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Wednesday, 13 June


Korean Firm Keypair Launches Credit Card-Shaped NFC Hardware Wallet "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Korean Firm Keypair Launches Credit Card Shaped NFC Hardware Wallet

A new hardware wallet has been launched by the South Korean financial tech firm Keypair. The companys Keywallet Touch has an interesting design as its shaped like a credit card and utilizes NFC technology. The company says the devices smart card chipset supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, ethereum, bitcoin core and litecoin, while also providing FIDO Universal 2nd Factor Authentication (U2F).

Also read: Bitcoin Cash Innovation Continues with the First On-Chain Atomic Bet

South Korean Firm Keypair Launches Keywallet Touch Hardware Wallet  

Theres been a slew of new cryptocurrency hardware wallets coming into the ecosystem and the South Korean company Keypair has launched a new model. This past March reported the firms previous design, the Keywallet Classic, and a few new hardware wallet manufacturers stemming from South Korea as demand for the devices has grown exponentially in that region. The Keywallet Classic debuted this January at the CES Electronics Show and the product has also been selling on Ebay. The companys latest device the Keywallet Touch is a hardware wallet shaped like a credit card, similar to the Coolwallet device...


Prophecy Alert: Hawaii Volcano Sign Of Mark Taylor Prophecy? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Energy, Energy the prophecy by Mark Taylor says a sign will be given as the Ring Of Fire blows its top


Spotlight on Institutional Psychiatry "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Spotlight on Institutional Psychiatry is a one-time newsletter that I compiled and edited in the spring of 2018. It is comprised of several articles written by an ad-hoc group of psychiatrized people and our allies in Vancouver, Canada, as well as some of the work of artist and psychiatric survivor Ronda E. Richardson. Taken together, these articles and artworks constitute our responses (both direct and indirect) to a scathing 2017 report written by lawyer Laura Johnston of British Columbias Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)  Operating in Darkness: BCs Mental Health Act Detention System.

Here in BC, CLASs Mental Health Law Program provides legal representation for people who are in hospital against their will. The programs primary mandate is representing involuntary patients at legal appeal proceedings (review panel hearings). These generally take place within three weeks of committal.

Here I must note that many involuntary patients have no idea that legal help is available, even though hospitals are officially obliged to let us know. Never  in all the times I have been brought to hospital in handcuffs, by police, stripped naked, injected, tied down and put in solitary confinement, then eventually released into the wards general population  has any staff member mentioned that I have a right to a hearing to review the legality of my detention.

During a review panel hearing, as CLASs report states, the detainee is likely to be wearing pyjamas or a hospital gown, while every other person in the room is in a suit. Most often, the legal representatives role is to argue against a psychiatrist whose aim is to prolong the term of detention. Needless to say, the deck is stacked against the patient, and Operating in Darkness makes this clear.

I have never seen anything like this report. Within its pages, CLAS representatives not only highlight their frustration at being unable to do their jobs effectively, due to the draconian regulations mandated by the BC Mental Health Act and related legislation; they also detail the outrageous rights violations to which psychiatric inmates are routinely subjected.

It is stunning to see such a powerful condemnation of psychiatric hospitalization coming from a group of people who are neither psychiatric survivors nor antipsychiatry activists. And CLASs report does not mince words. It consistently refers to hospitalized mental patients as detainees, and demonstrates that what happens to us when were inside is a matter of human rights, rather than of medicine or...


What the Cast of Sex and the City Did Before the Hit Show "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

20 years ago this month, Sex and the City debuted on HBO and changed the way people looked at sex, fashion, and New York City. Before the four stars of the show became household names, in 2002 Inside Edition found out what their lives were like before the series.


Decent Rugged Phone "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I have a reputation for destroying phones, usually within the first two weeks of purchase, but I have been using a phone called a SnoPow M9 for a while now. I bought it because it is rugged and has a 400mhz 2-way radio. Sunday, I was going down a really steep hill with the tractor and hit a bump that made the tires start to slide and the tractor took off down the hill. About half way down the hill my phone went air born about the time the door came open and my phone went out the door and...

Decent Rugged Phone


Wild Lettuce: The Natural Pain Killer (That Works Quickly) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Learn how to identify wild lettuce (lactuca virosa), how to make wild lettuce extract, tincture, and tea, dosage, and how to use this natural pain remedy.

The post Wild Lettuce: The Natural Pain Killer (That Works Quickly) appeared first on Primal Survivor.


5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist "IndyWatch Feed Food"

It makes sense to want to get the most out of a visit to the dentist when you manage to fit a check-up into your busy schedule. If youve recently started visiting a new East Bentleigh dental clinic, its therefore recommended that you go to your next appointment equipped with some questions that can assist []


DENNIS RODMAN STARTS TO CRY ON CNN: More Going On Than Meets The Eye? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the James Munder YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.


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Link https://www.patreon/JamesMunder Link




Noahs Ark on Mount Ararat, Simon de Myle, 1570 "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Noahs Ark on Mount Ararat, Simon de Myle, 1570


Angels and Demons: How to Get in Touch with Your Spiritual Side "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Getting in touch with your spiritual side is a personal journey that can leave you feeling enlightened and at peace with the world. Every person has the potential to make a spiritual connectionall that you need to do is pay attention to the signs and know how to look within. In my experience, messages from []


Former FDIC Chair Urges Fed to Consider Issuing Central Bank Digital Currency "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Sheila Bair, a former chair of the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation in the U.S., thinks the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank should seriously consider issuing a digital currency to reduce the risk of a financial crisis and improve monetary policy. Writing in Yahoo Finance, she noted that market volatility continues to shake confidence in banking

The post Former FDIC Chair Urges Fed to Consider Issuing Central Bank Digital Currency appeared first on CCN


Mike Rowe Breaks His Silence On Anthony Bourdain In Post That Says It All This Is EVERYTHING. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Top Stories Today YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Top Stories Today
Mike Rowe Breaks His Silence On Anthony Bourdain In Post That Says It All This Is EVERYTHING.
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Mike Rowe Breaks His Silence On Anthony Bourdain In Post That Says It All This Is EVERYTHING.:

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Mama June Poses in Lingerie and Honey Boo Boo Thinks Its Gross "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Mama June reveals shes gained some of her weight back, saying she went from a size four to a size 12. Ive gained probably about 25 pounds in the last six months, says June. Along the way, she has battled health issues, recently having eye surgery on her left eye, and is completely blind in her right. Last year Honey Boo Boos mom shocked the world when she dropped 300 pounds after having gastric sleeve surgery. In the new season of Mama June: Not to Hot, she poses in lingerie.


Don't you hate it? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Dont you hate it when you cant sleep because you are reminded of a mistake you made 2 years ago?

I hate it when my kid cries in the middle of the night.


Breaking Hawaii Drone Footage Jonathon Mathew Wright Never Before Seen Footage "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now. Thank You To Jonathon Matthew Wright for this never before Drone Footage from the Hawaii Volcano Current events as they pertain to Bible Prophecy!
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Guard With a Pistol Beats 4 Robbers with Long Guns | Active Self Protection "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Active Self Protection YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Please thank Lucky Gunner for bringing us todays video of a guard with a pistol beating 4 robbers with long guns! Check them out at ; their FB page has good information and their YT channel has a lot of highly useful videos:

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Britains Only Repeating Enfield Trainer: the No7 Mk I "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Cool Forgotten Weapons merch!

Developed by BSA immediately after World War Two, the No7 MkI training rifle was the only one of the British Enfield trainers to use a magazine. Only 2500 of these rifles were produced, contracted by the Royal Air Force and delivered in 1948. Their magazine is a commercial BSA 5-round magazine modified slightly to latch into a housing inside a regular No4 Enfield magazine body. This makes them a particularly enjoyable rifle for range shooting, as well as one of the scarcest of the standard British trainers.
Note that Canada also developed and adopted a No7 MkI .22 rimfire trainer, but that type is a single shot design, and does not share any parts with the British No7 MkI.

If you enjoy Forgotten Weapons, check out its sister channel, InRangeTV!


Crash at Florida Toll Plaza Sends Man Flying Into the Air "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

It was a quiet scene at this toll plaza on Florida State Road 91, until a Cadillac slammed into a barrier, sending debris, and one of its passengers, flying. The unidentified 25-year-old man landed next to a car in the adjacent lane. The man miraculously survived, though the full extent of his injuries is unknown. The Florida Highway Patrol said the cars driver was cited for careless driving. The crash remains under investigation.


Mine to Tell "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

similarly my life appears green
unsimilarly never to regenerate
the story is mine to tell however
I choose to distort the bare truth
not a concept but brute biology
in a ruthlessy capitalist setting
lived in the cracks of complexity
buffered by the luck of privilege
adjusting details to suit myself
no one else positioned to be me


*****sprains, getting older! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I always thought I was pretty fit, stretched every morning and before any strenuous activities, but at 6am this morning, I pulled a calf muscle super bad! I had just swung my legs outta bed and was just standing up and BAM, Ura-Ki down, I hit the floor screaming in pain, WTF? How could this happen? Being of the emergency medical community, I'm always trying to figure out the what and the how, but for the life of me, I have no solid idea what happend to cause such a sprain, especially this...

*****sprains, getting older!


SEC Chairman: Tokens are Not Exempt From Regulation, Expresses Discomfort "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Government agencies all over the world scrutinize ICOs and their associated tokens. The SEC is an excellent example of the most recent developments taking place. Chairman Jay Clayton is seemingly convinced all tokens will be subject to regulation. That may prove impossible to enforce.

Jay Clayton has a Unique View

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton wants to regulate all tokens in the cryptocurrency industry. In his opinion, any security labeling itself as a token will be scrutinized quite significantly. That in itself is not necessarily bad,  as a lot of tokens are effectively securities first and foremost. As such, they need to be treated as such and be subjected to the existing financial regulation.

Moreover, the SEC has cracked down on a few of these securities already. Centra, for example, tried to label its tokens as a utility token, even though it clearly wasnt As such, the SEC has put this project on its radar, which had all sorts of consequences. It is this approach James Clayton seems to advocate for, which can only be considered to be a good thing.



Save on shipping! Lowered Rates. "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We are proud to announce significant price cuts on all shipping rates. Customers from US save the most, with up to $10 per parcel. All our shipments are all expedited and you get a tracking number. We exclusively use Canada Post/USPS as carriers. As a thank you to our beloved customers we randomly add $20


Socialist Dystopia: Polio Makes A Comeback In Poverty-Stricken Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Thirty years after its eradication in the now socialist dystopia of Venezuela, polio is making a comeback. The news comes as Venezuela experiences political and economic turmoil, resulting in a humanitarian and health care crisis.

With an estimated population of 31.3 million, Venezuelas totalitarian socialist policies are making it difficult for people to protect themselves against viral and bacterial infections; that includes the polio virus. Access to clean water and proper hygiene are ways to reduce the chances of getting polio, but Venezuelans are suffering abject poverty thanks to authoritarians who want all the power and money making it difficult for the poor to get either.

A child has recently been diagnosed with the virus in Venezuela. The infectious viral disease has been eradicated since 1989, according to the Pan American Health Organization, a regional apparatus of the World Health Organization. The Western Hemisphere has been certified polio-free since 1994. But socialist policies are bringing back diseases.

Poliomyelitis, commonly known as polio, is a highly infectious viral disease that invades the brain and spinal cord and causes permanent paralysis in a small proportion of patients, according to the World Health Organization. There is no cure for the virus and it can be deadly. Polio, which mainly affects young children, spreads from person to person and can also be transmitted through contaminated food and water.

According to CNN...


Triple As of Natures Medicine: Antiviral ~ Antibacterial ~ Antibiotic "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Compared to nature's medicine, there are so many Anti-medicines that are man-made. For instance, Antiseptic and Anti-emetic medications could also make the list. I picked the three that I find to be crucially important to know and keep around. I personally prefer to use natures medicine rather than man-made medicine.

**Disclaimer: This site is for informational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Read our full disclaimer here.

Before I tell you some of these incredible natural plants Id like to explain what the Triple As mean.

Natures Medicine: Antiviral ~ Antibacterial~ Antibiotic


Antiviral properties are effective against viruses. There are plants that will destroy viruses and others that stop them from spreading.


Plants that contain antibacterial properties stop the growth of bad bacteria that causes illness and disease.


Antibiotics are responsible for killing bacteria, certain parasites, and fungi. They inhibit the growth and destroys microorganisms. Antiseptics are similar to antiviral and antibacterial properties in the sense that they slow the growth of bacteria and causes it to become weaker.

When youre in a survival situation its very important to know what you can use when there are no prescription medications available. These three Triple As make it onto my top three list because they are important when it comes to life or death. If you are in the woods fighting an infection of some sort its important to know what you can do to help yourself. Even if your not in a survival situation and just want to heal yourself the old way these natural medicines Im about to share with you are pretty easy to come by.

A Variety Of The Triple A Plants


Not only are the berries delicious but the are beneficial to our health in many ways. Elderberry can fight viruses including the flu, as well as, viral and bacterial infections.

Elderberry | Triple As of Natures Medicine: Antiviral ~ Antibacterial ~ Antibiotic



Go back to your childhood, do you remember Ginger Ale being a go-to when feeling sick...


Living In Nature: Turkey Tail Mushrooms "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Living In Nature on Design*Sponge

Back in February, we went on our very first Design*Sponge team retreat. It was a wonderful few days full of ideas and getting to know everyone in person (since we work remotely with each other). We all live scattered around the country, and a couple out of the country, so it was a really great weekend together to say the least. We stayed at the beautiful Hasbrouck House in upstate New York which is so cozy, none of us wanted to leave. One afternoon, we all went on a walk through their nature trails and I noticed some mushrooms growing on a tree that had colors I had never seen in nature before. It had rings of light and dark grey, a thin line of gold or brass, a little ochre on a few pieces and was velvet to the touch. I took a small piece off of the fallen tree and brought it back to our next brainstorming session. I quickly identified it, with the help of a friend back home, as the Turkey Tail Mushroom. I was so drawn to the colors of its rings that it made me want to create a whole room around it. I found some great information on Turkey Tail mushrooms...


5 Unconventional Fishing Techniques "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Keep These in Mind for Your Next Fishing Trip

What comes to your mind when you hear the word fishing?

Probably some person sitting in a fishing boat, with fishing gear and a hook in the river or the ocean, waiting for the big catch. That's one way to catch fish, but there are several other methods as well.

Fishing is done every day all over the world, either for livelihood or for the purpose of leisure. It's a hobby that people love to do if they have the free time and resources to do it. If you're interested in spicing up your next trip with a new fishing technique, here are a few to consider.



1. Bottom Fishing

This technique of fishing is considered to be one of the most common and simplest. The main purpose of this technique is to target the fish that live in the bottom of the ocean, river or lake for example, Snappers, Groupors or Sea Breams.

Bottom fishing can be done in two ways either with a rod or with a hand line. It depends on whichever is available and which suits you.

Bottom fishing is common in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. One of the main advantages is that it's efficient and not very expensive.



Tuesday, 12 June


Breaking: Historic Trump & Kim Jong Un (Art Of The Deal) Denuclearization "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now. Kim Jong Un agrees to denuclearization Of North Korea and send Missing POW remains back to America also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also also also


Battlefield America Part 4 The Classroom "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Battlefield America Part 4 The Classroom
Allen Getz Behind The Headlines Audio player below!

For this broadcast of Behind the Lines, we examine the battlefield called academia from a defensive vantage point. A short synopsis of the preceding episode will lead into how to combat the pro-state mentality. This plan centers upon a re-examination of the coursework highlighted in the previous episode. This dissection will develop into the construction of a defense against the collectivist philosophy inherent in the aforementioned curriculum (and apparently running rampant in higher education).

Continue reading Battlefield America Part 4 The Classroom at Prepper Broadcasting Network.


Solar power help! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Ok, Im finally at the point to start living my dream! Im signing on my land this week. Will have well amd septic by summers end.

Now i have a choice and want some advice please...

I can pay to have power run to the back of my 7 acres or get solar. I prefer solar but dont wanna buy a kit that may limit me or be unable to grow.

I dont have data on my usage atm. Im traveling, but can anyone help me figure out a starter setup that lets me run my RV and sometimes use powertools for building....

Solar power help!


Sleeping in on the weekend can compensate for lost sleep, study says "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Researchers from Sweden have found that sleeping in on days off could help you live a longer life. For those of us who live very busy lives and dont get a lot of sleep, this is good news! The study published at the end of May in the Journal of Sleep Research focused on the impact of weekend []

The post Sleeping in on the weekend can compensate for lost sleep, study says appeared first on Health Nut News.


Serious Flaws Found in Journal Standards, Document Review Shows "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Serious Flaws Found in Journal Standards, Document Review Shows

By Gary Ruskin

When vital public health research reports are published in refereed journals, there is a heightened expectation that they meet professional standards of scientific integrity. But a new paper published in the Journal of Public Health Policy finds that those standards have been egregiously and intentionally violated with respect to papers dealing with a popular pesticide.

The paper is authored by Sheldon Krimsky (PhD), the Lenore Stern Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning at Tufts University, and author of Science in the Private Interest, and Carey Gillam, Research Director of U.S. Right to Know and author of Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science

The paper reviews court-released discovery documents obtained from litigation against Monsanto Co. over its herbicide Roundup and documents released through Freedom of Information Act requests (requests to regulatory agencies and public universities in the United St...


Why Your Medicinal Herb Kit Should Have Yarrow "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Why Your Medicinal Herb Kit Should Have Yarrow

By Jeremiah Johnson

Tis the season to gather up some yarrow. Yes, Ready Nutrition Readers! Lets delve into it and see what this articles herbal focus has to offer. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is an aromatic perennial herb found primarily in Western North America. If you cant find it in your home state, you can easily obtain it in a store selling herbs or naturopathic supplements.

If you can find it in your state, youre in luck! Youll be able to gather it for free. Yarrow is a multipurpose medicinal herb and has been used for many thousands of years. Yarrow can be used to treat:

  • burns
  • boils
  • blisters
  • ear infections
  • sores
  • bug bites

Yarrow treatments can be made in the form of a tea and then wiped on as an astringent or applying the leaves directly to the afflicted area.

Taken internally as a tea, it can be used against fever, diarrhea, and colds. The herb should not be used in people subject to excessive clotting in the blood, or with pregnant women and nursing mothers. The really great value in yarrow, however, is not with all of these, but with its styptic properties: it stops bleeding.

It derives its name from the Greek warrior-hero Achilles, who it was said stopped bleeding of fellow warriors and saved many lives with the application of this plant to t...


My Very Own Book Bucket List June 2018 (VOTE NOW) "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Ive knocked the 13th entry off my Book Bucket List:  The Lake House by Kate Morton. You can see the review here. In its place, Ive added Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom to round out the 12 options for the next vote (post with poll to VOTE is below).



Money-Laundering Task Force Wants Binding Rules for Crypto Exchanges "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Financial Action Task Force reportedly aims to develop compulsory rules for the world's cryptocurrency exchanges.


Teeth bared as anti-flouridation campaign heats up "IndyWatch Feed Health"

The NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, has rejected calls to force towns like Oberon and Byron Bay to fluoridate drinking water, saying consultation was more effective than forcing compliance with a baseball bat.

Mr Hazzard said local and state governments had a duty of care to try to win the debate, and convince councils to add fluoride into the water.

The NSW health department is expected to send Oberon residents an information package this week on the benefits of fluoridation before council votes in July on whether to change its anti-fluoridation position.

But experts like Dr Wendell Evans, the co-chair of the Alliance for a Cavity Free Future, say local government does not have the moral or legal right to deny children and adults access to a proven and cost-effective health benefit.

Dr Evans, the former head of Community Oral Health at Sydney University, conducted much of the research into the impact of fluoridation in NSW.

Health department research presented to Oberon council in 2014 when it last debated fluoridation showed local children aged five to 10 years averaged 3.8 decayed, missing and filled baby teeth compared to only 1.5 teeth in nearby fluoridated Orange.

Children under four from areas without fluoridation were admitted to hospital for removal of bad teeth at four to six times the rate as children in fluoridated areas, the presentation showed.

Because the benefits were proven, the government should either force councils to comply or apply stiff sanctions, Dr Evans aid.

The Oppositions health spokesman, Walt Secord, also supports a more punitive approach: If elected, he has promised legislation that would fine councils that refuse to fluoridate about $5000 a day.

About 97 per cent of NSW is fluoridated, but 17 of 83 local governments dont add fluoride to the water.

Mr Hazzard said some remote councils dont have access to the correct equipment and technical experts required to operate the system safely within the fluoride code.  

And he agrees with the Opposition that the tactics used by the anti-fluoride campaigners are similar to the anti-vaccination lobby.



Regulations Round-Up: SEC Underwhelmed by Exchanges Reporting, Quebec Halts New Mining Operations Again "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Regulations Round-Up: SEC

In recent regulatory news, Brett Redfearn, the director of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)s Division of Trading and Markets, has described the self-reporting efforts of cryptocurrency exchanges as underwhelm[ing], Hydro-Quebec has again suspended new applications from mining companies seeking to operate in the province, and the SEC has published a new page on its website encouraging consumers to Get hip to the three Rs of ICOs: Risks, Rewards, and Responsibilities.

Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: POT Saves World, Coinbase Pumps ETC, Binance Wants EUR

SEC Director Underwhelmed by Self-Reporting Among Crypto Exchanges

Regulations Round-Up: SEC Bre...


Ethereum Classic Price Soars 20 Percent after Coinbase Teases ETC Listing "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The ethereum classic price rose by more than 20 percent after US cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase announced that it would begin rolling out ETC support later this year. Coinbase to List Ethereum Classic (ETC) Coinbase announced on Monday that ethereum classic would become the fifth cryptoasset to be listed on the firms platforms, joining bitcoin,

The post Ethereum Classic Price Soars 20 Percent after Coinbase Teases ETC Listing appeared first on CCN


DIY Hormone Balancing Bath Melts "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I stumbled upon this the other day when I was looking for something on YouTube and just knew many of you would LOVE it. RELATED STORY: 9 Proven Ways to Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight As we get older, our hormones change. However, that doesnt mean you have to run to the doctor to []

The post DIY Hormone Balancing Bath Melts appeared first on Health Nut News.


Essential Oils for Abundant Living: 10-Part Video Masterclass for FREE "IndyWatch Feed Health"

(Note from Erin: Just in case you dont get my newsletter I wanted to draw your attention to something amazing thats coming up. Oh and if you havent already signed up for my newsletter, go to the bottom of any story and look for the picture below. Read on!) While some of you may have been []

The post Essential Oils for Abundant Living: 10-Part Video Masterclass for FREE appeared first on Health Nut News.


NEO: Market Report, by eToro "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"


NEO, frequently nicknamed within the cryptocurrency community as The One,Ethereum killer or Chinese Ethereum, is a blockchain platform that implements digital assets, dApps and smart contracts, and tries to solve some scalability and regulatory issues of its competitors. With strong partnerships and support from the Asian cryptocurrency community, NEO is one of the most promising currencies in the crypto-assets space, with the ambitious goal of becoming the main smart economy of the world during the next few years.

A word to the wise. All cryptocurrencies, including NEO, are still largely considered to be in the experimental stage and as such should be treated as high-risk assets. In any investment account, high-risk assets should only represent a small portion of your overall portfolio. That said, we hope you enjoy this market analysis. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

-Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst @eToro


NEO was introduced in 2014 under the name Antshares by China-based company Onchain, a blockchain-specialized company founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. Two crowdsales in late 2015 provided the founding for the project. On these crowdsales, 17.5 million and 22.5 million NEO were sold for $550,000 and $4.5 million, respectively.

On 22nd June 2017, in an event at the Microsoft Headquarters in Beijing, the re-branding process from Antshares to NEO took place, what vastly increased the renown of the project that was soon to become one of the most prominent projects in the whole cryptocurrency sphere.

Basic stats

  • Crypto-asset type: Utility
  • Maximum supply: 100,000,000 NEO
  • Circulating supply: 65,000,000 NEO
  • Market Capitalization: $3.1 bn
  • Inflationary cryptocurrency
    • Non-circulating supply p...


A Review Of The Camp Chef Oven Outdoor Gas Range "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

A Review Of The Camp Chef Oven Outdoor Gas RangeThe is a remarkable and economically priced oven and range for anyone that wants all the convenience of a quality gas range in the great outdoors. At around 32 lbs, Read More


Open World: Important Questions Guide A Makerspace "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

These questions might have two sets of answers: answers describing a spaces reality, and answers describing its aspirations. Ideally, those answers should converge.

Read more on MAKE

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The Future Is a Struggle: On Kathy Ackers Empire of the Senseless "IndyWatch Feed Literature"


I make nothing new, create nothing: Im a sort of mad journalist, Kathy Acker writes in 1989, on Empire of the Senseless, her fifth book from a major publisher and first venture into the realm of science fiction. At first glance, journalism seems an odd analogy for this work, an obscene and mind-bending saga set in the shadow of Reagans presidency and told from the alternating perspectives of Thivai, a pirate, and his intermittent lover, a half-human, half-robot woman named Abhor. But even as the novel extends into a speculative near futurewhere Paris has been overrun by Algerian rebels and the CIA conducts clandestine operations to turn this chaos to their strategic advantageit remains insolently rooted in the world in which we belong, anchored by Ackers stubborn commitment to rendering visible the sexist, racist, capitalistic, father-fucking societal ego of her timeand of our own. Kathy Acker is a muckraker in the original sense, one who dredges up the dirt and puts it on display to the delight and horror of the reading public.

Knowing much information and not feeling anything doesnt get you anywhere, a terrorist tells Abhor early on.The answer to your question is that democracy doesnt get you anywhere. As heterodox as Acker may be in form and structure, this novel is concerned with elemental political questions: How should we navigate the nowhere of the present, and where else is there to go? Empire was written within what Acker calls a post-cynical period in American society, where faith in the sanctity of middle-class white domesticity had been displaced by post-Watergate disillusionment. She felt little need to further explain why, how, or in what way society was rotten, and gravitated instead toward the utopian, in the older archaic sense of the term: an elsewhere, a reality deferred. The elsewhere she crafts is equal parts NeuromancerStory of the Eye, and Huckleberry Finn, a slurry of histories that points the way to a future, another way to be. We now have to find somewhere to go, a belief, a myth, Acker writes. Empire of the Senseless is my first attempt to find a myth, a place, not the myth, the place.



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