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Saturday, 15 December


How To Pickle Meat Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

How To Pickle Meat

By KJ Barber
December 13, 2018 07:52

At least as far back as the 18th century, brining was a common way to preserve meat to make sure it wouldnt go to waste. It became popular in the age of sail due to its ability to preserve meat for years, rather than the short-term preservation of other methods. Brined meet didnt have to be kept cold, and it let people enjoy meat all year round without needing any complicated processes.
Brining was a minimalist method for preserving meat back then, and is still used today for that very reason. Why fix whats not broken? The simplicity of the process, as well as the availability of the necessary supplies, makes this a popular choice among preppers, large families, and anyone who is tired of meat going bad before being able to cook it. Thats the upside.
The downside, if there is one, is that the salt content of the meat after it has been brined is quite high. So, people who need to cut back on their salt intake should use caution with brined meat. However, that doesnt mean they cant eat it. Soaking the meat in plain water for an hour or so, then rinsing it before cooking, will help reduce the salt content.
I like pork, and will be using pork for this article. However this process can be used for a variety of meats, as well as fish.
The Supply List
No need to write this down, because the list is very short and sweet. In its simplest form, you will only need:
Container (glass or ceramic works well)
Sharp knife
One fresh egg, fully intact (for testing water only)
OPTIONAL: additional seasonings
I have additional seasonings listed as OPTIONAL in the above list. But, if you are like me someone who just cant seem to leave a recipe untouched its not much of an option.
There are several variations and groupings of seasonings you could use, all depending on your likes and dislikes. Some suggestions are sugar, black peppercorns, bay leaves, garlic, or any of your favorite combinations, such as Asian spices.
Related: How To Can Pulled Pork
The Process of Brining Pork
Once you have the supplies, the first thing is to make sure the container and meat are clean. Then, proceed with the following steps:
#1. Cut the meat into cubes, about 1-2 inches each.#2. Rinse the meat well with water to fully cleanse it, and set aside.
#3. Add enough water to the brining container of your choice to allow room for the meat to be added later and be fully submerged.
#4. Add the salt (the amount will be determined by the size of container). For one canning jar, I used about 1 cup salt.#5. Stir until the salt is dissolved#6. Test the water to see if its salty enough by placing the egg in the water. If the egg floats, theres enough salt. If it doesnt, add enough salt until it does.#7. Add the meat to the container, making sure it is fully covered by the salt water.
#8. If you are going to add...


TIMELY: A Sweet, No-Nonsense Holiday Survival Guide for Empaths & HSPs. elephant journal

Intro: Some sweet support to those who are sensitive and drip with empathy; to those who feel frazzled as heck during this time of the year. OR: The messy, raw, delightful art of givingwithout giving ourselves away.   I have a confession to make before we dive in Sometimes, I dislike the words empath or highly sensitive []


Tis the season to be tired elephant journal

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. unless youre the person in charge of making sure its all its hyped up to be. No, Im not talking about the fat guy in the red suit. Im talking about MOMS. I seriously suggest we move Mothers Day to December 26th because holy S$*! Christmas []

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Friday, 14 December


Self-Care isnt a Solo Act: 3 Tips to Taking Control of Your Happiness elephant journal

Self-Care Series Part 2 Taking the time to determine and implement a new self-care routine is not selfish and can feel daunting, but no one ever said you had to go it alone.  Starting a new self-care routine can also be exciting!  You buy the new supplements and workout clothes with a sassy saying.  You []


Alien Base on Mars South Pole Tales from out there - Blogue

Alien Base on Mars South Pole.
Source: Ufomania - the truth is out there via google earth 


Kp Message 12-14-18 Message(s) from the Body Kauilapele's Blog

Im often not sure what these Kp messages are going to be about, until after Ive started writing them. This one is more of an observation type post, about whats been going on with this physical body.

The past several days Ive been experiencing, pretty much every day, a type of extreme coughing. And, yes, Ive requested some healing assistance, from a couple people, and the Universe. But tonight I noticed that the cough-initiation was particularly strong when I was watching / listening to some of the exposure channels videos (x22Report, SGTReport, Operation Freedom, et al.) and they were covering all the apocalypses going on. After a couple three minutes, I found my body severely wanting to start coughing again.

The message I get right now is to stay away from those channels, and perhaps it is time for my Spirit to be at rest from all the apocalypse things. Those things will continue, and it does not require my close attention to them.

This is possibly also a message (to my Self, at least) that it is time to start looking at the Higher Energetic levels into which we are traveling. Well see how all that works out.

Im just conveying what has been happening with me, and thats all that it may be about, but thats what it is, for thi...


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."  Luke 1:26-28


Love letter to Earth Angels elephant journal

You are not a delusional dreamer, You have witnessed everything youve ever dreamt of manifest before your eyes. Remember or envision the happy and good moments, How relaxed, carefree and accepted you felt More comfortable in your skin than ever before. You dont need makeup or superficial things to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled. []


Bikini Styles For the Summer elephant journal

The advanced bikini was first observed on the French shorelines in the mid year of 1947, after its development in the earlier year in France. It was named after the Bikini Atoll, the home of numerous atomic blasts in the Pacific Sea. Only fourteen days after the one piece bathing suit Atome was charged as []



FBI Documents Show Agents Tracked Peaceful Protesters in the US as Domestic Terrorists The Mind Unleashed

When the U.S.-based launched its Break Free From Fossil Fuels campaign in May of 2016, the global climate justice group called the multi-week set of coordinated actions largest civil disobedience in the history of the environmental movement.

With hundreds of actions taking place on six continents, the whole world was watchingand, according to newly-released documents, was the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, the Guardian published previously unseen FBI files on Thursday showing the agency tracking peaceful protesters in the U.S. who participated in some of the Break Free demonstrations.

The newspaper reports that while there is no evidence the FBI opened an investigation into itself, one of the documents obtained by the FOIA request showed the surveillance of non-violent activists in Iowa was catalogued as part of a related domestic terrorism case and 350s well-known co-founder Bill McKibben was also mentioned in the documents. From the reporting:

McKibben, who has been the subject of both rightwing surveillance and disturbing online death threats, said the FBIs apparent failure to distinguish between non-violent civil disobedience and domestic terrorism was contemptible.

Trying to deal with the greatest crisis humans have stumbled into shouldnt require being subjected to government surveillance, McKibben said. But when much of our government acts as a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry, it may be par for the course.

The FBI is prohibited from investigating groups or individuals solely for their political beliefs but has been criticized in the past for treating non-violent civil disobedience as a form of terrorism. In 2010 the Office of the Inspector General released a report detailing how the FBI, particularly in the post-9/11 era, had inappropriately tracked activist groups such as Greenpeace and the Catholic Worker for engaging in non-violent protest.

Read the FBIs investigative do...


Power and Potential of Ayurvedic Medicines elephant journal

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the finest, holistic and traditional systems of health.  The historical backdrop of ayurveda returns to thousand of years. The essential objective of ayurveda has been twofold advancement of wellbeing and dealing with the illness. Let us explain the  highlights of this incredible arrangement of wellbeing, way of life and []


WATCH: Drivers Scramble to Grab Cash on Busy Highway After Brinks Truck Spills It All Over The Mind Unleashed

In what can only be described as a likely preview of the next round of the Feds quantitative easing, an armored truck reportedly spilled cash onto Route 3 West in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Thursday morning. The incident caused drivers to promptly exit their vehicles and scramble about the highway picking up bills of all denominations.

After the truck spilled cash, it caused two other vehicle crashes. Social media lit up shortly after the incident took place, showing video of drivers scrambling about the middle of an otherwise normally busy highway grabbing money off of the ground.




by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Todays High Pitched Frequencies G Major: (Throat, I speak, Mercury, communication, creativity, expression) Everything rustic, idyllic and lyrical, every calm and satisfied passion, every tender gratitude for true friendship and faithful love,in a word every gentle and peaceful emotion of the heart is correctly expressed by this []

The post DEC 14, 2018 HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCY KEY G MAJOR THROAT CHAKRA appeared first on In5D.


The Yellow Vest Movement is Not a Facebook Revolution The Mind Unleashed

In less than a month, Frances gilets jaunes (yellow vests) have gone from being a celebrated example of Facebooks ability to power a spontaneous revolution to a cautionary tale of how social networks can be manipulated by outsiders to provoke outrage and sow dissension. But in both of these extreme scenarios, the central actors lie outside France, whether its the platforms based in Silicon Valley or the suspected propagandists in Russia.

Because the gilets jaunes phenomenon couldnt be connected to one particular trade union, political party or any other national organization, many looked to the role of the Internet to explain the emergence and diffusion of the protest movement, symbolized by the yellow safety vests that activists wear.

The French are accustomed to protests that are scheduled well in advance. Theres even an app called Cest la grve that announces strikes, be they with the railways, schools or elsewhere.

Theres an orderly fashion to so-called disruptive manifestations (as protests are referred to in French), but the gilets jaunes movement hasnt followed the rules. So who exactly broke the rules? An easy answer has been the Internet.

Breaking the rules

In many ways, thats the point of the gilets jaunes: theyre breaking the rules. Not only did they bypass traditional organizations, but they have accused the Parisian establishment, particularly President Emmanuel Macron, of being elitist and out of touch with the economic struggles of working-class people, particularly those in rural areas. They are not anti-tax in principle or even anti-government intervention, but they are against the type of decision-makers who supported an increase in the tax on diesel fuel without understanding how challenging it has been for people in the countryside to survive theyre struggling because they have to drive farther and farther to get to fewer and fewer jobs, with wages that have not kept up with the costs of living.

And since existing institutions werent responding to these everyday needs, the protests that erupted in November have expanded to broader economic and political demands. But how did this movement happen? If it wasnt existing organizations, many have said, it must be the Internet. A common example of this argument stems from the viral Facebook videos by Jacline Mouraud, a digitally savvy musician who lives in north-western France and early on encouraged people to protest.

The revolutionary power of social media is wishful thinking

Both scholars and journa...


(Why) Capitalism is the Most Unnatural Thing in the World Prepare For Change

Why The Hidden Logic of the You and Me Is Generosity and Selflessness

By umair haque,

Imagine that there was a tree that grew a billion times taller than all the other trees. Imagine that there was a gazelle who drank all the water in the world, just went on drinking and drinking. Imagine that there was an eagle who never stopped feeling hungry, so he ate all the littler animals, and grew to be the size of a whole continent. Imagine for a moment that there was an ape who owned all the forests and mountains all the other apes lived in, and charged them rent, so they grew impoverished.

Does any of that sound remotely natural to you? Or does it make you laugh? Then why is it that one of the most common responses I get whenever I write about capitalismfrom Americans of a certain kind, especiallygoes something like this: You dont get it, dude! Capitalism is the natural state of the universe! Just look aroundnature made us like this!! Now, since Ive given you some examples, that statement might strike you as funny, illogical, trivialbut Id bet on some level, that you might even believe it too. That greed and self-interest and so on of an aggressive kind are perfectly naturaland we must fight them if we are to be civilized. Is any of that really true?

This beliefthat the universe is a kind of soulless Darwinian machine, which operates solely through predation and profitis what predominates today. It often justifies our view of both society and ourselves. We believe, most of us, Id bet, that we are bad peoplejust animalsdeep down inside. And some of us believe we should free those inner animals. If nature is predatory, greedy, self-interested, violent, brutal, red in tooth and clawthen society should be, tooand we should be also, right? Wrong.

Nature isnt any of the above. It is very much the opposite. And if we look at nature and all that we see is greed, predation, brutality, and violence, then weve seen only what we want to see, because thats what our ideologies predispose us to. In fact, I think that the universe has something like a soul, or at least a conscience. Shall I prove it?



How to Revive Yourself for Next Semester elephant journal

Well it is the end of another semester for me in college, the first half of my junior year is over. It is pretty surreal to think that I am more than halfway done, and I am pretty aware that the rest of my time here at the University of Richmond is going to fly []


Is Our Search For Power Driven By 3D Ego Or 5D Soul? In5D

Jaimie Kulikowski, Contributing writer, The answer isboth. The third law of physics is for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When energies are different and the same simultaneously, they can oftentimes look and feel very similar. The ego and soul are equal and exact opposites. Both energies are equal in that they []

The post Is Our Search For Power Driven By 3D Ego Or 5D Soul? appeared first on In5D.


Expressions of the Infinite & One Universal Consciousness Humans Are Free

There is one Consciousness or Prime Creator and that infinite, eternal energy became Manyness. While we appear separate and individual, we all came from this one Source. And that Source is experiencing itself as Infinite Manyness. We are many facets of one diamond (universe) of endless innumerable others!

Through experience we evolve "our personal point of awareness" at different rates and each have our own unique vibration / frequency. This is very similar to how and why we each have unique fingerprints!

There is no such thing as "good versus evil" as ALL originated from Oneness itself. We contain both "the demon and the angel," we are both "the light and the dark," the yin and the yang, and it is ultimately a choice what we decide to manifest while we are here.

On Earth the only real difference between "a loving act" and "a hateful act" is a person's level of AWARENESS. Humans have very much over-complicated things and have utterly confused the traditions of men as being from "the divine."

Expressions of the Infinite - Galaxy Universe

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Go Back To You, Youre Still There elephant journal

In a world of rolling chaos and constant change, its easy to forget what truly matters. It slips off our minds quite often. Oftentimes I forget that I was put in this body to serve my soul, to lull, feed, bathe and listen to it. If I am not at peace, it manifests through me, []


Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers to Testify About Tax Crimes, Pay-For-Play Humans Are Free

Following allegations of sloppy accounting, potential tax fraud and pay-to-play, the Clinton Foundation will be under a Congressional microscope this week after three whistleblowers have come forward and agreed to testify one of whom secretly submitted 6,000 pages of documents to the IRS and FBI in August of 2017, and all three of whom have submitted various documents to Congressional investigators.

by Tyler Durden

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, told Fox News's Martha MacCallum on Monday night that there are three whistleblowers who have spent the past two years investigating the Clinton Foundation, and have "explosive" allegations which they will share during today's testimony on Capitol Hill.

MACCALLUM: OK. With regard to the investigation, which doesnt get a lot of attention, into the Clinton foundation, the DOJ designated John Huber to look into this. They have 6,000 pages of evidence that theyve gone through. The foundation raised $2.5 billion, and theyre looking into potential improprieties.

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Qanon, Secret messages at Poppy's Funeral, Clinton Discovery & Assange to be Released? Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Not quite sure what's going on here but the look on Jeb's Face really said it all, Hillary got the same envelope in her funeral announcement. what was that note "W"  slipped Michelle Obama ? 

THING'S ARN'T AS THEY SEEM IN THE UNDERWORLD OF THE  LEADING 1 % IN OFFICE. keep your eyes and ears open on things to come......

Published on Dec 6, 2018

Did Q predict the George HW Bush funeral? Why were the attendees passing secret notes? Will Hillary finally meet her end?

Will Julian Assange finally be released?

Will Robert Mueller face jail time for HIS crimes?

These questions and more in today's News Roundup from RedPill78, The Corruption Detector.

Stories are reported, but opinions are mine. Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.


Youre Not Dying Its the Schumann Resonance! Prepare For Change

from HowToExitTheMatrix Website

By now, there isnt one person on Earth that has not felt some kind of weird and unexplained physical symptom that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Many do not understand why this is occurring, and some go to their doctor to find that there is nothing wrong with them. In turn, doctors are realizing that there seems to be a phenomena of unexplained psychosomatic occurrences.

There is scientific evidence that something is happening on the planet that is shaking the apple cart up at this time, and this evidence is from a Russian website that tracks the Schumann Resonance.

What is the Schumann Resonance?
The Schumann Resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance named by physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

The official description from Wikipedia is:

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earths electromagnetic field spectrum.


Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earths surface and the ionosphere.

As you can see, the Wikipedia explanation says that we have had a whole lot of lightning lately if you read the charts that I am about to show you.

Regardless of whether what is happening on the planet is indeed causing more lightning or whether it is causing the equipment to pick up on something else, the scientific evidence proves that something is disturbing or spiking the electromagnetic frequency on the planet.

For thousands of year the Schumann resonance has been measured at 7.83 hertz or within shallow spikes of this depending on how many storms are o...


The Not-So-Pale Blue Dot elephant journal

Once you get the chance to get away, from home, from family, from what you know, and see whats out there-the inmensity, the colors, the people- something shifts inside you. You expand, and you dont shrink back. Its almost addictive and its overwhelming and truly extraordinary; the fact that we havent seen it all, and []


If Christmas Only Gave Us Love. that would be enough elephant journal

The holiday season has totally consumed us by now. The stress of spending money. The stress of having to deal with family members you spend all year avoiding. The stress of decorating, cooking, baking and cleaning. Husbands worry they wont get there wives enough. Wives worry that their husbands answer of I dont want anything []


Elton John Defends Photograph Seized in 'Child Porn' Art Raid Humans Are Free

This article is a flashback from 2007, long before #PedoGate and #PizzaGate. I'm not sure what it means, but that photo (which I have included below - censored) is very disturbing. Of course, nothing happened to Elton John.

Sir Elton John has admitted that an art exhibit seized by police as part of a child pornography probe is his.

Elton's website today said that he had purchased the controversial piece and it was on loan to a gallery.

The photograph shows two naked girls laughing and playing. One is wrapped in costume fabric and the other is lying on her back, her knees bent under her.

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What does it take to be a Full-Time Digital Nomad? elephant journal

I could stay in my corporate job safe but instead, Ive chosen to take a leap of faith as a full-time digital nomad. Here are my insights.   I wouldnt even imagine myself running a business of my property. I was always among the best students in all those schools and colleges burning my eyelashes []


80-Yr-Old Catholic Priest Busted for 400 Images and 210 DVDs of Child Porn (Kids As Young As 2) Humans Are Free

There's another tragic tale of a Catholic Priest engaged in degenerate pedophilia-laden desires. This time 81-year-old former Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Great Falls, Montana was arrested for receipt of child pornography.

As of this time, Krauth remains a free man awaiting trial, now with a felony indictment for his alleged receipt of child pornography.

A forensic examination of evidence seized from the suspects home includes illicit videos and images of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct including oral, vaginal, and anal sex with other children and adults.

Lothar Konrad Krauth worked as a Priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Great Falls, Montana; from 1989 to 2014. He is known in the community as Father Lou.

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An On the Ground Report From Italy On Compulsory Vaccinations Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

An On the Ground Report From Italy On Compulsory Vaccinations


Note: Davide is an Age of Autism reader and vaccine safety advocate in Italy. We welcome his contribution to AofA!  Grazie!

By Davide Suraci

From Italy, December 6, 2018.

Here is what the mainstream media write about the Italian situation: Italian health minister Giulia Grillo is expelling many members of the Higher Health Council. The Italian government of no-vax is restoring the freedom of choice for vaccination and to eliminate the obligation of the 10 vaccinations.

It is not true. In fact, the government elected after the votes of March 4, 2018 and consisting of the 5 Star Movement and the Northern League  mistakenly considered populist parties  have maintained the mandatory vaccination and many unvaccinated children have been excluded from our public and private schools also through the use of police forces.

In these days the law number 770 is being approved, with which the decisions of the previous government would be reconfirmed and made harsher. Mass vaccinations are also planned for medical personnel and teachers. Doctors remain silent and do not want to get vaccinated (only 15% of them are vaccinated). Vaccinations are also foreseen for the renewal of driving licenses and to be able to access the school classes of every order and degree.

The police forces, on the orders of the judiciary, have checked the authenticity of the vaccine certificates delivered by the parents to the schools in order to obtain the right of access for the children to the school.

Many parents have filed complaints to the judiciary for vaccines polluted by metal nanoparticles (discovered by our researchers in nanotechnology materials already 15 years ago in vaccines)...


Attending school while Palestinian: brief (horror) stories from the last 6 weeks Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Attending school while Palestinian: brief (horror) stories from the last 6 weeks

Attending school while Palestinian: brief (horror) stories from the last 6 weeks

Israeli forces prepare to demolish a school in Hebron, West Bank on 11 July 2018 [DonnaBaranski-Walker/Twitter]

Children in occupied West Bank schools are attacked and traumatized on a regular basis, as a matter of official policy. These are stories from just November and ten days in December (subsidized by American tax dollars). 

compiled by If Americans Knew

Nov. 1 Israeli Settlers Dump Sewage into Qalqilia-district Schoolyard 

Israeli settlers from the illegal Shaare Tikva settlement dumped their sewage onto school property in the northern West Bank village of Azzun AtmaSewage flooded the school courtyard and playground, resulting in a repulsive smell inside the schoolthis is the second time in two months settlers dump their sewage on the village schoolit usually takes over 10 days for sewage water to dry, causing health hazards for students and the community at large.

Nov. 5 Hebron: Demolition Notices Served to School, 3 Structures

Israeli authorities delivered demolition notices to one school and three housing structures [in the occupied West Bank]Israeli forces stormed the Khillet al-Dabe schooland forced the schools staff and its 12 students to evacuateIsraeli forces then handed the school staff a demolition notice for the schoolthe Palestinian Ministry of Ed...


Boy, 8, gets 'worst case of measles doctor had seen' despite two MMR jabs Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Boy, 8, gets 'worst case of measles doctor had seen' despite two MMR jabs

Helen Spilsbury, 33, of Manchester, was shocked because she thought her son Jack was already protected against measles, mumps and rubella 810w" src="" alt="" content="" /> Jack Spilsbury, eight, suffered a terrible rash that spread over his body (Image: MEN Media)

A mother has issued a warning to parents after her son contracted highly contagious measles - despite him being immunised twice for it.

Helen Spilsbury, 33, says that she first noticed an itch on her son Jack on Sunday evening and thought it was a heat rash.

But by Monday the Manchester schoolboy was covered with it and was scratching all over his body.

Manchester Evening News reports that after a visit to the chemist, staff initially thought the eight-year-old might have hand, food and mouth disease

However a trip to see the doctor on Tuesday confirmed that Jack had measles - and it was the worst case he had ever seen.

Helen was shocked because Jack has had both MMR jabs when he was younger - giving protection against measles, mumps and rubella.

Jack's measles were the 'worst the doctor had ever seen' (Image: MEN Media)


She said: "Even at the...


Sensitivity-shaming the scourge of modern society elephant journal

You may have read my recent article titled, Baby, Its Cold Outside, where I tried to tackle the issue of shaming and mocking people who take offence to things others do not something I like to call sensitivity-shaming. The controversial nature of the central subject of my article namely, the recent banning of this []


Sadness; even then there may be beauty. elephant journal

You learn through experience, so it has been proven. The child that touched a hot stove, the injury to the flesh is his teacher. The child can see, feel and touch why he should in the future beware of hot stoves. Of course, there are some words spoken but this lesson is tangible and straightforward. []


Bittersweet Serendipity elephant journal

Your smile astounds me every single time, Your ever dimensional eyes from another lifetime. Your near presence electrifying in a beautiful way, In your arms feel like always. Loving knowing youcould you stay? Everything, yet nothing, numbing pain Like cruel, mocking, bittersweet serendipity once again. Sharm Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash  


How Reading Kurt Vonnegut Can Teach You About The Meaning Of Life Educate Inspire Change


Kurt Vonnegut, the beloved science fiction novelist, wrote amazingly creative and thought-provoking page-turners. He was a solid advocate of humanism. Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion. It affirms the dignity of each human being to be good, not because religion told them to, but just because they can, for goodness sake. While he is generally remembered for his outspokenness regarding art, political and moral issues, many of his novels teach valuable life lessons containing quotable advice on how to live well.

What kind of knowledge is encased within a Vonnegut novel?

Kindness is important.

His books beg that people be kinder and more responsible than they often are. In one of his more formal writing, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, a 1965 novel about a philanthropic organization gone wrong Vonnegut famously writes:

Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. Its hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Its round and wet and crowded. At the outside, babies, youve got about a hundred years here. Theres only one rule that I know of, babies God damn it, youve got to be kind.

Enrich your life by reading.

In Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage, he wrote:

I believe that reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found. By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This to me is a miracle.

His profound explanation on why reading is good for you is absolutely wonderful. The idea that my mind is united with the mind of the writer makes so much sense and it is such a beautiful concept.



These Twilight Zone Sea Creatures Will Blow Your Mind Educate Inspire Change

The twilight zone, also known as the Mesopelagic zone, is the midwater region of the oceans. At depths between 650 and 3,000 feet (200-800 meters) below the surface the sunlight is barely a glimmer; to the human eye its virtually darkness. That is where it gets its name twilight zone. To add to the feeling, the water is a frigid average temperature of 40F (4C). Residing in these waters are creatures beyond your wildest dreams (and, perhaps, nightmares).

Everything that lives here has amazing adaptations for the challenges of such an extreme environment. -Heidi Sosik, ocean scientist

Larry Madin / WHOI

So without further ado, may I introduce to youa few of the most intriguing twilight zone inhabitants! Each wild creature is accompanied by a mesmerizing video for you to see just how special it really is.

The Rainbow Maker

A Ctenophores (also known as comb jellies, sea gooseberries, sea walnuts, or Venuss girdles) is essentially a rainbow making jellyfish. Although technically it is not a jellyfish, rather, a comb jelly. They can be found all over the world. They come in many different forms (some are flat, some are rounded, some have lobes, some are shaped like medusa heads) and range widely in size, from a few millimeters to several feet...


Next Time You Feel Like Showing Off Start A Fire Using A Lemon! Heres How Educate Inspire Change



NorthSurvival is a YouTube channel run by Andree Stedt based in the Swedish forests where hes grown up since he was a child. After he graduated high school he bought a camera and started filming just for fun.

The videos he makes teach some very unique survival skills. He shows various smart tricks, such as how to cook an egg in a potato over campfire, how to bake a cake in an orange, how to make a stun gun, how to make an explosive tripwire alarm, and much more . But whether youll use these skills to save you life out in the wild or just for fun at home, his survival skills are definitely worth knowing.

Stedt told a local newspaper in an interview:

I think people like my videos because theyre fun and effective, without a lot of unnecessary talk in them.

Take his how to start a fire with a lemon skill for example; it has around 24 million views and got over 2 million of them in just the first 4 days! Obviously, its something everyone wants to know how to do.

How does it work?

  • Electricity is generated through oxidation-reduction, a chemical reaction that occurs when the zinc dissolves into the acid.
  • You can squeeze about 5 Volts out of a lemon battery.

So heres what youll need:

  • A lemon
  • Copper clips
  • Zinc nails
  • Wire
  • Steel wool

*If do not have zinc and copper clips or nails, you can also use copper and zinc coins.



Begin by first inserting the copper clips or coins into the lemon in a line, leaving a one-centimeter gap between them.



Talk About Spreading A Message, This Artist Spread It Across 50 Buildings! Educate Inspire Change

The astonishing mural by eL Seed and his crew in a Cairo suburb is viewable in full only from a neighboring mountaintop. Photo by Ryan Lash/TED.


Bringing people, future generations, together through Arabic calligraphy is what I do. Writing messages is the essence of my artwork. What is funny, actually, is that even Arabic-speaking people really need to focus a lot to decipher what Im writing. You dont need to know the meaning to feel the piece. I think that Arabic script touches your soul before it reaches your eyes. There is a beauty in it that you dont need to translate. Arabic script speaks to anyone, I believe; to you, to you, to you, to anybody, and then when you get the meaning, you feel connected to it. I always make sure to write messages that are relevant to the place where Im painting, but messages that have a universal dimension, so anybody around the world can connect to it. -eL Seed

el Seed uses a lift to maneuver around as he paints. Photo courtesy of eL Seed.

French-Tunisian artist eL Seed...


The Olympics 2020 Is The First Ever To Be Powered By 100% Renewable Energy Educate Inspire Change


The Olympics is huge! It is the largest sports event in the world. It impacts more than just the people involved; the athletes, coaches, viewers at home, staff, and everyone from around the world who come to witness the athletic greatness in person. It also impacts the society (economically) and the planet (environmentally), with effects being felt before, during, and after the competition.

The host country of the upcoming 2020 Olympic games is Japan. The country has made huge strides in its history to overcome pollution crisis. But the future they envision is cleaner and they want to spread their green efforts on a global stage. We are now facing global sustainability challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, human rights issue such as discrimination, and aging, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics website says. They intend to broadcast the importance of being green by making the Olympics 100% sustainable.

How they plan to do this:

  1. Climate Change : Towards Zero Carbon
    In accordance with the launch of the Paris Agreement, this goal represents Japans intention to manage the Games focusing on maximum energy savings and use of renewable energy, thus building the foundation of decarbonisation with the effort of everyone.
    They will accomplish this by utilizing 100% green energy solutions (by purchasing renewable energy from power companies and by installing solar panels) and through energy-saving technologies, both at the games as well as the athlete villages, main press center, and the international broadcasting center. Furthermore by promoting public transportation and fuel cell vehicles.
  2. Resource Management : Zero Wasting...


New GOP Congressman Mark Green Rejects Science, Claims Vaccines May Cause Autism Progressive Secular Humanist

Anti-science: Conservative Christian congressman Mark Green rejects evolution, promotes creationism, and claims vaccines may cause autism. At a town hall meeting held with constituents earlier this week, Mark Green, a newly elected congressman from Tennessee, called into question the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data regarding vaccines, ane even more significant, suggested that []


The Truth And Scam Behind Times Person Of The Year Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

 I have to agree here, I have seen before people who should NEVER been put on the cover of TIME just like anything else whatever makes money.


Politicians Are Totally Cool With Saudi Arabias Slaughter In Yemen Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Damn to the Democrats & Damn to the Republicans 

the Saudi Arabia killings in Yemen directed to the slaughter of innocent men, women & children why?

Saudi Ariba overseeing Natzi-Style Hunger program in Yemen


Republicans and a handful of Democrats in the House yesterday stripped an amendment by Democratic Representative Ro Khanna that would have ended the USs support of Saudi Arabias brutal attacks on Yemen. These members now all have blood on their hands, and every story about the atrocities being committed in Yemen should be hung around them. Ring of Fires Farron Cousins discusses this.


The Ultimate Mind-Body Gift Guide elephant journal

The Ultimate Mind-Body Gift Guide by Sarah Otto-Combs, AP,                                                                                              []


Notes and Hounds: Australia Edition The Wild Hunt

This month, TWHs Australian correspondent Josephine Winter brings us the latest news snippets from the Australian Pagan Community.


[courtesy Dragons Photography]

Western Australia: Combined Covens Participates in PrideFest WA

Last month, Perth-based non-profit Pagan social group Combined Covens participated in PrideFest, Perths LGBTQI+  arts, culture and community festival for the second year running. Members of Combined Covens dressed as gods and goddesses for the parade through Northbridge, which marked the conclusion of the festival.

[courtesy Dragons Photography]

PrideFest is organised and facilitated by Pride WA. Originally incorporated in 1993 as Lesbian & Gay Pride (WA) Incorporated, Pride WA began in its earliest form during the 1989 march on Parliament, during the contentious debate about the Law Reform (Decriminalisation of Sodomy) Act 1989 which decriminalised private sexual acts between two people of the same sex. Since then, Pride WA has grown to host some of the largest LGBT events in Perth and played an important role in campaigning for gay and lesbian law reform in the state.

Combined Covens was formed in 1996 as a unification of a number of larger covens and groups in Western Australia. The group is an incorporated non-profit group and is geared towards providing networking and fellowship to Pagans across the state.


Queensland: Author Sandra Greenhalgh Announces Druid Wisdom Oracle Cards

Both ancient and modern Druid practices are the inspiration for this new deck of oracle cards, set for release in February 2019.

The deck also features images based on Pictish rock carvings as well as Celtic mythology, says author and artist Sandra Greenhalgh. Greenhalgh began working on the deck in April 2018, after experiencing an unexpected and sudden flow of Awen. This led to her learning digital art techniques (though no photographic images are included in the deck), and how to independently sel...


Letting it All Out The Good, Bad, and the Ugly elephant journal

I screamed louder than I ever had before. When you think about it, how often do we really give ourselves permission to explode when its not in the heat of an argument? It can be easier sometimes to express anger or rage when theres a human being to serve as the backboard for it. []


Apprentice final thesis: 5 Reasons Quitting Leads to Freedom. elephant journal

Title: How to be an Amazing Quitter in 5 Easy Steps. I am an amazing quitter. At 19, as a new mom to my toddler daughter, I left a toxic marriage. At 24, I quit smoking cold turkey. I cleaned up my diet, stopped eating processed foods and later became grain free. Recently, at 31, I quit []


Bill Would Force Congress Members to Pay Out of Pocket for Sexual Harassment Settlements The Mind Unleashed

After nearly a year of debate, congressional negotiators have reached a deal to reform the system Congress uses to handle claims of sexual misconduct against its members.

On Wednesday, both the House and the Senate agreed to terms on a bill that would make current and former members liable for their own financial settlements instead of taxpayers. The bill comes on the heels of the #MeToo movement which forced several members of Congress to resign. The deal would also publicly identify members who settle claims, extend harassment protections to unpaid staff, and create a system to process sexual misconduct claims electronically.

Although the deal, announced by Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), takes steps to reform sexual misconduct claims, it exempts lawmakers from liability in discrimination suits and doesnt provide legal counsel to staff members who file claims.

Senator Klobuchar, a ranking member on the Senate Rules Committee, said in a statement:

For too long, victims of sexual harassment in Congress have been forced into a process that lacks transparency and accountability, and fails them at a time when they need the most support.

Last year, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) shocked the nation when she announced on MSNBCs Meet the Press Daily that the House of Representatives alone had used more than $15 million in taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment claims. Rep. Speier also stated:

I think moving forward we have got to take steps to make sure that there is transparency, that in fact the harasser is not going to have the settlement paid for out of the U.S. Treasury, and have all of the taxpayers paying for it. It should be something that is paid for by the individual.

Amid a growing number of allegations of sexual misconduct, more than half a dozen lawmakers have already been forced to resign, including Former Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) who re...



On Monday night, a mysterious radar blip appeared over southern Illinois and western Kentucky. It lingered for over 10 hours, having traveled for nearly 140 miles before disappearing. The National Weather Service was stunned the blips resembled a moving storm, but it wasnt even raining.


On Monday night, a mysterious radar blip appeared over southern Illinois and western Kentucky. It lingered for over 10 hours, having traveled for nearly 140 miles before disappearing. The National Weather Service was stunned the blips resembled a moving storm, but it wasnt even raining.

Interesting radar return over Wabash County IL, moving south off KPAH radar. 

NWS Paducah (@NWSPaducah) 

The internet was quickly on the case, with social media users sharing their theories. Some suggested that the blips may have been a result of debris from a passing meteor, a simple flock of birds, chemical residue from government weather control, and even aliens.

An Indiana meteorologist tweeted that a pilot claims the mystery was no mystery at all and could be explained by radar-jamming material being released by a Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Information from a pilot appears to confirm that chaff was the mysterious radar echo that traversed late Monday afternoon/evening. Pilot was told by EVV Air Traffic Control that chaff was released by a military C130 northwest of Evansville.

While the mysterious blips may have been a result of military aircraft, all nearby military bases contend that they didnt have anything to do with it.

Whatever aircraft it was, it was not a Scott Air Force Base craft, Master Sgt. Thomas Doscher ...


You Are Most Likely to Have a Heart Attack at 10pm on Christmas Eve The Mind Unleashed

According to a new study published Wednesday in the British Medical Journal, the holiday season may not actually be the most wonderful time of the year. While millions of people across the world gather together with family and friends on Christmas Eve to kick off holiday celebrations after a month full of activities, decorating, shopping, planning, and more  a dark reality looms.

The new study found that heart attack risk peaks around 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve when the chances of having a heart attack increased by a shocking 37 percent.

According to Lund University cardiologist David Erlinge:

The peak is very pronounced exactly on Christmas Eve and the following two days, so, I think it is something specific for the way we celebrate these holidays.

Researchers sifted through the data associated with 283,000 heart attacks recorded in Sweden over a span of 16 years, from 1998 to 2013. Its a big study, not a sample, Erlinge added. Every heart attack for 16 years in the whole country is in it. Its reality.

Christmas is traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve in Sweden, suggesting that the risk of heart attack may actually be more pronounced at 10 p.m. on Christmas Day in countries where Christmas is celebrated the day of, like the United States and Britain.

While the observational study does not draw conclusions about the cause of the Christmas Eve spike, findings suggest that stress, travel, emotions, and a tendency to over-indulge during the holiday season may have deadly results. The risk is especially pronounced for those with diabetes or a history of heart disease.

We do not know for sure but emotional distress with acute experience of anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, and stress increases the risk of a heart attack. Excessive food intake, alcohol, long distance traveling may also increase the risk, Erlinge said.

In addition to the Christmas Eve spike, researchers noted additional patterns when it comes to heart attack occurrence. The study found a slightly higher risk on Mondays as well as before 8 a.m. Smaller spikes were found to occur on New Ye...


The Happy Holidays This Year Really Sucked Card. elephant journal

Every night before I take the dogs out, before I start dinner, before I turn on BravoI go through the days mail. And peeking out from todays stack of catalogs, circulars, and bills is a red Santa stamped foil envelope encasing a card brimming with happy (intact) family pictures. The first holiday card of the []


7 paleo foods that naturally lower your blood pressure Prepare For Change

By: Zoey Sky,

The condition called hypertension (high blood pressure) is prevalent in the U.S. and other developed countries. It doesnt have any obvious symptoms, but this doesnt make it any less dangerous. If you have hypertension, you must monitor your blood pressure closely to limit the damage your arteries. One way to do this is to eat Paleo foods that can help lower your blood pressure.

What happens when you have high blood pressure?

The Paleo diet is suitable for people with hypertension because maintaining cardiovascular health is crucial to this kind of lifestyle.

Blood pressure helps send blood cells, nutrients, oxygen, and other vital chemicals throughout your body. With every heartbeat, your blood pressure pushes the blood throughout your circulatory system.

Your blood also helps get rid of toxic waste products in the body. If the blood vessels in your kidneys get damaged, the kidneys will eventually have a hard time eliminating waste and extra fluids from the body.

Thankfully, its easy to detect high blood pressure. The condition can also be managed if you follow a proper diet, which can help lower high blood pressure and prevent the hardening of the arteries.

Consume fresh and organic foods that contain fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vegetable protein to lower your risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. Try to avoid eating foods like high-fat dairy, processed foods, and sugary drinks. (Related: Why black beans are the best foods for hypertensive people.)

Paleo foods that can improve heart health

These seven Paleo foods contain magnesium and potassium, two nutrients that are necessary for blood pressure regulation.

Mother Natures micronutrient secret: Organic Broccoli Sprout Capsules now available, delivering 280mg of high-density nutrition, including the extraordinary sulforaphane and glucosinolate nutrients found only in cruciferous healing foods. Every lot laboratory tested. See availability here.

  1. Bananas  Bananas are full of potassium. Eating bananas can also help prevent muscle cramps because potassium is an electrolyte that drives muscle and nerve function, such as your heartbeat. Consume...


Re-membering the Gut elephant journal

  I have been working with healing myself as well as others and got to thinking about our biome. The one giant biome and the millions of baby biomes that reside within. Did you know that we have few cells comparative to the critters that dwell within us that are comprised of bacteria, viruses, fungi []


The Gaping Societal Wound were all too Eager to Ignore. elephant journal

By last count, there are over 52,000 throughout the County.


Student Debt: The Big One Prepare For Change

As may readers of this article already know, debt is a common issue among people today. In fact, around 80% of people are in debt currently. But, student debt stands in a class of its own. This is because student debt hold a few unique factors which separate it from other loans and owings.

Firstly, a student loan is one of the hardest loans to default on. Its also not forgiven by bankruptcy, unlike almost every other type of debt. Interest rates can also vary depending on whether you get a private student loan or a federal loan. This can lead to expensive repayments.

Secondly, student loans are not directly given to you. Instead, they are provided to the college or institution youre attending. If youre receiving a private student loan, you also probably started repaying it immediately. This is instead of after graduation, as is the case with federal student loans. You may also have a co-signer who youd have to worry about if you couldnt make repayments.

This, along with rising college costs, make it obvious why student debt has crossed $1.4 trillion in the U.S. It is now the highest form of debt in the country. It also takes up to 25 years to be forgiven on, after a lengthy process.

But, if youre reading this, you probably already know how much of a nuisance student debt is. The big question is, how can I get rid of it quicker?

Fortunately, the best way to deal with it is the how you might deal with any debt. Namely, increase your income or lower your cost of living. Because many students and graduates already live a very low-cost lifestyle,this means increasing income is a safer bet.

Below, we list a few side hustles you can do to help augment your income and pay off your student debt quicker.

Side Hustles To Pay Off Your Student Debt



Shoot the Global Warming Bastards Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


Or at least arrest them and charge them for crimes against humanity. In a court of law they would be held in contempt. As the grand solar minimum closes in on us, as sun spots become as rare as honest politicians, as the upper atmosphere cools rapidly (according to NASA), and as it gets way colder and snowier than normal, only the biggest idiots in the galaxy would be getting hysterica about manmade global warming.

Certainly we do have climate change but it is cold climate change and we have the cold and the snow to prove it. The smarter part of the public could see the lies, the deception, the fraud from a mile off but now the cold and snow is here in force and its not even winter. Yeah come on, we are suffering from the hotest climate in modern times and winter comes two months early. Tell me another one.

We can talk about idiots when we talk about how flat the world is and we can talk about idiots when we talk about global warming. They suffer from sun deficiency disease, or ignore the sun syndro...


Dear Vegans, Why Being Right, is Wrong. elephant journal

Wool is not always black or whiteits a thousand shades of grey. Lets cut to the wool and have an open and honest talk about sheep, their fleece, and the ethics therein. When my daughter and I moved to Portland sight unseen and not knowing one single soul, we took the advice of all great []


The bright fact of her elephant journal

Her wings, small buds already showing at birth were cut and made a necklace pendant for her mother and a ring for her father She was fed poison for breast milk; lies, fear, and hatred for everything else In her tiny years she was indoctrinated By her mothers voice and face that she was nothing []




By Kerry McDonald

Schooling is adept at rooting out individuality and enforcing compliance. In his book, Understanding Power, Noam Chomsky writes:

In fact, the whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who dont know how to be submissive, and so onbecause theyre dysfunctional to the institutions.

This filtering process begins very early in a childs schooling as conformity is rewarded and divergence is punished.

Most of us played this game as schoolchildren. We know the rules. The kids who raise their hands, color in the lines, and obey succeed; the kids who challenge the rules struggle. The problem now is that the rules are extending beyond the classroom. Parents are increasingly required to obey, to conform to a schools demands even if they believe such orders may not be appropriate for their child.


In my advocacy work with homeschooling families across the country, I frequently hear stories from parents who decided to homeschool their kids because schools were pressuring them to comply with various special education plans, push medications onto their children, or submit to other restrictive procedures they felt were not in their childs best interest. Even more heartbreaking is the growing trend of school officials to unleash child protective services (CPS) on parents, homeschooling or not, who refuse to give in to a districts demands.

An investigative report by The Hechinger Report and HuffPost released last month revealed that schools are increasingly using child protective services as a weapon against parents. It said:

Fed up with what they see as obstinate parents who dont agree to special education services for their child, or disruptive kids who make learning difficult, schools sometimes use the threat of a child-protection investigation to strong-arm parents into complying with the schools wishes or transferring their children to a new school. That approach is not only improper, but it can be d...


Get closure by opening to this elephant journal

Get closure by opening to this The police wont find whoever assaulted me. I noticed the window looked funny when I got home after work. But I paid it no mind because maybe the non-existent beach breeze slammed it down, breaking the lock on the way down. It was the middle of summer so the []


Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Season 2018 Forever Conscious

On December 21st we welcome in Capricorn Season. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign and is known for its hardworking, practical, and earthy energy.

Represented by the mountain goat, there is no path too treacherous and no slope too steep for the little goat to climb, and as the Sun moves into this position, we can all benefit from this hardworking energy.

The Suns move into Capricorn also marks the December Solstice and will guide us through the end of the calendar year. There are big changes on the horizon in the first part of 2019 too, and Capricorn is going to be the star of the show.

In fact, we will be working with the earthy energy of Capricorn in a big way for the next 18 months or so, as we have a string of Eclipses in Capricorn as well as some powerful and rare alignments all happening in Capricorn.

Getting used to the energy of Capricorn would be wise under this 2018 Capricorn season, as there are themes that will be revealed now which may join us for the years to come.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. In ancient astrology, Saturn was considered a malefic planet. It was known for bringing hard challenges, authoritarian rule, and carried a dominating presence.

Saturn is known as the planet of restriction, rules, and law and order, which doesnt exactly evoke the happiest images, however, its presence and energy in the cosmos is of extreme importance.

If we look at Saturn with a little more of an open mind, we can see that it brings challenges our way, but also gifts.

It is Saturn that brings longevity and commitment into our lives. It is Saturn that allows us to work hard so we can achieve our dreams. It is Saturn that keeps law and order in place so we can live in peace.

Saturn is there to help keep us focused and grounded on earth. On a deeper level, it represents the roots we need so we can reach the sky and access higher realms.

Whenever you feel like your spirituality and your everyday life on earth is not mixing, it is often a sign that your Saturn energy needs to be balanced. Either you need to get more grounded and assimilate back down to Earth, or you need to dig your roots in deeper so you can climb higher.

Even if you are not a Capricorn by birth, we all hold the energies of the 12 zodiac signs and the planets within us.

As we enter into Capricorn season, we can use this energy to prepare us for the year to come. We can use this energy to start thinking about our goals and visions for the future, and what we want to give longevity to in our lives.

Under this energy, we are also encouraged to reflect on our journey and our motivation. We all want to find success, happiness, and love in our lives. But sometimes, we lose our way.

We forget whats truly important and we hold onto dreams, visions, and plans...


Want to Be More Creative? Science Says You Should Go for a Walk Karma Yoga Daily

In 1889 the philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.


Its All Bullshit But Knowing it Sets You Free Karma Yoga Daily

Authentic growth requires conflict. Your precious beliefs must come up against a question mark as sharp as Occams Razor, or you will inadvertently fall into a prison of intellectual and spiritual stagnation.


Want to Be More Creative? Science Says You Should Go for a Walk The Mind Unleashed

In 1889 the philosopher and writer Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.

He wasnt alone in his sentiment. Inventors, artists, writers, and even Silicon Valley tech Gods like Steve Jobs have all credited walking with giving them a creative edge, or helping them to solve unsolvable problems. Even Einstein credits a good walk in nature with giving him new ideas and insights. A new study from Stanford says that there is a scientific basis for conjuring more creativity just by going for a walk.

Walking has also been done by human beings for millions of years. Creative ideation the process of making seemingly unrelated bits of information floating in your brain come together in a cohesive, but novel and helpful way is essentially accessed when we enter certain brainwave states. These states happen more easily when we are:

  • in nature
  • walking idly with no particular place to go

Our brains are an electromagnetic organ. When our neurons fire in certain patterns, they literally create waves that move across the brain just like a wave moves in the ocean. Certain states, like beta, cause us to be more analytical and critical, which is great if you want to calculate a row of numbers or avoid crossing the street as the same time a double decker bus is passing by.

Beta is not so great for creativity. The brainwave state that promotes creative thought is usually Alpha with spikes of Theta and Delta.

Here are the five most common brainwave states that people spend the majority of their lives in:

Beta (14-40 Hz) Beta is associated with critical thought, reasoning and logic. It is also where our inner critic lives, that likes to tell us things arent possible and that tends to be more negative.

This state is important for certain tasks, but it isnt a state that you want to linger in all the time, as it can cause you to lose your creative edge, induce anxiety or depression, and keep you running from danger instead of embracing your destiny.

Alpha (7.5 14 Hz) This is the most common brain wave state you enter when you are meditating or daydreaming.  You are relaxed but aware. Your stress levels are low and you can let your hair down.

Alpha is the best brainwave state to in for personal growth work as you are highly suggestible while in it.

Theta (4 7.5 Hz) This is the brain wave state which you want to induce to be relaxed, open to your internal guidance, and though alert, completely non-reactive and present. Theta is the brain wave state associated with REM sleep but also profoun...


Can We Unlearn The Fear That Creates Our Reality? Karma Yoga Daily

When we imagine any fear repeatedly in a safe environment, soon our phobia, and our brains response to it, begins to subside.


Self-care is Not Selfish: What Have You Done for YOU Lately? elephant journal

Self-Care Series Part 1:   Self-care is a trendy hot topic.  Intentionally devoting time to your own well-being is touted as the key to happiness, but what happens when youre so far away from true contentment you dont even know how to begin getting back to you?  How do you establish a new self-love routine []


John Solmon Gives a Preview of Topics at Today's Clinton Foundation Hearing Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Did Clinton Foundation mislead IRS? State filings raise the question

By John Solomon
Opinion Contributor

When confronted by detractors, the Clinton Foundation often uses a common line of defense: The charity is one of the most scrutinized in history and no one has found anything wrong with it.

But state regulatory filings suggest that may not be true.

In December 2005, for example, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection flagged missing information in the Clinton Foundations federal tax filing with the IRS, known as a form 990. The state regulator specifically flagged money spent on professional fundraisers and consultants that were excluded from the required section of the filing.

The state regulator urged the charity to file an amended IRS form 990 reporting professional fundraising/consultant fees on line 30. In particular, officials questioned nearly a half-million dollars in consultant fees about which it wanted more detail.

The foundation's tax filing for the year in question, 2004, showed zero dollars spent on the required line for fundraising consulting expenses, even though other documents filed with the IRS identified more than $400,000.

The review was standard for a charity seeking a license to operate in Utah. The response regulators got back, however, was not so standard: Former President Clintons charity declined to make the change, even though Utah was suggesting the foundation's federal tax form was incomplete or misleading.

The problem that the Foundation faces is the enormous expenses and undertaking it would be to amend its 990, a law firm representing the Clinton Foundation wrote back.

Given that obstacle, the Foundation has no choice but to withdraw its application to register to solicit the public in Utah.

In lay words, the cost of properly informing the IRS and complying with federal tax law was too much, so the foundation just ditched its Utah licensing request. There is no record of amended 2004 tax form by the charity, which means Utahs concerns about possible missing information for the IRS wasn't addressed at the federal level.

Foundation officials confirm the episode but said they believed they did not mislead the IRS because other parts of their submission included fundraising consulting expenses in a category called "Other Expenses." "Our 2004 Form 990 is complete by IRS standards as we fully disclose fundraising expenditures in Part II Other Expenses," the foundation said in a statement emailed to me.

The Utah episode, though a decade old, and other state regulatory issues involving the Clinton Foundation are gaining new attraction because they are included in thousands of pages of documents gathered in a...


How a regular Joe can Follow their Passion & still Pay their Rent. elephant journal

Some popular hosts (offering experiences like home pasta making classes in Italy and wilderness walks with wolves in Washington state) earn well over $150,000 per year.


The Best Christmas Gift Forgiveness and Self Love elephant journal

We all have insecurities and fears, just as we all have the capacity to love.  Society often pulls us into the fear perspective and its our job, every day, to stay connected to love. Many of us reach outside ourselves for love, and we think: Maybe if I can love someone else and their flaws, []


The things I am Most Ashamed of, Ive done In the Name of Righteousness. elephant journal

Michelle told me she'd had an abortion. I knew how you felt about abortion, so I just couldnt tell you. But youre my friend, and


Freedom from a narcissist elephant journal

This photo is significant for a number of reasons. 1) Stella was and is adorable but SO naughty. 2) When this photo showed up on my #Facebook memories this morning, my breath was briefly taken away when I realized where it was taken. This was one of 3 places I lived with a narcissist. The []



by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Todays High Pitched Frequencies F Major: (Heart, I love, Moon, emotions, inner world, peacefulness, bliss) Complaisance & Calm. You can find the F MAJOR at the 7:00 minute marker of the video below: Todays high pitched frequency brings us the E Major, the heart chakra representing love and []

The post DEC 13, 2018 HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCY KEY F MAJOR HEART CHAKRA appeared first on In5D.


A Mindful Gift Idea: Change a Life this Holiday Season. elephant journal

The community church I attend inspires a new way of thinking about giving. There, with each baby that is born or baptized in the community, a Buffalo Bicycle is purchased from World Bicycle Relief. The idea is that new life gives new life.


The Revolutionary Fuss About Educational Essay Composing Specialists elephant journal

To make sure that your school institution is designed to develop worldwide education and learning readily obtainable to Asian youngsters, it might be advised that you simply team up with both the agents and computerized advertising and marketing pros. These services are actually suited those of you that dont offer the extravagance of your energy to []


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lions mouth.

2 Timothy 4:17 (NIV)


TR3B UFO filmed during SpaceX dragon mission Tales from out there - Blogue

This exciting footage from SpaceX was streamed during the docking procedure of the Dragon capsule and the international space station. This was filmed on the 8th of December.

Thursday, 13 December




Venezuela's economic depression has claimed yet another victim, as Goodyear Tire announced it would shutter its Venezuela operations and lay off its entire local workforce, the latest foreign corporation to close shop in the crisis-torn county. On Monday, employees arrived at the companys lone plant in the industrial city of Valencia to find it closed with a letter posted on the door. Goodyear Venezuela has been forced to cease operations, according to a copy seen by Bloomberg.

The departure of foreign companies from Venezuela is hardly surprising: in fact, it is remarkable that Goodyear manages to last as long as it did. What was more notable was how the company said goodbye to its employees one last time.  According to Eduar Bremo, a member of Goodyears factory-workers union, the company is not only paying (token) severance packages to its more than 1,200 employees but is also giving each 10 tires, which have become hugely valuable in the shortage-wracked socialist paradise. According to Bremo, the plant produced some 1,000 tires a day, but a lack of materials and soaring costs forced it to shut its doors.

Years of economic depression and a hostile government have forced companies such as Kellogg and Kimberly-Clark to abandon Venezuela as hyperinflation rendered most of their business conducted in local currency unsustainable.

Other companies have slashed their work forces and limited their product offerings as they hold out for better days. Last week, Ford Motor began offering its employees buyouts as it further scaled back its remaining Venezuela operations. It was unclear if Ford would give out cars as a parting gift to its local employees.



Its Always Been Faith elephant journal

Its Always Been Faith Your baby blues will forever live in my darkness. The way you hold yourself down until the very last breath. So enchanting, so inviting, so invigorating. Our souls dancing together in a midnight flame. You have so much power over me, Ive lost all self control. Im lost in our dreams, []


Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt: Climate change the great challenge for humanity over the next 100 years Church and State

Climate change is the most visible part of what I see as being the great challenge for humanity over the next 100 years.


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-10-18 Secret war centers on SWIFT after George Bush Sr. is executed Kauilapele's Blog

Heres the full weekly report from Ben. Fascinating times we are in right now, thats for sure.

Since the death of Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George Bush Sr., the battle for control of the worlds financial system, and thus of the process of deciding humanitys future, is now centering on control of the SWIFT international interbank electronic transfer system. A final battle is taking place between the 13 bloodlines which have traditionally controlled the planet, and the meritocratic Gnostic Illuminati who control the U.S. military-industrial complex, multiple sources agree.

[CIA source] I have been told by two sources that G.H.W. Scherff (Bush) was actually indicted on September 10, 2018 for crimes against humanity, child trafficking, sedition, and treason. He allegedly plea-bargained a deal with the military tribunal hearing his case, to be executed/suicided to keep his legacy intact for his family and the sheeple. Trump signed the death order. So was it a clone that was executed, since we also have intel that he died in June (another clone).

Pentagon sources, for their part, said U.S. President Donald Trump was careful not give Bush 41 a state funeral, as this executed criminal was denied a horse and caisson like Reagan got.

The death of Bush, the former U.S. Ambassador...


#Q #QAnon 12-11 & 12-12-18 posts 2581, 2582, 2584, 2602, 2604 You are witnessing, first-hand, the demise of those in power [OLD GUARD] Kauilapele's Blog

The quote in the title is from Q post 2604. And I can see that all of these posts point to the step by step, one piece at a time, dismantling (destruction) of the cabal. Although Trump may appear to many to be overly blunt and pushy, I suggest reading Q post 2573, where John F. Kennedy is quoted:

The times are too grave, the challenge too urgent, and the stakes too high to permit the customary passions of political debate. We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future.

Like it or not, the planet is currently in a war type situation Light vs. dark (shadows). We know the Light has won (and always will), but each aspect of the shadows must be brought to the Light, in order that it be destroyed (dissolved). That is what Trump and the Alliance are doing. That is their mission.

In my view, these are very important and illuminating Q posts.



Do you thing Online Learning is more effective Than Face to Face Learning? elephant journal

Web-based learning is quickly turning into the main decision for understudies. As indicated by the U.S. Division of Education, computerized learning in state-funded schools will triple in the following three years. As of late, there has been a huge ascent in the number of understudies who like to go on the web, instead of to []


Step by step instructions to Sell Your House By Yourself elephant journal

Selling your house is something youll need to do perhaps only a couple of times throughout your life. Whats more, except if you know a neighborhood land specialist who will sell your house for nothing or a gigantically limited commission it tends to be a genuine agony in the back and a costly procedure for []


Bizarre Clouds of Aluminum-Coated Material Appear on Radar Across the US The Mind Unleashed

On Monday night, a mysterious radar blip appeared over southern Illinois and western Kentucky. It lingered for over 10 hours, having traveled for nearly 140 miles before disappearing. The National Weather Service was stunned the blips resembled a moving storm, but it wasnt even raining.

The internet was quickly on the case, with social media users sharing their theories. Some suggested that the blips may have been a result of debris from a passing meteor, a simple flock of birds, chemical residue from government weather control, and even aliens.

An Indiana meteorologist tweeted that a pilot claims the mystery was no mystery at all and could be explained by radar-jamming material being released by a Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft.

While the mysterious blips may have been a result of military aircraft, all nearby military bases contend that they didnt have anything to do with it.

Whatever aircraft it was, it was not a Scott Air Force Base craft, Master Sgt. Thomas Doscher ...


Second Canadian Citizen Suddenly Disappears in China The Mind Unleashed

For a trade war that was supposed to be between the US and China, Canada has found itself increasingly in the middle of the crossfire. And so after the arrest of a former Canadian diplomat in Beijing in retaliation for the detention of the Huawei CFO in Vancouver, Canada said a second person has been questioned by Chinese authorities, further heightening tensions between the two countries.

The second person reached out to the Canadian government after being questioned by Chinese officials, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said, at which point Canada lost contact with him. His whereabouts are currently unknown and Global Affairs Canada said they are in contact with his family.

We havent been able to make contact with him since he let us know about this, Freeland told reporters Wednesday in Ottawa. We are working very hard to ascertain his whereabouts and we have also raised this case with Chinese authorities.

According to the Globe and Mail, the man was identified as Michael Spavor, a Canadian whose company Peaktu Cultural Exchange brings tourists and hockey players into North Korea. He gained fame for helping arrange a visit to Pyongyang by former NBA player Dennis Rodman, and he met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on that trip, the newspaper reported. Attempts to reach Spavor on his contact number either in China, or North Korean went straight to voicemail.

Spavors personal Facebook page contains several images of him with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un including one of him with both Jong-un and former Dennis Rodman at an undisclosed location.

Michael P. Spavor, right, pictured here with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, second from right, and Dennis Rodman.

Another image shows the two sharing a drink on a boat.

The unexplained disappearance takes place after Chinas spy agency detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig in Beijing on Monday, who was on leave from the foreign service. The arrest came nine days after Canada arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou at the request of U.S. DOJ. While Can...


Why do I write? Literature, A Love Letter elephant journal

loneliness that terrible loneliness, in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold, unfathomable, lifeless abyss. ~ Lord Bertrand Russell I feel its panging. Im happier than I have ever been and yet, I still feel its panging, maybe it will never go away. The loneliness. Maybe thats []


#Q #QAnon 12-12-18 Q Q & A (Seth Rich, JFK, Jr., not alive; Internet safeguarded; We have the gold) Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp note re: JFK, Jr.: I truly would like to see that JFK, Jr. is alive. Remember that not everything the Q puts out is correct. Sometimes info is put out that protects those involved. At some point well find out.]

Not a bad group of short answers in the title, right? Q answered a series of questions today, which are encompassed in posts 2605 2625. Im only posting these for now, more Q information will be posted later.

[Currently Im using as my main Q drop collection site (which appears to be showing up Q posts more quickly). An alternative is Also Q recommended (Q recommended to be used if all other Q drops sites go down)]

Q link used [The Q&A covered Q posts...


Benjamin Fulford 12/10/18: Secret war centers on SWIFT after George Bush Sr. is executed Prepare For Change

Since the death of Nazi Fourth Reich Fuhrer George Bush Sr., the battle for control of the worlds financial system, and thus of the process of deciding humanitys future, is now centering on control of the SWIFT international interbank electronic transfer system.

A final battle is taking place between the 13 bloodlines which have traditionally controlled the planet, and the meritocratic Gnostic Illuminati who control the U.S. military-industrial complex, multiple sources agree.  The battle is heading for a climax of sorts now that George Bush Senior has been executed, as confirmed by both Pentagon and CIA sources.

Here is what a CIA source had to say:

I have been told by two sources that G.H.W. Scherff (Bush) was actually indicted on September 10, 2018 for crimes against humanity, child trafficking, sedition, and treason.  He allegedly plea-bargained a deal with the military tribunal hearing his case, to be executed/suicided to keep his legacy intact for his family and the sheeple.  Trump signed the death order.  So was it a clone that was executed, since we also have intel that he died in June (another clone).  I think Bush/Scherff actually died in January 1992, choking on sushi and then finished off by Barbara Bush with a poisoned cloth (as seen in the video posted last week).  Military tribunals are set to begin on January 2, 2019.

Pentagon sources, for their part, said U.S. President Donald Trump was careful not give Bush 41 a state funeral, as this executed criminal was denied a horse and caisson like Reagan got.

To the victor belong the spoils, for Trump picked former Bush Attorney General Bill Parr as his next AG and he chose the day that will live in infamy, December 7th [the Pearl Harbor anniversary] to do it, the Pentagon source added.

The CIA source also wondered if Barr made a deal to avoid military tribunals and then be McCained? (the term being used lately for execution/suicide).  Maybe he flipped like Senator Lindsey Graham?

The death of Bush, the former U.S. Ambassador to China whose brother handed over U.S. military secrets to that country (as did Hillary and Bill Clinton), means that the U.S. and China are also heading to a showdown as bloodline families seek Chinese protection, according to secret society sources.

Pentagon sources say the arrest of Chinese conglomerate Huaweis Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is aimed to

take down the Clintons and their treasonous ties to China back in the 1990s.  Chinese Freemasons previously admitted to this writer that they had invested heavily in getting Hillary Clinton elected as U.S. president because they had been promised a United States of China, including ASEAN, the Korean Peninsul...


Benefits of Pursuing an Online Course elephant journal

What do you do when you want to watch a movie in the theatre? Book your tickets online or buy it at the box office? Continue reading if you picked the first option. Making the most of online services does not mean being lazy or laid back. With technology bringing almost everything to the tip of our finger, we are []


Souls Descending, Ascending With Gaia In5D

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Contributing writer, The lower rungs of the third dimension- earthly things are illusions in the universal mind where our collective consciousness connect, is all presence, timeless where nothing passes away. Our past, present and future are one, timeless. Humanity admires with awe the magnificence and glory of the heavenly abode, []

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Just Sit There And Be elephant journal

In meditation dont do anything.  Just sit there.  Sit there with what is.  Sit there and be. ~Vinn  Id been meditating for well over 30 minutes, eyes closed, in lotus. Back in those days my teacher, Vinn, usually had me start off with a sit before we would transition to dialogue. For some reason my mind []


Deconstructing The Construct Ep #55 Lisa M Harrison

*Its existential crisis time again as we begin to finally let go of our stories (programs). *The next step in the merge created a feedback loop with ourselves *Purging again, more life killing mucus coming out as cells are cleaned/healed *Our turn to input our energies into the new *Feeling great, drastic, positive, change heading our way *Feels similiar to Xmas 2013 *Mud Flood, possible latest reset

Audio Only

Mud Flood Videos



When Sex takes a Back Seat. elephant journal

Making love can be a beautiful, magical and mind-blowingly satisfying experience. For all who want to engage I say, Rock on! I was part of this tribe once. Now, Im part of a different tribe. A dear friend recently shared with me that since shes hit her 60s, shes no longer interested in sex of any kind at all.


Everything You Should Know About the 9/11 "Conspiracy Theory" in Under 5 Minutes (With Links) Humans Are Free

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.

These 19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldnt handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing from the Pentagons coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001.



Sen. James Inhofe Bought Defense Stock Days After Pushing For Record Pentagon SpendingThen Dumped It When Asked About It Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Just days after signaling his support for unprecedented levels of U.S. defense spending, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, reported purchasing tens of thousands of dollars of stock in one of the nations top defense contractors.

After The Daily Beast asked about the purchase, Inhofes office said the senator had contacted his financial adviser to cancel the transaction and instructed him to avoid defense and aerospace purchases going forward.

Inhofe, who took over the top spot on Armed Services after the death of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in August, has repeatedly pressed President Donald Trump to dramatically scale up the Pentagons annual budget, which currently stands at $717 billion. Last week, after Trump hinted he would like to scale back parts of that budget, Inhofe met with the president and Defense Secretary James Mattis, after which it was announced that the administration would seek even more defense funding: a record $750 billion in spending for fiscal year 2020.

News of that budget request broke on Sunday. On Tuesday, Inhofes financial adviser bought him between $50,000 and $100,000 in stock in defense contractor Raytheon, according to documents filed with Senate ethics officials.

Federal lawmakers are prohibited from trading stock based on non-public information. But since news of Trumps massive Pentagon budget request was already public when Inhofe purchased the stock, it likely would not have run afoul of congressional insider trading laws even if Inhofe himself were behind the transaction.

But the Raytheon stock purchase still raised a flag for government ethicists, who said it underscored the moral hazard of lawmakers owning assets in areas of industry affected by legislation they are in positions to author and shepherd into law. No federal rule or regulation would prohibit Inhofes investment adviser, or any other, from trading stocks based on the actions of their congressional clients, even without direct input from those clients. Nor is Inhofe prevented from seeing what stocks are in his portfolio. The latest stock purchases were posted publicly on a Senate database.

We have no way of knowing what kind of relationship Inhofe has with whoever is managing his money/trust and it's wild to take it on good faith that he has some kind of puritanical self-imposed barrier in place that prevents him from communicating in any way with his broker about his trades, Alex Baumgart, a researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics, wrote in an email.

On Wednesday afternoon, the senators office said that he had beenunaware of the stock purchase until that day.


What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Your Flu Shot Humans Are Free

Its flu season again and the media hype machines are loading up the teleprompters to deliver their seasonal barrage of fear and guilt in an effort to maximize vaccine uptake. Besides being fully backed and marketed by all major corporate media outlets, the seasonal flu shot comes with many additional advantages.

Overburdened healthcare workers get to free up their schedules by not having to waste time with cumbersome informed consent before each injection. Both the vaccine industry and the healthcare workers injecting the flu shot shoulder no responsibility or legal liability for injuries causes by their vaccine products.

Researchers also get a free pass since inert placebo controls are not required by regulatory oversight and licensing bodies while safety testing allowing the industry to omit the scientific method.     

Sidestepping vital checks and balances like informed consent, proper safety studies and financial liability must be done in order to achieve herd immunity right? If there is a perfect utopia of a herd immunity world, such a place will never be achieved with the current flu shot.

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White Light & Black Rain - Hiroshima & Nagasaki Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

There's Nothing else that can be said about this video except. 

Please learn what RADIATION is and what it can do short term and long term after exposure. 

GOD ALMIGHTY ! let us NEVER allow the genie out of the bottle again. and all my prayers are to the survivors and to the victims and all their families.



Fukushima, what can be said? (Dr. Helen Caldicott) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

If This Video Doesn't Scare The SHIT Out Of You watch it again. 

For you out there that really don't have a fair idea what RADIATION is, what RADIATION can do to your Body. Pay Attention 5G is coming and the same RADIATION in  this video is the same RADIATION that's going to be flowing through your body. 


Get Ahead Of The Exorbitant Housing Prices By Building Your Own House Prepare For Change

A house is more than just a necessary shelter for survival. It is a dream fulfilled, pride, hope, happiness and so much more. But despite it being one of the basic necessities of life, becoming a homeowner is an unfulfilled dream for many owing to the exorbitant housing prices. But do you know that you might actually being paying more than you should for that readymade house or even that pre-owned house, where you might just have to spend so much extra for renovations later? Yes, it is actually cheaper to build your house from the scratch. Here are a few frequently asked questions answered.

How do I buy land?

There is no easy guide to buying your land so put in great thought about where you want and how much are you willing to shell out. Look for an optimal location depending on your needs as well as keeping your budget in consideration. Once the area is zeroed in on, visit the neighborhood and look out for issues like land quality, safety, conflicts, chances of weather or natural damage, convenience etc. These will help you choose the right plot for yourself.

How do I know what to do?

What you need from your house is completely up to your and your familys choice. Sit with your friends and family and brainstorm out the things that are essential and optional for your new home. Make sure you have wiggle space for any additions or subtractions that might happen in the course. However, it is smart to consult a professional to help you gauge and assess the situation and thus, design your dream abode according to your need and budget.

What about the elbow grease?

If you are someone who is good with building, a substantial part of your expenses will be immediately slashed as a lot of the work, especially woodwork etc. can easily be done by someone who is comfortable with elbow grease. However, since a house is a major decision and it is on which your safety depends, do not DIY it unless you are one hundred percent sure about your skills. If not, talk to several contractors, pick their minds and dont be afraid to take reviews before you finalize one.

Sourcing materials

Did you know that you can easily source the best materials, right from the top-quality wood to the most powerful electric chainsaws available and you would actually not have to pay though your nose for that? Simply do your research and buy or rent only the necessary materials and tools that you actually need, instead of paying over the top. This way you are in control of what goes into making your house and you get the most worth out of your money since you are not paying for any middlemen in this pr...


George H. W. Bush Met With Bin Laden Family on the Morning of 9/11 Humans Are Free

The Bush-Bin Laden Meeting

One of the pieces of evidence of fishy business we havent covered before is the fact that, one day before the 9/11 attacks, as well as the morning of, the recently deceased George Herbert Walker Bush had a meeting with Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of Osama bin Laden, the supposed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks.

Is this not fairly convincing evidence in itself that the bin Laden family, and Osama, may have been working for the Western military industrial complex? Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Canadian economist and University of Ottawa professor emeritus explains it sardonically:

"It was a routine business meeting on September 10-11, no conflict of interest, no relationship to the 9/11 attacks which allegedly were carried out on the orders of Shafiqs brother Osama, no FBI investigation into the links between the Bush and bin Laden families." Read more here

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Are The YELLOW VEST Protests Coming To CANADA? (With G. Edward Griffin) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

By Press For Truth

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is planning to dramatically increase taxes on carbon emissions to combat climate changehe plans to set a national price on carbon emissions of $7.5 a ton rising to $37.50 by 2022!

Similar tax hikes have caused massive upheaval in France where protesters are putting on yellow vests in solidarity and theyre hitting the streets.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with G. Edward Griffin of Freedom Force International about the climate change scam that is being waged by elite globalists who seek to enslave everyone under their global umbrella.


1961 The Inconvenient Son Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

1961 The Inconvenient Son

Though I could never see past what you've done
I'm a martry's son a martyr's son
Too sentimentsal too high strung,
I'm on the run!

Though I could never see past what you've done
I'm a martyr's son a martyr's son
Too sentimetal too high strung,
I'm on the run!

Wish I could be Sabrina's son in 1961 in 1961!
There I'd be the only one the only one
I'm the little man making a stand in Sabrina's sun
But I'm not the one!

Born from a dying Dad so sad so sad
In 1961 I was Sabrina's son Sabrina's son
No glory where the west is won where the west is won!
I'm just an unknown son an unplanned one!

I'm just a glint in the son my time will be unspun
Just a glint in the sun I'll be undone no prodigal sun
Just a another speck beneath the sun nowhere to run
I'll be your aborted son because you'd rather have none,

Never let those scandals run
Never allow clouds to dim the sun dim the sun
There's no wedding no joking pun
Just life on the run just life on the run,

Don't let them know what you did to your perfect son
You're on a roll don't let this ruin your fun
There will always be heroes who go unsung who go unsung
I'll never be able to be your only son your only son.



Drone Video Captures Killer Whales Trailing Behind New Zealand Swimmer The Mind Unleashed

At Hahei Beach in New Zealand, a drone video captured 3 killer whales trailing closely behind a swimmer.

Swimmer Judie Johnson was wearing a black wet suit at the time, and feared it could be mistaken for a seal and provoke an attack. She says she originally mistook the Killer Whales for dolphins until she noticed the color on their backs.

Fortunately, they swam alongside her for a couple minutes before swimming away from her. Yikes.

h/t Abc7 Chicago

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San Francisco Creates Worlds First Official Transgender District to Preserve 'Traditions' Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

San Francisco Creates Worlds First Official Transgender District to Preserve 'Traditions'

"[Nightclubs] are a place people can be free to love and dance with the people they want."

San Francisco last month approved funding for the world's first legally recognized transgender district, the Daily Beast reported Tuesday.

The Compton's Transgender Cultural District is now entitled to a cut of a $3 million tax that pays for all the city's cultural districts, which also include the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District and the LGBTQ Leather Cultural District. So far, San Francisco has given $215,000 to Compton's, said Claire Farley, the director of San Franciscos Office of Transgender Initiatives. 

The transgender district, which is part of the city's seedy Tenderloin neighborhood, was legally created last June and named in honor of the 1966 Compton's Cafeteria riots in the area, which marked the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco. 



In America, Religion & Politics arent just Bedfellowstheyve Already Tied the Knot. elephant journal

In American government, the Establishment Clause denotes that government will not establish a religion and will not limit the practice of any religion. Yet, in America, politics and religion often appear to be in bed together.


Tuatha Dea Daughter accepted to Prestigious Summit The Wild Hunt

[courtesy Tesea Dawson]

GATLINBURG, Tenn.  Every year the Ambassador Leadership Summits organizes four summits. Three of them emphasize leadership, one at UCLA, another at Harvard Law, and another at Yale. The fourth summit is at Johns Hopkins Medical for future health care professionals. This year a young community leader and future physician, Sarah Faith has been nominated by her algebra teacher, Ms. Watson, to be eligible to attend.

Sarah Faith is an honor student at Gatlinburg Pittman High School. She is also the daughter of Tesea Dawson, and granddaughter of Danny and Rebecca Mullikin, of the band Tuatha Dea.  Her two biggest focuses are her academic future, hopefully in medicine, and music. The nomination to such a prestigious program opens many opportunities for her.

The Ambassador Leadership Summits

The Ambassador Leadership Summits are a major educational opportunityand the one at Johns Hopkins provides training for future healthcare leaders is unparalleled. Over 50,000 students from 140 countries have participated in the program. There is an entire section on the Summit website just for alumni reviews, the majority of which are brimming with enthusiasm and expressions of how the summit positively impacted their lives. Faith hopes to be an alumna.

Faith wants to become a doctor, specializing in neuroscience. Dawson said, Sara has focused her high school career on the sciences. Dawson said that Faith started really buckling down in high school. She decided to take it upon herself to do honors classes. She always loved science. The more she did it, the more she discovered that this was something that she really loved.

Students at the Johns Hopkins Summit will learn how to suture and how to perform CPR and more importantly can get previews of their future careers. They will study how to examine patients, how to research symptoms, and how to analyze those symptoms. They will examine case studies and discuss medical ethics.

Dawson said that 85 percent of Summit alumni are accepted by their first choice college. She stressed, Its really opening up a lot of doors for her. Shell make lifetime connections and learning that shes not going to get anywhere [else]. Dawson said that Faith would spend nine days at the university basically getting a once-in-a-lifetime hands on experience, working with professionals. Dawson explained, An experience [like this] doesnt come along all the time. Its about furthering her education, and giving her a really good start.





DMCA takedown abuse is nothing new. But it normally involves bogus takedown requests claiming copyright violations. TorrentFreak has uncovered a new form of abuse that involves the DMCA, but unlike normal copyright claims, doesn't allow the target to contest the claims.

One of the most recent scams weve seen targets various popular game piracy sites, including,,,,, and

The notices in question are seemingly sent by prominent names in the gaming industry, such as Steam and Ubisoft. However, the sudden flurry of takedown requests appears to be initiated by scammers instead.

These scammers appear to be going after competitors. The entities behind this wave of bogus takedown notices are gaming Google's search engine via DMCA notices. Much like shady characters trying to vanish unflattering news and blog posts from Google's search results, these shady characters are trying to move their malicious sites higher in the rankings by targeting similar sites offering a similar selection of cracked software.

But rather than go with a straight copyright claim which could be contested and result in a reinstatement, the scammers are using another part of the DMCA -- one that provides no adversarial process.

[T]he notices are not regular DMCA takedowns. Instead, they are notifications that the URLs circumvent technological protection measures such as DRM, which is separately covered in the DMCA.

Google has been notified that the following URLs distribute copyright circumvention devices in violation of 17 U.S.C. 1201, Google informed the site owner.

Please find attached the notice we received. There is no formal counter notification process available under US law for circumvention, so we have not reinstated these URLs. If you dispute t...


Canadas Genocide: The Case of the Ahiarmiut The Unbounded Spirit

ahiarmiut genocide canada

Editors note: This article was written by Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University.

As a human rights scholar, I have long argued that Canada committed cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples. But recently, Ive come to conclude, in the case of the Ahiarmiut, that its not cultural genocide its actual physical genocide.

An article in the Globe and Mail last summer by Gloria Galloway told the story of what happened to the Ahiarmiut, a small group of Inuit in 1950.

The Canadian government forcefully relocated them 100 kilometres from their original home in what is now Nunavut. The governments reason for moving the Ahiarmiut people was that they were becoming too dependent on trade with federal employees at a nearby radio tower.

Galloway got much of her information from David Serkoak, an Elder who lived through the relocations. Recently, Serkoak collaborated with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) to tell his story and to be a storyteller for his community.

Brutal relocations

The Canadian government moved the Ahiarmiut to an isolated island and did not provide them with food, shelter or tools.

To survive, they ate bark and other scavenged food until winter came. Many died. In 1957, they were relocated again. They were given tents, as well as a starvation box that might feed them for a week. Many more died.

There were three more relocations after this.

The way Canadas government treated the Ahiarmiut is similar to...


Comic Explainer: Forest Giants House Thousands of Animals (So Why Do We Keep Cutting Them Down?) The Unbounded Spirit

Editors note: This article was written by Madeleine De Gabriele and Wes Mountain, editors at The Conversation.

Giant eucalypts play an irreplaceable part in many of Australias ecosystems. These towering elders develop hollows, which make them natures high-rises, housing everything from endangered squirrel-gliders to lace monitors. Over 300 species of vertebrates in Australia depend on hollows in large old trees.

These skyscraper trees can take more than 190 years to grow big enough to play this nesting and denning role, yet developers are cutting them down at an astounding speed. In other places, such as Victorias Central Highlands Mountain Ash forests, the history of logging and fire mean that less than 1.2% of the original old-growth forest remains (that supports the highest density of large old hollow trees). And its not much better in other parts of our country.

David Lindenmayer explains how these trees form, the role they play and how very hard they are to replace.

Image credit: Wes Mountain/The ConversationCC BY-ND
This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Top Vatican Official Cardinal George Pell Convicted Of Sexually Abusing Choir Boys Progressive Secular Humanist

A fish rots from the head down: Top Vatican official Cardinal George Pell has been convicted of sexually abusing minors by a criminal court in Australia. According to multiple reports, Cardinal Pell, who is the Vaticans third most powerful official and a close advisor to Pope Francis, was convicted in Australia on charges that he []


A poem about nature and passsion, when both collide. elephant journal

Delight. Lemon sun, forest green leaves.  Clear blue bird sky.  Rose unfurls.  Fern leans and bird serenades.  Crickets click and locust sounds alarm. The feel of skin to sweet skin,  breathe and connection  is beyond delightful. Warm summer skin, summer air. Moist air brushes and caresses. Hot breathe quickens. Summer storm brewing. Lightning crushed and []


When Will US Leaders See the Dangers of Excess Unneeded Immigration and Act? Church and State

US leaders do not provide much hope that they can learn from the past or even from the disasters that they see in Europe.


To those who Quiver at the Sight of a Wild Woman. {Poem} elephant journal

If you want a woman you can mold to your whims Move along.


The Real Deal of Unconditional Love elephant journal

  Do you believe that unconditional love is possible? What about seeing the best only in people? Are you too trusting? Do you love people who are unlovable? Have you ever forgiven the unforgivable? I am guilty.  I am one of those people.  Some also may call it naive, too trusting and certainly gullible. Many []


Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, Ayurvedic? Whats Actually the Best Diet for our Health? elephant journal

Should we eat high-fat, low-carb? High-carb, low-fat? Meat, no meat?


Alien base half buried in the snow found in Antarctica through Google Earth Tales from out there - Blogue

Alien base half buried in the snow found in Antarctica through Google Earth.
Source: Ufomania - the truth is out there




By Aaron Kesel

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers are searching the electronic devices of travelers at an alarmingly increasing rate a new watchdog report has found, Associated Press reported.

The government watchdog the Office of the Inspector General for Homeland Security found there were 29,000 devices searched at a port of entry out of 397 million travelers to the U.S. in the year 2017, up from 18,400 the year before from 390 million travelers.

The agency further found that several searches conducted by Customs and Border Protection officers were not properly documented, and the data was not properly secured as per protocol. Some of the devices that were searched included officers looking into cloud-related content, in violation of procedures. Apparently, while officers can search a device, they are not permitted to search whats on a travelers cloud network. Homeland Security is the department that oversees the U.S.s borders.

In addition, the report noted that in some cases, under a pilot program, officers are permitted to do whats known as an advanced search which means a specially trained officer can download information. However, that system wasnt maintained properly software licensing wasnt renewed and some information copied to thumb drives was not deleted when it should have been, according to the government watchdog.


The watchdog recommended that the DHS maintain better documentation of searches, disable data connections before searches, keep equipment renewable and up-to-date, immediately delete data from thumb drives and develop a system to evaluate whether the pilot program works.

Earlier this year in October, Activist Post reported how this trend of digital data papers please was accelerating notin...




MEDELLN, COLOMBIA  A large child sex slavery ring overseen by Israeliswas dismantled by Colombian police earlier this week, in a story that has shocked Colombia and much of Latin America but received minimal coverage from mainstream Western media outlets. The network had been active since 2011 and expressly recruited young, underage females in situations of economic hardship or domestic abuse to work as sex slaves catering to Israeli tourists visiting Colombia.

Colombian authorities first began to investigate the sex slavery network in June 2016 following the murder of Israeli citizen Shay Azran in the Colombian city of Medelln. Soon after, Azrans murderer was found to be another Israeli, Assi Ben Mush, an ex-IDF soldier who was known for his past involvement in both drug and human trafficking in the early 2000s. However, Mush was never arrested for Azrans murder.

As authorities delved deeper into Mushs current activities while investigating the homicide, they determined that he was the owner of a hostel in Cartagena, Colombia and that he was also one of the coordinators of tourism packages sold exclusively to Israeli men visiting Colombia.

According to judicial sourcescited by El Colombiano, the tourism packages sold by Mush and his cohorts involved taking Israeli men most of them businessmen or men who recently ended their compulsory military service in the IDF to parties at a variety of locales such as hostels, hotels, farms and yachts, where the main attraction was the sexual exploitation of underage women and the mass consumption of narcotics and alcohol. The sites where the exploitation occurred offered lodging or services exclusively to Israeli tourists, a practice that is surprisingly common in frequented tourist destinations throughout South America.

Mush was expelled from Colombia in November of last year after a massive sex party was broken up by police and illicit drugs were found at the scene. By that time, authorities had already determined the existence of the network and his accomplices.



Why Pomegranate Juice is Roto-Rooter for the Arteries Prepare For Change

Written By: Sayer Ji,

The most eye-opening line in the abstract reveals why our original report on the study, How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit, received over 500,000 social media shares:

Pomegranate juice consumption resulted in a significant IMT [intima media thickness] reduction, by up to 30%, after 1 year.

We shouldnt be that surprised at how great an interest there is among the masses in safe, delicious, and affordable drug alternatives that have the power to unclog arteries? Certainly the drugs arent working, with the most popular class cholesterol-lowering statins  being linked to over 300 adverse health effects. But sometimes the technical language of medicine gets confusing: what does this pomegranate-induced reduction in the intima media thickness (IMT) of the arteries mean?

Reducing The Intima Media Thickness: Reversing Atherosclerosis

The intima media is the middle portion of the arteries that become inflamed and fill up with plaque comprised of oxidized fats, immune cells, and their debris, in the condition known colloquially as blocked arteries. As the intima me...


United States, "Mysterious" phenomenon captured on a Radar of the National Meteorological Service Tales from out there - Blogue

A mysterious 80 km atmospheric flow has amazed meteorologists, professionals, amateurs and storm chasers, and has taken them to Twitter to debate and offer their opinions and theories about what happened.


Life Is A Struggle Or Isnt It? elephant journal

Living life can be quite challenging and the ability to live the life to the fullest is the essence of living. Nothing is as amazing as the gift of life and no matter how low or high we might look into it, no body want die and interestingly life is fun and what makes it []


Creating a New World Order Out of Regional Orders Prepare For Change

The Deep States globalist plan for what insiders refer to as the New World Order basically, a global government controlled by themselves begins with submerging the sovereignty of nation-states into regional orders. These are better understood as regional governments built using free trade deals as the foundation, with the European Union serving as the premier example. How do we know this is the plan? Because top Deep State globalists have said so publicly and repeatedly, and because that is the exact strategy being pursued openly.

All over the world, pseudo-free trade agreements and other sovereignty-shredding schemes are being used to transfer more and more power to transnational bureaucracies and courts. And eventually, these regional orders will be interwoven into an overlapping patchwork of multilateral regimes on the road to creating a truly global authority, perhaps under the United Nations or some less-discredited future global body. At least, that is the globalist plan. But it is starting to show major cracks amid historic public backlash.

As far back as 1950, globalists had openly revealed their agenda for global government under the United Nations. In his book War or Peace, for example, global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations co-founder John Foster Dulles spelled it out clearly. The United Nations represents not a final stage in the development of world order, but only a primitive stage, Dulles wrote. Therefore its primary task is to create the conditions which will make possible a more highly developed organization. In the same book, Dulles went on to argue that the existing UN Charter was strong enough to serve as the foundation for a world government. I have never seen any proposal made for collective security with teeth in it, or for world government or for world federation, which could not be carried out either by the United Nations or under the United Nations Charter, he said.

Unfortunately for globalists, though, humanity was not yet ready to surrender its sovereignty to an all-powerful world government. Thus, regionalization. In a 1962 report headlined A World Effectively Controlled by the United Nations, financed by the U.S. State Department, CFR member and longtime State Department official Lincoln Bloomfield argued that global government could be brought about via regionalism. In the plan, he proposed that ever larger units evolve through customs unions, confederation, regionalism, etc., until ultimatel...


Declassified: The CIA Used Brain Surgery to Make Remote Control Dogs The Mind Unleashed

Newly declassified CIA documents have revealed further details of the horrific experiments that took place during the agencys infamous Project MKUltra.

MKUltra was a CIA operation that involved extreme methods of mind control that were tested on US and Canadian citizens. The projects began in the 1940s and ran until the 1970s when the details of the experiments were exposed because victims began speaking out about the conditions that they were subjected to.

There were 150 sub-projects within the MKU program, many involved advanced brainwashing techniques using mind-altering drugs, sensory deprivation and electroshock therapy.

In the most recent documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by investigative reporter John Greenewald, new details were revealed about some of the animal experimentation that took place during MKU.

Greenewald published a large cache of files from the release on his website, The Black Vault, which has taken a special interest in government mind control operations and other secret programs. In one declassified letter a behavior modification expert describes his work in conducting brain surgery on six different dogs to rewire their brains so they could be controlled remotely.

The author of the letter writes:

As you know, I spent about three years working in the research area of rewarding electrical stimulation of the brain. In the laboratory, we performed a number of experiments with rats; in the open field, we employed dogs of several breeds.

Another report is also in the file, which was titled Remote Control Behavior with Rewarding Electrical Stimulation of the Brain, and published in 1965.

The report stated:

The specific aim of the research program was to examine the possibility of controlling the behavior of a dog, in an open field, by means of remotely triggering electrical stimulation of the brain, the report states. Such a system depends for its effectiveness on two properties of electrical stimulation delivered to certain deep lying structures of the dog brain: the well-known reward effect, and a tendency for such stimulation to initiate and maintain locomotion in a direction which is accompanied by the continued delivery of stimulation.

From the descriptions made in the report, the experiments seemed extremely inhumane, with notes that the surgical procedure caused infection at the electrode site due to a failure of the surgical wound to heal.

The report indicated that the researchers used trial...


Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


World War 2 continued by other means

December 12, 2018

This is an intelligence briefing. Here I present the bare bones of what has been happening before our eyesif we would see it.

Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben. It was the largest chemical/pharmaceutical octopus in the world. It owned companies, and it had favorable business agreements with companies from England to Central America to Japan.

The author of The Devils Chemists, Josiah DuBois, traveled to Guatemala, on a fact-finding mission, in the early days of World War 2, and returned with the comment that, as far as he could tell, Guatemala was a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.

The pharmaceutical empire was and is one of the major forces behind the European Union (EU). It is no accident that these drug corporations wield such power. They arent only involved in controlling the medical cartel; they are political planners.

This is how and why Big Pharma fits so closely with what is loosely referred to as the New World Order. The aim of enrolling every human in a cradle-to-grave system of disease diagnosis and toxic drug treatment has a larger purpose: to debilitate, to weaken populations.

This is a political goal. It facilitates control.

IG Farbens main component companies, at the outbreak of World War 2, were Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst. They were chemical and drug companies. Farben put Hitler over the top in Germany as head of State, and the war was designed to lead to a united Europe that would be dominated by the Farben nexus.

The loss of the war didnt derail that plan. It was shifted into an economic blueprint, which became, eventually, the European Union.

The European Commissions first president was Walter Hallstein, the Nazi lawyer who, during the war, had been in charge of post-war legal planning for the new Europe.

As the Rath Foundation reports: In 1939, on the brink of the war, Hallstein had stated, The creation of the New Law [of the Nazis] is ONLY the task of the law-makers!

In 1957, with his reputation sanitized, Hallstein spoke the words in this manner: The European Commission has full and unlimited power for all decisions related to the architecture of this European community.

Post-war, IG...


Get Smart: 7 Content Marketing Mistakes That Make You Look Silly elephant journal

Whether youre new or experienced in content marketing, these are costly mistakes you may be making without realizing it. Do better now. Whether you run a blog, a YouTube channel, information product business, or essay help service, content marketing is one of the most critical aspects of your success. You can create amazing content all []


Apprentice final thesis: Five Strategies for Battling Anxiety in Children. elephant journal

My five-year-old daughter recently told a classmate that she wanted to kill herself. Let me repeat that: my five-year old said she wanted to kill herself. Her teacher and other school staff responded quickly. She was immediately taken to the school psychologist to see if she understood what she said and whether she had formulated a plan. []


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.  Galatians 4:4-5 (KJV)


Syria was the Spark that Lit the World on Fire. elephant journal

Social media made the atrocities suffered by Syrians readily accessible to anyone who cared to see. And as videos of prison torture and staged beheadings became the new norm, apocalyptic visions of the


Its now or never: Trump faces a moment of truth on his border wall Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Is this the Proverbial "Final Nail " for Trump both Parties had had enough of his tantrums and tweets. He's no longer Portrayed as a president, He's now acting more like a Dictator.  America won't have it.

Since the day he announced his White House candidacy, President Trump has wielded calls for a border wall as a political cudgel, a bargaining chip and a rallying cry a tangible symbol, if completed, of his nationalist aim to Make America Great Again.

Now, with time running out to build it, the wall is threatening to become something else for Trump a drag on his presidency.
Trumps increasing desperation to deliver on his core campaign promise played out publicly Tuesday during a remarkable televised Oval Office meeting with Democratic leaders during which the president threatened to shut down the federal government this month if he fails to secure at least $5 billion for the project.

The performance stunned a Beltway political class that has grown accustomed to Trumps daily bouts of showmanship. Once content to blame Democrats for standing in his way, Trump grew visibly exasperated during the contentious 17-minute debate with Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.) and House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and declared that he would accept full responsibility for the fallout.
I will take the mantle, Trump said. I will be the one to shut it down. Im not going to blame you for it.

For Trump, who once boasted he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose supporters, the fight over the wall has reached a moment of truth as he confronts the reality that, with Democrats poised to control the House in January, this could be his last chance to make good on a promise that has become an existential part of his presidency.
Having already dropped his public vows to make Mexico pay for the wall and issued false claims that parts of the project are well underway, Trump is facing mounting pressure from his conservative base to score a visible win ahead of his 2020 reelection campaign.

Its now or never, said RJ Hauman, government relations director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports the wall. It would be a failure if Trump didnt dig in his heels to deliver on his signature campaign promise.
Other influential voices were more blunt. Commentator Ann Coulter, a onetime Trump supporter who broke with him over the lack of progress on the wall, wrote on Twitter that the president holds all the cards in the negotiations but put the odds at 50-50 that he would cave. In another tweet, she highlighted a Washington Post fact check that punctured Trumps claims of progress on the wall and added: Does...


The Benefits Conundrum elephant journal

I am taking a different route this week and writing about something very personal. This post may be more therapeutic for me than anything else.  This is a subject I have been thinking about a lot lately since I started my new job. As a person with a disability in the United States, and meeting []


House Dems talking more about impeaching Trump Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

 Well, that's just a damn shame. hate to see you go orange man

House Democrats are talking more about impeachment following a new round of allegations against President Trump, but they make clear that the time is not right at least not yet.

While Democratic leaders say they want to wait for special counsel Robert Mueller's final report, they will likely come under enormous pressure from the left to move forward with impeachment proceedings at some point in 2019.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the likely incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called the allegations from New York prosecutors that Trump directed illegal campaign payments to silence two women an "impeachable offense." The New York Democrat, however, questioned whether it was worth removing a president from office over just that.

Rep. David Cicilline (R.I.), who was recently elected to lead the Democratic policy and messaging arm, said, "Friday's revelations I think give you a sense that we might ultimately head that way," though he quickly added, "We just don't know yet."

And Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), the vocal vice-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said "the mountain [of evidence] is building" against Trump, but cautioned that Democrats need to wait for the report from Mueller before making any final decisions.

The new batch of court documents from Mueller and New York prosecutors underscore how the legal and political stakes have gotten even higher for the president as Democrats itching to investigate Trump are poised to take over the House next year.

"There's no doubt that when you have a president ... associated with the violation of the law, that you have a new ballgame," Jackson Lee told The Hill.
"But I think impeachment is a political process," she added. "That means that the American people as well have to feel that the integrity of the White House has been damaged."

Democratic leaders have repeatedly sought to tamp down impeachment talk in their animated caucus, especially before the midterms, when there was concern that premature discussions about ousting Trump could energize the president's base and be seen as partisan overreach.

But impeachment chatter moved front and center once again at the end of last week. Federal prosecutors in New York said Trump directed Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney, to pay off two women who claimed to have had affairs with Trump to prevent negative information from surfacing that would hurt his chances in the 2016 election.
The same day, Mueller described Cohen's cooperation in his sprawling Russia investigation as useful and ongoing. In a sep...


US government accused of 'stashing ALIEN ORGANS' at secret location by 'Area 51 worker' Tales from out there - Blogue

THE US government is running tests on the remains of aliens, according to outrageous claims from a man who says he worked at the top-secret Area 51 base..




Five people were killed and several others injured as a gunman opened fire during a mass at a Catholic cathedral in Campinas outside of Brazils most populated city, Sao Paulo. The perpetrator then turned the gun on himself.


The man, who was reportedly armed with two guns, made his way into the place of worship on Tuesday.

He opened fire indiscriminately at churchgoers, killing four of them and injuring nine others, the police said.The attacker then used his own gun to commit suicide in front of the altar, local media reported.


Homem Entra Em missa na Catedral de Campinas, dispara diversas vezes e em seguida se Mata.

Informaes Preliminares de 5 vtimas fatais.

Corpo de Bombeiros e a Polcia Militar foram acionados pro local.

Image may contain: 1 person, shoes
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor


Drinking Golden Milk for Inflammation & Deep, Restful Sleep. {Recipe} elephant journal

Golden milk, also known as turmeric milk, or haldi doodh, is used to rebuild depleted ojas, which is good for the spine, lubricates the joints, and breaks up calcium deposits that disrupts the bodys normal processes.


Can We Unlearn The Fear That Creates Our Reality? Karma Yoga Daily

When we imagine any fear repeatedly in a safe environment, soon our phobia, and our brain's response to it, begins to subside.




A roaring fire burst through the roof and caused mass evacuations at Googles office in Beijings Zhongguancun tech district known as Chinas Silicon Valley.

The fire, which broke out at 11am local time, burned through the roof of Googles glass-fronted office building, sending a plume of thick, black smoke into the air.

Embedded video

Raymond Zhong@zhonggg

Huge fire this morning on top of the building in Beijings Zhongguancun tech district that houses Googles office. Employee tells me that everyone was evacuated for 20 mins but are now being let back in. Cause still not known.

Employees inside were evacuated from the building, but allowed to return later on, tech journalist Raymond Z...




More than 1,400 Google staff, many journalists, and human rights organizations are calling on Google to halt its controversial project called Dragonfly.  


Dragonfly is a search engine specially built for China. It would unleash more censorship on a mass scale by selectively blocking certain search terms, apparently at the behest of Chinas government. Human rights groups are blasting the company for aiding and abetting Chinas mass surveillance and rights violations which could result in potential imprisonment.

It turns out Googles employees had been unwittingly working on this project for a while until 2017 without knowing its intended purpose. News of this highly secret program finally leaked and no one is letting it get swept under the rug.

Thankfully, since the news leaked out, no amount of time has caused advocates and free speech lovers to forget this scandal. Those in the know are using the hashtag #DropDragonfly.

Joe Westby@JoeWestby


Understanding Kundalini and How to Effectively Integrate It Into Your Life Karma Yoga Daily

Theres a profound spiritual possibility open to all people: the opportunity to be absolutely connected to the source of all life, and have that energy steer you in the direction of destiny.


My Life as a Learning Experience Karma Yoga Daily

I view life as one learning experience after another. Im constantly rewarded from an experience by what Ive learned.



The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold. According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94, and at our current pace we will likely hit the $22 trillion mark next month.

This is a horrifying national crisis, and yet nothing is being done about it. When Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2008, the U.S. was $10.6 trillion in debt, and so that means that we have added 11.2 trillion dollars of new debt to that total in less than 11 years. Needless to say, it doesnt take a math genius to figure out that we have been adding an average of more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade. But instead of getting our insatiable appetite for debt under control, Congress is actually accelerating our spending. At this point, there is no possible scenario in which this story ends well.

Meanwhile, the global financial elite are really starting to talk up the possibility of a new financial crisis.

For example, the deputy head of the IMF just said that he sees storm clouds building

The storm clouds of the next global financial crisis are gathering despite the world financial system being unprepared for another downturn, the deputy head of the International Monetary Fund has warned.

David Lipton, the first deputy managing director of the IMF, said that crisis prevention is incomplete more than a decade on from the last meltdown in the global banking system.

As we have put it, fix the roof while the sun shines. But, like many of you, I see storm clouds building and fear the work on crisis prevention is...


Graham Hancock Recently Drank Ayahuasca and Returned with this Important Message for Humanity Karma Yoga Daily

the time has come to awaken from this nightmare of our own making and remember the truth about ourselves. ~Graham Hancock




Adult film star Stormy Daniels must pay President Trump $293,000 in legal fees, a judge ruled on Tuesday.

"The U.S. District Court today ordered Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) to pay President Trump $292,052.33 to reimburse his attorneys fees (75% of his total legal bill), plus an additional $1,000 in sanctions to punish Daniels for having filed a meritless lawsuit against the President designed to chill his free speech rights," Charles J. Harder, the president's legal counsel, said in a statement.

"The courts order," Harder said, "along with the courts prior order dismissing Stormy Daniels defamation case against the President, together constitute a total victory for the President, and a total defeat for Stormy Daniels in this case."

Attorneys for President Trump had asked a court earlier this month for nearly $800,000 in lawyers fees and penalties from Daniels for the failed defamation lawsuit against him. Harder defended more than 500 hours his firm spent that rang up a nearly $390,000 legal bill for the president and asked for an equal amount in sanctions as a deterrent against a repeat filer or frivolous defamation cases.

Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti quickly reacted, declaring the ruling wouldn't survive an appeal.

"Charles Harder and Trump deserve each other because they are both dishonest," Avenatti tweeted. "If Stormy has to pay $300k to Trump in the defamation case (which will never hold up on appeal) and Trump has to pay Stormy $1,500,000 in the NDA case (net $1,200,000 to Stormy), how is this a Trump win?"

Daniels alleged she had a one-night affair with Trump in 2006. She sued him earlier this year seeking to break a non-disclosure agreement she signed days before the 2016 election about the alleged affair as part of a $130,000 hush money settlement. Trump has strongly denied the affair took place.

Despite the deal to stay quiet, Daniels spoke out publicly and alleged that five years after the alleged affair she was threatened to keep quiet by a man she did not recognize in a Las Vegas parking lot. She also released a composite sketch of the mystery man.

She sued Trump for defamation after he responded to the allegation by tweeting: A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!

Daniels' lawsuit aga...

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