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Friday, 17 November


The Creator Writings: Just Let Go Openhearted Rebel

As frustrating as it is for you, it is time to let some things go.


Fatima BOMBSHELLThis Paranormal Event Has Deeper MeaningLA Marzulli Spills Everything Family Survival Headlines

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Just Label It We Have A Right To Know Whats In Our Food & Heres Why Openhearted Rebel

Everybody should be given the freedom of choice, regardless of whether they believe GMOs are harmful or not.


Meet You at the Intersection of Balance and Love Openhearted Rebel

Two questions the Company of Heaven asks Im just starting to get. (1) Is it of balance? (2) Is it of love?


Terry Crews Names Alleged Sexual Assaulter: I Will Not be Shamed Openhearted Rebel

Terry Crews publicly named for the first time the high-powered talent agent he claims groped him at an industry party and said he would not be shamed about the alleged assault.


Financial Tyranny: We the People Are the New Permanent Underclass in America Openhearted Rebel

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. Frdric Bastiat, French economist


Over 1 Million Call on DOJ to Block Bayer-Monsanto Merger Openhearted Rebel

New reports reveal devastating impacts on consumers and farmers.


Possible New 20 & Back Whistleblower, Michael Gerloff - Video, Links, and Commentary Stillness in the Storm

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, November 2, 2017

Since early 2016, there have been a number of individuals coming forward who've made detailed claims about what has come to be known as the Secret Space Program. Many of these individuals have given testimonies that are so extensive and so profound that it becomes virtually impossible for a person not to take notice.

Read more


Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment Heres How Stillness in the Storm

(Zero HedgeAs the storm clouds of peak stupidity gather over the heads of the millennial generation who were conned by banks, government, and universities to take out excessive amounts of leverage in auto loans, credit cards, and student debt; millions have flocked to a new website seeking Sugar Daddies and or even Sugar Mommies to pay off their debt amid an economic environment where wage growth remains non-existent.
Read more


NASA worker claims to have seen humans walking on Mars in 1979 Tales from out there - Blogue

Conspiracy forums have been set ablaze this week after a lady claiming to be a former Nasa employee said she had seen humans on Mars.
The woman, named 'Jackie', called into American radio station, Coast to Coast AM, with a 'confession' that she had witnessed suited men running on the red planet in 1979.


Synthetic Telepathy And Psychotronic Weapon Tortures Used By 100,000 Secret Spies Stillness in the Storm

(in5DThe Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence agencies called the N.S.A. [ National Security Agency ], C.S.S. [ Central Security Service ], D.I.A. [ Defense Intelligence Agency ], D.A.R.P.A. [ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ], C.I.A. [ Central Intelligence Agency ], the D.H.S. [ Department of Homeland Security ], and the F.B.I. [ Federal Bureau of Investigation ], Cointelpro or Counter Intelligence Program unit has extremely top secret technology that can pick up the private thoughts given by individuals in the vibrations produced by the brains electrical impulses, and that these thoughts can be broadcast by means of microwave transceivers, infra-sound and ultrasound transceivers, satellites, and any other form of technology which uses electromagnetic transfer, i.e. television, radio, the internet, and the telephone.
Read more


Study Shows Placebo is Effective Even When Patients are Aware of It Humans Are Free

Last year, a study was released by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. It was but one of the many efforts conducted in a partnership between BIDMC and Harvard Medical School, through their Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter (PiPS), which was established in 2011.

Their official statement and analysis can be read here.

The longstanding theory behind the so-called placebo effect is that this effect only can take place when a patient is unaware of the placebos true efficacy (i.e. that it does not work).

However, theologians, metaphysicists and philosophers throughout history have long considered the deeper implications behind the observable mechanisms of the placebo.

Read Entire Article


We can Love those who Stand for Everything we Stand against, but this is when to Walk Away. elephant journal

But how do we decide where the line in the sand needs to be drawn? This will differ based on the individual, but here are a few of my personal red flags:


The Worlds First Space Nation Now Has A Satellite Flying Above The Earth Family Survival Headlines


On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite.  The nation is slowing coming to fruition.

The nanosat  is roughly the size of a loaf of bread and undertook a two-day journey from NASAs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the United States, to the International Space Station (ISS). It contains 0.5 TB of data belonging to 18,000 of Asgardias citizens, such as family photographs, as well as digital representations of the space nations flag, coat of arms, and constitution. While Asgardias citizens will remain based on earth, for the time being, the satellite launch brings the nation one step closer to space.
Asgardia-1 made its journey to the ISS aboard the OA-8 Antares-Cygnus, a NASA commercial cargo vehicle.
Now it must wait for about three weeks as vital supplies and scientific equipment are transferred from the NASA ship to the six people currently living at the ISS. The nanosat will then be detached from the NASA vehicle and begin its own orbital journey around the earth. Citizens data will remain in orbit for between five and 18 months, the typical lifespan of this type of satellite. It will then burn out and disappear.
Russian scientist Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli founded the worlds first independent nation to operate in outer space in October 2016. Named after a Norse mythological city of the skies, Asgardia is free to join and so far, about 114,000 people have signed up. Within 40 hours of the project being announced in 2016, over 100,000 people had applied for citiz...


The Storm Before the Calm Stillness in the Storm

by Mary Jane Banks, Op-Ed

It seems Christmas may be coming both literally and metaphorically this year based on what is culminating behind the scenes of our collective reality. What used to be a dream or concept finally seems to be manifesting. And we are co-creating it with our unwillingness to accept anything less than the truth; with our heartfelt desire for peace, equality, love, and freedom; and with our deep knowing that finally its time.
Read more

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Thursday, 16 November


Daily Bible Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams Debunking Death

Editor's Note: Melissa, the topic of shared dreams is discussed in the book, "The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You," I highly-recommend you read it.

Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams


Economic Growth Fueled By Continued Massive Immigration Equals Certain Eventual Disaster Church and State

Even religious leaders see economic and political benefit from the prospect of continued growth as good for their own tribal interests.


Research Finds Popular Coffee Maker That is FULL of Bacteria & Mold Humans Are Free

Attention coffee drinkers: your Keurig coffee machine might be making you sick.

Local CBS news affiliates have reported that Keurig machines are often a disgusting bacteria breeding ground.

According to recent tests performed by CBS stations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Chicago, Keurig coffee machines came back with findings of E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pseudomonas aeruginosa and other bacteria festering inside.

The news outlets swabbed various parts of 29 Keurig coffee makers and sent samples to a lab to be analyzed. More than half of the machines came back with bacteria counts in the millions, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

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These Numbers just showed up A Couple of 101s Kauilapele's Blog

So I dont know exactly what this is about, but the numbers seemed significant. Yes, a couple of 101s, but then theres 0101, and 1010, like theyre mirror images.

So all Im saying is, there may (or may not) be something about this. We shall see!

Aloha, Kp

Filed under: Kauilapele message, new energies ...


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-13-17 Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests Kauilapele's Blog

Full weekly report from Ben. Ben confirms what many have been reporting, that tonnes of events are happening, right now.

The great purge of Khazarian mobsters continues as hundreds of arrests of Saudi princes, generals, and politicians is now being followed up with the 842 sealed indictments against senior Khazarian gangsters in the U.S., confirmed by Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.

Pentagon sources sent the photos below showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John Daesh McCain in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been deliberately acting senile in public recently in order to have a medical excuse to avoid arrest, NSA sources say.

[at Las Vegas on October 1 (date of the mass shooting)]Trump and MBS [Muhammad Bin Sultan] were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacksBoth Trump and MBS were evacuated safely and the arrests have now begun in a way that can no longer be denied by the corporate propaganda media, multiple sources confirm.

the three world leaders (Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping) met off the record. President Jokowi [of Indone...


10 Books That Will Literally Blow Your Mind & Have You Reading Until The Last Page Humans Are Free

Reading is incredible. It sparks our imaginations, enhances our critical thinking skills, improves our vocabulary, exercises our brain, and much more.

While our love for reading in general will never die, it does seem that, these days, its popularity has waned significantly.

Many kids today, and plenty of adults too, cant seem to wrap their heads around sitting and doing nothing for any extended amount of time when they could instead experience new and intense sensory information every few seconds instead.

Youd be hard-pressed to find a child (or teen) that wont throw a fit the moment you take their cell phone or iPad away from them, and its not illogical to wonder if children today are even using their brains; surely the constant TV watching and time spent on social media doesnt challenge their minds in the way that a book can.

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UPDATE (one more) to David Wilcocks 11-12-17 article Kauilapele's Blog

All right I just saw this one, and mainly because of the dream data that David received, I wanted to post. I feel it is very significant. Heres 2 highlights

This [the viewing of 100030 hits] may be a further underlining of the significance of the following tweet, which appeared from a long-time supporter in my email:

[DJT] I will be making a major statement from the @WhiteHouse upon my return to D.C. Time and date to be set.
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 14, 2017

[DW] Notice also that this tweet is precisely 24 hours after this article solved the puzzle for larger audiences in alternative media.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 11/15, 1:28 PM: I had a dream this morning in which I got absolute confirmation that Trump was writing these 4Chan posts with the collaboration of a small team of highly trusted advisors. The dream was very intense and left no doubt. Of course it is not real, but my dreams have been accurate on many, many occasions.

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

We broke pre...


Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 21:58
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(Before It's News)
Karina Brown reports in Willamette Week,

A federal jury delivered a resounding acquittal today for the anti-government militants who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January, finding Ammon Bundy and his six co-defendants not guilty of conspiring to keep federal employees from doing their jobs.

Supporters of the Arizona-based rancher and his anti-government movement wept, hugged and waved American flags in the streets outside downtown Portlands federal courthouse.


5 Ways to Align with Your Inner Power Fractal Enlightenment

This post 5 Ways to Align with Your Inner Power was created by Nikki Sapp for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

Even if you achieve your outer purpose, it will never satisfy you if you havent achieved your inner purpose, which ...

The post 5 Ways to Align with Your Inner Power appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


Shocking new study proves that the vaccine industry is just an extension of the abortion industry Prepare for Change

The mainstream media is actively trying to bury the findings of a new study that sheds a not-so-positive light on influenza vaccines. Published in the peer-reviewed journal Vaccine, the shocking paper reveals that pregnant women who receive seasonal flu shots year after year are more than four times more likely to have spontaneous miscarriages compared to women who dont get jabbed.

Funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this groundbreaking research rejects the official government narrative that all vaccines are completely safe and effective, which is probably why some of the gatekeepers of science are already starting to question its implications. Vaccines editor-in-chief, Dr. Gregory Poland, for instance, recently stated contradictorily that while the paper raises important questions about vaccine safety that shouldnt be ignored, he also doesnt believe that flu shots are in any way responsible for causing miscarriages.

Not at all, Dr. Poland emphatically stated when asked whether or not flu shots are risky business for pregnant women.



One more video from Tracy Beanz 11-15-17 /POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it #happening? Perspectives and Part VII (and a short bit about Trumps speech today) Kauilapele's Blog

Heres one more from Tracy Beanz. I mentioned her Trump speech remarks in this prior Kp blog post.

So enjoy (or not) this one, as we may view each as part of the data.

Published on Nov 15, 2017

Filed under: apocalypse, ascension, cabal, energies, partners in contrast Tagged:...


Remarks by President Trump [11-15-17] on His Trip to Asia VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT Kauilapele's Blog

Image links to video.

So weve been hearing (from the Q clearance postings (I believe)) that this might be a big speech, maybe even including so and so have been arrested, etc., etc. But the prime points I saw were nothing of the sort. However, Ill point out a few notes that I got

  • Unite the world vs North Korea nuclear threat. NK was brought up a lot. And remember that NK is likely just one of the Khazarian puppets (one of those evil labeled ones), so this may be pointed at the Khazarians, meaning he is calling out their NK game.
  • Fair and reciprocal trade was emphasized a lot.
  • Indo-Pacific region was brought up a lot (and US is part of that).
  • At ASEAN emphasized no one owns the oceans.
  • One statement: we have laid out a pathway toward peace and security in our world where sovereign nations can thrive, flourish, and prosper side-by-side. This is not pointing at domination, rather, peace, prosperity, and sovereignty.
  • Key segment: This is our beautiful vision for the future. This is a where this vision this dream is only possible if America is strong, proud, and free. [As] long as we are true to ourselves, faithful to our founding, and loyal to our citizens, then there is no task too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. Emphasizes taking care of the U...


TRIAL: Gay Couple killed baby girl Just Weeks after Adoption Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Scully-Hicks arrives at court for start of his trial yesterday
Matthew Scully-Hicks assaulted and abused baby Elsie over several months before killing her, it was alleged.

He screamed obscenities at the little girl when she cried and even branded her Satan in a babygrow, the jury was told.

Scully-Hicks, 31, allegedly attacked Elsie at their home in Cardiff while partner Craig Scully-Hicks was out at work.

His actions were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenceless child, said Paul Lewis, prosecuting.

An infant that he should have loved and protected, but whom he instead assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered.

A post mortem revealed she suffered a fractured skull, a broken left thigh bone and several fractured ribs.

Elsie, a tiny and delicate child, had been with Scully-Hicks for less than two months when her right leg was broken, Cardiff Crown Court was told.

He allegedly claimed she slipped and twisted her leg.

A few weeks later, she suffered a bruise to the left side of her forehead.

Scully-Hicks told his partner the little girl had whacked herself when she tried to pull herself to her feet.

A health visitor urged him to get medical attention for Elsie but there was no record of her seeing a doctor, the court heard.

Three months later, she allegedly fell down the stairs at the couples home in Fairwater, Cardiff.

Shortly afterwards, she developed a squint, the court heard.

Scully-Hicks allegedly killed Elsie by shaking her so hard, she suffered catastrophic head injuries. In May last year, he rang 999 and said the toddler had suddenly gone floppy and limp while he changed her for bed.

He later told paramedics his adopted daughter had screamed out as in pain, then collapsed.

Elsie was rushed to University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.


In5D Alternative News for November 16 , 2017 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

The post In5D Alternative News for November 16 , 2017 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Energy Update Clearing And Feeling Old Debris Of Our New Path In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Anastacia-Blue Beyond, Australian Correspondent, A total old loop HAS come UP, its so big! I cant explain what the last 18hrs were as this is new and there was not a lot of sense as to what we were processing and experiencing. It was so unusual and like nothing I have ever experienced []

The post Energy Update Clearing And Feeling Old Debris Of Our New Path appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Dreaming of Water, Dolores Cannon And Masaru Emoto In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Candace Craw-Goldman, Contributing writer, In the beginning of the dream I found myself walking near an ocean- a beautiful expansive and very familiar ocean. The water was so soft, inviting and sparkly. Up ahead I saw a pavilion. It was a very large pavilion, quite massive. As I came closer I saw one []

The post Dreaming of Water, Dolores Cannon And Masaru Emoto appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


What If We Expressed More Gratitude? In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Rainbow Ra, Guest writer, Sweet is the breath of vernal shower, The bees collected treasures sweet, Sweet musics melting fall, but sweeter yet The still small voice of gratitude. Ode for Music, Thomas Gray The holiday of Thanksgiving comes but once a year. How might our world change if we adopted a daily, []

The post What If We Expressed More Gratitude? appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Astrology for the Soul November 15, 2017 ~ Kaypacha Lescher 2012 The Awakening



Weekly Mantra: Having blown off some steam so I could relax, I see my spiritual path, Is to stay centered in Source so I no longer need, To shutdown or overreact.

Ha ha! Lets see who the winner is this week, Mars square Pluto or Venus trine Neptune! As mentioned in the report, put into context with the other planetary combinations Im afraid I have to put my bet on the Mars/Pluto. So lets look at the upside of that shall we? Do you know some things that need to change??? This is actually a 3/4 square that deals more with a change in consciousness (due to the actions taken at the first quarter square last February) than new impulses. It can be a time of inner transformation due to forces like people, law enforcement, external authorities or partners calling us on our stuff. Hence the mantra, as it can be tempting to dig in our heals, simply shutdown down, or come out fighting rather than objectively looking at the situation and really evolving. May you choose the center path and live your life with beauty, grace, and of course, style! more astrology? more music?


DEVELOPING: At&t Customers Reporting Nationwide Outages Family Survival Headlines

AT&T Inc on Wednesday said that some U.S. customers were not able to make wireless calls but that restarting their cellphones would fix the issue., which monitors outages, said customers across the country reported outages, including in Houston, New York and San Francisco. AT&T, which also owns satellite television service DirecTV, told customers on Twitter that it had no

estimate when service would be restored and technicians were working to fix the problem. According to, customers reported more than 6,000 incidents by 6 p.m. EST (2300 GMT), out of which 44 percent found problems with the internet service, while 31 percent faced issues with the phones. READ MORE


Tom DeLonge and the Beginning of Partial Disclosure Analysis, Links, and Commentary Stillness in the Storm

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, November 5, 2017

This post comes a bit late in comparison to the actual events discussed. Due to my situation at the time these events took place, I was unable to get this out as quickly as I had hoped. Nevertheless, I was excited to give my thoughts on the subject and hope that these considerations will help us piece together the situation of the various, oncoming narratives of disclosure.


Related - Dr. Michael Salla - Partial Disclosure and Competing Secret Space Programs with Corey Goode

For a long while now, we have been hearing about this concept of disclosure from various sources in alternative media. Upon hearing the topic, we may think of examples of these efforts such as Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure Project panel during the early 2000s to bring the truth of UFO technology and free energy into public view.

Read more


Pandering to Israel Has Got to Stop Prepare for Change

Pledges of loyalty to Israel are un-American

Most Americans have no idea of just how powerful Israeli and Jewish interests are. Two recent stories out of Kansas and Texas illustrate exactly how supporters of Israel in the United States are ready, willing and able to subvert the existing constitutional and legal protections that uphold the right to fair and impartial treatment for all American citizens.

The friends of Israel appear to believe that anyone who is unwilling to do business with Israel or even with the territories that it has illegally occupied should not be allowed to do business in any capacity with federal, state or even local governments. Constitutional guarantees of freedom of association for every American are apparently not valid if one particular highly favored foreign country is involved.

Maryland became the most recent state to jump on the Israel bandwagon last week. Currently twenty-two state legislatures have passed various laws confronting boycotts of Israel because of its human rights abuses, in many cases initiating economic penalties on those organizations an...


Video and Photo Evidence Now Even More Easily Faked and Fabricated Humans Are Free

Photo Evidence and video evidence has been relied on in academia, science, courts of law and elsewhere to prove or refute facts and theories but those days are coming to an end.

We live in an historic era. Technological advances in the realm of computers and AI are taking place so rapidly that our world is being changed overnight.

Now, software has been written that allows computers to create new faces that look like normal unique people but which are actually composite amalgams; to literally create and fabricate objects (from a basic sketch) and render them so lifelike that you wont be able to tell the difference between the fabricated ones and the real ones; and to remove entire objects from video footage in real time, and render in the empty space so well that it is undetectable to the eye.

The days of being able to trust photo evidence and video evidence are disappearing and the implications for human knowledge are far reaching.

Read Entire Article


A total of 1183 sealed government indictments as of Wednesday morning? Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

A Google .xlxs file recently posted online reveals that the Russian investigation and surrounding events could be coming to a head in Washington sooner than later

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) A list of a total of 1183 sealed indictments and their jurisdictions was posted to the Innerweb over the past few days and the number keeps growing.

The .xlsx file posted to Google Drive reveals as of Wednesday 172 of the sealed indictments are to be issued in the Central District of California, 108 are to be issued in the District of Colorado, 99 in the Northern District of California, 35 in the District of Columbia, and the list goes on.

Although the districts in which the indictments will be issued and the number of indictments in each district are listed in the file, the indictments remain sealed at this time so there is no way of telling who or what entity is being indicted and what the person or entity is being indicted for.

However, it is anticipated that the indictments revolve around the Russian investigation into 2016 election meddling and/or possibly the Uranium One scandal that was heavily exposed by Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas.



Mystery Alabama Boom Rattles Homes, USGS and NASA Unsure of Origin Family Survival Headlines

Witnesses across Alabama reported a mysterious boom that rocked their counties on Tuesday evening. NASA said the origin of the blast remains unclear as social media went awash with conspiracy theories and even devoted a song to the unexplained event.

Learn More:

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5 Controversial Ancient Books That Could Shatter The Foundations Of History RiseEarth

by Ivan; Ancient Code

Throughout the years, archaeologists have come across incredible discoveries. Some of these discoveries are ancient manuscripts which have been found to portray history from a different point of view. A controversial point of view.

Nemours ancient books tell a different side of history. A different side of human origins, and a different side of human capabilities. These ancient texts, usually considered mythological in nature oppose nearly everything set forth by mainstream scholars and modern history.

Some of them are partially accepted, while some of their pages have been dubbed as a myth because they shake the very foundation of what we know about our civilization.

Regrettably, while these books are real and part of history, the history weve been taught throughout the years has ignored them entirely.

This is why in this article, Ill take you on a journey and introduce you to five ancient books that are both controversial and fascinating, and could shake the very understanding of human history.

I find them beyond fascinating.
Read more


The Great Rejuvenator Modern Science Validates The Healing Power of the Amalaki Fruit RiseEarth

by Core Spirit

The ancient time proven writings of Ayurvedic Medicine, which translates into Knowledge of Life, hold some of the oldest and most complete historical medical texts on healthy living existing on record. Within this expansive group of medical texts there exists hundreds of specific herbal formulations and herbal remedies designed to deliver maximum potency and efficacy balancing the body naturally.

With this cherished amalaki juice fruit botanical formula, look to maintain the body in an improved state of balanced health and overall mild detoxification. Ayurveda focuses upon energy and balance for each individual person.

Amalaki is great support and nutrition for the digestive tract, among other wonderful benefits including optimal function of the inner and outer skin, arteries, blood purification and liver rejuvenation.

Amalaki refers to the herbal use of the amla fruit, also called Indian gooseberry. The word amla literally means sour, and its other name, dhatri, means mother or nurse. Its associations point to Amalakis reputation as being greatly nourishing and supportive for a great array of body systems and all the body types, or doshas.

As the principal ingredient in Chyawanprash, the pillar Ayurvedic antioxidant superfood, Amalaki boasts a catalogue of benefits, including:
Read more


Cremated Remains of the 'Buddha' Discovered in Chinese Village RiseEarth

by Owen Jarus; Live Science

The cremated remains of what an inscription says is the Buddha, also called Siddhrtha Gautama, have been discovered in a box in Jingchuan County, China, along with more than 260 Buddhist statues.

The translated inscription on the box reads: "The monks Yunjiang and Zhiming of the Lotus School, who belonged to the Majur Temple of the Longxing Monastery in Jingzhou Prefecture, gathered more than 2,000 pieces of arra [cremated remains of the Buddha], as well as the Buddha's teeth and bones, and buried them in the Majur Hall of this temple," on June 22, 1013. At the site where the statues and Buddha remains were buried, archaeologists also found the remains of a structure that could be from the Majur Hall.

Yunjiang and Zhiming spent more than 20 years gathering the remains of the Buddha, who is also sometimes referred to as Gautama Buddha, the inscription notes.

"In order to promote Buddhism, they wanted to collect arra [Buddhist relics]. To reach this goal, both of them practiced the instruction of Buddhism during every moment of their lives for more than 20 years," the inscription says. "Sometimes they received the arra from others' donations; sometimes they found them by chance; sometimes they bought them from other places; and sometimes others gave them the arra to demonstrate their wholeheartedness."

The inscription does not mention the 260 Buddhist statues that were found buried near the remains of the Buddha. The archaeologists aren't sure whether or not the statues were buried at the same time as the cremated remains, wrote the team of archaeologists, who were led by Hong Wu, a research fellow at the Gansu Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, in two articles published recently in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics.
Read more ...


Scientists Look For Signs Of Alien Life On Newly Discovered Planet RiseEarth

by Mac Slavo;

A mere 11 light-years away from our Solar System, a newly discovered exoplanet is the second-closest weve ever found thats temperate enough to potentially host and sustain life. The Earth-sized exoplanet was just discovered and scientists are already searching for signs of life.

Ross 128 b orbits the inactive red dwarf star, Ross 128, in the systems Goldilocks zone. This zone is known as the area in perfect distance from a star to support life. The planet is also probably rocky, not gaseous; and its at a distance from its star that means the temperature could be hospitable to life as we know it.

It was found using the European Southern Observatorys High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) in Chile the most precise instrument of its kind. And it took researchers a long time to nail down. We started to observe this star in July 2005, astronomer Nicola Astudillo-Defru of Geneva Observatory told ScienceAlert. Since 2013, our monitoring started to be more intense, and only after acquiring 157 observations was the signal of the planet strong enough to be detected.

The researchers were able to discover the planet using the radial velocity method of planet detection. This method differs from the transit method we usually hear about but it shows this technique still has a whole lot of potential for finding new exoplanets.
Read more


Venezuela Signs Huge Debt Restructuring Deal with Russia Worth Billions Family Survival Headlines

As Venezuela teeters right on the brink of complete financial collapse, Bloomberg reports that Russia has agreed to restructure roughly $3.2 billion in outstanding obligations. While details of the restructuring agreement are scarce, both sides reported that the deal spreads payments out over 10 years with minimal cash service required over the next six years.

Learn More:

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Democrats Take First Step to Impeach President Trump Family Survival Headlines

A handful of Democrats have introduced articles of impeachment in Congress against President Donald Trump accusing him of obstruction of justice and other offenses.  We have taken this action because of great concerns for the country and our Constitution and our national security and our democracy, Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee said at a news conference Wednesday.  The five articles accuse the president of obstruction of justice relating to the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, which

the Democrats say was designed to impede an investigation, and undermining the independence of the federal judiciary. The action is likely to be stopped dead in its tracks in the Republican-led House of Representatives. Even a majority of Democrats dont seem interested in supporting the route of impeachment, instead content to await the results of special counsel Robert Muellers investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia in last years election. READ MORE


Health Alert! U.S. Steel Dumps More Toxic Chromium Near Lake Michigan Family Survival Headlines

Six months after U.S. Steel dumped a plume of toxic metal into a Lake Michigan tributary, the company quietly reported another spill at the same northwest Indiana plant and asked state environmental regulators to keep it secret, according to newly released documents.

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The Last Time These 3 Ominous Signals Appeared Simultaneously Was Just Before The Last Financial Crisis Family Survival Headlines

(Reported By Michael Snyder) We have not seen a leadership reversal, a Hindenburg Omen and a Titanic Syndrome signal all appear simultaneously since just before the last financial crisis.  Does this mean that a stock market crash is imminent?  Not necessarily, but as I have been writing about quite a bit recently, the markets are certainly primed for one.  On Wednesday, the Dow fell another 138 points, and that represented the largest single day decline that we have seen since September.  Much more importantly, the downward trend that has been developing over the past week appears to be accelerating.  Just take a look at this chart.

Could we be right on the precipice of a major move to the downside? John Hussman certainly seems to think so.  He is the one that pointed out that we have not seen this sort of a threefold sell signal since just before the last financial crisis.  The following comes from Business Insider On Tuesday, the number of New York Stock Exchange companies setting new 52-week lows climbed above the number hitting new highs, representing a leadership reversal that Hussman says highlights the deterioration of market internals. Stocks also received confirmation of two bearish market-breadth readings known as the Hindenburg Omen and the Titanic Syndrome. MORE



New Planet Discovered That Could Sustain Life Family Survival Headlines

You may want to get used to the name Ross 128 b. The newly discovered exoplanet is the second-closest found to our solar system, only 11 light-years away. And it could support life. Announcements about exoplanets, those found outside our solar system, seem almost commonplace in this golden age of discovery for astronomers. So why is Ross 128 b unique apart from its rather human-sounding name?

The planet is about the same size as Earth, and it may have a similar surface temperature, making it a temperate world that could support life. Every 9.9 days, it completes an orbit around its host star, Ross 128, which is whats known as a red dwarf star: Theyre the coolest, faintest and most common stars found in the universe. CONTINUE


Words Of Christ Coming To Pass With Global Wars and Conflicts Mounting Family Survival Headlines

One of the things that Jesus told us to pay attention to regarding the End Times was the increase in global conflicts prior to his second return. In the book of Matthew, he tells us: And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all[a] these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Matthew 24:6-7

Now according to a new report from the Express, World War 3 fears are spreading around the globe as nations fall into political, diplomatic and financial crisis. I believe this new report once again shows us how truly close we are to the end of the age.  A comprehensive global conflict map shows where tourists would encounter danger and violence across the world, including North Korea and the Middle East. But the conflict zones are not constricted the Middle East, with Africa and Asia also being deemed as unsafe.

North Korea is naturally included on the map as the countrys aggressive nuclear testing campaign threatens to spark .   across North Koreas capital city, Pyongyang, over the weekend as the country forces its citizens to prepare for the possibility of conflict. While Kim Jong-uns  have made the global geopolitical climate increasingly volatile. CONTINUE


Exclusive! Genetic Armageddon: US Scientist Perform 1st DNA/Gene Editing CRISPR (Mark of The Beast) Family Survival Headlines

Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a persons DNA to cure a disease.
The experiment was done Monday in California on 44-year-old Brian Madeux. Through an IV, he received billions of copies of a corrective gene and a genetic tool to cut his DNA in a precise spot.
Biblical events and prophecies that were foretold over 2,000 years ago are happening in real time. Jesus said, As in the Days of Noah, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. Tune in as we discuss the latest exclusive. Also this comes on the heals of a virtual forced peace plan between Palestinian Authority and Israel by none other that Jared Kushner and the Trump Administration led Saudi Arabia.
Tune in to this explosive broadcast to understand how close we are to the unveiling of the Anti-Christ and the Mark of the Beast mandated system. We are living in the lst days


The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
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Israeli Soldiers Petition Chief to Restore Army Bible Studies Family Survival Headlines

Following the cancellation of a weekly Bible study class in October, over 800 Israel Defense Forces soldiers have signed a petition imploring IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot to reinstate the lessons. The popular class was canceled by General Aharon Haliva, commander of the IDFs Technological and Logistics Directorate, without an explanation. General Haliva is known for his anti-religious sentiments. In 2010, several Knesset members even called for his dismissal following harsh rhetoric against

observant soldiers. Sunday Sadness is a running phrase among Israels soldiers, which is used to describe their mood at having to return to base on Sundays after the Sabbath, shared Dr. John A.I. Grossman, Chairman of LIBI USA, an organization which supports Israeli soldier welfare outside of the IDF budget, with Breaking Israel News. This Bible class was called Sunday Happiness to counteract that feeling. It brought a deeper purpose and understanding to our soldiers about the Holy Land and the importance of protecting it. READ MORE



Andrew Bartzis Regions of Our World Pt 3 Ibiza, Algeria, Friend of Dalai Lama 2012 The Awakening



Welcome to Adventures into Reality with Andrew Bartzis! Tune into the show today to continue to get insights into your journey and how the world around you works and how it all affects you and your reality. As humans, we often ask ourselves what is the meaning of life? What is our purpose? These questions, contemplations are what drive us to learn and explore and want to know more. If we apply these queries to the meaning of objects, environments, circumstances, associations to people, places, family and attachments, then we realize that we are in an ebb and flow of information that is constantly changing the way we view our reality.

The reason why it is becoming so prevalent now in our time, is that we as a collective whole want to change, we want to shift into another layer of understanding with new vision. The past and old no longer applies to the new goals and visions we have set for ourselves. We must learn to release and let go. Lest we limit our quest toward our spiritual evolution. That is why it is important to continue to create your sacred discipline and expand on the knowledge and foundation which you have invested time and energy and so much more to know.

Tonights broadcast highlights the following two video segments:

Andrew Bartzis Classic Callers 8 Thomas Dalai Lama Friend Incan Runner, Music Planet, Soul Weary from War Andrew Bartzis Regions of Our World Pt3 Ibiza

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My Website: Come join the Mailing List! AND/OR Join the journey on Facebook at Andrew Bartzis (@GalacticHistorian) and Instagram @galactic_historianab ! For Free videos series of Andrews Mystical Teachings for Everyday Life and learn how to apply the knowledge of becoming your own self-illuminated master, join our mailing list at...


22 Meaningful ways to do Gratitude. elephant journal

November the perfect time to focus on new, healthy habits.


Worlds Largest Solar Plant Switches On In Jordan Refugee Camp The Mind Unleashed

Life for tens of thousands of people is about to get much easier, now that the worlds largest solar plant has switched on at the Zaatari refugee camp, located in Jordan.

According to the United Nations refugee agency, the development is a game-changer, as close to 80,000 Syrians will have access to renewable energy. For the first time in months (and for some, years), families will be able to run a fridge, TV, fans, light their shelters, and recharge their phones so they can remain in contact with loved ones.

Credit: Jordan Times

In total, the project cost 15 million euro, or $17.50 million. It was funded by the German government and will provide electricity to those in the Zaatari camp for up to 14 hours a day, said the agency.

Stefano Severe, a UNHCR representative in Jordan, told Reuters TV, That allows the children to continue their studies, and also (for) the safety of women and young girls to go about. Camp life will be made much easier.

40,000 solar panels were installed. By relying on clean energy, not only will carbon emissions be reduced in turn, preventing climate change from worsening, the agency will save approximately $5.5 million in operating costs each year. The savings can be re-invested into refugee support, which is a win-win for the environment and those affected by the Syria civil war.

Electricity is very important to us, it is needed by men, children, women, everyone needs it during the day, said Syrian refugee Anwar Hussein. When we have electricity during the day, our children can stay home, they dont go out in this weather and play in the dust and mud. According to the...


Mass Arrest Update: Now Up To 1,183 Sealed Indicments in 36 Districts & DOJ Will Consider New Special Counsel on Clinton Foundation Stillness in the Storm

A Google .xlxs file recently posted online reveals that the Russian investigation and surrounding events could be coming to a head in Washington sooner than later.
Read more


Michael Savage Finds God, Tells Alex Jones He Has Had His Einstein Moment - Michael Savage Talks About The Hand Of God Saving Him Three Times Debunking Death

Michael Savage Finds God, Tells Alex Jones He Has Had His Einstein Moment - Michael Savage Talks About The Hand Of God Saving Him Three Times


Alabama Pastor Calls GOP Sissies For Dumping Moore Progressive Secular Humanist

Pastor calls GOP sissies for dumping Moore because nothing says good Christian man like sexually assaulting teenage girls. Speaking with Fox News, Pastor David Gonnella defended Christian extremist and child molester Roy Moore by calling Republicans sissies for dumping Moore after reports surfaced detailing the Alabama senate candidates history of sexually abusing and harassing teenage []


Digital Media Adversely Affects Children and Adolescents Twice as Much as Adults Because Their Brain and Eyes Are Still Developing, According to a Review of Several Studies Stillness in the Storm

(Zoey SkyIt looks like as time passes by, parents are becoming more lenient when it comes to monitoring gadget use by their children. However, according to a study, adolescents can experience sleep disruption from electronic screens.
Read more


Everything I hope to Have, Do, and Be in Life. {Poem} elephant journal

My intention is to hold on to hope, no matter what. No matter how many times I fall back into that dark place;


Roy Moores Popularity Among Evangelicals Exploded After Accusations He Pursued Teens The Mind Unleashed

Allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Alabama GOP Senate candidate and highly contentious former conservative judge, Roy Moore that he pursued teenage women and initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl while in his 30s have left the embattled politician with a rapidly dwindling support base.

Just kidding.

In fact, the accusations, culled from interviews with more than 30 people and published by the Washington Post last week all which Moore denies, categorically have instead led nearly 40 percent of Alabamas evangelical population to throw their support at his feet, asserting theyre even more likely to cast their ballot in his direction.

The Hill reports,

A JMC analytics poll found that 37 percent of evangelicals surveyed said the allegations make them more likely to vote for the GOP Senate candidate in the upcoming election.

Just 28 percent said the allegations made them less likely to vote for Moore and 34 percent said the allegations made no difference in their decision.

In all, 29 percent of respondents in the poll said the allegations against Moore would make them more likely to vote for him, compared to 38 percent overall who said the allegations would make them less likely to vote for the candidate.

According to one of the women, Moore initiated sexual contact when she was just 14 years old in 1979 and he, 32. Other women say the now twice-removed Alabama Supreme Court Justice took an interest and pursued them inappropriately when they were teenagers, and he...


A Good Guy With A Gun Stopped A Sexual Assault In An Uber-Leftist City Family Survival Headlines


A good guy with a gun in the uber-lefty city of Austin, Texas, used his Glock 43 to stop a sexual assault in progress while out on an early morning hike. Meanwhile, in the news thats not news, leftists continue to cry for more restrictions on guns.

According to The Blaze, Josh Williams, 39, almost left his handgun at home when heading out to the hiking trail on a dark morning back in September, but he felt the nagging sensation that he should take it anyway. His gut instinct turned out to be the right call because while on the trail at 5:30 a.m., Williams heard a woman scream loud enough to get past his music-blaring earbuds.

As Williams approached the area where the scream originated from, he shined his flashlight on a man who was sexually assaulting a woman. I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her, Williams recalled. He then asked the man to get on his knees and asked to see his hands. That way I knew he didnt have a weapon. And at that point, he was no threat, so I didnt feel the need to shoot him, said Williams.

The assaulter took off, but police were able to later apprehend 22-year-old Richard McEachern and charge him with sexual assault.  A good description of his appearance by the victim and Williams aided the police.

That was the first time Williams had ever pointed his weapon at another person, but it confirmed for him the importance of the Second Amendment, and the victim was incredibly glad that Williams gut instinct told him to bring his gun with him that morning.

Its dark, and I dont know whats out there, so I have it to protect myself and other people. Thats what its all about anyway to help other people with it, not just myself. I didnt think Id ever have to pull it. Did I want to? No, not at all. But just right place, right time, Williams recounted.



Saudi Coup Signals War And The New World Order Reset Family Survival Headlines

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at


For years now, I have been warning about the relationship of interdependency between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia and how this relationship, if ended, would mean disaster for the petrodollar system and by extension the dollars world reserve status. In my recent articles Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar and The Economic End Game Continues, I point out that the death of the dollar as the premier petrocurrency is actually a primary goal for establishment globalists. Why? Because in an effort to achieve what they sometimes call the global economic reset, or the new world order, a more publicly accepted centralized global economy and monetary framework is paramount. And, this means the eventual implementation of a single world currency and a single global economic and political authority above and beyond the dollar system.

But, it is not enough to simply initiate such socially and fiscally painful changes in a vacuum. The banking powers are not interested in taking any blame for the suffering that would be dealt to the masses during the inevitable upheaval (or blame for the suffering that has already been caused). Therefore, a believable narrative must be crafted. A narrative in which political intrigue and geopolitical crisis make the new world order a NECESSITY; one that the general public would accept or even demand as a solution to existing instability and disaster.

That is to say, the globalists must fashion a propaganda story to be used in the future, in which selfish nation-states abused their sovereignty and created conditions for calamity, and the only solution was to end that sovereignty and place all power into the hands of a select few wise and benevolent men for the greater good of the world.

I believe the next phase of the global economic reset will begin in part with the breaking of petrodollar dominance. An important el...


Before you Let Go of Someone. elephant journal

There will come a time in all our lives when we'll have to let go of someone. Even if we believe we are strong enough to handle it, when it happens, it can


How Cards Against Humanity Will Save America from Preposterous Golem Trump and His Wall The Mind Unleashed

Cards Against Humanity the bawdy, blunt, provocative, and unabashedly offensive card game and company, famous for a deliciously snarky attitude and occasional social and political stunts and billing itself, a party game for horrible people will attempt to thwart construction of President Trumps fraught border wall with the companys purchase of a tract of vacant land directly in its path.

Its 2017, and the government is being run by a toilet. We have no choice: Cards Against Humanity is going to save America, the companys website asserts.

Cue, Cards Against Humanity Stops The Wall.

Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans, the unambiguous explanation of the project continues. He is so afraid that he wants to build a twenty-billion dollar wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing. So weve purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.

Now marked as sold out, visitors to the site who wished to participate could send $15 to Cards Against Humanity for six surprises in the month of December including an illustrated map of the land in question, additional cards, and a vow to fight The Wall.

While certainly not its first holiday promotion, Cards Against Humanity Stops The Wall is arguably a more productive project depending on ones politics than the companys 2016 holiday promotion performance art piece political commentary, in which crew manned construction equipment to dig a hole for as long as donations poured in.

Although company officials remained cryptically vague as to the true purpose or underlying meaning of the stunt, many suspected its Black Friday event date analogized Americas obsessive consumerism, or something to that effect.



Sisterhood of the Rose Taiwan Bringing Back the Goddess Dance! Prepare for Change

On November 4, many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors participated in a Sisterhood of the Rose gathering, on this full moon night with a northeastern Monsoon in the air.



FDA Approves First Digital Pill in Orwellian Nod to Big Pharma, Big Brother, Nanny State The Mind Unleashed

Monday nights groundbreaking announcement of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration marked a jaw-dropping tandem victory for the Nanny State and Big Pharma, in the form of a new pill embedded with a sensor, which can detect whether or not a patient took their medicine as prescribed thus, opening a veritable Pandoras Box of compliance, quality of care, cost, and more.

To what should be our collective astonishment, the policing of pharmaceuticals the ability to deny medicine to patients with habitual difficulty keeping a schedule, cognizance of medical staff to a patients refusal to comply, and a portentous degree of control relinquished to infallible human decision-making is now an untenable but distinct possibility.

Being able to track ingestion of medications prescribed for mental illness may be useful for some patients, Mitchell Mathis, M.D., director of the Division of Psychiatry Products in the FDAs Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, stated in a press release late Monday. The FDA supports the development and use of new technology in prescription drugs and is committed to working with companies to understand how technology might benefit patients and prescribers.

Oddly, of all the conceivable medication types suitable for testing the technology, chosen was the antipsychotic prescription, Abilify used in the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, among other conditions given to patients who frequently suffer delusions and paranoia which would drive them not to follow prescriptions all that reliably, nor be eager to swallow a sensor-laden pill.

Nevertheless, the first-of-its-kind digital medicine by any measure, a breakthrough removes, upon compliance, sovereign knowledge of ones pharmaceutical regimen. Forbes reports,

Abilify MyCite are aripiprazole tablets with sensors embedded in them. Once the pill goes down your hatch, the sensor can then send a message to a patch that you wear, essentially saying that the pill has landed. Houston, weve reached the...


Have scientists found a second Earth? Astronomers spot potentially habitable alien world Educate Inspire Change

These are exciting times for Astronomy.

Scientists have found the second closest planet to Earth that is most likely habitable. The planet dubbed Ross128B is located 11 lightyears from Earth and has an estimated temperature equilibrium between -60 and 20 degrees Celsius. 

The discovery of Ross128b makes it the second closest planet to Earth that is most likely habitable, after Proxima b.

Astronomers note that this alien world is the closest planet ever found that orbits an inactive red dwarf starRoss 128which increases the chances that it is a planet that could potentially harbor life, reports the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Scientists made the discovery using a unique instrument in its class called the HARPS planetary hunter, installed at the La Silla Observatory in Chile.

Ross 128b will be a perfect target for ESOs Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), which will search for biomarkers in its atmosphere.

This exoplanet orbits its host star every 9.9 days.

Despite being the most common, red dwarfs are one of the coldest and weakest types of stars in the universe. This makes them very good targets for the search of exoplanets, and potentially habitable words, which is why scientists are eager to study such stars in more detail.

Many red dwarf stars, such as Proxima Centauri, emit flares that occasionally bathe the planets that orbit them with lethal ultraviolet and X-ray radiation.

However, according to scientists, it seems that Ross 128 is a much quieter star, which makes any planets that orbit it in the Goldilocks zone a very likely place where life as we know it can thrive.

Artists impression of the planet Ross 128b. Image Credit ESO



How to be Cool in Junior High (or a Great Writer, now). elephant journal

Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned writer, you need to read this.


How to Snap ourselves Out of Breakup Victimhood. elephant journal

A breakup is a renewal---a rebirth of sorts, an emotional purge, a clean slate. Post-breakup is one of the best opportunities to get clarity on who we are and what we want.


The New Villain of the World: White Privilege Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The Myth of White Privilege

Among the plethora of false narratives spewed by the left to keep division and social unrest alive and well within our ranks is the so-called talking point known as White Privilege. Once again we are faced with another reason to spread controversy through a relatively peaceful American society so that the Democrats and the ruling class can justify the welfare state they have creating the resulting voter platform they have purchased with it. America united cannot be defeated, but divided we will fall. Even our forefathers knew that the unrestricted flow of refugees into the United States would cause social problems.


Today in our private schools and public schools we have a form of fascism in our midst forcing little boys and girls to feel shame for acts they never committed but that shame is inflicted anyway. The narrative that if you are white you have an undeniable edge over everybody else in a society whose government is supposed to run under the auspices of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Unfortunately for people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton we cannot turn the clock back 50 years and begin race rioting again and in the first place it was Democrats who consistently refused to allow Blacks in America their civil rights to begin with.

And other privilege?

What about privilege of the color of ones skin as it pertains to Affirmative Action programs? What about the privilege of being black when it comes to the NFL or the NBA with the majority of players being black? Is this simply because theyre better athletes, that Caucasians are not as good, is it perception on the part of scouts and coaches, or could it be because White college age athletes have other alternatives like a career they had already selected to take a curriculum for so there is a backup plan? One might ask why is it that in the NFL there are not only outrageous salaries involved even with players constantly settling paternity and domestic violence lawsuits and still after retirement they are guaranteed a huge pension? Where in the private sector does the work force have such a generous parachute while we always have the left complaining about how the board of directors of many corporations possess such outlandish benefits?

The true agenda

Yet, the elements of race baiting in the warped agenda of the left never stop. It all centers around race. Class warfa...


Latest Senate Tax Bill Raises Child Tax Credit, Ends Obamacare Individual Mandate Family Survival Headlines

The Senate Finance Committee released its updated tax bill late Tuesday night, and theres a lot to cheer populist conservatives.

Learn More:

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France Reveals Agenda To Become A Pedophile Haven As It Eyes Lowering Age Of Consent To 13 Stillness in the Storm

(Aaron KeselFrench politicians have revealed their hidden agenda to lower the age of consent in France to 13 years old. No you arent reading The Onion, these lunatic lawmakers in Paris want to enable pedophiles. This comes after two men were acquitted in separate cases of rape for having sex with two 11-year-old girls.
Read more


Hundreds of Children Buried in Mass Grave at Scottish Orphanage Top Secret Writers

A harrowing story made the headlines in the UK this month about the bodies of hundreds of children buried in a mass grave at an orphanage in Scotland. New research


Democrats Have Done It: Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump Introduced Family Survival Headlines


Democrats holding political offices have been threatening to impeach Donald Trump since he was elected a year ago.  Now, they have finally officially introduced articles of impeachment against the president.

Several house democrats introduced the articles of impeachment citing Trumps violations of the Constitution. But the six Democrats, Representatives Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Luis Gutirrez of Illinois, Al Green of Texas, Adriano Espaillat of New York, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, and John Yarmuth of Kentucky, said at a press conference that the five articles of impeachment come out of concern for the countrys national security.

We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and weve introduced five articles of impeachment, Cohen said at a press conference. The lawmakers pointed to numerous actions by Trump that they say make him unfit to be president, but they singled out five severe actions by the president they say rise to a level meriting impeachment.

The articles of impeachment cite Trumps firing of James Comey which they believe to be an obstruction of justice, perceived violations of the Emoluments Clause (which prohibits federal titles of nobility), as well as actions undermining the judiciary and freedom of the press.

Given the magnitude of the constitutional crisis, theres no reason for delay, said Cohen, the sponsor of the resolution. The impeachment clause, Green said, was drafted for a time such as this and a president such as this. Green had introduced impeachment articles of his own last month, largely focused on accusat...


Three Player Chess is Just as Crazy As it Sounds Educate Inspire Change

If you are a fan of games of skill, then you probably fancy playing a challenging game of chess. If you think that regular chess is just too easy of a game for you, then try three player chess. And yes, it is just as crazy as it sounds.

Three player chess is essentially normal chess with a third player added. The board is shaped usually like a hexagon, but other shapes also exist. There are three different armies in 3 player chess, each starting on their own side. Movements for the individual pieces are essentially the same. The only difference is that the board squares arent actually square, so when you move a piece like a rook, it actually ends up taking a curvier path.


You may be asking yourself, how is three player chess fair? Couldnt you just game up on one player and take them down? Well, theoretically, and this is why three player chess was a hard game to design fairly. For most common three player chess variants, the winner is simply the player who is the first to deliver checkmate. This means that the game is over as soon as one player takes down another, with the other player coming in second. In other words, the first to checkmate is first, the first to be in checkmate is last, and the other player is second.

For myself, being someone who loves chess but has never played 3 player chess, I wanted to give the game a go. I stumbled upon a website called where you can play against others or just computers. I decided that playing against a computer where I could set the difficulty would be a much more fun pursuit. I gave the game a go, and I have to say, it was much more fun than regular chess, at least in my opinion.



Trump Tweets Thoughts and Prayers To Wrong Shooting Victims Progressive Secular Humanist

Lazy incompetence: After a mass shooting in Northern California, President Donald Trump tweets condolences to the wrong victims. After a mass shooting in the rural community of Rancho Tehama, California, left five dead, and at least 10 wounded, Trump sent condolences to victims of a mass shooting that happened at a Texas church earlier this []


Political cartoon about witch hunts raises concerns for local Pagan The Wild Hunt

HIGH POINT, N.C. Former city council candidate Megan Longstreet isnt laughing after the local paper published a political cartoon that appeared to advocate for witch hunts.

[Courtesy M. Longstreet]

The cartoon, which appeared in the High Point Enterprise (HPE) paper the day after the election, said, Proving that theres nothing wrong with a witch hunt if theres a witch to hunt.

Longstreet is a Pagan and has identified as being Wiccan. Though not all Wiccans identify as Witches, some do. The newspaper says they did not have Longstreet in mind when they created this cartoon.

Longstreet, though, believes they did. She feels the cartoon was run to mock her religion and also felt the cartoon had a slightly threatening tone.

She says that shortly after the publication of The Wild Hunt article on her run for office and religious beliefs, HPE reporter Paul Johnson called her to discuss the article and its content. She says that Johnson asked if the TWH article was a joke.

I said of course not. Im openly a Pagan. Ive been a Pagan and doing a worldwide Pagan radio show for quite some time, continues Longstreet. She adds that Johnson then remarked that her opponent Monica Peters knew about Longstreets religion and may try to use it against her.

However, neither HPE nor Peters mentioned her religion during the election process.

Then, the day after the election HPE ran the cartoon about hunting witches. It was created by HPE staff and appeared in its Three Views section.

HPE Editor Megan Ward says the cartoon had nothing to do with Longstreet and was about the climate in Washington D.C. Ms. Ward says the idea that the paper would go after someone for their beliefs is absurd.

Ward told The Wild Hunt, To me, her being Wiccan, were just not interested in that. This wasnt against her or Witches.

Longstreet says she knew that when she interviewed with The Wild Hunt she could be attacked. However, she did it anyway. I wanted to be real and inspire other Pagans, she explains.

While Longstreet says she finds this kind of prejudice unfortunate, she adds, I refuse to present myself as something other than what I am and I encourage everyone I know to do the sam...


Ex-Secret Service Agent Claims Biden Engaged in Weinstein-Level Groping Family Survival Headlines

This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at


An ex-Secret Service agent is claiming that former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in Weinstein-level sexual assault and that he would walk around the VP residence late at night completely naked.

According to Big League Politics Cassandra Fairbanks, a Secret Service agent who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Biden would mess with every single woman or teen, and that a Christmas get-together at the VPs house had to be canceled because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends asses.

He also said that the Service often had to protect female agents from him and that Biden was prone to parading around the VP residence late at night with no clothes on.

I mean, Stark naked Weinstein level stuff, said the agent.

During one alleged incident in 2009, Biden cupped the breast of a Secret Service agents girlfriend during a photo, prompting the agent to shove Biden and almost hit him. The agent was subsequently suspended for a week, according to the source.

Men would often stand in front of female agents and Navy women or create false pretenses to have them leave the room just to get them away from Biden, according to the agent.

Best-selling author Ronald Kessler previously claimed in his book that Biden was fond of swimming naked and that female Secret Service agents found that offensive.

In a February 2015 article entitled What are we going to do about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?, the Washington Posts Alexandra Petri highlighted a number of incidents where Biden made...


Dear Boss: Im Not Lazy or UncommittedIm Recovering from Trauma. elephant journal

A warning like this feels like a sledgehammer to my self-worthand I understand why you gave it.


25 Quotes to Soothe the Feminist Soul. elephant journal

Feminism has been such a powerful movement for me to discover. I was raised in the South---Southern Baptist, at that---and there was always a part of me that wondered why things were the way that they were---why I never saw any leaders who were women. Why women were expected to look a certain way, act a certain way, smile at everyone, and pretty much just always be so damn polite.


Cancer Is a Lifestyle Disease: Researchers Make the Connection Between Food, Obesity and the Big "C" Stillness in the Storm

(Michelle SimmonsHow you live your life affects your health, either positively or negatively. Having a healthy lifestyle is a must if you want to be free from diseases. Studies reveal that food, obesity and cancer are related to each other.
Read more


Rabid Anti-Trumper Arrested For Threatening To Go On A Killing Spree Family Survival Headlines


A rabid anti-Trumper has been arrested in California for placing menacing videos of himself tossing around threats on YouTube. David Kenneth Smith, a 39-year-old leftist actually recorded himself threatening to go on a killing spree.

According to PJ Media, Smith was arrested in Orange County, California, on November 2 following an investigation involving the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was charged with one felony count of making criminal threats after threatening a university professor through emails and posting threatening YouTube videos in one he talked about going on a killing spree. Police also recovered nine loaded firearms all registered to Smith after his arrest, according to Orange County Sheriffs Department officials.

Smith, who attended Soka University, sent an instructor a link to a YouTube video that showed him sitting with a semiautomatic pistol on his chest talking about the university, according to the Sheriffs Department. After Smith sent the menacing video, police were called by the instructor and Smith was arrested.

According to the LA Times, in another video, posted last week, Smith goes on a strange rant about choosing between suicide and mass murder in a video titled What Good Does Killing Ever Do? In that video, he explored the pros and cons of going on a killing spree, and decided that it sounded like a great idea compared to dying or committing suicide.

Should I be homeless or go on a killing spree? he asks in the video. I think being homeless is an entirely artificial situation. I wasnt born here to obey every rule you guys ever made, OK? I was born to be who I am.

But his odd video titled Stories From College is equally disturbing. Hes seen laying in a bathtub w...


Superstar Megachurch Founder Caught Molesting 4-Year-Old Girl Progressive Secular Humanist

Pastor Robert J. Bob Coy, founder of Floridas biggest megachurch, is accused of molesting a 4-year-old-girl. Coy, the founder and former Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sexually abused at least one girl for over a decade, starting when the victim was only 4-years-old. The victim told police that Pastor []


This is the Place that Love Calls Home. elephant journal

If love is in the smallest things, then it's in those mindful moments of kindness and compassion. It's in the attention paid and the care taken. It requires us to ignore the ever-tempting distraction of entertainment and to tune in instead to all of the people we encounter.


Scorpio New Moon Ritual November 2017 Forever Conscious

The Scorpio New Moon on November 18th, is all about transformation and rebirth. It is all about shedding our skin and stepping into the new.

We have all been on a journey of new beginnings this year, and the Scorpio New Moon will act like a culmination or birthing point of this energy.

After a year of trials, challenges and growing pains, we are now ready to access deeper levels of our soul and step into a new potential.

By peeling back the layers and uncovering a new layer, we can not only transform our lives but we can also gain a deeper understanding of who we really are and what journey or lessons our soul has come here to share.

In order to harness this potent rebirth energy and to blossom into your fullest potential, here is a ritual idea that will help you to feel reborn and renewed.

Scorpio New Moon Salt Scrub Ritual 2017

This ritual is best done between November 18th -30th

You will need:

  • Glass/Plastic jar or container (preferably with a lid)
  • Sea Salt/Himalayan Salt
  • Olive Oil/Almond Oil/Jojoba Oil (whatever oil you have to put on your skin)
  • Your favorite essential oils
  • Your favorite crystal
  • Sage for smudging
  • Pen and Paper


1.) Before you begin any ritual it is important that your space and aura are cleansed. Using sage or your favoirte smudging tool, cleanse your aura and then your entire space. Be sure to also cleanse the ingredients that you are using for your salt scrub. Use the following affirmation or write your own

I cleanse and release any energy that is not mine to hold. I replace this energy with love, light and healing. I heal my mind, my body and my surroundings. I recharge the energy that surrounds me now so only love and light will remain.

2.) Now its time to make the salt scrub. Get your container, add about 2 tablespoons of salt and a drizzle of oil. You want the salt to be oily to the touch, but not swimming in the oil.

3.) Next, add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oils and then mix it around till its combined. If you want to get really luxurious you can also add dried flowers and herbs if you have them on hand. Close the lid and place your crystal on top of the container.

4.) Now, take your pen and paper. Take a few minutes to still your mind and then write down what you would like to release and bring in to your life starting with Thank You Universe.  For example-

Thank You Universe for helping me to release.As I release this I welcome in.

Fold up the paper and place it under the container or under the crystal. Leave it to charge with your crystal and salt scrub over nig...


Intuitive Astrology: November New Moon 2017 Forever Conscious

The Scorpio New Moon on November 18th is deeply personal and transformative, and is going to touch all of us on a soul level.

Scorpio is the sign that rules over the transformative art of death and rebirth.

Every day when the Sun sets we experience a type of death and everyday when the Sun rises we experience a type of rebirth.

Life is always giving us opportunities to shed ourselves and to be reborn into something new, and that is exactly what this New Moon energy is beckoning us to do.

This is not a rebirthing process that will happen overnight. In fact, chances are you may have been rebirthing yourself since the Scorpio Full Moon which happened back in May 2017.

Perhaps think back to what was unfolding for you during the month of May. Perhaps think back to what you were called to let go of and release in your life.

Perhaps it has been since this time that you have been shedding the layers and ending all that no longer serves you. Perhaps it has been since this time that you have had to let go and release so you can be reborn.

Back in May 2017, I lost my sister due to aggressive cancer. Her demise happened very quickly and her death was very sudden and unexpected.

Since this time I have really been able to understand death and life on a whole new level. The cycle of death and rebirth has felt very literal to me, and there has been a lot of grief to wade through.

While this may not be your experience, perhaps you can relate in someway. Perhaps there is something you have had to let go or grieve in order to be reborn.

Death in any form always carries varying degrees of pain, however if we can look beyond to the rebirth phase, perhaps we can see that there is always a purpose and there is always a new opportunity.

Even though the Sun bids us farewell every night, it always rises again and it always brings new opportunities and a chance to start again.

Embrace this as your mantra during the Scorpio New Moon, and open yourself to the fact that life is always bringing second chances and new opportunities.

To help navigate through this New Moon energy, pay attention to what needs to be released from your life and reflect on all the deaths that have transpired not just over the last 6 months, but over the entire year.

Look back and see how you have grown, look back and see just how far you have come. Look back and give yourself a pat on the back, because even if you made mistakes, even if things did not go the way you intended them to do, you made it and here you are, reading this article and finding ways to improve yourself.

Life is always a series of twist and turns, and under the influence of the Scorpio New Moon we are all going to receive the potential to rise up and shine with our truest colors.

We have all been a journey of peeling back th...


10 Easy Healthy Eating Habits for the Incredibly Lazy Educate Inspire Change

Lets face it getting in better shape is such a chore. And eating healthy means drinking green funky-looking drinks and spending hours cutting up fruits and vegetables, right? Who wants to fuss with all that when a cheeseburger is easily available at the drive-thru?

Good news! It isnt necessarily true that eating healthy has to be difficult. Read on for some fun tips that you can use to improve your diet without taking up your time and even the laziest person can implement them.

1. Healthy Eating Does NOT Mean Dieting

Dieting can actually do more harm than good. Restrictive diets slow down your metabolism, meaning that once you stop dieting or slip up the pounds pack on twice as fast. Depriving yourself of the foods you love will just make you crave them all the more, too.

Dont label foods as good or bad. Instead, focus on the healthy foods you love do you really enjoy tomatoes, for instance? and incorporate more of those things into your menu. Granted, it may not be a donut, but youre not necessarily eating stuff you despise. Try to choose healthy, wholesome foods at least 80% of the time, but do allow yourself the occasional pizza party or maple bar.

2. Stock up on Snacks

When it comes to snacking, 51 percent of all Americans consume more than three snacks a day. Snacks arent necessarily a bad thing, but when th...


Science Fiction No More: A Real Clone On Video and Their Future Plans Family Survival Headlines

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Science Fiction No More: Cloning Now An Option For Pet Owners

How Close Are We to Successfully Cloning the First Human?

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Australia votes yes to same-sex marriage Educate Inspire Change

An historic event recently took place in Australia with over 12.7 million people across the country, or 79.5% of the population, taking part in the survey with every state and territory returning a majority yes.

Its the beginning of the end of a long-running campaign to allow marriage equality in Australia, something already legal in the majority of English-speaking countries worldwide.
However, even ahead of the release of the results, conservative politicians inside the Australian parliament were preparing for a fight over how marriage equality would be legalized.

We didnt want the vote

Australias LGBT community was strongly against the idea of a national vote on same-sex marriage from the first time it was announced, fearing a bitter, divisive campaign.
A group of same-sex marriage advocates even took the government to Australias High Court in an attempt to stave off the survey. Their case was dismissed in an unanimous decision

PM Malcolm Turnbull says Same Sex Marriage should be legal by Christmas

The people of Australia have spoken and I intend to make their wish the law of the land by Christmas. This is an overwhelming call for marriage equality.



A Life without Suffering is not the Life I Want. elephant journal

We learn through struggle. We find ourselves through the chaos. We learn what it means to be alive through mastering difficult situations---and this is something I am constantly reminding myself about.


Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations MODERATE | November 15th, 2017 Stillness in the Storm

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.
Read more


Scientists Look For Signs Of Alien Life On Newly Discovered Planet Family Survival Headlines


A mere 11 light-years away from our Solar System, a newly discovered exoplanet is the second-closest weve ever found thats temperate enough to potentially host and sustain life. The Earth-sized exoplanet was just discovered and scientists are already searching for signs of life.

Ross 128 b orbits the inactive red dwarf star, Ross 128, in the systems Goldilocks zone. This zone is known as the area in perfect distance from a star to support life. The planet is also probably rocky, not gaseous; and its at a distance from its star that means the temperature could be hospitable to life as we know it.

It was found using the European Southern Observatorys High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) in Chile the most precise instrument of its kind. And it took researchers a long time to nail down. We started to observe this star in July 2005, astronomer Nicola Astudillo-Defru of Geneva Observatory told ScienceAlert. Since 2013, our monitoring started to be more intense, and only after acquiring 157 observations was the signal of the planet strong enough to be detected.

The researchers were able to discover the planet using the radial velocity method of planet detection. This method differs from the transit method we usually hear about but it shows this technique still has a whole lot of potential for finding new exoplanets.

Heres what we know about Ross 128 b so far. Its 1.35 times the mass of Earth. This means its most likely a rocky planet since as far as we know at least, gas planets tend to be giants.

Thats the other point in favour of Ross 128 b being a rocky planet: its relatively close to its host star. In fact, its 20 times closer to its star than Earth is to the Sun, and completes an ent...


Americans Should Assume Their Tax Returns Can Be Hacked From The IRS, Expert Says Family Survival Headlines

Image source: Flickr / Creative Commons

Nov. 15, 2017

No ones financial information is safe from hackers at the Internal Revenue Service not even President Trumps.

Thats according to fraud investigator John Powers, who suspects Trumps tax returns have been stolen from the IRS. Powers also believes that expert hackers could take anybodys data from the agency if they wanted it.

Discover How To Become Invisible In Todays Surveillance State!

Considering Trumps risk profile, the determination of his detractors, and the current state of cybersecurity, its almost inconceivable his tax returns havent been hackedsuccessfullyby someone with more experience and expertise, Powers wrote in Wired on Sunday.

After all, American taxpayers should assume their personally identifying information is already in the hands of criminals and then act accordingly, as former IRS commissioner John Koskinen recently told reporters.

Koskinen said: Our estimate is a significant percent of those taxpayers


Buddha's cremated remains found in China Tales from out there - Blogue

Buddhists around the globe are waiting to hear more about what has been said to be a significant finding in China. Archaeologists in China have uncovered a ceramic box that is ancient which contains human remains that were cremated and the box has an inscription that reveals that remains as belonging to Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. 


Daily Bible Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house. And he took them the same hour of the night, and washed their stripes; and was baptized, he and all his, straightway.  Acts 16:30-33 (KJV)


Underage Sexting Has Doubled in Two Years: Authorities Concerned about the Mental and Emotional Impact on Children Stillness in the Storm

(Jhoanna RobinsonChildren as young as 10 are revealed to be already sexting (sending text messages that are sexual in nature) as police forces in Wales and England have reported that sexting offenses have increased by around 33 percent to 6,238 in 2016-2017 a rate of 17 every day from 4,681 in 2015-2016. The latest statistics rose by around 131 percent from 2014-2015s records, which were tallied at 2,700 cases.

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North Korea: Donald Trump Is Sentenced To Death For Hurting The Dignity Of The Supreme Leadership Family Survival Headlines


According to a recent state-run newspaper editorial, the North Korean people are sentencing president Donald Trump to death because he used his free speech to condemn the harsh dictatorship.

The article says that the President offended the country when he denounced its cruel dictatorship during his tour around Asia and for those remarks, he should apparently be killed.  The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared [to] malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership, the ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun wrote, according to The Independent. He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people.

Trump was also condemned as a coward by the North Koreans for canceling his visit to the border because of inclement weather conditions. But the article said that the President was just too scared to face the glaring eyes of our troops, according to the AFP, which first reported the belligerent piece.  Trumps helicopter taking him to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) had turned back after just five minutes due to bad weather, an explanation the propaganda-driven government-controlled newspaper intentionally left out.

The visit was part of a marathon five-nation Asia tour by the US president aimed largely at galvanizing regional opposition to the Norths nuclear weapons ambitions.

Towards the end of his Asia tour, Trump may have helped increase tensions between the rogue state. He sent a tweet from Hanoi that took the verbal jousting to a new level, taunting the North Korean leader over his height and weight.



Over 15,000 Scientists Just Issued a Second Notice to Humanity. Can We Listen Now? Church and State

A new, dire warning to humanity about the dangers to all of us has been written by over 15,000 scientists from around the world.


Feldman Names 2nd Abuser a Current Hollywood Insider Who Owned an Elite Club for Children Stillness in the Storm

(Matt AgoristHollywood, CA On Monday, Corey Feldman went on the Dr. Oz show again and revealed the name of another of his alleged abusers. While the first abuser was a low-life convicted child molester who fled to Mexico, the second one is still working in the industry. The alleged abuser, Alphy Hoffman also owned the most famous teen club in Hollywood that catered to underage child actors during the time Feldman was molested.
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Wednesday, 15 November


Zimbabwe army claims it detained President Mugabe in apparent coup Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Zimbabwe army claims it detained President Mugabe in apparent coup

By David K. Li
November 15, 2017 | 1:31am

Zimbabwes army said it detained longtime President Robert Mugabe and seized control of state broadcasters in an apparent coup in the southern African nation.

Military vehicles rolled into the streets of the capital, Harare, late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

We are only targeting criminals around [Mugabe] who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice, the army announced on state-run media.

The army also urged other security forces to cooperate for the good of our country and warned that any provocation will be met with an appropriate response.

It wasnt immediately clear where the 93-year-old Mugabe, president since 1987, was on Wednesday morning, but the army said he was and his wife were safe.

Chris Mutsvangwa, head a war veterans group, issued a statement, praising Gen. Constantino Chiwenga for carrying out a bloodless correction of gross abuse of power.

Mutsvangwa said the army will return Zimbabwe to a genuine democracy.

Mutsvangwas group is closely aligned with Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former vice president fired by Mugabe last week.

Washington and London urged US and UK citizens to stay indoors for the time being.

U.S. citizens in Zimbabwe are encouraged to shelter in place until further notic...


Listen Today @ 2PM Eastern, The Lid Radio Show W/Special Guest Ken McClenton Family Survival Headlines

Lots of big news this week, Jeff Sessions caught hell from both sides during his latest Congressional testimony, a tax reform Bill may actually be passed by Christmas, the Alabama senate race is in disarray, Glamour and GQ both Conde Nast magazines picked strange persons of the year, and President Trump just spent two weeks in Asia (without bringing me home a lousy t-shirt). With all this major news going on, there is no one better to discuss the news and to put the liberals in their place than my special guest, Kenneth McClenton the Exceptional Conservative.  Ken, I will discuss the latest in stupid liberal tricks other big political news with great insight and some well-deserved snark.

Not only is Ken a great conservative pundit, who provides insight into the days news but also..welllets just say when Ken and I get together, along with the great political insight but also things


From Autonomous (on 4chan board) The Swamp (Down the Rabbit Hole) jpeg Kauilapele's Blog

Click image to view the 4chan posting
(click here to view the image).

Well, somehow this showed up via an IntelDinarChronicles post. Here is the link to the 4chan post where it came from.

Direct (original) link to the jpeg: (3.33 MB)
Alternate link (on Kp storage site):

I looked through it and it seems to be pretty accurate. May be helpful for some to view.

One thing I noticed (3rd level down) was the Major Funders Triangle. The three points are Soros (top), Rothschilds (lower le...


Secret passageway found under 1000-year-old Mayan temple Tales from out there - Blogue

The mysteries of the Mayan Snake God could be revealed after scientists discovered a secret passage that would lead to an underground cave in the Kukulcan Temple, the name by which the Mayan deity is known as a feathered serpent, reports El Universal.


Masculinity Is Toxic - Occidental Professor Warns: Be 'Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men' Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Occidental Professor Warns: Be 'Suspicious of Males Who Strongly Identify as Men'


Israel's Money Machine - Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection

A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media

Israel's Money Machine

Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity
Philip Giraldi November 14, 2017

Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces 2014 Western Region Gala

The stars came out in Hollywood on November 2nd, or at least some of them did. The gala event celebrated the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and raised funds to support its mission in Israel itself and on the occupied West Bank. The organization being fted was the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), which has fourteen regional offices in the United States and operates under the slogan Their job is to look after Israel. Our job is to look after them. In attendance were Arnold Schwarzenegger and actor Gerald Butler. Entertainment was provided by the singer Seal.

Hollywood Jewish royalty was thick on the ground, the grub was strictly kosher and billionaires competed to see who could give the most to such a worthy cause. The 1,200 attendees at the Beverly Hilton Hotel donated a record $53.8 million, with Oracle founder Larry Ellison leading the pack with a contribution of $16.6 million. Israeli media mogul Haim Saban, Hillary Clintons most generous supporter, served as host of the event and donated $5 million. Two weeks ago, a similar gathering of 1,200 in New York City dubbed A Night of Heroes, attended by GOP major donor casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, raised $35 million, $7 million coming from Adelson personally. FIDF reportedly was sitting on $190 million in contributions for the year before the Hollywood and New York events.

Donations to FIDF are tax deductible as the organization is registered wi...


Cedella Marley: Be Thankful Openhearted Rebel

When you feel lost, be thankful. When the joys come, be thankful. When the challenges and sorrows arrive, be thankful.


Israel denies entry to 7 French officials for supporting boycott movement Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Israel denies entry to 7 French officials for supporting boycott movement

Israel denies entry to 7 French officials for supporting boycott movement


How To Stop Overthinking Everything: 9 Simple Habits Openhearted Rebel

What is holding people back from the life that they truly want to live? Id say that one very common and destructive thing is that they think too much.


How a 12-Year-Old Girl Could Cause Cannabis to Be Legalized Nationwide Openhearted Rebel

A twelve-year-old girl with epilepsy is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Agency to legalize cannabis across the country.


If Were Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything? Openhearted Rebel

Since we all eventually wake-up as God, whats the point of doing anything?


Surprising Study Suggests Gluten Sensitivity Isnt Caused By Gluten At All Openhearted Rebel

After eating foods that contain gluten, do you tend to experience itching, irritability, bloating, or general discomfort? If so, youve likely assumed you are allergic to the protein found in a variety of grains. But according to a new study, gluten isnt the actual culprit. Rather, a sugar chain called fructans is to blame.


Brickbat: From the Farmhouse to the Outhouse Family Survival Headlines

David Maung/EFE/NewscomOfficials at Troy University, a state school in Alabama, have punished members of the FarmHouse fraternity for a skit in which frat members playing Donald Trump and Border Patrol agents chased a Mexican immigrant over a wall. Members of the fraternity were ordered to complete education and training on the importance of unity, respect and diversity on campus and perform acts of service.

19:46 11-14-17 (Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level Q Clearance & Other Updates (UPDATED) Kauilapele's Blog

Here is Part IV in the series of Q Clearance interpretations by Jonathon at So this is quite a long article. He even includes a Kim Dotcom Tweet, and remarks from David Wilcock and Corey Goode about what is about to take place.

Joyful reading to all

Here are the previous TruthEarth posts: Part I (Kp blog post), Part II (Kp blog post), and...


If Were Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything? Family Survival Headlines

On the path of awakening, sooner or later, everyone reaches a milestone where they experience Oneness, and from this state, its common to realize that nothing is real, and, consequently, there is nothing to do and no purpose to life.

After all, since we all eventually wake-up as God, whats the point of doing anything?

Although in the grand scheme of things this perception is true, it can be vastly misleading, and, unfortunately, result in great consequences.

Believing that there is no point to life because its just a dream or a virtual reality, from which we awaken, can give us permission to put our heads in the sand, and even set the stage for carelessness and abuse.

In fact, some really conscious people use this as an excuse to be insensitive, harm others, or perpetuate the misuse of Earth.

Therefore, its important to enlighten this grand misconception

What Exactly is Oneness?

Regardless of the

If Were Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything? Humans Are Free

On the path of awakening, sooner or later, everyone reaches a milestone where they experience Oneness, and from this state, its common to realize that nothing is real, and, consequently, there is nothing to do and no purpose to life.

After all, since we all eventually wake-up as God, whats the point of doing anything?

Although in the grand scheme of things this perception is true, it can be vastly misleading, and, unfortunately, result in great consequences.

Believing that there is no point to life because its just a dream or a virtual reality, from which we awaken, can give us permission to put our heads in the sand, and even set the stage for carelessness and abuse.

Read Entire Article


Forget Scientology Exposing the Satanic Sex Cult Humans Are Free

Taken at face value it was an innocent enough remark, encouraging friends to explore 'a belief system to apply to day-to-day life to attain peacefulness'.

But when Peaches Geldof chose to share her 'religious' convictions with her 148,000 followers on Twitter, it lifted the lid on a much more sinister world than first impressions would suggest.

The socialite, 24, is a devotee of Ordo Templi Orientis, known as OTO, and even has the initials tattooed on her left forearm.

Given her tendency to flit between fads and fashions (at one point she was a Scientologist, more recently she has wandered into Judaism), this could be dismissed as another harmless flirtation.

Read Entire Article


Richard Dawkins Defends 'Mild' Pedophilia, Again and Again Humans Are Free

Richard Dawkins defended "mild pedophilia" in an interview with the Times magazine back in 2013. 

And while the quote itself is quite jarring, especially to those who look to Dawkins for his influential writings on atheism (but haven't noticed some of his other strange stances), it's far from the first time that the scientist has launched a defense of the behavior or talked about his own abuse at the hands of boarding school teachers.

First, here's what Dawkins said to The Times magazine, as condensed by the Religion News Service:

Read Entire Article


8 MILLION Children Go Missing Each Year Across the World Theres Something More to Child Trafficking Than Most Think Prepare for Change

The number of children that go missing each year across the world is staggering: 8 Million! Thats 320 million children in the past four decades alone.

Clearly, theres something more to the story.

According to many whistleblowers, after the second world war we have developed a large space fleet, established extensive colonies on the Moon and Mars and we have companies that already mine for rare metals in the asteroid belt.

We should also take into account the huge underground bases, built on all continents (some of which are 30 stories deep).



In5D Alternative News for November 15 , 2017 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

The post In5D Alternative News for November 15 , 2017 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Energy Update BEYOND 11/11 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Shivrael , Guest writer, Entering the One Eternal Now Moment What exciting things are happening on the planet? Are we in a new energetic place? A big resounding yes. Change is here. Can you feel it? First, to Explain the Meaning of 1111 From Sacred Scribe Angel Numbers website: Many people associate the []

The post Energy Update BEYOND 11/11 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Energy Update Old Timeline Looping In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Anastacia-Blue Beyond, Australian Correspondent, Old Time Line of our TOTALITY doing a LOOP With the recent 11/11 energies and the 10/10 gateway energies and old timelines that have fallen away we are now re-feeling the Ancient of times past when we came to a space similar to this and its like we []

The post Energy Update Old Timeline Looping appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Synthetic Telepathy And Psychotronic Weapon Tortures Used By 100,000 Secret Spies In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

via The Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence agencies called the N.S.A. [ National Security Agency ], C.S.S. [ Central Security Service ], D.I.A. [ Defence Intelligence Agency ], D.A.R.P.A. [ Defense Advanced Reserch Projects Agency ], C.I.A. [ Central Intelligence Agency ], the D.H.S. [ Department of Homeland Security ], and the F.B.I. [ []

The post Synthetic Telepathy And Psychotronic Weapon Tortures Used By 100,000 Secret Spies appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Have Mass Arrests Truly Started? Radionics Man Ivan Is Back With Special Help For Lightworkers + News Prepare for Change

With talk of sealed indictments in DC & Eastern Virginia & violent protests being organized by the Cabal in an attempt to stop all this along with fail-safe operations by the White Hats to protect the public during the Mass Arrests we get into whats likely to happen, and the order in which its likely to happen.

In this exciting episode, we bring back Ivan Anderson with his revelation of how PROPER Grounding through ACTUAL digestion of food.. (through shock, trauma or chronic duress MOST of us dont properly digest our food) which in-turn affects our grounding thus, our ability to ground our Light into Gaias Grids & this world, to help fulfill our soul purpose here Never-mind actually being able to also:

Feel energized

Take charge of your energy system

Help with our internal healing & clearing back to you POWER, intrinsic within our true identity

Take on each day (or gracefully move through each day) with more robust actions from a place of centeredness.

Help clear up the common issue of powering up your pineal gland through the proper absorption of amino acids Instrumental to pineal gland use, (among MANY other ramifications).

What did Ivan discover?

Food Sensitivities issues almost ALL of us have.

Ivan told me the story of how one lady who tried this-that-and-the-other to be able to raise her arm above shoulder height. She was persuaded to try the food sensitivities program Ivan recently pioneered even though she didnt think that could possibly be related.

And it worked!

She was able to raise her right arm all the way after just one month. She was shocked, and so will you thanks to Ivans special offer (on this show only for the next 2 weeks), to help Lightworkers give his program a go for 2 to 6 months.

Tune in this week (9pm Wed EST for live broadcast) to find out more on Ground Crew Command Radio your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented work week.



11/11 Brings The Wave Of Change & Light And Council Of Light Light Language To Help In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP, Guest writer, My dream of the giant tidal wave back in October of the new energy coming and me feeling totally at peace has come true! The new energy is here with 11/11! Whoo hoo! Feeling SO alive!!! End of October, I had the tidal wave dream as Gregg []

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France May Set Age of Consent at 13 After Man Acquitted of Raping 11yo Humans Are Free

The French government is considering setting the minimum age for sexual consent following a controversial decision by a jury to spare a man accused of raping an 11-year-old girl. The verdict has sparked a public outcry and calls to revise the law.

The bill, if adopted, will set a benchmark in French law on sexual violence, as it will for the first time define the age limit under which any sexual intercourse with a minor is legally considered rape.

The question of the age below which the minors consent is presumed not to exist is crucial, because there are obviously extremely shocking and unacceptable situations, French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said, as cited by RTL radio.

Regarding the age of consent, Belloubet said that the age of 13 is worth considering, while noting that the final decision in each case should lie within the discretion of the judges.

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Know Your Propaganda Celebrities How the Media Uses Image and Popularity to Manipulate Your Opinions Stillness in the Storm

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, November 5, 2017

Whenever a person or group has a point they wish to prove, there are a number of methods they may use to do so. They may choose either to prove their point honorably and with integrity, convince their audience that their stance is more preferable than any alternative, or they may choose to persuade and manipulate their audience by any means necessary.

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5 Ingredients to Completely Detox Your Skin RiseEarth

by Power Of Positivity
Your skin is your largest organ. Is it time to detox your skin?

The skin is the bodys largest organ, and it is constantly in contact with the elements. Pollutants and dirt from the environment can clog your pores, and toxins from your diet can cause your complexion to suffer(but) a few small changes (can) greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Shari Forschen, N.P.

What our skin does

Our skin is one of the largest organs of the body (measured in weight and surface area.) Comprised of two layers the dermis (inner) and epidermis (outer) the health of our skin is vital to our overall well-being.

The skin has three main functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. Protection is the skins primary role against mechanical impacts and pressure, variations in temperature, micro-organisms, radiation, and chemicals.

Regulation functions of the skin span many physiological elements: body temperature, peripheral circulation, and fluid balance.
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Soul Mate or Life Partner? 10 Elements of a Soul Mate RiseEarth

by Rebelle Society

Soul Mates. Soul Reminders. Soul Connections. We hear about it, read about it and some of us are lucky enough to experience it. We are all curious and most of us want one.

Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit. ~ Dr. Carmen Harra

Soul mates differ from life partners. Some people, not ever encountering a soul mate or soul connection, settle down with a life partner. These relationships can be very satisfying. They are often built on mutual trust, respect and friendship.

You see, in life, we have no control over timing and sometimes less control of circumstance. Some cannot wait forever in hopes of encountering a soul mate, so they are satisfied with a mature life-partner relationship. For some it is about survival, security or simple companionship, and the word soul mate does not resonate. The concept may seem flighty, dreamy and unrealistic. Life circumstance, timing, availability, security and many other factors may all influence our relationship choices


chances are if you are open, ready and blessed enough to meet a Soul Mate in this life time it will happen unanticipated and unexpected. It can feel unsettling, destabilizing and ungrounding because it is a different connection than any other you have had.
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8 Signs That You Are Experiencing Light Body/Merkaba Activation RiseEarth

by Conscious Reminder

Heard about Merkaba Activation?

Merkaba is a state when you are totally aware. When your spiritual field is filled with immense amount of love; abundant light begins to fuel your soul and you know what happens?

Your Merkaba or light body is awakened! This will give you the ability to unlock the 4th and the 5th dimension of your physical and spiritual form.

Isnt that amazing?

Here are some signs of Merkaba activation; check out whether it is happening to you:

1. Intense physical pain:

You will have to bear intense physical pain which may be chronic or persistent. This pain is bound to happen if you think about it in terms of the DNA; because when the light body forms, many changes take place at the genetic level which gives rise to physical pain which is intense and excruciating in nature. But the good part about this pain is that right now it may feel like it is killing you but the truth is that it is liberating you by freeing you of disease and even slowing down the process of ageing!
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Tourists Are Flocking To South America To Take THIS Drug And Cure Diseases RiseEarth

by Katherine Marko; The Alternative Daily

Some swear that taking ayahuasca is like having ten years of therapy in one night. But this mind-altering substance should not be taken lightly, and only under the supervision of an experienced shaman. If youve ever thought of participating in a spiritual retreat that includes ayahuasca, then heres what you need to know.

What is ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca (pronounced eye-uh-WAH-skuh) is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness that usually last between four to eight hours after ingestion. Hugely popular, this thick brownish liquid with a muddy herbal taste, is generally found in the Amazonian regions of Brazil and Peru. Here, ayahuasca is considered a traditional and legal medicine, which is why tourists from around the world flock to partake in ceremonies.

Most are conducted at jungle retreats by legitimate shamans who screen for physical and mental stability, and are highly-experience in handling severe psychological responses to the psychedelic substance. Hallucinations can be mild or extremely visionary, and some believe these visions are life-altering.
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Happy Holidays California City Demands Church Stop Feeding the Homeless RiseEarth

by Vic Bishop; Waking Times

Its tough to say when our societal values shifted so dramatically, but for some reason now, government at large has decided that charity for the homeless is a crime. In a society with such stunning abundance, efforts to feed the homeless are being met with legal challenges and even police action in America. This is a disturbing trend which has been gaining steam in recent years.

In the latest publicized event, authorities in California have demanded that the United Methodist Church in Malibu, CA stop its meager yet hope-giving program of offering hot meals to the citys homeless. The church has been giving away only 100 meals a week, on Wednesdays, since 2014, which is a relatively small humanitarian contribution in a wave of homelessness which has descended on the West Coast since the housing crisis of 2008 and now spurred on by the excesses of the regions tech industry.

Its a safe place, said Michah Johnson, who is homeless. And everyone is welcome. And the food is really good. Its home-cooked. And theres TLC involved.

The church is very helpful, he added. They keep my spirits up. They keep me accountable. When youre homeless, its very easy to slip off and become jaded. [Source]
This is nothing new, as we have seen for the last few years authorities have been cracking down on efforts by citizens around the nation who attempt to help the homeless by providing food for them. Without the help of churches, citizens and other devoted organizations, our homeless neighbors are left to scavenger for sustenance, as noted by a member of Malibu United Methodist Church.
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How Modern Witches are Tested in Everyday Life. elephant journal

The first trial is coming to understand your place in the world. Of course, this is a common theme for men and women alike. But, specific to being a witch, it means


5 Ways to Cultivate Beauty as a Spiritual Practice. elephant journal

What happens when the magic of the bliss state subsides, the yoga high wears off, the oxytocin love bombs have been pushed to the back burner, or perhaps even right off the stove?


Finding Childlike Wonder againas an Adult. elephant journal

Remember when you were a kid and you saw animals in the clouds? Do that. Look at the sky again the way you did as a child.


7 Ways the New World Order Deceives Prepare for Change

Christ said to expose the darkness and this is one of the things that I try to do at TradCatKnight.  Make no mistake, there is a conspiracy to deceive not only Catholics but humanity as a whole.  These agents of Antichrist have long been impregnated into our society and have working within the ranks of the Church and State to prepare the way for their new false messiah.  It seems as of late they are not even trying to hide their agendas but nevertheless it is helpful to further unmask certain areas so important to understand in this endtimes deception.  In this article I will cover 7 different ways the New World Order deceives and how we must continue to resist this revolutionary process and pitfall into the arms of the Antichrist himself.



Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast November 14-20 2017 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Hillory Skott, Guest writer, The Scorpio New Moon is an opportunity to let go for good. If there is something holding you back now is your opportunity to push the release button and launch yourself out of that sticky situation. Even if you dont know what lies ahead. Make room for the new []

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3 Reasons that Women are better off Friend-less. elephant journal

We cant tend to everyone elses needs and play therapist and entertainer, and then rush back to take care of our work, school and everyday life in a short time span.


A Truth Bomb for Eco-Conscious & Holistic Health Advocates. elephant journal

I would love to say that I was raised in a hippie commune where I was taught to garden, make my own clothes, and treat animals, humans, and the planet with respect.


Speaking of Kim Dotcom Theres a Movie about him Caught in the Web (viewable on Vimeo) Kauilapele's Blog

I mentioned Kim Dotcom in the last post. You may recall that David prefaced his final talk at Contact in the Desert with a Tweet from Kim Dotcom which said (I paraphrase), P-gate is about to blow the f up. Anyway, apparently there is a movie out about him (link was Tweeted here). I felt some may be interested in viewing this video (rent from $4.99, trailer is below). Feel free to discern and check it out.

Academics film on Kim Dotcom up for Best Documentary (11-13-17)

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, directed and co-produced by Professor Annie Goldson, from the University of Aucklands Faculty of Arts, has been nominated for Best Documentary at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Screen Awards (APSAs) Her documentary explores the life and times of the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom who is charged with criminal copyright violation and was arrested in a high-profile raid on his Dotcom mansion...


The Microchipping Agenda is Running Exactly in Line With the Eradication of Cash Prepare for Change

Technology as a whole has taken up a hugely disproportionate part of our lives in the modern age. 

The would be useful tools if used in a rational proportion that showcase the genius of man for all to see, have gripped the once dreaming minds of young and old alike and have disconnected us from one another on a scale which beggars belief.

What an irony that in the age of prolific communications advancement we have largely forgotten how to actually communicate with one another, human being to human being, without the pixilated and fiber optic mediums situated in between and disconnecting us ever further from reality.

The modern humans fascination with each new and sophisticated piece of high-tech wizardry leads them to unthinkingly accept each new advancement as glaring proof that we are at the zenith of human evolution and the quaint sensibilities of generations gone by were a result of their peoples inferior intellects and insufficient technological prowess.



BOMBSHELL: "There's a little bit of a sex trade on Capitol Hill." -- Dozens Of Capitol Hill Staffers Speak Out About Sexual Misconduct By Lawmakers Stillness in the Storm

(James BarrettThe dam appears to have officially broken on stories of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill. Last week, the Associated Press provided accounts from four current or former female lawmakers who said they experienced forms of sexual harassment from fellow lawmakers during their time in office. Tuesday, CNN published a report that cites "more than 50 people" who have worked on Capitol Hill who paint a consistent picture of rampant sexual harassment and misconduct at the hands of the political elite.
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For The First Time Ever, The 1% Own More Than Half The Worlds Wealth Family Survival Headlines

Today Credit Suisse released its latest annual global wealth report, which traditionally lays out what has become the single biggest reason for the recent anti-establishment revulsion: an unprecedented concentration of wealth among a handful of people, as shown in Swiss banks infamous global wealth pyramid, an arrangement which as observed by the shocking political backlash of the past year, suggests that the lower levels of the pyramid are increasingly unhappy about.
And this is what it all looks like on paper..
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SGTreport 11-14-17 You Wont Believe All That Is Being Exposed Now!!! Kauilapele's Blog

This showed up this morning, and I listened, and found it to be very illuminating about the Grand Apocalypse that is occurring right now. And it also points out some historical aspects to the whole thing (you know Rothschilds, etc., Saudis involvement). Theres even a recent Kim Dotcom Tweet! I suggest setting aside any not-liking attitude for Bible quotes, as there are a few which relate to whats going on.

And I definitely agree with the statement at the beginning None of this would be happening if she [HRC] were in the Whitehouse.

Published on Nov 14, 2017
You wont believe all that is being exposed NOW. Luke chapter 8 verse 17 reads For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. And thats exactly what we are seeing now. What control will these monstrous actors have when they can no longer practice their wick...


FDA Approves Trackable Pill: How Far Does The Technology Go Tho? Family Survival Headlines

The Abilify MyCite aripiprazole tablets for treating schizophrenia and manic episodes have an ingestible sensor embedded inside them that records that the medication has been taken.
A patch worn by the patient transmits this information to their smartphone.
The information can also be sent to the prescribing doctor, if the patient consents to this.

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California: Rancho Tehama Suspect Taken Out, At Least 5 Areas Connected to Event Family Survival Headlines

Over 100 law enforcement officers have responded to the scene, the sheriff said. The Enloe Medical Center confirmed to KNVN that three children and one adult were evacuated from the scene.

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Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system 

Protection from chemotherapy immunosuppression indicates effect could be conserved in humans

JUNE 5, 2014

Researcher Valter Longo at work 300w, 600w,


Trump Says He Will Make A "Major Statement" When He Returns To The US Stillness in the Storm

(Tyler DurdenAfter a 12-day tour through five Asian countries where he discussed the threat posed by North Korea and how America might shrink its massive trade deficits, President Donald Trump is heading back to the US Tuesday. And in true Trump fashion, the president hinted that he would be making a "major announcement" upon his return to the states - but offered no clues about what the topic of said "announcement" might be.
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Healthy Gut Found to Reduce Effects of Trauma: Study Explains the Link Between the Gut Microbiome and PTSD Stillness in the Storm

(Michelle SimmonsA new study found that a healthy gut can lessen the effects of trauma, as reported by Science Daily. Researchers from Stellenbosch University analyzed the relationship of gut microbiome and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They compared the gut microbiomes of 18 individuals with PTSD to 12 people who also experienced trauma, but did not develop PSTD. They found a combination of three bacteria that were different in people who suffered from PTSD. These were Actinobacteria, Lentisphaerae, and Verrucomicrobia.
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This Michigan University Is The First To Offer A Degree In Marijuana Science The Mind Unleashed

Are you a cannabis enthusiast? Does learning about how to cultivate or cook with marijuana get you as high as if you smoked the plant? If so, we may have found the degree for you. Northern Michigan University is now the first college in the United States to offer a 4-year undergraduate degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry. Before you enroll, however, know that the track isnt for the unmotivated.

Said Brandon Canfield, the associate professor of chemistry who started the program. Obviously, the programme is new and it might speak to a certain crowd. But, for a student to succeed, theyre going to have to be very dedicated and motivated. This is not an easy programme. Its a really intense biology chemistry programme.

Credit: Blog StuDocu

The Independent reports that students wont be growing marijuana as part of their degree, but they will study its medicinal effects along with other plants. The program includes studies in soil, biochemistry, biology, and biostatistics. According to the universitys website, the degree is being offered because administrators acknowledge that businesses involved with cannabis are some of the fastest-growing in the nation. Additionally, by providing education on the subject, a new standard can be set which will elevate the safety and quality of the product. 

The university website reads:

The historical stigma associated with cannabis is quickly vanishing, and although there is a surge in businesses related to the marijuana economy, there is a major gap in educational opportunities available to prepare people for this field.

One required course, aptly titled...


This is How a Good Life Begins. elephant journal

This is how a good day begins: I give thanks for everything and pray all beings be


Time Is Running Out: 15,000 Scientists Pen 2nd Warning on Human Annihilation of the Earth The Mind Unleashed

Twenty-five years ago, hundreds of scientists issued a bold and dire portent, warning humanity its unparalleled, rapid consumption of resources, unhindered population growth, and continued decimation of the natural environment would ultimately lead to wide scale plight if the planet cannot rein in its excesses and disparities.

A great change in our stewardship of the Earth and the life on it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided, 1,700 scientists admonished, in no uncertain terms.

We didnt listen.

In fact, the thoughtless plunder of biodiverse environments without regard to conservation or sustainability only accelerated, leading 15,364 scientists from 184 countries to sign an appended version of the original doomsday letter this time, exhorting humanity to pay attention, right now because there isnt much time remaining.

Soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out, William J. Ripple, professor of ecology at Oregon State University, wrote for the scientists second warning to humanity.

Of particular concern for the sizable group is the exhaustive strain exponential population growth has placed on the planets limited resources noting the number of people in the world swelled by 35 percent, or an additional two billion people, in the ensuing years since the original cautionary plea in 1992.

Deforestation, vanishing potable water supplies, unacceptable emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, ocean dead zones, and mass agriculture particularly that devoted to the raising of animals for meat and the pollution, runoff, and destruction of biodiverse areas inextricable from that industry, also gravely concern the si...


Pence Prays For Northern California Shooting Victims Progressive Secular Humanist

Thoughts and prayers are not enough: Vice President Mike Pence offers thoughts and prayers after a deadly mass shooting in Northern California. A mass shooting in the rural community of Rancho Tehama, California, leaves five dead, and at least 10 wounded. ABC reports: Five people have been killed, including the gunman, and multiple others injured []


What Would Happen To The World If The Yellowstone Super Volcano Erupted Right Now? Family Survival Headlines


With the looming threat of a possible eruption at the Yellowstone super volcano, some preppers have wondered exactly how to prepare for such a cataclysmic event. Here is what would happen should the super volcano erupt right now.

Yellowstones supervolcano is essentially a giant, lid-topped cauldron, and its so vast that it can only truly be seen from low-Earth orbit. Its crater is 45 miles (72 kilometers) across, and its underlying plumbing contains several tens of thousands of cubic kilometers of magmatic material. But if it were to erupt right now, we would have very little time to even know that it is happening.

IFL Science spoke to one of the countrys most respected volcanologists to get the most up-to-date low-down on the future of the worlds most famous supervolcano. Hopefully, it will give preppers and idea of what to expect in the unprecedented event that it actually explodes.

According to Yellowstone Volcano Observatorys Scientist-In-Charge, Dr. Michael Poland, the super volcano may not have enough energy at present to produce a supereruption. Right now, much of Yellowstones magma body is partially solidified, and you need a lot of magma to feed a large eruption. The chances of a supervolcanic paroxysm are currently around one-in-730,000, which makes it less likely than a catastrophic asteroid impact.

A sudden injection of new magma from ...


There Is Something Dark And Disturbing About This Outbreak Bizarre Coincidences And Deadly Proficiency Family Survival Headlines

This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at


As the Black Death Plague Strikes Madagascar, Might We Soon Witness Bio-Component K For Kill Everyone?

According to this brand new story from The Express sent over to ANP by Steve Quayle, a NEW Black Death has been discovered in Uganda, a virus WORSE than plague with NO cure according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Just the latest plague outbreak this year, ANP will be taking a look over the next several days at the unusual surge of black death plague and the next story in this series will feature an in depth interview with Steve Quayle.


In the map we see above taken directly from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) showing cases of the human plague across the United States between 1970 and 2012, one particular case should immediately stand out.

Back in 2009, a laboratory-acquired infection of Yersinia pestis, the disease that causes the black death plague now causing a panic after wiping out an estimated 60% of Europes population back in the 14th century, struck a 60-year old man who had been working at a university laboratory in Chicago, Illinois. The only known case of the plague in the eastern half of the US in 40+ years, the case also happened within the 2 years following the...


Sessions Says He Is Sticking With His Predecessors Tolerance of State-Legal Marijuana Family Survival Headlines

House Judiciary CommitteeTestifying before the House Judiciary Committee today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed that he is not abandoning his predecessors policy of prosecutorial forbearance regarding state-licensed marijuana businesses. Our policy is the same, really, fundamentally, as the Holder-Lynch policy, which is that the federal law remains in effect and a state can legalize marijuana for its law enforcement purposes, but it still remains illegal with regard to federal purposes, Sessions said in response to a question from Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio).

Sessions left unsaid another key aspect of that policy, which was outlined in a 2013 memo from Deputy Attorney General James Cole. Cole encouraged federal prosecutors to leave state-legal cannabusinesses alone unless they impinge on federal law enforcement priorities such as preventing underage consumption, interstate smuggling, and drugged driving or other adverse public health consequences. While the Cole memo leaves a lot of leeway for an attorney general


Senate Tax Reform Will Ditch Individual Mandate, CNN Looks at Sexual Harassment in Congress, and More Republicans Want Moore to Go: P.M. Links Family Survival Headlines

Jeff Malet Photography/NewscomIn House testimony today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed back on demands for a special counsel to investigate alleged Clinton campaign misdeeds. The Senate reportedly plans to include repeal of Obamacares individual mandate in its tax reform proposal. CNN looks at sexual harassment in Congress.

Photo Credit: Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

Christian Britschgi is an assistant editor at Reason.

Media Contact Reprint Requests


Know Your Propaganda Appeal to Emotions Revealing How Sentimental Diversions can Mislead an Audience Stillness in the Storm

Source - Discerning the Mystery

by Shem El-Jamal, October 31, 2017

If you have been watching television commercials for more than five minutes, chances are that you have already been inundated with countless tactics of manipulation. One of the most common methods of this manipulation by an advertisersis to distract the audience with some appealing side-note and then to offer a product or service which most people don't actually need. We may have noticed this by now, but this is generally the goal of virtually every logical fallacy used by advertisers today.

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Holistic Doctors Dropping Like Files, 77 DeadBig Pharma, Big Conspiracy? Family Survival Headlines

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For More Information See:

Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series: Now at 77

Breaking: Prominent Holistic Doctor and entire family found shot dead in AZ home


Trumps Health Secretary Nominee is an Establishment Big Pharma Exec Family Survival Headlines

By Derrick Broze President Trump has nominated a former lobbyist and executive of a major pharmaceutical company to be U.S. Health Secretary.  On Monday, Trump


Australian Aboriginal symbols found on mysterious 12,000-year-old pillar in Turkey Tales from out there - Blogue

Researcher and author Bruce Fenton now presents a theory that Gbekli Tepe was built by Australian Aborigines.


Breaking Update! School shootings in California Elementary and Florida Live Now Family Survival Headlines

Five people, including the shooter, were killed in a Tuesday morning shooting near a rural Northern California elementary school. Two children are among the dead.
Also student shoots himself to death at Florida school, deputies say.
Join us on this unscheduled broadcast as we discuss updates and how mass shooting is bible prophecy and how we are to walk in the midst of all of this in these last days.
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
We are an end-time church ministry and rely on the support of our viewers to help continue the Labor of the Word brought to you by these broadcasts. Please donate securely online at: or mail:
EMOAF| Evangelist Anita Fuentes
PO Box 218, Schertz, TX 78154
Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


I Was a Child: George H.W. Bush Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl (video) Stillness in the Storm

(Matt AgoristSlowly but surely as the curtain gets peeled back on the Hollywood predators, the light is beginning to turn on the political elite as well. The 41st president of the United States is the latest alleged predator to be outed by a former victim.
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Georgia resident pressured not to pursue Pagan after-school club The Wild Hunt

DEMOREST, Ga. One resident of this small town in Georgia says he has gotten resistance to the idea of starting an after-school religious club for children like his daughter, whom he is rearing Pagan. Elijah Gragg said that when he asked about the possibility, the only response he got was a local Boy Scout leader warning that all after-school activities would be cancelled before a Pagan club would be approved.

Gragg, who says hes been a Pagan since he was 12 years old and now identifies as Kemetic, said he got curious when his kindergartner brought home a flyer promoting the local Good News Club chapter. This club is one of the missions of the Child Evangelical Fellowship, and it has chapters in thousands of schools around the country.

A 2001 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States made it legal for after-school religious programs, like the Good News Club, to operate on school grounds for enrichment purposes.

Since that ruling, the Good News Club has garnered plenty of criticism.There has even an effort in some areas to start an After-School Satan club in response with only marginal success.

Gragg said, Shes only been in school about a month and a half.  When Gragg read the flyer, he started wondering about how to similarly support her religious education in the schools. He said that he asked at the board of education about how he might start a Pagan club for students.

I was told they dont make those policies, and he was referred to Fairview Elementary principal Jennifer Chitwood. He left a message, but never heard back.

What he did get, however, was a visit from a local volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, a man named Ian Nesbit. I know the guy, but we are not friends, Gragg said, and he was not expecting Nesbit, in his scouting uniform, to knock on his door on the afternoon of Sept. 28.

He told me that [district officials] would shut down all after-school activities rather than allow a Pagan club to be created, recalls Gragg. He believes that Nesbit was there as a way to apply pressure to stop Gragg from pursuing the idea.

TWH left a voice mail message for the principal, but no call in response was received by press time. When school officials do respond, TWH will follow-up will that information.

Gragg reportedly contacted local scout...


Can being Alone save us from Feeling Lonely? elephant journal

We all have had moments of enjoying our solitude, feeling complete and fulfilled in our own presence. We all have also probably had those moments of feeling lonely and fragmented despite being surrounded by people.


In5D Alternative News for November 14 , 2017 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If youve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, []

The post In5D Alternative News for November 14 , 2017 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Europe Is The Prime Example Of What Is Coming To The United States: This Modern Invasion Makes Saladins Armies Pale In Comparison Family Survival Headlines


Normally this topic is covered gingerly, and with the 1st Amendment of the Constitution having been subverted by political-social correctness doctrines, it is sure to draw unwanted attention. Europe is the prime example of what is coming to the United States. Countries such as Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Francethe heart of Warrior-Crusader Europe in Medieval timeshave absolutely kowtowed to what is nothing less than a Muslim invasion. This modern invasion makes Saladins armies pale in comparison.

The news is reporting the giveaway of traditionally Christian lands of European states to Muslim aliens crossing borders ceaselessly: on foot, by train, by plane, by carby boat. This is a mass exodus in all directions, targeting all nations. Oligarchs such as Soros, and Politicos such as Merkel are fostering this exodus, backed up by the International Court of The Hague.

The socialist-progressives want to destroy the ethnic homogeneity and religion, language, and culture of these nations to usher in globalism with the goal of railing in and controlling the Islamist extremists later (an organizing the organized strategy of Alinsky).

It will backfire on them. The Islamists will come in and establish a foothold, and anyone that does not submit among the unbelievers (the al-Harb, as non-Muslims are called) will be dealt with. Dar al-Harb is the house of war, phonetically translated from the Arabic. Take note of a close similarity to dal al-Garb, or house of the west. The two are interchangeable, due to the philosophy/doctrine that holds for jihad, or Holy War, an institution of warfare meant to extend the rule of Islam into the dar-al-harbinto the lands of the gentile unbelievers.

Guess what? Theyre doing it. America is beset from within by communists and socialists under the guise of progressivism who wish to completely destroy the borders, language, and culture of the United States. Their plan to use Alinskys organizing the organized and then deal with the Islamists later?

It is being used by the Islamists on them, in reverse.

Here is what they see: the proof of what is in the heart of the average man. I present to you a heated discourse between...


(Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level Q Clearance & Other Updates (UPDATED) Stillness in the Storm

(Jonathan Carty) I must reiterate that it is important to exercise discernment when coming across this or any information you find. Q did mention that disinformation is real and necessary. I would also ask again that you be forgiving if I leave something out, I assure you it is unintentional. I only have benevolent intentions here.
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FDA Approves New Digital Sensor To Ensure Patients With Mental Health Issues Take Their Meds Family Survival Headlines


The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a new pill with a digital sensor in it. It will ensure that patients who suffer from mental health issues take their medicine when they are told. But privacy concerns have not gone unnoticed.

Regulators in the United States have approved the first bill that can be digitally tracked as it makes its way through the human body.  The Abilify MyCite aripiprazole tablets used for treating schizophrenia and manic episodes have an ingestible sensor embedded inside them that records that the medication has been taken. A patch worn by the patient transmits this information to their smartphone.

But many are raising the red flag that this could simply be another form of medical big brother. You may no longer have the right to refuse medications in the very near future.

The Abilify MyCite features a sensor the size of a grain of sand made of silicon, copper, and magnesium. An electrical signal is activated when the sensor comes into contact with stomach acid the sensor then passes through the body naturally. A patch the patient wears on their left rib cage receives the signal several minutes after the pill is ingested. The patch then sends data like the time the pill was taken and the dosage to a smartphone app over Bluetooth. The patch also records activity levels, sleeping patterns, steps taken, activity, and heart rate, and must be replaced every seven days. The patients doctor and up to four other people chosen by the patient, including family members, can access the information. The patient can revoke access at any time. The Verge

Is it really hard to understand why people are raising concerns about privacy over this new pill? The pill is one way to address the prevalent problem of patients not taking their medication correctly. According to ...


EMOAF S.O.M | Back To Basics Bibliology: Course 8: The Holy Spirits Role in the Scriptures Family Survival Headlines

Session 4 Exegesis One: Bibliology The Doctrine of the Scriptures
Course 8: The Holy Spirits Role in the Scriptures

Learn more about EMOAF School of Ministry at:
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lambs Book of life?
We are an end-time church ministry and rely on the support of our viewers to help continue the Labor of the Word brought to you by these broadcasts. Please donate securely online at: or mail:
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Thank you and the Lord richly bless you as you continue to walk in His ways


Prepping For War? Army Lifts Ban On Mentally Ill And Drug Abusers To Meet Recruiting Goals Family Survival Headlines


Is the United States Army preparing for a war? It certainly feels that way after they recently lifted the ban on joining by the mentally ill, cutters, and drug abusers in order to meet the recruitment quotas.

Facing extremely low recruitment levels, the U.S. Army quietly (meaning they hoped no one would notice) lifted its ban on allowing people with a history of mental illness, self-mutilation and drug abuse to serve in the military. The ban was lifted despite warnings from the industry about the risks involved. According to Fox News, the new rules green-light recruits who have bipolar disorder, depression, and issues with cutting (a process of self-harm in which a person takes a knife or razor to his or her own skin) along with those who bite, hit or bruise themselves intentionally. They also allow those with a history of drug abuse to sign up.

I am shocked, Craig Bryan, executive director of the National Center for Veterans Studies at The University of Utah, told Fox News. This contradicts everything we have been working toward for the past 10-to-15 years. Bryan says there is strong evidence to indicate self-injury is a stepping stone to suicide and is the single strongest predictor of suicidal behavior. The Army already has the highest rate of suicide when compared to all other branches of the military. The change in policy reverses an eight-year ban on the waivers following a spike of suicides.

Which begs the question: what exactly are they recruiting all these people for?

The decision to lift restrictions comes as the military looks like it will miss its goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September of 2018. This new policy was signed off in August but they never announced it, ...


Beautiful and Simple Way to Call the Goddess Presence onto Earth through your own Life and Being! Prepare for Change

Devi Prayer Hymn to the Divine Mother Akasha Music by Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi



4 Warning Signs from Your Intuition Forever Conscious

If you are open and if you are listening, your intuition is always sending  signs and clues so you can move forward in the right direction.

The right direction is really the direction that is aligned with your soul. It is not a question of good or bad, it is just whatever direction your soul needs to go in.

When you still your mind and listen to that quieter voice within, you will always be guided and you will always know the right next move to make.

Learning to listen to this quiet voice within does take time and practice. But the more you learn how to still the chatter in your head, and the more you trust that you are indeed being guided, the easier it will become.

In fact, there really is no greater or more powerful tool than your intuition. We all have one, we just need to get comfortable in learning how to use it.

While there are exercises you can do to strengthen your intuition, sometimes the hardest part is determining the difference between your intuitive voice and the voice of your ego.

Most of us have a very strong and powerful mind that is constantly chatting and offering its opinion, and sometimes this can get in the way of being able to accurately determine our intuition.

To help you with the process, here are 4 common warning signs that usually arise when your intuition is getting overthrown by your ego.

If you ever find yourself experiencing these warning signs, the message is always- Stop and Listen.

Here are the 4 warning signs you need to watch out for:

1. Indecision 

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether to go left or right, choose pizza or pasta, or to hold on or let go. Making decisions, big or small is definitely something your intuition can help you with.

If you find yourself going around in circles about whether or not to do something, or if you are struggling to make a decision, you need to trust that this is your intuition talking to you.

As I always say to myself- When you are met with indecision you must listen to your intuition!

Often when you are struggling to decide something, or when you feel a resistance to making a decision, it could be a warning sign from your intuition that either you have not yet got all the facts, or that something is off about one of your choices.

When you are indecisive, the best thing to do is pause and wait it out. You can also ask for a sign or meditate quietly to help you see things clearly.

If you cant wait it out, follow which option feels the best, not which one sounds the best. Our intuition doesnt always play by the rules of logic, so sometimes you just have to learn to trust your feelings.

2. Seeking Approval 

While it is fine to ask someone for their opini...


Transcending the Cocoon: From Soul-courage to Soul-craft to Soul-tribe Fractal Enlightenment

This post Transcending the Cocoon: From Soul-courage to Soul-craft to Soul-tribe was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

When you follow the crowd you lose yourself, but when you follow your soul you will lose the crowd. Eventually ...

The post Transcending the Cocoon: From Soul-courage to Soul-craft to Soul-tribe appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


Global Jihad, Islamic Radicalism, and the Challenge to Europe Church and State

Global jihad and Islamism is a topic that triggers fear, horror and also a great deal of helplessness. Regrettably, the fear is justified.


Trump Says He Will Make A Major Statement When He Returns To The US Family Survival Headlines

This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


After a 12-day tour through five Asian countries where he discussed the threat posed by North Korea and how America might shrink its massive trade deficits, President Donald Trump is heading back to the US Tuesday. And in true Trump fashion, the president hinted that he would be making a major announcement upon his return to the states but offered no clues about what the topic of said announcement might be.

Heres the tweet, sent around 1 a.m. Eastern Time:

Of course, theres a lot happening in Washington right now, and Trumps hinted-at announcement could be in reference to one of any number of issues. Will he deliver an update on the administrations position regarding tax reform as two bills that differ in dramatic fashion wend through Congress? Perhaps some type of security announcement? Or the revelation that the US has finally entered into talks with North Korea after Trump adopted a notably softer tone toward his favorite Asian antagonist over the weekend?

Theres also the possibility that he could deliver an official statement about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who Trump previously said should do the right thing and step aside if allegations about him having inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl turn out to be true?

Shortly before his teaser tweet about the upcoming announcement, the president hinted that he had made some major breakthroughs on behalf of the USs trading relationship in the region, claiming that the USs regional partners now understand that trade deficits must come down?


Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH to LOW | November 14th, 2017 Stillness in the Storm

by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness, which can be used to guide one's activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.
Read more


The Creator Writings: Bored Or Just a Plateau? Openhearted Rebel

This current quiet time may be perceived as boring to you. It is, my lovely one, the exact opposite.


Harvard Med School Researcher Discusses The Science Of Where Consciousness Comes From Openhearted Rebel

As Nikola Tesla said, The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of it existence.


South Korea: It Wont Be Easy For North Korea To Destroy Nuclear Arsenal Because Its So Advanced Family Survival Headlines

South Korea's new President Moon Jae-In speaks during a press conference at the presidential Blue House in Seoul

According to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, it wont be a simple task for North Korea to destroy their nuclear arsenal even if they wanted to. Moon says that because the communist nations weaponry is so advanced and more developed than most realize, simple destruction isnt possible.

North Korea is under heavy international pressure to end its weapons programs, pursued in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions. But it has vowed never to give up its nuclear arsenal giving a metaphorical middle finger to the United Nations. According to Reuters, speaking to reporters in the Philippines, Moon said that if North Korea agreed to hold talks, negotiations could be held with all options open.

If talks begin to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue, I feel it will be realistically difficult for North Korea to completely destroy its nuclear capabilities when their nuclear and missile arsenal are at a developed stage, Moon said in a briefing. If so, North Koreas nuclear program should be suspended, and negotiations could go on to pursue complete denuclearization. But talks, according to Washington, arent in the works. 

Last week, the North said it did not oppose dialogue, but would never put the issue related to the supreme interests of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK)  and security of its people on the bargaining table.

We are not interested in such dialogue and negotiations in the least, the Norths official news agency said, referring to the country by its official name, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The North defends the programs as a necessary defense against Washingtons plans to invade. The United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, and a legacy of involvemen...


The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis Openhearted Rebel

Do you know that the company that makes Oxy and reaps the billions of dollars in profits it generates is owned by one family?


Professor Hawking warns: Earth will turn into fireball by 2600 Educate Inspire Change

You could say that professor Hawking has become well-known in the last couple of years for making catastrophic future predictions for our planet and civilization.

In the past, professor Hawking has warned us about climate change, artificial intelligence, and even aliens.

However, on this occasion, his last statement is probably the most apocalyptic one.

Professor Stephen Hawking has issued a stark warning to humanity, saying that mankind will become extinct when the Earth is transformed into an immense fireball, in no more than 600 years.

In addition, he insisted that the human race must go boldly where no one has gone before if this will help our race to survive for a million years more.

Due to excessive consumption of resources, overpopulation and the way we currently consume energy, Hawking said during a summit in Beijing that in 600 years, the Earth could become a giant fireball, probably referring to climate change; as reported by USA Today.

However, every problem has a solution, and there are things that we can do can to deal with this problem.

Lets start by gradually decreasing our addiction to fossil fuels and work together to reduce and eventually prevent damage to the worlds ecosystems if we want to continue calling Earth our home planet.

Or, theres Hawings plan: turn into a spacefaring civilization.

Professor Hawking has said that we should leave Earthliterally.

Although it is easier said than done, during his video presentation at the Tencent WE Summit in 2017, Hawking said that we must go boldly where no one has gone before.

Professor Hawking also made reference to the Breakthrough Starshot
initiative, a $ 100 million plan to send a spacecraft to another star system.

The idea is that this project is the first of future missions that will send humanity to the stars, something that Hawking is clearly very interested in doing.

During the summit, Hawking spoke about Breakthrough Starshot saying:

The idea behind this innovation is to have the nano craft on the light beam. Such a system could reach Mars in less than an hour, or reach Pluto in days, pass Voyager in under a week...


3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening Openhearted Rebel

Political awakening involves rising above the prescribed psychology of division, into a position of appreciation of the qualities which unite us all.


When was the Last Time you did something for the First Time? elephant journal

When I read this question for the first time, recognition drew a smile on my face. It seems such a light-hearted question, but there is a nugget of hidden wisdom.


Future Medicine FAIL! Attempt To Label Natural Blaze Fake News Points To Medical Journal Instead Openhearted Rebel

Natural Blaze was mentioned as one of the fake news sites making exaggerated claims about stem cell research.


The Whiskey Rebellion: How Brand New America Tore Up The Bill of Rights Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The Whiskey Rebellion: How Brand New America Tore Up The Bill of Rights
By Joe Jarvis - November 13, 2017

223 years ago today, The Dreadful Night occurred in Western Pennsylvania, after an uprising called The Whiskey Rebellion.

The United States was brand new. Soldiers who had fought for independence from Great Britain found themselves on opposite sides of a skirmish. Some were having their rights violated practically before the ink was dry on the Bill of Rights. Other Veterans of the Revolution were doing the oppressing at Alexander Hamiltons behest.

The Whiskey Rebellion saw farmers stand up to an unfair tax handed down by the federal government, and the government responded with the force of a monarchy. It may have all sprung from Alexander Hamiltons desire for glory. Or Hamilton, the first Secretary of Treasury, may have had other motives for setting the precedent of force which still lives on today.

It all started after the Revolution, in 1791, when the federal government was in debt, and had no official money. The notes they paid to soldiers were worth fractions of what was promised, but many had no choice but to accept the funds and go home in order to try to survive.

But the soldiers were not the only ones who needed to be paid after the war. There were a number of rich investors and bankers who had provided the capital needed to win the Revolution. They too were awaiting repayment.

Alexander Hamilton had a better relationship with these financiers than with the soldiers. Hamilton was one of the leading banking figures of the time. He proposed a tax which would have two purposes. The tax would raise the revenue necessary to pay back the wealthy financiers of the Revolut...


A painting from 1860 sparks time travel debate as people see a woman holding a smartphone Educate Inspire Change

This painting is the ultimate proof how technology has influenced our thinking and our point of view on different subjects. 

I see this painting, created in 1860, as evidence that todays societywhich is engulfed by technological gadgetssees art differently than people 20, 30 or 50 years ago.

A painting called Die Erwartete or the Expected, by Ferdinand Georg Waldmller. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The first time I saw this painting was a few days ago. Immediately after seeing it, my mind started racing: What is that young woman holding, I asked myself.

Then I thought well this looks how young people in todays society act like holding onto their mobile until the battery drained out.

The painter illustrated in 1860 the 21st-century lifestyle: People walking on the street, holding their smartphones tightly while texting or browsing social networks.

Except theres one small thing.

The woman depicted in the painting isnt actually holding a smartphone, despite the fact that there are many people who for a minute thought so.

The woman in the paitingcreated by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmller, and called The Expected One or Die Erwarteteis depicted walking down a rocky path towards a man with a flower in his hand, expecting the young woman.

In her hands, the young woman is illustrated holding an object that many confuse for a smartphone.

What she is holding onto is either a hymnbook or a bible, and not a smartphone.

This painting and the entire buzz created around it is perhaps the greatest evidence how technology changes people, and apparently, also our interpretation of art.

If you had seen this painting 20 years ago, youd probably have never even though it was some sort of technological gad...


Millions of Victims: US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia Stillness in the Storm

(Matt AgoristAs previously reported, civilians in Yemen are suffering from an intense and widespread humanitarian crisis. Staggering numbers include 7 million civilians in starvation, and 19 million out of the countrys 27 million population in need of some form of aid. However, all of this has just gotten far worse thanks to a blockade on humanitarian support carried out by Saudi Arabia and aided by the West. It is nothing short of genocide.
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Poverty Is Largely Invisible Among College Students Family Survival Headlines

Your support is crucial to keeping ethical journalism alive! Donate now to keep our writers on the streets, covering the most important issues and beats. This article was published by The first time I met an undergraduate who hadnt eaten in two days, I was stunned. The first time I spent the afternoon with []


When Unions Lead Education Reform Family Survival Headlines

Far more people read Truthout than will ever donate but we rely on donations to keep our publication running strong. Support independent journalism by making a contribution now! In the summer of 1995, Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester Teachers Association, and Helen Bernstein, former president of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA), []


EU Parliament launching control campaign urging voters to support European project Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


EU Parliament launching campaign urging voters to support European project

Tinpot approach to democracy from Brussels backers.
by Westmonster
November 10, 2017

If you want a classic example of EU-style democracy in action, look no further: the European Parliament is set to push for a taxpayer-funded campaign aimed at stopping voters from backing Eurosceptic parties.

An internal strategy note seen by POLITICO sets out the plan clearly: It is no exaggeration to say that the EU is at stakecampaign should not just aim to bring voters to the polls, but also convince them to support the European project.

It amounts to a shockingly desperate and blatant attempt by EU federalists to limit support for rising forces right across Europe, from Italy to countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic who are all rebelling against the Brussels project of open borders and mass migration.

Rather than the European Parliament comprising of those who reflect public opinion, rabid EU supporters now want to fill it with yes men who will agree to whatever the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker and others demand. It once again outlines why Britain is far better off out but shows the dangerous, disturbing direction the EU is now heading in.


The first floating city-state in the world will become a reality in 2020 Educate Inspire Change

The radical plan aims to create the first nation that will float in international waters and free humanity from politicians.

Not such a bad idea, right? It would be like Atlantis in modern times.

Far from being science fiction, in recent years, the so-called colonization of the sea or seasteading has ceased to be a fantasy to become something close to reality; There are currently companies, academics and even governments that are working together to create a prototype of a working floating city-state by the year 2020.

At the center of the initiative is the Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco.

Image Credit: Seasteading

After its founding in 2008, with initial financial backing from Peter Thiel (the libertarian billionaire behind Paypal), the group has spent nearly a decade trying to convince the public that the colonization of the sea is not total madness.

Earlier this year, the government of French Polynesia agreed to allow the Seasteading Institute to test out their project in their national waters.

The construction could begin soon and the first floating buildings, the nucleus of a city, could be habitable in just a few years.

If you could have a floating city, it could essentially be treated as a start-up country, said Joe Quirk, president of the Seasteading Institute. We can create a huge diversity of governments for a huge diversity of people.



How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics Stillness in the Storm

(Robert David SteeleThis is a speculative account based on personal experience and broad reading. In no way is it a substitute for a proper legal discovery process but it could be useful in guiding such a process.
Read more


Black Death: Its 100 % Likely It Spreads To The UK And A Ticking Time Bomb Ready To Decimate The World Family Survival Headlines


The death toll in Madagascar due to the plague has jumped for the first time since health officials claimed the infection was in the beginning stages of control.  With the new uptick in those who died, the fear that the disease will spread to the United Kingdom has been confirmed as 100 percent likely.

The plague death toll has now shown signs that its picking up speed again.  Official figures reveal 165 people have now lost their lives in Madagascars worst outbreak in 50 years. Recent data shows a 15 percent jump in fatalities over just three days, coupled with scientists concerned that the black death has reached a crisis point. Ten other African countries have also been placed on high alert, warning that an outbreak could occur at any time.

At least 2,034 people have been infected down by a more lethal form of the black death so far in the country, which lies off the coast of Africa, according to WHO statistics. Some experts fear the disease (which is so deadly because it is airborne) could mutate and become untreatable during this years outbreak which is expected to blight Madagascar until April. Others worry the plague will go beyond mainland Africa and eventually reach the US, Europe, and Britain.  The plague spreads easily and can kill within 48 hours.  That would leave millions more vulnerable to the outbreak, and create a short supply of life-saving antibiotics.

According to the Daily Mail, experts warn the outbreak of plague in Madagascar this year is being fueled by a strain more lethal than the one which usually strikes the country.  This form of the pneumonic plague is airborne, easily spread by a cough or a sneeze, and has been responsible for two-thirds of all infections this year. The bubonic form of the plague, responsible...

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