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Wednesday, 18 July


Why we all Need a Grieving Day. elephant journal

While you may have images of Miss Havisham all wrapped in dowager lace being stuck in a time long forgotten, a Grieving Day isnt quite like that. A Grieving Day is a day to give back to yourself what


Christian Minister: Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos Progressive Secular Humanist

Conservative Christian minister advises women to avoid higher education and tattoos if they want to catch a man. Lori Alexander is a conservative Christian minister and author who teaches women that they should be sober, love and obey their husbands, love their children, be chaste, discreet, good, and keepers at home. In a recent blog []


What Trump did to me Personally. elephant journal

Over the past year, Ive been asked a different variation of the question:


Why Do They Flee? Prepare For Change

The current mass exodus of people from Central America to the United States, with the daily headline-grabbing stories of numerous children involuntarily separated from their parents, means its time to remind my readers once again of one of the primary causes of these periodic mass migrations.

Those in the US generally opposed to immigration make it a point to declare or imply that the United States does not have any legal or moral obligation to take in these Latinos. This is not true. The United States does indeed have the obligation because many of the immigrants, in addition to fleeing from drug violence, are escaping an economic situation in their homeland directly made hopeless by American interventionist policy.

Its not that these people prefer to live in the United States. Theyd much rather remain with their families and friends, be able to speak their native language at all times, and avoid the hardships imposed upon them by American police and other right-wingers. But whenever a progressive government comes to power in Latin America or threatens to do so, a government sincerely committed to fighting poverty, the United States helps to suppresses the movement and/or supports the countrys right-wing and military in staging a coup. This has been the case in Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras.

The latest example is the June 2009 coup (championed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) ousting the moderately progressive Manuel Zelaya of Honduras. The particularly severe increase in recent years in Honduran migration to the US is a direct result of the overthrow of Zelaya, whose crime was things like raising the minimum wage, giving subsidies to small farmers, and instituting free education. It is a tale told many times in Latin America: The downtrodden masses finally put into power a leader committed to reversing the status quo, determined to try to put an end to two centuries of oppression and before long the military overthrows the democratically-elected government, while the United States if not the mastermind behind the coup does nothing to prevent it or to punish the coup regime, as only the United States can punish; meanwhile Washington officials pretend to be very upset over this affront to democracy while giving major support to the coup regime. (1) The resulting return to poverty is accompanied by government and right-wing violence against those who question the new status quo, giving further incentive to escape the country.

Talk delivered by William Blum at the Lef...


Why We Struggle to Predict the Future Church and State

Future success depends upon our ability to not confront our future biases but to actively embrace uncertainty.


Why I Got Arrested This Summer (And You Should Too) Karma Yoga Daily

With 43 percent of Americans in or near poverty, most of us know theres something deeply wrong with our democracy. Will we stand up for it?


When Life Feels Like Too Much Karma Yoga Daily

Sometimes in life, we can become overwhelmed with all that is taking place.


The Changing Nature of Reality Karma Yoga Daily

There doesnt seem to be any way around the fact that were required to wake up to the change in density.


This Solar Purifier Creates Its Own Disinfectant from Water and Sunlight Karma Yoga Daily

Stanford Engineering reports about an innovative solar purifier that creates its own powerful and safe disinfectant using water and sunlight.


Your Data is Your Property Church and State

Your data should be your personal Property, like a house or car. You have the Right to own your own value.

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Tuesday, 17 July


'Time traveller' sent to the year '4000 meets ALIENS planning to turn Earth into PARADISE' Tales from out there - Blogue

A RUSSIAN engineer, who astonishingly claims to have time travelled to the year 4000, has alleged that while in the future, he met with aliens who told him they will eventually colonise Earth and turn it into a "paradise".


The Next time you Tell me to Act Like a Girl. elephant journal

Your sex is not endangered. Men are here to stay, relax. No one will replace you. You are very dear to us.


Africa Needs Savingor is it the Other Way Around? elephant journal

Your average white savior social media post might look something like this: 


What Petty Theft & an Afternoon with my Dad taught me about Meeting Children where they Are. elephant journal

When things get tricky and waters are murky I am reminded that parenting does not come with a manual. There are grey areas in which we grow as parents and people by merely "winging it" and doing


Common Symptoms Of Spirit Attachment And What To Do About It RiseEarth

by Conscious Reminder

Talking of spirit attachments, it would be wiser to know that spirits find people who lack energy as an easy target. These are the people who lack the willpower to put up a fight. It could also be people who are already suffering from a physical ailment because their defenses would be down.

That would also include people who abuse drugs or alcohol. Such people usually blame their symptoms on their own lifestyle or are too senseless to even notice when someone or something else takes over their consciousness. There are certain signs which can be observed when an entity latches itself on to you. If you suspect that a spirit has become attached to you, look for two or more of the following signs:

Chronic fatigue

It is one of the most common indications that a foreign entity is latched onto you. You feel drained and tired all the time. Things you used to enjoy no longer pleasure you. And more often than not you couldnt care less for whats going on around you.

Now these symptoms are not anything new in this fast forward life we are living where most of us are either sleep deprived or not eating whats required by our bodies. So if you are sure on both these accounts- your sleeping and dietary habits are healthy, and yet you cant seem to overcome your lethargy, the culprit is definitely a spirit attachment.
Read more


How to Create More Freedom in Your Life RiseEarth

by Tanaaz; Forever Conscious

Do you feel free to

Love who you want?
Wear what you want?
Say what you mean?
Open your heart?
Express your true self?
Go after your dreams?
Follow your own path?
Be Yourself?

Feeling free is a mindset, and being free is about accepting and owning all of who you are. To feel free you have to have the confidence to be yourself, speak your truth, and go after what you want without letting anything hold you back.

Part of walking the spiritual path is about finding freedom through releasing the ego. Without awareness, we can move through life simply following the crowd and never really feeling free to express our true self.

It is only when we awaken and realize that our true purpose is to be ourselves and shine like ourselves, that we can break out of the mold and find our true freedom.
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Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.  Romans 1:16 (KJV)


Forest Therapy: How Spending Time In The Woods Can Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul Prepare For Change


  • The Facts:Multiple studies show how simply being in nature can alleviate a host of mental health issues, as well as several different biological health issues.
  • Reflect On:Perhaps it is a lack of nature in our lives that is contributing to our sense of disconnection and unfulfillment?

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but simply spending time in a forest can actually be a key to alleviating a wide array of mental, physical, and emotional ailments. In fact, the absence of nature in your life could very well be a cause for some of your suffering and getting back to our roots could be the cure youve been looking for. Forest Therapy is an emerging trend that is helping many people return to their natural, more aligned state.

I recently completed a 2-day hike along the Juan de Fuca trail on beautiful Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. Not that this was anything extreme by any means, it was just enough to leave me feeling entirely refreshed, recharged, rejuvenated and connected to myself, to my friends and to the beauty and aliveness of all the nature around me. I feel strongly that a large component of what made this trek so therapeutic was the fact that there was no cell service so the use of a cell phone was not needed except to take a few photos with. Even though this wasnt necessarily an easy hike, I had a tremendous amount of energy to keep me going and the amount of mental clarity was truly astounding. If you are someone who struggles with meditation, the act of simply walking in nature could be what you are looking for. Its hard not to be present while in the company of beautiful trees, ferns, moss, fungus and all of the little woodland creatures and chirping birdies.

Forest Therapy

Yes, people actually pay to go on guided walks through the forest in an effort to get relief from what ails them. While to many this may sound completely absurd, many of us are living in cities, and not only far away from forests, but disconnected from the concept altogether. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city can be a great distraction from how you are really feeling until its not. This is exactly where forest therapy can come in handy. Sometimes, believe it or not, things really can be that simple, reconnecting to the earth and the life force energy of it can reinvigorate us in ways we may have never imagined.

Science has already shown us how hiking in nature literally changes our brain chemistry and how even just simply...


James Gilliland 7-16-18.. Universal Law: The Last Word Kauilapele's Blog

Enjoyed this message from James.

many people are asking what is going on, will there ever be justice. The answer is yes. There is a saying Nature is slow to react but thorough. People are awakening, the fake news and mind control programs are failing. The division games with cultures and religions are no longer viable. The crooked politicians, wayward agencies power abuses, deep state as well as the puppet masters, the global elite are imploding. It is a byproduct of compression by the higher dimensional beings, their consciousness and Universal Law.

The dark realms are being squeezed, forced into the light and they are lashing out, influencing and possessing people trying to create as much havoc as possible. Healers and light workers around the world are asking what is going on. Their clients friends even family are losing it with emotional outbursts, some acting as if possessed. We are in those times.

The hidden and real agendas are being exposed The world of opposites is ending, the chaos is the healing.

The tyrants realized people will revolt without a savior so they create one They remain in full control of that person with promises of notoriety, power and wealth to control the narrative. These puppets take the podium, shake their fists at the government yet at the same time they are being paid by dark facti...


Military Child Sex Trafficking Whistleblower Exposes the UN & The US State Department Humans Are Free

The topic of pedophilia is a disturbing one for sure, whats even more disturbing is that this kind of thing continues to happen all over the world, particularly among the global elite.

There are literally too many examples to go through, whether it be the pedophilia thats been exposed inside the Vatican or the fairly recent NBC news report accusing Hillary Clinton covering up a giant pedophile ring within the state department, this thing is hitting the mainstream.

What really blew the lid off the topic was the whole Pizzagate scandal, although labeled as fake news by those who control the mainstream media, as organizations like Wikileaks felt it very important to release that information, and question it.

Then you have people with strange connections to the Clintons and other global elitists, like Jimmy Savile, who was well connected with the Royal Family, as well as Jeffrey Epstein, who seemed to be well connected with Prince Andrew.


Martin Geddes, 7-11-18 WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history (#Q #QAnon) THIS IS AN ASTOUNDING ARTICLE!!! Kauilapele's Blog

Great article, in my view (and I say this strongly and with conviction, and after reading tonnes of other articles about these types of things).

Im very glad I took the time to fully read and highlight this article (probably over-highlighted). I found this piece to be an excellent, clearly written analysis of #QAnon, and all of the related communications protocols that have been implemented to take down (dissolve) the MSM, and how #Q (et al.) and the anon movement is doing this. Heres one key point:

You construct an alternative channel to communicate with the public. Then you work with volunteer propagandists of good standing (i.e. people like me) to legitimise and publicise itdenuding the incumbent rival of its power to set the narrative.

This is what #Q #QAnon is here for. This is what the Alliance military is here for. This is...


25,000 Old Mysterious Dolmens of The Black Sea Region, Science Cannot Explain Humans Are Free

There are many widely known ancient and mysteries structures in the world from the Egyptian pyramids to Stonehenge.

However, many otherssome smaller but not any less importantare less known. One mysterious set of structures that are not getting enough attention are the megalithic monuments called dolmens.

In fact, there are so rarely discussed that living in the Black Sea region for 10 summers, I only found out about them while revisiting the area last year.

There are many spread out across the world in varying forms, and about 3,000 of them are all located in the Western Caucasusparticularly near the Black Sea in Russia.

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How To Be Woke In The Matrix In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Morag, Guest writer, We are energy. Our bodies vibrate energetically, this frequency is our signature wavelength. Our cellular vibration rolls out to our energy field. Our energy field extends out beyond our bodies. Our energy field acts like a shield protecting us, it also behaves like antennae or feelers checking out the energies []

The post How To Be Woke In The Matrix appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


FOX NEWS CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET, THEY ARE THE ENEMY - Jim Stone Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

July 16 2018
The deep state will be very dangerous now, Putin delivered what may be a death blow yet the deep state is still in place. The Helsinki summit went far beyond "cannot possibly be any better".
There is not one peep out of Fox News over Putin saying Hillary got 400,000,000 put in her campaign by Russians. NOT ONE PEEP, even after Time Magazine itself published it. Instead, Fox is talking all about how Trump is the enemy for visiting Putin. THAT NAILS THEM, I was right about FOX all along. They are the "limited hangout" that makes the public feel like it has an ally, only, the public has no MSM ally. Not mentioning this statement by Putin singles Fox News out as FAKE NEWS.




Synchronicity: The Universe's Software Programs Humans Are Free

Despite the recognition that Carl Jung has received throughout the last century or so, the importance of his work still cannot be stressed enough. The real beauty of Jungs work was his ability to conceptualize a variety of esoteric, even shamanistic concepts through scientific, empirical observation. 

While some might still beg to differ, Jungs concepts such as the Collective Human Unconscious, human cognitive archetypes, and perhaps his most complex and mysterious observation, Synchronicity, are all quite scientifically validated today.

Considered to be an a-causal connection of two or more psycho-social phenomena, modern interpretations of this could be seen as the person who checks their phone for a call, only to receive the call immediately upon checking, a Deja-vu including but not limited to information from dreams occurring in waking life, or a seemingly random string of events leading the subject to a specific goal that could not have been achieved had their original plans gone accordinglyand of course any number of other events.

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Socialist Darling Ocasio-Cortz Trashes Israel, Calls Them Occupiers of Palestine (VIDEO) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Socialist Darling Ocasio-Cortz Trashes Israel, Calls Them Occupiers of Palestine (VIDEO)

Democrat Socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez sent shock waves through the Democrat Party when she defeated the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Crowley, in the New York primary in June. 


PUTIN DROPS BOMB AT HELSINKI PRESSER: Says US Intelligence Helped Move $400,000,000 to HILLARY Campaign!! (VIDEO)  by Jim Hoft July 16, 2018 1154 Comments 43.0KShare 931Tweet Email President Donal Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

PUTIN DROPS BOMB AT HELSINKI PRESSER: Says US Intelligence Helped Move $400,000,000 to HILLARY Campaign!! (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin held a joint press conference Monday in Helsinki, Finland.

During the press conference Putin dropped a bomb! 610w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />

Putin accused a Bill Browder of donating $400,000,000 to HILLARY CLINTON!!!

Vladimir Putin: Last year there was one extradition ca...



The Art of Hyper Dimensional War - Matrix Humans Are Free

This is a summary of what I have learned from my encounters with inner and outer demons. Let this text be food for thought and dont take my word for anything but do customize what you read here to fit your own experience.

First, understand that you only experience what you need or choose to experience, and what you need to experience was chosen by you at some other time or level of being.

Therefore, you are in some way responsible for all that happens to you, whether you created it or allowed it. The attacks you receive ultimately serve to teach you lessons, and how successfully you defend against these attacks determines how easily you learn your lesson. Learning a lesson before the experience often voids the necessity of having to experience it.

Second, in the absolute sense the Matrix Control System serves to accelerate your spiritual growth, and although its agents see you as the enemy, know that you can utilize them as teachers.

Read Entire Article




(Support Free Thought) - Washington, D.C. Despite receiving little attention in the mass media, the November 2017 and April 2018 release of more than 35,000 and 18,000 documents by the Trump Administration, relating to the assassination of former President Kennedywhich had been withheld from the public for more than 50 yearssheds new light on the presidents murder and the two soldiers who attempted to stop it.

While the mainstream media did cursorily cover the two releases, virtually none of the coverage was aimed at the most damning revelations, which included the fact that two U.S. soldiers in separate locations uncovered cryptographic messages indicating that President Kennedy was going to be assassinated, prior to his murder in Dallas.

Ominously, both of these soldiers were subsequently institutionalized after attempting to get the information they had uncovered to authorities.

The first case involves an army code breaker named Eugene V. Dinkin.

U.S. Army Private First Class Eugene Dinkin served in Metz, France, in the 599th Ordinance Group and worked in the cryptography section of his unit. His duties at Metz reportedly included deciphering cable traffic from the European Commands, NATO, etc.

report by Citizens for Truth About the Kennedy Assassination (CTAKA) explained:

On September, 1963, Dinkin noticed material in the Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes, and other print publications, that was negative toward the president and his policies and implied that he was a weak president in dealing with the Russians. The examples that he found became more negative, the suggestion being that if he were removed as president it would be a good thing. By mid-October Dinkin had found enough informationsome of it subliminalthat he was convinced that a plot was in the works. One driven by some high-ranking members of the military, some right-wing economic groups, and with support by some national media outlets

Dinkins studies forced him to conclude that the plot would happen around November 28, 1963, and that the assassination would be blamed on a Communist or a Negro. He then sent a registered letter to Attorney General Robert Kennedy. When he got no reply, he decided on other options.

Dinkin gathered his evidentiary material in late October 1963, which included psychological sets he had uncovered that he believed were being used to indu...



(Support Free Thought) - Washington, D.C.  After an uptick in lawsuits in the 1980s, the vaccine manufacturers essentially held the government hostage and threatened to stop making vaccines unless the government took on responsibility for vaccine injury lawsuits. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was then enacted which made the taxpayers liable for injuries caused by vaccines and not the manufacturers.

This removal of liability has created the incentive to turn out new vaccines with very little testing, as the companies dont have to worry about financial hardships for injuring people, which in turn has shaped the situation that we find ourselves in today.

In the last 2 decades, weve witnessed a near 300% increase in the number of CDC recommended vaccines. As the vaccine companies no longer had an incentive to rigorously test the safety of their vaccines, the responsibility of testing vaccine safety was then passed to the US government.

Now, a lawsuit filed against the US Department of Health and Human Services., on behalf of the  Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and counsel, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has revealed that the biannual reports for these safety studies as required by Congress  have never happened. 

According to the press release from ICAN:

The 1986 Act granted unprecedented, economic immunity to pharmaceutical companies for injuries caused by their products and eviscerated economic incentive for them to manufacture safe vaccine products or improve the safety of existing vaccine products. Congress therefore charged the Secretary of HHS with the explicit responsibility to assure vaccine safety.

Hence, since 1986, HHS has had the primary and virtually sole responsibility to make and assure improvements in the licensing, manufacturing, adverse reaction reporting, research, safety and efficacy testing of vaccines in order to reduce the risk of adverse vaccine reactions. In order to assure H...


A Users Guide to the Collision Moments of our Lives. elephant journal

We've all had moments when we felt like we were losing control of a situation, ourselves, our relationships, and our lives, and we tend to counter-react with more control, to fight against what is happening, or to undo what just happened.


MSM wants us to cast Russia as an enemy & its wrong Ron Paul Prepare For Change

The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is a step in the right direction, former US Senator Ron Paul told RT, while also addressing the propaganda notion that the US must have an enemy in Russia.

I was very pleased with what went on today, Paul said. He added that if the two leaders ever had a serious discussion, I guess it would come out on how much weve been involved when we shouldnt be involved, for instance in Ukraine, and how that occurred.

But if they dont want to concentrate on those problems and they want to look forward I think that is great I think the next best step ever would be for us to reassess this and say that Trumps going in the right direction and talk him into getting rid of the sanctions on Russia.

Paul also addressed the US media, calling it a big problem because theyre almost unanimously endorsing the idea that we have to have an enemy, and at this point especially for the last 20 years theyve been working very hard to make Russia the enemy, and I think this is wrong.

When asked by RT why the US media already seems angry about the meeting between the two presidents, he said: Its hard to say, but we usually describe that there is a secret government that likes to control things and most people know what we talk about when we talk about the deep state. And they do have a lot of clout, they are very much involved in the media and the leadership of both parties, so both parties and the media are very, very, annoyed with Trump [being so] independent.

Paul also addressed the recent indictment of 12 Russian individuals by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, saying there is an argument why Russia is an enemy and we have to quit talking to them and I think its just a propaganda stunt and I think those indictments were more about propaganda than seeking justice.

The retired Libertarian senators comments came just after Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, holding a joint press conference in which they once again reiterated that no meddling or collusion had taken place during the 2016 presidential election.

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A New Way to Know when its Time to Breakup with Drinking. elephant journal

Over the past few weeks, Ive had various people casually tell me about nights out drinking that resulted in cracked or lost phones, lost keys, locking themselves out of apartments, arguments with friends, and


Why Do The Elites Participate In Child Sacrifice At Bohemian Grove? Prepare For Change


  • The Facts: Dark rituals like the Cremation of Care performed every year at Bohemian Grove, whether an actual or a mock sacrifice, impacts participants by dulling and eliminating their caretheir empathy for others and their conscience.
  • Reflect On:As bringers of light to the planet, what is our role with respect to a growing awareness that these dark rituals are part of a process of removing conscience from the powerful elite of our society?

The complex, behind-the-scenes story of what is going on in the dark sanctuaries of world power is coming into view, piece by piece. A lot is still hidden, but that has as much to do with our collective reluctance to truly confront the darkness as anything else. Evidence and information about our worlds elite continue to mount, thanks to the testimonies of brave whistleblowers and the work of courageous investigators, that we are fundamentally dealing with people who have lost all strands of their moral fiber, and who commit unthinkable acts of depravity and inhumanity that somehow serve to solidify their hold on power, wealth, and worldly pleasure.

As we continue to acclimatize ourselves to the fundamental character of our worlds financial and political elite, it becomes very important for us to suspend our outrage and incredulity for a moment, in order to singularly focus our minds on an understanding about how our human brethren could have chosen to walk so far astray down a path of moral degeneracy.

The Illuminati

At the very top levels of planetary control there appears to be a secret group or secret society, call them the Illuminati, cabal or whatever you wish. One of the fundamental strengths of this group seems to be their ability to entice people who have risen to positions of power to join the secretive fray, at least at some level. They are expert at appealing to the drives and vicissitudes of the human ego, and with unlimited resources at their disposal, only the strongest and most grounded are able to resist their deftly delivered promises of worldly pleasure and, subsequently, threats of pain.

The inner circle of this group radiates outward from core members to new initiates; the farther from the inner circle, the less that is revealed. New initiation into the group seems to be based on the invitation from friends and colleagues who are already involved; rarely if ever does a person step into this world without the assuring hand of a trusted friend leading him to the outer circle; once there, the initiates behavior is carefully and secretly observed by members in the know; if the opportunity presents itself, that initiate is provided with an opportunity to take a step inward, e...


Pagan Community Notes: BBC petition, Cherry Hill Seminary, Arnold Crowther, and more The Wild Hunt

As we reported in the past, a U.K.-based petition has been making its way around the internet. Its mission is to urge the BBC to be more considerate of Pagan religious views. Created in January 2018 by Druid Stuart Jeffrey, the petition, which is titled BBC should make Pagan voices heard, has garnered closed to 2,000 signatures. Jeffrey believes that the station should contain occasional programming that explores Paganism and that they should feature a Pagan voice on Thought for the Day at least once a year. He writes, The BBC recently published a review of its religious programming however despite getting the views from a range of religious leaders, no Pagans were consulted. Thought for the Day (T4tD) goes out on Radio 4 and despite it being multi-faith it has no Pagan voices on it.

In a press release, Jeffrey announced that the petition will be delivered to the BBC Tuesday, July 17 at 11am. He said, Almost 2,000 people have call [sic] on the BBC to make Pagan voices heard. The BBC should have an occasional programme looking at Paganism and they should feature a Pagan voice on Thought for the Day at least once a year. He continued, While they have recently said that they will now consult with us, there has been no change in broadcasting practice yet. Nature-based religions have never had more relevance than now with climate change hurting the world and plastic soup killing our oceans. Human animals are failing to honour nature despite us being part of her. Having voices in the media that have a different regard to the world of which we are part is more necessary now than ever.

*   *   *

Cherry Hill SeminaryATLANTA Cherry Hill Seminary has another student who has graduated with a master of divinity degree. At the Mystic South conference, Holli Emore was conferred her masters degree during a formal ceremony held Sunday.  Emore said, I cant begin to express how touched Ive been by the beautiful graduation ceremony Sunday at Mystic South, by the remarks and gifts from those present, and by the beautiful messages from my interfaith family back home. Each of you have helped me reach this day, and continue to shape my life...


Can Psilocybin Mushrooms Help Addicted Cocaine Users Stop? Karma Yoga Daily

Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham believe the tool to help individuals treat their addiction may very well exist in nature.


Red Team vs. Blue Team | Toxic Tribalism We Must Transcend Karma Yoga Daily

The end-goal of interaction is not to broaden perspective and work together but to argue and win a debate. It is time to transcend this paradigm.


Feeling or Philosophy? Karma Yoga Daily

Ive said that I believe that, for us humans, the most important thing to us seems to be how we feel.


7 Reasons You Need to Start a Home Garden Today Karma Yoga Daily

Once you start, you will quickly see that growing a home garden has more merits than just putting some organic greens in your familys diet.


Super-advanced aliens might be stealing stars, astrophysicist claims Tales from out there - Blogue

According to Mori legend, Mui snared the sun so his brothers didn't have to eat their hangi in the dark.
Something similar could be happening to faraway stars, if a wild new theory about alien civilisations is to be believed.


CBD to the Rescue Karma Yoga Daily

Thinking CBD is too good to be true? Think again.


This is how to Practice Living in Truth. elephant journal

The goal is to become more and more aware of what we should keep in our lives and determine what we should let go of as we align more closely with our truth. This next exercise will help us practice over the next two weeks---or throughout our lives.


Will the Jews finally be freed from Khazarian mafia slavery as Israel is liberated? Prepare For Change

The world is headed for a new age, not a New World Order.  As a part of this, the Jewish peoplehigh-level slaves of satan-worshipping Khazarian gangstersare about to be freed from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery.  That is why the rogue state of Israel is now under full martial law as the Khazarian-controlled government there faces an ultimatum to surrender and free their Jewish and Arab hostages, according to Russian FSB and Pentagon sources.

A clear sign that the Jewish people are finally waking up came last week when Jewish human rights groups petitioned their government to stop arming neo-Nazis.  Many are waking up now to the fact that Nazism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin.  These are really the people whom Revelation 2:9 in the Bible refers to as those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan.

Pentagon sources are also saying the British monarchy has formally surrendered to the U.S. military on behalf of the Khazarian-bloodline aristocratic families of Europe.  During U.S. President Donald Trumps visit to the UK, When Melania refused to curtsy, it appeared that the Queen has surrendered the British Empire and cabal to Trump, and to save face, Princes Charles and William did not show up to avoid the indignity, a Pentagon source explains.

We can now say that it was the Europeans, including the British branch of the Rothschild family, who were behind the March 11, 2011 Fukushima tsunami and nuclear attack on Japan.  This is likely to come out once the arrests of European Khazarian cabalists start in earnest, according to White Dragon Society (WDS) sources.

However, MI6 sources say that while the Rothschilds were indeed involved in Fukushima (along with the P2 Agnelli family, a portion of the U.S. space command, and others), the situation is not so simple.  They say the Fukushima attack was a failed attempt to keep the owners of the G7 group in power.

So, they say, what is now really going on is that Western leaders are trying to come up with a united front in negotiations with Asian secret societies over the formation of a world government.  For that reason, the European royalty-dominated Committee of 300 (headed by Queen Elizabeth) is willing to cede the day-to-day management o...


7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Being Grateful Educate Inspire Change

Are you a grateful person?

Gratitude is a concept that makes most of us want to roll our eyes or mentally shut off. Since childhood, weve associated gratitude with cliche semi-religious teachings such as count your blessings and smile and be thankful.

We were also taught to say thank you more as a sign of social decorum and politeness, than genuine gratitude growing up. And if we didnt say thank you, we were scolded or thought of as being badly behaved.

s adults, we see pollyannaish quotes about gratitude floating around feel-good social media channels, with quotes like There is always, always something to be thankful for and Adopt an attitude of gratitude making us want to cringe.

So as you can see, gratitude has never really been something weve truly, well, been grateful for. We tend to associate gratitude with control, punishment, and shame (thanks to childhood conditioning) and cheesy rose-colored philosophies (thanks to adult conditioning).

Why Your Life Doesnt Have to Be Perfect to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues, but the parent of all of the others Cicero (10643BC)

One of the biggest reasons why were so indifferent to being grateful is because were such a fast-paced and stressed-out society. Slowing down and appreciating what is already good about our lives seems to be fanciful, unrealistic, and sometimes just plain hysterical. I mean, have you ever tried to be grateful in the middle of a breakup, a funeral or a chaotic household? Have you ever tried to feel grateful while youre depressed and feel like the world is ending?

There is a time and place for everything, and gratitude can easily be used as a way to emotionally or spiritually bypass experiencing the pain that arises in the present moment. So this article is definitely not suggesting that you misuse gratitude as a way of escaping your problems or being unrealistic. When youre feeling stressed, angry or depressed, its important that you first be present with these emotions. Dont try to plaster them with a gratitude band-aid its just not the right place and time. Instead, breathe deeply, be mindful, and take care of yourself. Gratitude can come later.

That being said, your life doesnt have to be perfect to practice gratitude. What is perfection anyway? Its a concept created by the mind, and the mind is very unpredictable, forever seeking more. If you are waiting for your life to be perfect to practice gratitude, youll be waiting for a very, very long time.

The wonderful thin...


The thing that Terrifies most Logical Adults. elephant journal

When I spoke about hypnosis, the other student responded in a self-protective way. To hypnotize someone is to have control over a part of them through an invisible force. To the materialist, this can be unpleasant to consider.


A Plan For Humanity Church and State

What if we could not only survive, but create an existence more exquisite than we can even imagine?! What if.


An Open Letter to Social Justice Warriors. elephant journal

I wanted to say a couple things to help soften the views of my left-wing peersso that we can actually get this party started and change policy on the issues that wed all like to see changed.


10 Foraging Tips for the new Plant Enthusiast. elephant journal

Foraging is not only a great way to learn about the natural world, but also to connect with our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


Why I Do Not Write for Elephant Journaland Why You Should. elephant journal

I cannot allow myself to pour out in writing my hearts concerns or minds contentsto publicly stumble through growth. How uncomfortable. How vulnerable. How many passionate dialogues and "public comment schoolings" could lead to new thoughts, new human connections, or more heartbreaking realizations of things Ive done not wrong, exactly, but uninformed or carelessly?


The Queens New Role for the Planet (?) Kauilapele's Blog

Thanks to Nick (from England) for this one!


July 16, 2018 in Numerology Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

July=7th month=7

16the day=1+6=7


So 7,7,11

Putin meets Trump

All the world's a stage...

Peace Salaam Shalom


Nikkis Weekly Tarot Reading: July 16-22, 2018 Forever Conscious

The Devil, The Prince of Disks, and The Ace of Wands

There are three cards this week. The first two cards have a powerful and purposeful energy but are heavy. So I felt the urge to pull a third card. I am glad I did because we got an energetic card that will bring movement and hope to our path.

We pulled The Devil card last week and this week. That means we really need to hear its message. The card is pointing us to something that is blocking our progress.

As you remember, The Devil card has a complex meaning. But there are two that stand out, the first is about addiction and the second is about pleasure. To read more about this in detail, check out last weeks reading.

The card could be pointing to an addiction with a substance, a relationship, or a pattern of thinking. It could also be that we are holding ourselves back from something we really want or would bring us pleasure out of shame or fear.

Whatever the card is addressing for you, the universe really wants you to take notice. The card came up again to let you know, you need to examine what is blocking your path.

What are you doing that is hindering a vibrant and passionate life? How can you face the ways you are in a holding pattern? What are you covering up and what are you afraid of facing?

The next card in our reading gives us some insight into what we might be needing to face in order to stop our unhealthy behaviors. The Prince of Disks is a card full of pain, but also full of wisdom.

The prince sits in a cumbersome chariot that is slowly moving along. The back of where he sits is covered in small round boulders. As he travels, each one pushes into his skin.

The boulders represent our past experiences, it seems we can never quite shake them. We feel them with each step, making us fearful and untrusting.

But even though the prince feels his past and moves slowly as a result, he is still moving forward.

The past guides him with the wisdom of experience. He can move more intentionally now because he is aware of the pitfalls along the way. He sees his past as a blessing.

How can we see our past in this light this week?

Having a painful past does have a huge impact on us, and sometimes it is hard to see these experience in a positive light. But if we shift our minds, we can start to be thankful for what we have experienced instead of being angry or resentful.

So what does it look like to face our past and not avoid it with unhealthy behaviors?

I think this starts with acceptance. Once we accept those boulders at our back, we can move forward with them. And through acceptance they become less painful.

If we wish we had a different past we will be stuck in a cycle of avoidance. If we accept the...

Monday, 16 July


This Is The Center Of The Milky Way In Its Clearest View Yet... Breathtaking Tales from out there - Blogue

The MeerKAT radio mega-telescope has given us a glimpse of the center of the Milky Way that is stunning. The image reveals the red center in all its glory, showing in clear detail the region around the black hole, some 25,000 light years away.


Love Flight to Shanghai Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Love Flight To Shanghai

She said she'd wait for my forever in China
I might as well be a space alien in Carolina
And for that privilege you see
These women milk me for my idiocy,

I guess maybe I should go to China
Or just go fishing on the Amazon for an Arapaima
She was a petite little treat to the eyes
That's why I flew all the way to Shanghai,

And now I'm all alone with my memories
Now I'm a fool of the skies and the sea
Do you wonder what happened to me?
Guess I'll just sit and play my ukulele,

There could be no finer fool than I
Is that a meteor falling from the sky?
Chinese ladies are like spices that make you cry
Give a puppet dance on my grave when I die,

She was a pretty little treat to the eyes
That's why I flew all the way to Shanghai in disguise
That's why there's just no finer fool than I
Sometimes I think of her and just let out a sigh,

That's why the Red Guards chase me now
My apologies to Chairman Mao
I wish that I could get to her somehow
Perhaps when monkeys fly from a cat's meow!


Your Unforgiving Heart Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Your Unforgiving Heart

I should have known right from the start
That some day we'd be apart
It was just your unforgiving heart
Your unforgiving heart,

You know I was never that smart
When it came to affairs of the heart
I was foolish enough to believe in what I heard
Emotions that preyed upon my heart like a scavenger bird,

I remember driving all night in the rain
Just trying to outdistance all the pain
Like a child betrayed about to go insane
Like the blood pumping through my veins,

Like an engineer on a hellbound train
What did I ever have to gain?
Like a head on crash in the opposite lane
Forgive me for these words I cannot contain,

It seems in this world love comes to those who leave
To them heartbreak is just a minor pet peeve
Thinking about all the lies I actually believed
Sadder now than I could ever have concieved,

If God is supposed to heal all wounds
I couldn't have prayed enough or prayed too soon
I begged and begged and begged like some buffoon
My life is nothing more than a pathetic ruin,

I should have known right from the start
That Some day we'd be apart
It was just your unforgiving heart
Your unforgiving heart.


Train Ride Into the Past Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Train Ride Into The Past

Take the last train to lover's Lane
You won't believe how cold the rain
Take the last train to Lover's Lane
Remembering her words might drive you insane,

Always putting me down
Giving me the run around
Trying to make me feel like a clown
On a one way trip to heartbreak town,

Hear the whistle it's blowing
It's your ticket that's showing
You'd be better off if you were out mowing
Better take your seat now the train is slowing,

Be careful you might need to be restrained
When you take that trip down memory lane
Too many wounded souls will search in vain
All aboard now for your passage to pain,

Take the last train to lover's Lane
You won't believe how cold the rain
Take the last train to Lover's Lane
Remembering her words might drive you insane.


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:  Colossians 2:9-10 (KJV)


Doing Good Tech Versus Doing Good with Tech Church and State

To have a shot at solving some of our most vexing challenges, we need a diverse ecosystem of approaches.


Benjamin Fulford 7-16-18 Will the Jews finally be freed from Khazarian mafia slavery as Israel is liberated? Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben. As this prior Kp blog post outlined, Benjamins (Pentagon source) information confirms this as well, when he writes:

During U.S. President Donald Trumps visit to the UK, When Melania refused to curtsy, it appeared that the Queen has surrendered the British Empire and cabal to Trump.

The world is headed for a new age, not a New World Order. As a part of this, the Jewish peoplehigh-level slaves of satan-worshipping Khazarian gangstersare about to be freed from thousands of years of Babylonian slavery. That is why the rogue state of Israel is now under full martial law as the Khazarian-controlled government there faces an ultimatum to surrender and free their Jewish and Arab hostages, according to Russian FSB and Pentagon sources.

A clear sign that the Jewish people are finally waking up came last week when Jewish human rights groups petitioned their government to stop arming neo-Nazis.

Pentagon sources are also saying the British monarchy has formally surrendered to the U.S. military on behalf of the Khazarian-bloodline...


RMN / 8chan Is JFK Jr. alive, and collaborating with Trump? (#JFKJr #Trump #Q, #QAnon) Kauilapele's Blog

Id seen this pop up several days ago, and when I saw it, something about it rang within me. Im posting the text of an 8chan post where it is posted (even though I believe this is more recent than the actual first posting), and have linked to the RMN article. This may very relate to the last post where it was pointed out that the Putin-Trump meeting in Finland was on July 16, the date of JFK Jr.s supposed death.

Now part of this points to Q post 128, which includes the line, Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you, and then in another 8chan post, an anon points out that this is the line Katie Couric used in the last interview of JFK, Jr., made before his death.

As so much has been hidden from us by the deep state, and other groups, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be true. My Higher...


Negative Forces (Seem to) Respect Freewill Humans Are Free

There are many ways negative forces can influence targeted individuals. Two common methods are through reality manipulation and matrix agents.

This article discusses the important roles freewill and awareness play in such cases, which may explain why negative forces often maneuver the way they do.

Matrix Agents: Profiles and Analysis and True Reality Creation provide background material for this article.

Reality Manipulation

Read Entire Article


The Real Story of Angels & Demons Humans Are Free

"Every visible thing in the world is put under the charge of an angel."   St Augustine

In 2002 the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph reported that the Vatican had banned the veneration of those angels who do not appear in the authorised texts of the Bible.

This was an attempt to counter the influence of unnamed New Age groups who were allegedly recruiting new members within the Roman Catholic Church.

In future, prayers were only to be directed to the three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael who are mentioned in the Bible. According to the apocryphal and banned Book of Enoch these were the angelic beings responsible for binding the wicked fallen angels or Watchers who had transgressed Gods law.

Source: Angels & Demons movie, reworked by Sirru5h

Read Entire Article


9 Interesting Facts About Earth You Didnt Learn In School Prepare For Change

In school, you learn many interesting facts about earth. There are other intriguing facts, however, that you still may not know.

I applaud the education system in some countries. In others, I will just keep my mouth shut. All jokes aside, its amazing how schools have taught us so many interesting facts about earth, including facts about different species, scientific discoveries, and even weather phenomena.

But there are still some really interesting facts about earth that we may not know.

Today, we can say we do.

Facts about our planet

Our planet is filled with over 5 billion human beings, and millions of other species. We have dense forests, large bodies of water, and beaches that stretch for miles. The mountains reach to the heavens and the depths of the seas are amazing.

Yeah, I guess I sound like an anthem, but its true.

Here are 9 interesting facts about the earth that will only add to those splendorous descriptions.

1. The earth is getting bigger

Think the earth is huge now? Think again. You may not have heard about this yet, but our planet is definitely accumulating a bit of mass. Albeit, a small amount at a time, but mass none-the-less. This is because of detritus making contact with our atmosphere and sinking down to the surface of our planet.

Now the earth is also losing mass at the same time because of the gradual loss of atmosphere, but were still gaining faster than we are losing, so, the earth is getting bigger.

2. The earth is incredibly difficult to destroy

The reason why the earth is so hard to destroy is that gravity and chemical composition hold it together. Say you destroyed every nuclear weapon on the earth simultaneously, it would take around 160,000 years to vaporize the entire planet.

Gravity just keeps pulling, along with certain chemicals which keep the earth compact. Now, if you chipped off rock by rock, the gravity...


Angel Message For The Week #26 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, Unlimited mercy is yours. You live in a merciful universe. You receive as much empathy from higher beings as you show towards others in need of your compassion. Empathy, compassion and mercy flow like breath. You receive mercy in accordance with what you give out. This is the law []

The post Angel Message For The Week #26 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Fascinating Reddit post Has it been noted that POTUS will be meeting Putin on the anniversary of JFK jrs death Kauilapele's Blog

The power just went out, so Im posting from my phone.

Found this at Reddit, and upon checking Wikipedia, he was indeed reported to have died on 7-16-1999.

The Putin-Trump meeting is also scheduled for 7-16.

Coincidence? Perhaps not.


Here's How Humans Are Food for the Moon Humans Are Free

The moon is more than just a pale satellite of interest to poets and astronomers. Its influence goes beyond merely creating ocean tides or driving biological cycles. More importantly, the moon exerts a significant influence upon the mechanical, emotional, and psychological states in man.

The werewolf myth and superstition concerning full moon lunacy are not far from the truth. Certain lunar phases heighten the possibility for emotionally draining situations and stimulate reactivity and sensitivity in vulnerable individuals.

Personal observation reveals what numerous esoteric sources have explained at length, namely that we are food for the moon. In this article I shall summarize these sources and then give an account of how through personal experience I independently arrived at similar but more expansive conclusions framed in context of the matrix control system.

This is an incredibly fascinating and practical subject since the lunar factor can be observed by anyone with eyes to see and knowledge of such cycles can be used to bypass obstacles normally exacerbated by the fog of ignorance.

Read Entire Article


PrayingMedic VIDEOS Two more that might shed some Light (Peter Strzok & Lisa Page and The Five Eyes by Paul Serran) Kauilapele's Blog

Im really not paying too much attention to the Strzok/Page, et al., hearings, even though I know theres a tonne of chatter out there about it. Not my game. But I found these two PrayingMedic videos illuminating.


IT IS REAL- How 9/11 Was Funded: The Man behind the Missing $2.3 Trillion Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network



Gratitude: The Role of Benefactors Humans Are Free

Travelers, there is no path. Paths are made by walking. ~ Antonio Machado

Gratitude is an essential practice to those looking to truly trail a spiritual path. But unlike most of our customary mannerism, genuine gratitude does not come from a spill of flattery words or meaningless gestures, but it originates from a heart trained to receive and to recognize the receiving.

Gratitude is a complex subject to be discussed because it involves the direct knowledge of the art of receiving.  Many of us, believe receiving means we are not in control, that we are needy, vulnerable and weak.

In reality, nothing can be further than the truth. Gratitude is an antidote to humiliation, helplessness and also a powerful tamer of the Ego. To be grateful is a valuable skill to be acquired.

Read Entire Article


BIG NEWS: Russia offers it's best land to White South African farmers - Jim Stone Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

July 10 2018

Russia knows a good prospect where there is one, and is offering free land and sanctuary to all White South African farmers, in some of Russia's most premium farmland. The land has been offered in the Vologda region between St. Petersburg and Moscow. 30 families have been accepted so far (in the last couple days) to lay the groundwork for the rest to arrive.

A couple years ago Putin opened up Eastern Siberia, offering 2.5 acres to anyone who wanted to settle there. This deal for WHITE south Africans who want to bring their farming skills to Russia is a much better deal. In my opinion, this is a great strategic move by Putin. SEE THIS:


PrayingMedic 7-15-18 comments on the @_ImperatorREX_ Twitter thread Kauilapele's Blog

Related to this prior post, PrayingMedic goes through the @_ImperatorREX_ Twitter thread. Some may enjoy listening to his comments and analysis.

Imperator Rex is an influential voice on Twitter who recently went public with his thoughts on Q anon.
Rexs thread:
Support my work:
My website:


American Jews slam Israels racist nation-state bill as thousands protest against it in Tel Aviv Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of the Israeli capital in protest against the so-called nation-state bill, which, they say, would enable ethnic segregation. The controversial bill also drew criticism from US Jews. Demonstrators marched through the streets of Tel Aviv chanting: Full equality and no less, Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" and "The nation bill is a disaster," according to witnesses.

The bill in question, which is currently being debated in the Knesset and is expected to come to a final vote on Monday, declares Israel the nation-state of the Jewish people. Opponents of the controversial legislation say it would prioritize Jewish values over democratic ones and effectively endanger the rights of Israeli Arab citizens as well as even secular Israelis.....This law will put into place what Israel has employed for many years.

Israel always has been an apartheid "state" despite the wording of its declaration of independence. With this law they show their true colours and intent...Zionism is a racist cult.

Netanyahu wants to put this segregation bill through purely for military reasons, so that he can continue his expansion business with the MIC. Good to see that some non Zionist Israelis are outwardly politically opposing this.

Nothing will ever change until the Rothchild bankers are dealt with and that's a tall order.

American Jews slam Israels racist nation-state bill as thousands protest against it in Tel Aviv


Russia speeds up dumping the dollar from economy Published time: 15 Jul, 2018 07:09 Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

One of Russias largest banks, VTB is seeking to decrease the share of US dollar transactions at home as locals are choosing the Russian ruble over the greenback.... America has abused its' position by immoral acts, by those with selfish and greedy motives. The manifestation of that has been seen in the False Flag Wars and the use of regime change, instead of Free Market. The outcome is alienation, isolation and the lack of respect.

The Zionist bankers have turned the US into a company full of corrupt corporate vultures who are only interested in lining the pockets of the 1%. The US ceases to exist as a country, it has now become nothing more than a money draining corporation, backed by a corrupt profiteering military complex.

In 1913 a group of 5 bankers met on Jekyll Island and formed the Federal Reserve bank. With their connections in the US government they manage to set their ponzi scheme into action where they would print the US dollar and loan it to the US treasury with interest. From this point in time to date, the US has accumulated a debt of over 21 trillion dollars.

The debt is now so huge that the US tax payers cannot even cover the interest on the loan. Bring in the IMF and World bank and the global debt is over 300 trillion dollars. Debt slavery is the name of the game. So the only way to break the monopoly is, if every nation was to dump the petrol-dollar completely, in order to take the finances away and stop the Zionist run US Imperialism, stop them from destroying more countries and killing more innocent people around the world.

Russia speeds up dumping the dollar from economy Published time: 15 Jul, 2018 07:09


The 4 Unmistakable Signs of Being in a Lonely Relationship. elephant journal

I mean, I still felt a pang of loneliness in that instant where I realized there was no one for me to text about what sort of a day I just had, but when I dug into the reality of what I recently separated from, it was quite a bit less than my emotions wanted me to initially believe.


3 Eerie Sasquatch Encounters on Military Bases Top Secret Writers

Many military bases cover hundreds of square miles of rugged and isolated terrain. This fertile, remote ground has provided an unusual amount of Sasquatch sightings. From the South to the


SPECIFICALLY the 'JEWISH' COMMUNITY (Fakebook owners) THEMSELVES vs MANKIND/Humanity Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

(30 days banned by the Fakebook 'Jewish' community). Hypocrites they are. They are the cause of all earths woeful problems. This is true as I see it... from tainted vaccines to the killing fields of the money markets to wars, racial tensions between cultures, religions, etc., the color of your skin, even between the genders they have pitted everyone against one another... So, I gave them a blast of their own back at them, mi-2c... which they did not like at all (although there have been numerous times I have been banned by them fb nitwits throughout the years) this is one that sure has their knickers in a twist.


Of course they never checked the vaccines, they were part of the plan to destroy the United States and Western civilization, in part via vaccines that were nothing but weapons. If they destroy the intellect of, or otherwise maim enough generations, the entire society will be erased from the history books. That was the plan all along, and they have succeeded at this long enough to seriously maim, but not quite destroy everything (yet). SEE THIS:

Let's see what comes of this. HOWEVER, "they" treasure their weapon so much I doubt they will back down, they will do the necessary killings, bribes, and cover ups and it will be business as usual if people do not push back hard, and I MEAN NOW.


RON PAUL BLASTED FOR POSTING BEN GARRISON CARTOON - Jim Stone Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Jim Stone - Get a load of this!!!

The Jewish community got after Ron Paul for posting the following cartoon, with the following caption:




US Military Child Sex Trafficking Whistleblower Exposes The United Nations & The U.S. State Department Prepare For Change


  • The Facts:Ex Nebraska policewoman, Kathryn Bolkovac, who served as a UN peacekeeper and worked under DynCorp, a military contractor, where she learned about elite level sex trafficking involving the UN, the State Department & Military exposes the truth.
  • Reflect On:Numerous disclosures have been made, yet none of it is ever presented in the mainstream media, and if it is, they attempt to debunk it. Why does this type of activity always involve prominent elitist people? Why is it always covered up?

The topic of pedophilia is a disturbing one for sure, whats even more disturbing is that this kind of thing continues to happen all over the world, particularly among the global elite. There are literally too many examples to go through, whether it be the pedophilia thats been exposed inside the Vatican or the fairly recent NBC news report accusing Hillary Clinton covering up a giant pedophile ring within the state department, this thing is hitting the mainstream.

What really blew the lid off the topic was the whole Pizzagate scandal, although labeled as fake news by those who control the mainstream media, as organizations like Wikileaks felt it very important to release that information, and question it.  Then you have people with strange connections to the Clintons and other global elitists, like Jimmy Savile, who was well connected with the Royal Family, as well as Jeffrey Epstein, who seemed to be well connected with Prince Andrew.

There are countless lawsuits, accusations, and more constantly going on that the public is completely unaware of. The Vatican alone has dished out approximately 4 billion dollars to settle child sex abuse claims, and right now, the prominent Vatican official Cardinal George Pell, who has been found on multiple occasions to be connected to large pedophilia rings, has bee...


The Hardest Part of any Journey. elephant journal

For every road we walk, there is a longer one still to travel. For every difficult journey we complete, there are yet more turbulent waters to navigate up ahead:


Pagan Music Awards near fan voting deadline The Wild Hunt

WEST PLAINS, Mo. Fans of Pagan music have until Aug. 1 to vote for the second annual Pagan Music Awards, which will be presented Sept. 14-15 in Nashville, Tenn.

The awards are presented by the International Pagan Music Association. Fans can vote for best male artist, best female artist and best group on the IPMA website.

Founded in June 2016, the IPMA was the brainchild of Melissa Anderson, the owner of Cauldron Radio, an online Pagan radio station.

She came up with the idea that the Pagan musical community didnt have any kind of recognition like other musical genres such as the Country Music Awards, the Peoples Choice Awards and so forth, said Alfred Willowhawk, vice president of the IPMA, and co-founder and high priest of the Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church of the Ozarks ATC.

The IPMA website says its mission is to support, proselytize, publish, research, and promote Pagan and alternative music and esoteric arts, sciences and concepts.

Alfred Willowhawk, vice president of the International Pagan Music Association [courtesy].

Our biggest challenge is getting the word out and getting people to understand that this is a way to serve the community, Willowhawk said. Its not about competition. Its about recognition and celebration of all of us together. Were a community that is furthering the exposure of this kind of music.

The International Pagan Music Association is a new thing theyre getting it off the ground, said singer-guitarist Gina LaMonte, an IPMA member who performs as both Mama Gina and her more bawdy alter-ego, Nine Toes the Bard. She was nominated for female artist at last years inaugural awards, and is nominated again this year.

Im tickled pink by their mission statement and by them really wanting to help Pagan musicians and get us a greater platform, LaMonte said. The awards celebration is a way to celebrate that.

This years nominees also include: Ginger Ackley, Belthain, Burning Sage, Bran Cerddorion, Chronilus, B. Willie Dryden, Brian Henke, HobbyHorse, Mojo Kemp, Pan Galactic, Pasha and the Pagans, Rowena of the Glen, Tonya Threet, David Wood, Inkubus Sukubus, and Evil Masquerade.

Nomination is open only to IPMA members for the most part, Willowhawk said. An exception, according to the IPMA website, is if its board feels that someone of merit has been overlooked. In such cases, the board may, by unanimous consent, select them to be included as well.

Voting is open only to IPMA members. There are three levels of membership including a voting membership that costs five d...


Chakra Yoga: How to Refocus your Energy, Process Emotions & feel more Balanced. elephant journal

To understand the chakras is to understand the selfto get at the heart of who we are and what might be holding us back from fully embracing that. When we work through those stumbling blocks, we are able to live more authentically and feel more connected to our spiritual selves.


Give No a Try: the Power in setting Strong Boundaries. elephant journal

It feels so good to say no when its right to say no. Especially when saying Yes, sure, okay, why not? has been a pattern for eons.

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