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Saturday, 18 November


The Insomniacs Dream Diary: Part Five The Paris Review

Copyright Ellis Rosen

This week, well be running a series of dreams from the forthcoming Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time. For nearly three months in 1964, Nabokov recorded his dreams upon waking, as a way of testing J. W. Dunnes theory that dreams offered not only fragments of past impressions, but also a proleptic view of an event to come. In other words, that dreams were a sort of reverse dj vu, a way of subconsciously working through not only the past but the future. 

In this fifth installment, Nabokov wakes from an erotic dream to bloody sheets.

Dec. 13, 1964 8.30 am                                                                                                            50.

Skipped four nights

(Did not take down the banal dreams I had lately).

Intensely erotic dream. Blood on sheet.

End of dream: my sister O.,[1] strangely young and languorous. Then V. tells me I must not forget to go to the oculist. I find his street but cannot remember the house number. Am agonizingly searching in the telephone book but do not recall his name and, moreover, do not know how to dial the vague number I have in mindsomething ending in 492. Then stand near a window, sighing, half-seeing view, brooding over the possible consequence of incest. 

This reminds the Nabokov readerbut not Nabokovof a critical episode at the end of his 1941 novel, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, with its nightmarishly urgent steeple-chase in pursuit of the narrators half-brother: I went to the telephone. < . . . > I thumbed the soft greasy book, looking for Dr Starovs number < . . . > ah, there it was: Jasmin 6193. < . . . > I performed some dreadful manipulations and forgot the number in the middle, and struggled again with the book, and re-dialed, and listened for a while to an ominous buzzing. < . . . > My nerves were on edge (LOA, 153).


[1]. Olga Petkevich (19031978), ne Nabokov.

[2]. Abano Terme, near Padua.


Excerpted from Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time by Vladimir Nabokov. Compiled, edited, and with commentary by Genna...


Narco-a-Lago: Donald Trump Made Millions from Panama Development Used to Launder Drug Money The Sparrow Project

President Donald Trump has made millions from selling his name to a Panama development used to launder money from Latin American drug cartels, a Global Witness investigation reveals today.

After licensing his name to the Trump Ocean Club in 2006, Trump appears to have turned a blind eye to the source of the buyers funds and the background of some of the individual brokers (1). The investigation, Narco-a-Lago: Money Laundering at the Trump Ocean Club, Panama provides powerful evidence that profits from Colombian cartels narcotics trafficking were laundered through the Trump Ocean Club. Trump was one of the beneficiaries, since he received a cut of all sales. Trumps Presidential disclosures show he was still making money from a management contract for the Trump Ocean Club when he took office in 2017.

This must be investigated. Donald Trump has made millions from a project used by Latin American drug cartels to launder money. The warning signs were there for a responsible businessperson, but it seems Trump didnt want to know, said Eryn Schornick, Senior Policy Advisor at Global Witness.

The Trump Ocean Club in Panama was one of Trumps most lucrative licensing deals: initial projections indicate that he was set to make $75.4 million by 2010. Sources close to the development described it as Ivankas baby, and confirmed that Trumps daughter was in overall charge of the licensing venture for the Trump Organization.


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Friday, 17 November


Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 13 Everyone Else Has the Best Titles This Is My Truth Now

Linda is todays 13th stop on the Watching Glass Shatter blog tour. Shes taken a different route to help promoting the book by asking hilarious questions (some submitted by her amazing followers). I might have revealed more than I should have!

Thank you to her for being such a great friend and part of this launch team. Shes awesome and if you havent seen her blog before, you will find something funny every day go check out todays post and then scroll back over the last few weeks. You may not escape without a serious chuckle!

via Q&A With James Cudney, Author Of Watching Glass Shatter


365 Challenge: Day 250 Relentless (Author Alert: Didi Oviatt) This Is My Truth Now

Relentless: (a) a force to be reckoned with or (b) 365 Daily Challenge word for todays author alert Didi Oviatt


If you are new to the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog, the 365 Daily Challenge, or the Author Alert segment, check out the About Site section from the main menu. Below are some key things to know about this author, but at the end of this post, youll see the permanent page Ive added to my blog. You can return to check out more on who she is, what shes writing and how to buy her future work.

Today is extra special due to an offer from the author to everyone reading this post read below to find out and you can thank her yourself by following her!


Hello there This Is My Truth Now readers (and hi Ryder!).  Allow me to introduce myself before I proceed to bar...


Shoptalk: Major Brands Blacklisting Media is Detrimental to Publishers Editor & Publisher


Blacklisting all news sites is detrimental to the duties of the local press: to serve the public without fear or favor. Local news is a business, yes. It also is a mission, and a public good. Informing and engaging the citizens of the United States was so hallowed by our founding fathers that the rights extended to it came first, before all other protections. By blacklisting certain media sites, media buyers are essentially stifling those news sites freedom of speech.

Yet this is precisely the notion raised in a recent Digiday article, Brands are now blacklisting mainstream news sites, including Fox News. Whether widespread or not, lumping all news into the same bucket as, say, the hundreds of fake-news sites being run out of wired shipping containers by either hostile countries or organized crime concernsor, if youre old-school, supermarket tabloidsis loathsome. Local media sites serve their communities. We live next door to our viewers and subscribers. We go to ballgames and churches and ale houses with our audience. We live here.

Advertisers who blacklist local media sites not only harm local media outlets ability to conduct business, they also harm their ability to get positive brand exposure among millions of consumers in Middle America. Studies show that consumers trust their local news more so than they do national news sources or the general internet population as a whole. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 62 percent of respondents trust local news media more than national, whereas only 38 percent trust national news sources more. Further, a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior conducted by marketing analytics company Jumpshot found that these local news websites are as much as six times more likely than the general web population to reach engaged consumers in the retail, automotive, real estate and travel spaces.

We hear a lot from agencies wanting verification of viewability, human and third-party verification and raw impact/engagement metrics from ads that run on our sites. So it...


Better Selves michaelwrites

good work like sunlight under clouds
keeps promises you don't remember making

this is not the real world where desperate
people do desperate things no other way

we are mild and gentle go to therapy trying
to be good and realize our better selves


Suomalainen Murteiskirja (Ahlqvist) New Online Books

Suomalainen Murteiskirja: tahi Lukemisia Viron, Karjalan, Vatjan Vepsn ja Liivin Kielill, Suomalaisten Sanastojen Kanssa (in Finnish and other languages; Helsinki: J. Simeliuksen Perillisten Kirjapainossa, 1869), by August Ahlqvist (stable link)

Mustang Daily New Online Books

Mustang Daily (and other Cal Poly student newspapers, 1916-2011) (partial serial archives)

Posteridade (Mello Moraes) New Online Books

Posteridade: o Brasil Historico e a Corographia Historica do Imperio do Brasil (second edition, in Portuguese; Rio de Janeiro: Typ. de Pinheiro e Comp., 1867), by A. J. de Mello Moraes (page images at Harvard)

Eileen's Journey (Jelf) New Online Books

Eileen's Journey: History in Fairyland (London: J. Murray, 1899), by Ernest Arthur Jelf, illust. by Laura Troubridge (page images at Florida)

Imperiled Promise (Whisnant) New Online Books

Imperiled Promise: The State of History in the National Park Service (completed by the Organization of American Historians at the invitation of the National Park Service; 2011), by Anne Mitchell Whisnant, Marla R. Miller, Gary B. Nash, and David P. Thelen (PDF at

The Black Paper on the Jewish Agency and Zionist Terrorism (Hayah al-Arabyah al-Uly li-Filastn) New Online Books

The Black Paper on the Jewish Agency and Zionist Terrorism: Memorandum to the United Nations Delegations (New York: Arab Higher Committee Delegation for Palestine, 1948), by Hayah al-Arabyah al-Uly li-Filastn (multiple formats at

The Unity of Italy New Online Books

The Unity of Italy: The American Celebration of the Unity of Italy, at the Academy of Music, New York, Jan. 12, 1871, With the Addresses, Letters, and Comments of the Press (New York: G. P. Putnam and Sons, 1871) (stable link)

A Manual of Illumination on Paper and Vellum (Bradley) New Online Books

A Manual of Illumination on Paper and Vellum (eighth edition; London: Winsor and Newton, ca. 1861), by John W. Bradley, T. G. Goodwin, and J. J. Laing (page images at HathiTrust)

The Public School Problem in America (Evans) New Online Books

The Public School Problem in America: Outlining Fully the Policies and the Program of the Knights of Ku Klux Klan Toward the Public School System (ca. 1924), by H. W. Evans (page images at HathiTrust)

Story of the Ku Klux Klan (Jones) New Online Books

Story of the Ku Klux Klan (Washington: American Newspaper Syndicate, c1921), by Winfield Jones (page images at HathiTrust)

Posteridade (Mello Moraes) New Online Books

Posteridade: o Brasil Historico e a Corographia Historica do Imperio do Brasil (in Portuguese; Rio de Janeiro: Typ. de Pinheiro e Comp., 1867), by A. J. de Mello Moraes (page images at HathiTrust)

Colonel Mayfield's Weekly New Online Books

Colonel Mayfield's Weekly (selected issues, 1921-1925) (partial serial archives)

The Future of the Curriculum (Williamson) New Online Books

The Future of the Curriculum: School Knowledge in the Digital Age (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Ben Williamson (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

Learning at Not-School (Sefton-Green) New Online Books

Learning at Not-School: A Review of Study, Theory, and Advocacy for Education in Non-Formal Settings (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Julian Sefton-Green (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

Measuring What Matters Most (Schwartz) New Online Books

Measuring What Matters Most: Choice-Based Assessments for the Digital Age (Cambridge, MA and London: MIT Press, c2013), by Daniel L. Schwartz and Dylan Arena (PDF with commentary at MIT Press)

The Medieval Review New Online Books

The Medieval Review (1993-) (partial serial archives)


Venus Gives Weapons to Aeneas, Justus van Egmont (1602-1674) The Lion of Chaeronea

Venus Gives Weapons to Aeneas, Justus van Egmont (1602-1674)


Kearney Hub Publisher Julie Speirs Announces Plans to Retire Next Year Editor & Publisher

After 39 years in the newspaper business, Kearney Hub Publisher Julie Speirs has announced that she plans to retire on March 9.

Speirs has been the leader of the Hub since 2012.

It has been my good fortune to have landed at the Hub right out of college. Kearney and the Hub have given me the opportunity to have a rewarding career in a community I love, she said.


Walter Smith Jr., New York Beacon Publisher, Dies at 83 Editor & Publisher

Walter Ball Smith, publisher and savvy business entrepreneur, died suddenly in Miami Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. He was 83.

As CEO of Smith Haj Group, Walter published New Yorks premier weekly, The New York Beacon, and The Philadelphia Observer. Smith was CEO of The New York Beacon, a newspaper he operated for the past 26 years. The two papers focus on the African-American community.


Five Ideas for More Respectful Media Coverage After Mass Shootings Editor & Publisher

In the wake of last weekends mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Dallas Morning News reporter Lauren McGaughy wrote a widely shared op-ed taking to task the news media that swarmed the town of just under 700 people. She described how the massed ranks of regional, national, and international journalists overwhelmed the traumatized local community with TV trucks, microphones, and invasive, repetitive questions.


Postmedia Announces Changes to Board of Directors Editor & Publisher

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. today announced that Board Chair Rod Phillips has tendered his resignation in order to seek the Progressive Conservative nomination in the riding of Ajax in Ontarios upcoming provincial election. Mr. Phillips has served as Chair of the Board of Postmedia since February, 2014.

Also announced today is the appointment of Paul Godfrey as Executive Chairman, in addition to his role as Chief Executive Officer, and Peter Sharpe as Lead Director, of both Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and its subsidiary Postmedia Network Inc.

Mr. Godfrey has led Postmedia since it was formed in 2010. Mr. Sharpe is a founding director of Postmedia and has served as a committee chair for seven years.

On behalf of the board of directors and senior management team at Postmedia, we thank Rod for his dedicated leadership and wish him tremendous success in his political career, said Paul Godfrey, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Postmedia. On a personal note, I have known Rod for more than 20 years and I am confident that his strong integrity, insight and collaborative approach will serve the citizens of Ajax very well.


NBC Sports Plans to Stream 1,800 Hours of Winter Olympics Coverage Editor & Publisher

NBC Sports plans to livestream more than 1,800 hours of Winter Olympics coverage in February from Pyeongchang, South Korea the most NBC Sports has ever done for the Winter Olympics.

The 1,800 hours will include all competitions across 15 sports and 102 medal events. During the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, NBC Sports aired 1,000 hours worth of livestreams. Two years ago during the Summer Olympics, NBC Sports livestreamed 4,500 hours from Rio but the Summer Games are bigger, encompassing more than 35 sports.


General Amakasu Kagemochi (from the series One Hundred... The Lion of Chaeronea

General Amakasu Kagemochi (from the series One Hundred Generals, Brave in Battle), Utagawa Kuniyoshi, between 1843 and 1847


How Much Do Analytics Matter in Podcasting? Editor & Publisher

As analytics make podcast advertising more formulaic, brands are increasing their advertising spend on on-demand audio. According to audio platform audioBoom, 93 percent of brands have increased their podcast advertising spend from 2016 to 2017, and per the latest Bridge Ratings forecast, ad spend is expected to hit $534 million in 2020.


Newsonomics: A Call to Arms (and Wallets) in the New Era of Deregulation and Bigger Media Editor & Publisher

Quibble, if you will, about the level of degeneracy now afoot in the heart of the Old and New Confederacy, as the Roy Moore saga provides yet more sick drama in the country.

Thats a sideshow. Whats quickly appearing on the main stage if its still behind the curtain for now is the beginning of a likely massive movement in news media ownership. You think youve seen a politicization of the press? The 2016 election may serve as just its preamble.


U.S. Panel Accuses Chinese Journalists of Spying for Beijing Editor & Publisher

Life could become more complicated for Chinese journalists working in the U.S.

A new report by a U.S. government panel has called for staff members of Chinese state-run media groups in the U.S. to be made to register as foreign agents.

The U.S. China Economic and Security Review Commission alleged Wednesday that journalists at some Chinese media organizations engage in spying activities, feeding information back to the Chinese government.


Barneys Wall: An Evening with Barney Rosset and The Paris Review The Paris Review

On Saturday, November 18, New York Universitys Forum on Law, Culture, and Society will host a screening of Barneys Wall, a seventy-three-minute documentary about Barney Rosset, the provocative and iconoclastic publisher at Grove Press who, in the 1960s, published numerous now-canonical books and helped overturn contemporary censorship laws. Lorin Stein, the editor of The Paris Review, will participate in a conversation after the screening with the films director, Sandy Gotham Meehan, and New Republic editor Win McCormack. Tickets are available here

In celebration of this event and of Rossets legacy, we have unlocked our interview with him for a limited time.  

Barney Rosset, The Art of Publishing, No. 2
Issue no. 145 (Winter 1997)

When I grew up in Chicago, communism was my idea of personal freedom. Especially freedom to make love, right? Actually free love was a huge slogan used against the communists. I never heard the communists use it themselvesbut it was implicit in communism, because Lenin said sex should be like having a glass of water.


The Financial Times Got 24 Ad Exchanges to Stop Spoofing Its Site Editor & Publisher

The Financial Times fight against domain spoofing is paying off.

After catching 25 ad exchanges misrepresenting access to its inventory in September, the business news publisher took its fraud-fighting test a step further by purchasing counterfeit inventory that purported to be the FTs to see which vendors were still selling fake FT impressions. Over few days at the end of October, the FT spent $500 on inventory that claimed to be


Tamedias Curation Algorithm Promising But Not a Panacea Editor & Publisher

With an algorithm named Octopus, Tamedia aimed to determine whether a machine can replace a journalists editorial judgment when it comes to curating stories from various platforms. Spoiler alert: it cant, at least not yet, but it complements the editors work.

The media groups 12-app, which gives users access to 12 top stories of the day in one edition, served as the platform for the test.


Sarah Ellison Joins The Washington Post as a Media Reporter Editor & Publisher

From Features Editor Liz Seymour, Deputy Features Editor David Malitz and Deputy Features Editor Mitch Rubin:

We are thrilled to announce that Sarah Ellison, a writer for Vanity Fair magazine, will join The Post in January as a staff writer covering media and its intersection with politics, culture and technology.

Her appointment signals an expansion of The Posts media coverage.


The Rhyming Photographs of Rebecca Norris Webb and Alex Webb The Paris Review

Left: Alex Webb, Havana, Cuba. Right:Rebecca Norris Webb, Havana, Cuba. Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

In Slant Rhymes, published in August, photographers Rebecca Norris Webb and Alex Webb paired eighty images taken over the course of their nearly thirty-year relationship. The photographs appear side by sideone of Alexs, one of Rebeccasto create a series of visual rhymes that talk to one anotheroften at a slant and in intriguing and revealing ways. Below, a selection, with locales ranging from Cuba to India to Indiana, the rhymes bridging the geographic spans.  

Left: Havana, Cuba A.W. Right: Near Gray Goose, South Dakota, R.N.W. Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb


Left: Caibarien, Cuba R.N.W. Right: Alappuzha, India A.W. Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb




Former Daily Herald Sports Editor Marion Wilhoite Dies at 76 Editor & Publisher

Marion Wilhoite, sports editor of The Daily Herald for 54 years, died this morning.

He was 76. Funeral services were pending with Oaks & Nichols Funeral Home in Columbia.

Wihoite retired from the newspaper in September 2016. He was named sports editor emeritus and continued to write occasionally.


Trust Project Launches Major Effort to Help Rebuild Trust in the Media Editor & Publisher

An important new global initiative is launching today with the ambitious goal of creating transparency standards that help people easily assess the quality and reliability of journalism.

According to a news release from the nonpartisan Trust Project, leading media companies representing dozens of news sites will begin to display what theyre calling Trust Indicators.


The Insouciant Sentence The Paris Review

In our eight-part series Life Sentence, the literary critic Jeff Dolven takes apart and puts back together one beloved or bedeviling sentence each week. Artist Tom Toro illustrates each sentence Dolven chooses.

Tom Toro

Americans are particularly bad at lying, thought Oscar Wilde. Whatever he would say of us today, his views in 1891, when his essay The Decay of Lying was published, were clear enough:

The crude commercialism of America, its materialising spirit, its indifference to the poetical side of things, and its lack of imagination and of high unattainable ideals, are entirely due to that country having adopted for its national hero a man, who, according to his own confession, was incapable of telling a lie, and it is not too much to say that the story of George Washington and the cherry-tree has done more harm, and in a shorter space of time, than any other moral tale in the whole of literature.

The Decay of Lying is a dialogue. This sentence belongs to Wildes avatar, Vivian, who is talking in the library with Cyril; Cyril has gotten things started by failing to persuade his friend to go outside and smoke their cigarettes in the grass. (Grass is hard and lumpy and damp, protests Vivian, and full of dreadful black insects.) The riposte to American pragmatism has all of the art that Vivian so prefers to the discomforts of nature. But it wears its art lightly, being at moments formal, even stiff, but mostly loose and improvisatory. Its shifts in tone are a matter of what grammarians would call its coordination, its connections to itself, the appositions and the ands. Perhaps Wildes casual mastery ought to deflect study of such matters, or any further thinking. And perhaps not.

The opening series of phrases does wax rather rhetorical, keeping the main verb at bay through no fewer than four witty accusations. Theres nothing complicated about their syntactic relation, making up a compound subjectasyndetic in its preference for commas rather than conjunctions, though ands would do as well and would make everything a little less elevated. (If you read it aloud that way, with ands in-between, you can feel your voice flatten; the cadence is relieved of the burden of sustaining the suspension and those little words do the work.) Things get more complicated with that participial phrase...


Winter Scene in New Haven, Connecticut, George Henry Durrie, ca.... The Lion of Chaeronea

Winter Scene in New Haven, Connecticut, George Henry Durrie, ca. 1858


European Broadcasters are Joining Forces to Fight Facebook and Google Editor & Publisher

If you cant beat Google and Facebook, you might as well ally with others.

This week, Channel 4 became the first U.K. broadcaster to join a pan-European broadcaster programmatic video alliance that Germanys ProSiebenSat.1, Frances TF1 and Italys Mediaset set up earlier this year.


CNN vs. BuzzFeed: A Media Spat for the Digital Age Editor & Publisher

In one corner, a media powerhouse that catalyzed the 24-hour news cycle. In the other, a rambunctious upstart that made its name with catchy videos and listicles before diving into hard-news reporting. Two outlets battling for the attention of digital audiences, needling each other along the way.


The Insomniacs Dream Diary: Part Four The Paris Review

Copyright Ellis Rosen

This week, well be running a series of dreams from the forthcoming Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time. For nearly three months in 1964, Nabokov recorded his dreams upon waking, as a way of testing J. W. Dunnes theory that dreams offered not only fragments of past impressions, but also a proleptic view of an event to come. In other words, that dreams were a sort of reverse dj vu, a way of subconsciously working through not only the past but the future. 

In this fourth installment, Nabokov has a confrontation with his father. 

38.     22 Nov. 1964 3.15 am                                                                                               

In a kind of lecture-hall during an informal performance or rehearsal of lecture. On the platform my father seated at a small table is reading and discussing something. Several people between the stage and me. Am eagerly taking down what he says. My mother is among the four or five people sitting in front of me. My father is now elucidating a point. I see and appreciate it and clear my throat a trifle too loudly while trying to jot down his argument as fully as possible. From the stage he suddenly addresses meI nod my head supposing he is making the possible objection I have foreseen; but instead, he says to me: Even if you are <new card> bored you might have the decency to sit quietly. I feel deeply injured and reply (textual words [transl. from Russian], chosen and uttered with great care and dignity): I think your observation to me is most unjust. I was listening attentively and with enormous interest. I get up and start to leave hoping I shall be called back. But I hear behind me my fathers voice resuming his speech with a little less force than before. I visualize in a medallion of light to-morrow mornings interview with himimagine him in his beige dressing<new card> gown. Shall I ignore what happened? Will he refer to it? I decide philosophicallya similar case has come up before within dream experiencethat time will decide (curious that I saw myself imagining the future in my dream and vaguely recalling a past and that a sense of future, of time, clearly though somewhat crudely existed in my mind, i.e. I distinctly perceived the degree of difference in comparative reality between the dream vision and the dream prevision). It is odd that my father who was so good-natured, and gay, is always so morose and grim in my dreams.

    VNs f...


Watching Glass Shatter: Blog Tour Day 12 BrizzleLass Books This Is My Truth Now

Check out Day 12 on the Blog Tour. I am absolutely in love with this post and her review. She captured the book perfectly. This is a must check out stop on the blog tour and I owe Claire major gratitude for all shes done. A blogger you should all check out if you have any interest in books shes an amazing contact and bibliophile thank you.

via #BlogTour: Watching Glass Shatter by James J. Cudney @jamescudney4 @CreativiaPub #Review


Thursday, 16 November


365 Challenge: Day 249 Shop This Is My Truth Now

Shop: what Im doing with my mother today in preparation for the holidays


Todays 365 Daily Challenge word is shop because I need a quick word as I will be busy later. Im heading out to Long Island on a train shortly to grocery shop with my mom in preparation for Thanksgiving. My parents, cousins and friends will be coming to my place in the city for Thanksgiving next week, so we need to pickup all the trimmings in advance. Since the price for all the food we need is probably less than 50% of the cost of what Id pay in the city, my mother insisted I go shopping in the suburbs with her. {AsideYou can imagine our discussions over the prices of things she sees in my kitchen cabinets or refrigerator!} So Im commuting 3-hours back and forth to get everything we need, then bring back in just the items I need to start the turkey and the stuffing early Thanksgiving morning. If you see anyone in NYC tomorrow, on a train or subway, carrying large bags with a turkey and other food, many miles and blocks, its me!

I also need to start thinking about shopping for holiday presents. I no longer like doing it because everyone buys what they want when they want it. Id rather just spend quality time together, but thats me. I do like gifts, but theyre hard these days. Mom and I will probably go to the book store s...


Critical Thinking: Should There Be More Ad Restrictions for Media Companies During an Election? Editor & Publisher

Critical Thinking - Nov. 2017

Facebook recently revealed it sold about $100,000 worth of ads during the last presidential election cycle from inauthentic accounts and pages likely operated out of Russia. Should there be more ad restrictions for media companies during an election?


Anant Naik, 21, senior, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Naik is the opinions and editorials editor for the student-run newspaper, the Minnesota Daily. He has written for the paper since 2014.

When Facebook discovered that accounts likely tied to Russia had purchased ads in the midst of last years presidential race, it raised an important question regarding how foreign actors could interfere with local elections. As a result, many are asking to increase the amount of restrictions for media companies during an election.

For example, Virginia senator Mark Warner has said he is in the process of writing a bill that would require social media companies to disclose who funded political ads. While it seems like a promising idea, I would strongly urge caution against posing blanket regulations on advertisements during elect...


The Story of Doctor Johnson (Roberts) New Online Books

The Story of Doctor Johnson: Being an Introduction to Boswell's Life (second edition; Cambridge, UK: At the University Press, 1919), by S. C. Roberts, contrib. by James Boswell (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

A History of the Cambridge University Press, 1521-1921 (Roberts) New Online Books

A History of the Cambridge University Press, 1521-1921 (Cambridge, UK: At the University Press, 1921), by S. C. Roberts (Gutenberg text and illustrated HTML)

Smith's Illustrated Astronomy (Smith) New Online Books

Smith's Illustrated Astronomy: Designed for the Use of the Public or Common Schools in the United States, Illustrated with Numerous Original Diagrams (fourth edition; New York: Cady and Burgess, 1849), by Asa Smith (multiple formats at

The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp (Davies) New Online Books

The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp (London: A. C. Fifield, 1908), by W. H. Davies, contrib. by Bernard Shaw (multiple formats at

Personalities (Kapp) New Online Books

Personalities: Twenty Four Drawings (New York: R. M. McBride, 1920), by Edmond X. Kapp (stable link)

Five Weeks in a Balloon (Verne) New Online Books

Five Weeks in a Balloon: or, Journeys and Discoveries in Africa by Three Englishmen (New York: Hurst and Co., c1869), by Jules Verne, trans. by William Lackland (stable link)

Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature, and Art (Heck) New Online Books

Iconographic Encyclopaedia of Science, Literature, and Art (6 volumes; New York: R. Garrigue, 1851-1852), ed. by J. G. Heck and Spencer Fullerton Baird (stable link)

La Tulipe Noire (Dumas) New Online Books

La Tulipe Noire (text in French, with English notes; Boston et al.: D. C. Heath and Co., c1918), by Alexandre Dumas, ed. by C. Fontaine (stable link)

Lincoln (Cameron) New Online Books

Lincoln (Chicago: Chicago Historical Society, 1911), by William John Cameron (stable link)

Luisa Paranquet (Dumas) New Online Books

Luisa Paranquet: Comedia en Tres Actos (in Spanish; Madrid: R. Velasco, 1892), by Alexandre Dumas and Armand Durantin, trans. by Pedro Bofill (stable link)

Monsieur Alphonse (Dumas) New Online Books

Monsieur Alphonse: A Play in Three Acts, By Alexander Dumas, Fils, Adapted and Augmented by Augustin Daly, As Acted at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, for the First Time, April 25th, 1874 (New York: Printed for the author, 1886), by Alexandre Dumas, ed. by Augustin Daly (stable link)

The Poets in the Nursery (Powell) New Online Books

The Poets in the Nursery (London and New York: J. Lane, 1920), by Charles Powell, contrib. by John Drinkwater (stable link)

Results of Astronomical Observations Made During the years 1834, 5, 6, 7, 8, at the Cape of Good Hope (Herschel) New Online Books

Results of Astronomical Observations Made During the years 1834, 5, 6, 7, 8, at the Cape of Good Hope: Being the Completion of a Telescopic Survey of the Whole Surface of the Visible Heavens, Commenced in 1825 (London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1847), by John F. W. Herschel (multiple formats at

The Special Correspondent (Verne) New Online Books

The Special Correspondent: or, The Adventures of Claudius Bombarnac (New York: Lovell, Coryell and Co., c1894), by Jules Verne (stable link)

Translations From the Poems of Victor Hugo (Hugo) New Online Books

Translations From the Poems of Victor Hugo (New York and London: White and Allen, ca. 1887), by Victor Hugo, trans. by Henry Carrington, contrib. by Evelyn Lilian Hazeldine Carrington Martinengo-Cesaresco (stable link)

The Life, Crime, and Capture of John Wilkes Booth (Townsend) New Online Books

The Life, Crime, and Capture of John Wilkes Booth: With a Full Sketch of the Conspiracy of Which He Was the Leader, and the Pursuit, Trial and Execution of His Accomplices (photocopy of edition published New York: Dick and Fitzgerald, ca. 1865), by George Alfred Townsend (stable link)

Address of the President on Lincoln's Birthday, Delivered by Radio from the White House on Thursday Evening at 10 o'Clock, February 12, 1931 (Hoover) New Online Books

Address of the President on Lincoln's Birthday, Delivered by Radio from the White House on Thursday Evening at 10 o'Clock, February 12, 1931 (Washington: GPO, 1931), by Herbert Hoover (page images at HathiTrust)

Nollekens and His Times (Smith) New Online Books

Nollekens and His Times: Comprehending a Life of That Celebrated Sculptor; and Memoirs of Several Contemporary Artists, from the Time of Roubiliac, Hogarth, and Reynolds, to That of Fuseli, Flaxman, and Blake (2 volumes; London: H. Colburn, 1828), by John Thomas Smith (page images at HathiTrust)

A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt (Falola) New Online Books

A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt: An African Memoir (Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, c2004), by Toyin Falola (page images at HathiTrust)

How to Write Stories That Sell (Fox) New Online Books

How to Write Stories That Sell (Boston: The Writer, c1961), by Edward S. Fox (page images at HathiTrust)

The Writing and Selling of Non-Fiction (Reynolds) New Online Books

The Writing and Selling of Non-Fiction (Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Co., 1963), by Paul R. Reynolds (page images at HathiTrust)

The Fur Country; or, Seventy Degrees North Latitude (Verne) New Online Books

The Fur Country; or, Seventy Degrees North Latitude (New York: W. L. Allison, ca. 1873), by Jules Verne, trans. by N. D'Anvers (page images at HathiTrust)

Roman de Mahomet, en Vers du XIIIme Sicle, par Alexandre du Pont, et Livre de la Loi au Sarrazin, en Prose du XIVme Sicle, par Raymond Lulle, Publis pour la Premire Fois, et Accompagns de Notes (Alexandre) New Online Books

Roman de Mahomet, en Vers du XIIIme Sicle, par Alexandre du Pont, et Livre de la Loi au Sarrazin, en Prose du XIVme Sicle, par Raymond Lulle, Publis pour la Premire Fois, et Accompagns de Notes (in French; Paris: Silvestre, 1831), by Alexandre du Pont and Ramon Llull, ed. by Joseph Toussaint Reinaud and Francisque Michel (page images at HathiTrust)

Doctor Johnson in Cambridge (Roberts) New Online Books

Doctor Johnson in Cambridge: Essays in Boswellian Imitation (London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, c1922), by S. C. Roberts (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)

Opere di Pietro Aretino (Aretino) New Online Books

Opere di Pietro Aretino (in Italian; Milan: F. Sanvito, 1863), by Pietro Aretino, ed. by Massimo Fabi (page images at HathiTrust)

Reflections (Kapp) New Online Books

Reflections: A Second Series of Drawings, With Introductory Comments by Laurence Binyon and W. H. Davies (London: J. Cape, c1922), by Edmond X. Kapp, contrib. by Laurence Binyon and W. H. Davies (page images at HathiTrust; US access only)

Writing for Money (Lambert) New Online Books

Writing for Money: How to Write Saleable Manuscripts; Where and Way to Sell Manuscripts; Over Two Thousand Places to Sell Manuscripts (Chicago: International literary bureau, c1913), by John V. Lambert (page images at HathiTrust)


Daisies for Innocence (An Enchanted Garden Mystery #1) Any Good Book

Author:  Bailey Cattrell
Genre:  Mystery

Mass Market Paperback; Audio CD; Digital Book
ISBN #:  9780451476883; 9781494568238
Berkley Publishing
336 Pages
$7.19; $23.13; $7.99 Amazon
January 5, 2016

The Enchanted Garden behind Elliana Allbright's perfume shop draws people of all ages with its fragrant flowers and lush greenery.  But when the magical serenity is interrupted, it's up to Ellie to sniff out a killer.

Ellie's life has blossomed in Poppyville, California, since she opened Scents & Nonsense, a custom-made-perfume store.  Her skills with aromas and botanical essences - some from her very own garden - seem almost...supernatural.  Her perfumes can evoke emotions, bring about change, or simply make people happy.  Customers are flocking to the store to buy her wares or just to sit in her beautiful garden, sip tea and enjoy homemade cookies. 

But she smells trouble when she learns that her part-time assistant Josie is dating her ex.  And before she can tell the young woman to beware of his charms, she finds Josie dead in the Enchanted Garden.  Now the prime suspect in Josie's murder, Ellie must search for the real culprit in Josie's past - because it'll take a miracle to nip this problem in the bud...

Elliana Allbright owns a shop that makes perfumes, soaps, body lotions, etc., in the town of Poppyville, California.  She opened it after a messy divorce from her husband Harris; one in which he kept the restaurant they owned together and bought her out.  She has a part-time employee named Josie, and one day she tells Ellie that she's been dating Harris and asks if it's a problem.  Ellie assures her it isn't, Ellie leaves to run some errands and leaves Josie handling the shop.

She doesn't see Josie again that day, and the next morning her little Corgi Dash goes outside and won't stop barking.  Ellie follows, and finds Josie's body just outside the gate to her Enchanted Garden which is in the back of her shop.  She calls the police and is questioned.  Detective Lang, a friend of her ex-husband Harris, is convinced she murdered Josie out of jealousy; convinced because...


Sunset: Deer and River, Albert Bierstadt, 1868 The Lion of Chaeronea

Sunset: Deer and River, Albert Bierstadt, 1868


BuzzFeed Now Has 19 People Writing Commerce Content Editor & Publisher

BuzzFeeds commitment to commerce revenue continues to grow, and as a result, its begun pursuing commerce revenue more like a regular publisher might: through search.

After more than two years of experiments focused on identity-focused listicles like 39 Fucking Awesome Gifts For Anyone Who Loves to Swear or 27 Gifts Only Math and Science Nerds Will Appreciate, BuzzFeed now has 19 people cranking out commerce posts full time.


Where Doing Journalism Means Breaking the Law Editor & Publisher

It had been 48 hours since Pravit Rojanaphruk was hauled in for another attitude adjustment session by the National Council for Peace and Order,  Thailands ruling military junta. At least, that was his best estimate. The only way the newspaper reporter could keep track of time in his sweltering, 13-by-13 room was by watching television, or observing the streaks of light seep in and shift through cracks in the shuttered windows.


A procession of men, perhaps representing the Ionian festival... The Lion of Chaeronea

A procession of men, perhaps representing the Ionian festival known as the Apaturia, encircles a scene of a youth pouring wine for Dionysus.  Attic red-figure cup, attr. to the Triptolemos Painter; ca. 480 BCE.  Now in the Louvre.


Spotlight on Reporters Reporting Editor & Publisher

A new Associated Press Instagram account features AP journalists in the field, shooting photos and video and reporting news stories across the globe.

From Bangladesh to Venezuela, @reportersreporting provides a behind-the-scenes look at APs newsgathering efforts across all formats, offering a window into the work that produces the news report.


Jeff Sessions: Were Investigating 27 Leaks of Classified Information Editor & Publisher

The Justice Department is conducting 27 investigations into classified leaks of information, a sharp increase from recent years, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

At a House oversight hearing on Tuesday, Sessions sought to emphasize that his department is taking the leak epidemic seriously.


Kickstarters New Product, Drip, Lets People Charge Subscriptions for Ongoing Projects Editor & Publisher

National Observer is no stranger to successful crowdfunding campaigns. The Canadian investigative news outlet launched its first Kickstarter in 2014, raising 53,040 Canadian dollars (USD $41,615) from 741 backers to produce 140 stories on the conflicts associated with Canadas tar sands. That was followed by a 2015 campaign that raised CA $80,939 from 574 backers to report on climate change solutions (surpassing a goal of CA $50,000) and a successful 2016 campaign that raised CA $70,863 from 784 backers.



The Electrifying Dreamworld of The Green Hand The Paris Review

From Purple Slideshows, by Nicole Claveloux.

Ive been deeply in love with the work of Nicole Claveloux for close to forty years, which is strange because until the New York Review of Comics reissue of The Green Hand, Id never actually read one of her stories. I dont read French, but more to the point, it somehow seemed perilous to focus in any way on the text, as I feared it could only diminish the mysterious power of her images.

I first saw her name in Heavy Metal magazine when I was in high school and, soon after, through some miracle, managed to blunder across a French album of her work called La main verte. I remember standing in the mildewed chaos of Larrys Comics in Chicago (RIP), transfixed by the beautiful, electrified colorsunlike any Id seen before (or since). I took it home and obsessed over every panel, drawn into an intimate, immersive private dream world of deep and complicated emotions, an obsession that has only deepened over the years with the acquisition of further volumes of her work, thanks to French eBay and my NYRC editors.

Nitpickers and amateur sleuths may wonder how I could claim never to have read one of her stories while noting their appearance in an English-language magazine in the very next line, but both the bad reproduction quality and the slick relettering repelled my sensitive young eyeballs. To replace her fragile text with italicized preComic Sansish shouting was like watching an Ozu film dubbed by a troupe of drivetime DJs. So I skimmed and squinted, holding out (for thirty years, as it turns out) for the optimal experience.

I can offer no more biographical info about Ms. Claveloux than a page-one Google search, and Im...


New Initiative Lookout360 is Offering Training and Mentorship to help Journalists Produce Immersive Stories on Climate Change Editor & Publisher

Journalists who want to get started with telling stories about climate change in 360-degree video can now apply for training and mentorship through Lookout360, a six month pilot project launched today (15 November) by the European Forest Institute and the Global Editors Network.

The programme will select 10 journalists from different news outlets in Europe and beyond, who will have to commit to producing and publishing at least one 360-degree video story about climate change in the next six months.


Exploiting the Reach and Impact Publishers Represent Together Editor & Publisher

Last year the Duopoly of Facebook and Google took almost all of the US online advertising growth, but that is not the only problem. Since these mega-platforms have placed themselves between the publishers and their users, they are now in control of who consumes what, where and when. Publishers are exposed to any shift in the platform providers algorithms or business strategy and terms.


The Apostle St. Andrew, school of El Greco, ca. 1600 The Lion of Chaeronea

The Apostle St. Andrew, school of El Greco, ca. 1600


The Alchemy of November The Paris Review

This is the third installment of Nina MacLaughlins Novemberance column, which will run every Wednesday this month. 


Anselm Kiefer, Nigredo, 1984, oil, acrylic, emulsion, shellac, and straw on photograph and woodcut, mounted on canvas.

Three uncarved pumpkins the size of candlepin bowling balls stud the mulch in the front garden of a neighbors house on the short street where I live. City creaturessquirrels, raccoons, ratshave chewed coin-size circles through the tough outer rind and into the stringy pale flesh below. These sections of gnaw are now ringed with black. The black of rot, a black that looks at once dusty, as though charred by the flame of time, and slick, like the vegetal squelch of something long forgotten in a drawer of the fridge. It is a definitive black, the black of something making slow return to a different state.

Along the river, the milkweed pods have split and pour forth their seeded snow-white silk. I walk south along the river when the sun is in the final stages of its work, and scramble down the banks to look. Off tall stalks, desiccated pods spill a thrilling and climactic white. White like rabbit fur, like pearl, white that holds rainbows when the light hits right.

The leaves of the young gingko trees that grow out of the sidewalk fell all at once. A few days ago, the fan-shaped leaves with their crenulated margins glowed gold from the branches and fluttered with nonchalance. The following morning, I gasped to see it: branches all but bare and the trees seemed to grow out of puddles of gold.

At the cemetery nearby, a twisting Japanese maple is aflame, its feathery leaves a deep red, a bodily red, a red that blazes between wine and blood. Those leaves will grip the branches much deeper into the month than most of the trees around it, almost tauntingly, in a flare of lingering crimson.



New Research: Small-Market Newspapers in the Digital Age Editor & Publisher

Too often we tend to hear one single narrative about the state of newspapers in the United States. The newspaper industry is not one sector. While there are considerable variances between the myriad of outletswhether national titles, major metros, dailies in large towns, alt weeklies, publications in rural communities, ethnic press, and so ona major challenge for anyone trying to make sense of industry data is its aggregated nature. Its nearly impossible to deduce trends or characteristics at a more granular level.


Why Spirited Media is Taking an NPR-Inspired Approach to Memberships Editor & Publisher

As the era of free news wanes, one question for media companies that are pivoting to subscriptions and memberships is figuring out how much people are willing to pay. Local news startup Spirited Media believes the answer lies in an NPR-like approach that lets people pay what they want.


Russian Lawmakers Approve Law on Media Foreign Agents Editor & Publisher

Russias lower house of parliament on Wednesday approved a bill that would give Moscow the power to force foreign media to brand the news they provide to Russians as the work of foreign agents and also to disclose where they get their funding.


All Gap michaelwrites

nothing left to say
since I can't say everything
the truth is in the gaps
and it's all gap

still it's worth trying
not to disappear unsung
forgotten love lies
weeping at the tomb

unremembered thought
might as well die
before it fades
into unbroken night

I catch a word or two
in my dream net
snatch a faint idea
from the stormy flux

and here I am again
defined in time
resisting fatal entropy
with every bone


The Insomniacs Dream Diary: Part Three The Paris Review

Copyright Ellis Rosen

This week, well be running a series of dreams from the forthcoming Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time. For nearly three months in 1964, Nabokov recorded his dreams upon waking, as a way of testing J. W. Dunnes theory that dreams offered not only fragments of past impressions, but also a proleptic view of an event to come. In other words, that dreams were a sort of reverse dj vu, a way of subconsciously working through not only the past but the future. 

In this third installment, Nabokov tries to console a girl, with sympathy that is genuine but not free from desire, and contemplates Dobuzhinskys autobiography. 

Nov. 13, 1964 6.30 am                                                                                                            31.

Poignant bitter-sweet dream permeated with tenderness and hopelessness. Short girl, rather dumpy, slatternly dressed, bare-necked, face very attractive but not flawlessly pretty, broadish jaws, flattish nose, wonderful complexion, smooth, warmly colored skin, pale-blue eyes, bedraggled fair hair. Am trying in vain to console her: she has been badly hurt by faithless heartless young husband, a shadowy gay-dog figure in the background. I am doing my best to make her understand how dreadfully sorry I am for her, but she is completely wrapped up <new card> in her taciturn grief, is absolutely impenetrable no matter how I strain to reach her, ,[1] as I tell her in Russianbut all in vain, she looks up at me with apprehensive hunted gaze, ready to stiffen, bothered, resenting my sympathy which is quite genuine but not free from desire. (The young man isa very obscure feelingrelated to meperhaps Dm.?!) 

Oct. 14, 1964 cont.[2]                                                                                                                   

Later, a museum dream, ending in my picking up an autobiographical work by Dobuzhinsky the painter,[3] but here writing about butterfly-collecting. (He had been my teacher of drawing and I had seen him many years later in New York and Vermont). I cannot find the index, but then realize the volume consists of two books bound together and the index comes after the first.


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