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Monday, 17 December


Be your own fucking Idol/Hero elephant journal

Be your own fucking idol.     As 2018 begins its end I sat down and stared at my bucket list. I realized I had ticked everything off for this year, but one word left uncrossed stared back at me. Florence. I had waited years to find the one to accompany me to Florence so []



Marcus Aurelius on How to Turn Around a Rotten Day The Unbounded Spirit

marcus aurelius

Editors note: This article was written by Barry Brownstein, professor emeritus of economics and leadership at the University of Baltimore.

When you wake up in the morning, notice how quickly your mind checks into its physical and psychological ailments. Back pain? Still there. Afternoon meeting to worry about? Still there. Troublesome financial situation? Still there.

Did you expect it to be different? If you look for them, there will always be difficulties to drag through your day.

Today, like most days, it will probably be too hot or too cold. Traffic will be terrible. Troubling events will happen in the world. Your colleagues and even family members may not see things your way, and you may experience some interpersonal conflicts.

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was a Stoic philosopher. He would say, Nothing has to go right today for you to act with honor and character.

To do the impossible and think only positive thoughts is not the answer. Quite the contrary, Aurelius advises in his Meditations, When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous, and surly.

Making the mindset adjustment that Aurelius advises, you are not battling with reality.

Of the disagreeable people encountered in any day, Aurelius continues,

They are like this because they cant tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my ownnot of the same blood or birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine.

Everyone you will meet today, despite their poor behavior, does not differ from you. There is no need, Aurelius advises, for anger, hate, or conflict. Things may not go well, and things dont have to go well for you have to a good da...

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Sunday, 16 December


Kp Message 12-16-18 What do you do when youve completed a phase in your life? Kauilapele's Blog

Currently Im finding it very difficult to follow any of the Apocalypse type news going on right now. I may post a thing or two, but all of it is feeling like a been there, done that, Im past it kind of a deal.

The question has come to mind, a few times, What do you do when youve completed a phase in your life? The answer for me has always been, You move beyond it To the next phase.

Thats where it is for myself right now. I have no idea if others might be in this same place, but it has become immensely clear to me that it is time (for myself) to start assembling the parts to move on to that (in)famous next phase.

The coughing phenomenon Ive experienced this past week has carried one message You are allergic to the current place (phase) you are in it is time to (actively make the efforts to) start the process of moving out.

So we shall see how this develops.

Aloha Kp


Why did scientists put a "MUMMY" in the center of the Large Hadron Collider? Tales from out there - Blogue

Some surprising information about the large Hadron collider that was built in Switzerland. A person who works for the Large Hadron Collider has been in touch with me about some very strange activity that is happening in and near your facility. 


Russia Greenlights Retaliatory Syrian Attacks on Israeli Targets -- Report Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Russia Greenlights Retaliatory Syrian Attacks on Israeli Targets -- Report

Elijah J. Magnier Sat, Dec 15, 2018

Elijah J Magnier has learned that should Israeli forces launch more missiles into Syria the latter will now, with Russian backing, lob back missiles of its own against comparable Israeli sites

  • Russia has told Israel it has military personnel at virtually every Syrian army base and that therefore Israeli strikes against them are no longer acceptable

Syria will adopt a new rule of engagement with Israel now that Russia has taken a tougher and clearer stance on the conflict between Israel and the Axis of the ResistanceHenceforth, Damascus will be responding to any Israeli strike. If it damages a specific military target it will reply with a strike against a similar objective in Israel. Decision makers in Damascus said Syria will not hesitate to hit an Israeli airport if Damascus airport is targeted and hit by Israel. This will be with the consent of the Russian military based in the Levant.



Chiron Direct In5D

by Hillory Skott, Contributing writer, Chiron is heading forward now in Pisces. Galloping us through the mysterious unknown, determined to heal our pain in all directions of time. This is progress. Progress is letting go. Let go of what you think you know. Ahh, but Mercury has moved to Sagittarius, know it all extraordinaire. We may []

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Edge of Wonder 12-11-18 The Whole TRUTH by David Wilcock, Exclusive Interview (Part 2 of 3) (covers Clinton drug running, 9-11, the Alliance) Kauilapele's Blog

This is the second of three parts where Edge of Wonder guys, Ben and Rob, interview David Wilcock (Kp blog link to Part 1). Im watching it right now, and am very drawn in to this information, some of which was covered by DW in one of his Contact in the Desert presentations (see this Kp blog post for the videos).

Another beautifully composed video by the guys!

Premiered Dec 11, 2018
Conspiracy no longer, heres the final video you have to watch to put your mind to rest on this subject. When did the #Alliance form? W...



by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Todays High Pitched Frequencies B Major: (Crown, I understand and/or I know, Jupiter, expansion, generosity, opening)  Strongly colored, announcing wild passions, composed from the most glaring colors. Anger, rage, jealousy, fury, despair and every burden of the heart lies in its sphere. You can find the []

The post DEC 16, 2018 HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCY KEY B MAJOR CROWN CHAKRA appeared first on In5D.


The Story of Me: Your Favorite Story? elephant journal

Almost everyone likes a good story. And its a rare person whos favorite story isnt the story of me. Who I am, what I do, who and what I know, where Im from, where Im headed and why, how I can get there and whats standing in my way. Like all great stories, the story []


You Dont Own Your Body Prepare For Change

Dear Dharma seekers,

A few months ago, I gave an impromptu short Dharma talk to a few students. It was on the significance of treating our human body as a vehicle.

If you have ever thought about why you are unhappy, and what the formula to happiness is this video will be interesting to you. Even if you have never asked yourself these type of questions before, I thought that it would be beneficial for everyone to listen to this short talk and to meditate on the logic behind it.

Tsem Rinpoche


Transcribed by Sarah Yap

JJ is a part of you as much as you are a part of you, and that is false, because you are not a part of you as much as JJ is not a part of you. Because JJs body and your body are both borrowed.

They both dont belong to you. Both the bodies do not belong to you. You are a temporary resident of that room. So if you are a temporary resident of that room, why would you put so much energy into something that doesnt belong to you? And you wont be able to keep because in the end it will just be discarded.

So if it doesnt belong to you, why would you put so much energy towards it? And now you are getting this information on an intellectual level. If you think about it and meditate, everyday you will disassociate. And when you disassociate, you will not abandon your body, you will not let it go, you will not neglect it, in fact you will care for it more. Why? Because you realize that it is not something you own, its a vehicle you can use to do better with.

In fact, your body becomes a vehicle, not a property. So when you meditate on this correctly and well, what happens? Your body becomes a vehicle, not a property. Instead of having to own a car, you just ride a bus, you dont have to take care of the bus, someone else will.

So when we keep thinking This is my body, I have to pleasure it, I am stuck, I am claustrophobic, I dont want to do this, I want to do that, Im not happy, you said this to me, you did that to me and you always think like that. You start implanting in your mind, ownership of something you dont own. And all the problems arise from that. You start creating ownership of something you dont own. You own your body as much as you own the person next to you. If you look at it on an ultimate sense, it makes sense.

So if you dont own the body next to you, left and right, in front of you and behind you, thats why you are not so concerned about the next person, you also dont own your body. You have ZERO control of your body. ZERO. Anytime your body can shut down on you and youre gone. Anytime.

Read the complete transcr...


What Are the numerous types of cleansing services? elephant journal

As the sector receives busier with every day, home cleansing duties normally grow to be a daunting job and regularly get disregarded. The status quo of cleaning corporations has visible to it that this burden has been eased off the shoulders of people and institutions. prior to reserving cleansing offerings, its far beneficial to what []


Proposed Pennsylvania Bill Would Tax Mature Video Games The Mind Unleashed

A recent bill submitted to the legislature by Christopher B. Quinn of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is requesting a 10% tax on mature rated video games.

The text of House Bill 2705 states that:

A tax is imposed on each separate sale at retail of video games which have an adults only rating or mature rating according to the rating system established by the [ESRB]..The additional rate of tax shall be in addition to any applicable State and local sales taxes.

The text of the bill also blames video games for the violence that takes place in schools, stating that:

The secretary of the department shall deposit the money remitted under this subsection into the General Fund. Section 2203. Digital Protection for School Safety Account. The aforementioned account is used for the purpose of enhancing school safety measures implemented by school districts as provided by the laws of this CommonwealthOver the past few years, acts of violence in schools seem to be occurring more frequently and with more intensity. From Colorado to Connecticut to most recently in Parkland, Florida, students have experienced unthinkable actions by peers in a place that should promote learning and enrichment, safety and protection.

Quinn goes on to cite a cherry-picked study from The National Center for Health Research, which lists violent video games as a contributing factor in school shootings. Quinns selective reporting of the science ignores numerous studies showing that there is no link between video games and real-world violence.

The bill was recognized and opposed by free speech advocacy groups, including The Media Coalition, a group that focuses specifically on free speech rights for content creators. In a statement about the bill, The Media Coalition said: We believe that the proposed legislation to impose a 10 percent sales tax on video games with violent content is clearly an unconstitutional content-based punishment on speech. []

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that video games are fully protected by the First Amendment. In Brown v. Entertainment Merch. Assn and Entertainment Software Assn, the Court struck down a California law that banned minors from buying or renting video games with certain violent imagery. 564 U.S. 786 (2011). The Court held that video games are entitled to full constitutional protection the same as books, newspapers, movies or music.

Even if there was some connection to violent video games and violence, taxing them would not solve anything. Unfortunately, taxes and laws are th...


Galactics, Portals, Pleiadians, And A Mystical Experience In5D

by Kim Semetis, Contributing Writer, This article is about what I have experienced in the last few days and also how it relates to this gateway between the 12-12 and 12-21 winter solstice. I am sure that many of you have or soon will have many amazing experiences to share during this pivotal time. We []

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Where Stonehenge Came From And What Happened With The Evolutionary Development Of Human Beings In5D

by Sean McCleary, Contributing Writer, Stonehenge has puzzled people for a long time and has been an ancient mystery. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and a big part of my work involves planet Earth, the human race and why life exists here the way that it does. What has been a big question for []

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Big Brother sells more data off to 3rd parties? "Were sorry this happened: Bug causes leak of 7 million Facebook users photos" Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

I don't believe a word Facebook says when it tries to apologize for yet another exploit of it's system and more importantly of the 7 million Facebook users whose data (pics) wound up in third party hands.

Sounds like a set up to me. "Were sorry this happened..." sure you are. NOT!

Question #1: Is Facebook illegally selling off user data by creating it's own vulnerabilities and security breaches and allowing third parties and hackers to do the rest? 

RT: "Were sorry this happened: Bug causes leak of 7 million Facebook users photos"

"The relentless stream of controversy at Facebook continues unabated as the social media giant has revealed that a bug in its software gave third party apps access to photos belonging to nearly seven million users.

The bug gave the external operators far greater access to Facebook users images than the tech firm normally allows. Permission usually only extends to the public photos that people share on their timeline.

However, due to the API glitch developers were given access to other images belonging to users, including ones on Facebook stories, Marketplace and even photos that had been uploaded onto the social media site but that users had decided not to publish.

The API malfunction existed for nearly two weeks from September 13 to 25 this year.  Facebook developer Tomer Bar said in a blog post on Friday that the only apps that had access to the hidden photos were those to which users had already granted access to their public images.

Bar said Facebook currently believes that up to 6.8 million users and up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers were affected by the problem."

see the rest here:


Why the Whole Banking System is a Scam - Godfrey Bloom MEP Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

With the right people in governments (globally) this whole banking system will be wiped ! We souls, at this stage, are building spiritual backbone into these human forms in order to oust these scammers out by the score.


Sales of Microsoft software finances UNs Third World Eugenics program Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


PRESS Core editor Paul W Kincaid -

If youve bought any of Bill Gates Microsoft virus plagued operating systems or software programs your money has helped the United Nations poison, sterilize, paralyze and kill millions of children and adults in Third World countries.  You see Bill Gates has been in the forefront for the United Nations depopulation agenda which he publicly endorsed in 2010 during a conference for TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) that:  The world today has 6.8 billion people thats headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.  Bill Gates, founder of the Microsoft virus plagued software programs, has contributed $billions to the United Nations to forcibly vaccinate and cause great harm and suffering to the majority of children in Third World countries including Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somoila and other countries throughout South America and Africa.

The United Nations is disseminating the live polio virus throughout Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somoila and other countries throughout South America and Africa through its forced polio vaccine program.  The UN polio vaccines has actually exponentially increased the number of polio cases in those targeted countries by infecting healthy children and adults with the vaccines live polio virus.  Last year alone the polio vaccine has caused serious harm to 53,000 children in India.  The UN polio vaccine actually inflicted 53,000 polio free children with acute flaccid paralysis last year.   Acute flaccid paralysis is the most common sign of acute polio.  Do you understand what that means?  The UNs polio vaccines causes polio.  The UN, with the $billion financial support from Bill Gates Microsoft software sales,  is engaging in a mass bio-terrorism activities against third World nations.

The United Nations is disseminating and infecting heal...


Journalist Masterfully Educates Houston City Council: 5G is the Most Censored Story of 2018 Humans Are Free

The 5G network is new, and its being accepted, approved and implemented already without any appropriate safety testing nor discussion with the public.

Recent research has revealed that the frequencies utilized in crowd control weapons are the same as the frequencies used in the 5G network, and there is absolutely no question about the fact that these electromagnetic frequencies impact our biology in multiple harmful ways.

With more than 2000 peer-reviewed studies on the subject, thousands of scientists raising multiple causes for concern, hundreds of scientists petitioning the United Nations, and absolutely no oversight, regulation or safety testing, how is it that this type of thing is legal and allowed to be approved?

Read Entire Article


Youre a writer with message & a community? You deserve to be paid. elephant journal

Theres a movement calling for writers to be paid what youre worth. Im a writer. If youre writing for free on Instagram and Facebook, check yourself. Elephant (a big but comparatively puny independent site) has paid $4k to 12k a month for many years, because genuine writers like my father, a journalist, deserve to make []


The Largest Conspiracy Theory Peddlers Are MSM and the US State Department Humans Are Free

The US State Department has issued a statement accusing the Syrian government of having carried out a false flag chemical weapons attack in northwestern Aleppo with the intent to blame it on the jihadist factions in the region, citing credible info that the public has not been permitted to see.

by Caitlin Johnstone

Never mind the known fact that there are actual, literal Al Qaeda affiliates who have admitted to using chemical weapons in Aleppo, and who are known to have used chemical weapons throughout Syria even by the State Departments own admission: the Official Narrative is that only the Syrian government uses chemical weapons, so the chemical weapons usage must necessarily be a false flag staged by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Read Entire Article


Jet Li On The 3 Levels of Self-Mastery The Mind Unleashed

All your problems are on the inside, in your heart. The problems arent from the outside, from other people, so you need to study who you are. Whos 100 percent you? If you understand your inside, then youre not afraid anymore. ~Jet Li

For far too many people, life is a daily struggle. Working a job they dont like, overloaded with bills, stuck in sour relationships, managing health issues, the fear of living in a messed up world, and so on. Were never really taught to study life and how to find happiness, but when we do, the struggle fades and life is recognized as a gift and lived accordingly. This is the path to self-mastery; learning to live in a way that honors your personal power and cultivates happiness, inner peace and graceful strength.

Self mastery should be our primary internal goal in life, for as Leonardo DaVinci is quoted as saying, one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.

For nearly his entire life, martial artist and actor Jet Li has trained in wushu kung fu, and as practicing Buddhist he is also known for his devout daily meditation practice. Cultivation of his talents in these arts has led him to inspire many martial artists and ordinary people around the world.

Speaking from personal experience as a martial artist, the path of kung fu leads to respect for the self and for others, abundant health, confidence, spiritual clarity, and ultimately toward self mastery. These are the treasures of dedication to practice.

I recently came across a comment of Lis regarding what he refers to as the three levels of martial arts, outlining the process of personal growth as it relates to combative sports, yet the wisdom contained herein is easily applicable to life in general, for it speaks to our innate need to first seek the power we need to survive, then to advance even further in the quest to thrive.

Speaking with Mens Health magazine in 2010, Lis notes:

Level one: Learn the forms-and repeat them endlessly. Use your body as a weapon, Li says. And you need to use the weapons very well, [so you] concentrate on skill.

Level two: Physical technique is now innate, so psychological tools come to bear. I dont need to fight if I can scare you, or use my heart to convince you, says Li.

Level three: You gain a mastery of inner peace, so that you no longer need to raise a hand. We sit here, everybody feels safe, and Im not scared of aggression. Its close to religion, like Jesus. They beat me up, fine. But slowly they understand, and they drop their weapons. They dont want to fight anymore. ~Jet Li



How I recovered from Post Natal Depletion without Weaning my Son elephant journal

My son is 27 months and my intention is to let him self wean. We are a bed sharing family and for the most part, he has all access to the boob. He hears no, not right now, all the time, and he also hears get off me several times a week. It has only []


Move Over Facial Recognition Tech, Theyre Now Data Mining Directly From Our Brains The Mind Unleashed

By Press For Truth

Facial Recognition technology is ancient when compared to what theyre doing in China! China is deploying emotional surveillance technology that mines data from the minds of its citizens and these light-weight sensory helmets have been rolled out on an industrial scale.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest Orwellian news as China is now data-mining info directly from the brains of workers in order to increase productivity.



5 Distinct Stages of Life Transformation we all go Through. elephant journal

We take to the road to experience the richness of other cultures, to add to our own reality, and to lose some inherited debris along the way. We take uncalculated risks and are repeatedly saved by the miraculous safety net of youth.


Actor Told FBI Suge Knight Paid Gangs and Crooked Cops to Kill Tupac and Biggie The Mind Unleashed

More than two decades later, rumors continue to surface about the deaths of the legendary rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. So far there have been no official leads, but over the years a number of different investigators and even some celebrities have come forward with their thoughts on what happened in these unsolved cases.

This week, The Sun Online reported on an old FBI file that they recently obtained, in which actor Tom Sizemore told the FBI that Death Row CEO Suge Knight was responsible for the murder of both Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The documents also revealed that Sizemore told agents that he was willing to wear a wire to prove that Knight ordered the rappers assassinations.

Sizemore allegedly told the FBI that Knight ordered the assassinations through a gang that was involved with the meth trade in California, an issue that was a personal crusade for Sizemore. He also noted that police helped cover up the murder in the case of Tupac, and possibly pulled the trigger in the case of Biggie.

According to the leaked documents:

Sizemore stated his stepfather was a Detroit police office and admires the work of law enforcement officers. Because his 19-year-old sister recently was hooked on crystal meth, Sizemore will wear a wire or provide any information to help solve the Biggie Smalls murder as well as lead the FBI to take down the largest crystal meth house in California, which he stated as being run by the Mexican Mafia out of a warehouse.

Sizemore also suggested that Knights original target was Tupac and that the later assassination of Biggie Smalls was more to deflect attention away from him, although he carried a personal vendetta against Biggie as well.

In his interview with the FBI, Sizemore said that multiple crooked cops were involved with at least one of the murders.

There is a bit of strange circumstantial evidence in the file as well, which connect specific police to the murders. Sizemore encountered a crooked LAPD cop by the name of David Mack while he was at a Hollywood party, and Mack reportedly told Sizemore and another actor Sean Penn that he Could take anybody out and nobody would ever know.

Mack was eventually exposed in a massive corruptions case within the LAPD, but during a raid of his house, police found a strange shrine to Tupac Shakur. Then, Mack was further implicated in Biggies death during the FBI investigation.

According to one leaked FBI file:

Numerous sources have stated they will cooperate with the FBI in attempts to determine what role LAPD officers played in the murder of Wallace. Among these sources, some ID Mack as being present in the Peterson Automotive Museum, one source has st...


This is What Happens When 20 Hyenas Pick a Fight With an African Lion [Watch] The Mind Unleashed

Lions, tigers, wolves, chimpanzees, and penguins oh, my! These are five of the most celebrated, yet endangered, animals on planet Earth. To highlight the species plight, Sir David Attenborough presents Dynasties, a new series from BBC Earth.

Credit: BBC Earth

In a recent segment, an African lion nearly meets his untimely fate when he wanders away from the herd and into a pack of 20 hyenas. The hungry vagrants are aware that if they exhaust the lion, they could potentially kill him. So, they taunt and tease him as the sun lowers to kiss the horizon. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, an unexpected ally appears. The heart wrenching scene affirms the bond between brothers and the ruthless nature of the wild.

Watch the video below:

If you enjoyed this brief clip, we encourage you to watch more of Dynasties. As BBC Earth reports, our planet is changing at an extraordinary rate and the habitats of animals especially those species which are at risk of extinction are under increasing pressure.

When you tune into the program, you can travel from the plains of Africa to the jungle of India, from the edge of the Sahara to the frozen wastes of Antarctica. You can learn as leaders battle rivals for leadership, families are torn apart by feuds, and parents risk their lives for their offspring in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Learn more here.



The New York Times Continues Its Dangerous Tradition of Whitewashing Communism Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


 Communists marching in the May Day parade in New York in 1935.CreditCreditDick Lewis/New York Daily News, via Getty Images

When New York City Was The Capital of American Communism

The Brooklyn-born playwright and critic Lionel Abel, who cut his political teeth in left-wing circles in Greenwich Village in the 1930s, remarked in his memoirs that during the Depression years, New York City went to Russia and spent most of the decade there. Leaving aside Mr. Abels taste for the mordant, he had a point.

For a few decades from the 1930s until Communisms demise as an effective political force in the 1950s New York City was the one place where American communists came close to enjoying the status of a mass movement. Party members could live in a milieu where co-workers, neighbors and the family dentist were fellow Communists; they bought life insurance policies (excellent value for money) from party-controlled fraternal organizations; they could even spend their evenings out in night clubs run by Communist sympathizers (like the ironically named Caf Society on Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village, a showcase for up-and-coming black performers like Billie Holliday).

What became the Communist Party U.S.A. (its name varied in the early years) was founded in Chicago in 1919 and, following a period of underground organization, opened its national headquarters in that city in 1921. But the bulk of the movements members were in New York, and in 1927 Communist headquarters were shifted to a party-owned building in Manhattan, at 35 East 12th Street, two blocks south of Union Square. (The building still stands, although under new ownership, and in what has evolved into a considerably less proletarian neighborhood than in the old days.)

New York would remain the capital city of American Communism from then on. Leading communists, including such figures as William Z. Foster and Earl Browder, had their offices on the top floor of the 12th Street building; accordingly, within the movement, it became the custom to refer to party leadership as the ninth floor. (And, for some reason, even in non- and anti-Communist left-wing circles, the party was always understood to refer to the Communists, rather than a...


Column: Welcome to Straightbook The Wild Hunt

Pagan Perspectives

Todays column comes to us from Storm Faerywolf, whose column covers the intersection of Paganism and queer identities. Storm is a professional author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and practicing warlock, and is author of Betwixt & Between and Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft. He lives with his two loving partners in the San Francisco Bay area and travels internationally teaching the magical arts. For more, visit

The Wild Hunt always welcomes submissions for the weekend section. Please send queries or completed pieces to

This past October, Facebook implemented updates to its policies in an effort to restrict sexual content on its site, a move that has drawn ire from certain corners of the LGBTQ+ community. The social media giant says that its policies are necessary for encouraging expression and creating a safe environment. But some queer groups and businesses are raising the alarm of censorship and discrimination.

The language used in their updated policies is quite specific about what content they will not permit.  Excerpted here from their Community Standards, prohibited content is defined, in part, as:

  • Content that attempts to coordinate or recruit for adult sexual activities
  • Vague suggestive statements
  • Sexualized slang
  • Using sexual hints such as mentioning sexual roles, sex positions, fetish scenarios, sexual preference/sexual partner preference

Also prohibited is content that offers or asks for other adult activities, specifically including [p]artners who share fetish or sexual interests. Effectively, this could mean that a bar or club promoting a fetish-themed night could be barred from doing so, even though the event itself is not offering sex to its patrons.


This is likely the result of a couple of pieces of legislation signed into law this past April. The House bill FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and the Senate bill SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act) were both lauded by supporters as being a victory in the war against human sex trafficking. But it comes at a great cost. These bills effectively undermine Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act whic...


My Offensive Comments Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

I was told by the admin my comments are offensive to many members. Some even resigning membership. I feel I should resign as I do not want to affect well being of the organization.

Your honest thoughts, please..


MEET GRAHAM: The Only Person Who Can Survive On Todays Roads Educate Inspire Change

This man is a catalyst for conversations about the physical aspect of human evolution. Graham is the only person who is adept and designed to survive on our roads. He is ultimately an educational tool conceived to show us what we might look like if our bodies had evolved to withstand car accidents.

Meet GrahamNo, he is not a real living human being just a ridiculously realistic interactive life-like sculpture. Graham is a reminder to all of us just how vulnerable our bodies really are. You would have to look like him to survive even just a low impact crash meaning when speed and impact forces as low as 30km/h. The fact is, the human body doesnt have the physiology to absorb the energy when things go wrong in a crash. Grahams unusual enhanced physique does.

Graham highlights the changes we need to make to protect ourselves from our own mistakes on the road. At the centre of this system is the belief that human health is more important than anything else, he is the embodiment of the Towards Zero vision. TAC



Smart Spending ? Trump Admin Paid Private Contractor $14 Million To Hire TWO Border Agents Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The Ring of Fire
Published on Dec 15, 2018

A federal contracting company has been paid a staggering $14 million to recruit just TWO new US border agents, according to a scathing new report from the Inspector General. Accenture Federal Services, the company hired by the government, actually has a nearly $300 million contract and they claim they are still working on recruiting more border agents, but the government already believes that they are being charged for services that have not been performed and they are correct. Ring of Fires Farron Cousins discusses this latest round of contractor fraud.

Category News & Politics

*This transcript was generate d by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

Donald Trump ran for president telling us that he is an expert negotiator. He is the best at making deals. Just look how successful all of his businesses has been, uh, as long as you don't look at all of the businesses that he's run that have filed for bankruptcy and disappeared off the face of the earth. And as president, we have seen some prime examples of this expert negotiating skill that the president allegedly has. And we got another one of those stories this week.

Uh, there was a group called Accenture Federal Services. They have been hired by the US Department of Homeland Security under a $297 million dollar federal contract. That's our tax dollars, paying them a to recruit people to work as US Customs and border patrol agents. Two hundred $97, million dollars to grow up, go out and recruit people. And so far this group, Accenture has been paid nearly $14,000,000 and they've hired two people, $14,000,000. And they hired two new border patrol agents.

They admit that they still have, you know, roughly 7,000 more people to hire, but they just haven't gotten to it yet. So go ahead and make your next payment on that contract because you're $14 million, hasn't gone too far. And the reason we know this has happened is because of the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security recently released a scathing report going after Accenture because of the fact that they're scamming the government.

They have hired two people. They've been paid $14,000,000. They've had 10 months since the contract was approved and began and they've hired two people. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not think we need to be spending more money to go out there and recruit people to become ice agents that are going to tear gas children hundred percent against it, but I am also 100 percent against the federal government getting swindled by yet another greedy government contractor. Because honestly, that's what they all are at this point.

The amount of fraud that takes place at the hands...


Hail the New World Order brought to you by the United Nations. Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The United Nations is nothing more than the governing body for the New World Order.

The UN Migrant Pact appears to be setting the stage for the eventual surrender of all national sovereignty.

The groundbreaking for the Globalist New World Order's final demand of complete capitulation.

The UN has shown itself to be UNworthy, UNreliable, UNbelievable, UNdemocratic, etc.-RP

"UN Envoy Slams Opposition to Migrant Pact as Latvia Is Latest to Pull Out"

"Explaining why she voted to keep Latvia out of the agreement, New Conservative Party (NCP) lawmaker Dagmra Beitnere-Le Galla, said the country cannot be allowed to commit suicide, adding that she could not support joining a treaty so poorly prepared for a document that may have major implications throughout the entire world.

Jnis Dombrava from National Alliance, meanwhile, pointed out that despite multiple deputies insistence that nothing in the pact is legally binding,  the terms commit and commitment feature dozens of times in the document, which imply certain duties."


"EU criticises Austria for not signing UN global migration pact"

"The rightwing government in Vienna announced on Wednesday that it would not agree to the global compact on migration because it feared this would lead to a human right to migration, a claim dismissed by the UN.

Hungary and the US have already withdrawn from the compact, while Poland is considering not signing the accord."


"Donald Trump pulls US out of UN global compact on migration"

"The Trump...


7 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog Pet elephant journal

To every pet lover, you will definitely understand how sweet and accommodating dog pet are and to a bigger fact the people who have had to experience the companionate of dogs will agree with me that they are one of the sweetest animal in the world. They have a greater human sense, to the people []


Former GOP Lawmaker Jason Chaffetz Celebrates Death Of 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Progressive Secular Humanist

Deplorable: Former GOP lawmaker Jason Chaffetz celebrates the death of a 7-year-old migrant girl in federal custody because it sends a strong message to other migrants. In an obnoxious and ghoulish display of gross insensitivity Jason Chaffetz, while speaking about Jakelin Caal Maquin, a 7 year old girl who died in the custody of US []


Chemtrail Pilot Blows the Cover Off of OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD Prepare For Change

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

Maybe my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.

Finally, a military pilot steps forward and completely blows the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program. What follows is a video which puts forth a true story about a courageous pilot who has broken ranks with his chemtrailing peers. In so doing he has risked his life and the life of his family. As you listen to this presentation, or read the text provided below, bear in mind that chemtrails are being sprayed 24/7 around the globe with terrible consequences.

For those uninitiated in the ways of atmospheric engineering, chemtrails are but one geoengineering technique that is being systematically used by the U.S. Military.  The following link provides an excellent overview of the geoengineering/chemtrailphenomenon, as well as an exceptional photo-doc.  After all, only seeing is believing for most people!

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

No matter what the stated reasons are given to those who fly the chemtrail jets, they are always told by their superiors that this ongoing and illegal atmosphere-altering program is being conducted in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY.

Youll notice that NATIONAL SECURITY appears crooked because the whole intention behind geoengineering is as dangerously misguided as it is deceptively false. The indiscriminate, wide-area and systematic spraying of toxic aerosols throughout the skies of the world couldnt possibly have anything to do with national security.  Those that buy into such a ridiculous notion have obviously been either brainwashed or bribed into believing such an absurd and nonsensical agenda.

Thats precisely why this unprecedented expos is so important.  Never before has anyone directly involved with the piloting of chemtrail airliners ever gone public.  Not only does Blue Jay 1, as he is known, go public, he completely blows...


Art Is Good For Your Health, Enhances Brain Function, And Evolves Consciousness Educate Inspire Change


The arts are a critical component of healthcare just like exercise is. For as long as there have been civilizations, there have been people using art to transcend and influence others. The act of producing the art as well as admiring it can heal us, inspire us, and alter our brain chemistry. Any form of art (music, dance, etc.) applies but here we will discuss the visual arts.

Once we understand things in a new way it creates a new world; and then a person will have a vision within that new world and the grand round of art continues. -Alex Grey

Today, modern visionary artists are using art to inspire people to come together (community) and to teach or spread important messages. These artists are especially known for revealing arts capacity to elicit spiritual revelations. Art combined with our imagination has the ability to transport us to other realms. Art evolves consciousness. This has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. In other words, art can change a persons outlook and the way they experience the world by actually affecting their physical body.

The painter channels the creative force into the artifact, and this artifact then becomes a battery ready to zap a viewer into a new way of seeing the world. -Alex Grey

To experience awe, wonder and beauty promote healing. Therefore, by looking at art that is awe-inspiring and beautiful you generat...


Why Cancer Needs To Be Treated as a Metabolic Disease Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Story at-a-glance

  • The metabolic theory of cancer postulates that cancer is primarily the result of defective energy metabolism in and damage to the cells mitochondria
  • Genetic mutations are not the primary cause of cancer but are rather a downstream effect of the defective energy metabolism; as long as your mitochondria remain healthy and functional, your chances of developing cancer are very slim
  • Normal mitochondria suppress cancer growth, and in order for cancer cells to proliferate, you must have dysfunctional mitochondria
  • Cancer growth and progression can be managed following a whole-body transition from fermentable metabolites, such as glucose and glutamine, to respiratory metabolites, primarily ketone bodies that are formed when you follow a ketogenic diet
  • Ketogenic diets promote healthy mitochondrial function and respiration, reduce tumor vascularity and inflammation, and enhance tumor cell death


20 Million Schoolchildren Have Been Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs Known to Cause Suicidal Thoughts Prepare For Change

Clinical depression, mental illness and disorder or bad health services concept. Sad smiley face made from pills, medicine and tablets on wooden table. Dissatisfied and unhappy icon.

Written By: Christina England, BA Hons

news article published in 2017 reported that, according to the latest data, a staggering 12.7 percent of all US citizens over the age of 12 were taking antidepressants. Thrive Global, who reported these figures, stated that:

For many, antidepressants have been a long-term course of medication: 68 percent of people in the most recent survey said theyd been taking them for two or more years, and 25 percent had been taking them for more than a decade.

In reality, more children are being prescribed these drugs than the public are aware of. This fact was highlighted by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in their film, Psychiatry: an Industry of Death. They stated that currently around 20 million school children are being prescribed stimulants and psychotropic drugs.

This information is extremely worrying, especially when you consider that professionals worldwide have been linking the use of antidepressants to suicide, suicidal thoughts, and ...


Financial Investigators Testify That Clinton Foundation Operated as Foreign Agent Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Financial Investigators Testify That Clinton Foundation Operated as Foreign Agent




In lieu of South Africa's (reverse) racism and threats of violence and death against white people it's time to boycott South Africa. Racism is racism by any color against any color is still racism.

International bar codes starting with 600 or 601 are products from South Africa.

Please boycott these products and let's send South Africa a clear message that their murderous acts will not go on without there being a cost.

This comes in response to the latest threats made by South African leaders.

"Black South African politician urges followers to 'kill whites', saying: 'We will kill their children and their women'"

  • Andile Mngxitama says for every one black person killed we will kill five whites
  • The BLF President even claimed cats and dogs owned by whites should die
  • He claimed the taxi industry was 'killing' black people before a cheering crowd
  • He defended his remarks which were in response to billionaire Johann Rupert

The leader of a South African political party has called for the killing of white women and children in a row over the taxi industry.

Andile Mngxitama, president of Black First Land First (BLF), was speaking at a rally on the weekend in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg when he made the violent comments.

He tells the cheering crowd: 'For each one person that is being killed by the taxi industry, we will kill five white people.

'For every one black person we will kill five white people."

Watch the video and see more here:


Butterfly elephant journal

Butterfly. Butterfly spiraling down through blessed air Cultivating whispers softly collecting memories and  Pollen greedy and unashamed  Part and parcel of the dance  The sacred colors and flowers.  Smile and radiate warm welcome  Summer heat  Velvet soft heat  So inviting  Alluring  Unapologetic.  


What Our Overlords Would Hate Most Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

   Have you ever thought about the fact that left and  right in the USA are both relying on billionaires and government to solve all the problems? Think they will solve any, contrary to their own interests? Think the right is going to tell leftists how to live, or vice versa? Isn't it the definition of freedom to not be told how to live? It's a war that can't be won, like the War on Drugs, the War on Terrorism or the War on Poverty. Yet both sides stake their brand (and bet their, and our lives) on this insanity, with great relish.

In France, far left and far right are fighting side by side against the government / international finance / corporate (tech and other) / MIC (military/industrial complex) oligarchy. Pardon my French, but I almost came in my pants when I heard Jimmy Dore (progressive left) and Tim Pool (alt light++?) commenting on this. Infowars, of course, gets an Ignobel Award for characterizing this as "some people are trying to co-opt the protests for their own purposes".  Just what the mainstream media, especially the official Ministry of Truth, the BBC  says.

Although David Knight showed his singular insightfulness by stating our rulers "are apolitical". They will use those who represent the left and right to increase their power and collect more gold, period. It is an urgent matter of survival that the left and right stop fighting each other, and solve the goddamn problems instead. Chief among them - international finance. Like, yesterday. Even the Muslims have one good idea, an absolute ban on the lending of money for interest.

That's our overlords' best trick, getting left and right (and other) masses to fight each other, spending all their time, money and other resources on fratricidal civil and international wars, while the oligarchs glide over all (of us). That double-headed eagle in heraldry puts a point on the situation - two mouths, one pointing left, the other right, leading to the same stomach (that of our overlords).  

Most people in the left and right believe they are fighting for what is just and right. They are not reveling in supporting evil. You just can't get to the objective truth of political, economic, social and cultural issues without being eclectic. Most deliniations of the political spectrum, from far left to far right, libertarians, conservatives, liberals, etc., have a point, and until all sides realize this, we will all continue to fall down a long and painful flight of stairs towards the killing chute.

Aleksandr Dugin, Putin's "far right" advisor, said - "We have to look beyond left and right." Amen, brother! Too bad his book didn't translate very well. The way I put it into words is that the right is oft like a single-parent household with a father who lacks compassion. While the left is like a single-parent household with a mother who is too libertine. Like the right and left hemispheres of the brain,...


Homeless Guy Throws Truth Bombs Our Society Doesnt Want to Hear The Unbounded Spirit


The world is harsh, and the homeless feel it in their bones.

Listen to the story of this sharp-minded homeless guy whos sharing some profound truth-bombs about how crazy and inhumane our society has become.

Video credit: Tyler Mann

The post Homeless Guy Throws Truth Bombs Our Society Doesnt Want to Hear appeared first on The Unbounded Spirit.


Self-love happens when you stare in the mirror elephant journal

Here is what I think, self-love starts by staring in the mirror. Yes, stare hard enough, in very bright light, until you see every flaw in your skin, face, and body. With your eyes wide open, start narrating the stories behind each flaw in your skin. Follow that by drawing beautiful images with every stretch []


Timely Apprentice Submission: Celebrating the Holidays on your Own Terms. elephant journal

If the holiday season lasted for a week or two, I might not be such a scrooge. But it seems that the season gets a little longer with each passing year. And it isnt limited to the month of December, nor does it wait for


The People vs. The Paris Agreement Humans Are Free

Let them eat carbon! said French President Emmanuel Macron this week, offering his peasants a six-month reprieve on their coming carbon sin tax. And, kicking his feet up on his desk at the lyse Palace, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He had bought himself some time to figure out how to deal with the rabble at the gates. But how much time?

Not much at all, it turns out. As of press time, the yellow jackets have announced their intention to proceed with Act 4 of their protests this weekend, and the government has responded by announcing its decision to close the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and other tourism landmarks on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Paris, for its part, is bracing for another weekend of violence and street battles.

Read Entire Article


6 Tips for a Happier, Healthier & more Harmonious Holiday. elephant journal

And this busyness is the opposite of what nature calls for at this time of year. During these darkest and coldest days of the year (for us in North America anyway), earthly rhythms ask us to slow down, nurture our bodies, calm our minds, and just be.


The Mark of Emotional Resiliency: German Expressionist Modern Movement and Jungian Analysis elephant journal

  German Expressionist Dance  The German strain of expressionist dance has been regarded as a contemporary art-form that embodies the movement of inner-being. The emergence of modern dance began as an adverse reaction to traditional ballet settings. The composition of the dance pieces were intended for both the dancer and the choreographer to join as []


12 decorative gestures to feel good at home elephant journal

Going home and feeling cozy is priceless, is not it? Discover 12 gestures of decoration to be well in his house! Have you recently moved into a new apartment or just remodeled your home? Some decorative gestures, apparently innocuous, have a real impact on our well-being. Some plants, a little storage, a masterful style of []

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Saturday, 15 December



by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, Todays High Pitched Frequencies B Major: (Crown, I understand and/or I know, Jupiter, expansion, generosity, opening)  Strongly colored, announcing wild passions, composed from the most glaring colors. Anger, rage, jealousy, fury, despair and every burden of the heart lies in its sphere. You can find the []

The post DEC 15, 2018 HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCY KEY B MAJOR CROWN CHAKRA appeared first on In5D.


The Moment I Handed Myself Over to God ~ Living as The Priestess in the Modern World elephant journal

I laid hunched over my bed throwing up in the waste paper basket beside my bed that was overflowing with tissues. Thirty kilograms lighter, frail and exhausted, my husband scooped me up out of bed, undressed me and placed me on a stool in the shower. As I sat there heaving some more, the warm []


8 Things You Should Know About Christian View Of Homosexuality elephant journal

Curiosity on why same sex could fall in love with each other and even go to the extent of getting married to the same sex partner and began to feel nothing but any everlasting love for each other. Christianity have their view on the issue of Homosexual, the bible speaks against same sex marriage or []


Sara Carter 12-14-18 Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent (link and highlights Kauilapele's Blog

This may be of interest to some. Im not getting into details about all this (really it is far too much economics for me), but it appears that one step in the process of taking down the deep state may be to get them on tax fraud. Its also apparently a method to get the information out to the public, one step at a time (see this previous Kp blog post). So well see what happens.

Found this via RMN.

Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

The Clinton Foundation operated as a foreign agent early in its life and throughout its existence and did not operate as a 501c3 charitable foundation as required by its and is not entitled to its status as a nonprofit, alleged two highly qualified forensic investigators, accompanied by three other investigators, said in explosive testimony Thursday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committ...


Borrowing From Big Tobaccos Playbook, Johnson & Johnson Knew About Asbestos in Baby Powder for Decades: Reuters The Unbounded Spirit

One attorney said 1970s memos that have surfaced due to recent lawsuits are on par with key docs uncovered in the tobacco litigation.

For decades, Reuters noted, J&J has promoted its iconic Baby Powder as a safe, gentle product for babies and adults alike. (Photo: Reuters)

Editors note: This article was written by Jessica Corbett.

A Reuters investigation published Friday charges that Johnson & Johnson, a multi-billion dollar company known for its healthcare products, knew for decades that its iconic talcum baby powder was sometimes tainted with carcinogenic asbestos, but concealed the information from regulators and the public.

Asbestos, the name given to six minerals that occur naturally in the environment as bundles of fibers, has been used in North Americas automotive, construction, and shipbuilding industries since the late 1800s, according to the National Cancer Institute. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that all types of asbestos cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, cancer of the larynx and ovary, and asbestosis (fibrosis of the lungs).

Because asbestos sometimes occurs in the earth along with talc,...


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.  Luke 1:30-33 (KJV)


A sweet, no-nonsense Holiday Survival Guide for Empaths & HSPs. elephant journal

Holidays bring up that swirling complexitysuper sensitivity combined with the bitter taste of old memories and old wounds and sweet nostalgia can be intense and beautiful and strange and a thousand other things.


Want to Feel Unique? Believe in the Reptile People. The Unbounded Spirit

lizard people

Editors note: This article was written by Roland Imhoff, professor of social and legal psychology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.

he internet is full of wild-eyed insinuation. Seemingly accidental events are not actually accidental. A few powerful people have hatched plots to bring about certain outcomes, usually with the goal of benefiting the shadowy string-pullers. As Karl Popper noted in Conjectures and Refutations(1963), some people tend to attribute anything they dislike to the intentional design of a few influential others. While conspiracy theories have long existed, the internet has accelerated their circulation (like the circulation of all information). Who believes in conspiracies, and what might these people have in common?

There are, of course, differences in the plausibility of any one conspiracy theory. In a 2013 poll, every second United States citizen questioned seemed convinced that there was some larger conspiracy at work in the assassination of the president John F Kennedy in 1963, while only 4 per cent endorsed the notion that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining power. (Still a somewhat unnerving 12 million people.)

Despite these differences, one of the most robust findings in the research on conspiracy theories is that there is a commonality to conspiracy theorists, even if the theories themselves are different. For instance, people who believe in the shape-shifting reptilian are much more likely also to doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted as a lone wolf. Indeed, those who believe that Osama bin Laden was dead before the Navy Seals shot him are also more likely to consider it plausible that bin Laden is still alive. This has led many researchers to conclude that the agreement with specific conspiracy theories is not so much dependent on the specific topic, but is rather the manifestation of a more general worldview. The conspiracist ideation, monological belief system or conspiracy mentality can be thought of as the general extent to which people see the world as governed by hidden, sinister forces.

Most blame the conspiracy mentality on a sense of profound lack of control in their lives, whether due to random...


The Third Thumb: Prosthetics To Extend and Enhance Your Natural Ability Educate Inspire Change

The Third Thumb by Danielle Clode

The Third Thumb by Danielle Clode

The value of the Third Thumb is to create a catalyst for society to consider human extension, framed in an approachable, accessible design. It is a tool, an experience, and a form of self-expression. When we start to extend our abilities, and when we reframe prosthetics as extensions, then we start to shift the focus from fixing disability, to extending ability. -Danielle Clode

Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate student Danielle Clode envisions a future in which we harness technology to augment our humanity. She is intrigued by the idea that people could become even more powerful through augmentation. This interest of hers lead to the creation of a controllable Third Thumb that enables the wearer to extend their natural abilities. She designed the Third Thumb to push us to consider what optimal human functioning really is.

The Third Thumb by Danielle Clode

The Third Thumb by Danielle Clode

Clodes fascination with prosthetics stemmed from the interaction between people and products. When you use a pen to write, after a while you dont feel your hands on the pen anymore you feel the tip of the pen on the paper, she said in an inte...


An open letter to my Sons elephant journal

This is an open letter to my Sons For when they are fully grown Remember all those times the folding and the dishes built up? Those many, many weekends we ditched the housework and ran off into the wind. Yeah and then your clothes wouldnt be ready for School in the mornings without a fluster []


How finding BDSM healed me elephant journal

It seems a bit far fetched I know. Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism and a rape victim. Youd think one was equal to the other. You think wrong and Ill tell you why. Unable to sleep after the attack, books became a haven. Found in the shelf a novel on Dominance and submission. A relationship based []


New Games In Different Design elephant journal

It is fundamental to perceive that game structure is troublesome, and to ensure that appropriate sources are coordinated at the strategy. There is no official technique to find game plan, thus usually ignored With the end goal to make a fun affair pleasant, it is expected to fathom what a diverting knowledge is and precisely []


Why Im grateful to the man who raped me elephant journal

#metoo After being raped whilst drunk, covered in vomit, half passed out, by the one I had spent, just above five years loving and living with. The feeling of having nothing left, washed over me. My mind, body and soul all feeling the filth of such an intimate physical betrayal. Life implodes as your identity []


x22Report 12-14-18 Carpet Bomb Just Dropped, Did You See How It Works Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp note: Im republishing with the correct title.]

Theres a stepwise process going on to prepare the public for what will be coming down the road, and this video goes into how this is occurring.

Published on Dec 14, 2018
Trump cancels the White House Holiday party for MSM. Strzok and Pages texts were wiped on purpose, but nothing is truly deleted. Clinton Foundation whistleblowers testify in front of congress. [HRC] under oath says email system was used for convenience. Huber absent, but not needed, this was a carpet bomb. The push is on, people will be pulled out of their slumber. Yemen is talking peace. Blackeye is revealed from Qs post.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.



By Gary Z. McGee,

I must create a system or be enslaved by another Mans. ~William Blake

Becoming free is creating your own virtuous system despite being outflanked by unvirtuous systems controlled by unvirtuous men. It is cultivating a healthy way of living despite the unhealthy ways of unhealthy men. Its becoming so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion (Albert Camus). Then its building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete (Buckminster Fuller).

But first, we must ask ourselves what we are freeing ourselves for before asking ourselves what we are freeing ourselves from. The answer to that question, what are we freeing ourselves for, will be the foundation of our freedom, the cornerstone of our virtue, the building blocks of a healthier way of being human in the world.

Understand: we must be critical and highly skeptical of any answer that should arise from asking this most vital of questions. For if our answer is deemed invalid/unhealthy by the dictates of universal law (whats healthy and whats not), then it should be discarded as invalid/unhealthy for any humans who are attempting to be virtuous and healthy. Also, every answer should remain flexible and adaptable lest it become stagnant, rigid, dogmatic, tyrannical, or stuck in its ways.

A virtuous system follows the Golden Rule and the Nonaggression Principle:

Beware of the good and the just! They like to crucify those who invent their own virtue for themselves. ~Nietzsche

As human beings there is no way around the fact that we are social creatures. We need each other to survive in a hostile (entropic) universe. Therefore, the golden rule is paramount.

It is imperative that whatever we are freeing ourselves for does not overreach or impede the health and welfare of others. A truly...


Broken Family, Broken Holidays? elephant journal

Does a broken family mean broken and unhappy holidays? Absolutely not. And before I get started on the holidays, lets take a moment to acknowledge that divorce does not equal broken its time for a new story about divorce, one that I will be writing soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, back to []


Dolores Cannon THE EVENT Information In5D

The following article contains excerpts from Dolores Cannons The Convoluted Universe, Book 3. by Jonathan Carty, Contributing Writer, Its taken a few weeks but Ive finally gotten through this entire book and I have been bookmarking various pages so that I can come back and write an article about the amazing information she is getting through []

The post Dolores Cannon THE EVENT Information appeared first on In5D.


KEEP IT UP UK ! Extinction Rebellion: UK Protesters Are Supergluing Themselves to Buildings to Fight Climate Crisis Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

All I can say is the UK gets it, America as you can see doesn't give a crap about climate change, geoengineering, you know the spraying of our pristine sky's  after all us older folks will be gone this is our children's world and our grandchildren's what they make of it today will determine their future I and my age group will be gone. I do hope their Critical Thinking kicks in and something will be done for their sake.


Anti-Semitism and the Death of Free Speech by John Kaminski Prepare For Change


By John Kaminski,

Despite your many years of research and your compelling evidence, you may no longer claim that the tragedy which occurred on 9/11/2001 was clearly the work of Jews Jews who own Wall Street, Jews who control the U.S. government and Jews who operate most of the mass media in the world. Why may you not say this? Because it would be anti-Semitic.

When you read the history of World War I at least as presented by Benjamin Freedman, a famous escapee from Judaism you learn that Germany had won the war until the international Jews got their promise of Palestine in writing, and then the United States intervened, right after U.S. Jews had created the Federal Reserve and the income tax as a foolproof way to fund future wars. But dont mention this to your friends as it would be anti-Semitic.

World War II was much the same scam. The Jews had locked up the Western world in a massive depression at the same time Adolf Hitler had created a successful workers paradise on the full faith and credit of the German people. Secret Jew FDR and his cabal of closet Communists baited Japan into attacking Hawaii and in four years 60 million people wound up dead because the Jews wanted to exterminate the major threat to their worldwide financial hegemony, which was Hitlers economic miracle. But dont put this in your memoirs. It would be anti-Semitic.

Immune from prosecution

Much of the food you eat today, ordinary products such as Cheerios or Quaker Oats, is tainted by Glyphosate, the dangerous ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, which was produced by the infamous company named after the Jewish Monsanto family. They started out as slave traders after the Civil War but by the time Vietnam rolled around they were peddling the deadly Agent Orange as a defoliant to be used on Southeast Asian jungles, which left thousands of American troops (and many thousands of innocent Vietnamese) stricken by leukemia, diabetes 2, Hodgkins disease, myelomas, Parkinsons, neuropathy, prostate cancer, lung cancers and various other sarcomas.

Inexplicably put in charge of Americas food supply thereafter, Monsanto then produced Glyphosate, which is applied in the field to most of the foods you eat, and entails another laundry list of diseases even longer than the last. Roundup causes the same type of oxidative stress and neural cell death observed in Alzheimers disease. But the Monsanto family shrewdly shed themselves of their notorious company a few days before losing a $289 million lawsuit to a man who successfully argued the toxic weedkiller caused his terminal cancer. Monsanto sold the whole company to the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer in...


British Royal Family Implicated Again In A New Court Case About Pedophilia & Sex Slavery Humans Are Free

Never before has pedophilia and ritualistic child abuse been on the radar of so many people. Having been at Collective Evolution for nearly ten years, its truly amazing to see just how much the world has woken up to the fact that ritualistic child abuse is actually a real possibility.

The people who have been implicated in this type of activity over the years are powerful, from high ranking military people, all the way down to the several politicians around the world, and more.

One example would be the NBC news report that implicated Hillary Clinton in covering up a massive pedophile ring in the heart of the State Department, possibly why we see crimes against children in this document from the FBI. This activity could even have permeated the three letter agencies, so to have them look into it is also worrisome.

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I am elephant journal

Am I a girl or a boy  Or none  Am I girls or boys  All in one  Or one in all  Do I dress up in skirts  Or dress down like a man going to church  Am I going to be killed for wanting to wear some pearls and flaunting my manly curves  Are you []


Report: President Donald Trump Is An Adderall Snorting Speed Freak Progressive Secular Humanist

New information indicates President Donald Trump is a speed freak who likes to snort crushed-up Adderall pills before public appearances. Noel Casler, a former staffer on The Apprentice currently working as a stand-up comic claims that Trump was a speed freak who snorted Adderall. During a recent performance caught on video and widely shared on []


When a 15 year old tells Our Leaders Are Behaving Like Children The world has a problem ! Teen Climate Activist Confronts World Leaders at U.N. Summit Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

climate activist who says politicians here are not doing enough to turn back the clock and prevent catastrophic climate change: 15-year-old Greta Thunberg. 

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: Were broadcasting from the U.N. climate summit in Katowice, Poland, where world leaders are gathered to negotiate climate solutions that could dictate policy for years to come. But we begin todays program with a climate activist who says politicians here are not doing enough to turn back the clock and prevent catastrophic climate change: 15-year-old Greta Thunberg.

Shes made international headlines since launching a school strike against climate change in her home country of Sweden earlier this year. She sat on the steps of the parliament in Stockholm every school day for three weeks, leading up to the Swedish election in September, to demand that politicians take more radical action to stop global warming. After the election, she went back to school, but only for four days a week, because every Friday Greta continues to sit outside the parliament building. Her actions have inspired thousands of students across the globe to do the same. Greta has Aspergers syndrome. She has focused with laser intensity on climate change since she was 9 years old. She brought her message directly to world leaders here in Katowice at the U.N. climate summit. Here she is addressing U.N. Secretary-General Antnio Guterres last week.

GRETA THUNBERG: For 25 years, countless of people have stood in front of the United Nations climate conferences asking our nations leaders to stop the emissions.

But clearly this has not worked, since the emissions just continue to rise. So I will not ask them anything. Instead, I will ask the people around the world to realize that our political leaders have failed us, because we are facing an existential threat and there is no time to continue down this road of madness.

Rich countries like Sweden need to start reducing emissions by at least 15 percent every year to stay below a 2-degree warming target. You would think the media and every one of our leaders would be talking about nothing else, but they never even mention it. Nor does hardly anyone ever mention that we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with up to 200 species going extinct every single day.

Furthermore does no one ever speak about the aspect of equity, clearly stated in the Paris Agreement, which is absolutely necessary to make it work on a global scale. That means that rich countries like mine need to get down to zero emissions within six to 12 years, with todays emission speed. Because how can we expect countries like India, Colombia or Nigeria to care about the climate crisis if we, w...


EPIC !... I love Amy Goodman, Trumps Energy Adviser Runs Away When Questioned by Democracy Now! at U.N. Climate Talks Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


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AMY GOODMAN: I ran into Wells Griffith on Tuesday here at the U.N. climate talks and attempted to ask him about the Trump administrations climate policy. Griffith immediately began walking and then running away.

AMY GOODMAN: Hi. Im Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!

WELLS GRIFFITH: Im sorry, Ive got to go.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you telloh, no, we came to yourwe came to your report

WELLS GRIFFITH: Im sorry. Ive got to go to another meeting.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you tell us what you think about President Trump saying climate change is a hoax?

WELLS GRIFFITH: Thank you. Excuse me.

AMY GOODMAN: You could answer the question. Are you not speaking to the press here?

WELLS GRIFFITH: ExcuseIm sorry. Im running late for a meeting. Thanks.

AMY GOODMAN: Right, but you werent running late when you were just standing there. So, just answer the question: What is the U.S. doing here, since President Trump said hes pulling out of the Paris Agreement? Can you talk aboutcan you talk about President Trump saying that climate change is a Chinese hoax? Can youare you not talking to the press while youre here?

WELLS GRIFFITH: Maybe we canwe can set something up later, with awith our press

AMY GOODMAN: Who would I talk to? Can I ask if you agree with President Trump calling climate change a hoax? Youre definitely giving me a run for the money here. Can you talk about why the U.S. is here, since President Trump is saying hes pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord? Can you talk about why youre pushing coal? No answer on any issue? Can you talkcan you talk about why the U.S. would not welcome the U.N. report saying that catastrophic climate change is imminent, and the U.S.the world has to wean itself off of coal by 2050?

WELLS GRIFFITH: Ill connect you with our press folks, if you want to give me your card, and Ill have them reach out.

AMY GOODMAN: We could have spoken this whole time. I dont hold out much hope for you to grant me an interview. But if you could answer the question about whether you agree with President Trump calling climate change a hoax? Can you explain why the U.S. is even at the climate summit, given that hes pulling out?

WELLS GRIFFITH: If youd like to give me your card, Ill reach outexcuse meIll reach out to our press

AMY GOODMAN: Can you explain why the U.S. joined with Saudi Arabia in watering down language around the U.N. report?

AMY GOODMAN: Wells Griffith begins to climb a set of stairs, then suddenly reverses course, comes back down and darts past the various country pavilion exhibits.

AMY GOODMAN: Wells Griffith, can you talk about why the U.S. is pu...


Answer to question Am I beautiful? elephant journal

What do you see when you look in the mirror each day? A thining hairline, a new zit, a worse wrinkle, an extra cupcake that shows up in your chin? Maybe you see the stress and anxiety on your face and the sleep deprivation in your eyes. Do you smile at yourself or do you []


Intuitive Astrology: December Full Moon 2018 Forever Conscious

The December 22nd Full Moon falls in the water sign of Cancer and is one of the most potent of the year. It brings a mixed bag of energy, representing completion, release, and new beginnings all at the same time.

In a sense, this Full Moon is helping us to wrap up the year gone by, but it is also preparing us for whats ahead as well.

On this Full Moon, we are going to feel encouraged to release the year, to let go of any heavy or dead weight we are carrying, and to surrender to all that was and all that has been.

There is no changing the past, and there is no use in feeling regret. All we can do is look forward, and take the necessary steps and actions that are in our control. All else can just fade away, and be released to Mother Moon for clearing, so we can start a new chapter with a clean fresh slate.

Along with this energy of clearing and completion, we also have this air of new beginnings too. Its almost like this Full Moon will be preparing us for whats to come, and guiding us as to what energies, themes, and lessons we may be working with in the new year.

This Full Moon is special because it falls at zero degrees of Cancer. Whenever a Full Moon, or any other planet for that matter, falls at zero degrees, it signifies infinite possibilities and an opening of opportunity.

All through 2019, and even through part of 2020, we have a new Eclipse cycle starting involving both Cancer and Capricorn.

This makes this Full Moon not only the last of the year, but also the last Cancer Full Moon we will have for a while. All of the other Cancer Lunar cycles from this point forward will be Eclipses and this theme will continue until 2020.

Seeing as this is the last Cancer Full Moon for a while, it is going to unlock a new portal of energy and give us some clues as to what this new string of Cancer Eclipses may have in store for us.

Decembers Cancer Full Moon is like the entrance point to this new journey and will start paving the way forward for a huge cycle of growth that will unfold over the coming years.

Under this Cancer Full Moon, try to still your mind and soften your soul. Try to tune in to the soft, still voice from within and see if you can hear the whispers or the messages of the Universe calling to you.

Observe the theme of what surrounds you, as its likely that this Full Moon will tell a story that you can come back to at some point in the future.

On this sensitive Full Moon, we may also feel issues with our home and family life arising. Cancer is the sign that rules over matters in the home and with our family, so pay attention to these areas, as this is where a lot...


The Phantom Killer Destroying Your Body Prepare For Change

By Prepare for Change

Ongoing research has revealed that an average person is exposed to over 80,000 known toxins and heavy metals every day. They are commonly found in drinking water, chemtrails, furniture, pharmaceutical drugs, and even the air we breathe.

With constant exposure, heavy metals can quickly build up in the bodys tissues without our knowledge and become phantom killers. Even at lower levels, heavy metal exposure can create serious health issues that can impact the bodys ability to function properly.

Many of the symptoms from low-grade heavy metal toxicity are often confused with common health issues, including:

  • Chronic fatigue and brain fog
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Skin rashes and eczema
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders

The vague nature of these symptoms is one reason why heavy metals have become such a significant problem.

A Difficult Diagnosis

When visiting a doctor to diagnose these symptoms, it is highly unlikely they will consider heavy metal toxicity.

Doctors arent trained to look for buildup of heavy metals in the body. Not to mention that acute heavy metal accumulation is exceptionally difficult to test and detect.

As a result, many people suffer from the negative effects of heavy metal toxicity without even knowing it. This is why some people put effort into improving their diet and get absolutely nowhere in improving their overall health.  

Trying to improve your health without addressing heavy metals is like building a bridge without a support system. It may seem like you are making progress at first, but you will ultimately fail.

Effectively Detoxing Heavy Metals

Completely eliminating your exposure to heavy metals and environmental toxins isnt an option. Theyre unavoidable. As a result, it is important to continually detox heavy metals and toxins from the body.

To help detox heavy metals, you must follow a protocol which chelates, or re...


Before You Can Be With Others, First Learn to Be Alone The Unbounded Spirit

Clamdigger 1935 by Edward Hopper. Courtesy Sharon Mollerus/Flickr

Editors note: This article was written by Jennifer Stitt, a graduate student in the history of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In 1840, Edgar Allan Poe described the mad energy of an ageing man who roved the streets of London from dusk till dawn. His excruciating despair could be temporarily relieved only by immersing himself in a tumultuous throng of city-dwellers. He refuses to be alone, Poe wrote. He is the type and the genius of deep crime He is the man of the crowd.

Like many poets and philosophers through the ages, Poe stressed the significance of solitude. It was such a great misfortune, he thought, to lose the capacity to be alone with oneself, to get caught up in the crowd, to surrender ones singularity to mind-numbing conformity. Two decades later, the idea of solitude captured Ralph Waldo Emersons imagination in a slightly different way: quoting Pythagoras, he wrote: In the morning, solitude; that nature may speak to the imagination, as she does never in company. Emerson encouraged the wisest teachers to press upon their pupils the importance of periods and habits of solitude, habits that made serious and abstracted thought possible.

In the 20th century, the idea of solitude formed the center of Hannah Arendts thought. A German-Jewish migr who fled Nazism and found refuge in the United States, Arendt spent much of her life studying the relationship between the individual and the polis. For her, freedom was tethered to both the private sphere the vita contemplativa  and the public, political sphere the vita activa. She understood that freedom entailed more than the human capacity to act spontaneously and creatively in public. It also entailed the capacity to think and to judge in private, where solitude empowers the individual to contemplate her actions and develop her conscience, to escape the cacophony of the crowd to finally hear herself think.

In 1961, The New Yorker commissioned Arendt to cover the trial of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi SS officer who helped to orchestrate the Holocaust. How could anyone, she wanted to know, perpetrate such evil? Surely only a wicked so...


The One Thing I do Every Day to keep myself Sane in this Crazy, Fast-Paced World. elephant journal

My personality is definitely wired for the overdoing, anxious, fast-paced lifestyle.


Am I Judging you and your Plastic Bag? Yesyes, I Totally Am. elephant journal

For years, big companies have been producing endless amounts of single-use plastics and are not taking responsibility for where these products end up.


Lifestyle Changes, Not a Magic Pill, Can Reverse Alzheimers The Unbounded Spirit

Editors note: This article was written by Clayton Dalton, a medical resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He attended medical school at Columbia University.

Last summer, a research group from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) quietly published the results of a new approach in the treatment of Alzheimers disease. What they found was striking. Although the size of the study was small, every participant demonstrated such marked improvement that almost all were found to be in the normal range on testing for memory and cognition by the studys end. Functionally, this amounts to a cure.

These are important findings, not only because Alzheimers disease is projected to become ever more common as the population ages, but because current treatment options offer minimal improvement at best. Last July, a large clinical trial found little benefit in patients receiving a major new drug called LMTX. And after that, another hopeful drug designed to target amyloid protein, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimers disease, failed its first large clinical trial as well.  Just two months ago, Merck announced the results of its trial of a drug called verubecestat, which is designed to inhibit formation of amyloid protein. It was found to be no better than placebo.

The results from UCLA arent due to an incredible new drug or medical breakthrough, though. Rather, the researchers used a protocol consisting of a variety of different lifestyle modifications to optimise metabolic parameters such as inflammation and insulin resistance that are associated with Alzheimers disease. Participants were counselled to change their diet (a lot of veggies), exercise, develop techniques for stress management, and improve their sleep, among other interventions. The most common side effect was weight loss.

The study is notable not only for its remarkable outcomes, but also for the alternative paradigm it represents in the treatment of a complex, chronic disease. Weve spent billions of dollars in an effort to understand the molecular basis of Alzheimers in the hope that it will lead to a cure, or at least to more effective therapies. And although we have greatly enlarged our knowledge of the disease, it has not yielded many successful treatmen...


Editorial: Douthats post-Christian future, a response The Wild Hunt

Yesterday, columnist Ross Douthat wrote The Return of Paganism for the New York Times. As the essays subtitle commented, Maybe there actually is a genuinely post-Christian future for America.

As I read the article, what I find myself focused on is the incredible disservice this essay did to the writ large Pagan community around the world. Mr. Douthat reduces Paganism to a series of disconnected beliefs in spiritual and supernatural forces that focuses skeptically on moral standards, although he correctly points out that Paganism generally centers on immanent reality as a manifestation of the spiritual.

At the same time, Mr. Douthat becomes trapped by the philosophical perspectives of pantheism of Nietzsche, Spinoza, and even Walt Whitman. He plays with the cultic aspects of a Pagan world, and finally does his greatest disservice by engaging in an ever-present, and frankly ignorant, need to link together New Agers and neo-pagans [sic]. He exposes his ignorance of the Pagan and polytheist community by noting that he has in mind the countless New Age practices that promise health and well-being and good fortune, the psychics and mediums who promise communication with the spirit world, and also the world of explicit neo-paganism, Wiccan and otherwise. He ultimately laments that there may soon be more witches in the United States than members of the United Church of Christ.

The essay is ripe with disdain. He suggests that Paganism is some civic cult with supernatural experimentation driven by secret societies of literati weaving post-Christian intellectualism into society.

Douthat has it backwards. I was disappointed in the New York Times for furthering what is Mr. Douthats obvious and patriarchal lamentation in his essay: the demise of religious moral control. Douthat appears to be profoundly disturbed at the loss of central moral authority, and, apparently unable to cope with what organized religion has done to itself, seeks a scapegoat in Paganism.

Organized religions have failed their faithful and the broader society in two ways. First, these religions promulgated a social morality that, codified by misogyny, and shackled their followers with fear. They focused on creating social conditions that stratified authority and concentrated it in the hands of a few men. Religions of this kind developed not only a legal architecture to affirm their control but also powerful mechanisms including military and security forces to ensure compliance of their faithful.

Second, they tolerated centuries of hypocrisy allowing predation upon those with the least power in society....


The Myth Of Hercules Is The Story Within All Of Us Educate Inspire Change

Myths arise as a form of identity for people or a nation. They are heroic stories, mostly from ancient times, about Gods and outrageously brave men and powerful women. Although most are old, new ones do continue to emerge.

Roald E. Kristiansen, associate professor at the Department of History and Religious Studies at the University of Troms explains:

Nation-building myths often develop in a time of crisis, for example if there is a war, or a period of great political or ideological upheaval. After such a time of turmoil, it feels important to create unity and a national identity. There is a desire to create a future by looking back on past ideals. There will almost be a period of national romanticism, where the myths you share say something about who you wish to be as a people.

These parables are also trying to tell us something. The are meant to instill in us a set of morals too, not only national pride. Maybe they even tell us who we are, or who we are supposed to be. Take the myth of The 12 Labors Of Hercules for example. You probably already know about Hercules as that legendary strong hero. He is well-known for his strength and courage. But do you really know the full story?

You can begin by watching this short video by Alex Gendler to familiarize yourself with the story:

The following explanations are not meant to be a summary of the story. Rather, they are intended to depict the lessons that t...


Anger is Temporary Madness: The Stoics Knew How to Curb It The Unbounded Spirit

Editors note: This article was written by Massimo Pigliucci, professor of philosophy at City College and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

People get angry for all sorts of reasons, from the trivial ones (someone cut me off on the highway) to the really serious ones (people keep dying in Syria and nobody is doing anything about it). But, mostly, anger arises for trivial reasons. Thats why the American Psychological Association has a section of its website devoted to anger management. Interestingly, it reads very much like one of the oldest treatises on the subject, On Anger, written by the Stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca back in the first century CE.

Seneca thought that anger is a temporary madness, and that even when justified, we should never act on the basis of it because, though other vices affect our judgment, anger affects our sanity: others come in mild attacks and grow unnoticed, but mens minds plunge abruptly into anger. Its intensity is in no way regulated by its origin: for it rises to the greatest heights from the most trivial beginnings.

The perfect modern milieu for anger management is the internet. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, or write, read or comment on a blog, you know what I mean. Heck, Twitter anger has been brought up to new heights (or lows, depending on your point of view) by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.

I too write quite a bit on online forums. Its part of my job as an educator, as well as, I think, my duty as a member of the human polis. The conversations I have with people from all over the world tend to be cordial and mutually instructive, but occasionally it gets nasty. A prominent author who recently disagreed with me on a technical matter quickly labelled me as belonging to a department of bullshit. Ouch! How is it possible not to get offended by this sort of thing, especially when its coming not from an anonymous troll, but from a famous guy with more than 200,000 followers? By implementing the advice of another Stoic philosopher, the second-century slave-turned-teacher Epictetus, who admonished his students in this way: Remember that it is we who torment, we who make difficulties for ourselves that is, our opi...


AMERICANS, The Common Sense Test Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


This is why America isn't the greatest Country anymore. governments want to Dumb down Americans put Fluoride in the water to keep everyone docile so Americans don't get wise to what the Government is REALLY doing behind the scenes. 

Remember Our Government doesn't want or like

CRITICAL THINKERS, it upsets their corruption and austerity on the American people. my advice, THINK.... spread the word.  

And watch this...


Rick Santorum Humiliated On CNN After Making Excuses For Paying Off Porn Stars Progressive Secular Humanist

Former GOP senator and family values champion Rick Santorum is humiliated on CNN after legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin points out the hypocrisy of the religious conservative defending Trump. Yesterday on CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin mocked Santorum for making excuses for paying off porn stars. The discussion concerned Trumps payments to women hes had sexual []


I Pledge of Allegiance Mystery of the Iniquity

WOW! I was blown away. I made a connection between this and the Antichrist but I am not pointing fingers at a single individual. My assertion is this: the AI is the BEAST SYSTEM. The Antichrist is yet to be acknowledged but this article might open some thoughts toward that assumption. When I heard that []


Apprentice Final Thesis: Making Peace with Impermanence: How to answer the question my dead body poses (Eco-friendly methods of body disposal). elephant journal

Its a simple question: how do I want to dispose of my body when I die? A simple question with no easy answer. A bit of background may be helpful here. The urns with my parents ashes have been in my home for the last 18 years. Putting this on paper turns my stomach. With []


Apprentice: A Journey Home Through Meditation elephant journal

What if told you that home wasnt a place but a feeling, an inner knowing? That home is a feeling of comfort and security in knowing who you are and where you begin. That who are youas you are right nowis enough. About ten years ago, I decided to try meditating because I was going []


Egyptian Journalist Detained in Public Bathroom, Beaten by Police at Airport The Mind Unleashed

At 4pm on Thursday 14 December Egyptian journalist AbdulRahman Ezz was prevented from boarding his flight to France from Edinburgh Airport where he intended to cover the yellow vest demonstrations in Paris.

Waiting for him at the door of the plane was a policeman wearing civilian uniform who asked for a brief word before he continued to board. Have I done something wrong? he asked. Ezz had been through a similar ordeal last year when he was detained on a flight from Istanbul for six hours. His camera, phone and computer were confiscated and not returned to him for a week.

Its no problem, replied the policeman, leading him aside and gesturing towards another woman. Myself and my colleague just have some questions, come to this room. He went on to inform Ezz that the interview would be held under the Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act Law 2000, which has been described by advocacy group Liberty as a broad and intrusive power to stop individuals at airports without even suspecting the person has been involved in terrorism.

Powers like this are ripe for overuse and abuse, they state on their website. They are invariably used in discriminatory fashion, with stops based on stereotype rather than genuine suspicion.

Once inside the room it became clear that Ezz would not be arriving in Paris in two hours. I will miss my flight, he told the policeman. He asked if he could call his wife, who was expecting a phone call from him when he landed, and his colleague at Al Jazeera Arabic who would receive him at Charles de Gaulle. All of his requests were turned down.

Ezz says he was asked by the policeman to remain silent, but he wanted answers: Why couldnt he contact his family? Why had he been detained? Was it because of his beard, the colour of his skin, or his religion? He was told again to remain quiet and when he did not was taken out of the room and forced aggressively into a public, disabled toilet in the corridor. The officer holding him shut the door, held his arms behind his back and informed Ezz that this was procedure.

Does the law allow you to keep me in here? he asked the officer, who in response began to punch him in the stomach. The policemen standing outside came inside the toilet and asked him to be quiet, told him he was breaching the peace and scaring the women and children outside. You are violating my human rights, replied Ezz and asked again to call his wife and a lawyer. His request was refused.

The officer...


Doctors Are the Leading Cause of Death: Top Reasons You Cant Trust Your Doctor Prepare For Change

Wrongful Death Doctor talk and patient medical working at office

Top Reasons You Cant Trust Your Doctor

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

A visit to your doctors office should leave you feeling informed and supported, with open and truthful conversations about your health and treatment plans. Many, however, do not get such courtesies, especially where vaccinations are concerned. Open conversations about vaccines are the exception rather than the rule at many U.S. doctors offices.

Increasingly, parents are left feeling belittled or threatened by their childrens doctors should they so much as question the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) vaccination schedule.

Many are even going so far as to kick patients out of their practice, leaving them without a source for medical care. As Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), states in the featured video:1

The sacred trust between mothers and pediatricians fostered by mutual respect and shared decision-making has been broken. Sadly, the admiration and trust that mothers used to have for family pediatricians is melting away and being replaced by fear.

Doctors are not our masters. We pay them well to do a job, not to exploit and terrify us. Discrimination, coercion and force have no place in modern medicine or in public health policy.

Do Doctors Have the Right to Demand Certain Medical Treatments?

Patients should be able to trust their doctors advice, but when this comes in the form of a commandment, that trust is broken.

These days, that CDC vaccine schedule is no longer being viewed simply as a recommendation, it is being treated as a commandment, Fisher says.

NVIC maintains a Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall where anyone can post stories of vaccine harassment and its a heavily populated page.2

There are stories from across the U.S. of people who have been dismissed from medical practices or yelled at by their physicians over questions regarding vaccination or personal decisions of whether or not to vaccinate. This is true even in the cases o...


9 Simple Things You Can Do To Get Through Difficult Times elephant journal

Dealing with the difficulties of life has become a norm in the society as we all seem to have our own cross to bear, everyone seems to be battling with one form of problem or the other which is pulling them back from being the person they want to be. The greatest news of all []


Pfizer to raise drug prices despite Trumps complaints Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Sure wish Trump with all his mind blowing smoke up our asses power would deal with healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. instead of flapping his lips and get something done, like he did on the wall hee hee


Wild Fox gets frightened by the sudden appearance of a bright Orb. take a look! Tales from out there - Blogue

Wild Fox gets frightened by the sudden appearance of a bright Orb. take a look!
Source: Mufon


For every 1 black person we kill 5 white people President of Black First Land First Andile Mngxitama Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Andile Mngxitama calls for killing of whites Tells cheering crowd: 'we kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs.

And they do. The world watches on, silent. - Katie Hopkins


Spirtuality vs. Religion elephant journal

One of the questions on OK Cupid that I encountered recently read: Are spirituality and religion the same thing? It is kind of funny that a dating app question really got me thinking about not so much how I would answer this question (no), but how I would explain my answer. While I dont consider []


Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath about Email System Used It for the Purpose of Convenience Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Judicial Watch announced today Hillary Clinton submitted additional written answers under oath about her email system. Clinton testified that she used the controversial email system for the purpose of convenience. Clinton initially objected and refused to answer the questions but was ordered to do so last month by U.S. District Court Judge G Emmet Sullivan.

The court ordered Clinton to [D]escribe the creation of the domain name and the decision to set the domain up on the existing server, the date it was decided to create the domain and set it up on the existing server, who made those decisions, and when the domain became operational

on the existing server. Clinton answered under oath:

Subject to and without waiving the forgoing objections, Secretary Clinton answers as follows: As Secretary Clinton prepared in late 2008/early 2009 to serve as Secretary of State, she was aware that President Clintons office had set up an e-mail system, but she had no role in this process. Secretary Clinton knew that President Clintons staff had recently upgraded that system. Secretary Clinton does not know what equipment that system used, how it was created, who decided that the system needed to be upgraded, or who else had accounts on the system. Secretary Clinton believes that one of the Presidents aides, Justin Cooper, set up the system. Secretary Clinton decided to use a account on the system for the purpose of convenience. Secretary Clinton recalls that the account was created in early 2009. Although Secretary Clinton does not have specific knowledge of the details of the creation of the account, the domain, or the domain name, her best understanding is that Mr. Cooper set it up.

To another question regarding her October 22, 2015, testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Benghazi, during which she testified that 90 to 95 percent of her emails were in the States system and if they wanted to see them, they would certainly have been able to do so, Clinton suggests she learned this from her attorneys, who seem to have guessed this answer.

In a separate Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that first led to the disclosure of the private Clinton email system, U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth called the Clinton email issue one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency and ordered additional discovery into whether Hillary Clintons use of a private email while Secretary of State was an intentional attempt to stymie FOIA.

Mrs. Clintons assertion that she used a separate email system as a matter of convenience is simply not credible and is belied by evidence and testimony said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. We intend to pursue additional questions from Mrs. Clinton and others on this blatant attempt to hide her emails from Judicial W...


A mindful letter to Santa elephant journal

Dear Santa, Ive been very good this year, but I have enough stuff.  Please give someone else my share, even if theyve not been perfectly good, but because they need it.  And if you cant,  thats ok.  Ill ask some of your elves to work pro bono, and Ill help fill the slack. Warmly, A []




Recently, a patent application from Amazon became public that would pair face surveillance like Rekognition, the product that the company is aggressively marketing to police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement with Ring, a doorbell camera company that Amazon bought earlier this year.

While the details are sketchy, the application describes a system that the police can use to match the faces of people walking by a doorbell camera with a photo database of persons they deem suspicious. Likewise, homeowners can also add photos of suspicious people into the system and then the doorbells facial recognition program will scan anyone passing their home. In either case, if a match occurs, the persons face can be automatically sent to law enforcement, and the police could arrive in minutes.

As a former patent litigator, I've spent a lot of time reading patents. Its rare for patent applications to lay out, in such nightmarish detail, the world a company wants to bring about. Amazon is dreaming of a dangerous future, with its technology at the center of a massive decentralized surveillance network, running real-time facial recognition on members of the public using cameras installed in peoples doorbells. 

The ACLU and other civil rights groups have repeatedly warned that face surveillance poses an unprecedented threat to civil liberties and civil rights that must be stopped before it becomes widespread. The history of discriminatory government surveillance makes clear that face surveillance will disproportionately harm people already targeted by the government and subjected to racial profiling and abuse immigrants, people of color, and the formerly incarcerated.

The ACLUs test is consistent with academic research demonstrating that face surveillance technology is less accurate for darker skinned faces and women. These systems threaten to further entangle people with law enforcement, ripping families apart and increasing the likelihood of racially biased police violence. In addition, this technology puts activists and protesters in danger when exercising their First Amendment rights.

Despite the risks to civil liberties and racial justice, Amazon has chosen to ignore questions from...


A Nature Documentary Parody About the Mating Rituals of Humans, Be Prepared To Be Amused Educate Inspire Change

This hilarious video portrays the mating rituals of human younglings, narrated by Viva La Dirt Leagues convincing David Attenborough sound-alike. To get a feel for how similar it is to the Planet Earth style of nature documentary, lets begin with how the parody starts:

Thirty minutes north of Auckland lies an area known as Riverhead forest. Here, three females have traveled to a mating ground known as a night club. These females have engaged in an act found only in the humankind Clubbing.

Theyve caught the attention of three males, whom, are ready to mate. The males approach in the most seductive way they know how and with that the mating ritual begins. Its truly a wondrous sight.

Clubbing in the Wild is a first ever look at humans in their natural habitatthe club. Brought to you by Viva La Dirt League (VLDL), a gaming comedy troupe based in Auckland, New Zealand. They are a group of professional YouTubers who create various comedy skits about video games.

Their most popular videos are known for making fun of the game Playerunknowns Battlegrounds. Thanks to the success of these videos, they were able to transition them from an amateur garage operation to creating content as their full-time career. Theyve done so well that they have almost 1 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

And here it isprepare yourself to be educated on the ways of the human species:

How unfortunate for the males. Their advances were completely rebuffed due to a nervously immature execution of the process.

Egged on by the others, the youngest of the males makes the first move. Young and hopeful, he moves in to strike, however youth and inexperience play against the youngling. He attempts to connect with them from afar, relying on making eye contact. He gets nothing back. The youngling is frightened and out of his element. He retreats back to the other males.

Better luck n...


Imagine for a Moment If Saudi Arabia Were Not a US Ally The Mind Unleashed

The US Senate has voted 56 to 41 to sorta-kinda eventually end Americas part in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, one step out of a great many that will need to happen in order to end the worst humanitarian crisis on the face of the earth.

The joint resolution still allows US drones to patrol Yemeni airspace and rain death from above in its war on terror against Al Qaeda, and it is unable to pass in the House this year due to an unbelievably sleazy rider that House Republicans attached to the unrelated Farm Bill. The resolution isnt expected to change much in terms of actual US participation in the war besides some intelligence and reconnaissance assistance to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates against the Houthi rebels, since the US has already ended its assistance in refueling Saudi jets on their bombing campaigns as of last month. Trump is expected to veto any Yemen resolutions, and the Senate resolution was not passed with a veto-proof supermajority.

Still, its a step. A step in the right direction, both toward congress imposing some checks and balances on the Executive Branchs heretofore obscenely unchallenged war powers, and toward the US government moving into opposition to the brazen war cri...


This Holiday Season, Im Standing With Migrants Karma Yoga Daily

This holiday season a time so often associated with bringing family together my thoughts keep turning to the families in the migrant caravans making their way to the U.S. southern border.


The Puzzle of Near-Death Experiences Karma Yoga Daily

Near-death experiences: Just the hallucinations of a dying brain or something more mysterious?


Wear Yellow on Saturdays to Say: Were Awake, Were Aware, Were United Karma Yoga Daily

Id like to see people around the world wearing yellow every Saturday.


Whats Your Biggest Life Achievement? elephant journal

My life has always been a greater blessing to me, growing up I have always wanted to achieve one greater success after another, I notice anytime I get a desire progress I have been hungry of, I instantly see myself wanting to attain another height and as time passes by I began to unlock my []


How To Pickle Meat Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

How To Pickle Meat

By KJ Barber
December 13, 2018 07:52

At least as far back as the 18th century, brining was a common way to preserve meat to make sure it wouldnt go to waste. It became popular in the age of sail due to its ability to preserve meat for years, rather than the short-term preservation of other methods. Brined meet didnt have to be kept cold, and it let people enjoy meat all year round without needing any complicated processes.
Brining was a minimalist method for preserving meat back then, and is still used today for that very reason. Why fix whats not broken? The simplicity of the process, as well as the availability of the necessary supplies, makes this a popular choice among preppers, large families, and anyone who is tired of meat going bad before being able to cook it. Thats the upside.
The downside, if there is one, is that the salt content of the meat after it has been brined is quite high. So, people who need to cut back on their salt intake should use caution with brined meat. However, that doesnt mean they cant eat it. Soaking the meat in plain water for an hour or so, then rinsing it before cooking, will help reduce the salt content.
I like pork, and will be using pork for this article. However this process can be used for a variety of meats, as well as fish.
The Supply List
No need to write this down, because the list is very short and sweet. In its simplest form, you will only need:
Container (glass or ceramic works well)
Sharp knife
One fresh egg, fully intact (for testing water only)
OPTIONAL: additional seasonings
I have additional seasonings listed as OPTIONAL in the above list. But, if you are like me someone who just cant seem to leave a recipe untouched its not much of an option.
There are several variations and groupings of seasonings you could use, all depending on your likes and dislikes. Some suggestions are sugar, black peppercorns, bay leaves, garlic, or any of your favorite combinations, such as Asian spices.
Related: How To Can Pulled Pork
The Process of Brining Pork
Once you have the supplies, the first thing is to make sure the container and meat are clean. Then, proceed with the following steps:
#1. Cut the meat into cubes, about 1-2 inches each.#2. Rinse the meat well with water to fully cleanse it, and set aside.
#3. Add enough water to the brining container of your choice to allow room for the meat to be added later and be fully submerged.
#4. Add the salt (the amount will be determined by the size of container). For one canning jar, I used about 1 cup salt.#5. Stir until the salt is dissolved#6. Test the water to see if its salty enough by placing the egg in the water. If the egg floats, theres enough salt. If it doesnt, add enough salt until it does.#7. Add the meat to the container, making sure it is fully covered by the salt water.
#8. If you are going to add...


Tis the season to be tired elephant journal

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. unless youre the person in charge of making sure its all its hyped up to be. No, Im not talking about the fat guy in the red suit. Im talking about MOMS. I seriously suggest we move Mothers Day to December 26th because holy S$*! Christmas []

Friday, 14 December


Self-Care isnt a Solo Act: 3 Tips to Taking Control of Your Happiness elephant journal

Self-Care Series Part 2 Taking the time to determine and implement a new self-care routine is not selfish and can feel daunting, but no one ever said you had to go it alone.  Starting a new self-care routine can also be exciting!  You buy the new supplements and workout clothes with a sassy saying.  You []


Alien Base on Mars South Pole Tales from out there - Blogue

Alien Base on Mars South Pole.
Source: Ufomania - the truth is out there via google earth 


Kp Message 12-14-18 Message(s) from the Body Kauilapele's Blog

Im often not sure what these Kp messages are going to be about, until after Ive started writing them. This one is more of an observation type post, about whats been going on with this physical body.

The past several days Ive been experiencing, pretty much every day, a type of extreme coughing. And, yes, Ive requested some healing assistance, from a couple people, and the Universe. But tonight I noticed that the cough-initiation was particularly strong when I was watching / listening to some of the exposure channels videos (x22Report, SGTReport, Operation Freedom, et al.) and they were covering all the apocalypses going on. After a couple three minutes, I found my body severely wanting to start coughing again.

The message I get right now is to stay away from those channels, and perhaps it is time for my Spirit to be at rest from all the apocalypse things. Those things will continue, and it does not require my close attention to them.

This is possibly also a message (to my Self, at least) that it is time to start looking at the Higher Energetic levels into which we are traveling. Well see how all that works out.

Im just conveying what has been happening with me, and thats all that it may be about, but thats what it is, for thi...


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."  Luke 1:26-28


Love letter to Earth Angels elephant journal

You are not a delusional dreamer, You have witnessed everything youve ever dreamt of manifest before your eyes. Remember or envision the happy and good moments, How relaxed, carefree and accepted you felt More comfortable in your skin than ever before. You dont need makeup or superficial things to make you feel beautiful and fulfilled. []

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