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Tuesday, 15 May


Google Clips is Now Better at Quietly Capturing Hugs and Kisses PetaPixel

Google Clips is now better at spotting people hugging and kissing in your life and then snapping stealthy photos of the moments. Google says its one of the upgrades rolling out to the lifelogging camera this month.

Announced in October 2017 and launched 2 months ago, the Google Clips is a tiny hands-free camera that uses motion detection and AI to recognize moments in your life to shoot and save for your memories.

But even though Clips was trained in photography by professionals, apparently the device wasnt very good at capturing little moments and emotions that you cant stage or coordinate ahead of time.

So Google is working to fix that.

To help capture these moments, were adding improved functionality to Clips so that its better at recognizing hugs, kisses, jumps and dance moves, the company writes. All you need to do is find the best vantage point as you go about your day, and turn Clips on.

If you feel like this improvement is a tad creepy, youre not the only one.

What [] irks me is the broader idea behind Clips that all our precious moments have to be photographed or saved as videos,...


24hr Challenge: Shooting 7 Creative Travel Photos with a Compact Camera PetaPixel

We recently gave photographer Nate Luebbe a challenge to test his creativity under pressure: he was tasked with shooting 7 creative travel photos that capture the spirit of Norway within 24 hours using a compact camera. The 8-minute video above shows how he fared.

Luebbe was shooting and vlogging with the Sony RX100 V, a premium compact camera with a 1-inch sensor and pro-grade autofocus performance.

As youll see in the video, Luebbes effort came down to the wire, but he managed to capture these 7 photos in the span of that one day:

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

You can find more of Luebbes work on...


Yongnuo Unveils the 50mm f/1.8 II Lens with Super Bokeh PetaPixel

Yongnuos original 50mm f/1.8 lens was announced in 2014 and received quite a bit of attention for being a clone of the Canon Nifty Fifty 50mm f/1.8 II. Now the Yongnuo lens is getting its own Mark II followup: the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 II.

The new autofocus lens features an f/1.8 aperture that produces what the company calls a Super Bokeh Effect. It has a 7-bladed aperture which helps to take pictures of circular defocused spots or helps to stop down and take pictures of 14-star effect, the company says.

The China-based Yongnuo says that the new lens retains all the product advantages of the first lens while featuring a new mechanical structure and coating technology.

By improving the mechanical structure and coating technology, its focus accuracy, auto-focus speed and light transmittance are increased, Yongnuo says. Furthermore, it can control backlight ghost and glare.

As with the newly-announced Yongnuo 60mm f/2 Macro lens, the new 50mm f/1.8 II can have its firmware upgraded directly while mounted on a compatible camera instead of having to connect the lens via a USB cable.

Other features of the lens include a durable chrome-plated metal lens mount, a 0.35m (~1.15ft) minimum focusing distance, a focus distance indicator, 6 lens elements in 5 groups, a maximum magnification of 0.21x, a filter diameter of 58mm, and a weight of 162g (~5.7oz).

The new Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 II is now...

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Monday, 14 May


Word on the street says Sony delayed the A7sIII launch because of high demand of the A7III mirrorlessrumors

I dont know how reliable that info is. But apprently the unofficial chatter at the Kando 2.0 event in California says that Sony had a huge and unexpected demand for the new Sony A7III. This forced Sony to delay the

The post Word on the street says Sony delayed the A7sIII launch because of high demand of the A7III appeared first on mirrorlessrumors.

Sunday, 13 May


How to Edit Photos like Steve McCurry: The Art of Removing Distractions PetaPixel

Weve got a fun article today in which we post-process photojournalistic-style photos and polish them in an artistic way. Much like Steve McCurry did to his photos, but without the heaping pile of backlash.

If were not using our street or travel photos for photojournalism or to represent things exactly how they are, we are free to retouch them as we would a fine art photo. By the end of the article, youll know exactly what to adjust to have your own Steve McCurry-inspired photo. Lets get into it!

Ethics in Photography Genres

Photojournalism is held in high regards and is supposed to represent real news stories in the form of photos which havent been manipulated. We can apply this style to our street or travel photos in a way that tells an equally compelling story. The only difference is that a photojournalist gets paid to present the truth within photos, while street or travel photographers (especially those that are not paid) are free to do what they wish with their photos.

Some street photographers follow the ethics of street photography and present things exactly as they were, while others choose to manipulate things. Most of us, myself included, are guilty of manipulating street photos when we were just starting out, but once understanding the ethical side of things, we learned how to embrace the imperfections we captured.

Steve McCurry now labels himself as a visual storyteller so hes no longer held to the ethics of a photojournalist. If we are defining ourselves as street photographers or photojournalists, while presenting photos that were heavily manipulated, we should perhaps label ourselves as fine art photographers to avoid any confusion.

Elevating Photos to Fine Art Status

Most of Steve McCurrys photos are portraits, but well pull inspiration from...


How to Pose Your Friends Like Models PetaPixel

If youve ever asked your friends to pose for a photo shoot before, you may have found that it can be difficult achieving high-quality poses when your subject doesnt have modeling experience. In this 5-minute video, photographer Sheldon Evans shares solid tips for how to overcome this hurdle.

One of the things I struggled with most when I started photography was figuring out how to pose the people in front of my lens, because when you first start out its difficult to find professional models to work with who know how to strike a new pose with every click of the shutter button, Evans says. So, what ends up happening is you use your friends as models, but the only problem with that is that they arent actually models so its up to you to know how to pose them.

Heres a quick rundown of the main tips Evans shares (watch the video for a more thorough explanation of each of them):

Pose then Build. Provide a base pose to start with, then slowly build it up through moving one body part at a time.

Awkward Hands. Non-models often dont know what to do with their hands. You can give your model something to hold or interact with.

Actions and Emotion. Give your friends something to act out so they act rather than pose.

Communicate. Direct your model vocally throughout the shoot. Your job is to communicate in an encouraging way.

Wardrobe. Have your model wear something they feel comfortable and confident in.

You can find Evans photography on his popular Instagram account, and you can find more of his videos by subscribing to his YouTube channel.



Family Runs from Cheetahs After Leaving Car for Photos PetaPixel

A French family with a child was caught on camera narrowly escaping a group of cheetahs after they got out of their car to take photos at a safari park.

Global News reports that the family was driving through the Beekse Bergen safari park in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands when they pulled up near several cheetahs resting in the shade.

After exiting their car to take photos, the family got back in and drove to a nearby hill. Thats when the first group of cheetahs approached and began threatening the family, forcing them to flee back to their vehicle.

The cameraman in the trailing car looked on in horror as a woman hurried back into the safety of her car with the child in her arms.

No one was injured in the close call. The safari park instructs visitors to stay within their cars and warns of the dangers of the animals in various languages at different points in the park.

This incident came just days after a man in India was mauled to death (warning: its disturbing) after approaching an injured wild bear for a selfie.

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