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Sunday, 16 December


New RICOH GR III hands-on images mirrorlessrumors

The Japanese website shared these hands-on images of the new Ricoh GRIII.    

The post New RICOH GR III hands-on images appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.


Nikon: Its the Z 6 and Z 7, Not Z6 and Z7 PetaPixel

One of the biggest announcements in the camera industry this year was the Nikon Z Series and its first two cameras, the Z6 and Z7. Thats how the camera models are usually spelled out when you see them across the Interwebs, but did you know that theyre officially the Z 6 and Z 7? Yes, with a space in the middle.

If you look at Nikons official branding and web pages, as well as websites and publications that adhere to official naming stylizations (Wikipedia, for example), youll notice the space between the Z and the number.

Nikons website. Wikipedias article on the Nikon Z7.

But if you step back and do some searches on sites such as Google and YouTube, youll find that the vast majority of articles and videos omit the space and simply write out the camera models as the Z6 and Z7. reached out to Nikon and received confirmation that theres officially a space.

Z is a letter symbolizing Nikons new camera brand, Nikon says. To emphasize this, there is a space between Z and 7/6.

The problem came as we began integrating the information for those cameras with the retailer links,


ExifShot is a Web App for Sharing Your Photo with Metadata PetaPixel

If youd ever like a quick way to share a particular photo along with the Exif metadata showing the equipment and camera settings it was shot with, ExifShot is a new desktop web app for you.

The free and simple app takes in a JPEG photo, extracts the Exif data from within the file, and packages both the image and its metadata as a single, elegant graphic.

Once youve selected a photo, you can customize things like width, padding, orientation, ratio, photo fit, and text sizing before exporting the graphic.

Think of it as a simplest graphics tool for composing a photo and its metadata, writes developer Stefan Kovac, the guy behind the project. If you are a photographer who likes sharing, talking or teaching photography its for you.

The app runs entirely offline inside your browser, so you dont need to transmit your photos or data anywhere to use it.

Head on over to ExifShot if youd like to give the tool a shot.


Portraits of Bodysurfers Flowing with Ocean Waves PetaPixel

Heres a 5-minute short film by filmmaker Robert Sherwood about the work of Australian photographer Trent Mitchell and his latest project Inner Atlas, a series of portraits of bodysurfers flowing with ocean waves.

This portrait series celebrates the human spirit through movements of the sea in an unfamiliar and forgotten space, Mitchell writes in his artist statement. I felt intrigued to investigate the interconnection of humans with nature through the most pure form of wave riding, the primitive art of bodysurfing.

How does it feel flowing at the perfect speed, immersed within the fluidity of the of the sea? Mitchell writes. What is revealed when ones spirit expands into the space that surrounds?

My aim to render the true essence of the human condition and a mirror of ones self could only be captured within the moment and in a single breath, writes Mitchell. In a space that moved the subject and the viewer with equal pull.



The Dark Truth Behind the Sensor Size War PetaPixel

Want to learn about the history of digital camera sensor sizes? Camera Conspiracies made this entirely serious and fantastically educational 11-minute video on the dark history behind the digital camera industrys sensor size war (warning: it contains profanity).

There are much bigger questions than whether Micro Four Thirds sensors can stack up with full frame, he writes. The sensor size war has a dark side that no one is talking about. Let us discuss.

Saturday, 15 December


Photos of Babies with Grown-Up Teeth PetaPixel

If you need a chuckle today (or a nightmare tonight), theres a strange new photo project you can check out called Babies With Teeth. As its name suggests, each of the bizarre photos shows an infant with grown-up teeth Photoshopped into their tiny mouths.

The project is the brainchild of Texas photographer Ashley Evans, and it all started while she was playing around in an app called YouApp.

I had an app and wanted to see what my son looked like with teeth, Evans tells PetaPixel. It was hilarious so I did it to my daughter. I then posted in a Facebook group and it just blew up from there.

Tina | 55 + Rachel | 54. Spend Sundays garage-saling together

After seeing Evans photos, a lot of people began sending her baby photos to add teeth to. She then started a dedicated Facebook page for the project and began writing captions about each baby as if they were an adult.

Heather | 30 | Ordered a hamburger with extra bacon and received NO bacon.

Some of the babies are edited in Photoshop, while others are roughly teeth-ified using the app.

I like that it makes everyone laugh, Evans says. I think it would be cool to start selling mugs, cards, calendars, etc. and use the money to help fund dental...


Loupedeck Can Now Be Used for Photo Editing in Photoshop PetaPixel

Loupedeck today announced its first integration with Adobe Photoshop, allowing photographers to use the editing console in the popular app.

The latest Loupedeck+ console was unveiled back in June with integration with Skylums Aurora HDR and beta integration with Capture One. Now Photoshop joins the growing list of compatible apps.

[T]he decision to integrate with Photoshop is exclusively based on feedback from Loupedecks invested community, many of whom utilize the imaging and graphic design software in their editing workflow, Loupedeck says. The Loupedeck+ will permit more intuitive and faster editing, providing more accuracy on controlling Photoshops functions.

Loupedeck+ can be configured to match your Photoshop CC workflow. Heres a list of things youll be able to do with the pairing:

  • Intuitive features that make editing faster: swap between current and previous tools, reset blending or to fit image on screen by just a press of a button
  • Ability to focus on the image instead of navigating: minimize mouse pointing, list scrolling and target practicing with tiny icons
  • More direct access to tools, functions, layers and other Photoshop options to save time
  • Excellent layer control by moving, grouping, merging, adjusting opacity, fill, visibility or masking
  • Ability to run smart filter with Loupedeck+s configurable buttons
  • Custom mode that gives even more possibilities for mapping different Photoshop functions on Loupedeck+
  • Ability to create your own actions and run them with Loupedeck+s configurable buttons

Heres a 10-minute video showing Loupedeck+ in action in Photoshop CC:

In our ongoing mission to make the editing processes of both professional and amateur photographers more intuitive and efficient, we continually work to integrate Loupedeck+ with the editing suites they utilize and cherish most in their workflows, says Loupedeck founder and CEO Mikko Kesti. Members of our dedicated user community emphasized their eagerness to use the console to edit with Photoshop and we listened.

Loupedeck is available through the companys online store and...


Facebook Bug Exposed Unpublished Photos for Up to 6.8 Million Users PetaPixel

Facebook revealed today that it discovered a software bug that exposed the unpublished photos of up to 6.8 million users.

The bug was in the photo API and affected users who have granted permissions to third-party apps to access their photos.

For 12 days, between September 13th and 25th of this year, some of those apps may have had a much broader range of access than the users or Facebook had granted. Instead of only being able to see photos that have been publicly shared on a users timeline, those apps could see even photos that were uploaded to Facebook but not yet published.

For example, if someone uploads a photo to Facebook but doesnt finish posting it maybe because theyve lost reception or walked into a meeting we store a copy of that photo so the person has it when they come back to the app to complete their post, Facebook explains.

The apps also had access to photos posted in Facebook Stories and in the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook currently believes the bug affected up to 6.8 million users and 1,500 third-party apps built by 876 developers. If you may have been affected, Facebook will present you with a notification in its app along with a list of apps that may have had incorrect access to your photos.

The company is also working with app developers to figure out which users might have been impacted by the bug and to delete any photos that may have been obtained.

Were sorry this happened, Facebook says.


Watch the Beauty of Bubbles Freezing in Real-Time PetaPixel

This short film, titled Winters Magic and shot by photographer Don Komarechka, is a mesmerizing 2.5-minute look at the beauty of how bubbles freeze.

Most of what you see in the video is in real-time, and capturing the footage of artificial bubbles (6 parts water, 2 parts dish soap, 1 part white corn syrup) wasnt easy.

Freezing bubbles are a challenging subject to shoot, even more so with video, Komarechka writes. For the majority of these shots, the camera has a pre-set focus point and a razor-thin depth of field. Not only does the bubble need to be placed in exactly the right spot, but if the diameter of the bubble is too small or too large, the front will not pass through the focal plane and everything will be out of focus.

A still frame from the short film showing the patterns that appear as bubbles freeze.

Komarechka backlit the bubbles using a bright flashlight to illuminate the ice crystals on the surface as they grow, and he often uses test bubbles to figure out his framing, focusing, and lighting before turning his camera on real actively-freezing bubbles.

The angles here are tough there is a narrow window where you get the maximum impact of the backlighting, says the photographer, who shot everything with a Canon 1D X DSLR in 1080p.

In all, Komarechka made over 400 attempts before he got the shots seen in the short film, and they were originally licen...


737 Passenger Plane Slams Into Drone During Landing, Reports Say PetaPixel

A Boeing 737 passenger jetliner has reportedly struck a drone while landing in Tijuana, Mexico, causing a considerable amount of damage to its nose.

Social media reports of the incident, which were later confirmed by the airline Grupo Aeromexico SAB, say that Flight 773 from Guadalajara was approaching the airport when the crew heard a very strong blow to the aircraft. Local reports are stating that it was a drone that caused the impact.

The pilots requested assistance from air traffic control and were able to bring the 737 down safely without any injuries.

The exact cause is still being investigated, Aeromexico says in a statement. The aircraft landed normally and the passengers safety was never compromised.

Photos that have emerged show a significantly large dent punched into the front of the plane.


How to Shoot Underwater Portraits Without Anyone Getting Wet PetaPixel

For a long time, I have been building sets or props for my images, which in time developed into making and selling furniture as a hobby business. I thought it about time I made videos detailing the process of those builds and the high budget results that can be achieved with little financial outlay and a little DIY.

In this 4.5-minute video, Ill take you through how to shoot underwater without getting wet! This can all be done in your own home for less than $60 using just a few scraps of wood, some acrylic, and some basic DIY skills.

What we are trying to make is a shallow pool of water on a clear acrylic sheet, through which we shine the light. This way when you run your hand through the water the light shining through it shows the ripples.

What Youll Need


New image shows the Nikon 58mm f/0,95 lens mounted on the Z7 mirrorlessrumors

I think this might be the first real world image of the soon to belaunched massive 58mm f/0,95 lens mounted on the Z7. I wonder how many Z camera owners will actually buy that huge lens that is rumored to

The post New image shows the Nikon 58mm f/0,95 lens mounted on the Z7 appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

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