theory. Now some are contemplating a mind-boggling alternative: that a coherent description of reality, with all its quantum quirks, can arise from nothing more than random subjective experiences.


Staff at London Underground have come up with a way to beat sadness try it and see if it works on you "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

We all feel pretty crappy in the morning, stumbling our way to work after a night fretting about losing our job and whether global warming will kill us all and whether that workmate remembers that thing we said five years ago which Oh just us then?

But if you are like us then London Underground has a way to cheer you up -as posted on Reddit by 7ddnmo give it a go and report back to us.

Beep? from funny

The sign reads:

How to cheer yourself up in two easy steps

1. Whisper beep beep to yourself.

2. Repeat until not sad.

Were intrigued if this works with other words so we wrote a quick randomiser to give it a go:

How to cheer yourself up in two easy steps (six random attempts)

1. Whisper Lancashire hot-pot to yourself. 2. Repeat until happy.
1. Whisper wheel rim to yourself. 2. Repeat until the sadness leaves.
1. Mouth bag of cement to yourself. 2. Repeat until not sad.
1. Mumble Wayne Hussey to yourself. 2. Repeat until the happiness starts.
1. Whisper tin of tuna to yourself. 2. Repeat until your spirits lift.
1. Say Terry Nutkins to yourself. 2. Repeat until the darkness fades.

Well were a bit happier anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Source: Reddit

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New species of badger discovered with vital organs on the inside "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Scientists have confirmed that a badger recently discovered in Somerset is a previously unknown species, being dubbed Meles meles, and only distantly related to the Meles Roadkillus variety often seen in Britain.

The specimen, captured by a local farmer, has some major differences to its better known relative. It has been observed walking around the laboratory where tests have been carried out, instead of just lying at the side of the road bleeding while being eaten by birds, and is also around a foot higher. More significantly though, it has most of its organs on the inside, rather than distributed over a 2-metre radius.

Evolutionary scientists have long been baffled by the more common variety, struggling to understand how a species had developed to survive while having vital organs spread over three lanes of motorway. So little was known about them that Bill Oddie, a keen badger enthusiast and famous beard-wearer, once spent a week in a specially constructed hide on the hard shoulder of the M25, in order to try to gain an insight into the feeding and breeding habits of this fascinating creature in its natural habitat. But the only one he saw never even moved.

The research team responsible for confirming the new species status is now hoping to cross-breed the specimen with its distant cousin.

Weve brought in one of the more common variety, on a shovel, and are hoping that the two will get on, said lead scientist Martin Burns. Were curious as to what a cross between them would turn out like, and are hoping that it would have at least two working legs, with lower liquification of the bones, and maybe be less smeary.

Were hoping that we can eventually get the numbers of the new breed up high enough to release them into the wild, near busy motorway junctions, as theyre a fair old size and should be almost as satisfying to run over as a fox.


BitPay CEO Claims Current Average Bitcoin Fee Makes 57.26% Wallet Balances Unspendable "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Everyone knows the Bitcoin transaction fees always spark new debates. In most cases, those discussions are not going all that well. Tony Gallippi, the CEO of BitPay, isnt a big fan of this situation either. Instead, he points out how over half of the current Bitcoin wallet is unable to spend their balance. This is mainly due to the balances being lower than the actual transaction fees. There is some backlash over this statement, as cheap transactions work just fine.

Conflicting opinions on Bitcoin fees are nothing new under the sun these days. We see debates like these pop up virtually every week. Surprisingly, BitPay CEO Tony Gallippi isnt doing much to alleviate the concerns. While his complaint on Twitter is about fees, his company is partially responsible for the high fees as well. In his opinion, the average transaction cost is now 100,000 Satoshis. That is not entirely true, even though it may be the average charged by BitPay.

BitPay CEO Complains About Fees

It is certainly possible to have low-fee transfers confirmed as well. Any decent service that allows users to set their own costs gets transactions confirmed pretty quickly. The services which did integrate SegWit seem to have very few issues when it comes to these fees. BitPay hasnt done so just yet at this point in time. Considering it is the largest Bitcoin payment processor, one would expect bigger and better things. So far, nothing has changed in this regard.

Gallippi further confirms over half of the existing Bitcoin wallets cant spend the balance. More specifically, 57.26% of all addresses have less than 100,000 Satoshi in their balance. That is a surprisingly low amount of money, even though its value has gone up steadily. With the current net...


Vitamin K2: A Crucial Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health "IndyWatch Feed Food"

When you buy vitamin K, be that it's K2 that you're buying.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that is well-known for its role in blood clotting. However, there are two different kinds of vitamin K,1each providing its own set of health benefits. Vitamin K1 is primarily responsible for blood clotting whereas vitamin K2 works synergistically with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D to impart a number of important health benefits, including but not limited to:2 Read more



The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols.  Carl Jung

Yet if we examine the works of Plato, we see he specifically condemns, both in the Laws and in the Republic, the idea that gods can be influenced by the performance of certain rituals called necromancy or magic...


What You Should Know About Foot Care In The Field "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I love to explore the great outdoors and I try to spend more time in nature. Ive seen many hikers with feet that have been abused. I can tell you from experience that few people pay attention to their feet when they are uncomfortable. Foot care should become a priority if you plan on bugging ... Read more...

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Coinbase Launches New Storage Service for Institutional Investors "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

To use the service, a customer needs to pay the initial set-up fee of $100,000, along with a 10 basis point fee per month on the coins stored in the system to satisfy the need of investors of a trusted digital asset custodian for the secure storage of their funds.


EC Releases Report on Possible Blockchain Applications in Education "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

In the report titled Blockchain in Education, the commission focused on the possible use of Blockchain for the digital accreditation of personal and academic learning. The report is intended for policymakers in the education sector.


Newsnight trolling the Sun over its BBC story is the best way to end the week "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

The BBC and many of its staff have already had their say over that Sun front page about literally several staff having a kip during their overnight shift on the BBC News channel.

Now BBC2s Newsnight has had a go.

Or, to put it another way.

In the unlikely event you didnt see it, heres yesterdays Sun front page.

Newsnight likes having a bit of fun every now and again. Remember this?

Oh, and this.



Vontobel and Leonteq Securities Launch Bitcoin Futures "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The product launchings come amidst the growing interest in digital currency products among institutional investors.


DIY Hanukkah Tablecloth With Block Printed Dreidels "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

Lets face it, if you were thinking you'd like a tablecloth for Hanukkah or Chanukah, you will not find a whole lot out there, so you are just going to have to find a tiny window of time and make...


Photos: Self Driving Vehicle Crashes on First Day of Use in Las Vegas "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

On the first day of an AAA insurance sponsored driverless shuttle in downtown Las Vegas, the vehicle crashed in a minor collision. It was the first test of the driverless vehicle, a failure of the big presentation that the Mayor of Las Vegas Carolyn Goodman attended.

A representative with the City of Las Vegas said:

The autonomous shuttle was testing today when it was grazed by a delivery truck downtown. The shuttle did what it was supposed to do, in that its sensors registered the truck and the shuttle stopped to avoid the accident. Unfortunately, the delivery truck did not stop and grazed the front fender of the shuttle. Had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has the accident would have been avoided. Testing of the shuttle will continue during the 12-month pilot in the downtown Innovation District.

Las Vegas is the first city in the US to have a self-driving shuttle fully functioning, driving with the rest of the cars.

In the very first hour however, the shuttle crashed into a delivery truck quite softly. The trucks driver was cited by the LVPD.

The vehicle is set to immediately hit the brakes if something crosses its path, and it did this time: but a truck still crashed into it and it could have been much worse.

According to a local 3 News article:

The shuttle is set to run in a continuous loop downtown. Those checking out the shuttle system wont see anything else like it across the entire country. The goal is to get at least a quarter-million people locals and visitors, alike onboard, trying out the driverless technology, first hand.

As of now, the rides are free. The shuttle can be boarded at any of the three stops located on Fremont and Carson Streets between Las Vegas Boulevard and 8th Street.



Cloth Toilet Wipes: The Prepper Worlds Worst Idea Ever "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

On April 17, 2017, I went to Costco and filled my huge shopping cart with a total of 180 rolls of toilet paper. Double rolls. I felt like a king walking out of there with the cart piled high.

Cloth Toilet Paper The Prepper World's Worst Idea Ever via Preparedness Advice

Now, in early November, we have about 16 rolls left in a household of 2 adults and 2 older teenager. Two guys, two gals.

Not a bad investment, and Ive always been the kind of guy who likes to stock up anyway so I can avoid shopping. In prepper circles, though, a TP stash is looked down upon and most survival types worth their salt will say something like this, Forget stocking up on toilet paper. Use old t-shirts to make personal wipes, and just run them through the washing machine.

On the surface, it sounds ideal. None of us want to go back to the days of using corn cobs, leaves, or phone books. I understand that. But think for a moment about what is involved with using cloth as toilet paper. Saving and cutting up old t-shirts is the easy part.

Cloth toilet wipes a REALLY bad idea

First, used cloth wipes will have to be kept somewhere in a location that will not attract flies, pets, rodents, and other pests of all kinds. You may think that little bucket with a lid will do the job, but you havent met Lacey, our foster Great Pyrenees. Weve had to place a filled water jug, the gallon size, on our kitchen trash to Lacey-proof it. She and her other four-legged friends would love nothing better than to wallow around in poop and pee smelling t-shirts.

Oh, the glory of it all!!!

Slightly off topic a few weeks back, my wife and I pulled up to a CVS and right there on the sidewalk by the Redbox machine was a young couple washing down their 2 large dogs. The dogs were covered with suds and it was quite a sight. I asked why they were washing their dogs in front of a CVS store and was told, We were out jogging on the trails and the dogs found some armadillo carcasses. They started rolling around on them and now they stink too much to take home.

Animals love foul-smelling things, so if you go the cloth toilet paper route, keep that in mind.

A lot of preppers who took the cloth diaper/diaper pail route, swear that its the same thing with cloth wipes. To a point, theyre correct, but in a typical home, there is only one baby producing dirty diapers. In a house...


We urge you to remain calm. Article 50 has been revoked. Theresa May is safe and sound "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Well, that was unexpected.

And it was retweeted by the man himself.

Remember when Huw lost the news?


Just the Beginning? What the Tezos Lawsuits Mean for ICO Litigation "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Class-action litigators in the U.S. appear to be positioning for a potential pop in the hot initial coin offering market.


A Touching Animated Documentary About the Rise, Fall & Second Coming of the 60s Psych-Folk Musician Richard Atkins "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

One wonders what might have become of Richard Atkins musical career had he come of age in this millennium, when youngsters suffering from acute stage fright regularly attract stadium-sized followings on Youtube.

This was most definitely not the case in 1968, when Atkins, aged 19, took the stage in a small Hollywood club filled with music industry brass, there specifically to see him.

Unfortunately, talent could only take him so far. Having learned to play guitar only a couple of years earlier in the wake of a disfiguring motorcycle accident, he and partner Richard Manning had recorded an album, Richard Twice, for Mercury Records. The presence on that record of several members of the Wrecking Crew, an informal, but legendary group of LA session musicians, conferred extra pop pedigree. The Acid Archives later called it "a virtually perfect pop album, the kind of thing that would have ruled the charts if the wind had been blowing the right way that month."

Alas, one tiny technical difficulty at the start of the gig caused Manning to flee, leaving the freaked out and frighteningly ill equipped Atkins to deal with the yawning chasm that had opened between him and the audience. The only fix that occurred to him was a Bugs Bunny-inspired soft shoe, a move that apparently went over big with his Mom, prior to the accident, when he had two legs and could balance without a crutch.

As recounted in Matthew Saltons animated documentary, above, this soul crushing moment is not without humor. Atkins, affably narrating his own story, has had 50 years to mull that night over, and realizes that blown opportunities are probably more universal than successfully snagged brass rings (American Idol, anyone?)

Over the ensuing years, Atkins found fulfillment as a woodworker and family man, but music remained a painful what-if, a...


ask me what my shirt mean "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: ask me what my shirt mean

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


Bushcraft Building on Discovery Channel "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

So - new TV show. Still 'reality TV' - but this one seems to have a bit of real life, non-fiction involved.

Production values are reasonable, the HS drama that seems to infest these kind of shows was missing for the most part.

Would I take any of this as a good idea or even a good example? So far, not a chance.

I'm actually looking forwad to the next episode, and it has been entertaining - something really lacking these days.

Anybody else catch the show? Your thoughts?


I had No Idea what Racism waseven when it Paraded itself Right in Front of Me. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

I think I was five. I was with my father and we walked about a mile from our home to our small town in Indiana to get haircuts.


Nasdaq Contemplates Storing Asset Ownership Data on Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Stock exchange operator Nasdaq filed a patent outlining how to store asset ownership data on a blockchain.



After last weeks mega rally DASH and Monero appears to be topping with equal bullish and bearish pressure. As noted, three consecutive dojis have formed over the past three days forming spinning tops. We still retain our bullish skew provided that prices reverse around key Fibonacci levels with a buy signal in place either in the daily or 4HR time frame.

Lets look at the charts:


alt coin NEM Daily chartNEMUSD Daily Chart for November 17, 2017

By moving $0.08 yesterday, NEM bulls confirmed the previous day bull candlestick and ended up closing above the support of $0.20.

Secondly, despite the upper long wick showing USD bulls, the fact that NEM prices are above the 20 period MA show that price action is pro-bulls.That is expected. In fact bulls should be ramping up their long positions in shorter time frames.

The short term goal for NEM bulls is to push prices above the main resistance trend lines above $0.22.


alt coin DASH Daily chart DASHUSD Daily Chart for November 17, 2017

If anything, DASH price action characteristics mean that over the past three days, price action have been moving within a $107 range. That is huge....


This Phrase is Ruining our Relationships. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Can we talk? the guy I was dating at the time asked me as he was dropping me home from a date. Of course, I responded. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was probably about to get dumped.


10 of the Most Life-Changing Principles in a Spiritual Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Spiritual awakening is not a state, experience or goal to reach in the future. As the Buddha taught, it is not a superhuman achievement or attainment. You dont have to travel to India to find it. It is not a special state of perfection reserved for enlightened beings, the lucky or the privileged few.

It is not an out-of-body experience, and it does not involve living in a cave, detaching yourself from the realities of this world. It cannot be transmitted to you by a fancy guru, nor can it be taken away or lost. You do not have to become anyones disciple or follower.

It is a constant and ancient invitation throughout every moment of your life to embrace yourself exactly as you are, in all your glorious imperfections.

It is about being present, coming out of the epic story of past and future (the story of my life) and showing up for this precious moment, knowing that even your feelings of non-acceptance are accepted here.

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Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC/USD to Gain Momentum? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ethereum classic price is slowly moving higher and is currently trading above $16.00 against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance at $16.50 on the hourly chart of the ETC/USD pair (Data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair might continue to move higher if there is a clear break of the $17.50 resistance.

Ethereum classic price is gaining momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETC/USD has to move above $17.50 to accelerate gains in the near term.

Ethereum Classic Price Uptrend

We saw a decent correction in ETC price after an upside ride toward $21.50 against the US Dollar. The price corrected towards the $15.00 support before finding buyers and starting a new uptrend. There was a decent rise from the $15.00 and the price is now placed above the $16.00 level. It has moved above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $19.20 high to $15.52 low.

Moreover, there was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance at $16.50 on the hourly chart of the ETC/USD pair. The pair is currently trading above the $16.50 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. However, the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $19.20 high to $15.52 low is currently acting as a resistance. It has to gain pace above $17.50 and the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $19.20 high to $15.52 low to trade toward $19.00 or even $20.00.

Ethereum Classic Price Technical Analysis ETC USD

On the downside, the broken resistance near $16.50 is a support zone along with the 100 hourly SMA. As long as the price is above the same, it could gain pace and move above $17.50.

Hourly MACD The MACD for ETC/USD is slightly in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI for ETC/USD is placed well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level $16.50

Major Resistance Level $17.50

Charts courtesy Trading...


Shoptalk: Major Brands Blacklisting Media is Detrimental to Publishers "IndyWatch Feed Literature"


Blacklisting all news sites is detrimental to the duties of the local press: to serve the public without fear or favor. Local news is a business, yes. It also is a mission, and a public good. Informing and engaging the citizens of the United States was so hallowed by our founding fathers that the rights extended to it came first, before all other protections. By blacklisting certain media sites, media buyers are essentially stifling those news sites freedom of speech.

Yet this is precisely the notion raised in a recent Digiday article, Brands are now blacklisting mainstream news sites, including Fox News. Whether widespread or not, lumping all news into the same bucket as, say, the hundreds of fake-news sites being run out of wired shipping containers by either hostile countries or organized crime concernsor, if youre old-school, supermarket tabloidsis loathsome. Local media sites serve their communities. We live next door to our viewers and subscribers. We go to ballgames and churches and ale houses with our audience. We live here.

Advertisers who blacklist local media sites not only harm local media outlets ability to conduct business, they also harm their ability to get positive brand exposure among millions of consumers in Middle America. Studies show that consumers trust their local news more so than they do national news sources or the general internet population as a whole. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 62 percent of respondents trust local news media more than national, whereas only 38 percent trust national news sources more. Further, a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior conducted by marketing analytics company Jumpshot found that these local news websites are as much as six times more likely than the general web population to reach engaged consumers in the retail, automotive, real estate and travel spaces.

We hear a lot from agencies wanting verification of viewability, human and third-party verification and raw impact/engagement metrics from ads that run on our sites. So it...


6 Things That Will Happen To Your Body One Month Before A Heart Attack "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Heart attacks are a lot more common in current times than they should be and are a growing issue. However, thanks to science there are quite a few warning signs we can look for that could save us if we notice them in time.

In case you werent aware heart disease is actually the leading cause of death here in the United States according to the CDC. This meaning the whole I dont think it will happen to me argument is mute. Heart disease takes more lives than cancer, let that sink in.

Now, heart disease comes in the form of a range of conditions all of which affect your heart. These conditions include things like congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease and so forth. Paying attention to your heart health from an early age is EXTREMELY important.

A heart attack is something that happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle becomes blocked. Because of this lack of oxygen, the heart itself begins to die if blood is not restored as quickly as possible and help is not sought out almost immediately the person will die. Heart attacks are not a joke, they are terrifying.

A study carried out earlier this year actually found that in the UK early signs were overlooked in one out of six heart attack deaths there. My point for mentioning this is to stress how important it is to know the warning signs so that you can help yourself as well as your loved ones when signs are being overlooked. This study was published in the Lancet Public Health, and for this researchers actually examined records of all 446,744 NHS hospital stays in England between 2006 and 2010. They also examined data from the hospitalization history of all 135,950 heart attack deaths. Records actually included things like whether or not the people who had passed from heart attacks had been admitted in the previous four weeks or not and if signs were recorded as their cause of admission and so forth.

Half of those mentioned above who passed away due to heart attacks were hospitalized at some point during the four weeks prior to their deaths. This leaving the other half with symptoms/signs going unnoticed. People often overlook the signs of a possible oncoming heart attack. These are signs that present themselves oftentimes months in advance.

1. Fatigue

While fatigue is perfectly normal after a stressful day or even a lot of intense physical activity constant or chronic fatigue...


What you should do vs what you actually do this chart about anxiety is 100% accurate "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Instragrammer Mattsurelee also made a great chart about anxiety:

Tag someone who is bad at anxiety. (I tag me.)

A post shared by Matt Shirley (@mattsurelee) on Nov 15, 2017 at 3:30pm PST

And his graph about the things you love as your age is also extremely accurate (if youre a man)

I dont mean to alarm you, but there appears to be a direct correlation between Doing Absolutely Nothing and Crying for No Reason says elee0228.

Make sure you follow Matt over on Instagram.

Source: Reddit

The post...


Better Selves "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

good work like sunlight under clouds
keeps promises you don't remember making

this is not the real world where desperate
people do desperate things no other way

we are mild and gentle go to therapy trying
to be good and realize our better selves


Frozen In Time: 63-Year-Old Mom And Her Middle Aged Daughters Stun The World With Their Youthful Looks "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sure, most already praise those of Asian descent for having a youthful look for far longer than most, but this Taiwanese family takes the cake. They are proof that if you take care of yourself you can look young forever.

This family has recently taken the internet by storm as photos of them have gone viral. The family consists of Lure (41), Fayfay (40), Sharon (36), and their mother who is as the title suggested 63 years of age. However, the mother looks as if she is not a day over 30, and the daughters all look like teenagers. No, really they look like teenagers!

These sisters say they actually were lucky enough to inherit their youthful looks from their mother, but, of course, there is more to it than that. These lovely ladies have beauty secrets for days. Before we get into that though, take a look at the images of them below.

Credit: Lure Hsu/Weibo Credit: Fayfay Hsu Credit: Sharon Hsu



8 Signs You Have An Intense Personality That Can Be Intimidating To Others "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Sometimes in life, we are just far too real for the rest of the world to handle. There are deep personalities that just operate on a level other people cannot understand.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time working to understand everything you possibly can on a more intense level you most likely have a deep personality. This is a good thing; people with deep personalities have all of the following traits.

8 Things People Who Have Deep Personalities Do:

1. You dont NEED the attention of others.

You are not a people pleaser and dont need other people to feel validated. You know well that you only need the attention of yourself to be truly happy. Wasting your time worrying about what other people think is not going to help anyone.

2. You cannot stand ignorance.

Ignorance gets under your skin more than anything else. You work hard to educate others and ensure that you are educated as well. When someone denies something that is fact, you get very worked up. With that being said, you know how to keep your composure in most situations, and no not let ignorant people get the best of you.

3. You dont like small talk.

You like conversation with meaning. Meaningless conversation bores you because you see how truly unnecessary it is. Sure, those who shallowly ask how your day is have good intentions but you know theyd rather not speak at all.

4. You know all too well that actions speak louder than words.

You dont look for people to say they will do something you focus on whether or not they actually do what they say. People all too often say one thing and do another. You are generally the first to call them out as well as the first to notice.

5. You are a great listener.

You are able to listen to other peoples problems from a nonbiased perspective. People often come to you for advice, because your opinion is valued.

6. You speak your mind.

You dont care what others think when something needs to be said you say it. You know where you stand, and you are not afraid of anyone. Speaking your mind comes naturally.

7. You are happy with who you are as a person.

You know who you are and are okay with it. You arent constantly searching for you...


Suomalainen Murteiskirja (Ahlqvist) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Suomalainen Murteiskirja: tahi Lukemisia Viron, Karjalan, Vatjan Vepsn ja Liivin Kielill, Suomalaisten Sanastojen Kanssa (in Finnish and other languages; Helsinki: J. Simeliuksen Perillisten Kirjapainossa, 1869), by August Ahlqvist (stable link)

Mustang Daily "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Mustang Daily (and other Cal Poly student newspapers, 1916-2011) (partial serial archives)

Posteridade (Mello Moraes) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Posteridade: o Brasil Historico e a Corographia Historica do Imperio do Brasil (second edition, in Portuguese; Rio de Janeiro: Typ. de Pinheiro e Comp., 1867), by A. J. de Mello Moraes (page images at Harvard)

Eileen's Journey (Jelf) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Eileen's Journey: History in Fairyland (London: J. Murray, 1899), by Ernest Arthur Jelf, illust. by Laura Troubridge (page images at Florida)

Imperiled Promise (Whisnant) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Imperiled Promise: The State of History in the National Park Service (completed by the Organization of American Historians at the invitation of the National Park Service; 2011), by Anne Mitchell Whisnant, Marla R. Miller, Gary B. Nash, and David P. Thelen (PDF at

The Black Paper on the Jewish Agency and Zionist Terrorism (Hayah al-Arabyah al-Uly li-Filastn) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Black Paper on the Jewish Agency and Zionist Terrorism: Memorandum to the United Nations Delegations (New York: Arab Higher Committee Delegation for Palestine, 1948), by Hayah al-Arabyah al-Uly li-Filastn (multiple formats at

The Unity of Italy "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Unity of Italy: The American Celebration of the Unity of Italy, at the Academy of Music, New York, Jan. 12, 1871, With the Addresses, Letters, and Comments of the Press (New York: G. P. Putnam and Sons, 1871) (stable link)

A Manual of Illumination on Paper and Vellum (Bradley) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

A Manual of Illumination on Paper and Vellum (eighth edition; London: Winsor and Newton, ca. 1861), by John W. Bradley, T. G. Goodwin, and J. J. Laing (page images at HathiTrust)

The Public School Problem in America (Evans) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Public School Problem in America: Outlining Fully the Policies and the Program of the Knights of Ku Klux Klan Toward the Public School System (ca. 1924), by H. W. Evans (page images at HathiTrust)

Story of the Ku Klux Klan (Jones) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Story of the Ku Klux Klan (Washington: American Newspaper Syndicate, c1921), by Winfield Jones (page images at HathiTrust)

Posteridade (Mello Moraes) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Posteridade: o Brasil Historico e a Corographia Historica do Imperio do Brasil (in Portuguese; Rio de Janeiro: Typ. de Pinheiro e Comp., 1867), by A. J. de Mello Moraes (page images at HathiTrust)

Colonel Mayfield's Weekly "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Colonel Mayfield's Weekly (selected issues, 1921-1925) (partial serial archives)

The Future of the Curriculum (Williamson) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Future of the Curriculum: School Knowledge in the Digital Age (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Ben Williamson (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

Learning at Not-School (Sefton-Green) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Learning at Not-School: A Review of Study, Theory, and Advocacy for Education in Non-Formal Settings (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Julian Sefton-Green (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

Measuring What Matters Most (Schwartz) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Measuring What Matters Most: Choice-Based Assessments for the Digital Age (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Daniel L. Schwartz and Dylan Arena (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

The Medieval Review "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

The Medieval Review (1993-) (partial serial archives)


16 Things Youll Notice When Youre In The Presence Of An Empath "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

This seems to imply that feeling is a bad thing, but being sensitive is an indication that you are still connected to the heart of the human experience.

In a world growing continuously more desensitized, we are need of sensitivity. So, if someone tells you this, take it as a compliment. Being sensitive is a gift.

Want to learn more about empaths? Check out this article: Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From You

One of the key traits of an empath is being able to sniff out a lie.

Because empaths hone such deep understanding toward human nature, they see lying as absolutely unnecessary. Lying will strike an empath right in the heart.

Empaths are mostly unable to read or view negative images and forget about them. They soon want to avoid the news or stories of heartbreak at all costs.

One of the unusual traits of an empath is their amphibious naturethey are both introverts and extroverts.

However, while they absorb energy from a crowd, their sensitivity toward the ebb of flow of emotions will leave them exhausted after being around so many people.

Your true sense of happiness occurs when you feel that you are being in some way a service for another human.

When someone needs someone, an empath is the person who will drop what he or she is doing and rush to help. When push comes to shove, an empath will be there.

Empaths react differently to stimulants like caffeine, which tends to increase anxiety or agitation. Similarly, empaths will often react adversely to medications, and thus, avoid using synthetic solutions.

In other words, empaths are raw and painstakingly honest. They see no reason to put on a false front. Empaths embrace who they arethe good and the bad.

They accept the bad as a work in progress. Because of such deep self-insight, empaths epitomize true friendship.

Empaths are deeply connected to those who they care about, and they care about everyone. So, when someone is going through a rough patch in lifefrom a break-up to major dental workempaths experience the pain too.

Pets don't exist to empaths, as "pet" implies ownership. Rather, for the empath, animals are family.

Places like pet stores and zoos will deeply disturb the empath because animals should be free and not shoved in cages to be gawked at.

Carrying the weight of others' emotions and pain, joy and happiness takes a toll on the empath....


The freeCodeCamp Podcast is live. Here are 6 episodes you can binge-listen now. "IndyWatch Feed Education"

The freeCodeCamp Podcast is now live. You can go binge-listen to the first 6 episodes in Apple iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you want.

Well publish new episodes every Monday, so remember to subscribe.

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Heres a list of the first six episodes:

Episode 1: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer at Companies, Part 1Learning to Code

Art by Sebastian Navas

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Episode 2: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer for Top Tech Companies, Part 2The Interview

Art by Sebastian Navas

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Episode 3: How I went from Selling Food in the Street to Working as a Developer for Top Tech Companies, Part 3First Week on the Job

Art by Sebastian Navas



Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Surges Higher "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price gained heavy bids and moved above $0.2500 against the US Dollar before correcting lower.
  • There is a bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.2350 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The price might continue to move higher and it remains supported above the $0.2100 level.

Ripple price gained heavy bullish momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD remains in an uptrend above the $0.2100 support area.

Ripple Price Rally

There was a sharp upside move in Ripple price above the $0.2150 level against the US Dollar. The upside move was strong as the price was able to break the $0.2400 and $0.2500 resistance levels. It traded close to the $0.2700 level before it faced solid offers. A high was formed near $0.2660 and later the price started a downside correction. The dip was massive and the price trimmed most of its gains to trade back towards $0.2100.

The mentioned $0.2100 support area acted as a support along with the 100 hourly simple moving average. The price is now moving back higher and already broke the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the 0.2660 high to $0.2065 low. On the upside, there is a bearish trend line forming with resistance at $0.2350 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. The same trend line is near the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the 0.2660 high to $0.2065 low.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

Therefore, the $0.2350 level is a decent resistance for the next move. On the downside, an initial support is near $0.2180. However, the most important support is close to the $0.2120 level and the 100 hourly SMA.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is reducing its bearish slope.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD is still above the 50 level and showing positive signs.

Major Support Level $0.2120

Major Resistance Level $0.2350




Woman Says George H.W. Bush Groped Her When She Was 16: 'I Was a Child' "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Roslyn Corrigan was sixteen years old when she got a chance to meet George H.W. Bush, excited to be introduced to a former president having grown up dreaming of going into politics.

But Corrigan was crushed by her encounter: Bush, then 79 years old, groped her buttocks at a November 2003 event in The Woodlands, Texas, office of the Central Intelligence Agency where Corrigans father gathered with fellow intelligence officers and family members to meet Bush, Corrigan said.

Corrigan is the sixth woman since Oct. 24 to accuse Bush publicly of grabbing her buttocks without consent.

My initial reaction was absolute horror. I was really, really confused, Corrigan told TIME, speaking publicly for the first time about the encounter.

The first thing I did was look at my mom and, while he was still standing there, I didnt say anything. What does a teenager say to the ex-president of the United States? Like, Hey dude, you shouldnt have touched me like that?

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History in my Wardrobe: Australian Cabbage Tree Hat "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

History in my Wardrobe: Australian Cabbage Tree Hat: Last weekend the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy in Canberra hosted a Cabbage Tree Hat workshop with Sue and Don Brian. Sue and Don...


Bogus Trademark Claim Blocks Band From Using Name They Had For 20yrs "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Intellectual Property is often sold as a legal measure to protect artists from scammers who may attempt to replicate their brand, but more often than not these types of legal avenues are taken advantage of by opportunists and exploited by publishers to the detriment of truly creative people. This situation plays out on a regular basis, I experienced this firsthand when getting my first book published, and noticed a similar situation in the news this week when rock band Skitzo Calypso had the majority of their releases pulled from multiple distributors because an artist in an entirely different genre, with a somewhat similar name, trademarked their name and as a result was able to have any artist with a related name to be taken off the market. One of the bands caught up in the crossfire was Skitzo Calypso of Baltimore, who I have been following for most of their 20+ year career.

This week, I saw the band announce through their Facebook page that the bulk of their back catalog was going to disappear from Spotify, Amazon, Itunes and all of their distributors partners. I reached out to Skitzo Calypso front man Brad Cox for the details and was shocked to learn just how easy it is for opportunists to knock their perceived competition off the map using bogus IP claims. Not only was the artist in question 7 years-old at the time of the bands first official release, but their name is even spelled differently, although many of the letters are the same. Brad did not want to put the other artists name to the public because he is hoping to handle this behind the scenes diplomatically, but early efforts have not been fruitful. He also said that it is only one word in the name that is being disputed, which makes the claim even more ridiculous.

Its like saying there cant be a Lil Wayne, Lil John, and Lil Kim because of Lil or a Guns N Roses and LA Guns because of Guns, Brad said in an interview with The Mind Unleashed.

Brad went on to say that he has spent the past several days stuck in a customer service nightmare, where none of the legal departments will even respond to him and are just diverting the claim to the legal system, basically forcing him into court.

The legal departments literally wont talk to you or adhere to basic logicthey award the complainant control for frivolous disputes. Im not asking for a lawyer from the company to defend me, but I am asking for a certain level of common sense he attributed to these types of situations, he said. To add insult to injury, the band has not toured or played live since the recent passing of one of their long-time members, so for the foreseeable future, streaming their music was the only way for fans like myself to relive 20 years of memories, but now that lifeline is threatened and the band intends to fight back....



If youre looking for a family of Oreo Connoisseurs, look no further.  Since I have know Mr Davis he has been a lover of Oreos.  When we were first married I would judgily stare at him at night as he would gobble down a sleeve of Oreos while I stayed on my diet.  Ew.  Anyway, over the years we have enjoyed several of the new flavors, been surprised by others and hated a few too.  I knew we loved oreos, but it wasnt until my sister came over and commented on how many flavors were currently stocking (cookie butter, pumpkin, apple pie, pb+j) that I realized we can easily call ourselves authorities on the subject.  The mystery oreos had us stumped (trix?  fruity pebbles?) until my sister also commented on their smell.  Target Bathroom.  So Oreo, thats the guess from the Davis Family.  Youre mystery oreos smell (and taste!) like a Target Bathroom!!

But beyond the Target Bathroom Oreos, weve found a few more favorites and I thought it would be fun to pull Mr Davis in to talk about them.  Youll have to let us know if you have a favorite too!

1. Hot Cocoa Oreos

New Seasonal Oreo Flavor Reviews What is the Mystery Oreo Flavor

Me:  I would have to say the hot cocoa oreos are the new family favorite.  I love them, our kids love them and they really do taste like you dipped an oreo cookie into hot cocoa!  Some of their descriptions were cracking me up: Sip your hot cocoa while you dunk your hot cocoa. Oreo that is and When the weather outside is frightful, this new Oreo flavor is going to be downright delightful.

Mr Davis:  Im not a huge fan of hot cocoa as it is (maybe I burned my tongue too many times as a kid), but these are good you got the balance of chocolate softly held in the arms of marshmallow in bite sized mug.  I give them 2 out 3 sleeves.

2. Waffles + Syrup Oreos

New Seasonal Oreo Flavor Reviews What is the Mystery Oreo Flavor

Me:  I thought the waffles and syrup oreos were super sweet, almost too sweet.  The flavor is o....


Comic for 2017.11.17 "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic


A Blockchain Platform that will Holistically Confront the Existing Problems of the Gaming Industry "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

When confronted with just a 50-50 chance of getting it right or wrong in an ecosystem that is filled with so many options, it is natural for an investors instinct to pick a more established and balanced venture with a track record ahead of an ordinary startup whose ideas are yet to be thoroughly tested in real life.

Decentralizing the video game economy

Already backed by a publicly listed company (iCandy Interactive Ltd, ASX:ICI) that has an existing relevant business with prominent institutional shareholders. The Nitro project will tokenize the video games economy that is backed by a successful award-winning game business that has been operating for many years. Having recently acquired game portfolio with 325 million users, the platform now boasts of 348 million users. This gives Nitro the chance to become most widespread cryptocurrency in the world, a proposition that provides a safety net against the risk of business plan execution, compared to other ICO projects have.

Simply defined, Nitro is an independent, blockchain-based online collaboration platform, which seeks to allow participation in the video-games economy, to connect various stakeholders, and to achieve growth for the overall Nitro network.

The game industry is confronted with a lot of complex challenges. Some of these challenges involves the sidelining of some supposed key players in the industry, leaving them to be ordinary stakeholders without the appropriate compensation for their inputs. This happens when the bigger financially buoyant  members of the gaming community organise a dominating structure which makes it harder for smaller players to meet up with certain standards, so their rewards are determined by the few whales in the form of game studios and institutional marketers.

A holistic approach towards a complex system

With Nitros thorough understanding of these situation and other complex challenges of the gaming industry, the company is building a blockchain based solution that will via a holistic approach solve end-to-end value-chain problems of the ecosystem. This approach puts into proper perspective the interests of all stakeholders of the video-game industry, i.e. gamers, game studios, publishers, and financiers.

These solutions are expected to be achieved by using the Nitro blockchains native token called NOX. Holders of this token will be able to participate in the economy of the video-games industry. Nitro will fund games voted in by NOX holders on the platform. Promising Game Studios will have access to much-needed funding and will be able to connect with gamers earlier on in the development cycle. This will greatly impro...


Swiss Firms to Let Traders Short Bitcoin With New Futures Products "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Swiss bank Vontobel and Leonteq Securities announced that they will start trading Switzerlands first two mini futures to short bitcoin on Friday.


Kundalini & Spiritual Emergency: What Doctors, Psychologists, and YOU Need to Know "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Before January 2014, I had never heard of the term kundalini other than vague references to kundalini yoga, which I associated with people wearing white turbans and breathing hard.

But on my daughters 8th birthday, I experienced something that my medical knowledge never prepared me to understand.

I was with my new friend Dennis, an agnostic scientist who was drawn to me after we met at a holiday party at the Institute of Noetic Sciences because of our shared curiosity in energy healing. We werent doing anything particularly interesting at the time.

We werent meditating or doing yoga or having sex or doing breathwork or using any mind-altering substances or otherwise seeking out any sort of mystical experience. We were just sitting upstairs on the floor of my bedroom with my roommate April, when something very curious happened.

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In5D Alternative News for November 17 , 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

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The spectacular Road To Hana trip with tips day 1 "IndyWatch Feed Craft"

So I plan a quiet trip to Maui, and thinking it will be a little too quiet, include a new-to-me romp over to Lanai for a new adventure. That parts coming soon. Its a GOOD ONE. However, what actually transpired once I got here was so vastly different, I would have only labeled it dream material. My []

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Council defends use of fluoride in water supplies "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The South Taranaki District Council has a duty to fluoridate its water supply, as residents in the area have poor oral hygiene and a high level of tooth decay, the Supreme Court has been told.

A group opposed to fluoridation, New Health New Zealand, has taken legal action against the Council which has now reached the countrys highest Court.

Earlier the Court of Appeal and High Court threw out legal challenges by the group, rejecting its suggestion that fluoridation of the water breached the right to refuse medical treatment.

However South Taranaki District Councils lawyer, Duncan Laing, told the Supreme Court today that health legislation places a duty on local authorities to improve and promote health in their areas.

He said a doctor had suggested that fluoridating the water supply was a much better way of improving oral health in the area, than other possible methods targeting dental hygiene.

In Patea it was a doctors opinion that if the toothbrush and toothpaste were free there was no reason to believe they would be used.

He said the doctor suggested other measures such as banning sugary snacks in schools would not be as effective as fluoridation even if they could be introduced.

Mr Laing said the Local Government Act also empowered the council to fluoridate the water supply and regarding its safety, he said the Ministry of Health had reviewed scientific papers on fluoridation and also commissioned its own studies on the issue.

He said the merits of fluoridation had also been considered by other bodies over many years.

As far back as 1957 a commission of enquiry [was held] and also [later] the New Zealand Human Rights Commission [considered fluoridation], so its interesting its come up again at this time.

It was put to bed by the Royal Commission in the 1950s and by Privy Council case but now its reared its head again.

Mr Laing said local councils had three separate duties relating to water supplies, including ensuring an area had an adequate supply of water.

[And] to take all practicable steps to ensure water supply meets with the standards and to take all reasonable steps to ensure the water supply is wholesome.

Duncan Laing said nothing in that was contrary to fluoridating a local water supply.

He also rejected the appellants claim that the fluoride used in water supplies could contain a whole range of nasty chemicals.

The drinking water standards are a very comprehensive set of standards as to what can be put into drinking water and its simply not credi...


BIG TIMELINE SHIFTS!!! In5D Facebook LIVE with Gregg Prescott Ep. #13 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Owner, Webmaster, & Editor, 11/11 brought some HUGE TIMELINE SHIFTS as evidenced by several bouts of vertigo. Vertigo occurs as timelines converges. Its the moving of timelines that causes the physiological symptoms to manifest as vertigo. The night of 11/11 brought EXTREME TIREDNESS to many people, myself included. I normally []

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Ethereum Cryptocurrency Almost $400 Million Vanishes "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Thanks to a string of screw-ups and bugs, an unsuspecting developer recently took possession of an estimated $US390 million worth of the Ethereum cryptocurrency by accident. In an attempt to give back the money, however, the guy ended up locking up the funds permanently. Essentially, the money has just evaporated.

It turns out that hackers started the trouble getting into the cryptocurrency wallet service stealing about $42 million. To then patch the vulnerability to their block-chain technology, they introduced a bug that affected multi-signature wallets. These are wallets which require several people to enter keys before funds get transferred. This was intended to be top security for Ether which is the second largest cryptocurrency. Somehow, a guy called devops199 triggered the bug and took control of all multi-sig wallets unintendedly. Then devops199 attempted to reverse the process to give back the money which then triggered they bug. The result was the destruction all of the funds. The bug caused a chain reaction of events that locked all multi-signature wallets that cannot now be unlocked.

Welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency.


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH/USD Corrects Lower "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price started a minor correction from the $337.65 swing high against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break below yesterdays highlighted major bullish trend line with support at $326.50 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX).
  • The price tested the $318 support area where appeared and protected further declines.

Ethereum price moved a few points down against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD is currently above $326 and facing hurdles on the upside.

Ethereum Price Resistance

There was no major move above the $336-337 resistance in ETH price against the US Dollar. The price started a downside move and traded below the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $306.73 low to $337.65 high. More importantly, there was a break below yesterdays highlighted major bullish trend line with support at $326.50 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD.

It has opened the doors for further corrections as long as the price is below $336-337. The last downside wave was protected by the $318 support and the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $306.73 low to $337.65 high. Moreover, the 100 hourly simple moving average near $318.50 acted as a support and prevented declines. The pair is now moving back higher and is currently trading above $326. On the upside, there is a connecting bearish trend line with resistance at $328.50.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

As long as the price is below the $336 and $337 levels, there is a chance of another downside move back toward $322. However, any major declines below $318 and 100 hourly simple moving average should be limited. There can be a couple of swing moves below $336 before the price attempts the next move.

Hourly MACD The MACD is mostly flat with minor bullish signals.

Hourly RSI The RSI is currently just above the 50 level with no major bearish signal.

Major Support Level $318

Major Resistance Level $337


Charts courtesy ...


Appreciate Your Hardships And Your Lessons "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Adeana M. Slater, Guest writer, Im asking all of you to appreciate your hardships and your lessons. You learn the most with controversy. The repeated challenges wake you up to the core of your soul with the realization to find love and light in the simplest of pleasures. Again you are reminded that []

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Friends Of Tall Chick Sent To Make Inroads With Only Bloke In The Bar Taller Than Her "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A South Betoota man who is a fair nudge above-average-height has essentially just been told that hes a sure bet tonight, if hes keen. Despite having about as much personality as a broken Obike, the 29-year-old data analyst has been accosted by several friends of a tall chick. Hey where are you from? []

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

1.00 AUD = 0.0001 BTC
0.0001 BTC = 1.05 AUD

Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.0001 BTC = 0.78 USD
1.00 USD = 0.0001 BTC


RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT November 16, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"


Het bericht RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT November 16, 2017 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Gov. Releases Millions Of Man-Made Mosquitoes Which Cause Male Infertility "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Millions of man-made GM mosquitoes being released across the U.S. are likely to cause infertility in men, according to scientists. 

Fears have grown that the lab-grown mosquitoes not only target disease-carrying insects but may also be part of a covert government operation to cull the population. reports: Despite claims it is safe for humans, there are also some concerns, it could affect other arthropods, such as spiders which pray on mosquitoes, therefore increasing populations in the long run, or even people, rendering humans unable to breed.

In a decision that has not been formally announced, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will allow the release of the killer insects in 20 states and Washington DC.

They have been bred by the company MosquitoMate in a bid to drastically reduce the population of the disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquito (A aegypti), which is responsible for infecting humans with viruses such as dengue, yellow fever and Zika, which has caused birth defects in babies.

The firm creates mosquitoes infected with the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis which prevents natural mosquitoes from breeding.

These risks of humans or other arthropods being affected are said to be extremely low, but the full impact will not been known until mass releases happen, according to scientists.

Canadian blogger Rose Webster is behind a campaign to stop the releases.

She has spent months speaking to scientists and fears that it may be possible for Wolbachia to infect humans, and prevent individuals from breeding.

She is also convinced that Wolbachia releases have actually helped the spread of the Zika virus.

She said: Wolbachia is responsible for the most widespread pandemics in the animal kingdom.

Safety tests were never carried out on vertebrate species prior to Wolbachia-infected mosquito releases ca...


#MassArrests - Understand The Context of the 1,183 Sealed Indictments "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Thanks to TruthEarth.Org for pointing the way to this article on VOAT........


I know people have been saying "WHOA, bro, this is a ton of indictments." But a "ton" to one is not a "ton" to another. So, here is my attempt to give you context to the sealed indictments...

What is a sealed indictment? Criminal charges that are brought by the grand jury where the charges and Defendant are kept secret.

Why do they seal indictments? Usually in large, organized crime cases, the prosecutors want to keep the defendants secret, so as not to tip them off that they are still collecting more evidence, or that maybe a co-defendant is cooperating.

What is the normal frequency of sealed indictments? The only official numbers I could find are from 2006, completed by the Federal Courts. In 2006, there were 284 sealed indictments across the entire year, for ALL districts, combined.

How do I (a normal citizen, not employed by the Federal Courts) find out how many sealed indictments there are? Dockets (a court's calendar) are public information. So, the sealed cases appear on the dockets, but as "Sealed v. Sealed," or "Defendant: Sealed." Any person can go on a federal court's website and count the sealed cases. OR, you can order a PACER Report. PACER will do all the work for you for a price. They aggregate all of the public information into one document.
What is the frequency this year? According to a PACER REPORT ordered by @damartin32 on Twitter, 832 sealed indcitments were filed across...


The old is no longer automatically taking its place in the new cycle "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Dutch Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self 17 November 2017   The new cycle is well under way, and you should bear in mind that Humanity as a Continue Reading

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Guest post by Cassandra Fairbanks at Big League Politics: Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that,  We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice Presidents house because Continue Reading



CSIRO Releases Computer-Generated Image Of What Kurt Cobain Would Look Like Now "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

STEVE KOLBY | Music | Contact Australias peaking scientific body, the CSIRO, has treated the world to yet another technological breakthrough this afternoon. Using a researchers MacBook Pro and Photoshop, the organisation says theyve been able accurately to predict what legendary musician Kurt Cobain if he were alive today. We spent all afternoon on it, said one public servant. []

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8 Traits That Can Be Used to Identify All Personality Disorders "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

The study of human personality and personality disorders has dated back decades. One of the first examples recorded was when Tyrtamus divided the people of Athens into 30 different personality types during the 4th century BC, using labels such as irony, arrogance and boastfulness. This laid the groundwork for the extensive research that would follow, working towards the development of the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

The DSM-5 lists a total of 10 different personality disorders, sorted into three different groups, or clusters.

Cluster A: Odd, Bizarre, Eccentric

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder
  • Schizoid Personality Disorder
  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Cluster B: Dramatic, Erratic

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Histrionic Personality Disorder
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Cluster C: Anxious, Fearful

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder
  • Dependent Personality Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

One of the biggest challenges regarding the understanding of personality is the diagnosis of personality disorders. Throughout history there have been many different techniques explored and applied to these efforts, working to distinguish the unique characteristics of each personality type while better understanding how they do or do not, related to psychological conditions that are considered to be treatable diseases.

Psychologist Sylvia Wilson out of the University of Minnesota and her colleagues revisited an old approach, looking at understanding the individual interpersonal styles that were associated with each of the disorders. These styles look at how you behave, your attitude towards relationships, the way that you interpret the behavior of others, and the relationship goals that you set among other personal characteristics.

Source: UnDepress


Wilson and her colleagues focused their research on 127 different studies conducted over a 20-year period...


6 Things That Will Happen To Your Body One Month Before A Heart Attack "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Heart attacks are a lot more common in current times than they should be and are a growing issue. However, thanks to science there are quite a few warning signs we can look for that could save us if we notice them in time.

In case you werent aware heart disease is actually the leading cause of death here in the United States according to the CDC. This meaning the whole I dont think it will happen to me argument is mute. Heart disease takes more lives than cancer, let that sink in.

Now, heart disease comes in the form of a range of conditions all of which affect your heart. These conditions include things like congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease and so forth. Paying attention to your heart health from an early age is EXTREMELY important.

A heart attack is something that happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle becomes blocked. Because of this lack of oxygen, the heart itself begins to die if blood is not restored as quickly as possible and help is not sought out almost immediately the person will die. Heart attacks are not a joke, they are terrifying.

A study carried out earlier this year actually found that in the UK early signs were overlooked in one out of six heart attack deaths there. My point for mentioning this is to stress how important it is to know the warning signs so that you can help yourself as well as your loved ones when signs are being overlooked. This study was published in the Lancet Public Health, and for this researchers actually examined records of all 446,744 NHS hospital stays in England between 2006 and 2010. They also examined data from the hospitalization history of all 135,950 heart attack deaths. Records actually included things like whether or not the people who had passed from heart attacks had been admitted in the previous four weeks or not and if signs were recorded as their cause of admission and so forth.

Half of those mentioned above who passed away due to heart attacks were hospitalized at some point during the four weeks prior to their deaths. This leaving the other half with symptoms/signs going unnoticed. People often overlook the signs of a possible oncoming heart attack. These are signs that present themselves oftentimes months in advance.

6 Things That Will Happen To Your Body One Month Before A Heart Attack:

1. Fatigue

While fatigue is perfectly normal after a stressful day or even a lot of intense physical activity constant or ch...


Supreme Court tackles medication angle of fluoridation case "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The Supreme Court looks set to tackle the issue of whether adding fluoride to water supplies amounts to medicating the consumer to reduce tooth decay.

The court has reserved its decision on an appeal by a group that opposes fluoridation of water supplies, New Health New Zealand.

New Health appealed against a decision that South Taranaki District Council should be allowed to put fluoride in the water supplies of Waverley and P?tea, two areas with poor oral hygiene.

One of the planks of New Healths appeal was the Bill of Rights Act guarantee that anyone had the right to refuse to undergo medical treatment.

Fluoridated water supplies delivered medication for a therapeutic purpose, New Healths lawyer, Mary Scholtens, QC, said.

The right to refuse medical treatment was subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as could be justified in a free and democratic society.

For the minister of health, Crown lawyer Austin Powell argued fluoridated water was a public health measure, not medical treatment.

But there was point at which treatment and dietary additions came close to diverging, he said.

If the court found that adding fluoride was authorised, reading several provisions together, then it would be prescribed by law and the real issue would become whether it was justified, Powell said.

The council has defended the science behind fluoridation and said fluoridated water was not medication, its lawyer Duncan Laing said.

Fluoridating water was not delivering medical treatment, but even if it was medical treatment, it was legally allowed and was a minimal intrusion, he argued.

The Ministry of Health encouraged local authorities to fluoridate, after evaluating the scientific evidence and commissioning its own studies. It had been looked at on human rights grounds, and by a commission of inquiry.

There is a substantial body of evidence that fluoridation is a safe and effective way of reducing widespread disease, Laing said.

New Health has said that fluoride added to the water is not the same as medical-grade fluoride found in fluoride tablets and toothpaste.

New Health said the water additive was a product of the fertiliser industry, but Laing said that was not always the case.

Additives to drinking water had to comply with comprehensive water standards and it was not credible to say it added dangerous or inappropriate elements from the fluoride. New Health said contaminants such as mercury and arsenic came from the fluoride added.

Until 2002, l...


Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH/USD Breaks Down "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price broke down and traded below the $1000 handle against the US Dollar.
  • This weeks highlighted bearish trend line with current resistance at $1050 is in place on the hourly chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken).
  • The price is currently recovering but it will most likely face sellers near $1050 and $1100.

Bitcoin cash price traded lower sharply below $1000 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is now under pressure and remains sell on rallies.

Bitcoin Cash Price Resistance

There was no major recovery in bitcoin cash price yesterday above $1200 against the US Dollar. The price started a sharp downside move and traded below a couple of important support levels like $1050 and $1000. The decline was strong and the price traded close to $800. A low was formed near $835 from where a recovery wave is initiated. The price has moved above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $1220 high to $835 low.

However, this weeks highlighted bearish trend line with current resistance at $1050 is in place on the hourly chart of BCH/USD. The same trend line resistance is near $1050. So, the previous support at $1050 may now act as a resistance for buyers in the near term. It also coincides with the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $1220 high to $835 low.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

The current recovery is positive, but a break below $1050 was negative. Therefore, bitcoin cash price might continue to face sellers near $1050 and $1100. On the downside, an initial support is around $900. Below $900, the price will most likely retest the recent low of $835.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is still in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is recovering from the overbought levels, but it is below 50.

Major Support Level $850

Major Resistance Level $1050


Charts courtesy ......


HAPPENING NOW! Saudi Arabia and Kushner Lay Out Plans for Peace with Israel and War with Iran "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Saudi Arabia King to crown his 32-year old son as Prince Mohammed plans war with Iran.
Biblical Prophetic events happening an lightning speed. You dont want to miss it! Stay tuned for tonights Open Your Eyes People Broadcast!
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
We are an end-time church ministry and rely on the support of our viewers to help continue the Labor of the Word brought to you by these broadcasts. Please donate securely online at: or mail:
EMOAF| Evangelist Anita Fuentes
PO Box 218, Schertz, TX 78154
Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


Europe's Executive Arm Issues Report on Blockchain For Education "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

EU Commission has released a report titled 'Blockchain in Education' that explains on potentials of the nascent technology in the education industry.


Now Just FIVE Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the Worlds Population "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Last year it was 8 men, then down to 6, and now its probably just 5.

The super-rich are absconding with our wealth, and the plague of inequality continues to grow. An analysis of 2016 data found that the poorest five deciles of the world population own about $410 billion in total wealth.

As of June 2017, the worlds richest five men owned over $400 billion in wealth. Thus, on average, each man owns nearly as much as 750 million people.

Why Do We Let a Few People Shift Great Portions of the Worlds Wealth to Themselves?

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/17/2017 New Highs Yet Again! "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price is at it again, breaking past the latest set of highs to close in on the $8000 handle.
  • Revisiting the Fib extension levels shows how high bitcoin price could go from here.
  • Price is already testing the 50% extension level but technical indicators show strengthening bullish momentum.

Bitcoin price is establishing new record highs and the Fibonacci extension levels show the next upside targets.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is above the longer-term 200 SMA on the daily time frame so the path of least resistance is to the upside. Moreover, the gap between the moving averages is widening to reflect stronger bullish pressure.

In that case, bitcoin price could aim for the 61.8% extension at $8638 or head to the 76.4% extension at $9352. The full extension is located at $10,506.54 and several analysts actually expect bitcoin to reach the $10,000 levels before year end.

Stochastic is on the move up to show that buyers are in control of price action. RSI has more room to climb so bitcoin price could keep following suit until both indicators turn from oversold levels.

Market Factors

The rise in volumes, supported by increasing investor interest, has been seen as the main factor spurring gains. According to, cryptocurrency markets have seen in excess of $10 billion in trading volume in the past 24 hours.




Youre All Whipped! Writes Young Professional To Group Chat While Drinking Alone In Seedy Sports Bar "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Nobody wrote back to his 2 pm message asking if anybody was about for beers this afternoon, so Chris Masters took matters into his own hands. The 29-year-old bachelor clocked out from his Old City district bespoke, boutique public relations agency at around 3 pm and walked straight into []

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XRP Surges as AMEX Teams up with Ripple "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

XRP Ripple: XRP had a rollercoaster ride on Thursday on the news that American Express has teamed up with Ripple for cross-border payments.

This partnership with Ripple will enable instant blockchain-based payments for U.S. corporate customers sending funds to U.K.-based businesses that bank with Santander U.K.

How did XRP Ripple React?

XRP surged to the one-month high level of $0.2668 as the Ripple-AMEX partnership news broke out. However, it quickly erased most of the gains and closed Thursdays trading session at the key pivot level of 0.2233. It then started Fridays Asian session below the Ichimoku cloud. The future cloud on Ichimoku Kinko Hyos daily setup remains flat, although slightly bearish.


With this, we could expect XRPs range trade to continue for a bit more longer against the US dollar. The median range price for the pair appears to be between the 23% and 61% Fibonacci retracement levels at 0.1890 and 0.2790 respectively.

The Fibonacci setup retraces the major downtrend XRP saw after its ICO price of 0.3729, all the way down to the all-time-low price of 0.13.

Tell Me More about the Ripple-AMEX Collaboration

The Ripple-AMEX blockchain project allows payments made by American Express business customers on its  FX International Payments (FXIP) platform to be routed through Ripples enterprise blockchain network.

With this, Ripple believes that its cryptocurrency, XRP, will come into play as a means of speeding up payments later on down the line. This could explain the initial surge as the news broke out.

This marks one of the first major uses of the blockchain industry. Financial firms hope the technology can reduce the cost and complexity of processes such as securities settlement and international payments.

In a statement Ripples CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that transfers that used to take days will be completed in real time.

American Expresss chief information offic...

These results demonstrate the dynamic ovarian response to BPA exposure. "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

PMID:  Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2017 Nov 4. Epub 2017 Nov 4. PMID: 29113915 Abstract Title:  Bisphenol A accelerates meiotic progression in embryonic chickens via the estrogen receptor signaling pathway. Abstract:  Bisphenol A (BPA) as an endocrine-disrupting chemical with weak estrogenic activity affects formation of primordial follicles. This study aimed to identify the potential effects and molecular mechanisms of BPA on meiosis and primordial follicle formation in chickens. The results suggest that the cortical layer was thickened and the number of germ cells that entered into meiosis was increased in BPA-treated ovaries. The percentage ofH2AX-positive cells increased significantly. In addition, up-regulated mRNA expression of meiotic genes, including stimulated by retinoic acid gene 8 (Stra8), disrupted meiotic cDNA 1 homologue (Dmc1) and synaptonemal complex protein 3 (Scp3) were observed in BPA-treated ovaries. Therefore, progression to meiosis prophase I was accelerated by exposure to BPA. Furthermore, the results demonstrated that injection of BPA resulted in hypomethylation of Dazl (Deleted in A Zoospermia-Like gene) and Stra8 and up-regulation mRNA expression of Dazl and Stra8 during meiotic onset. Finally, the relationship between estrogen receptor (ER) expression and BPA-induced meiosis was revealed using an in vitro ovarian culture system. BPA enhanced ER expression at the levels of mRNA and protein, while BPA exerted no significant effect on ER and membrane-bound estrogen receptor (GPR30) expression. Theinducing effects of BPA on meiosis were blocked by ER inhibitor. Collectively, these results demonstrate the dynamic ovarian response to BPA exposure, which indicate that BPA affects the formation of primordial follicles by promoting meiotic progression of oocytes via hypomethylation of Dazl and Stra8 and ER signaling pathways.

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Submicromolar BPA concentrations induce the DNA damage and promote the cell proliferation in the liver. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2017 Nov 8. Epub 2017 Nov 8. PMID: 29128613 Abstract Title:  Submicromolar bisphenol A induces proliferation and DNA damage in human hepatocyte cell lines in vitro and in juvenile rats in vivo. Abstract:  An association between bisphenol A (BPA) exposure and hepatic tumors was suggested, but the employment of high-dose levels raises questions about its relevance to human health. Here, we demonstrate that submicromolar concentrations of BPA induce the proliferation and DNA damage in human hepatocyte cell lines. In HepG2 and NKNT-3, undifferentiated and differentiated hepatocyte cell lines, respectively, submicromolar BPA concentrations promoted the cell proliferation, as indicated by enhanced DNA synthesis and elevated expression of cell-cycle proteins. At concentrations higher than 10 M, these effects disappeared, reflecting a non-monotonic dose-response relationship. Notably, histone H2AX was activated following exposure to BPA, which is a sensitive marker of DNA damage. Importantly, proliferative foci and DNA damage were also observed in liver tissue of rats orally exposedto BPA at 0.5 mg/kg for 90 days, from juvenile age (postnatal day 9) through adulthood. Reactive oxygen species appeared to play a role in the BPA-induced proliferation and DNA damage, as evidenced by a partial reversal of both processes upon pretreatment with an antioxidant, N-acetylcysteine. Collectively, these results demonstrate that submicromolar BPA concentrations induce the DNA damage and promote the cell proliferation in the liver, which may support its role as a risk factor for hepatocarcinogenicity.

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$54 Million Inquiry Finds Juvie That Tear Gasses Pre-Teens Probably Shouldnt Be Open "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory has today found that a government institution that tortures children with solitary confinement and chemical weaponry probably shouldnt be allowed to keep doing that. The $54 million government inquiry, which was prompted by ABCs Four Corners report on the systemic []

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Rosmarinic acid is a potential supplement for most patients on dialysis. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Braz J Med Biol Res. 2017 Oct 19 ;50(12):e6145. Epub 2017 Oct 19. PMID: 29069222 Abstract Title:  Effect of a rosmarinic acid supplemented hemodialysis fluid on inflammation of human vascular endothelial cells. Abstract:  Chronic systemic inflammation and repetitive damage of vascular endothelia by incompatible dialysis system are probable causes of cardiovascular disease in patients on dialysis. The present study aimed to assess in vitro biocompatibility and anti-inflammatory effect of hemodialysis fluid supplemented with rosmarinic acid (RA) using human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). HUVECs (5106 cells/mL) were pre-exposed to 1 g/mL of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and incubated with RA-supplemented hemodialysis fluid (HDF). Cytotoxicity was assessed qualitatively by morphologic assessment and quantitatively by MTT assay. Expressions of proinflammatory mediators were assessed using quantitative real-time PCR and production of NO was quantified. Phosphorylation of AKT and nuclear localization of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-B) were examined using western blotting. Exposure of HUVECs to RA-supplemented HDF had no influence on morphology and viability. Inhibition of proinflammatory mediator production in HUVECs by RA supplementation to HDF was significant in a dose-dependent manner. Exposure to RA-supplemented HDF resulted in a decrease in nitric oxide synthase expression and reduction of NO production in LPS-stimulated HUVECs. RA supplementation of HDF suppressed Akt activationin LPS-stimulated HUVECs. In addition, the level of cellular IB was increased in parallel to a reduced nuclear translocation of NF-B in LPS-induced endothelial cells. Our results suggest that RA-supplemented HDF is biocompatible and significantly suppressed inflammation induced in endothelial cells. In this respect, the use of HDF supplemented with RA could alleviate inflammation and improve long-term treatment of patients with renal failure on dialysis. Further clinical studies are required to confirm the effects.

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How to See Yourself As Others See You "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Body Mind Soul Spirit

It is common, and commendable, to be curious about how others see you in general, or in specific situations. The more insight you have in this area, the less time you are apt to lie awake at night, wondering. And even when you may have acted differently in a specific situation, upon review, this insight generally provides the best answer for moving forward.

It is quite possible to see yourself exactly as other people see you; however, this takes courage, and the development of some insight. So, if you dare, have a peek in the mirror

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. - Carl Jung


1. Understand that other people are your mirror.

A simple concept, yet one that many people are either unwilling, or unable, to grasp.Summed up, it is simply that other people reflect you. Your emotions, your traits, and your feelings are reflected back at you from other people either through in-kind responses or through predictable reactions to the emotions or feelings that youre issuing.

Perhaps even more surprising is the reality that the reflection is perfect, even if the reflector is almost invariably not. For example, you might feel condescension, irritability, or dismissiveness toward another person, which lowers your estimation of them and causes you to treat them less seriously; yet in doing so, you ignore the fact that they reflect your negative appraisal of them.
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The Inner Peace Effect "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Deane Thomas;

How can we possibly play an integral role in global peace when our own world seems to be in such disarray? On the surface it seems a bad news story is permanently happening, and this filters into our day-to-day mindset. Not to despair we are here to share a beautiful insight to how we are making a contribution to good news! Our mindset not only shapes our own internal patterns and state of mind but also reflects how we relate to the outside world.

Each of us has our own unique life journey and how we interact with Mother Earth and each other. When we look outside, in many ways we see little progress towards serious issues that affect the planet and her citizens. Today, we are able to make a far more positive contribution, by reaching peace within our self.

Peace within conveys a particular energy to the outside world. After all, we are all part of the collective consciousness. When we make positive choices in our own lives, this immediately is converted into an energy, which ripples outward. As the energy flows outward, within us, we become far more aware and conscious of all that is.

A shift in consciousness is happening across the globe, yet we very rarely hear about it. Modern day technologies allow us to connect with other like-minded individuals, bypassing mainstream media. This is a tool that is being utilized far more, by awakened souls, to convey their messages. Switching off the television, or not reading the news, is one sure way to hook into the higher consciousness. In reality, not listening to the noise, allows our mind to seek something far more powerful.

Inner peace is not something that is achieved overnight; it is a process that, in many ways is a game. The game is played between the mind and heart/soul which is literally all within our self. We begin to reach the very core of our life, and remove anything that is not our own truth. Simultaneously, we open up to the powerful energies within, to truly transform our life path. It is a free will choice, as always, the way in which we choose to live our lives.
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Harvard Med School Researcher Discusses The Science Of Where Consciousness Comes From "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Arjun Walia; Collective Evolution

As Nikola Tesla said, The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of it existence. And truly, we are living in the beginning stages of a second scientific revolution, one where scientists from all over the world are coming together to emphasize something that has tremendous implications for us all that physical matter is NOT the only reality.

Its called non-material science, and despite what skeptics might think, its a field full of published studies just as rigorously researched as those in the hard sciences. As the American Institutes for Research (AIR) has concluded:

The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted. Effects of similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.

The statement above is more than two decades old, written in the same year the U.S. government declassified parts of their STARGATE program, through which they investigated and used psi concepts such as telepathy and remote viewing.
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3 Characteristics Of A True Political Awakening "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Sigmund Fraud; Waking Times

The typical level of political awareness in our society is fairly basic, simplified and incomplete, but it serves as a functional trap for the mind and the imagination, pigeon-holing individuals into a conformist. This psychological trap preys upon two basic human traits: conservatism and progressivism. And because these traits are biologically hardwired into the human psyche, they are exploited as a fissure to create disharmony and division amongst the public.

Many people only rise to a level of political consciousness which allows them to understand their predisposition to one or the other of these traits. Awareness often ends here, with extreme devotion to one side of the publicized political spectrum.

The truth is that human societies have always needed an even distribution of people with each of these idealogical tendencies in order to achieve a balance between our need for external and internal control, protection and care. Political awakening involves rising above the prescribed psychology of division, into a position of appreciation of the qualities which unite us all.
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A cultured broth of Ganoderma lucidum exhibited antioxidant, antibacterial and -amylase inhibitory activities. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Food Sci Technol. 2017 Oct ;54(11):3724-3730. Epub 2017 Sep 7. PMID: 29051668 Abstract Title:  Culture broth of Ganoderma lucidum exhibited antioxidant, antibacterial and-amylase inhibitory activities. Abstract:  Culture broth of Ganoderma lucidum was determined for antioxidant, antibacterial and-amylase inhibitory activities. The culture broth contained protein as determined by Bradford method equaled to 0.2 mg/ml and total phenol content as 0.078 mg GAE/mg protein (0.557 mg GAE/g extract). It exhibited radicals scavenging activities against ABTS(+) and DPPH() radicals with a half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50) less than 1.70  0.02 and 2.28  0.02 g protein/ml, respectively and reducing power equaled to 4.38  0.02 mol Trolox/g protein as investigated by ferric ion reducing antioxidant power method. The culture broth experimented into two approached; (1) treated with pronase and (2) filtered through a membrane with 10 kDa molecular weight cut-off (MWCO). The pronase-treated culture broth exhibited insignificant lower antioxidant activities, but the retained culture broth 10 kDa MWCO resulted in significant decrease in antioxidant activities suggesting that the small proteins might play the key role in antioxidant activity. The culture broth could protect DNA damage from hydroxyl radicals (()OH) generated by Fenton's reaction. This culture broth showed antibacterial activity towards pathogenic strains Staphylococcus epidermidis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and also had an interesting -amylase inhibitory activity. This study suggested that apart from the fruiting bodies and the mycelial of G. lucidum, its culture broth also had potential applications as a value-added ingredient in the product such as in cosmetics and in nutraceuticals.

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Tongan World Cup Side Extend #RunItStraightChallenge To Chris Lilley "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT After just coming off the biggest win in their rugby league history, Maa Tonga have today extended an invitation to one of their nations greatest enemies, prominent blackface comedian Chris Lilley. Following a thrilling 28-22 win over New Zealand, the momentum behind the proud Island nation has seen their status as a middling []

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Polysaccharide peptides from Ganoderma lucidum are potent antioxidants and may prevent atherogenesis process in patients with dyslipidemia. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Heart Int. 2017 Jan-Dec;12(1):e1-e7. Epub 2017 Apr 12. PMID: 29114382 Abstract Title:  The inhibitory effects of polysaccharide peptides (PsP) of Ganoderma lucidum against atherosclerosis in rats with dyslipidemia. Abstract:  Background: Atherosclerosis occurs as a result of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) deposits oxidation. Endothelial dysfunction is an early process of atherosclerosis. Restoring endothelial lining back to normal by endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) is critical for slowing or reversing vascular disease progression. Oxidative stress from hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is increased in dyslipidemia so that antioxidant agent is required to prevent destruction of blood vessels.Objectives: This study aims to report Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide peptide (PsP) effects in atherogenic process by measuring H2O2 level, IL-10 level, and EPC number in blood serum, and also intima-media thickness of aorta in dyslipidemia Wistar rat model by giving them a hypercholesterol diet (HCD).Materials and methods: The study was an experimental in vivo post-test with control group design. Thirty-five Wistar rats (Rattus norwegicus) were divided into five groups (normal diet group, HCD group, and hypercholesterol groups that received 50 mg/kg, 150 mg/kg, and 300 mg/kg bodyweight PsP).Results: Each treatment group showed significant results for the administration of PsP using the one-way analysis of variance test (p

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Gov. Releases Millions Of Man-Made Mosquitoes Which Cause Male Infertility "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Millions of man-made GM mosquitoes being released across the U.S. are likely to cause infertility in men, according to scientists.  Fears have grown that the lab-grown mosquitoes not only target disease-carrying insects but may also be [...]


Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides may act as a tumor suppressor with applications in the treatment of prostate cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Mol Med Rep. 2017 Oct 26. Epub 2017 Oct 26. PMID: 29115463 Abstract Title:  Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide inhibits prostate cancer cell migration via the protein arginine methyltransferase 6 signaling pathway. Abstract:  Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of malignant tumor of men worldwide and the incidence and mortality rate is gradually increasing. At present, the molecular mechanisms of growth and migration in human prostate cancer have not been completely elucidated. Studies have demonstrated that Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides (GLP) can inhibit cancer. Therefore the present study investigated the effect and molecular mechanism of GLP on cell growth and migration of LNCaP human prostate cancer cells. LNCaP cells were transfected with either a protein arginine methyltransferase 6 (PRMT6) overexpression plasmid or PRMT6 small interfering (si)RNA. The cell growth and migration, and the expression of PRMT6 signalingassociated proteins, were investigated following treatment with 5 and 20 g/ml GLP. The results demonstrated that GLP inhibited cell growth, induced cell cycle arrest, decreasedPRMT6, cyclindependent kinase 2 (CDK2), focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and steroid receptor coactivator, (SRC) expression, and increased p21 expression in LNCaP cells, as determined by using a Coulter counter, flow cytometry, and reverse transcriptionquantitative polymerase chain reaction and western blotting, respectively. Furthermore, GLP significantly inhibited cell migration, as determined by Transwell migration and scratch assays, and altered CDK2, FAK, SRC and p21 expression in LNCaP cells transfected with the PRMT6 overexpression plasmid. By contrast, PRMT6 knockdown by siRNA reduced the effect of GLP on cell migration. These results indicate that GLP was effective in inhibiting cell growth, the cell cycle and cell migration, and the suppressive effect of GLP on cell migration may occur via the PRMT6 signaling pathway. Therefore, it is suggested that GLP may act as a tumor suppressor with applications in the treatment of prostate cancer. The results of the present study provide both the preliminary theoretical and experimental basis for the investigation of GLP as a therapeutic agent.

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Federal Study: Replacements for Hormone-Disrupting BPA May Be Just as Bad "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Composition with plastic bottles



Replacements for bisphenol A, a hormone-disrupting chemical in plastics and food containers, could be just as harmful or even worse than it, according to a new study by the National Toxicology Program. The study of 24 replacement chemicals found that many already in use are structurally and functionally similar to BPA, and, just like BPA, may harm the endocrine system.

Biomonitoring studies show that over 90 percent of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies. In 2009, lab tests commissioned by EWG and Rachels Networkwere the first to detect BPA in the umbilical cord blood of American infants. In animal and human studies, exposure to BPA, especially during sensitive windows of development such as pregnancy and childhood, has been linked to harm to the reproductive system, cancer, changes in behavior, and obesity.

As shoppers turned away from plastics, food containers and other products that leach BPA, manufacturers put forth a variety of replacements, most with very little publicly available information on their health effects. The National Toxicology Programs report  points out the risk of introducing poorly studied chemicals to the marketplace, saying the new chemicals should be reconsidered for use in consumer products.

In some cases, the replacements were more potent than BPA in tests of hormone-disrupting potential, indicating even greater health risks than those from BPA itself. The researchers also said their analyses suggest that many of the chemicals could disrupt the hormones of fetuses in the womb.

Another recent study, led by University of Massachusetts-Amherst scientist Laura Vandenberg, tested the effects of exposure during pregnancy to bisphenol S,...


The Leatherman MUT(Military Utility Tool) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"


What can be said about this tool cannot be said in a single post, so this thread will be a ever evolving thread about Leathermans top of the line multi-tool.

This tool was designed for the M16/M4/Ar15 series rifle that we all know of. So I will start this thread with the two major cons about this tool. Price and bulky as get out.

First the price. $160.00 from Amazon, there have been people claiming to have bought this for $120.00 online, but I could not find...

The Leatherman MUT(Military Utility Tool)


These findings suggest that Melissa officinalis and its constituent rosmarinic acid possess anti-EV71 activities. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Sci Rep. 2017 Sep 25 ;7(1):12264. Epub 2017 Sep 25. PMID: 28947773 Abstract Title:  Anti-enterovirus 71 activities of Melissa officinalis extract and its biologically active constituent rosmarinic acid. Abstract:  Enterovirus 71 (EV71) infection is endemic in the Asia-Pacific region. No specific antiviral drug has been available to treat EV71 infection. Melissa officinalis (MO) is a medicinal plant with long history of usage in the European and Middle East. We investigated whether an aqueous solution of concentrated methanolic extract (MOM) possesses antiviral activity. MOM inhibited plaque formation, cytopathic effect, and viral protein synthesis in EV71-infected cells. Using spectral techniques, we identified rosmarinic acid (RA) as a biologically active constituent of MOM. RA reduced viral attachment and entry; cleavage of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4G (eIF4G); reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation; and translocation of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 (hnRNP A1) from nucleus to cytoplasm. It alleviated EV71-induced hyperphosphorylation of p38 kinase and EPS15. RA is likely to suppress ROS-mediated p38 kinase activation, and suchdownstream molecular events as hnRNP A1 translocation and EPS15-regulated membrane trafficking in EV71-infected cells. These findings suggest that MO and its constituent RA possess anti-EV71 activities, and may serve as a candidate drug for therapeutic and prophylactic uses against EV71 infection.

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Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

TransCanada Corp.s Keystone pipeline leaked an estimated 210,000 gallons of oil in northeastern South Dakota, the company and state regulators reported Thursday. Crews shut down the pipeline Thursday morning and activated emergency response procedures after a drop in pressure was detected resulting from the leak south of a pump station in Marshall County, TransCanada said in a statement. The cause was being investigated.

Officials dont believe the leak affected any surface water bodies or threatened any drinking water systems from the spill onto agricultural land, said Brian Walsh, an environmental scientist manager at the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which has dispatched a staff member to the site. Ultimately, the cleanup responsibility lies with TransCanada, and theyll have to clean it up in compliance with our state regulations, Walsh said. READ MORE


Medical Kidnapping of Seniors: A $273 BILLION Industry "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Sad Image of a senior Homeless man In Park

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights

Guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consentand reap a profit from it.

By Rachel Aviv
The New Yorker


For years, Rudy North woke up at 9 a.m. and read the Las Vegas Review-Journal while eating a piece of toast. Then he read a novelhe liked James Patterson and Clive Cussleror, if he was feeling more ambitious, Freud. On scraps of paper and legal notepads, he jotted down thoughts sparked by his reading. Deep below the rational part of our brain is an underground ocean where strange things swim, he wrote on one notepad. On another, Life: the longer it cooks, the better it tastes.

Rennie, his wife of fifty-seven years, was slower to rise. She was recovering from lymphoma and suffered from neuropathy so severe that her legs felt like sausages. Each morning, she spent nearly an hour in the bathroom applying makeup and lotions, the same brands shed used for forty years. She always emerged wearing pale-pink lipstick. Rudy, who was prone to grandiosity, liked to refer to her as my amour.

On the Friday before Labor Day, 2013, the Norths had just finished their toast when a nurse, who visited five times a week to help Rennie bathe and dress, came to their house, in Sun City Aliante, an active adult community in Las Vegas. They had moved there in 2005, when Rudy, a retired consultant for broadcasters, was sixty-eight and Rennie was sixty-six. They took pride in their view of the golf course, though neither of them played golf.

Rudy chatted with the nurse in the kitchen for twenty minutes, joking about marriage and laundry, until there was a knock at the door. A stocky woman with shiny black hair introduced herself as April Parks, the owner of the company A Private Professional Guardian. She was accompanied by three colleagues, who didnt give their names. Parks told the Norths that she had an order from the Cl...


FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission next month is planning a vote to kill Obama-era rules demanding fair treatment of web traffic and may decide to vacate the regulations altogether, according to people familiar with the plans. The move would reignite a years-long debate that has seen Republicans and broadband providers seeking to eliminate the rules, while Democrats and technology

companies support them. The regulations passed in 2015 bar broadband providers such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from interfering with web traffic sent by Google, Facebook Inc. and others. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, chosen by President Donald Trump, in April proposed gutting the rules and asked for public reaction. The agency has taken in more than 22 million comments on the matter. READ MORE


American Investors Plan to HODL Bitcoin Until Price Hits $196,000 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Americans seem to be better hodlers than many financial pundits think; most will hold Bitcoin longer than three years and wont sell out until $196k per coin.


It appears that fennel is effective in menopausal women with depression and anxiety disorders. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  J Obstet Gynaecol. 2017 Sep 11:1-6. Epub 2017 Sep 11. PMID: 28891367 Abstract Title:  Effect of Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) on symptoms of depression and anxiety in postmenopausal women: a double-blind randomised controlled trial. Abstract:  The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Foeniculum vulgare (fennel) on anxiety and depression symptoms in postmenopausal women. This study was a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial, in which 60 eligible postmenopausal women were selected and then randomly assigned to fennel and placebo groups. Then, symptoms of anxiety and depression were measured using Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) and Zung's Self Rating Depression Scale (SDS). Following the intervention, the score of HADS (depression and anxiety subgroups) and SDS did not show any significant decrease in the sample under study. However, the analysis of patients with depression or anxiety disorder showed a borderline or significant improvement. Further studies with a larger sample size are required to confirm the findings. Impact statement Current knowledge on the subject: Based on the results of in vivo and in vitro animal studies, fennel may have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties. The contribution made by this study: It appears that fennel is effective in menopausal women with depression and anxiety disorders. The implications of findings for clinical practice and future research: Further studies with a larger sample size are required to confirm the actual effect of fennel in clinical setting.

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Members Of Indian Lost Tribe Finally Reunited With families "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

62 members of Indias Bnei Menashe Jewish community immigrated to Israel this week, some of them reuniting with family members after years of separation.  The aliya was facilitated by Shavei Israel, a Jerusalem-based non-profit organization, which works to reconnect descendants of Jews around the world with their people and the State of Israel. The last group to arrive this week landed at Ben-Gurion

Airport on Thursday morning to a special welcoming ceremony, greeted by Interior Minister Arye Deri, Deputy Finance Minister Yitzhak Cohen and Shavei Israel Founder and Chairman Michael Freund. Some of the new immigrants hadnt seen members of their families for over 10 years, as only portions of the family had been approved for aliya by the government and Chief Rabbinate. READ MORE


Pregnant At Christmas: A Survival Guide "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

Pregnant At Christmas? A Survival Guide

Youve decked the halls with boughs of holly (or tinsel). The living room furniture has been squished into one corner of the room to make way for the oversized Christmas tree. It can only mean one thing. Christmas is upon us. As Andy Williams famously sang: Its a most wonderful time of the year. Of course, Andy Williams probably never spent it pregnant. If he had, hed know the festive period can feel a lot more like hard work, when all you want to do is nap.

Pregnant At Christmas: A Survival Guide

If the thought of endless office parties, Christmas shopping, and family get-togethers makes you want to hibernate until its all over, this survival guide is for you. Dont forget, you can get away with a lot when youre pregnant. What better time to exploit it than at Christmas? Here are 10 top tips to help you survive the Christmas season with a bun in the oven:

#1: Avoid Over Scheduling

Christmas is such a busy time of year. Your diary rapidly fills with dinners and nights out with various friends you havent seen for months. There are plenty of family parties and celebratory gatherings with work colleagues. And, before you know it, youre fully booked and in desperate need of a night off. You dont have to say yes to every event, just pick the ones you really want to go to. Aim to keep one night free each weekend in December so you can rest if you need to. Growing a baby is tiring work, so dont put extra pressure on yourself, trying to keep up with everybody else. You dont need to be busy, busy, busy just because its Christmas.

#2: Dont Be Afraid To Cancel Plans

If you have overfilled your social calendar, dont be afraid to back out of plans if you need to. Nobody likes a flaky friend, but being pregnant is a perfectly valid excuse for skipping things. Youre likely to be more exhausted than usual and might even find yourself feeling run down at times. If you arent really up to doing something, be honest and say so. Your friends and family will understand you need to take a step back.

#3: Treat Yourself To Some Maternity Pyjamas

New pyjamas pretty much say Christmas, dont they? Theres nothing better than snuggling up in front of t...


15,000 Scientists From Across the Globe Have Sent Out a Warning to Humanity "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Another Warning to Humanity has been issued by scientists across the globe. Will this one be heard?

We as a species are facing a number of threats that it seems are not being taken as seriously as they should be. Our planet as a whole could literally face disaster if we dont make BIG changes. Thousands of scientists are working to do their best to bring to the light the stature of these issues. In this Warning to Humanity, they go over things like population growth, deforestation, species extinction, loss of access to clean water, climate change and more. We are failing TERRIBLY at resolving these issues.

Humanity is now being given a second notice, as illustrated by these alarming trends (figure 1). We are jeopardizing our future by not reining in our intense but geographically and demographically uneven material consumption and by not perceiving continued rapid population growth as a primary driver behind many ecological and even societal threats (Crist et al. 2017). By failing to adequately limit population growth, reassess the role of an economy rooted in growth, reduce greenhouse gases, incentivize renewable energy, protect habitat, restore ecosystems, curb pollution, halt defaunation, and constrain invasive alien species, humanity is not taking the urgent steps needed to safeguard our imperiled biosphere.

As most political leaders respond to pressure, scientists, media influencers, and lay citizens must insist that their governments take immediate action as a moral imperative to current and future generations of human and other life. With a groundswell of organized grassroots efforts, dogged opposition can be overcome and political leaders compelled to do the right thing. It is also time to re-examine and change our individual behaviors, including limiting our own reproduction (ideally to replacement level at most) and drastically diminishing our per capita consumption of fossil fuels, meat, and other resources.

The rapid global decline in ozone-depleting substances shows that we can make positive change when we act decisively. We have also made advancements in reducing extreme poverty and hunger ( Other notable progress (which does not yet show up in the global data sets in figure 1) include the rapid decline in fertility rates in many regions attributable to investme...


Foeniculum vulgare essential oil ameliorates acetic acid-induced colitis in animals. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

PMID:  Inflammopharmacology. 2017 Oct 24. Epub 2017 Oct 24. PMID: 29067571 Abstract Title:  Foeniculum vulgare essential oil ameliorates acetic acid-induced colitis in rats through the inhibition of NF-kB pathway. Abstract:  AIM: The aim of the present study is to investigate the protective effects of Foeniculum vulgare essential oil on intestinal inflammation through the inhibition of NF-kB pathway in acetic acid-induced rat colitis.METHODS: Acute colitis was induced by intra-rectal administration of 2 mL of diluted acetic acid (4%) solution. Two hours after the induction of colitis, 0.2% tween 80 in normal saline, dexamethasone (2 mg/kg) and F. vulgare essential oil (100, 200, 400 mg/kg) were administered to the animals by oral gavage and continued for 5 consecutive days. Assessment of macroscopic and microscopic lesions was done. MPO activity was evaluated by biochemical method. Furthermore, TNF- activity was detected by immunohistochemistry (IHC) and the expression level of p-NF-kB p65 protein was measured by western blot analysis.RESULTS: Dexamethasone and F. vulgare essential oil (200, 400 mg/kg) reduced the macroscopic and microscopic lesions compared to the acetic acid group (p 

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bill clinton should be thrown under the bus as the media follows... "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

bill clinton should be thrown under the bus as the media follows the growing spate of political sex scandals, agc


Why Smudging is More than some Hippie B.S. "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Smudging can be helpful. We can light the sage and set the intention that the smoke created is gathering up everything we don't need and lifting it up to the sky like a helium balloon drifting away from us. In this way, we let the smudge do the heavy lifting for us.


Letter by Veteran Vaccine Researchers Warns of Multiple Vaccine Risks "IndyWatch Feed Health"

"So far the results have been consistent in indicating that it is better to receive a live vaccine after a non-live vaccine than a non-live after a live vaccine ... Hence, it could have major effects on mortality and morbidity...


This Popular Drink Demolishes Your Bones From the Inside, But It Still Remains The #1 Drink in America "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

America is certainly experiencing an epidemic when it comes to the poisonous sodas that are filled with toxic ingredients, and loaded down with artificial sugars. A recent study showed that mass produced soda brands can eat your bones from the inside out, and people arent even flinching.

Many different researchers and dietitians say that these sugary sodas are the main cause of Americas obesity issue. This isnt far fetched either, considering that over 3/4ths of it is sugar. Youre actually drinking sugar with a side of Phosphoric Acid. In fact, regular soda brands contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar per can! They also use artificial sugars that can cause your blood sugar to rapidly spike, resulting in a release of insulin.

Not only does most common soda brands like Dr. Pepper or Coca-Cola contain mass amounts of fake sugar, but they also contain a chemical known as phosphoric acid. Before we even get to what that is, it already sounds like something no living thing should be ingesting especially as often as Americans consume these products. Phosphoric acid in soda hits your lower intestines shortly after drinking it. It binds with magnesium, zinc, and calcium. So instead of your body taking those nutrients and supplying them to your bones, it is bound with the acid and is flushed out of the system through urine.

Since soda brands like Coca-Cola use these toxic ingredients, it literally can start eating away at you bone health. Consuming these products every day will literally cause your bones to rot from the inside out. Women who drink an average of six servings of soda per day for just six weeks could see a notable between 3 and 6 percent drop in their bone mineral density. The decrease in bone mineral density was lower with women who drank diet soda, but even diet versions still resulted in a notable decrease.



School Of Hard Knocks Alma Mater Distance Themselves From Racist Former Old Boy "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

LOUIS BURKE | Culture | CONTACT In an unravelling series of events, The School of Hard Knocks has been scrambling to distance themselves from graduate Barry Hodgson, in the wake of the 67-year olds inflammatory comments online. Between the hours of 10pm and 4am, Hodgson went on a Facebook rampage commenting on 412 total posts with such statements as []

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Mimblewimble Just Launched Its First Testnet "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An experimental blockchain boasting an innovative array of potential features is now entering a new phase of testing.

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