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Saturday, 19 May


Hit & Run Commentary #109 Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

If Obama is so outraged by the divisiveness sparked by the numerous sources of information online, why is the propaganda he intends to produce to be available over a streaming service rather than traditional broadcast? So apparently he can provide his alternative facts but it is an outrage for Alex Jones to do so.

The winter 2018 edition of PETA Global is heralding the lawsuit the front group filed that granted intellectual property rights to a macaque that took a selfie with a camera set up by a photographer. Will the next time an ape hurls poo across its enclosure qualify for a government arts grant? The brief write up goes on to celebrate how the photographer was strongarmed into a settlement forcing the surrender of a percentage of the proceeds generated from the image to a number of wildlife charities and how other wildlife photographers are being intimidated into making similar donations. In the future, will you be required to get your dog or cat to sign notarized releases before uploading their images to social media? Too bad PETA is not as concerned about the animals euthanized in its care just so the creatures wouldnt be forced to endure the indignity of having their basic needs catered to by adoring and dutiful human beings.

Propagandists at Good Morning America warn in an editorial posted on the programs website Alabama Senate Race Highlights That New Tribalism Threatens Our Democracy. The piece observes that a group of Alabama voters have decided that ideology and party are more important than integrity and the common good. But in rejecting Moore now for decades largely over his defense of the Ten Commandments, these media elites are the ones that established the precedent of downplaying the existence of a morality beyond that of the group or tribe (as it is termed in a denigrating way in this segment). But arent these as dedicated to the so-called tribe as the consideration that trumps all others? For example, Barack Obama was elected primarily for being Black. The masses were directed to back Hillary Clinton simply because she was a woman. And no one is supposed to say a peep critical of Black Lives Matter despite the propensity of those in that movement to loot beauty salons for haircare products and burn other businesses to the ground in the name of social justice.

A Harris Poll concludes 84% of Americans hold the opinion no gun under 21. Why dont the same numbers oppose enlistment in the military or enrollment in Select Service below that age threshold?

In a SermonAudio homily, it was correctly warned that many of aspects of life can be pursued with such zeal that we fail in ones service to God. To bad this admonition was not applied to organized religion as well.



SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL Mystery of the Iniquity

Im sorry, I must have been living under a rock! I totally missed this news flash! People have been spreading the rumor about Donald Trump being the new John the Baptistand I hadnt heard a thing about it! I guess Im slipping, right? And let me get this straighteven Tom Horn is spreading this crap? []


The Unexpected American who Stole the Show at the Royal Wedding. elephant journal

I don't particularly care about the designers, or the famous guests, or the royal fervor, but I there was one aspect of the ceremony that caught my attentionand I suspect the attention of many watching


Kp Radio Hawaii 5-19-18 Planetary Pathways HAVE Been Opened Kauilapele's Blog

Show link:

Talked about (among other things):

  • Kilauea current events result from what weve done energetically.
  • New pathways have been opened..
  • Planetary consciousness about the islands and Pele has risen.
  • Awareness of MSM hype about Kilauea events has also risen.
  • Terrible stuff aint gonna happen.
  • Fear porn about this eruption is not something Im following.
  • Pele will do what Pele does.
  • Looking to the New Pathways.
  • Those unwilling to follow new energy pathways will be eaten by those energies.
  • My body was clearing and cooking.
  • Old patterns arent tolerated in the new energies.

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6 Effective Ways to Remove Dental Plaque Naturally RiseEarth

by Bright Side

A perfect smile is considered to be one of the most attractive features a person can have. Unfortunately, there are many things that can harm your teeth, such as smoking, too much caffeine, and irregular dental care.

Our seemingly innocent daily habits can actually cause problems such as dental plaque. If you wish to reduce your dental visits, Bright Side has gathered a list of natural and simple ways to get rid of dental problems.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as a natural scrub and it is often used in many remedies. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a pinch of salt and simply dip your wet toothbrush into the mixture and brush your teeth as usual.

Aloe Vera and Glycerine

To make a more powerful natural toothpaste, youll need:
  • one cup water
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • one tsp Aloe vera gel
  • 4 tsp vegetable glycerine
  • one tsp lemon essential oil
Read more


Baking Soda Solution Offers a Safe Way to Reduce Inflammation and Fight Autoimmune Disease, NEW Research Says RiseEarth

by Lori Alton; Naturalhealth365

For generations, baking soda dissolved in water has been considered a time-honored, safe and effective home remedy for occasional upset stomach, indigestion and heartburn. This familiar kitchen staple is also pressed into service for such mundane tasks as deodorizing refrigerators, cleaning teeth and soothing sunburn.

Now, surprising new research shows that baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate can work against destructive inflammation and autoimmune disease on a cellular level by creating a more anti-inflammatory climate in the body.

Autoimmune disease, a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the body, encompasses such serious diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and lupus.

Unfortunately, treatments for these conditions can involve suppression of the immune system to the point that the patient is at increased risk for opportunistic infections and cancer. So, lets take a closer look at why baking soda is impressing researchers as a safe, natural alternative weapon against inflammation and autoimmune disorders.

Baking soda promotes an anti-inflammatory environment in the spleen

Recent studies have shown that baking soda influences cells in the spleen to help prevent the inappropriate immune response that characterizes autoimmune disease.
Read more


9 Plants to Grow That Help Your Brain and Memory RiseEarth

by Zoe Blarowski; Care2

You dont have to spend a fortune on fancy supplements to enhance your brain power. Many common garden plants are proven to help keep your brain healthy and improve memory function. And the majority of these plants can be easily grown indoors in containers or outside in a garden plot.

Read on to find out some of the best choices to support your brain and memory.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint has an abundance of health benefits. When it comes to brain function, simply smelling the plant will give you a boost. One study asked participants to complete a cognitive function test in a room that had been infused with the scent of peppermint, versus a non-scented room. Those in the peppermint room had significantly enhanced memory function and increased alertness compared to those in the non-scented room.

How to Use: You can hang fresh or dry bouquets of peppermint around your home. A nice cup of steaming peppermint tea next to your work space may help keep you alert. Also, peppermint can make a delicious addition to salads, savory dishes and desserts.
Read more


If a Person is a Legal Entity, What is Your Identity? Humans Are Free

Suppose that the word person (by definition) has been misconstrued in meaning. Suppose that in our society, a person is a LEGAL ENTITY, a thing, an artificial construct and not a living being.

Suppose that you are blissfully ignorant of this deception, and truly believe that you are a person.

What if your government considers a person to be a corporate entity? And what if, without your knowledge or consent, you are legally responsible for a corporate entity that bears your name? And as a consequence you are bound by rules and laws that were meant to govern commerce, not people?

What ill consequences might arise from your ignorance? And who might benefit from this misunderstanding? Let's look.

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How Traveling can be a Practice in Presence, Mindfulness & Joy. elephant journal

Several years ago, I was bitten by the travel bug. Ever since, I have given into the fever that the travel bug induces, continually jetting off every six months or so on some new adventure in a faraway land.


The massive shooting in Texas, Santa fee, is a FALSE FLAG. Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

On May 18, there are 2 events, separated by some hours, a massive shooting in Texas and a plane crash in Cuba.

This shooting is not the first one recorded on my server. There were before Las-Vegas, Tehama in California, and the church in Texas. However, it's the first school and on my server, the signature is big and has the shape of the classic sword (murder) at the very good time, when the attack began.

This means that behind the killer, there was an organization. The presence of other weapons and explosive confirm this also.

About the plane crash, it's obvious that it belongs to a long series of crashes, and incidents, on the last weeks. All of them occurred just after take off.

After, the main signal shows a higher activity. It's very classic for such event. It's the echo in the media.

You will find all about this, on my new site, with links to my story.

You will see in the links there that my server has recorded about 60 attacks orchestrated by Gladio. On my page, there is also a link to my video.

Please, don't hesitate to forward me information, about some other facts in this direction.


Here's Why Sunscreen Causes Cancer (Not the Sun) Humans Are Free

A new study has found that using sunscreen is actually more dangerous than helpful.

by Daisy Magnum, guest writer

Your summer vacation may be a long way off, but its never too soon to begin thinking of protection for your skin.

For a lot of people, this suggests covering themselves in sunblock, which business marketing projects encourage at every turn.

While we do indeed need protection to prevent sunburns, blocking out the sun is far from ideal.

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Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in Chinas re-education camps, former inmate claims Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Gerry Shih Dake Kang Independent Staff

"Muslims were detained for re-education by Chinas government and made to eat pork and drink alcohol, according to a former internment camp inmate.

The Xinjiang he returned to was unrecognizable

-encompassingdata-driven surveillance tracked residents in a region with around 12 million Muslims, including ethnic Uighurs and Kazakhs. Viewing a foreign website, taking phone calls from relatives abroad, praying regularly or growing a beard could land a person in a political indoctrination camp, or prison, or both." Quote from Independent


Nearly 51 Million Households In The United States Cant Afford Basics Like Rent And Food Prepare for Change

If the U.S. economy is performing well, then why cant 51 million households in the United States afford basics like rent and food.  A stunning new report that was just put out by the United Way ALICE Project shows that the gap between the wealthy and the poor in this country is perhaps the biggest that it has been in any of our lifetimes.  In some of the wealthiest areas of the nation, homes are now selling for up to 100 million dollars, but meanwhile tens of millions of families are barely scraping by from month to month.  Many believe that this growing inequality gap is setting the stage for major societal problems.

In general, the U.S. economy seems to be performing better than expected so far in 2018, but the ranks of the poor and the working poor just continue to grow.  The following comes from CNN

Nearly 51 million households dont earn enough to afford a monthly budget that includes housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone, according to a study released Thursday by the United Way ALICE Project. Thats 43% of households in the United States.

The figure includes the 16.1 million households living in poverty, as well as the 34.7 million families that the United Way has dubbed ALICE Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This group makes less than whats needed to survive in the modern economy.

If 43 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the basics, what does that say about the true state of the U.S. economy?

Of course the biggest reason why so many American families are struggling is the lack of good jobs.

In America today, 66 percent of all jobs pay less than 20 dollars an hour.

66 percent.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

You cannot support a middle class family...


Big Island Video News 5-18-18 Hawaii Eruption: New Lava Arrives, Activity Increases (May 18, 2018) Kauilapele's Blog

As Ive mentioned to some before, Big Island Video news is my favorite video page to go to and / or follow to get more actual news (not hyped up for ratings) about the volcano. This video also addresses the rumor of part of the island breaking off.. at about 6 minutes. Great explanation and based on data not rumors or speculation. At least in my view.

And yes, its possible this was initiated by Puna Geothernal Venture and maybe some scalar event. But this vide gives some of the data.

And here are a couple links where on may find updates:


Word Magic and Its Connection to Freedom and Immortality Humans Are Free

This is article was first published on The article below is the updated version.

by Pao Chang, guest author

Word magic is the art of using word play, definition and magic (magick) to transfer or hide information. All words have magic power because they were created based on sacred sound and sacred geometry, allowing them to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects.

Is this hard for you to believe?

Read Entire Article


Mark Dice 5-18-18 Theyre Lovely (about the MSM spinning of the animals remark by President Trump) Kauilapele's Blog

This Mark Dice video shows that one word was taken out of context by most of the MSM and made it appear like President Trump were calling all immigrants (legal or not) animals. They conveniently (for their narrative) omitted the part where he was talking about the Hispanic gang MS-13, and not about all immigrants.

below the Mark Dice video Im placing a short video which includes the entire segment where Trump used the animal word.



The Friendly Mask of the Orwellian Oligarchy Is Slipping Off The Mind Unleashed

Gina Haspel has been confirmed as Americas new CIA Director, fulfilling her predecessor Mike Pompeos pledge to turn the CIA into a much more vicious agency. Bloody Gina has reportedly been directly involved in both torturing people and destroying evidence of torture in her long and depraved career, which some say hurts the CIAs reputation.

Others say it just makes it more honest.

The lying, torturingpropagandizingdrug traffickingcoup-stagingwarmongering Central Intelligence Agency has done some of the most unspeakably horrific things to human beings that have ever happened in the history of our species. If you think Im exaggerating, do your own research into into some of the CIAs activities like the Phoenix Program, which used Rape, gang rape, rape using eels, snakes, or hard objects, and rape followed by murder; electric shock (the Bell Telephone Hour) rendered by attaching wires to the genitals or other sensitive parts of the body, like the tongue; the water treatment; the airplane in which the prisoners arms were tied behind the back, and the rope looped over a hook on the ceiling, suspending the prisoner in midair, after which he or she was beaten; beatings...


Ascension Symptoms Spring 2018 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Kim Hutchinson, Guest writer, Everyone on Planet Earth is being upgraded energetically. Some of us are being prepared for ascension and life on the New Earth, as per our soul readiness and desire; others are being lifted to the level that best suits their souls journey. The energy that is transforming us came []

The post Ascension Symptoms Spring 2018 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Stories of the catastrophe: Palestine Prepare for Change

Seventy years ago, Palestinians suffered the Nakba, or catastrophe, when most fled or were forced by Zionist militias to flee Palestine to make room for the creation of the state of Israel and ensure a Jewish majority. Some 750,000 ended up as refugees registered with the United Nations. Many others fended for themselves. They were never allowed to return to their lands or homes which were confiscated by the nascent state, and many of their villages were subsequently destroyed. Here and here, from outside Palestine survivors tell their stories.

Boulos Khoury, 84. Haifa. Originally from Iqrit near the Lebanon border.

Iqrit was a small Christian village of around 500 inhabitants very close to Palestines border with Lebanon. The village was ethnically cleansed in 1948 and destroyed in 1951, except for the church. Its villagers became internally displaced what Israel called present absentees.

We were happy. We had figs, hummus and olive trees. We planted everything, except sugar and rice. My father had a lot of land, around 100 dunums. We made flour, grew lentils and beans, all kind of vegetables and olives. The only thing that my father sold was tobacco. He died when I was very young, and my older brother was left in charge. Our home was made of big stones and had been built by my grandfather.

In 1948, there was no resistance in the village. The Zionist forces entered the village and we raised the white flag. We did not have any weapons. They told us to flee to al-Rama and said it would be only for two weeks, and that it was for our own safety. We were transported by military trucks. But I did not go with the rest. My brother told me to go to Lebanon to Qouzah, to our aunt, in order to save the animals. I walked to Lebanon with five cows, a camel, a donkey and a horse. I waited for the message that my brother was supposed to send when they were back in Iqrit, but the message never came.

After one month, I heard that some people were going to Iqrit to pick fruit so I decided to go. I was afraid to cross the border but I made it. There was nothing left in our home, everything had been stolen. People I met told me I could not reach al-Rama, so I went back to Lebanon and stayed for two years. Then I found a smuggler, Ali, an...


Best photo of today Mongoose Kauilapele's Blog

He is first one whos ever looked directly at me!


Texas Lawmaker: Thoughts And Prayers Are Not Working Progressive Secular Humanist

Texas lawmaker Gene Wu says thoughts and prayers are not enough after a tragic school shooting in Texas. After ten people were killed and ten others injured at Santa Fe High School, Texas State Rep. Gene Wu, a Democrat, wrote a simple yet elegant and powerful tweet calling for change. Wu tweeted: Yall been sending []


Declassified DoD Report: EMP Attack Would Kill Millions of US Citizens Humans Are Free

A newly declassified report by the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack warns that the threat posed by an EMP attack could jeopardize modern civilization, return a lifestyle last seen in the 1800s and leave millions of people dead across the United States.

by Jay Syrmopoulos, guest writer

The executive report, entitled Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), predicts that the smallest EMP attack on the US electrical grid could have a devastating effect on the supply chain for at least a year or more depending upon the scale of the attack starving much of the country of electricity, water, food, transportation and telephone/internet service.

A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power, said the newly declassified July 2017 report.

Read Entire Article


9 Healthy Foods That Are Surprisingly Bad For You Prepare for Change

As we battle obesity and a whole host of chronic diseases linked to our diet the food industry still continues to mislead us, exploiting popular misconceptions to mask harmful ingredients in their products.

Here are just a few of many supposedly healthy foods that actually damage our health. Many of these are sold with misleading claims about their health benefits but have instead been found to disrupt our gut bacteria the delicate ecosystem of bacteria and microbes that keeps us lean and healthy.

1. Fruit Juices

Harmful Effects of Fruit Juices on the Liver & MicrobiomeWhile rich in vitamin C, fruit juices are essentially sugar and water after all the fibre has been stripped out   and thats before the food industry start tampering and adding further sugar and flavourings.

Now in modest amounts pure fruit juices wont do too much harm but when drank in large quantities or on an empty stomach which is so often the case as a staple breakfast drink they can do a great deal of damage, flooding our liver with sugar and contributing to obesity, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease.


2. Low Fat or Fat Free Anything

Fat got a bad name as a result of dodgy science and lobbying funded by the sugar industry in the 1960s and 70s. Not all fat is bad (1) and certainly not to the extent previously thought.  Some types of fats are infact key to our health and while fat is more calorie dense than other foods, sugar can be much more harmful.



Prepare For Change at From Venus With Love Conference Prepare for Change

Dear Promise Friends and Family,

This years Mt Shasta Summer Conference From Venus With Love is shaping up to be the best conference ever. One of the newest additions to this years conference is a special venue for Prepare For Change. I am allowing a representative of Prepare For Change to share the mission of Prepare For Change with my general audience.

They will have a table to share and dissemintate information as well as a private room for meetings will be provided before and or after the regular program. I have a trong connection to the original Prepare For Change organization which has always remained a volunteer organization. I was very instrumental in developing the entire concept and major mission statement and theme of this world service organization.

I hope you will come to this conference as we discover the true history of the planet Venus and recieve intruction in the secret science of ascension. We will hear from contactees who have been to venus and will share the messages of love for earth and her people given by the ambassadors of Venus.

Omnec Onec the woman from Venus will share her knowledge about the process of growth that earth is going through in relationship to Venus and her transformation that occurred long ago. You will see pitures of real Venusians and hear the peaceful call to enjoin our consciousness with theirs in the spirit of fellowship and harmony.

We will look forward to seeing you there.
Less Than 70 days to get your tickets!
Warm Regards
Rob Potter


Texas Governor: The Problem is Not Guns, Its Hearts Without God Progressive Secular Humanist

Ten dead and ten injured in a high school shooting, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott believes the problem is not guns, its hearts without God. Calling Fridays shooting one of the most heinous attacks that weve ever seen in the history of Texas schools, Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters Friday that ten people died []


Mysterious Entities Part V Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

As a supposedly intelligent species we humans tend to think of ourselves as something special when, in truth, our recollection of significant events is flawed and as Emmanuel Velikovsky once would attest to, we have a problem with collective amnesia in great cataclysms that are often forgotten in the great millennium of the ages. This reduces man often to a short sighted voyager who not only refuses to acknowledge bitter lessons but tends to repeat those same mistakes time and time again.

The illusion

Institutional fallacy

However, rather than champion Velikovsky for his revolutionary theory and allow the facts to illuminate our backwards gaze into the past, he was vilified! The scientific community signed petitions to discredit his work and humiliate him! They were not worried about seeking the truth so much as they were perpetuating the reputations of those who had constructed monuments to themselves in the academic community and didnt want something like the truth to interfere with their self-importance. Much as our modern day political parties who would prolong their rule over the people and impose hardship rather than do whats right by their constituents in a way that furthers their ideology rather than the best interests of the society they were elected to serve.

It Cant

So we know that denial is a big part of the human consciousness. Many would sum this up as the skepticism that once existed over UFOs, It cant possibly exist therefore it doesnt exist! Much is the same with the continuing mystery of unknown entities, beings from other realms, strange creatures from...


You Dont have to Apologize for Being Yourself. elephant journal

Stepping into our truth and power is something that can be achieved through conscious effort and practice. Over time, we can learn to see through the illusion and shed the layers that are no longer serving us.


Intuitive Astrology: Uranus and Mars May- September 2018 Forever Conscious

From May until September 2018, Uranus and Mars are going to be in an intense dance with each other and are going to be guiding us to make some bold changes in our lives.

Uranus is the planet of change and revolution, and Mars is the planet of action and masculine power. When these two energies combine, we are all going to be given a strong desire to change and revolutionize our lives by taking action and finding our inner warrior.

In fact, we can use this energy to really rise up and take control of our lives and the direction that we wish to head in.

This is a great energy for breaking out of the mold, breaking off on the course you have been traveling on, and adventuring into something completely new.

If you have been playing it safe, if you have been living from your comfort zone for too long, this energy is really going to force you to rise up and start finding your inner strength and inner warrior so you can set off on a path that has more ambition and more growth.

Under this energy, you will get a chance to take a leap. Under this energy, you will be guided to find your courage and confidence so you can create the life that you really desire.

Within each and every one of us is the power and potential to rise up into who we are meant to be. When we find this place, when we live from this place, we automatically feel at peace and with purpose.

When we live for others, when we live in the shadows, or when we shy away from our true selves, it throws us off course and leads us to conform or just go along with the crowd.

Who says we have to go to college in order to get a good job? Who says we need to get married, buy a house, start a family? These are all societal norms that we dont have to conform to. They may work for some sure, but that doesnt mean they are the right fit for everyone.

Finding your own journey, doing things in your own timing, celebrating your own uniqueness is what this dance of Uranus and Mars energy is all about.

With these two planets dancing, we will all get a taste of what it is like to rise up, find our inner warrior, and go after what we truly believe in, even if it is against the grain.

While this energy is really going to be helping us soldier on, there is another side of this energy that we need to be mindful of.

Uranus and Mars can be a very volatile combination, and there is a risk that we could leap before looking. This energy can also trap us into leading with our egos and forgetting how our actions are affecting the greater whole.

Emotions like anger, frustration, and greed may also rise to the surface, and this can also lead to misguided actions.

If any of this resonates through this period of energy, know that all you need to do is check in with yourself and your heart.

Take some deep breaths. Take some timeout to let your emotions simmer down so you can connect to the truth of your heart....


Column: Dealing with Grief The Wild Hunt

Grief is one of the emotions and experiences that everyone will go through at some point in life. The impact of grief can be all-encompassing and elicit a range of emotions that evoke sadness and confusion. The individual and collective impact of grief is often shaped by the context of the loss and this makes dealing with it much more complicated.

The range of situations that can provoke feelings of grief are plentiful. Physical death, loss or change of any kind can ignite this process. While change is the one constant in life, we cannot always predict how we will react when change occurs.

[Pixabay] gives a simple definition of grief as keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret, a cause or occasion of keen distress or sorrow.

The Mayo Clinic gives a more in depth definition of grief.

Grief is a strong, sometimes overwhelming emotion for people, regardless of whether their sadness stems from the loss of a loved one or from a terminal diagnosis they or someone they love have received.
They might find themselves feeling numb and removed from daily life, unable to carry on with regular duties while saddled with their sense of loss.
Grief is the natural reaction to loss. Grief is both a universal and a personal experience. Individual experiences of grief vary and are influenced by the nature of the loss. Some examples of loss include the death of a loved one, the ending of an important relationship, job loss, loss through theft or the loss of independence through disability.
Experts advise those grieving to realize they cant control the process and to prepare for varying stages of grief. Understanding why theyre suffering can help, as can talking to others and trying to resolve issues that cause significant emotional pain, such as feeling guilty for a loved ones death.
Mourning can last for months or years. Generally, pain is tempered as time passes and as the bereaved adapts to life without a loved one, to the news of a terminal diagnosis or to the realization that someone they love may die.

Some of the most common symptoms of grief include anger, rage, disbelief, depression, guilt, confusion, fear, disconnection, loneliness, panic and anxiety. All symptoms of grief are not psychological and there are a host of physical experiences one might have as well since grief changes the bodys response to its en...


Join Waylon Lewis for a live discussion: How to Deal with the Fear of Change& Make Money doing What you Love. elephant journal

This live Q&A is meant to help you decide if the Elephant Academy is the right fit for you. Taking the leap is a big decision, so we're here to help


Santa Fe School Shooter Dimitrios Pagourtzis Loved Guns And Trump Progressive Secular Humanist

Born To Kill: Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the Santa Fe School shooter who killed ten people in Texas on Friday, loved guns and Trump. According to reports, Pagourtzis allegedly shouted surprise before opening fire on students and teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Witnesses told CW 39 Houston News that the shooter was wearing army []


Is this the Truth about Life after Death? {Partner} elephant journal

With zero brain activity being recorded by the machines monitoring him, he experienced something his scientific colleagues could not explain...


Phindings in the (Phi)Bonacci Sequence: Powers of the Golden Number Dubs

Phibonacci, or actually, Fibonacci, was a man once known as Leonardo of Pisa in Italy around the 13th century A.D.

Today we know this name, and the associated Greek letter or Phi, in relation to the spiraling sequence of numbers that form a golden spiral. I recently learned there are silver and bronze spirals as well, but this article will only be focusing on the Golden Ratio, Phi, and the Fibonacci sequence.

Phi has a few interesting properties, one of them being what happens when you square it, which simply means multiplying it by itself; which when happens, equals one plus itself, or 2.618

But what about the cube of Phi, (Phi x Phi x Phi)? Or how about Phi to the fourth power, and so forth

As it turns out, the Fibonacci sequence is hidden in these mathematical expressions, its just not that obvious, so Im not sure if anyone has pointed this out before.

It is even more evident when you...


Let the Universe Speak through youbut not in a Woo Woo kind of Way. elephant journal

So, we try to control things because it makes us feel powerful and effective; but the problem is that when we neurotically try to put everything in order, we so often lose touch with the natural order of the universe. We get stuck on the surface and lose sight of the deeper purpose of the cosmos that is desperately attempting to manifest itself through you.


5 Trending Adaptogenic Herbs To Reduce Anxiety And Depression RiseEarth

by Liivi Hess; The Alternative Daily

In recent years, adaptogens have virtually exploded onto the alternative health market. Everyone in the health world wants a piece of the adaptogenic action, and its not without reason.

What are adaptogens?

In essence, adaptogens are natural extracts (usually from herbs or fungi) considered by scientific research to boost the bodys ability in dealing with stress. That might seem a little underwhelming at first glance, but when you acknowledge that stress plays a leading role in virtually every known chronic disease and health condition, it starts to take on a whole new level of awesomeness.

The beauty of adaptogens is in their non-specific nature. Rather than addressing certain ailments or working on specific organs within the body (as is the case with most prescription drugs and even many medicinal herbs), adaptogens operate within every single cell of the body from the brain right down to the tips of your feet!

This is made possible by the mechanism within which they operate: by alleviating all forms of stress within the body including emotional, hormonal and physical stress adaptogens can simultaneously bolster the immune system, reduce inflammation and support hormonal balance all of which are critical for your health and wellbeing!
Read more


Learning to Breathe Again: How Yoga became my Trauma Therapy. elephant journal

It was the first day of my month-long retreat at the Agama Yoga center on the tiny Thai island of Koh Phangan. The real reason I was here was more complicated: a year prior, I was the victim of an attack on my life.

Friday, 18 May


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

Ephesians 2:22 (NIV)


Kp Message 5-18-18 Whats going on?!?! Kauilapele's Blog

Today (well, yesterday) was like a blast of something or other hit my body and all sorts of things were going on with it. I was up at 5-6 AM and my toilet received a lot of use in just the next couple hours. Something was clearing out, I felt.

Then the whole rest of the day was like my body was compressed all over, it was really hard to move, and I felt tired pretty much the whole day. I didnt get up until about 3 PM

My sense is, this is somehow related to whats going on around the planet, as a lot of things people and concepts and old paradigms are being cleared out and wiped away. Someone else mentioned something similar happening to a planet-energy-sensitive person they knew.

Whatever the deal, the body feels more together right now as I write this, so maybe what needed to be done for done. We shall see.

Aloha Kp


How Cosmic Changes Effect your Physical Body RiseEarth

by Forever Conscious

We are all connected to the cosmos, we are the Universe expressing ourselves as human, which means that when there are shifts or changes in the sky, we feel it deeply too.

We can feel the effects of the cosmos not only on an emotional and spiritual level, but also on a physical level.

Think of it this way, we know the Moon has the ability to effect the tides of the ocean and seeing as we are also made up of nearly 80 percent water, imagine what effect the Moon is having on us?

Just the same, different planets in the sky are able to activate us on a physical level, either bringing low energy or high energy, outward energy or inward energy.

Low Energy

The cosmos radiates low energy when we have many planets in retrograde, or when there is a significant transit or shift that is requiring us to go back and look at things from the past in order to move forward.

This low energy frequency can create blockages, causing us to feel stuck, stagnant, lethargic and sluggish. Digestive issues may occur, or we may find that we lose motivation to focus on the things that we are working on.
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Scientists Discover That Trees Have A 'Heartbeat' Too Humans Are Free

It seems everyday more and more information is being uncovered about trees and the many mysteries within them. We know that they are alive, but it seems they are even more alive than we may have thought.

Trees are interconnected underground, we also now know that trees can communicate with one another, but recently scientists have discovered that trees actually have a sort of heartbeat, it is just so slow that theyve never noticed before.

Up until recently scientists had thought that water moved through trees by the process of osmosis, in a sort of continuous matter, but now theyve discovered that the trunks and branches of the trees are actually contracting and expanding and essentially pumping water up from the roots to the leaves, kind of like how our heart pumps blood throughout our bodies.

Unlike our bodies and our pulse however, a trees is much slower and beats only once every two hours or so and instead of regulating blood pressure it actually regulates the water pressure flowing through the tree.

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New studies suggest that this mysterious island could be an Extraterrestrial Base Tales from out there - Blogue

The floating island of Argentina could be an extraterrestrial base. It could be a natural phenomenon but many scientists and ufologists say that this island is completely artificial, and if it were, it would have been created by a civilization more advanced than ours, since we do not have the technological means to literally cut 118 meters of diameter of a land and turn it into an island that turns on its own axis.


Government is set to BAN 'unlawful' flammable cladding just hours after furious backlash to 'whitewash' Grenfell review that failed to demand move despite inferno claiming 72 lives Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Government is set to BAN 'unlawful' flammable cladding just hours after furious backlash to 'whitewash' Grenfell review that failed to demand move despite inferno claiming 72 lives

  • Housing Secretary James Brokenshire said cladding used on Grenfell 'unlawful' 
  • UK set to ban flammable cladding to make sure tragedy can never happen again 
  • Announcement made after report into tragedy accused of being whitewash
  • Dame Judith Hackitt's report found developers were indifferent to regulations
  • But she failed to call for end to flammable cladding as part of planned overhaul 
The government is set to ban flammable cladding on tower blocks after an angry reaction to a report into fire regulations in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.
In a damning review of fire safety rules, Dame Judith Hackitt found developers were indifferent to and ignorant of regulations, leading to a 'race to the bottom' in building safety practices, with cost prioritised over safety.
But the report was branded a 'whitewash' after Dame Judith insisted current rules on the use of flammable materials should be made clearer and better policed, rather than introducing a wholesale ban.
Despite her recommendation, Housing Secretary James Brokenshire said the government will consult on banning the combustible materials.
Mr Brokenshire told the Commons: 'Let me be clear, the cladding believed to be on Grenfell Tower was unlawful under existing building regulations. It should not have been used.
'But I will ensure that there is no room for doubt over what materials can be used safely as cladding in high rise residential buildings.
'Having listened carefully to concerns, the government will consult on banning the use of combustible materials in cladding systems on high rise residential buildings.'


Experts Reveal, 7 Out Of 8 People Who Died Of The Flu Had Received The Flu Shot Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

(Awareness Act) Tracking the true impact of influenza across the country can be incredibly difficult for a number of factors. First, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the individual states are not required to report deaths related to influenza in those Americans over the age of 18 to the CDC, limiting the availability of accurate information for the purposes of tracking trends nationally. Furthermore, many of these deaths arent actually recorded as with influenza as the cause of death. Instead, death certificates list a number of flu-related complications such as respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, or complications related to inflammation of the heart, brain or muscle tissues.

Related Retroviruses Contaminate the Worlds Vaccine Supply for Pets & Humans, Research Suggests

Source  Prepare For Change

Without accurate information available, it is difficult for the American population to make well-informed decisions regarding the risk of influenza, flu vaccines, and the use of flu-related medications such as Tamiflu. Combine this lack of information with the controversy surrounding these decisions in the United States today, and you have a recipe for disaster in relation to the media and general public opinion.

New information, however, has called the effectiveness of the current influenza vaccine into question. A total of 8 residents of Santa Barbara County have died...


Shocking Video: US Advisory Committee Approves Vaccine After Admitting It Has No Safety Testing Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Shocking Video: US Advisory Committee Approves Vaccine After Admitting It Has No Safety Testing

Shocking Video: US Advisory Committee Approves Vaccine After Admitting It Has No Safety Testing

This entry was posted in Eugenocide/Population Control, Government experimentation on the public, Pregnancy and birth, Vaccine Injection Room and tagged ,  on March 25, 2018.

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Why You Should Not Trust Medical Experts Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Why You Should Not Trust Medical Experts

In-doctor-ination, mandatory vaccination, and the logic of trusting medical experts

Is it just me or are free countries like the US and Australia increasingly suffering from epidemics of human complacency, gullibility, and laziness?

These are the traits that breed tyranny in all its glory. In the realm of medicine, placing inordinate amounts of trust in designated experts is one symptom of our collective complacency. Most people seem to prefer to outsource our intelligence and capacity for critical thought to someone else, someone weve been conditioned to trust.

For example: We asked an expert what would happen if no one got vaccinated and this is what they said, etc., etc.

Asking an expert in this kind of context is an appeal to authority, a basic logical fallacy.

Its a very appealing way out of actually investigating a subject in depth and thinking for oneself (appealing for some people, that is). Appealing to the authority of an expert is just too tempting for many chemically-addled humans at this point.

Why painstakingly develop your own sophisticated viewpoint when you can just parrot what an expert has pronounced from on high without a second thought? They must know what theyre talking about, right? Why else would they be appearing on TV or radio as an expert?

Instead of placing all of your faith in someone promoted as an expert, how about something like this:

I investigated for myself and assessed the merits of arguments put forward by MANY experts, I learned HISTORY, I read scientific papers, studied clinical evidence and the testimony of...


Physicist Explains Why We Live In A Virtual Reality Humans Are Free

There have been many scientists and physicists that have reported that the reality we are in is a simulated, holographic reality. However, there hasnt been much explanation as to why we are in such a reality and how we are expanding our consciousness by being here.

In this article and , we will explore the bigger picture of how a fear based controlled simulation can prompt awakenings and different choices that begin to change the nature of the reality itself.

Physicist Tom Campbell studied with Robert Monroe through out of body experiences via altered states of consciousness. The goal was to explore the nature of our non physical reality in order to learn more about why we are in a physical reality and how to alter it.

He began to consciously do experiments while in the non physical realm in order to understand how consciousness works. He deduced that consciousness is primary and the physical reality was a derivative of that.

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Are You a Cycle Breaker? In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Kim Hutchinson, Guest writer, Are you an old soul who was born into a family of younger souls? Was your childhood dysfunctional and/or traumatic? Do you reject the deeply ingrained, unhealthy patterns or negative beliefs held by many of your family members? Have you gone through years, even decades, of intense personal healing []

The post Are You a Cycle Breaker? appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


6 Signs You Are Falling Into A Phantom Matrix Timeline Humans Are Free

As defined by Keylontic Science, the Phantom Matrix is a Black Hole System created by the Fallen Angelics design to continually drain and accrete energy and consciousness from our living Time Matrix. Being in a state of chaos is a signature trait of the phantom matrix.

As defined by Michelle Walling, a matrix is a grid system the provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. Being in a state of peace and tranquility is a signature trait of the living matrix.

The New Earth Reality has been separated from the Fallen Angelics and the Phantom Matrix after billions of years being attached to it.

However, there are still lingering effects of the phantom matrix and the path is still available to Angelic Humans if they choose it. When you ascend to higher dimensions, you can still access the lower ones through a free will choice.

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Cell Phone and Wifi Exposure to the Eyes Causes Long-Term Damage Prepare for Change

A portrait of little boy wearing modern shirt and cap siting at cafe with a cup of tea holding smartphone looking with great surprise into the screen with wide opened eyes. People and emotions.

Microwave exposure to the eyes causes long-term damage regardless of whether it is coming from smartphones, tablets, cell tower, Wi-Fi, DEC cordless phones, baby monitors, childs toys, microwave ovens or any other microwave source. The vision of children is even more at risk than adults.

When a person talks on a cell phone or looks at a smartphone display, the eyes receive a large dose of microwave radiation.

Even if we are not using a smartphone, our eyes are still being exposed to microwave radiation from the local environment as well as from the cell phones being used by other people near us.

Based on decades of research, we can expect the combined effects of microwave radiation used in modern microwave devices to damage our vision and to damage the vision of our children. [1]

Children have Serious Risk for Eye Related Damage

The eyes of ten-year-old children absorb five times more cell phone radiation than the eyes of adults, and the eyes of five-year-old children absorb 12 times more than adults.

These calculations were made in 1996, long before the implementation of the modern 3G, 4G and 5G microwave communication systems and the more powerful phones that use these systems. [2] 

Microwave Radiation is just as Dangerous as Nuclear Radiation 

Transmission tower on landscape with 5g wireless signal waves. Cell phone brain damage
Its a lie that microwaves are harmless.

Historically, scientists divided radiation into two broad categories ionizing radiation from sources such as uranium and X-rays, and non-ionizing radiation from other sources such as microwaves from cell phones.

It was once believed that the most dangerous radiation to human health w...


Study: GM Soy Kills Baby Rats in Just 3 Weeks Humans Are Free

The best food on store shelves to buy is that food which DOES have holes and nicks where the insects ate some. That proves it's edible.

Recent documentaries show entire fields of genetically modified corn that all looks plastic, with not a bug or bird in sight, not a butterfly or a gnat or a fly, but why?

Did you know that a diet containing GM soy and maize fed to rats for just 90 days caused a wide range of toxic effects, including DNA damage, blood changes, and damage to the liver and kidneys?

If you consume GMOs regularly, your gut is actually creating pesticide. You are consuming the genes of organisms that destroy the digestive tracts of beetles and worms.

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Sex Addiction: Is it really a Thing? elephant journal

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner, and countless other celebrities have indicated through publicists and management teams that they suffer from this malady; but there is a pattern Ive noticed with all of these people.


Meet The Special Interests Keeping Marijuana Criminalized Prepare for Change

Marijuana leaves and handcuffs isolated on white background illegal drug.

In this era of political polarization, when Americans seem to agree on absolutely nothing, let me reassure you. We overwhelmingly agree that cannabis should be legal.

1 in 5 Americans have (state) legal access, 1 in 2 have experimented with it, and more than 1 in 10 smoke regularly. Southern California yuppies are publicly winning prizes for growing the same plant that landed Georgia teenagers in prison.

Half of states allow at least limited use, and a few attract elite cannabis tourism. Federally, the drug remains fiercely criminalized, despite irrefutable evidence of its medical value.

So whats the hold-up?

Being in the anti-marijuana business is astonishingly lucrative for bureaucratsand campaign donors. Here are just a few of the heavy hitters addicted to federal prohibition:

Big Booze:

National Beer Wholesalers Association

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America

The makers and distributors of Americas top-selling beers, wines, and liquors are already facing stiff competition from newly deregulated microbrewers and craft distilleries.

Cannabis prohibition shuts out a zero-calorie competitor with far fewer short- and long-term health risks. The industry donated (read: invest...


Are you Ready to Break the Strings of Attachment? elephant journal

Weve wrapped our mind and heart in layers of conditioning. Weve tied our awareness into knots of self-protection. So, how can we break free? This nano-teaching video points the way.


GOP Congressman Claims Falling Rocks Cause Rising Sea Levels Progressive Secular Humanist

The stupid, it burns: GOP Congressman Mo Brooks claims falling rocks are to blame for rising sea levels, not climate change. Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, Republican member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, argues that global warming may not be the cause of rising sea levels, instead suggesting that rocks falling from the []


4 Ways to turn Lifes Stresses into Pearls. elephant journal

We decide how we will be affected by what life throws in our direction. It's completely up to us if we allow the steamroller of bullsh*t to flatten us like roadkill or if we get to the other side like Rocky with huge lumps and black and blues all over our bleeding face, jumping up and down screaming, "Adrian!! I did it!"


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-14-18 Trump Iran sanctions aimed at forcing Middle East peace, Pentagon sources say Kauilapele's Blog

[Im under the weather, clearing something, but Im able to copy and paste the full Ben from my bed. Nothing fancy.] [Update : Ive done a bit of housecleaning on the original.]

Full weekly report from Ben.

The battle for the planet Earth has heated up again with major movements in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere as a final showdown approaches between the Zionist fanatics who want World War 3 and the rest of humanity who want world peace and friendship.

On this front, the renunciation by U.S. President Donald Trump of the Iran nuclear accord is, on the surface, a major victory for the Zionists. However, Pentagon sources say, The endgame is to force both Iran and Israel to de-nuke after North Korea, and then have permanent peace in the Middle East.

The Trump move on the Iran nuclear agreement has certainly triggered open, public bickering between the regime of Donald Trump and various European governments [A] clear and obvious split between the U.S. and Europe is unprecedented in the post-war era. However, Pentagon sources insist that, Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal to take down corrupt EU and U.S. officials who may have been bribed, along with globalist French companies

Pentagon sources say...


Patron saint of the Romani honoured in Hamilton The Wild Hunt

HAMILTON, On. A celebration in honour of Sara e Kali, patron saint of the Romani people, will be held at the Willow Cove Pavillion, in Confederation Park, located in Hamilton, Ontario.

This event is the vision of organizer John Corvus Huculiak. He instigated this celebration of the saint, after attending a retreat at Brushwood: She came to me during a ritual. The feelings of security and passion were overwhelming, and [I] made an oath to fashion her effigy, align her current to where I lived, and have a one-time celebration to welcome her to the sacred geography of Hamilton.

That one-time celebration was in 2014, and this year marks the fifth annual public celebration hosted by Huculiak and the Kali Sara Hamilton committee.

Hamilton has a vibrant Pagan community, with many traditions and paths present. Huculiak is an active participant, and this event enjoys the support of people from many backgrounds. The Hamilton Pagan community is very open to most traditions, Pagan or not, he explained, with particular support coming from the Wiccan Church of Canada. Hamilton has been supportive of the Kali Sara Hamilton events. I am supportive of their endeavours. All of the Hamilton community, and many outside the Hamilton Pagan community, come to Hamilton Pagan Pride Day every year. It is one of the largest PPDs in Canada.

For Huculiak, the celebration is also very important to his own journey, and family history: Kali Sara is the saint of my blood. She heals the collective shame some of my relatives had being Romani in Canada, reconnecting me to the richness of my Romani ancestry. When I see her, I smile and know my fathers ancestors are smiling with us. She is celebrated communally, so I am able to share her mystery with others, apart from their faith, but together in music, song, dance, and joy!

Event organizer John Corvus Huculiak, and Sara e Kali [Alen W Greene].

Celebrations of this saint occur worldwide, across Europe, India, and the Americas. Brazil has a notable celebration for her, but the most famous and most historic is the one in France, at the village of Les Saintes Maries de la Mer. Every May, on or around the 25th, thousands of Romani from Europe and around the world gather in the town to carry the black statue of Sara e Kali from her resting place in the cellar...


How Much are you willing to Suffer for your Happiness? elephant journal

We spend a lot of our time getting to know others, whether its someone we fancy, a hero we worship, or a character whos the talk of the town. However, we dont often examine ourselves. A journey of self-discovery is also one of self-enquiry, so the more information we gather on ourselves, the better.


Volcanic Alert Increases to California and Close Denver Airport Tales from out there - Blogue

At this time in Hawaii, 20 cracks have been opened that throw lava, ash and toxic gases into the atmosphere, threatening homes and livelihoods. It is expected that more cracks will open up that will throw lava between the houses and the countryside about 40 km east of the Kilawea summit. It is the closest possibility that there will even be a big Explosion in the Hawaiian volcano.


How to Become our own Place of Refuge. elephant journal

Refuge is a word that I have repeated hundreds of times. It is a word that is part of a Buddhist mantra I have said almost daily for years. However, without knowing the power a word holds, we can overlook the peace it might provide for us. We can also be blind to the state []


How not to Lose Ourselves when Making the Big Move. elephant journal

I just moved from New Jersey to Texas with my fianc. This is not my first move, but had I known it was going to be my most stressful, I would have better prepared myself.


The Tao Teaching that can Cure our Addiction to Busyness. elephant journal

What I did not understand then, because I was too busy striving, was the importance of wise effort. Wise effort requires understanding when action is needed, as well as when


Reagan Administration/Oliver North had DEA Agent KIKI Camarena killed for discovering CIA Drug shipments and violation of the Boland Amendment. Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Robert Tosh Plumlee(CIA Pilot) and I are making public disclosures regarding Reagan/Oliver North killing DEA agent Kiki Camarena/violations of Boland Amendment to Benghazi violations by Obama.

I met and knew Kiki Camarena and the Family as well as spoke to Kiki Jr. about the LIES the Reagan administration told them about getting "Justice"  by capturing all the men responsible for DEA Agent Kiki Camarena's "Torture"/ Interrogation" and killing, which was "Taped" before he disclosed how he found out about the "Secret' Gun Running of the CIA

The operation was probably headed by Oliver North (aka John Caffey) on his (Iran-Contra) violations of the Boland Amendment. 

This is directly related to the Deaths of the Americans at the American Embassy in Benghazi.

Here is an interview by John B. Wells that you can listen to:

These disclosures are very serious and they tie in with my disclosures I've made since 1995 and earlier since working for U.S. Customs in Oct. 1983 til March 1998 and going "public" in Oct.1 1995.(

I have received DEATH THREATS and thrown into prison on trumped up charges by a "Blacklisted" illegal alien informant who worked for U.S. Customs, my "former" agency.The informant was a convicted FELON who got caught lying to set Customs officials up and was trying to get a GREEN CARD. All U.S. Federal agencies have "black listed" this informant named Eloy Fernandez-Fernandez (aka Luis Olivas) 

Our U.S. Attorney's are totally corrupt when it comes to dealing with Whistle-blowers.(99% of the attorney give the rest a "bad name")

Please look at the Boland Amendment and you will see why the CIA is involved in playing ALL sides.

John Carman   Email: 

John Carman
Former U.S. Secret Service
San Diego Police Department
U.S. Mint Police/Treasury
U.S. Customs Service
EOD-San Diego MAST Unit Member Customs
U.S. Immigration Service
Ex-Private Investigator
Security Consultant  
National Security Adviser
Research Specialist



Hot Yoga: should you Chill Out? Know your Risks. elephant journal

According to my research, there are no yoga traditions or yoga lineage that intentionally practiced hot yoga or that intentionally heated yoga rooms. In fact, in India, traditional Hatha yoga schools frown on hot yoga. For thousands of years, yoga was practiced at sunrise and sunsetwhen it was cooler, so not to overheatand as a way to connect and sync with the natural circadian rhythms.


The Soul Travelers Diary: the 8 Stages of Growth we Go Through while Traveling. elephant journal

I was born a traveler. I used to walk to the corner store when I was five, just for the sake of going somewhere. I left home at a very young age and have seen countless places on our beloved






It occurred two days ago as I was sitting down quietly, listening to the sounds of the night. As I looked up at the white walls and ceiling encircling me, I was suddenly overcome with a strange sense of waking up from a very long and intricate dream that I had been taking part of for my entire life.

Sol who was in the room with me seemed to merge with me so there was no me or him, there was no self or other, just an inexplicable vastness, an endless wholeness. For those few moments, everything was an expression of perfection and underneath all that I saw was an infinite stillness and silence; a purity of unity.

And it was in that moment that everything I have ever looked for, everything I have ever intuitively sensed and desired, was fulfilled.


When we begin our journeys of involution, of inner growth, we discover many things about ourselves, other people and the world. We uncover the lies we tell ourselves and others, the lies the world tells us, we work on exploring our personalities, we work on improving our personalities, we heal our wounds, we try to make peace with ourselves, we try to make amends with others and many more things that go hand-in-hand with the cultivation of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-understanding and self-transformation. These are all very useful practices.

Eventually, we develop a pretty good understanding of ourselves of our flaws and strengths, of our core wounds and shadow elements and of our true dreams and gifts. We nourish our bodies, change our diets, respect our boundaries, cut away toxic habits, say goodbye to poisonous people, build new friendships and relationships, and eventually develop love and respect for who we think we are. This is all imperative.

And yet  we always feel as though something is missing in our lives. We still work to pursue creating an ideal self, that always feels happy, that never suffers and that is constantly at peace. We still work to build and enhance our identities, whether through identifying as vegans, as yogis, as empaths, as intuitives, as Buddhists, as healers, as spiritual students or teachers, as Old Souls, as shamans, as eco warriors, and as any of the other hundreds of identity labels we love to collect and embody.

And yet  we are never happy....


Defenders of Open Internet Deliver Historic Win as Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality Openhearted Rebel

The open internet scored a huge victory on Wednesday, but you wouldnt know it by watching Americas major corporate television networks.


Surgeon Reveals Why Texting Causes So Much Neck Stress Openhearted Rebel

Texting can create so much neck stress, its like carrying four adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine, reveals a report published in Surgical Technology International.


Teacher Had Students Drown Live Raccoons In Class Openhearted Rebel

The victims were two raccoons and an opossum.


ICBM missiles from the Malmstrom Air Force Base under Alien control Tales from out there - Blogue

UFO researchers are reporting reports of multiple UFO sightings near Malmstrom's Air Force Base, which appears to be under Alien control. 

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