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Tuesday, 20 March


Mastercard Very Happy to Use Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Real Ones "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Mastercard Very Happy to Use Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Real Ones

When you are an entrenched player deep within a certain system, especially one as complex and inflexible as the banking industry, it can be hard to implement changes, even when there is a critical need to adapt to emerging technologies. If a company wants to appear as if it is keeping up with the times, it can simply announce that it is piloting the new technology. Such appears to be the case with Mastercard and cryptocurrency transactions right now.

Also Read: US State Exempts Cryptocurrencies From Property Taxes

Master Govcoin Card

Mastercard Very Happy to Use Cryptocurrencies, Just Not Real OnesCredit cards giant Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is said to be keeping its options open on adopting the use of cryptocurrencies, under a just few caveats. The company repo...


Canadian school board say no to mandatory vaccinations "IndyWatch Feed Health"

We want to give a big, happy, shout out to the Manitoba school board this morning, who last week, overwhelmingly voted against lobbying the provincial government to make vaccines mandatory for all children going to school. RELATED STORY: Upholding religious and conscience-based vaccine exemptions The motion was put forward by the Brandon School Division at


Research Suggests Tether Has Banking Relationship with Puerto Rico-based Noble Bank "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

New research suggests that cryptocurrency startup Tether creator of dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT has a banking relationship with Puerto Rican financial institution Noble Bank. On Monday, BitMEX Research published a report examining newly-released data related to Puerto Ricos financial system for the calendar year ended 2017. This data which was published by Puerto Continued

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BREAKING Austin Texas 4th Explosion Tripwire Bomb 2 Injured "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

2 White males critically injured in the 4th bombing in Austin Texas.


FACEBOOK SELLOFF! "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the James Munder YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.


Snapping Turtle Euthanized After Teacher Fed it a Live Puppy in Front of Students "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Snapping Turtle Euthanized After Teacher Fed it a Live Puppy in Front of Students

By Brandon TurbevilleNatural Blaze

After an incident involving a teacher at Preston High School in which a Biology teacher allegedly fed a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of his class, Idaho officials have . . . . killed the snapping turtle.

If youre wondering just what in the hell you just read, allow me to explain.

Idaho science teacher Robert Crosland was accused of feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle in front of students after school, according to a number of reports.

The official police report was filed by an animal activist named Jill Parrish after learning of the incident. While there has been no statement from the teacher, and the incident is being investigated, the Preston School District Superintendent, Marc Gee, stated that, the event occurred well after students had been dismissed and was not part of any school-directed program. We emphasize that at no time was the safety of students or staff compromised. So, clearly something happened, even if we dont know just what at this point.



Shopkeeper Realizes Robbers are Bluffing | Active Self Protection "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Active Self Protection YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

According to the news story below, this shopkeeper realizes the robbers are bluffing using plastic toy replicas. And once he realizes that, he gets mad! Sub to the ASP Extra channel for tips,


Coinbase Reveals Partnership With Barclays Bank "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coinbase Reveals Partnership With Barclays Bank

Coinbase has revealed that it has obtained a bank account with major U.K-based multinational financial services company, Barclays. The partnership comprises the first agreement reached between a leading U.K bank and a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Coinbase Opens Account With Barclays

Coinbase Reveals Partnership With Barclays BankThe opening of an account with Barclays has been hailed as a major accomplishment by Coinbase, who have described the deal as comprising the first partnership between a major U.K bank and a cryptocurrency exchange.

The U.K chief executive officer of Coinbase, Zeeshan Feroz,...


Russia Says UK Lab Could Br Source Of Nerve Agent Used In Spy Attack "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

A Russian official has suggested that the nerve agent used in the Salisbury spy poisoning could have come from a research laboratory in the UK.

Porton Down could be the source of Novichok, the nerve agent used in the attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, according to Russias EU ambassador Vladimir Chizhov.

Chizhov said Russia had nothing to do with the poisoning incident in Salisbury and that Russia did not stockpile the poison.

He added that the Porton Down lab was only eight miles (12km) from the city where the incident occurred.

Metro reports: The government has dismissed his comments as nonsense.

Mr Skripal, 66, a former MI5 double agent, and his daughter Yulia, 33, remain critically ill in hospital after the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on March 4.

Theresa May told MPs that Porton Down Britains military research base identified the substance used on them as being part of a group of military-grade nerve agents known as Novichok developed by Russia.

The Russian government has denied any involvement in the attack.

Mr Chizhovs comments come after a Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said the UK was one of the most likely sources of the nerve agent, along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden or possibly the United States.

Maria Zakharova said a large number of ex-Soviet scientists had gone to live in the West, taking with them the technologies that they were working on.

Czech foreign minister Martin Stropnicky said the claims were unsubstantiated and a classic way of manipulating information in the public space, while Sweden also forcefully rejected the suggestion.

Mr Chizhov told the BBC that Mr Skripal could rightly be referred to as a traitor but from the legal point of view the Russian state had nothing against him.

Asked how the nerve agent came to be used in Salisbury, he said: When you have a nerve agent or whatever, you check it against certain...


Financial Strategist: Trade War Could Usher In Dire Financial Crisis MUCH SOONER "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

According to a Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards, a trade war would bring about a financial crisis a lot sooner than anyone expected. Edwards has warned in the past that currency devaluation could spark an economic recession worse than 2008, and now hes sounding the alarm about Donald Trumps trade policies.

Edwards now points to the Trump administrations trade policy as yet another catalyst that could hasten the next crisis. Recent tariffs the US imposed on steel and aluminum imports threaten a full-scale trade war, he claimed.  While tariffs and taxes always get passed onto the American consumer in the form of higher costs for goods, it is unfortunate that the tariff talk is ongoing.

The US could also turn on other trading partners as Trump continues to advance his America First agenda, reported the Financial Tribune. Boiling away in the background is Germanys, and now also the eurozones, outsized trade surpluses with the US, Edwards said. He added, Expect Trump to soon turn his protectionist fire on both Germany and the EU. That will be messy.But there is some good news many in the mainstream media continue to ignore:

While much of what Trump is announcing today has already been leaked, here are the details of the import tariffs Donald Trump formally adopted on steel and aluminium imports which allow US allies to negotiate and apply for exemptions, a sign of the growing concern that the president was alienating Americas closest international partners, and that 2 of the 4 largest foreign suppliers of steel will be exempt. Zerohedge

A trade war and competitive currency devaluation was always going to be the end game in our Ice Age thesis as a global deflationary bust destroyed wealth, profits, and jobs, Edwards said in a note on Thursday. But it lo...


A Respectfully Restored Fishermans Shack on the Australian Coast "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

A Respectfully Restored Fishermans Shack on the Australian Coast | Design*Sponge

In the early 80s while still in his teens, Jamie Kwong spotted a rustic shack in a TV commercial. The simple waterfront house, which Jamie thought must have been located somewhere in the Mediterranean, felt warm and inviting and made a big impression on him. Well over a decade later, while out exploring the waters outside their Palm Beach, Australia home, Jamie and his wife Ingrid spotted a familiar house on the opposite shore. It was the shack that Jamie had seen in the TV commercial a decade earlier, located just across the bay from where the couple now lived! Over the next 20 years, Jamie and Ingrid would admire the modest fishermans shack from afar, only imagining the stories it had told.

In 2013, during one of their sailing excursions, the couple spotted a for sale sign in front of the crooked little shack that they had loved for so long. Both surprised and thrilled by the opportunity, they steered for the shore to take a closer look. Originally built in the 1920s by local fishermen to a style heavily dictated by the steep bush block, the shack was completely untouched and exactly how Jamie remembered it from the commercial. He and Ingrid were both completely taken by the shacks unique history, not to mention the breathtaking views overlooking the bay. It was the most special place wed ever been so we knew [it] was the one. After being attracted to the shack for around 30 years, when we saw it for sale, it was a no-brainer, Jamie shares. What soon followed was an environmentally friendly restoration, renovation, and rescue project that took 18 months to complete.

Located on Great Mackerel Beach, the shack and its neighboring beach houses can only be accessed via boat across Pittwater bay or via hiking trails through the 37,000-acre Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. Just as a century ago, building or restoring anything meant using what was available on site, transporting it by rowing a boat out the front or carrying it through the national park all the way to the shack. There was clearly a lot of work to be done and the boat access only made this more challenging but we had never felt so sure, so determined and so at home, Jamie explains....


Global cooling "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Well they probably had it right the first time.
After 20 years of failed climate predictions, most notably "the polar ice caps will be melted by 2010".
Climate gate 1 and 2
And NOAA just got caught adding weather stations that to the official climate change data pool that tend to give more erroneous high reading and deleting stations that give too many erroneous low readings.
(Climate gate 3?)
The IPCC was forced to admit they have been overestimating the effect of CO2 on the climate by...

Global cooling


Chashu Pork (Marinated Braised Pork Belly) "IndyWatch Feed Food"

Chashu Pork (Marinated Braised Pork Belly)
Ramen is my current obsession, with pork ramen being my favourite, and the most important topping for a good pork ramen is melt in your mouth chashu, aka Japanese marinated braised pork belly. Chashu is pretty easy to make, though it does take some time, and it's well worth it! You simply roll a pork belly and tie it up before slowly braising it in a sweet and salty marinade until the pork get so nice and tender and good! The marinade typically consists of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar along with garlic, ginger and onions for seasoning. The best, and easiest, way to cook the pork belly is to slowly braise it at a low temperature in the oven for several hours. Because the pork will be so moist and tender after braising it's a good idea to let it cool completely so that you can more easily slice it for serving in your bowl of ramen! Whenever you make chashu make sure to keep the marinade with all of the pork juices in it for other things like marinating ramen eggs!

Read the recipe


Morakniv Eldris and Morakniv Craftline Robust Trade Knife: weekly product review "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

morakniv reviewThere is little real point in convincing others of the benefit of a good knife. Morakniv blades are far and above the single best investment in blades for camping, survival, prepping and or bushcraft. When one looks at the overall benefit versus the cost these blades quickly become the top choice every time. The Morakniv Eldris and the Morakniv Craftline Robust are two more types of blades from this amazing manufacture that allow for additional options for a low overall cost.

Morakniv Eldris has a Sandvik 12C27 stainless blade that is 56mm or 2.2 inches long, it has an overall length of 5.6...

Read the whole entry... ...


Browe BTO 432 Prism Scope Review: Trijicon ACOG Killer? "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Mrgunsngear Channel YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

I do some shooting with the Browe Tactical Optic (BTO) scope, discuss the features of it, compare it to the Trijicon ACOG TA31 and TA02, and give my opinion on it overall

BTO optic link: (use code SHOT2018 for 35% off currently)

CA shirt:

Mrgunsngear patches/stickers:

Music by Youtube Creators & Epidemic Sound

Browe BCO, Browe Sport Optic


Intelligent Hybrids offer new solution for DWR "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Nano-Care Deutschland, a leading specialist in the production of ready-to-use high-tech coatings, based in Saarwellingen, has developed Intelligent Hybrids, composed of PFC-free chemicals conforming with the Greenpeace campaign Detox and the ZDHC programme, to provide new hope for sustainability in the market for durable water repelling textile coatings (DWRs).

The big advantage of hybrid technologies lies in their ability to combine positive features by eliminating the disadvantages as far as possible, said Oliver Sonntag, CEO.

The Intelligent Hybrids products are said to show an outstanding resistance to washing cycles and to chemical cleaning. Nano-Care Deutschland

Many fluorine-free products are highly restricted in their application and performance. Intelligent Hybrids allow us to achieve excellent results on a wide range of textile fibres including polyamide, polyester, viscose, cotton, silk, leather and wool as well as on their blends. Our formulations have been developed to meet the requirements of the outdoor sector.

Legal restrictions

The use of durable water repelling coatings is subject to constant change. Whereas at the introduction of textile equipment fluorine-free hydrophobics were used for impregnating textiles, predominantly fluorocarbon products were used in the second half of the 20th century. Right up to 2012, their high efficiency and low-cost application served as an argument to justify the ecological risks long-chain C8 fluorocarbons (PFCs) break down to PFOS and PFOA two emissions proven to be bioaccumulative, persistent and carcinogenic.

The legal restrictions on C8 technology resulted in a move to shorter C6 fluorocarbons. Although their ecological balance on emissions is slightly enhanced, they cannot be seen as a sustained solution for decontaminating the textiles industry since 2012, Greenpeace has been pleading for change to fluorine-free products in the outdoor sector with their campaign Detox.

Intelligent Hybrids

The Intelligent Hybrids products are said to show an outstanding resistance to washing cycles and to chemical cleaning. In addition, the combination of different base technologies allows special features such as LAD (laundry-air-dry), the company reports. Nature itself provided us with the idea of developing hybrids from silicon dioxide nano-technology, paraffins...


The Current Crypto-Bear Run Will be Nothing Like 2014 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Current Crypto-Bear Run Will be Nothing Like 2014

Since the beginning of the new year, the past three months has seen most cryptocurrencies lose over 60 percent of their values. Bearish markets have started to spark 2014 memories when BTC/USD markets and many altcoins suffered from a year-long downturn. Surely there have been few similarities to the current 2018 bear run and the one that took place four years ago. However there are some deep ecosystem contrasts within the crypto-space that leads one to believe this bearish sentiment wont last as long 2018 is not even comparable to the time BTC was called the worst currency of the year.

Also read: Markets Update: Bears Pull Crypto-Prices Near Last Bottom

The Stark Difference Between 2014 and Now

The Current Crypto-Bear Run Will be Nothing Like 2014 If you trade or hold cryptocurrencies youve probably heard many speculators say that we are experiencing a crypto-depression that will likely resemble the infamous 2014 bear run. In January of 2014, the price of BTC dropped from $864 per coin to roughly $200 over the course of the year. Mainstream media deemed the cryptocurrency the worst currency of the year as its performance was extremely lackluster against nation-state issued currencies. Things started looking better during the beginning of 2015 after BTC becam...


Twitter to Ban Cryptocurrency-Related Ads, With Limited Exceptions: Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Twitter may be the next platform to ban cryptocurrency-related ads, following the footsteps of Google and Facebook. According to Sky News, Twitters ad ban would go into effect in two weeks. The microblogging platform will reportedly block ads from initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets, and exchanges. Notably the ban will have limited exceptions, potentially Continued

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BTC, ETH Recover From Monthly Lows On Comments To G20 Members "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

BTC and ETH prices climb today after a week that reached multi-month lows for some. #NEWS


Magnetic pole reversal "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I did a search and was shocked to find no topics.
Well this one is probably going to be bad.
If you are going to prep for anything besides earth quake around ring of fire or hurricane or typhoon in vulnerable areas you better prepare for this.
What got my attention was fake news in national geographic magazine of all places saying that the magnetic pole reversal is thousands of year away, nothing to worry about.
There is no way it could be thousands of years away. The earths magnetic field...

Magnetic pole reversal


Incarnadine, the Bloody Red of Fashionable Cosmetics and Shakespearean Poetics "IndyWatch Feed Literature"

Janelle Mone at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Photo: Mike Coppola/VF18/Getty Images


When looking up the word incarnadine in Merriam Webster I found some truly discomforting writing. After a brief definition of the word (having the pinkish color of flesh or blood red), there appears a drop-down box with an editors note. Carn- is the Latin root for flesh, and incarnates is Latin for flesh-colored, the entry begins, under the rather perky headline DID YOU KNOW? Okay, so far so good. But then, following a quick timeline of the word in question (incarnadine dates back to the late 1500s), the unnamed editor tells us this: Since then, the adjective has come to refer to the dark-red color of freshly cut, fleshy meat as well as to the pinkish color of the outer skin of some humans.

I read that passage and felt a record scratch reverberate through my skull. It reads as though an AI wrote this passage, but only after being feed a steady diet of Thomas Harris. This is not how people talk about bodies or color. This is how cannibalistic robots think about humanspink, fleshy, freshly cut, bodies in parts.


George Bellows, Stag at Sharkeys, 1909.


Incarnadine is a beautiful color, a deep rich red that sits somewhere between the Falu red of cottages and barns and raspberry. It is less o...


Northern Trust and PwC Move to Accelerate Audits with Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Rather than waiting for periodic reports, auditors of private equity funds on Northern Trust's blockchain will get the data almost immediately.

Monday, 19 March


scientifically baseless weather porn "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Not sure but thinkin this is not really politics but then again... maybe it really is?

given how things seem to be going... and so many that make claim after claim...

and more often then not tellin us the Gov should do something... hmmm... a pattern here?

Oh well...

seems Gore is at it again... will probably make even more MONEY off this crap... opinions given and claims made in article...

I'm betting those educationally betrayed... and very indoctrinate believers will eat this up... ?...

scientifically baseless weather porn


Shooting a Suppressed Sten Gun "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Forgotten Weapons YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Cool Forgotten Weapons merch!

If you enjoy Forgotten Weapons, check out its sister channel, InRangeTV!


The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Beginners Guide "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Many Americans suffer from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and the main culprit is usually the food they eat. The standard American diet contains excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates, neither of which is good for your health because it eventually causes you to develop insulin and leptin resistance. As a result,


The house was completed in January for just under $1 million. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Off the Grid, on Maui
Now for you die hard career OFF GRIDERS

I really thought about putting this in the Infreno section.

At 1 M I do not see this as an efficient use of resources. But we all know how efficent the Tree Hugger clan really is. After all the expense and using a rough data base to interpolate the cost v use I figure this should be in the comics section.
But just a dream for most of...

The house was completed in January for just under $1 million.


Ether Up from 100-Day Low, But Bounce Back Lacks Substance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Ether's technical recovery from the 100-day low hit yesterday looks to be a "dead cat bounce."


G20 Watchdog Says Cryptos Not a Risk, Resists Calls for New Rules "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

G20 Watchdog Says Cryptos Not a Risk, Resists Calls for New Rules

The Financial Stability Board, G20s global watchdog, does not consider cryptocurrencies a risk to financial stability. In a letter to the Group of 20 central bankers and finance ministers, its Chair Mark Carney said FSB was pivoting away from designing new policies and focusing on reviewing existing rules. His comments suggest there is no G20 consensus on common crypto regulations, despite calls from member-states for adopting global guidelines.

Also read: Japan to Call for Crypto Rules at the G20 Summit

No Consensus for Global Crypto Regulations

G20 Watchdog Says Cryptos Not a Risk, Resists Calls for New RulesThe Financial Stability Board (FSB), the body that coordinates financial regulation for the G20 countries, has effectively dismissed calls from member-states to ado...


Crypto vs. Cash - How the Numbers Stack Up on Drugs, Guns, Murders "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

It is easy to call Bitcoin a tool for buying drugs and weapons, because its a currency, just like the USD, which is also used for that purposes. #ANALYSIS


Cryptos Dont Pose Risks to Global Financial Stability: FSBs Carney Tells G20 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international body that monitors the global financial system to promote stability and coordinates financial regulation for G20 nations has dismissed calls from some G20 members to regulate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. In a letter [PPDF] sent to G20 finance ministers and central bank governors on the eve of this years Continued

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President Trump Is About To Destroy Robert Muellers Career "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Screen Hoopla YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

President Trump Is About To Destroy Robert Muellers Career Earn Monthly Online Income Here!: Read More/ Source/ Credit(FAIR USE): http://greatamericandai


Maker Pro News: Startups Are The Future of 3D Printing "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

This week, we look at how startups might be the future of 3D printing, what La Machine's newest invention looks like, and how a new smart motor could revolutionize drones.

Read more on MAKE

The post Maker Pro News: Startups Are The Future of 3D Printing appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.


Stablecoin to HODL? Pizza CEO Nets Millions for Crypto "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

"Stablecoins" continue to be a much sought-after tech for ICOs, and a new one, Fragments, now boasts investment from True, Pantera and FBG.


Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears: Largest Geyser Begins To ERUPT "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The largest geyser known as the Steamboat Geyser located above the Yellowstone Supervolcano has begun to erupt underground. But experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser erupt on Thursday night.

The geyser can shoot water more than 300 feet during significant eruptions and the park service made the announcement about the worlds tallest active geyser on Friday, as geologists compared the accounts to thermal sensors in the area. It was determined by scientists that it could be a series of minor eruptions, as opposed to one big eruption.

A series of earthquakes have been rumbling underground over the past few months, with as many as 200 recorded in a matter of days. The volcano is under strain according to some experts but researchers still continue to say not to worry, because the Steamboat Geysers eruptions had little connection to a volcano like Yellowstone. Using Global Positioning System, borehole tiltmeters, and borehole strainmeters to measure minute changes in deformation at Yellowstone, David Mencin and Glen Mattioli said: the strain signal is larger than would be expected if the crust under Yellowstone were completely solid.

Historically, the geyser has gone anywhere from four days to 50 years in between eruptions. Unlike its counterpart Old Faithful (named for its predictability) and a favorite attraction, the Steamboat Geyser is far from easy to predict.  It can go 4 days or 50 years between eruption, the last time being in 2014.

Yellowstone National Park contains more than 10,000 thermal features and sits on top of the worlds largest volcano, capable of sending 2,000 times more matter into the sky than the Mount St. Helens eruption. The last volcanic eruption...

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears: Largest Geyser Begins To ERUPT "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The largest geyser known as the Steamboat Geyser located above the Yellowstone Supervolcano has begun to erupt underground. But experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser erupt on Thursday night.

The geyser can shoot water more than 300 feet during significant eruptions and the park service made the announcement about the worlds tallest active geyser on Friday, as geologists compared the accounts to thermal sensors in the area. It was determined by scientists that it could be a series of minor eruptions, as opposed to one big eruption.

A series of earthquakes have been rumbling underground over the past few months, with as many as 200 recorded in a matter of days. The volcano is under strain according to some experts but researchers still continue to say not to worry, because the Steamboat Geysers eruptions had little connection to a volcano like Yellowstone. Using Global Positioning System, borehole tiltmeters, and borehole strainmeters to measure minute changes in deformation at Yellowstone, David Mencin and Glen Mattioli said: the strain signal is larger than would be expected if the crust under Yellowstone were completely solid.

Historically, the geyser has gone anywhere from four days to 50 years in between eruptions. Unlike its counterpart Old Faithful (named for its predictability) and a favorite attraction, the Steamboat Geyser is far from easy to predict.  It can go 4 days or 50 years between eruption, the last time being in 2014.

Yellowstone National Park contains more than 10,000 thermal features and sits on top of the worlds largest volcano, capable of sending 2,000 times more matter into the sky than the Mount St. Helens eruption. The last volcanic eruption at Yellowstone was 70,000 years ago.



Clear signs of manipulation in paper co-authored by prominent geneticist "IndyWatch Feed Health"

A third paper co-authored by researchers based at a prominent lab whose work has been under investigation on and off for almost three years has been retracted. According to the notice, the universitys investigation found that a 2008 paper in FEBS Letters contained clear signs of manipulation in three figures. Research from geneticist David Latchmans Continue reading Clear signs of manipulation in paper co-authored by prominent geneticist


Russian/UK double agents not sure if they should move "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Double agents in Russia and the UK are urgently trying to clarify their position with their respective minders. Dmitri Beloglazov AKA Dave Whitlaw AKA Mikhael Nikonov AKA Susan Jenkins who is, unusually, a double agent for both Russia and the UK, explained the issue. I get paid by both sides, so am I a Russian agent or a British agent? My real problem is if they count me as Russian, Ill be sent back to Swansea and thats a dump.

As yet neither the Russian or British secret service knows which side Boris Johnson is on.  Neither does Boris.


Mt. Gox, Coincheck, Binance and More: How Exchanges Are Learning to Deal With Cyberattacks "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Mt. Gox, Coincheck, Bitgrail, Binance- crypto exchanges are going further to bounce back from hacks and cyberattacks. #HACK


New caliber 100 rds 2 "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

i believe in having different caliber guns for the reason of being able to find ammo. I now have the following,
.17hm2 -2500 - bolt rifle
.22lr -20,000 rds - pistol,revolver,single,auto
.22 hornet -(new)-350 rds - bolt rifle
.22 tcm - 1000 rds - pistol,bolt rifle
.32 acp - 300rds - pistol - revolver
.32 sw -200rds - revolver
..32swl - 500 rds - revolver
.32-20-225 rds-revolver
.32hr mag - 300 rds - revolver
.327mag - 200 rds - revolver
.38special - 1000+ - revolver,lever action rifle

New caliber 100 rds 2


8 Ways to Reduce The Amount of Plastic in Your Home "IndyWatch Feed Food"

This post contains some affiliate links. This means that if you decide to click on them and make a purchase, I may, at no extra cost to you, receive a small commission that goes back into to helping me keep the blog going. Thank you for your support.  You might have seen on the news last week that plastic particles have been found in 90% of bottled water, all over the world. In some cases it was as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre of water. The World Health Organisation is launching a health review, people are panicking and most are wondering why it was ever a good idea to invent plastic in the first place. The problem is, plastic is literally everywhere.  Photo...

This is a short selection of today's blog post - please visit the blog to see the full post. Thanks!


Dear Teachers, Please Don't Weigh Your Students "IndyWatch Feed Food"

A few weeks ago my 11 year old daughter's math teacher brought in a scale and weighed her Grade 5 class in front of one another in the context of learning about volume.

I'm sure it was well intentioned.

And for some of her students, I'd venture it was their worst day of the school year.

Given weight has been found to be far and away the number one source of childhood bullying, it should have been predictable that there'd be snickers when the heaviest kids in the class were weighed.

The lightest kids' weights elicited snickers too.

11 year olds' teachers ought not to be contributing to their students being self-conscious, embarrassed, or ashamed of their bodies.

So here's my very simple request.

Teachers, schools, coaches, educators of all sorts - please, unless it's essential (and it's difficult to imagine many circumstances when it would be), never weigh your students, and if you do, do so privately.

And this goes for so called BMI report card programs as well, whereby children are weighed at school and notes are sent home to parents as to their child's BMI. While here in Canada these programs are fewer and further between, in the US, 25 states have legislated that schools weigh kids, and 11 of those have legislated that BMI report cards be sent home to parents. The legislation arose consequent to a 2005 recommendation from the National Academy of Medicine that such programs be implemented as part of a childhood obesity prevention strategy.

The issue with these report cards aren't their intentions, but rather their efficacy and potential risks. To date, the evidence is equivocal as to whether BMI report cards affect children's weights. It's also equivocal as to whether or not they might increase weight-based stigmatization, unhealthy weight control behaviours, and/or body dissatisfaction (though we ought to know more in the next year or so as...


This thread went viral because its a joyous rant at the iniquity of it all "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Putting the world to rights, one f-er at a time.







TaLii Towels: Boat-Friendly Towels That Can Be Personalized "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Fast-drying towels are a must on a boat, and TaLii towels are wonderful in that regard. Bonus: they can be laser embroidered with your boat name or logo! [More] TaLii Towels: Boat-Friendly Towels That Can Be Personalized


To All Who Can Hear "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Zen Gardner; Waking Times

Were at an amazing time in human as well as cosmic history. What we do with it is up to each of us individually, as well as the inescapable collective of which we are all part. How we each respond individually affects the entire collective. This is our tremendous power. To do right or wrong, bring light or continued ignorance and darkness.

This responsibility is too weighty for most. They feel not just disempowered, but cowed out of their integral self soul expression. The forces are many, but playing the victim is nothing but an escape from personal responsibility. Fear, self-doubt, conditioning and subconscious inertia are difficult but not impossible to overcome. One right decision and exercise in true self affirmation leads to another, and as momentum builds it does become easier, and quite inspiring as well as horizon expanding.

All of that is co-conditional on a true willingness to let go of past programming, false self stories, and external influences. The heart is the key; a love of truth and love itself, and for the ultimate betterment of humanity as we heal ourselves. All great and true energies align with such a spiritual disposition and the river of change and empowerment flows seemingly supernaturally in that zone, apparent parallel realities to what we witness in the external.
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Contact ~ Cobra Update ~ 18th March 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Therese Z here: Cobra and the Resistance Movement have several times asked us to refrain from speculation as to the timing of The Event. Some weeks ago, I posted a video where Alison Coe tells about experiences that her clients have had in viewing seeing within the situation here at the time of The Event. A large majority have mentioned the month of March as being a likely time for the Event and so in my way I have contributed to the speculation of the timing. However, I hold the belief that this video with Alison can be of support to many of us wondering how this great Event will look when it occurs. In an earlier article I have said that we should remember that any delays will most likely be due to hostage situations. We might all of us imagine asking ourselves a question something like this; what if a close loved one to me that I hold very dear to my heart was one of these hostages being held somewhere by dark beings would I want the initiation of The Event to take precedence to the possibility of saving the life of that loved one? Let us remember this instead of feeling any frustration and KNOW that the timing is in the Hands of the Goddess / Divine Mother and Father Source One and will occur in perfect timing.

Amazingly we are now living on a planet where the Galactic Codex is now the law that is being followed! This is the specific section of that law that Cobra is referring to in this update:

Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary

This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force.  The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free. Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.

Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation.  So it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will give assistance in replacing current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then t...


Berlin Hip Hop Dokumentation von Anfang der 90er Jahre "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Die Filmemacherin Claudia Rhein hat vor rund 25 Jahren einen Film ber die Berliner Hip Hop Szene gedreht. Die Kurzdokumentation, die in den Jahren 1988 bis 1991 entstanden ist, gibt es in voller Lnge bei Youtube und ist jede der 36 Minuten wert. Gesehen bei blogbuzzter

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13 knock off bits of merchandise that are funnier than the real thing "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Your day in 13 steps as told entirely in shoddy knock-off goods

1. Yum. This drink sounds delicious.

2. What about a nice film?

3. Then listen to some tunes

4. Followed by a delicious gaming-themed meal

5. Whilst wearing some great socks

5. Then maybe buy a nice Pikachu



This Postman Pat episode takes an unexpected turn "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about Postman Pat, this happens.

First class delivery, there.

And just in case you want the full context of what the hells going on, you can watch the whole episode here.


These innuendo-laden childrens books were actually published & are as funny as heck


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Brazilian Exchange Foxbit to Process Withdrawals during Extended Downtime "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

As recently covered by CCN, Brazils largest cryptocurrency exchange Foxbit recently went down and lost a total of 30 bitcoins because of a bug that allowed users to withdraw their bitcoin balances twice. At the time, Foxbit claimed it would be back online by March 14, but now warned the platform will be offline until Continued

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Missing Malaysia Flight Finally FOUND! Tracked Down With BULLET HOLES In THIS Location "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Screen Hoopla YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Screen Hoopla Missing Malaysia Flight Finally FOUND! Tracked Down With BULLET HOLES In THIS Location Earn Monthly Online Income Here!: Read More/


Wandelism Vandalen oder Wandelen? "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Wir sind alle in einer stndigen Wandlung. Der Krper erneuert sich konstant. Unsere Organe, Knochen, Haare, Haut fast alle Zellen wachsen nach wenn alte Zellen sterben. Selbst die Leber ist nach zwei Jahren komplett neu (gute Nachrichten!). Wandlung ist unumgnglich und Teil unseres biologischen Prozesses. Es ist in unserer DNA. Aber auch in der DNA der Kunst, die auf der Wandelism Ausstellung in Berlin bis zum 24. Mrz zu sehen ist. Felix Hulpusch aka HULPMAN / Foto: Denis Leo Hegic Marina Zumi / Foto: Harald Geil Als ich vor ein Paar Wochen nach einem passenden Titel fr die Ausstellung gefragt wurde habe ich die beiden Begriffe Vandalismus und Wandel zusammengebracht. So ist Wandelismus entstanden: die Urban Art Ausstellung in Berlin, einer Stadt die sich wie keine andere deutsche Grostadt in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten verndert hat. Graffiti, Street Art, Urban Art (es gibt so viele Begrifflichkeiten fr die Kunst die draussen wchst aber immer mehr drinnen zu sehen ist) ist selbst im Wandel. Viele der bekannten Knstler sind in ihren Vierzigern angekommen und haben lngst die Galerien und Auktionshuser der Welt erobert. Aber es ist nicht nur der markttechnische Wandel, der mit diesem Generationsunterschied einhergeht. Die Wahrnehmung der Street ...

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Volcanic activity on Vanuatu's Ambae island threatens again as fresh ashfall concerns experts after entire island was evacuated late last year "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Volcanic activity on Vanuatus Ambae island has picked up again, with fresh ashfall reported across the islands west and south.
The entire island was evacuated late last year when the volcano at the islands centre erupted, blanketing the island in ash, suffocating crops and contaminating water.
The population returned when the eruption settled down after a month, but last night, the volcanos alert level was raised from level 2 to 3 whats called a state of minor eruption.
The Geohazards Departments Melinda Aru said the volcano was showing increased activity and an exclusion zone had been extended to three kilometres around the crater lake.
Weve got a few reports coming from Ambae concerning ashfall on the west, southwest and northwest as of last week until yesterday.
We still have reports from Ambae concerning ash fall.
Melinda Aru said the chance of the eruption increasing to the level seen in October is highly unlikely.


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Chinese Stock Exchange Probes Firm's Blockchain Claim Amid Stock Rally "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A public company in China is being questioned over a blockchain claim that appeared to drive a rally in its stock price.

Coastal-Inspired Decor by Cottage & Bungalow "IndyWatch Feed Diy"

Thanks to Cottage & Bungalow for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own.

I always love discovering new-to-me shops, especially when they carry beautifully designed and well-crafted pieces that you can't get just anywhere. Cottage & Bungalow is my latest find, and I love SO many items that they carry. From craftsman furniture, to artisan-made chandeliers, to handwoven rugs from across the world...every item is handpicked for quality. I went on an imaginary shopping spree and picked out a bunch of things I would get if budget weren't a constraint (I wish!), and in real life I picked up some new pillows for our sofa.

English roll-arm sofa

Living room

The living room is SO close to finished. I feel like we just need some side tables in here...and maybe a coffee table? I can't decide if it would make the room feel more complete, or just more crowded. We already use the poufs as footrests and it's nice to have open space in the middle for Ian to play in. But I do like how coffee tables look!

Living room pillows

I had fun playing around these pillows. We've always had an eclectic mix of colorful pillows in the living room, but this time I tried to pare it back to a more restrained palette of blush pink and blue. I especially love the fluffy pink pillows and the long blue one in the front. To be honest, these pillows will probably hardly ever look "just so" with a toddler in the house, but I still enjoy fussing around with them. It's an inexpensive way to give the room a whole new feel.

Pillow mix

Speaking of which, if you're really observant you may have noticed that we rearranged our living room furniture a little bit. We switched the sofa and the armchairs and brought down the x-benches from our...


A Huge Scale Model of Ancient Rome at Its Architectural Peak, Originally Commissioned by Mussolini "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

The narrator of Teju Cole's Open City, one of the better novels of memory and urban space to come along in recent years, at one point flies into New York City and remembers going to see a "sprawling scale model" of the metropolis at the Queens Museum of Art. "The model had been built for the Worlds Fair in 1964, at great cost, and afterward had been periodically updated to keep up with the changing topography and built environment of the city. It showed, in impressive detail, with almost a million tiny buildings, and with bridges, parks, rivers, and architectural landmarks, the true form of the city." The model really exists; you can go see it yourself.

But if you get to Rome before you next get to New York, you can see another city model of equally impressive, almost implausible accomplishment there. At the Museum of Roman Culture resides a 1:250 recreation of imperial Rome, known as the Plastico di Roma Imperiale, which transports viewers not just through space but time as well. "To commemorate the birth of Augustus (63 BC) two thousand years earlier, Mussolini commissioned a model of Rome as it appeared at the time of Constantine (AD 306-337), when the city had reached its greatest size," says Encyclopedia RomanaConstructed by Italo Gismondi between 1933 and 1937, then extended and restored in the 1990s, it takes as its basis Rodolfo Lanciani's 1901 atlas the Forma Urbis Romae.



3 times people thought it was the guy from Sherlock Holmes "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Heres 3 times people thought it was the guy from Sherlock Holmes. But it wasnt.





Probably our favourite Sherlock Holmes thing ever

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Ethereum Co-Founder: Saying Cryptocurrency is a Bursted Bubble is Shortsighted "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The co-founder of ethereum has made the argument that the cryptocurrency market hasnt burst its bubble following a slump in market prices last week.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of ethereum, explained that it would be shortsighted to say that the market had popped.

It may be hard to tell because were so focused on ethereum, were so focused on building decentralised applications on the ethereum platform and were so much less focussed on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, he said. But I would argue that weve seen a correction in our space, calling it a bubble to have been popped is a little bit shortsighted.

He added that there was foundational, fundamental work being built and that it was still early days for the ecosystem.

His comments come at a time when the cryptocurrency market has experienced a downturn in price. Amid heightened pressure from authorities to regulate the market as well as a major selloff in coins, market prices have fallen. Over the weekend, bitcoin was trading at $7,400 while the price of ethereum had dropped to $465. At the time of publishing, ethers value has improved slightly, at $534, according to CoinMarketCap.

Notably, though, its still a significant distance from the above $1,000 mark it has been experiencing of late. Bitcoin is currently trading at $8,270, which has seen a surge in price after G20 nations announced they would not be cracking down on cryptocurrencies.

Regardless of the drop in market values, Lubin appears happy with the direction that the industry is taking, particularly in relation to regulations.

We are extremely happy about how things are going with regulators. There are many jurisdictions that are excited about the tokenised security of the utility tokens that wouldnt be considered securities, he said. Thats actually true in this country as well, in the United States. There are many great applications being built worldwide on ethereum and with other blockchain technologies.

He added tha...


The Concerned Parents Project March 19th "IndyWatch Feed Health"

Human beings do not automatically love other human beings. Nor is love a stable, impregnable sort of thing. You may have lost patience with your child, feel oppressed by him or her, or in some other way lost that loving feeling.

Do you soften in his or her presence and want to hug your child or do you harden in his or her presence and routinely do some scolding? What child wouldnt grow sadder or angrier if he or she felt that what he or she got from a parent wasnt love but criticism or even revulsion? Think whether a softening and a more loving attitude might amount to great medicine.

An excellent social psychology experiment had seminary students rushing to hear a lecture about the Good Samaritanrushing so fast that they couldnt be bothered to stop to help a person in need. Virtually no seminary student could act like a Good Samaritan because he was in a rush to hear a lecture on the Good Samaritan! Either a person walks the talk or he or she doesnt. Show your child love, feel loving toward your child, come from a place of kindness, consideration and compassion, and see if your child doesnt listen better, cooperate more, look less sad, throw fewer tantrums, or otherwise improve. And you might feel better yourself, both because your child is having an easier time of it and because those revitalized loving feelings circulating through your system are warming you and cheering you.


Read the Concerned Parents Project Introductory Post

Read Question 18

To get in touch or to share your feedback, please email us

Read more on this topic

Rethinking the Nature of Our Woes

Visit Parent Resources for additional in-depth articles


Bitcoin Returns Above $8K, But Sell-Off Risk Remains "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin's corrective rally may gather traction, however, the overall outlook remains bearish as long as prices stay below $11,700.


MasterCard Open To Not Anonymous, State-Issued Cryptocurrencies, All Others Junk "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

MasterCard wants to work with govt-backed crypto, all other crypto is junk #NEWS


When the frame rate matches the rotor speed "IndyWatch Feed Satire"


Like us, youll probably have to watch it more than once to work out whats going on.

Kinda reminded us of something Oh yes, thats it.


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Virtual Clinic Uses Blockchain to Transform Treatments For Seriously Ill Patients "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

An established company is using Blockchain to address critical issues in healthcare, such as high misdiagnosis rates and the integrity of patient data. #SPONSORED


GaiaPortal 3-19-18 Glasses come to the fullness with Light "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Very promising new GaiaPortal.

The last two lines indicate that those who have come in to this planet as new Gaia bearers are having their pathways opened.

Glasses come to the fullness with Light

Glasses come to the fullness with Light.

Dark remainders are handled.

Channels for the new Gaia bearers are opened.

Masters they are.


Most satisfying Boris Johnson clip youll see this week "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Sky News had a clip of Boris Johnson talking to reporters and Nick Pettigrew spotted something.

And you know what? It really does.


And the replies werent bad either.



Preppers Gear LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle Review "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Nowadays, you can find a variety of innovatively designed water bottles which include filters and some other features which makes them ideal for preppers but not only them. If you are looking for water bottles that have a filter incorporated, LifeStraw Go may be the right option for you. I have two LifeStraw Go bottles, ... Read more...

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Le colosse aux pieds dargile by Monkeybird in Paris, France "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

French duo Monkeybird just wrapped up an impressive piece of work in Paris for a collaboration between Nanterre University and the Muse du Louvre

This project born for the 50th anniversary of May 1968 (Nanterre University its was a crucial place for the philosophy of May 1968). The goal for this project was to use art piece from the Louvre. For this we used a lot of fragments of the statue from this museum (Venus de Milo, Hannibal, Les 4 Captifs) and this is our representation about evolution of culture and the importance of the exchange between culture, this statue represents our collective memory, the top is the past and the bottom is our generation. Social challenges give rise to new cultural movements.

The piece measuring 20 by 7 meters was made using a stencil and the whole process is totally hand made.

Take a look at more images below and make sure to check back on StreetArtNews for more updates from Paris!



Benjamin Fulford 3-19-18 The world is about to find out just how horrific the Khazarian mafias crimes were "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

New weekly report from Ben. Extremely fascinating, to say the least.

The purge at the very tip top of the U.S. secret power structure is nearly complete, meaning a much larger purge is now about to take place, according to Pentagon, CIA, and other sources. The top leadership of the White House, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and other U.S. agencies is now composed almost entirely of white hats. This means that a systematic purge of the lower ranks is now possible.

so-called leaders of the West were actively trying to kill off 90% of the worlds population. They have been caught manufacturing and spreading diseases They have been caught trying to cause mass starvation by spreading crop diseases and paying farmers to grow fuel instead of food. They have been trying very hard to start World War 3. They were behind mass murder incidents like 9/11 and Fukushima. This is all proven fact. Whats going to happen now is that the bulk of the worlds population will learn of this.

In the U.S., about one million people were actively involved in the plot to kill 90% of their fellow Americans and enslave the survivors actively worship Satan [and] have been seeking refuge elsewhere on the planet but have failed to find it. They have also been trying to get off the planet,...


Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN Thatll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Screen Hoopla YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Judicial Watch Reveals the SMOKING GUN Thatll Sink Both McCabe and Hillary Earn Monthly Online Income Here!: Read More/ Source/ Credit(FAIR USE):


New Orleans Cancels Secret Pre-Crime Police Program After Media Exposure "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

New Orleans Cancels Secret Pre-Crime Police Program After Media Exposure

March 16, 2018

By Nicholas West

Im happy to report some good news coming out of New Orleans thanks to the excellent investigative reporting of Ali Winston with The Verge.

As I reported two weeks ago, Winston helped to uncover a secret predictive policing program that had been ongoing for 6 years by the New Orleans PD in cooperation with CIA-connected Palantir Technologies. The program had been designed to operate behind the cover of a philanthropic partnership orchestrated by political operative James Carville so as to avoid having to disclose the details to citizens and even to their elected representatives in the city council. Now it appears that the intrepid reporting of Ali Winston has led to the abrupt cancelling of the program just a short time after the initial article was published.

Yesterday, outgoing New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieus press office told the Times-Picayune that his office would not renew its pro bono contract with Palantir, which has been extended three times since 2012. The remarks were the first from Landrieus office concerning Palantirs work with the NOPD. The mayor did not respond to repeated requests for comment from The Verge for the February 28th article, done in partnership with Investigative Fund, or from local media since news of the partnership broke.

According to Ali Winstons latest article, there also could be legal repercussions for those involved in c...


Disclosing Corporate Funding is Not Nearly Enough "IndyWatch Feed Health"

From The Chronicle of Higher Education: A number of studies have shown the significant problems that arise from financial conflicts in research. Disclosure of researchers funding sources is necessary but not sufficient; more actions must be taken to prevent conflicts of interest.

Academic researchers and their institutions could do more to effect change. Researchers should refuse any input from sponsors into the design or analysis of a study. Sponsors should have no input into the writing, editing, or reviewing of a manuscript before it is published, and no say in whether or where a study is published. Colleges should provide researchers access to statisticians, manuscript-preparation assistance, and other services. They should create enforceable policies that prevent researchers from agreeing to any input from sponsors on the design or analysis of a study, or on the manuscript or any part of the submission process. The sponsors should see the study when it is published. If they dont like it, they can write a letter to the journal like anyone else.

Finally, researchers and academic institutions should become politically involved as advocates for more federal funding of scientific research. Scientists generally shy away from politics, but we have reached a crisis point in which corporations are capturing not only academic institutions but scientific direction. Without more government funding, the role of science will increasingly be one that puts the interests of corporations before the interest of public health. No one can make that dire case better than the researchers doing the work.



The Poison We Pick "IndyWatch Feed Health"

In this piece for New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan traces the history of the use of opiates in the U.S. and explores the social, economic, and historical reasons for the contemporary opioid epidemic.

One of the more vivid images that Americans have of drug abuse is of a rat in a cage, tapping a cocaine-infused water bottle again and again until the rodent expires. Years later, as recounted in Johann Haris epic history of the drug war, Chasing the Scream, a curious scientist replicated the experiment. But this time he added a control group. In one cage sat a rat and a water dispenser serving diluted morphine. In another cage, with another rat and an identical dispenser, he added something else: wheels to run in, colored balls to play with, lots of food to eat, and other rats for the junkie rodent to play or have sex with. Call it rat park. And the rats in rat park consumed just one-fifth of the morphine water of the rat in the cage. One reason for pathological addiction, it turns out, is the environment. If you were trapped in solitary confinement, with only morphine to pass the time, youd die of your addiction pretty swiftly too. Take away the stimulus of community and all the oxytocin it naturally generates, and an artificial variety of the substance becomes much more compelling.

One way of thinking of postindustrial America is to imagine it as a former rat park, slowly converting into a rat cage. Market capitalism and revolutionary technology in the past couple of decades have transformed our economic and cultural reality, most intensely for those without college degrees. The dignity that many working-class men retained by providing for their families through physical labor has been greatly reduced by automation. Stable family life has collapsed, and the number of children without two parents in the home has risen among the white working and middle classes. The internet has ravaged local retail stores, flattening the uniqueness of many communities. Smartphones have eviscerated those moments of oxytocin-friendly actual human interaction. Meaning once effortlessly provided by a more unified and often religious culture shared, at least nominally, by others is harder to find, and the proportion of Americans who identify as nones, with no religious affiliation, has risen to record levels. Even as we near peak employment and record-high median household income, a sense of permanent economic insecurity and spiritual emptiness has become widespread. Some of that emptiness was once assuaged by a constantly rising standard of living, generation to generation.


Sixth Attempt to Start Reading Literary Classic Dune Going OK "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

NEW YORK Local science fiction enthusiast Miles DuBonnet is reportedly having an alright go at his sixth attempt to begin reading what is often considered the greatest science fiction novels of all time, Frank Herberts Dune.

They dont explain any of the made-up terminology and its like 800 pages long, but literally nothing happens for the first 200 or so. Thats what stopped me the first five attempts, said DuBonnet to reporters. This is supposedly the best ever sci-fi novel. And honestly, Im really enjoying it. But holy fuck is it so hard to read.

I have devoted so many hours to this novel and I still have no idea what spice is, despite the constant references to it. I just wish I could call up Frank Herbert and have the guy explain to me what he was trying to say because I refuse to read an online guide, DuBonnet added, showing a complex diagram he had constructed of the different feudal houses and their various allegiances.

Read More From Hard Drive, The Only Ethical Gaming Journalism Site on The Internet:

According to DuBonnet, one of the main reasons that he has continuously tried to complete the novel other than the idea that he should be capable of reading a book that is universally acclaimed amongst a fandom he is an avid member of is pressure from friends who have completed the book.

Dune is my absolute favorite book of all time, said DuBonnets friend Beth Kraushaar via private message on a popular science fiction message board. I hated it the first time I read it and then after reading all six books in the series, I liked it a little more. Then I read the seventeen other books written by Herberts son and others and I was like OK theres a lot more to this Dune series. Then I reread the entire saga. Now I finall...


Water & Food (Level 2 Preparedness) "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Level 2 Preparedness by my own definition is being prepared for 1 month of disruption. (Overview of Prepping & Preparedness 1 4) This requires storing 1 month of food for every member of the household and it requires a more significant (than Level 1) amount of water storage at home and preferably access to a nearby water source for further needs. The hypothetical circumstances surrounding the need for 1 month of supplies are pretty severe. Most all ordinary emergency / disruptions last far less in time. However there remains a likelihood that things could go bad for that long,

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Twitter Will Ban Cryptocurrency Ads in Two Weeks, Says Report "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google, Twitter is reportedly planning a ban on advertisements related to cryptocurrencies.


Stonehenge is just scaffolding claim experts "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

early example of half-finished tarmac driveway also revealedAfter many tens of years of investigation, the meaning behind the ancient monument of Stonehenge may finally have been discovered. Professor Mike Smith and his Oxford University team have concluded that the stones are not the final construction but just the scaffolding to allow work to take place.

The missing piece of the puzzle was put in place when I employed some roofers to re-tile over the bathroom and spare bedroom he explained. They seemed keen and put up the scaffolding very quickly, but then vanished once the deposit had been paid. One evening the sunlight beamed through the metal pipework from the kitchen door to the cactus collection on the study windowsill, and I saw that this scaffolding was essentially the same structure as at Stonehenge, only not as well put together.

After the initial discovery the team worked tirelessly to test their new hypothesis, and to work out what final structure was to have been built at the site. The clues led us to the nearest comparable stone age building of Silbury Hill, and a Silbury 2 constructed on the plain would have been a towering white elephant on the scale of the Millennium Dome or High Speed Rail 2 claimed the Professor. It was essentially a huge temple to the capacity of a centralised organisation to waste millions of man hours in pointless endeavour. It was obviously planned to be a national piece of work as well the scaffolding was produced by a sub-contractor from South Wales, which shows that the Government paid lip-service to allocating work in areas of economic deprivation 4000 years ago as well.

We will never be fully sure as to why the Stonehenge hill was not completed but it is likely to have been an early impact of the current government funding cuts he concluded.

Professor Smiths roof has still not been fixed.



One Child at a Time "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dara Berger Every morning I pick up my smartphone and scroll through the posts on Facebook even though I am starting to really loathe the social media app for its censorship of non-mainstream thoughts and ideas. I spend approximately...

Dept With Only 8 Cops Secretly Acquired an Arsenal of 19 Military Vehicles Using 1033 Program "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Dept With Only 8 Cops Secretly Acquired an Arsenal of 19 Military Vehicles Using 1033 Program

March 16, 2018

By Matt Agorist

Last August, the Trump administration lifted a ban on military surplus hardware being transferred to police departments across the United States. The controversial 1033 program became a source of citizen outrage after images of police armed with military-grade weaponry, including grenade launchers and armored MRAPs, were beamed into people homes across the country during the battlefield-style police response to the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

As many Americans noted, Ferguson, Missouri looked like a war zone, with police kitted out in Marine-issue camouflage and military-grade body armor, toting short-barreled assault rifles, and rolling around in armored vehicles virtually indistinguishable from US soldiers.

Shortly after the American public became widely aware, and largely outraged, over the extreme militarization of their local police forces, President Obama signed an Executive Order (EO) that blocked large-caliber weapons, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and other heavy military hardware from being repurposed from battlefields across the globe to small town USA.

This was one of very few notable pro-liberty moves by the Obama admin; however, thanks to the current administration, it is all gone.

The new Trump plan went into effect immediately and completely rolled back the EO that blocked state, county, and local police departments from obtaining military weapons of war. Unsurprisingly, drug warrior extraordinaire, Attorney General Jeff Session led the charge to reinstate the program....


Overstock Subsidiary Invests in Caribbean Bitcoin Startup Bitt "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Medici Ventures, the subsidiary of popular online retailer Overstock, has announced that it will be investing 3 million United States Dollars in the Barbados-based blockchain oriented company, Bitt. According to a press release, the move will grant the company an increase in ownership by 8.6 percent. Bitt is a company that first appeared in 2015 Continued

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Canon admits the EOS M50 Dual Pixel af doenst work on 4K mode because of price reasons "IndyWatch Feed Photography"

Dpreview interviewed a bunch of Canon managers and here are some info: There are actually no technical reason why the EOS-M50 couldnt have Dual Pixel AF in 4k mode: With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video

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Best Home Water Test Kit "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Find out how to test your home water for contaminants like lead, VOCs, and arsenic, when to test water, signs of a water problem, and the best home water test kits.

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Vladimir Putins won another election so here are our 12 favourite captions "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Vladimir Putin has defied the odds to win another election, extending his term as Russian president to nearly a quarter of a century (or for as long as he wants to keep winning elections, basically).

Whod have thought it?

To mark this momentous occasion, our 12 favourite captions.






How To Build A Walipini Greenhouse "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

We use cellars because they maintain a more constant temperature than structures that are built above-ground. We use greenhouses to extend the growing season because they hold in heat. Well what if you combined a greenhouse and a cellar? Youd have a greenhouse that would allow you to grow plants year-round.

This type of greenhouse is called a geothermal, pit or, Walipini greenhouse, and is common in South America. Walipini means place of warmth in Aymara Indian, and its an apt name.

Basically, the idea is that once you get below the frost line (3-5 feet below the surface, the Earth maintains a fairly constant temperature. In the US, that temperature is typically around 45-50 degrees in the northern states and 50-70 in the south. That range makes for perfect plant-growing temperatures, especially when you add a covering to one side that sun can shine through and warm it up a bit.

Youre harnessing the existing geothermal heat by digging 6-8 feet underground and capturing and storing solar radiation in order to create a near-ideal growing climate thats resistant to surface-level temperature changes.

Benefits of a Walipini Greenhouse

Theres the most obvious benefit you extend your growing season, or even make it so that you can grow food year-round.

Another reason that this type of greenhouse may appeal to preppers is that, depending on how you build it, its not obvious whats in it so your food will be better hidden.

Ive even seen articles about Walipinis that are built in such a way that they are a self-sustaining unit containing animals, aquaculture, and hydroponic plants. Thats a bit complicated and beyond the scope of what were doing today, but it can be done.

If you live in a dry climate, another advantage is that your Walipini is going to hold moisture from the ground in. You can help this along by using water along the wall to help pull the heat from the earth. That way, youre making the air warmer and moister. Plants will love you. Actually, take condensation into consideration when youre building.

The final advantage that a  or pit greenhouse has is that you can build the whole thing for just a few hundred bucks. Less if you already have the materials.

Learn from our ancestors the old lessons of growing your own food.

How to Situate your Walipini Greenhouse

The first thing you need to do before you start gathering materials is det...


PR: ZeroEdge.Bet Casino Opens New Office in London "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

ZeroEdge.Bet Casino Opens New Office in London

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

ZeroEdge.Bet, a start-up that is building a blockchain based online casino network, is expanding its reach and will be opening brand new offices in London. The move was prompted by unprecedented growth of business, ahead of the proposed ICO dates later this year.

The ZeroEdge team are extremely excited to meet fans and followers of the Zero Edge online casino network when their new offices open within the next few weeks. The team, comprising of a range of experts in their respective fields including online gaming, crypto currencies, marketing, support, and much more, have put out the welcome mat for gamblers in the United Kingdom.

This is a great news for us and our community. We are delighted to have our new office in London. One of the reasons for opening an office in London, was the access to the skilled job market. Blockchain experts, gambling industry executives, marketing gurus are all there. Therefore, will be looking to grow our team to help us with our development on every aspect of the business. said Adrian Casey ZeroEdge.Bet CEO

UK gambling market is one of the largest in the world.
United Kingdom gambling market size exceeds 14 Billion Pounds each year. Zero Edge will launch first blockchain based gambling sites in UK market just after ICO finishes and all Zerocoins are distributed publicly.

It is not by coincidence that Zero Edge have chosen London as one of their main centres of operation. Aside from the fact that London is one of the most popular cities in the world, with a vibrant melting pot of global cultures, it also happens to represent one of the largest online gambling markets in the world.

Residents of the UK love to gamble online and do so around the clock at various top online casinos aimed at the UK market. However, up until fairly recently, UK gamblers have been facing the very same problem as...


10 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women "IndyWatch Feed Food"

For women who want to boost their libido, Svetlana Ivanova reveals the ten best natural aphrodisiacs for women.

A healthy sex life helps nurture love and intimacy in relationships. For centuries, women have tried to find substances that can enhance their libido and bring back pleasure to their sex lives. Aphrodisiacs are substances that help to stimulate sex drive and make sex more pleasurable. The word aphrodisiac comes from Aphrodite, who is the Greek goddess of love and sexuality. These are the ten best natural aphrodisiacs for women: Read more


Financial Analyst: Bitcoin Mid-Term Target at $28,000 Still in Play "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The Bitcoin price is on everybodys mind as of right now. With the current trend remaining bearish, the outlook is not all that positive. If Ronnie Moas is to be believed, however, things will turn out just fine. His $28,000 target by mid-2018 still holds up, by the look of things. A rather bullish sentiment in this sea of negativity.

Ronnie Moas Remains Bullish

Not too long ago, Ronnie Moas made an intriguing Bitcoin price prediction. In his opinion, the worlds biggest cryptocurrency will hit $28,000 in the near future. This may happen as soon as mid-2018, which is almost upon us. A lot will need to change before this situation will change for the better, though. Right now, things are not looking all that great whatsoever.

As one would expect, the Bitcoin price has stumbled throughout 2018. With the value dropped as low as nearly $7,000 last week a worrisome trend has emerged. The bears are bringing down the Bitcoin price like they do every single year. In most cases, the Bitcoin price will rebound in a strong fashion. Whether or not this will be the same in 2018, remains to be determined at this stage.

Ronnie Moas is not too concerned about what is happening right now. In fact, he considers the uptrend to emerge pretty soon. Technical analysts are putting up major sell signals, which seems destined to shake out the weak hands in the coming days and weeks. Most people who invest in Bitcoin dont have the stomach for these volatile price swings, especially if things head south.

The Next Three Months may be Crucial

Even though most speculators dont care about technical Bitcoin developments, they will impact the price pretty soon. With scaling becoming less of an issue, things are heading in the right direction.It is evident for everyone to see how the Bitcoin price is being manipulated. Ronnie Moas confirms as much, and he is seemingly enjoying the show.


WANDELISM "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

From the 17-24 MARCH 18 an old car workshop in Wilhelmsaue 32 in Wilmersdorf, Berlin, is being transformed by over 60 Berliners a week before the demolition.  With some of the proceeds, the AWO Kita Kinderwald day care center is being established for children.
Featuring artists:

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Mt Gox Trustee: $400 Million Sale Didn't Drop Bitcoin Price "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The bankruptcy trustee for the defunct Mt. Gox exchange has denied that the sale of $400 million in BTC and BCH caused the recent drop in prices.


Three (3-18-18) Videos I found Informative (namely, I liked them!) a Styxhexenhammer666, a Kim Dotcom, and a YouAreFreeTV "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Okay so I watched em, I liked em, and so I pass em along.

Hysterical that it took them so long:

A short Sunday afternoon video to celebrate McCabes firing and the termination of his retirement!


Visiting WHSmiths today? Then why not play WHS bingo? "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

Print this out and visit your local WHSmiths and play WHSmiths BINGO!

Have they missed any? Make sure you add them in the comments on Twitter or Facebook.

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Can Bitcoin Thrive Under Chinas New Central Bank Chief? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

China has a new head for the Peoples Bank of China (PBoC), the countrys central bank, which could positively affect the future of bitcoin and the local cryptocurrency market.

New Central Bank Governor is Pro-Free Market

President Xi Jinping has appointed an American-educated economist known for being a pro-free market advocate to run the central bank. Yi Gang, who has served as Vice Governor of PBoC will take over from  Zhou Xiaochuan who has headed the Peoples Bank of China for a decade and a half.

President Xi has made moves to bring like-minded party members into positions of power in order to create new economic policy.

Most prominent of these changes was the promotion of Liu He to the position of Vice Premier. A position that makes him overseer of the central bank and effectively acting as the nations economic czar.

The combination of having Liu and Yi as the countries top economic minds shows steps towards opening up financial markets and rethinking policies that were put in place after the market turmoil of 2015 -2016.

Liu and Yi have a shared understanding of the need for financial market reforms and liberalization, coupled with more effective regulation, said Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University professor and former China head for the International Monetary Fund.

Mr. Yi talked about the need to liberalize Chinas capital account in order to encourage foreign firms to invest in China at a press conference last week.

Mr. Yi recently spoke of ways to encourage foreign investment at a press conference last week.

When President Xi delivered his development plan to a party congress in October of last year opening cross-border capital flow was not part of it though it was a clearly stated goal of his predecessor.

Unlike its western counterparts, the Peoples Bank of China is not independent. Its leaders shape its policy including setting loan and deposit rates. Ironically these tight controls over the Yuan could open the doors for the use of digital currency in the remittance market.

China Needs an Alternative to Fiat

Recently Ripplenet signed a deal with China-based payment service LianLian International. LianLian will use xCurrent, Ripples centralized software payment systems to transfer funds between China the US, Canada, and Europe. Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, tweeted about the deal saying

(Ripple) just opened the door to the largest e-commerce market in the world



Mike Philbin - abstract art - site update "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

 over the weekend, I updated the WIX-hosted Mike Philbin Abstract Art website: edited a few things out, shifted a few things around, added some new 2018 material, that kinda thing.


Flight MH370 Found With Eerie Black Box Recording: SOS, They Are Not Human "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Images have emerged of the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, just hours after a Black Box recording surfaced featuring an eerie message.

Google Earth pictures show the outline of the plane covered in bullet holes under the sea just north of Mauritius.

The discovery comes just hours after a Twitter user received a coded voicemail which experts claim to be a recording from inside the plane.

The message was in military codesign, which translates to: Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human sos danger SOS. The eerie voicemail also gave a series of numbers.

Users started doing their investigations on the meaning behind the series of numbers. The numbers when used as coordinates, pointed to a location near Malaysia. Digging deeper, it revealed that it was within the area in the radar where flight MH370 was last seen.


Coincheck Drops Anonymous Monero, Dash, Zcash "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Coincheck Drops Anonymous Monero, Dash, Zcash

Coincheck, the Japanese exchange that lost ~$550 million worth of NEM to hackers, will stop dealing with Monero, Dash and Zcash. The trading platform has recognized the risk posed by these cryptocurrencies which provide high levels of anonymity. Half of the NEM coins stolen in the hack may have been converted already on the darknet, a cybersecurity expert claims.

Also read: Hackers Target 400,000 Computers with Mining Malware

Anonymity Postpones Coinchecks Registration

The Japanese exchange Coincheck, which is trying to recover from one of the worst hacks in crypto history, is expected to stop handling three cryptocurrencies providing high levels of anonymity, the Japan Times reported. Coincheck now recognizes the high risk posed by these coins when used in money-laundering transactions, unnamed sources said. The cryptos are Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), and Dash (DASH).



Watch Stephen Hawkings Interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Recorded 10 Days Before His Death: A Last Conversation about Black Holes, Time Travel & More "IndyWatch Feed Arts"

Ten days before Stephen Hawkings death, Neil DeGrasse Tyson sat down with the world-famous physicist for an interview on Tysons StarTalk podcast. I picked his legendary brain, says Tyson in his introduction, on everything, from the big bang to the origins of the universe. He starts off, however, with some softballs. Hawkings favorite food? He likes oysters. Favorite drink? Pimms.

Your appreciation for Tysons earnestly awkward small talk may vary. Hes prone to making himself laugh, which doesnt elicit laughs from Hawking, whose communication was, of course, extraordinarily constrained. And yet, when it came to matters most of consequence to him, he was eloquent, witty, profound into his final days.

Though we cannot detect any tonal inflection in Hawkings computer voice, we know him as a sensitive, compassionate person as well as a brilliant mind. It doesnt sound like hes bragging whenin answer to Tysons question about his favorite equation (at 4:10)he replies, the equation I discovered relating the entropy of black hole to the area of its horizon. "How many people," Tyson replies, chuckling, "get to say that their favorite equation is one they came up with? Thats badass.

Cutaway segments with Tyson, theoretical physicist Janna Levin, and comedian Matt Kirshen surround the short interview, with Levin offering her professional expertise as a cosmologist to explain Hawkings ideas in lay terms. His favorite equation, she says, demonstrates that black holes actually radiate energy, returning information, though in a highly disordered form, that was previously thought lost forever.

At 8:05, hear Hawkings answer to the question of what he would ask Isaac Newton if he could go back in time. Whether we understand his reply or not, we learn how badass it is in the cutaway commentary (which begins to seem a little ESPN-like, with Levin as the seasoned player on the panel). Rather than asking Newton a question Hawking himself didnt know the answer to, which Newton likely couldnt answer either, Hawking would...


Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA/USD Facing Crucial Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ADA price after a sharp decline below $0.20 found support near $0.1250 against the US Dollar (tethered).
  • There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.1550 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex).
  • The pair is currently facing a major resistance near $0.165 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Cardano price is slowly recovering against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/USD has to surpass the $0.165 and $0.180 resistance levels to recover further.

Cardano Price Resistance

There were continuous declines in ADA price from well above the $0.2020 against the US Dollar. The price declined and broke the $0.18, $0.165 and $0.150 support levels. It even traded below $0.13 and formed a low near the $0.1237 level. Later, a recovery was initiated and the price moved above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.1867 high to $0.1237 low.

Moreover, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.1550 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair. The pair is now trading in a bullish zone above $0.140. There was also a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.1867 high to $0.1237 low. However, the price is currently facing a major hurdle near the $0.165 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Lastly, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.1867 high to $0.1237 low is also acting as a resistance.

Cardano Price Technical Analysis ADA USD

A break above the $0.165 and $0.180 resistance levels is must for more gains in the near term. On the downside, the last swing low of $0.150 is a short term support followed by the $0.1450 level.

Hourly MACD The MACD for ADA/USD is slightly in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI for ADA/USD is currently well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level $0.1450

Major Resistanc...


how a crock pot works "IndyWatch Feed Comics"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: how a crock pot works

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


Now Twitter will ban most cryptocurrency ads "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The move comes after Facebook and Google cracked down on cryptocurrency ads earlier this year. Twitter will reportedly prohibit a range of cryptocurrency ads within the next two weeks, reports Sky News. The ban will affect cryptocurrency ads related to initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales. Additionally, Twitter is also thinking of

The move comes after Facebook and Google cracked down on cryptocurrency ads earlier this year. Twitter will reportedly prohibit a range of cryptocurrency ads within the next two weeks, reports Sky News. The ban will affect cryptocurrency ads related to initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales. Additionally, Twitter is also thinking of banning ads for all cryptocurrency exchanges, though that policy has yet to be finalized. Twitters cryptocurrency ads ban is expected to take effect globally.

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Only 13 responses you need to this all-time great Daily Mail headline "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

To the Daily Mail!

And here are the only 13 responses you need







Bitcoin News Summary Mar 19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

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Heres what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.       Bitcoins price declined moderately over the week and broke below the $8,000 level, probably due to a lot of bad press. Google has moved to ban cryptocurrency advertising from its platforms.The move will affect all other crypto-related content. A notice said the [...]


Russians Did Not Influence Outcome Of Russian Election, Enquiry Finds "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

russia vote

Russians have played absolutely no role in shaping the outcome of the recent Russian election, an international investigation has found.

While the enquiry did find that Russians had interfered with the US and French elections, as well as the Brexit vote, it found no evidence to suggest that they played a role in Marchs Russian poll.

Reports suggest that over 50 million people did attempt to vote, but officials managed to intercept the interference before it had any impact.

Any reports that Russians played a role in the outcome of this election have been grossly exaggerated, a spokesperson for the enquiry said.


Hacking #GSOC : How to gain real life experience and support open source "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Image source

The resume/CV currency in the current job market is changing. With or without a college certificate, potential employers will request a code repository like your GitHub profile to showcase your portfolio. Beyond code, developers are increasingly expected to take up leadership roles and be able to work well with teams.

With potential to fork and clone millions of repositories online, how can you get a differentiating factor in the work you display on your profile? Moreover, if you are a self-taught programmer that is taking advantage of the numerous MOOC courses both paid and free, how can you show your potential employer your abilities, helping you land your dream job?

Summer internships are commonly used by students to gain real world experience. Googles open source office provides one such opportunity through their Google Summer of Code program (GSOC) which is open to university students who are 18 years or older. The program was started in May 2005, and I have been a mentor since 2011.

First, the rejection

I applied for GSOC in 2010. I was fresh out of medical school and had been part of the OpenMRS open source community as a developer. We had a delay in starting our medical internship, and to fill my time, I was looking at several options to advance my skills. I decided to participate in GSOC with OpenMRS, as I would be making some money while contributing to an organization that I enjoyed working with.

I managed to fetch a segment of my proposal out of the email archivesattached below. Briefly, I was going to work on the longitudinal patient module which would show a timeline of a patients details making it easy for the doctor to glance at a snapshot of the patients data.

I spent some time chatting with my potential mentor, who wanted more details on my proposal.

mentor communication excerpt

However, despite communication with mentors, being a part of the community, and an attempt at writing a GSOC proposal, my efforts fell short.

I was devastated at not seeing my name in the final 15 students for the 2010 summer. I remember reading through the list of sele...


Investing In Altcoins: What You Need to Know "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Investing in cryptocurrency has caught everybodys attention from professional market participants to newbies. The number of active crypto wallets is increasing day by day, new participants are joining the crypto community and there are already over 1,500 altcoins on the market. Lets see how an emerging investor can make sense of this market and how hedging platforms like BITRUST can be of help.   

 So, youve spent a lot of time researching online and reading all kinds of information about cryptocurrencies and investing. However, before you even think about spending any money, lets try to assess how much you really know about the cryptocurrency market. Here is a set of simple questions you could use to understand that:

  • Could you explain what a blockchain is to your ten-year-old nephew as well as a Cryptocoin Kid can?
  • Have you been to CoinMarketCap and understood it?
  • Are you familiar with the cryptocurrency purchase mechanism?
  • Where will you store your purchased altcoins and or tokens? Is it safe?
  • Do you understand how cryptocurrency exchanges work?
  • Do you know how to convert your cryptocurrency to fiat money and back?
  • Is there any tax payable in your country from profit gained from these transactions?
  • Do you know of any ways to hedge a cryptocurrency position?
  • Do you know what volatility means?

 A young and volatile market

This market is just a few years young so its no wonder that altcoins are highly volatile. Just see how ridiculously successful investors were last year and how extremely unhappy many of them have been in early 2018.

In terms of all cryptocurrencies, the total market cap hyped by 10,000% starting in 2013 and right up until its downturn this January. (And its true, we can only imagine what a difference an affordable hedging tool like BITRUST could make for investors, were it already live!).

So, how can one predict or trust an asset of such volatility and what should the right time be to invest in it? Today, in a month, in a year? Well, whatever your preferred answer to this question, just make sure that you only invest as much money as you are ready to lose. And be smart about never investing money you dont actually own, using your credit card or taking out credit.

The right motivation counts

You should also m...


How to be a joyless git in a French restaurant in 1930 "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

This extract from an English to French phrasebook would make you sound like an utter asshat.

Just eat your damn meal and if its crap dont leave a tip and dont go back.

And it gets worse

Sounding remarking like someone picking up hookers

And the title if you are interested

The post...


Cobra Contact "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

 COBRA Galactic Confederation forces of Light have decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation domain according to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2. Not much intel about Continue Reading

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How the seasons work in the UK "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

By @TechnicallyRon on Twitter, who always gets the forecast right.

As everyone digs out their winter clothes for the journey to work today, Iit clearly struck a chord, shared 6,000 times and liked by more than 20,000 people on Twitter.

Did he miss anything though?

Could be worse, though.



The following video is brought to you courtesy of the wikileaks tv YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

MICHELLE OBAMA AND HILLARY CLINTON BIRDS OF SAME FEATHERS SEE WHY.thanks for watching .Like,share and subscribe.


Facebook Comedian Releases Line Of Merch After Semi-Abusive Girlfriend Pranks Go Viral "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A local Facebook comedian who has found fame by causing distress to his girlfriend in a series of viral prank videos has today backed himself to release a line of merch, for people who love his content enough to buy a shirt indicating that fact. Despite calls from concerned viewers for Greeny to []

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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT March 18, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

  A Cabal-MIC hidden underground facility was discovered under Sugarloaf Mountain in West Cork. This facility was discovered after the interrogation of a Cabal-MIC agent that was recently apprehended. Construction Continue Reading

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UK IT Equipment Maker Plans Britains Biggest Bitcoin Mining Farm "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bladetec, a supplier of high-powered IT equipment in the UK, is reportedly planning to build a 10 million ($13.9 million) bitcoin mining farm across three locations in England. According to major UK daily The Telegraph, Bladetec is looking to raise 10 million from investors to build and operate a 3-500 square foot bitcoin farming facility operating Continued

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How AI can learn to generate pictures of cats "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Example of cats generated by our DCGAN

In 2014, the research paper Generative Adversarial Nets (GAN) by Goodfellow et al. was a breakthrough in the field of generative models.

Leading researcher Yann Lecun himself called adversarial nets the coolest idea in machine learning in the last twenty years.

Today, thanks to this architecture, were going to build an AI that generates realistic pictures of cats. How awesome is that?!

DCGAN during training

To view the full working code, see my Github repository. It will help if you already have some experience in Python, Deep Learning and Tensorflow, and CNNs (Convolutional Neural Nets).

If you new in Deep Learning, please check this excellent series of articles:

Machine Learning is Fun!

What is DCGAN?

Deep Convolutional Generative Adverserial Networks (or DCGAN) are a deep learning architecture that generate outputs similar to the data in the training set.

This model replaces the fully connected layers of the generative adversarial network model with convolution layers.

To explain how DCGAN works, lets use the metaphor of the art expert and the counterfeiter.

The counterfeiter (a.k.a. the generator) tries to produce fake Van Gogh paintings and pass them off as real.

Criminal icon made by Roundicon from

On the other hand, the art expert (a.k.a., the discriminator) tries to catch the counterfeiter by using their knowledge of real Van Gogh paintings.

Over time, the art expert gets better at detecting counterfeit paintings, and the counterfeiter gets better at faking them.

As we see, DCGANs are composed of two separate deep neural networks competing against each other.

  • The generator is a counterfeiter trying to produce seemingly real data. It has no idea of what the real data is, but it learns to adjust from the feedback of the other model.
  • The discriminator is a inspector trying to determine what the fake counterfeit data is (by comparing it with real data), whi...


Police stopped a driver in Milton Keynes and this was his licence "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

If youre going to fake a driving licence we can probably think of more convincing identities to go for.

This is what happened when police in Milton Keynes stopped the driver of a car and asked to see his licence.

This is probably our favourite response online.

Except lots of people were also keen to point out the schoolboy error. Spotted it yet?



I spent an entire summer designing a website that never saw the light of day "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Lessons learned from a failed web design project 

A few summers ago, I had the opportunity to work for Nextech, a non-profit that helps kids in Indiana learn to code and equips teachers to teach Computer Science (CS) in their classrooms.

Being a passionate supporter of the mission to get CS taught in every high school in Indiana, I was thrilled to be a part of the team. I helped teach the front-end/web design summer classes and also did videography work for the team when needed. On top of that, I agreed to do a summer-long web design project. I would be responsible for redesigning the Nextech website.

I had designed many websites before, so I was excited to have the opportunity to work on redesigning their site. Its hard to find the perfect combination of an organization that will hire you and the project being something youre truly passionate about. This was it. Not only was I getting to teach high school students how to code, but I also had the opportunity to use my own web design skills. I was going to have a great experience that I could talk about for years to come, and a great-looking portfolio piece to show off my design skills. The summer looked bright.

The summer started out well. I was working on a team with my boss and three other co-workers. We all had our assigned tasks. It was the first summer that Nextech was offering classes to high schoolers, so everyone was learning together. The students were a great group who were ready to learn how to code. However, the summer quickly grew busy.

Summer class students!

Because we were a small team, we all had to wear multiple hats and be flexible with whatever came up. I agreed to help out with more things which led to less time being spent on the site redesign. However, I was still able to get 23 hours a day (whether in the office or at home) to work on the new website. To me, everything was going well until the end of the summer neared.

It was a couple of weeks before I returned to school, and I had a few more pages to finish out designing for the website. There were also some parts of the website that needed copy to be edited, so I was working closely with our copywriter on the team. In my head, the site was well on its way to being done on time. Thats until I had a meeting with my boss. From the start, I could feel that this meeting wasnt going to be a good one. My boss looked concerned.

She began explaining to me that the summer had gone by fast and gotten really busy. I agreed. She thanked me for all I had done and the effort I had put into redesigning the website.



NEO, EOS, LTC, Monero, Lumens: Technical Analysis March 19, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

There is a broad-based recovery of Lumens, NEO, LTC, Monero, EOS and LTC. Thats because G20 countries dont intend to crack down on cryptocurrencies in general.

Now, considering our trade plan and our adherence to trading with the trend, it is likely that buyers might find reason to buy with tight stops below recent supports.

For NEO that means just below $50 and $150 in LTC/USD.

Lets have a look at these charts:

XLM/USD (Lumens)

Lumens Technical AnalysisXLM/USD Bittrex 4HR Chart for March 19, 2018

While we can sellers driving prices below $0.20, XLM is somehow finding support below the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level and our key support line as price action show.

But first, while sellers seem to be in charge, its the characteristic of yesterdays candlestick that can hint of possible higher highs in the next couple of days. Buyers might end up driving prices higher with that bullish pin bar.

In the 4HR chart, theres a bullish divergence pattern. In light of these developments, going forward every high is a shorting opportunity. Ideal buy targets can be anyway between $0.27 and $0.31 in the 4HR chart.

XMR/USD (Monero)

Monero Technical Analysis...


Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP/USD Breaks Key Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price after a major decline, found support near $0.55 and recovered against the US dollar.
  • There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.6200 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair may rise further, but it has to break and settle above the $0.70 resistance and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Ripple price is showing a few positive signs against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD must break the $0.70 resistance to gain further upside momentum.

Ripple Price Support

There were nasty declines this past week in Ripple price from the $0.8000 pivot level against the US Dollar. The price tumbled and moved below the $0.7000 and $0.6000 support levels. It traded towards the $0.5000 level and formed a low at $0.5341 before starting an upside move. It corrected higher and managed to move above the $0.5800 and $0.6000 resistance levels.

The upside move was positive as the price was even able to surpass the $0.6200 barrier. Moreover, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.6200 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. The pair traded as high as $0.6868 and is currently trading near the 100 hourly simple moving average. It is slowly correcting lower and is testing the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.5341 low to $0.6868 high. It may correct a few more points, but it could find support near $0.6250.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USD

The mentioned $0.6250 support is near the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $0.5341 low to $0.6868 high. On the upside, the price has to move above the $0.6800 and $0.7000 resistance levels to gain upside momentum.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for XRP/USD is currently in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for XRP/USD is now near the 60 level.



How to share blog posts so that everyone benefits "IndyWatch Feed Fertility"

how to share nicelyThese days, lots of people are creating websites for their businesses, and they want content to put up on their site to keep readers interested. In my case, its birth-related businesses, but what Im about to say relates to blogs and websites on any topic.

When it comes to content that someone has written, for instance on their blog or website, there are friendly ways to share and less friendly ways to share. In my experience, people who share things the not-so-friendly way are genuinely lovely people who are doing so innocently as they get to grips with setting up their business and website, but there is sometimes a bit of a learning curve, so Ive written this post in order to help people understand how we can all share nicely and help each other from the outset.


Sharing blog posts on social media

Most of us are already used to sharing links and pictures and other content on social media, and its great to share blog posts that way. You see something on Facebook, and you click the link, and it takes you back to the original website or blog. You the reader can read what I have to say in full and, if you like my website, you can have a wander around and look at more stuff. I, the website owner, am happy because youve come to read my stuff. At the end of the day, most people who blog want people to read what they post on their website. So sharing posts on social media is great for that, and as long as you credit the original person or page and include the original link, then you cant go too far wrong.


Sharing blog posts on websites



Half-Read Liane Moriarty Novel To Lie Dormant On Local Womans Bedside Table Indefinitely "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact There will come a day when I will finish the book, she said. Just when that is I dont know. Dona Mathers told our reporter that she wasnt sure when she first picked up Truly Madly Guilty by best-selling Australian author Liane Moriarty. All she could confirm was that it was []

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How to Create a React app from scratch using Webpack 4 "IndyWatch Feed Education"

For the past three weeks, I have been trying to create a React app from scratch to understand the set-up with Webpack. My aim was to set up a simple configuration which can then be grown upon. Its been a struggle to understand Webpack. But thanks to this tutorial by Valentino Gagliardi, Im much enlightened.

What Im planning to do is to make a search functionality with some fake JSON data (or real). In this blog post, I will go through the set up of my project. In the next one, I am planning to show how to set up testing. I would also like to add a server to this using Node.js, but not sure if the scope of my project would need that.

Without further ado, lets get on with the set up!

Make a new project and cd into it:

mkdir react_search
cd react_search

Create a package.json file:

npm init

If you want to skip all the questions, add the -y flag:

npm init -y

We need to install webpack as a dev dependency and webpack-cli so that you can use webpack in the command line:

npm i webpack webpack-cli -D
  • i: install
  • -D:save-dev

Create a src folder with index.js and place the following code as an example:


Now add the following scripts to your package.json (in bold):

"name": "react_search",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "Search app using React",
"main": "index.js",
"scripts": {
"start": "webpack --mode development",
"build": "webpack --mode production"

"keywords": [],
"author": "",
"license": "ISC",
"devDependencies": {
"webpack": "^4.0.1",
"webpack-cli": "^2.0.10",
"webpack-dev-server": "^3.1.0"

Webpack 4 now has two modes, development and production where code is minimised in the latter.

See it for yourself by running:

npm run start

This will create a dist folder with main.js file inside (containing your src code).

If you now run:

npm run build

The following output is now like this:



Plattsburgh's Crypto Mining Ban Could End Earlier Than Expected "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Plattsburgh imposed an 18-month halt on new commercial cryptomining operations, but indicated it could end sooner if protections are put in place.


Circle Goes on a Hiring Spree to Improve Service at Poloniex "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Circle Goes on a Hiring Spree to Improve Service at Poloniex

One of the main concerns for the cryptocurrency investing community over the last year was the ability of exchanges to handle the huge influx of new traders into the ecosystem. Circle seems to have picked up on that sentiment, going on a hiring spree in order to improve the service at its recently acquired venue Poloniex. The move is meant to help the exchange expand globally, with an emphasis on serving Asian clients, while Circle continues to focus on the US market.

Also Read: Wirex to Launch Cryptocurrency Debit Cards in Asia During Q2 2018

Improving Global Services at Poloniex

Circle Goes on a Hiring Spree to Improve Service at PoloniexCircle Internet Financial Ltd., the Boston-headquartered fintech startup that acquired Poloniex last...


How to get over yourself, strip away that ego, and become a better team member "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Thanks to @Ignat at Noun Project for the icon

As Ive worked in design, my focus has moved from the practice of design work and nitpixeling (thanks for this word Jon Moore) to focusing on the bigger picture.

By the bigger picture I dont just mean company objectives, or working with the executives. Im talking about the team Im working in. The products we are making. The experience our customers have in and around our products. This could be a small startup with a couple of developers, or could be a cross-functional development team in a large organizationessentially a small group, working towards the same outcome.

Ive had the tendency in the past to be attached to what I create. Its the Ikea effect in practice, something that we are all subject to. We become attached to what we make. Yes, you can be aware of it, but that doesnt make it go away. Awareness is only the first step.

Ive learned that in order to produce the best outcomes, me improving my technical design skills will have much less impact than improving my ability to work better with my team.

Below is a list of seven directives from a bunch of books Ive been reading on the subject (book list at the very bottom of the article). Ive been employing these where possible, and theyve had a huge impact. Am I perfect? No. Will I ever be? No, not even close. But Im getting better, and theres lots more room to grow. I highly recommend you have a read and see which of these practices you may be able to apply.

Everything is your problem.

Im not saying you should do every bit of work that crosses your desk. Youll wear yourself out in no time. But make sure you take the time to respond to everyone when they seek out your help. Assume the best in people.

If someone has e-mailed you about something youre not responsible for, remember, they probably dont know how it works. Educate them. Itll help everyone the next time.

Being approachable is important if you want to build psychological safety. Dont scare people off.

Be generous with giving feedback.

Giving feedback is free. If someone has done something well, make sure you let them know about it. Were so quick to receive negative feedback when weve done something wrong, so that dishing out praise becomes a gift. It feels good to give positive feedback, and it feels good to receive itits an absolute no-brainer.

Always seek out feedback.

This is the reciprocal of the above point. But an important point to remember is t...


Draw-4 Use Tearing Regional Families Apart "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

LOUIS BURKE | Cadet | CONTACT In a tragic turn of events, it has been reported Betoota mother and daughter Kietha and Jennifer Morris are still not on speaking terms after the alleged Draw 4 incident that took place during a game of Uno on Christmas Day 2017. The game in question is believed to have taken place []

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Churches Cant Use Taxpayer Money for Religious Cause "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Church Money

Churches in Massachusetts can receive taxpayer money in some circumstances, but not for projects that support their core religious activities, the states highest court ruled. This is the statement from the Massachusetts constitution which says that no such grant, appropriation or use of public money shall be made or authorized for the purpose of founding, maintaining or aiding any church, religious denomination or society. From this statement it is clear that no public money can be used to fund private religion.

And yet, several years ago, the town of Acton gave out grants totaling more than $100,000 to some local churches for the reparation, and this grants were legally challenged ever since. In 2016, the Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a lawsuit against Acton officials who promoted religion with taxpayer money by approving this grants.

Government should not use tax funds to support churches, said Barry W. Lynn, former executive director of Americans United. The fact that a house of worship is old doesnt mean taxpayers should be forced to subsidize a religious group to which they dont belong. If a church needs money to preserve or restore its buildings, it should raise that money from its own members.

In 2016, a judge ruled in favor of Acton officials with an argument that the funds were used for historical preservation, not for religious promotion, and therefore they are legal. Eric Rothschild, senior litigation counsel with Americans United, said Americans United and our clients feel very strongly that Actons grants to the churches violates the constitutional prohibition against using public money for maintaining or aiding any churches. The American United appealed the decision and after a long time the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court correctly reversed that earlier ruling.

Today is a good day for religious freedom in Massachusetts, said Rachel Laser, executive director of Americans United. Money taken from the taxes of all citizens should go to funding projects for the public good, not religious imagery in houses of worship.

Giving taxpayer money to churches for the purpose of aiding them is against the Massachusetts constitution, because repairing and renovating the buildings that churches use for religious cause advances that very same religious cause. On the other hand, SJC Chief Justice Ralph D. Gants said in his 47-page opinion that the state constitution has no absolute ban on churches receiving public funds. Gants said public funds can lawfully go to churches for historic preservation in certain c...


Plasma In Space Makes a DNA HELIX? WTF?! +Strange VOIDS & VORTEX That Baffles Russian Scientists 2018 ~ Affected Collective "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"



A HUGE Thank you to all of my wonderful Patreon Supporters! Ill soon be posting LOTS of EXTRA BONUS Vids 4 you guys from the projects Im working on now, and the subject matter of that stuff feels NEXT LEVEL to me!!

Visit ACs Patreon & become a Supporter Today! MUCH LOVE TO MY PATREON PEEPS!


Russian Footage Of Plasma In Space:

Sulphur Crystallization looks like the Rainbow Mountains: Time Crystals Articles: What the H are Time Crystals:

DARPAs New Time Crystals Project: DRINQS

Check out this AMAZING ORIGINAL ANIMATED VID called In Shadow (featured in last 30 secs of ACs Plasma In Space Vid):

Thanks for watchin! As always, FEEL FREE to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & SHARE!...


Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


At least two people have been killed and eight others injured in anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka. The unrest in the district of Kandy began when angry mobs, made up of the majority Sinhalese ethnic group, attacked Muslim businesses and houses and at least one mosque. There were groups of men wielding clubs seen roaming the streets, some of them covering their faces, and police responded by firing bullets in the air and using tear gas to clear the crowd. Sri Lankas government responded by imposing a nationwide state of emergency for the first time since the civil war, and soldiers were deployed across the island for an initial 10-day period to prevent the unrest from spreading. 

We have decided to declare a state of emergency to ensure these clashes and tensions dont spread elsewhere in the country, said Dayasiri Jayasekera, a government spokesman. He also said that law enforcement would act against all communal hate speech posts on social media and the government blocked Facebook and other social media services in an effort to quell the violence. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, condemned the "racist and violent acts" in Kandy and promised to "take further action." All schools in the district have been closed and the governments of the United States, Britain and Australia have issued travel warnings to their citizens.

The death of a Sinhalese Buddhist youth, allegedly at the hands of a group of Muslim men, has sparked the riots. A taxi carrying four Muslim men collided with a van driven by a young Buddhist man, according to local police. The Buddhist man was assaulted with an iron bar and succumbed to his injuries in hospital, police confirmed. The four Muslim men have since been arrested and remain in police custody.

After the violence in Aluthwatte, some 22 miles north west of Kandy, the body of a twenty eight year old Muslim man was pulled from the burned-out wreckage of a house set on fire the previous day by Sinhalese Buddhists. The victim was identified as Abdul Basith, who had just gotten a job as a local reporter for a radio station. The house was burned to the ground, witnesses said.

Sri Lanka, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located southeast of India and northeast of the Maldives. The island is home to many cultures, languages and ethnicities. The majority of the population is from the Sinhalese ethnicity, while a large minority of Tamils has also played an influential role in the island's history.

Muslim groups make up less than 10% of the overall population in Sri Lanka. The tensi...


A Comprehensive Guide to React.js in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Education"

This article was originally published in January of 2015, but was recently updated to React 16.3 and all the goodness it contains.

Components are the building blocks of React. If youre coming from an Angular background, components are very similar to Directives. If youre coming from a different background, theyre essentially widgets or modules.

You can think of a component as a collection of HTML, CSS, JS, and some internal data specific to that component. I like to think of React components as the Kolaches of the web. They have everything you need, wrapped in a delicious composable bundle.

These components are defined either in pure JavaScript or they can be defined in what the React team calls JSX. If you decide to use JSX (which you most likely will, its pretty standardand its what well use for this tutorial), youll need some compile stage to convert your JSX to JavaScript. But well get to this later.

What makes React so convenient for building user interfaces is that data is either received from a components parent component, or its contained in the component itself. Before we jump into code, lets make sure we have a high-level understanding of components.

Above we have a picture of my Twitter profile. If we were going to re-create this page in React, we would break different sections up into different components (highlighted). Notice that components can have nested components inside of them.

We might name the left component (pink) the UserInfo component. Inside the UserInfo component, we have another component (orange), that we could call the UserImages component. The way this parent/child relationship works is our UserInfo component, or the parent component, is where the state of the data for both itself and the UserImages component (child component) lives. If we wanted to use any part of the parent components data in the child component, which we do, we would pass that data to the child component as an attribute. In this example, we pass the UserImages component all of the images that the user has (which currently live in the UserInfo component).

Well get more into the details of the code in a bit, but I want you to understand the bigger picture of whats happening here. This parent/child hierarchy makes managing our data relatively simple, because we know exactly where our data lives and we shouldnt manipulate that data anywhere else.

The topics below are what I believe to be the fundamental aspects...


Do It Yourself homemade pipe shot gun. Gun Control??? Anti Gun Lobby/Government Ignorance. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

I am posting this video to show the anti gun lobby just how ignorant they are & how pointless gun control is when targeting law abiding licenced gun owners. This video shows how to make a 12 gauge shotgun with only simple workshop tools & no special skills required. This gun is called a Pipe Shotgun" & it is simply made from two pieces of pipe, a nut & bolt & a screw on end cap.
Now ask yourself this, how will gun control stop ANYONE from making a gun like this? How does stopping me from using a primitive antique muzzle-loading gun stop any criminal from making this gun? What is to stop any crazed person from making this gun & walking into a school & shooting lots of people? Remember, this is a shotgun. Loaded with buckshot it will kill multiple people with just one shot, & this gun is quickly & easily reloaded!


Game Changer: Finally The Tech Elon Musk Dreams About Is Here "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report is an ADVERTISEMENT from

The electric car revolution is driving a lithium-ion battery boom that could be worth $67 billion by 2022 as long as a supply crunch doesnt choke it to death.

Thankfully, International Battery Metals Ltd. (CSE:IBAT; OTC: RHHNF) is seeking to revolutionize the economics of Lithium extraction.

Traditional solar evaporation technology takes up to 24 months to extract lithium from metal heavy brine. IBATs incoming CEO John Burba says he can do it in 24 hours.

Not only that traditional methods only recover 40 percent of the resource. With their new tech, IBAT can achieve lithium extraction rates of over 90 percent.

A major New York Global Investment Bank valued the same company at 7X that number at $2.5 billion. Fortunately for investors now, the deal was never completed.

Thats why were so interested in the International Battery Metals story.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be paying attention:

  1. The Coming Lithium Megaboom.
  2. Game Changing Extraction Tech
  3. An $84 Billion partnership Opportunity
  4. Massive Interest From Tesla Motors
  5. A Veteran Team Of Lithium Pioneers

The Lithium Megaboom

Were witnessing an explosion in global demand for Lithium, and supply isnt even close to keeping up. Thats why Lithium spot prices have nearly tripled since 2015.

The price per metric ton in Chinese spot mark...

Game Changer: Finally The Tech Elon Musk Dreams About Is Here "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This report is an ADVERTISEMENT from

The electric car revolution is driving a lithium-ion battery boom that could be worth $67 billion by 2022 as long as a supply crunch doesnt choke it to death.

Thankfully, International Battery Metals Ltd. (CSE:IBAT; OTC: RHHNF) is seeking to revolutionize the economics of Lithium extraction.

Traditional solar evaporation technology takes up to 24 months to extract lithium from metal heavy brine. IBATs incoming CEO John Burba says he can do it in 24 hours.

Not only that traditional methods only recover 40 percent of the resource. With their new tech, IBAT can achieve lithium extraction rates of over 90 percent.

A major New York Global Investment Bank valued the same company at 7X that number at $2.5 billion. Fortunately for investors now, the deal was never completed.

Thats why were so interested in the International Battery Metals story.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be paying attention:

  1. The Coming Lithium Megaboom.
  2. Game Changing Extraction Tech
  3. An $84 Billion partnership Opportunity
  4. Massive Interest From Tesla Motors
  5. A Veteran Team Of Lithium Pioneers

The Lithium Megaboom

Were witnessing an explosion in global demand for Lithium, and supply isnt even close to keeping up. Thats why Lithium spot prices have nearly tripled since 2015.

The price per metric ton in Chinese spot markets is up from $6,500 to over...


Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Reckless Surveillance Company "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has blasted Facebook following the suspension of Cambridge Analytica, calling the social media giant a reckless surveillance company. 

Facebook accused the data analytics firm of improperly harvesting data from millions of Facebook users, but Snowden lashed out saying the blame lies squarely on Facebook. reports: Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as surveillance companies, Snowden said. Their rebranding as social media is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

Facebook makes their money by exploiting and selling intimate details about the private lives of millions, far beyond the scant details you voluntarily post, Snowden said earlier in the day. They are not victims. They are accomplices.

Cambridge Analytica on Saturday denied any wrongdoing, issuing a statement that said the firm fully complies with Facebooks terms of service,

The ensuing uproar has prompted at least one lawmaker, Sen. Amy Klobucha...


Bitcoin Price Surges 10% as G20 Will Not Crackdown on Cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The G20s announcement that it will pivot away from creating new regulations in favor of examining existing rules gave the cryptocurrency market a much needed seeing Bitcoin surge by $1000.

No New Regulations

The anticipation of what new regulations might come of the G20 meeting this week in Buenos Aires added to a rocky cryptocurrency market over the past week but the news as reported by Reuters is that there will be no new regulation recommendations handed down.

Some of the nervousness of cryptocurrency market watchers coming up to the G20 was due in part to the fact that Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank Of England and outspoken critic of Bitcoin heads the Financial Stability Board which coordinates financial regulation for the Group of 20 economies.

Carney has been very vocal about his doubts concerning the credibility of cryptocurrency in the past speaking as the head of the Bank of England.

Deciding that there was not enough of a consensus to create radical new regulation among the 20 countries that make up the G20 the FSB issued a letter to the central bankers and finance ministers who will convene in Buenos Aries on the 19 and 20 saying

 The FSBs initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time,

Carneys singing off on this letter shows an increased willingness in his attitude towards accepting cryptocurrency as part of the worlds financial system. Noting that this would be his last year as both chairman of the FSB and Governor of the Bank of England he said his successor would be reviewing existing rules as opposed to pushing through new standards.

Scaling Down

President Donald Trump set a mood for scaling back regulatory powers when he ordered American regulators to relax post-banking crisis reforms in order to encourage lending in the economy.

This made world regulators speculate that America, already reticent to join global regulatory bodies would reject any new suggestions and possibly fragment markets.

In reaction, the FSB membership vowed to make a complete review of whether the watchdog is still fit for Purpose for evaluating and amending rules.

Having already scrapped a quarter of its working groups in an effort to make the FSB more efficient and dedicated Carney said As its work to fix the fault lines that caused the financial crisis draws to a close, the FSB is increas...


Ethereum Price Technical Analysis Can ETH/USD Recover? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price fell sharply and even traded below the $500 level before correcting higher against the US Dollar.
  • There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance at $550 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair is struggling to move above the $540-550 resistance area, which is a bearish sign in the near term.

Ethereum price nosedived recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETH/USD has to move above the $550 resistance to initiate a decent recovery.

Ethereum Price Upside Hurdle

The past few days were mostly bearish on ETH price as it declined below $500 against the US Dollar. The price tumbled and even broke the $460 support area. However, it managed to stay above the $450 level and started an upside correction. A low was formed at $453 from where it corrected upwards. Buyers succeeded in pushing the price above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $608 high to $453 low.

The upside move was positive, as the price also moved above the $500 level. However, the current wave was protected by a major bearish trend line with current resistance at $550 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair also failed to move past the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $608 high to $453 low. It seems like the price is facing a major sell wall near the $550-560 zone. Therefore, a successful close above the $550 level is needed for buyers to push the price further higher.

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis ETH USD

Moreover, the $570 level is near the 100 hourly simple moving average, which is the next hurdle. On the downside, there is a decent support at $500. Below $50, the price may retest the $450 zone in the near term.

Hourly MACD The MACD is now back in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI The RSI is currently well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level $500

Major Resistance Level $550



Why Some Nitrates Are Healthy While Others Are Harmful "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Nitrate-rich plant foods are a valuable part of your diet as they help promote heart health. Meanwhile, the nitrates in cured and processed meats such as bacon and hotdogs are known to be carcinogenic. So, whats the deal? Why are plant-based nitrates healthy and animal-based nitrates harmful? The answer to that question has to do with biochemistry how the nitrates are processed in your body based on cofactors found in their source.

Plant- Versus Animal-Based Nitrates

In a recent Nutrition Action article on this topic, Gunter Kuhnle, professor of food and nutritional sciences at the University of Reading, U.K., explains the core differences between plant- and animal-based nitrates:1

When you eat nitrates, they are converted to nitrites by bacteria in your mouth. Once the nitrites reach the stomachs acid, they can turn into either nitric oxide [NO] or N-nitroso compounds. N-nitroso compounds like nitrosamines are carcinogenic. What makes processed meats so ideal for forming N-nitroso compounds is that they have a combination of nitrite and proteins from the meat. And the meats heme seems to help convert them into N-nitroso compounds.

Nitrates are also more prone to converting into carcinogenic nitrosamines when heated. According to a review of more than 7,000 clinical studies, the World Cancer Research Fund concluded theres no safe lower limit for processed meats2 and that they should be avoided altogether to minimize your cancer risk.

Plants, on the other hand, contain antioxidants (such as vitamin C and polyphenols) that impede the formation of harmful nitrosamines. The presence of these compounds help to ensure that the nitrites are converted into beneficial NO once they reach your stomach rather than harmful N-nitroso compounds.3 Most plant foods are also not cooked or fried at high temperatures, which further minimizes the chances that harmful substances will be produced.

The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

NO is a soluble gas, and while its a free radical, its also an important biological signaling molecule that supports normal endothelial fu...

Siberian Ginseng Benefits "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Siberian ginseng may be the common term for the versatile root recognized in ancient Eastern cultures as a powerful medicinal, but the botanical term, or at least part of it, is eleuthero. The entire scientific designation is Eleutherococcus senticosus, and its been used for thousands of years for overall longevity, endurance and to boost immunity.

These and a multitude of other benefits have made the odd-looking root a very expensive commodity all over the world. Its right behind gingko as the most popular herbal supplement, but its often confused with other roots with ginseng on the label.

It doesnt help that other monikers for it around the world include Russian ginseng, devils shrub, touch-me-not, wild pepper and shigoka. A thorny shrub that can reach 10 feet in height, Siberian ginseng bears yellow or violet flowers that develop in umbrella-shaped clusters and, later, round black berries. But its the wrinkly, twisted root that gets all the attention. Its active ingredients are phytochemicals known as polysaccharides.

For centuries, healers from Russia, where it originated, to Asia and other Eastern countries and beyond have used it extensively to remedy colds and flu. One of the most effective aspects of Siberian ginseng is that its an adaptogen, which means your body is better able to adapt to stressors, whether physical, mental or emotional. Multiple studies on E. senticosus indicate the root is good for a number of diseases and disorders, often rivaling the drugs and medications prescribed by doctors.

Research on Siberian Ginseng: E. Senticosus

While saying scientists arent sure how it works, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)1 states that compounds from Siberian ginseng stimulate immune cells and protect the nervous system. It also notes, Siberian ginseng extract was shown to moderately inhibit breast cancer resistance.2

The MSKCC website either asserts that claims Siberian ginseng can increase strength and stamina and reduce side effects of chemotherapy are unsubstantiated scientifically, or that more research is needed. Patented drugs with ginseng components, however, were given much more credence. Acknowledgment of plant chemicals with active ingredients note:

In vitro studies indicate that eleuthero contains chemicals that bind to estrogen, progestin, mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors. In macrophages, a Siberian ginseng...

Fasting Regenerates Your Pancreas "IndyWatch Feed Health"

By Dr. Mercola

Fasting is a powerful tool nearly anyone can use to take control of their health. Animal research indicates a fasting-mimicking diet not only can help your pancreas regenerate itself, but it can also reverse diabetes symptoms. In another study, also involving lab mice, restricting daily calories to a six-hour window significantly reduced levels of a particular mutant protein known to play a role in Huntington's disease.

Given these results, as well as other research, the tremendous benefits of fasting continue to emerge. If you haven't yet considered how fasting can make a positive difference to your health, I encourage you to keep reading and also consider one of three methods: the fasting-mimicking diet, intermittent fasting or water-only fasting. Fasting is one of the best tools you can use in the fight against chronic disease.

Fasting-Mimicking Regenerates Pancreas, Eliminates Diabetes in Lab Mice

In a study published in the journal Cell,1 a group of U.S. researchers, most of whom were affiliated with the University of Southern California (USC), suggest your pancreas may be able to regenerate itself through a fasting-mimicking diet.

Longo notes the diet promoted the "generation of insulin-producing beta cells, resembling that observed during pancreatic development."2 (Beta cells detect sugar in your blood and release insulin if blood sugar levels get too high.) Given its restorative effects on the pancreas, the fasting-mimicking diet also reversed diabetes symptoms in lab mice.

Said Longo, "Our conclusion is by pushing the mice into an extreme state and then bringing them back by starving them and then feeding them again the cells in the pancreas are triggered to use some kind of developmental reprogramming that rebuilds the part of the organ that's no longer functioning."3 The experiments reflected noticeable benefits for mice with diabetes: Fasting-mimicking diet cycles restored insulin secretion and glucose homeostasis in both Type 1 and T...

Weekly Health Quiz: Vitamin D, Cherries and Concussions "IndyWatch Feed Health"

1 Which of the following nutrients is required for the activation of vitamin D in your body?

  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

    Magnesium is necessary for the activation of vitamin D. Without sufficient amounts of it, your body cannot properly utilize the vitamin D you're taking. Learn more.

2 Health officials often claim getting an annual flu shot will lessen your symptoms should you contract influenza. Recent research from France found influenza vaccination resulted in:

  • Significant reduction of all flu symptoms
  • Complete avoidance of influenza
  • A reduction in flu-associated headache

    French research shows flu vaccination resulted in insignificant lessening of symptoms in those who contracted influenza anyway limited to a reduction in initial headache complaints among those who had been vaccinated. Learn more.

  • Shorter flu duration

3 To improve public health, lower health care spending and reduce environmental pollution by 2025, the global population is called to:

  • Boycott GMOs and factory-farmed food, and make organic, regenerative and grass fed food the norm

    Industrial agriculture, factory farms and GMOs have devastated the environment and public health. To solve these issues, the Organic Consumers Association is calling for a boycott on GMOs and factory-farm food, and t...


Retired Priest had 2,000 Child Porn Files "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Child Abuse

Hundreds of images of child pornography and drugs including marijuana, ecstasy and LSD were found in the home of a retired Boise priest, Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, 72. In February, longtime Catholic priest was brought into court in a wheelchair for his arraignment on 14 different charges. He was out of jail on $250,000 bond and scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 13th. Ada County prosecutors filed additional charges Tuesday against the Rev. W. Thomas Faucher and now he faces 18 counts of possession and two counts of distribution of child pornography, according to local reports. Now they are bringing even more charges against him, saying he had at least 2,000 illicit images and videos, adding that some of them depicted the rape and torture of kids.

The 72-year-old retired priest was taken to jail after the judge on Tuesday raised his bond to $1 million. He was out on a $250,000 bail.

Defense attorney Mark Manweiler argued against increasing the bond, saying it would be unjustified. He noted that Faucher has been compliant with court orders.

Prosecutor Kassandra Slaven says two people have also come forward claiming that Faucher sexually abused them as children.

"There are countless, countless, countless graphic chat conversations on his computer where he is very specific about how his sexual interests are evolving," Slaven told the court. "He discusses in great detail the desires he has to sexually abuse and even kill children." Now, when two people claim that priest sexually abused them, his crime is transformed from the virtual world of images and video clips into reality.

Deputy Prosecutor Kassandra Slaven requested the higher bond, citing the alarming nature of the images and the online conversations that investigators found. Some of the images involved infants, authorities said.

She said investigators found more than 2,000 images and videos of child pornography in Fauchers possession, some of which depicted the extremely brutal rape and torture of children.

She said the content was some of the worst material ever seen by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and noted that it included many, many infant children. Some of the images and videos included torture of adults, as well as torture and killing of animals.

Theres no doubt this defendant has very sadistic and deviant sexual interests, Slaven said. She said there were countless chat conversations in which he talked about his...



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CNN S DON LEMON TRIES TO COVER JUST SACKED ANDY McCabe Gets DESTROYED INSTEAD.thanks for watching. Like,share and subscribe.


Vatican Magazine Urges Church to Stop Exploiting Nuns "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"


The entire March edition of Vatican magazine, Women, Church, World, a monthly supplement to the Vatican daily newspaper LOsservatore Romano, is dedicated to the theme of women and work. Vatican magazine described how nuns are being used for nearly free labor in the Roman Catholic Church, saying the male hierarchy should stop treating them like lowly servants. The magazine is increasingly becoming the imprint of the Catholic Churchs #MeToo movement.

Catholic nuns are part of different religious orders and typically take vows in service of religion that often include poverty and celibacy. They are sent to the residences of male Church officials as part of their assignments. They cook and clean for cardinals and bishops and generally receive no wages. Some of them serve in the homes of bishops or cardinals; others work in the kitchens of church institutions or teach. Some of them, serving the men of the church, get up in the morning to make breakfast, and go to sleep after dinner is served, the house cleaned and the laundry washed and ironed, reads one of the lead articles.

In the eyes of Jesus we are all children of God, but in their concrete life some nuns do not live this, and they experience great confusion and discomfort, said one nun described as Sister Marie, according to The New York Times. Nuns are actually rarely invited to sit at the tables they serve, Sister Marie describes.

Until now, no one has had the courage to denounce these things, the magazines editor, Lucetta Scaraffia, told The Associated Press. We try to give a voice to those who dont have the courage to say these words publicly.

One nun said she knew of fellow sisters who had PhDs in subjects such as theology and had been with no explanation ordered to do domestic work or other chores that had no relationship to their intellectual formation.

Let these ... sisters go to the schools, into the neighborhoods, with the sick, with the poor. This is the criterion: a work that involves service and not servitude, Pope Francis said in a 2016 address.  However, based on the article, nuns spend more time in servitude of the male members and less time working on the development of the community.

Photo Credits: National Geographic Alfa Vita


Why coding and kindness go hand in hand, and how I learned to be kind to myself "IndyWatch Feed Education"

Embarking on the #100DaysOfCode challenge, as encouraged by my husband, Ive learned some unexpected lessons. First, as I explored in my article A Newbie Coding | The Closest I Feel to Being Bipolar, it can be an extraordinarily emotional experience.

Second, and even more unexpectedly, the experience continually highlighted the importance of kindness. The type of kindness that does not detract from the seriousness, commitment, or rigor of the challenge. This is what I found most surprising and disorienting.

As a recovering perfectionist (see this article), my daily battle is to maintain an acceptable level of control and personal high standards while remaining sane. Its a lot more demanding than it seems.

This inherently, by the very nature of those suffering with control issues or perfectionism, does not lend itself to great self-love or forgiveness. Rather, it almost defines a strange emotional binarism. On the one hand, you might meet the standard of the day, in which case you rejoice for three seconds and then promptly set the next wildly ambitious and nearly impossible goal. Or, on the other, you fail to meet the standard of the day, in which case you panic wildly, initiate an existential crisis of obscene proportions, and remind yourself that this once again proves that you are not worthy of human interactions.

For a perfectionist, anything short of military precision is often unacceptable and is an illustration of either waning commitment or incompetence.

This mindset, which is about as far away from a growth mindset as spatially possible, does not bode well for coding (or life in general, but thats a different article). To code is to struggle and strive. To code is to be a professional mistake maker. To code is to recognize personal limitations. But it is also about being part of a community that is encouraging, loving, realistic, helpful and curious.

On Twitter, Ive become quite fond of the #100DaysOfCode (Alexander Kallaway) community alongside that of freeCodeCamp (Quincy Larson), Women Who Code, Code Newbie, and numerous others. Never mind all the brave souls learning Javascript.

Over the course of the coding challenge, they have become the most wonderfully diverse cheerleaders and mother hens...


Cobra Update 3-18-18 Contact "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

A new Cobra update. Ill be honest parts of this seem a little strange. My contact experiences, until the latest Kauai-Pacific mission (and here), have been internal, not external.

But read on

Galactic Confederation forces of Light have decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation domain according to the Galactic Codex, section IV/2. Not much intel about surface operations can be given to surface population for obvious reasons.

there is quite a high number of Chimera-controlled Draco and Reptilian hybrids that were incarnated into human clone bodies.. After 9-11 false flag event in 2001, they started coming to the surface and infiltrating higher echelons of power inside human society. This situation is being addressed right now by the Light Forces as part of Operation Mjolnir [this] situation is very difficult and liberation might take a little bit longer than expected.

This is the reason the Light forces suggest you rather start focusing on your mission and living your life to its fullest in the Now:

If the Event would be triggered before toplet bombs are dealt with, the number of casualties would be much much higher. To prepare the planet for Compression Breakthrough, the Light Forces have asked me to instruct the surface population to change the surface of the planet into a Contact Dish.



Bitcoin Spikes 7% to $8,460 Overnight as Cryptocurrency Market Rebounds "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

After dipping below $7,300 on most major cryptocurrency exchanges, the price of bitcoin has spiked 7 percent overnight, increasing from $7,240 to $8,467, triggered by a variety of factors. G20 Many analysts have attributed the recent increase in the price of bitcoin to the result of the 2018 G20 Buenos Aires summit, during which the Continued

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Bit Of A Fucken Vibe in Newy Right Now "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT After two on the trot, the Steel City of Newcastle, NSW is almost back to 1997-levels of excitement as their boys in blue and red look like they might have a bit of a hum on. Newcastle secured a second consecutive heart-stopping win of the new NRL season, edging past Canberra 30-28 []

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KARMA HILLARY CLINTON SUFFERING FROM BRAIN TUMOUR .thanks for watching. Like,share and subscribe.


Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis Can BCH/USD Break This? "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price is currently recovering and is currently above the $900 level against the US Dollar.
  • There is a crucial bearish trend line forming with resistance near $955 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair has to break the trend line and resistance near $950-955 to trade further higher.

Bitcoin cash price is showing a few positive signs above $900 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD buyers must gain strength above $955 to push the pair further higher.

Bitcoin Cash Price Trend

There was a decent price action in bitcoin cash price from the $844 swing low against the US Dollar. The price started an upside move and it was successful in moving above the $900 level. There was also a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1,026 high to $844 low. However, there are many barriers on the upside for buyers around $950-960.

The current upside move was prevented by a crucial bearish trend line with current resistance near $955 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair. Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1,026 high to $844 low. Furthermore, there was no close above $950 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. At the moment, the price is moving down and it could retest the $900 support. Below the mentioned $900 support, the next major supports are near $870 and $850.

Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis BCH USD

On the upside, buyers must succeed in pushing the price above the $950 and $955 resistance levels. Above $955, the price could make an attempt or run towards the next major hurdle at $1,000.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD The MACD for BCH/USD is slowly moving back in the bullish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) The RSI for BCH/USD is now well above the 50 level.

Major Support Level $900...


Angel Message For The Week #9 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, Awake ones, as you find yourself moving out of the third dimension and into the fifth, bear in mind that the fifth dimension is not a place, but a vibration. You will not leave anyone behind as you awaken and arise, so to speak. Nothing could be further from []

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6 Things Empaths Go Through Daily That Most People Never Notice "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Empaths are extremely energetic beings and even the smallest things can be huge to them. While those who are not empaths will not be able to relate to this if you are an empath you know exactly the things I am going over.

Dont get me wrong, there is nothing bad about being an empath. Being an empath is a wonderful gift but those who have this gift go through different stressors and things of the rest of the world does. The more you nurture your gift and work within the less of a problem for you these things will become.

For anyone who may be unsure empaths are people who are able to absorb the emotions of others. They do this constantly and are not able to turn it off. Because of this some of these emotions are taken on as their own and the emotions they absorb can become overwhelming if not discharged properly.

6 Things Empaths Go Through Daily That Most People Do Not Even Notice:

1. They are being dragged down by the negative things around them.

Sure, negative things impact us all but empaths get the shock of everything. They are unable to control the flood of emotion they comes over them when things are too much. Empaths cannot even watch the news without seeing something that might throw them over the edge.

2. They struggle to find the energy to make it through.

Empaths are often being drained throughout their days and this makes it hard for them to make it through. While many may call them lazy because of this they actually work pretty damn hard. Empaths are always taking on things that are dragging them behind, the fact that they are able to function at all is amazing when you think about the turmoil they are facing within.

3. They are always having to call out liars.

Empaths can sense when someone is lying and while it is not something they like to do they have to call them out. Empaths are not dramatic people but they do like to protect others. When someone has bad intentions the empath will work his or her magic to make sure those bad intentions do not get carried through.

4. They experience intense emotions out of nowhere.

The emotions of those just passing by can wash over us as if they are waves of everything. Depending on what emotions we absorb through those people things can become quite hectic and upsetting. These emotions are not attached to anything and so are also harder to dispell.

5. They have to re-learn how to say no constantly.

If the empath feels bad for someone he or she might slip up and say yes to something that he or she should have...


ICOs Iced: A 12-Month Freeze on US Token Trading Is Just Beginning "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

The SEC's actions against U.S. ICOs appear to not only be discouraging innovation, they're leaving even experts confused about the state of play.


Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Stellar Lumens "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

FOMO Moments

The markets are slowly recovering from a new monthly low yesterday when total market capitalization fell to $275 billion, just lower than last months dip. After falling to a low of $7,500 Bitcoin has risen back over $8,000 however Ethereum and a lot of the altcoins have suffered heavy losses. When there is a dip many often show double digit gains the next day giving the appearance that all is well again. At the time of writing the top performing altcoin is Stellar Lumens.

Coinmarketcap reports that XLM has rebounded 19% during the Asian trading session this morning. After hitting a low of $0.16 it has recovered to around $0.22, but it still way down. Over the week Stellar has lost over 30% and the monthly chart is even gloomier with a 50% loss. In terms of BTC Stellar is up only 10% today at 2717 satoshis, this time yesterday it was trading at just over 2400 sats. Since its peak in early January XLM has lost 75% and continues to fall.

Aside from the bounce and recovery there are no other fundamentals affecting Stellar Lumens. Those altcoins that fell the hardest often recover a little quicker to make up those losses. The longer term outlook for XLM is still bearish as it has been in a downwards trend for over two months. Stellar is traded predominantly on Binance, Upbit and Poloniex, volume has risen in the past few hours and is currently just over $100 million. There are 103 billion XLM in total with 18.5 billion currently circulating.

Nearly all of the altcoins are showing some recovery this morning. Those leading the way are Ripple, Cardano, Nem, and Icon. However these are the one that have suffered heavier losses and are just trying to claw back some of that deficit.

More on Stellar can be found here:

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the Asian trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and fundamentals.

The post Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is Stellar Lumens appe...


Aries And The Spring Equinox "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

by Merry C. Battles, Guest writer, With Spring comes the beginning of Aries. The earth is resurrected by the powers of our Creator. The ancients believed that when God created the elements the sun was in Aries. The universal focus for this time is Behold, I make all things new. (Rev.21:5) Each one of []

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Bitcoin and United States Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

0.00010 BTC = 0.86 USD
1.00 USD = 0.00012 BTC


PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION. "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

Please sign my petition if you DON'T think that a non percussion muzzle-loading pistol is likely to be used by a criminal in this day & age.

 I would like to see all non percussion muzzle-loading pistols placed on a non restrictive licence. At present all reproduction muzzle-loading pistols are only available on an "H' class licence & can ONLY be used on a club pistol range. Antiques can not be used at all unless once again they are licenced & registered (NSW). I can find no record of criminal use involving a muzzle-loading pistol in the last 100 years, so this to me only goes to prove that gun control has NOTHING to do with public safety!


Secretive High-Tech Wall Street Trading Firm is Now Trading Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Secretive High-Tech Wall Street Trading Firm is Now Trading Bitcoin

This week Jane Street Capital a global proprietary trading firm has announced it has been trading BTC these days. Often referred to as one of Wall Streets most secretive investment companies, Jane Street says if cryptocurrencies continue to rise they expect to be involved.

Also read: Championing Decentralized Exchanges, Now Might Be the Perfect Time for Bisq

The Secretive and High-Tech Trading Firm Jane Street is Flipping Bitcoins

This High-Tech Wall Street Trading Firm is Now Trading BitcoinThe trading firm Jane Street is operated in New York City, London and Hong Kong. The company actively trades $8-13 billion worth of equities, Bonds, Futures, Options, and other investments. Jane Street claims to execute over 1Mn trades per day. The New York Times has referred to Jane Street as one of the most secretive firms out there that handles a lot of trade volume. The news outlet called the traders coders with a Ph.D. and the firm specializes in lots of arbitrage trades. ...


Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 03/19/2018 Early Bullish Signals "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price was previously trading below a descending trend line to indicate that a reversal is in order.
  • Price has also broken past the first dynamic inflection point at the 100 SMA and is closing in on the 200 SMA next.
  • A move past this level could draw more buyers in and allow the reversal to gain traction.

Bitcoin price has broken past a short-term trend resistance level to signal that buyers are trying to regain the upper hand.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA to suggest that the path of least resistance might be to the downside. In other words, theres still a chance for the selloff to reverse and for the breakout to be a fake one.

In that case, price could revisit the previous lows around $7200 or fall to new ones. Stochastic is indicating overbought conditions and looks ready to turn lower, likely indicating a pickup in bearish momentum as well. Similarly, RSI is in the overbought zone to show that buyers are already exhausted.

On the other hand, a sustained climb past the next dynamic inflection point at the 200 SMA or $8500 could lead to a move up to the next barrier at $10,000 then at $12,000.

Market Factors

The G20 Summit this week could make or break the bitcoin price rally as traders are waiting to hear how world leaders are planning on addressing issues surrounding cryptocurrencies. An approach that is more open to developments in the industry could sustain the climb while a push for stricter oversight could let the selloff resume.

Apart from that, the upcoming FOMC decision could also lead to big moves for the dollar. An interest rate hike is widely expected, so traders might simply tune in to the actual statement to look for any changes in rhetoric that could serve as clues for future policy action. A dovish hike could lead to dollar weakness that bitcoin price could take advantage of.

The post Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 03/19/2018 ...


School Shootings: Who to Listen to Instead of Mainstream Shrinks "IndyWatch Feed Health"

I have never spoken with a school shooter, but Ive talked with many teenage boys and young men whothough behaviorally nonviolent themselvesemotionally connect with the anger, alienation, and hopelessness of school shooters.

Regardless of whether they received poor or excellent grades, these teenage boys and young men all tell me that high school was an oppressive experience. When we talk about Trumps support for arming school teachers, they make caustic remarks such as: Prison experts have long known that its a bad idea for prison guards to carry guns.

Cynical about virtually all societal institutions, these young people tell me that NRA leaders care only about the NRA and gun profits and couldnt care less about them. And they have no hope that gutless politicians gun control laws will decrease school shootings.

These teenage boys and young men are acutely sensitive to the variety of ways adults try to coerce compliance, and they dislike both self-identified conservatives and liberals. For these young people, conservatives religion and militarized society and liberals schools and shrinks are different faces of the same oppressive box.

Especially cynical about mental health treatment, these young people all know emotionally troubled peers for whom mental health treatments were unhelpful, in some cases resulting in troubled kids becoming scary ones. Some of these young men whom I talk with know the details of the lives of well-known school shooters who had undergone treatment prior to their massacresfor example, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, whose school shooting in 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado resulted in 15 dead (including themselves) and many others severely injured.

Eric was sent to a one-day program called Violence is Preventable, and on December 1, 1998 (approximately five months before the Columbine massacre), he turned in his essay, telling authorities what he knew they wanted to hear: The anger management class I took was helpful in many ways. . . . I believe the most valuable part of this class was thinking up ideas for ways to control anger and for ways to release stress in a non-violent ma...



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Its a Mad Mad Mad World

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The following video is brought to you courtesy of the James Munder YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Its a Mad Mad Mad World

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Beyond the Triple Helix Equinox Golden Gateway March 20th 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"



At the Equinox point, in your month of March in your year of 2018, with the highest energetic point being the 20th day in the March month, you experience the Golden Gateway that is the Global Rebirthing point.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie.

Video compiled by Catzmagick. Magenta Pixie Website: Magenta Pixie Products:



Blue spray "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

This is a spray that's used on horses, dogs and some times people. It really comes out purple. When I hog hunted with dogs I used it all the time. I used it on Scout's bad cuts this week.



Survival chain saw "IndyWatch Feed Survival"

After a quick search I didn't see any posts on the subject.
If you don't have any trees or wood power line poles around you may not need a chain saw.

The first thing you need to know about chain saws is they are dangerous. Way more dangerous than a gun and will kill you the first chance they get.

Chainsawing through minor disasters up and down the east coast from 2006 to 2014 from thunderstorms and hurricanes when I was at Langley to ice storms in Maine I have discovered a few things about...

Survival chain saw


Demand For Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Rise in South Korea, as Users Develop Awareness "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

According to security-focused researcher Kim In-soon at South Koreas ETNews, the demand for bitcoin hardware wallets is increasing rapidly in South Korea, as users have started to avoid local cryptocurrency exchanges to store their funds.

Exchanges Are Not Secure

Over the past two years, even the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Korea including Bithumb have suffered several data breaches and hacking attacks. In other regions like the US and Europe, only a handful of exchanges have not experienced major hacks to date.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet platforms are vulnerable to hacking attacks and many kinds of cyber attack methods because of their reliance on a single point of failure. Since cryptocurrency exchanges are managed by a group of administrators or a company, their servers, databases, and infrastructures are all managed centrally.

The centralization of various components of trading platforms provide an opportunity for hackers to break into the system and potentially steal user data, sensitive financial information, and in the worst scenario, reallocate user funds.

An easy alternative to cryptocurrency exchanges is non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to remain in full control of their funds. Non-custodial wallets do not store or protect private keys and back up codes on behalf of users. Users are provided with their private keys and 12-word passphrases that can be utilized to backup or recover their funds, in case users cannot access their accounts of the platform is compromised by hackers.

Web-based wallets can be a target of DDoS attacks or server outages, that may significantly slow down the process of checking balance, withdrawing funds, and sending transactions. Last year, in November 2017, Blockchain, the second most widely utilized cryptocurrency wallet behind Coinbase, experienced a server outage that briefly disabled customers from viewing their balance on the wallet.



10 Everyday Habits That Are Unknowingly Accelerating the Aging Process "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Taking care of your body should be a top priority. Unfortunately, in a world of flavored sodas and lazy Segways, we lose track of what it means to take care of ourselves. Exercise is key, and eating properly plays an equally important role, but there are other habits of our day to day lives that are negatively affecting our bodies.

Aging goes beyond a few wrinkles. Aging includes the slow deterioration of your body, through common disease and adverse effects. Well, it should be slow deterioration, but some habits speed up the process, such as smoking or tanning beds.

There are everyday habits that we partake in that may seem normal, but that is actually making our bodies feel and look decades older. Premature aging CAN be prevented, but only if were conscious of the mistakes and habits that are can cause the process to speed up.

Heres a look at the top culprits.


It is a known fact that smoking harms your health in many ways. But smoking can also accelerate the aging process of your skin.

The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke chronically deprive your skin cells of oxygen, which can lead to pale, uneven coloring. It even triggers the breakdown of collagen and can cause loose, saggy skin. In fact, the whole process of smoking can cause deep wrinkles around the mouth.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Dermatological Science reports that smoking tobacco leads to accelerated skin aging. So, those who are more concerned about their appearance should try to stop smoking. Later, a 2013 study published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery highlighted the facial changes caused by smoking between smoking and nonsmoking identical twins. The study notes a 5-year difference in smoking history can cause noticeable differences in facial aging in twins.

Whether you smoke or you spend time with a smoker, cigarette smoke is bad for your skin. By quitting smoking and avoiding secondhand smoke, you can restore your skins health. A 2010 study published in SKINmed Journal reports that quitting smoking improves skin conditions and, above all, skin-aging effects.

Too Much Fun In The Sun

No matter how amazing the sun feels on your body, regular and prolonged exposure...


Rare Community Of Beautiful White-Skinned Rohingyan Muslims To Be Fast-Tracked For Visas "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

A rare community of persecuted Rohingyan Muslims with pure and smooth white skin have been identified as the type of people we want coming here so long as they can keep their religion to themselves and anglicise their names. Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton wants to give special attention to the newly discovered white Rohingyans for []

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Carney On Eve of G20: Cryptos Don't Pose Risks to Financial Stability "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

A group of central bank regulators and government ministers said Sunday that cryptocurrencies don't pose a risk to global financial stability.


Monero Miners In Uproar After Panic Algorithm Change Due to ASICs Coming Online "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Bitmain has found itself in a war with words with the monero community over the release of its latest cryptocurrency miner, the Cryptonight-capable X3. The unit is being offered at a discounted rate to existing customers, but critics claim this is because the miners will soon be ineffective at mining monero, the main coin to use the X3s Cryptonight technology. Monero lead developer Riccardo Spagni has emphasized that the units will not work on monero due to a scheduled hard fork designed specifically to outwit the Cryptonight algorithm.

Also read: Large Glassware Plant in Siberia to Mine Bitcoin

Moneros Crypto Nightmare

We are pleased to announce the all-new Antminer X3, to mine cryptocurrencies based on the Cryptonight hashing algorithm, tweeted Bitmain cheerily on March 15. The new units would start shipping instantly, limited to one per customer to prevent hoarding. The price would even be dropped to $3,000 for existing customers, according to an email. Posters on moneros reddit board have urged buyers not to purchase the units due to the scheduled change to the coins Proof of Work algorithm. Others have gone so far as to accuse Bitmain of mining with the machines for months, and only shipping them now that moneros algorithm is due to change, rendering them usel...


Using Birds As Omens What Does It Mean When They Cross Your Path? "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Winged creatures of all kinds can be found in most places; however, when we start to see them over and over the universe is trying to tell you something. Are you receiving the messages you are being sent?

Animals can be spirit guides, totem animals, and most are associated with a God or Goddess from ancient times. When we encounter them we should not ignore their presence, we should take in what they are bringing to us and really receive their wisdom. While there are tons and tons of different kinds of winged creatures I am only going to be going over the 14 most commonly seen as they are often the ones sending out these omens be them bad or good.

14 Winged Creatures and The Messages They Hold:

1. Swallow

Swallows are associated with happiness and protection. If you find yourself noticing them out of the blue, love is being spread around you. According to Ancient Roman tales, the swallow as an animal spirit was quite lucky and is thought to have carried with it the souls of children who had been lost/passed.

When you see a swallow you should try to pay better attention to the people around you. It could be telling you to listen and comes to teach us that we can use our thoughts to bring about change. It will bring with it a very creative energy.

2. Raven

First off for anyone who may think that ravens and crows are the same things they are not. Ravens are associated with pause and when we see them they are telling us that we need to take a moment to really let things sink in. They make us aware that we are about to learn a very important lesson.

Ancient Greeks actually trusted Ravens to carry messages from the Divine. They are thought to be able to boost our powers of observation and are some of the smartest birds in nature, easily. While a lot of people think that they are associated with death they are but they arent. They can bring messages from the spirit world but do not warn us of our demise.

3. Hawk

When you notice a hawk it is most likely making you aware of a new level developing within you. Hawks are often messengers from Angels. They are sent to inspire us to work harder and remain positive.

In the Native American tradition, the hawk itself is seen as a guardian of the Earth itself. You should stop and take in his or her presence when you notice one. We do not see these animals often and they always bring with them a sense of power.



Retired US Colonel: Israel Is Dragging the United States Into World War III "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired army colonel who now teaches at Washington-area universities, didnt hold back in his critique of where the status quo is leading the United States via its client state, Israel.

Lawrence Wilkerson, a critic of Bush administration detainee policies and a former chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, gestures duirng an interview with the Associated Press in Washington, Monday, Nov. 28, 2005. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Israel is in the process of plunging America into a war with Iran that could destroy whats left of the Middle East and ignite a third world war, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, warned in Washington approximately a week ago.

Wilkerson, a retired army colonel who now teaches at Washington-area universities, didnt hold back in his critique of where the status quo is leading the United States via its client state, Israel.

At the annual Israel lobby conference at the National Press Club, sponsored by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and Institute for Research: Middle East Policy, Wilkerson explained that Israel is headed toward a massive confrontation with the various powers arrayed against it, a confrontation that will suck America in and perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become.

One of the principal antagonists begging for a war with Iran that Wilkerson identified was none other than Avigdor Lieberman, Israels Russian-born Defense Minister. Wilkerson stated:

Lieberman will speak in April in New York City at the annual conference of the Jerusalem Post. The title is, The New War with Iran. It is clear that hes [at] the forefront of promoting this war....


Meet the 25-Year-Old Who Lived For Almost 2 Years Without A Heart "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Yes, it is possible to go without a heart literally, but you still need something pumping your blood. This man was lucky enough to get his heart back in 2016 but before that, he had to manage through something most people could not fathom.

Stan Larkin went over one whole year with no human heart inside of his body. He wore what is known as an artificial heart this was inside of a backpack he had to wear literally 24/7 for a full 555 days. This is amazing and really does seem to prove that other patients could also be sustained while waiting for a donor.

Larkin was the first patient in Michigan to be discharged with the artificial heart device. This device is known as SynCardia. Larkin was diagnosed with familial cardiomyopathy when he was a teen as was his brother Dominique. This condition can cause heart failure without any warning at all.

These two brothers waited years for new hearts but the longer they waited the worse their conditions became and eventually they had their hearts removed and were fitted with these artificial heart devices. Dominique was able to get his new heart much sooner than Larkin was but in the end because of these devices the two brothers are alive and well today. This kind of thing is truly monumental.

Jonathan Haft, M.D. said as follows in a statement about the two brothers:

They were both very, very ill when we first met them in our intensive care units. We wanted to get them heart transplants, but we didnt think we had enough time. Theres just something about their unique anatomic situation where other technology wasnt going to work.

In regards to Larkin and the device, Haft said that he really pushed the envelope with this technology as he truly thrived on the device. Because there are so many people in this world with heart failure and other issues of the sort this kind of technology will make a huge difference and the fact that Larkin was able to live for so long with it is inspirational. The backpack Larkin was fitted with was about thirteen or fourteen pounds and connected to his vascular system. He could not hold his daughter with the device but was still able to make things work.

While as mentioned above Larkin received his transplant finally back in 2016 his feat of 555 days without a heart is something we should all be aware of. Technology is advancing in so many ways my mind is truly blown. SynCardia itself consists of two artificial ventricles made from biocompatible plastic. This prevents the artificial heart from being...


Understanding Planetary Archetypes and What They Reveal About You "IndyWatch Feed Uncanny"

Many of us are familiar with the concept of zodiac signs or sun sings, determined by the position of the sun at the time of our birth, however, this is only the first drop in the bucket in the study that is astrology. Astrologists dedicate their lives to studying and understanding the heavenly bodies, including the sun, moon, planets and constellations, and how they interact with one another. With this information, and a thorough knowledge of the energies associated with each of these entities, they then claim to predict events, understand personality and explain the way in which both positive and negative energies impact the world that we live in.

Source: eChalk


In order to understand the way astrology works, you must first understand the concept of the zodiac. Often associated solely with the sun signs, the zodiac itself is actually a band that extends through the heavens, divided into 12 equal parts, or signs. Each of these is named for a constellation, such as Leo, Taurus or Scorpio. By studying where a planet is in this band, we can understand how its energy will impact the world we live in.

Looking at the study of sun signs for an example, your sun sign is named after the position of the sun at the time of your birth. For example, if the sun is in Taurus part of the sky, you are a Taurus. The sun is associated with identity, personality, and ego formation. As such, by understanding where the sun is at the time that you were born, astrologists can predict your main personality traits. The traits of Taurus include reliability, patience, stubbornness, devotion, responsibility, and stability. Those who are born with the sun in Taurus are believed to possess these traits.

This concept extends beyond the location of the sun. By obtaining an astrological birth chart, we are able to see the location of each of the planets, revealing how they influence who we are, how we react to the...


Turmeric Extract May Prevent, Even Reverse Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

What if the long sought after cure for diabetes was as safe, affordable, and accessible as a spice sitting in your kitchen cupboard?

Leave your drugs in the chemists pot if you can cure the patient with food.

-Hippocrates, 420 BC

Slowly but surely the world is waking up to the reality that diabetes is not only a preventable but a reversible condition, and that the drug-based model of symptom suppression and disease management has fatal flaws. For instance, some of the drugs used to treat type 2 diabetes actually increase the risk of death, with a recent study showing GMO insulin given to type 2 diabetics may lead to the development of so-called double diabetes: type 2 and type 1 diabetes, together. Clearly, if medicine cant at least abide by its founding principle to do no harm, it must seek the answer somewhere other than from the chemists pot.

As the pharmaceutically-driven medical paradigm continues to lose adherents by the droves, and the public seeks a system that identifies and resolves the root causes of disease, interest is growing in the use of natural substances and lifestyle modifications to prevent and treat blood sugar disorders. And unlike a few decades ago, where most of the evidence for natural healing was anecdotal, there are now thousands of studies on hundreds of natural substances and therapeutic activi...


Groom-To-Be Bails On Wedding After Atrocious Parallel Park With Fiances Dad In The Car "IndyWatch Feed Satire"

KENT REGINALD | Entertainment | CONTACT A local Betoota man has been left absolutely humiliated this afternoon after he failed to execute a really basic parallel park while his father-in-law-to-be was in the passenger seat, prompting the entire wedding to be officially called off.   Trevor Johnson, 27, had been looking forward to spending some time with his future father-in-law, Barry, []

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British IT Hardware Supplier To Build Largest Bitcoin Farm In The UK "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

British hardware supplier Bladetec to build the largest Bitcoin mining farm in the UK #NEWS


#QAnon (#Q) Added Postings of 3-17-18, 3-18-18 Boom Boom Boom Call in the Marines "IndyWatch Feed Spiritual"

These additional Qs came out last night, after the prior long long one. It had a couple of items that were briefly discussed in this Jerome Corsi video (related Kp blog post). Looks like next week (this week) may be BIG. We shall see!

Next week. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM USMC activated. US (3).

[Kp note: the (3) may refer to the divisions of the US Marine Corp, where page ii of their organization manual shows three Functional Components, Marine Forces Strategic Command, Marine Forces Special Operations Command, Marine Forces Cyber Command (but essentially I have no real idea what the (3) actually refers to)).

Panic mode. Enjoy the show.


From ...


Arizona's Blockchain 'Node Rights' Law Is Nearing Passage "IndyWatch Feed Crypto"

Arizona House Bill 2602, which would protect blockchain node operators from local regulations, was approved by two Senate committees.

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