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Wednesday, 20 June


UFO in New Zealand sends threatening energy to witness Tales from out there - Blogue

The witness filmed this UFO in Palmerston North New Zealand on 2018-06-02.
Source: Mufon

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Tuesday, 19 June





(Support Free Thought) - As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each others throats pointing fingers over whos responsible. In the meantime, what was a conspiracy theory a month ago is now being confirmed by the very people accused of keeping people in cages. One question, however, has just been raised which gives one a dark and sickly feeling inside when thinking about the potential answers to it: Where are the girls?

There is something particularly disturbing about the minuscule amount of footage recently released by HHS last weekit only shows boys, and only boys age 10 and up. Where are the girls? Where are the toddlers? Where are the babies?

Could it be that HHS is only releasing footage of these older boys to portray an image of less suffering and compliant young men in order to keep the public happy? Are the places where girls are kept so disturbing that none of this footage cam be released?

According to official policy, the government does not remove toddlers and babies from their mothers. However, as TFTP reported, a mother from Honduras who came to the U.S. seeking asylum with her family said she was breastfeeding her infant at a detention center when her baby was suddenly taken from her with no warning and no explanation.

Now, the question of where are the girls? has become such an issue that it made its way to the White House and a reporter asked Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen.

Monday afternoon, during a White House press briefing, a reporter asked, Why is the government only releasing images of the boys being held? Where are the girls & toddlers?

Nielsen could not answer. When asked about the now infamous footage released by HHS that has been played all day on every major network, showing boys inside the Brownsville, Texas Walmart turned detention center, Nielsen claimed she never saw it.

When pressed on the issue, Nielsen then deflected the...


As Social Security and Medicare Go Bankrupt, US Gives $10.5 Million a DAY to Israel Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


As the United States government admits that Social Security and Medicare services are going bankrupt and will both be completely depleted within the next 16 years, American taxpayers are giving around $10.5 million to a close ally that is routinely accused of human rights violations.

The latest report from the Social Security Administration revealed that Social Security funds will be depleted by 2034, and Medicare funds will be depleted by 2026three years earlier than what was last reported. Last year, Social Security and Medicare funds accounted for 42 percent of federal program expenditures, and as the report noted:

Both Social Security and Medicare face long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing. Lawmakers have a broad continuum of policy options that would close or reduce the long-term financing shortfall of both programs. The Trustees recommend that lawmakers take action sooner rather than later to address these shortfalls so that a broader range of solutions can be considered and more time will be available to phase in changes while giving the public adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits.

While the increased reduction in Social Security and Medicare funds can be blamed on the federal government, it is not the only area where government spending should warrant serious concern. In December 2010, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that federal debt held by the public was more than $9 trillion or 62 percent of GDP.

The federal debt held by the public is now $16 trillion or 78 percent of GDP, and the latest projectionsfrom the CBO show that it is estimated to increase to $29 trillion or 96 percent of GDP by 2028, which would mark the largest since 1946 and well more than twice the average over the past five decades.

As the Foundation for Economic Education...


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy.  Ephesians 5:25-26


Kp Message 6-18-18 Really? When I voted for The Alliance, I signed up for THIS? Kauilapele's Blog

Probably its pretty clear that I voted for The Alliance, as I am pro-planetary-survival, and have known for some time that the way the planet was moving was not going to be too healthy for anyone, in the end at least if one wanted to remain with and ascend with this planet.

So heres the straight poop from my end (and I dont mean, rear end):

  • As a prelude, support to me means, something like, sending Light and Love to (and aligning with the Higher intentions of) (and not necessarily agreeing with every single thing they may or may not do).
  • I support Donald J. Trump in his assignment to lead the efforts to change the direction of the sinking ship of the USA Republic. And because I know he is an integral part of the planetary Alliance.
  • I support Donald J. Trump and the Alliance in their assignment to return the USA Republic to the constitutional principles upon which it was founded.
  • I support bringing to the Light the ways which the cabal (whether Republican or Democrat or Conservative or Liberal or domestic or foreign) has attempted to sink the ship of the USA Republic, and the world.
  • I support those who...


7 drop-dead Gorgeous Benefits of Ayurvedas ancient Beauty Elixir. {Partner} elephant journal

"Im stunned that this oil alone has moisturized, reduced pore size. and evened my skin tone more than any of the expensive creams and serums I have tried..."


Germany's Bayer closes $63 billion Monsanto takeover, plans to drop US company's name [ All News]

German conglomerate Bayer on Thursday closed its $63 billion merger with Monsanto after getting the required nod from U.S. and EU regulators. The closing sets the stage for the ... brand name "Monsanto" to be dropped by Bayer. Monsanto's agricultural biotechnology research and development operations that are going to Bayer are the largest in the world. "The entire business is essentially going over to Bayer intact," said ... analyst Seth Goldstein. "Taking away the Monsanto name is more of a branding. It should allow for easier PR for Bayer." The annual Harris Poll of corporate reputation ratings among America's "100 most visible companies" has regularly shown Monsanto rank toward the lower end of the list. Monsanto ranked 97 on the list of 100 companies in 2017 and survey results this year put it at 95. Monsanto has spent upwards of $100 million in some years on advertising costs. Some of the corporate efforts have been in direct response to social media attacks ... against genetically modified organisms. Monsanto also has faced protests over the American company's Roundup herbicide product containing glyphosate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified glyphosate as "probably carcinogenic" back in 2015. "It's not a surprise Bayer is dropping the Monsanto name since the brand has so many issues and there was international rejection of GMOs," said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of the Center for Food Safety.

Note: Monsanto has become the target of a negative publicity campaign for very good reasons because of it's huge support of GMOs and RoundUp. Now, Bayer is hoping to erase this negative image, yet they are far from a responsible company. See this post documenting how Bayer collaborated with the Nazis to kill Jews and much more. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corruption in the corporate world and in the food system.

Edward Heath: Britain's paedophile Prime Minister? [ All News]

A national sex abuse inquiry will investigate claims in a police report that former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), which was set up after reports surfaced of sex abuse cases in public institutions including the BBC and NHS, will review the outcome of Operation Conifer, the Wiltshire police probe into sex abuse allegations against Heath. Operation Conifer [is] led by Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale. More than 30 people have come forward and accused the former prime minister, who died in 2005 at the age of 89, of sex abuse. Heath ... served as British Prime Minister from 1970 to 1974. One of the accusations is that Heath raped a 12-year-old boy in 1961. He has also been accused of abusing a prison officer in North Yorkshire. Veale is allegedly "120%" convinced that the allegations are true, according to a source close to the investigation. "There are very close similarities in the accounts given by those who have come forward. The ... same type of incidents keep coming up. What stands out is that the people giving these accounts are not connected but the stories and the details dovetail," the source [said]. Veale faced pressure to call off the investigation after the Metropolitan Police was forced to close its inquiry into the so-called Westminster VIP paedophile ring. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen urged Veale to continue with his probe and said there were "powerful voices who would like to silence Operation Conifer."

Note: Read an article from the UK's Independent on Oct. 5, 2017 relating that seven sex abuse allegations the former prime minister would have faced if he were still alive. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing sexual abuse scandal news articles from reliable major media sources.

Thousands of U.S. areas afflicted with lead poisoning beyond Flint's [ All News]

Last year, the city of Flint, Michigan, burst into the world spotlight after its children were exposed to lead in drinking water. 5 percent of the children screened there had high blood lead levels. Flint is no aberration. In fact, it doesn't even rank among the most dangerous lead hotspots in America. In all, Reuters found nearly 3,000 areas with recently recorded lead poisoning rates at least double those in Flint during the peak of that city's contamination crisis. And more than 1,100 of these communities had a rate of elevated blood tests at least four times higher. The poisoned places ... stretch from Warren, Pennsylvania, a town on the Allegheny River where 36 percent of children tested had high lead levels, to a zip code on Goat Island, Texas, where a quarter of tests showed poisoning. In some pockets of Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia, where lead poisoning has spanned generations, the rate of elevated tests over the last decade was 40-50 percent. Like Flint, many of these localities are plagued by legacy lead: crumbling paint, plumbing, or industrial waste left behind. Unlike Flint, many have received little attention or funding to combat poisoning. Even in some of the highest risk areas around the country, many small children go untested. In South Bend, Indiana, where health officials face a cash crunch, lead testing is in sharp decline even as existing data points to a serious problem. In one tract there, 31 percent of small children tested from 2005 to 2015 had high levels - more than six times Flint's rate last year.

Note: Read more about the widespread lead contamination in low-income neighborhoods throughout the US. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and health.

Shell's Starship Initiative semi truck looks crazy, is crazy efficient [ All News]

Would it sound weird if we told you that Shell (yes, the petrochemical company) is building a starship? Probably. It would probably be less weird if we said that the Starship was actually a hyper-efficient bespoke semi truck that just did a coast-to-coast run from San Diego, California, to Jacksonville, Florida. To build the Starship, Shell teamed up with the AirFlow truck company to ruthlessly apply all of the best aerodynamic tricks and materials science hacks to the design of the truck in search of something more important to big trucks than simple miles-per-gallon: ton-miles per gallon. A truck's ton-miles per gallon figure compares the vehicle's fuel efficiency with the amount of cargo being carried since that dramatically affects how hard a diesel engine has to work. A typical long-haul diesel truck will weigh around 57,000 pounds, including a cargo load of 22,500 pounds. The Starship gross vehicle weight was right around 73,000 pounds, 39,900 pounds of which was cargo, despite that, the Starship averaged 8.94 miles per gallon versus a typical truck's average of 6.4 miles per gallon. The Starship's best mileage was just over 10 miles per gallon. Over the course of a million miles, the Starship would save over 44,000 gallons of diesel fuel versus a standard truck. That's a little more than 4,000 barrels of oil or 168,000 gallons of crude saved by one truck.

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

Ali Banat: the man with the Gift of Cancer [ All News]


Scientists WARN: Genetic editing of humans with CRISPR technology may lead to generation of cancer sufferers Thursday, June 14, 2018 by: Vicki Batts Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Scientists WARN: Genetic editing of humans with CRISPR technology may lead to generation of cancer sufferers

Image: Scientists WARN: Genetic editing of humans with CRISPR technology may lead to generation of cancer sufferers

(Natural News) CRISPR-Cas9 is a budding technology, with proponents singing its praises for the last few years. But it turns out this promising advancement comes with some unintended side effects like the potential to cause cancer in a whole generation of humans (if not more). It appears the more we learn about CRI...


What is Meditation? Prepare for Change

By Paul Baxter, Guest Author.

Meditation is not a doing. It is the realization that you are. It is Being  Eckhart Tolle

When most people think of meditation they think of a practice of sitting in a crossed legged position, with the aim of quieting the mind or achieving some higher state of consciousness, to obtain some state of peace and tranquility in the midst of our busy hectic lives. All these have relevance in terms of meditation, you can say they are by-products of meditation. Let us take the great Yogi Patanjali, in his Yoga Sultras. Considered by many to be the definition of the philosophy of yoga, he defines yoga/meditation (this unified state of being) as, The cessations of the fluctuations of the mind.  The next Sultra completes the statement by saying And then the Seer abides in it true nature. So, let me re-phrase this so it can be better understood. The first part suggests, that with allowing of the mind to quieten, a space is revealed in which, the second part the Seer (awareness) sits in its pure state, pure consciousness, free of concern, detached from thought. Being. This is the state of true meditation.

We must understand that ultimately what we are talking about, is something that can not be objectified in words. Meditation in its greatest sense, is recognizing, that it is the Subject itself. Life, Awareness, Consciousness, God which ever you choose and which even these words, are ultimately objectifications of this mystery that cant be named. So from now on i will use these words as pointers to this subject. It is beyond any thing, beyond any word or concept, as are you. That is truly your fullness. So when you use the mind to label and objectify something remember it can not be the truth as what this Awareness, Presence, Life is, is not a thing, it simply Is, before conceptualization. This is why meditation can seem so slippery. So let me give you some tips on how we can allow this revelation to arise.

Meditation can be said is the awareness, that everything arises in.. for example As you read these words now, the words, the thoughts, the room you are in and the sky above your head are all arising now inside your awareness. Meditation is the recognition of this spontaneous perfection and the allowing of all of the thoughts, sensations and experiences to be there. which is alr...


Rerouting Routine: from Merely Surviving to Vitally Thriving Fractal Enlightenment

This post Rerouting Routine: from Merely Surviving to Vitally Thriving was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

The habits you created to survive will no longer serve you when its time to thrive. Get out of survival mode. New habits, new life. ~ Ebonee Davis Heres the thing: Human beings need routine. We need systems. We need discipline. The healthier the better. But we also need a way to update the way [...]

The post Rerouting Routine: from Merely Surviving to Vitally Thriving appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


Cop Accused Of Molesting 4-Year-Old Girl Humans Are Free

Bexar County Sheriffs Deputy Jose Nunez has been charged super aggravated sexual assault of a child.

A Texas sheriffs deputy has been accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl and threatening to deport her undocumented mother if she reported it.

Jose Nunez, a 10-year Bexar County Sheriffs Office veteran who served as a detention officer, has been charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child, Sheriff Javier Salazar said Sunday at a news conference.

The details of the case are, quite frankly, heartbreaking, disturbing, disgusting and infuriating all at the same time, Salazar said.

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Your Call To LEAD In The Ascension Process In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Adeana M. Slater, Guest writer, This energy feels relentless and very direct. What isnt serving you or what you have chosen to settle for is coming up for you to recognize in rapid speed. This intense energy wave is like the last call in an establishment before they close. We as a collective have []

The post Your Call To LEAD In The Ascension Process appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


DARPAs 5G End Game For Humanity. Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

ARPAs 5G End Game For Humanity

2018 3-13 Caney Mountain Aldo Leopold Cabin Site (14) 450w, 113w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" width="225" height="300" />In the late 1970s scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories were developing what they called a Brain Bomb a low-frequency energy weapon which could be used on a battlefield to liquidate the brains of thousands of soldiers at one time.

This weapon was likely used by President George H.W. Bush against Iraqi troops during the 1990 Gulf War, when it was reported that thousands of Iraqi Army troops were simultaneously obliterated near Basra.  Their bodies were bulldozed into mass graves and no autopsies were performed.

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Frequency Program) had already been established in 1933.  It was a joint program between the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Based on the stolen research of Nikolas Tesla, HAARP experimented with the weaponization of radio frequencies and energy. Officially it was shut down in 2014, but DARPA carries forward the research, which has come to focus on the effects of these frequencies on the individual human being.

Currently DARPA whose logo if a pyramid surrounding an all-seeing eye is developing a robotic soldier with Lockheed Martin.

The Internet was launched and funded by the military as ARPANET in the 1970s.  ARPA later became DARPA. On August 6, 1991 the Internet went live to the world and by the end of the 1990s it was being widely used by the public. That was only 20 years ago.

As more people were exposed to DARPAs newest and most widespread low-frequency weapon, school shootings spiked, health problems increased, life-expectancy began a rapid decline, families disintegrated and society began to em...


George Orwells Guide to the News Humans Are Free

The Western mainstream media falsifies the news resorting to euphemisms, half-truths and lies in the best (worst) style of George Orwells novel 1984.

We all live in the unreal world of Newspeak used by the Global Power Elite to control our minds.

Man gets confused when things that happen around him and to him, or which are done in his name, cannot be properly grasped, understood or made sense of.

Normally, such confusion leads to inaction. If youre lost at night in the middle of a forest but you can still see the stars, then a bit of astronomical knowledge will at least quickly tell you which way is north.

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Atheist Republic Summary: Man Sacrifices Daughter for God & More Atheist Republic: News


David Parnham has been arrested after creating a document titled, Punish a Muslim Day. He challenged people to harm Muslims in various way, telling them they would be awarded with points if they did things like verbally assault Muslims, or take off a womans head covering.

In India, a 26-year-old Muslim man slit his daughters throat after claiming he saw the devil and wanted to appease Allah. While denying allegations and trying to blame a cat for his daughters death, he later confessed to slitting her throat.

The Church of Scientology is under heat in Canada for underpaying employees. As a tactic to get around the law, they are trying to suggest its ok to pay an employee two dollars an hour, as they are not really employees but rather religious workers. They law does not agree.

Breshna Musazai graduated with a bachelors degree in law from the American University of Afghanistan. When she was young, the Taliban attacked her school, shooting her in leg and foot, leaving her to die.

A research study in North Carolina tried to find the face of God. They asked over 500 Christians to pick a face that best represented God in their mind. As it turned out, they pictured Gods face to be young, attractive, and loving. He looks like Joseph Smith.

Two women kidnapped in 2016 and 2017 were recorded on a proof of life video as Al-Qaeda wants a ransom for their release. Over the years, they have kidnapped foreigners and received countless ransom payments.

The American Bible Society is changing their policy on employment to exclude anyone who has premarital sex or is gay. In 2019, employees will have to sign documents promising to abstain from sex if they are not married to the opposite sex, drugs, malicious speech, and more.

A chef in Dubai may be facing criminal charges over a tweet he wrote on June 10th, in which he defended the rights of Hindus, saying they were terrorized by Islam. The Twitter mob pointed out to the chef that in their law, not only is the chef looking at prosecution, but his employers are as well.

Miss Iraq was forced to flee her country after posting a picture of her with Miss Israel on social media. Death threats poured in and she took her family to live in the United States.

8 men have been arrested for abusing young girls between 1998 and 2005 in Oxford. The sentencing was light. One man received life in prison, but will likely only serve 12 years.


13 side-by-side portraits of people over 100 with their younger selves. Educate Inspire Change

The characteristics of personality change throughout life but it seems as if individual nature remains rooted in the abyss of time.


Centenarians people 100 years or older are a rarity. Their lives are often scrutinized as holding the key to aging.
Czech photographer Jan Langers portrait series Faces of Century shows them in a different light: as human beings aged by years of experience, but at their deepest level, unchanged by the passing of time.

In the series, Langer juxtaposes his portraits with another portrait of the subject from decades earlier. He recreates the original pose and lighting as closely as he can he wants us to see them not just as they are now, but how they have and havent changed over time. That is the key to the series.



MKULTRA & Project Monarch Cathy OBriens Story Humans Are Free

Cathy OBrien is one of the most remarkable women in the world today. She survived mind control, pedophilia, drugs, sexual abuse, torture and much, much more.

by Julie Alexander,

Her story is horrific to most sane people.

She was abused from being a baby to over 30 years of age. Her life was decided when she was born into a family of multi-generational pedophiles. Both parents had been abused as children. Cathys father was the first person to abuse her by replacing her mothers breast with part of his own anatomy.

Her family holidays were spent with uncles who also sexually abused her and her brother. Cathy could find no safe place in her life. So she compartmentalized the abuse, it was the only way she could deal with it all.

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Are you concerned about Genetically Modified Foods? Heres (GMOs Revealed) a great documentary that addresses many of the questions and concerns most people have today. 

In March 2014, scientists from Indiana Universityannounced that they had conducted research to examine the operations of the fruit fly genome in greater detail than ever before possible and had identified thousands of new genes, transcripts and proteins. Their results indicated that the flys genome is far more complex than previously suspected and suggests that the same will be true of the genomes of other higher organisms. Of the approximately 1,500 new genes that were discovered, 536 of them were found within areas that were previously assumed to be gene-free zones. Furthermore, when the flies were subjected to stresses, small changes in expression level at thousands of genes occurred, and four newly modelled genes were expressed altogether differently.

Why is this important? Because it reveals how little we know about this planet and the organisms dwelling on it, yet also how much we think we know. This kind of hubris is found within all areas of human knowledge, but particularly when it comes to science.

Another great example that Ive used before is when the populace first realized that the Earth wasnt flat. Another is a statement made by physicist Lord Kelvin, who stated in 1900 that there is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement. This assertion was shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity.

When it comes to our genes, and the genes of other organisms, we really do know next to nothing. Unfortunately, proponents of the biotech industry (Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, etc.) claim otherwise, and have developed multiple, flawed assumptions that undergird agricultural bioengineering.

The information presented in this article comes from a variety of different sources, but my primary sourceis Steven Druker, a public interest attorney and the Executive Director of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity. He initiated a lawsuit in 1998 that forced the U.S. Food and Drug (FDA) to release its files on genetically engineered foods, and recently published a...


XXXtentacions Last Instagram Story will Make you Cry. elephant journal

His last Instagram story is heartbreakinghe was not planning to leave yet:


When You Hear Negative Voices in Your Head, Remember This The Unbounded Spirit



Yesterday night my girlfriend and I decided to go for a small walk around our neighborhood. At some point we reached to a square that was filled with children, and decided to chill there for a bit and observe them playing all around us.

After a while, we saw a little girl no older than 6 trying to climb up a short ladder that was standing right next to us. With a lot of effort she eventually managed to reach to its top. She was proud of her achievement and radiated with joy, until she suddenly heard an old woman yelling at her: So what are you trying to show us now? Theres no need to brag. Youve achieved nothing; others have climbed way higher than you. Instantly, the girls big smile disappeared from her face. She looked disappointed and hurt.

To our amazement, that woman was actually the girls grandmother. Soon afterwards, the woman got up from the bench she was sitting on, told the girl she was leaving, turned her back on her, and walked away without waiting for a single moment. The girl appeared distressed. She quickly climbed down the ladder and ran crying after her grandmother.

I then thought of how traumatic an experience that must have been for the little girl. You see, children are very sensitive and absorb everything that comes from their environment like a sponge, so naturally the words they hear can deeply affect their psyche. And those words usually stay with them for years upon years, causing them tremendous suffering, sometimes until they reach to an old age or even until they take their last breath.

When we were children, we were all at times hurt by words thrown at us. Now, as adults, we constantly hear voices in our heads that have been implanted by others our parents, relatives, friends, teachers, and so on yet we think that they are our own. Voices which tell us that we are inadequate. That were unimportant. That were not worth loving. That were not worth living.

Those negative voices keep on repeating themselves so often that theyve programmed us to think that what theyre saying is actually true. If youre hearing such voices yourself, Id like to tell you: what they are saying is utter bul...


When it Comes to Suicide, Satya can Save Us. elephant journal

Anxiety, depression, and postpartum depression made me question whether I belonged here anymore. My soul felt ready to go home---not because I am selfish or because I wanted to leave my friends and family, but because I believed


Pagan Community Notes: the Binding, the Unnamed Path, Cherry Hill Seminary, and more The Wild Hunt

TWH The NRA Institute for Legislative Action published an article in reaction to a documentary film titled the Binding that depicts modern Witches performing a binding spell inspired by Michael Hughes work. First reported on by The Wild Hunt, the film, which was produced and directed by Patrick Foust, features members of the Firefly House and includes author and activist David Salisbury. Foust told TWH that the inspiration for The Binding came when [he] saw news footage of Witches conducting a binding ritual on President Trump in February 2017.

The NRA ILA reaction to the film was published June 15, and has since triggered a number of other media articles, including one in Fortune magazine and another at Raw Story. After the NRA writer discusses the films content, he or she reports that the organization has not experienced any uptick in paranormal activity or supernatural suppression of [their] affairs. The Fortune and Raw Story stories take a different tone, acknowledging the presence of modern Witches and mocking the NRA. Raw Storys article, for example, is titled NRA whines anti-gun witches are hurling curses at them and Donald Trump.  The NRA article also triggered a number of social media posts both mocking the organization and also supporting it, including some religion-based warnings against the practice of Witchcraft. One tweet reads, The occult is real and dangerous.The scriptures say specifically do not practice this evil art.

Despite the growing number of media and blog reports on the subject, the film itself has not been released; TWH was offered a private showing for the interview in the original article. Foust says he will be entering the film in the upcoming fall festival circuit. As for Salisbury, he said that there have been some attacks but most of them are coming from other Witches and Pagans. We all expected this. Pagans often enjoy being critical of each other rather than focusing on our own work, he said, adding, As for the gun people, Im not worried. I have a great deal of privilege that enables me to do public work with relative safety. In any case, the conversation about protecting our youth from violence has a little more attention on it today and thats what its all about in the end. The spell is achieving its goals in that way.



Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years Educate Inspire Change

Dinosaurs could potentially walk among us in real life soon as the paleontologist who inspired the original Jurassic Park movie has announced a research project to bring the extinct creatures back to life. Dr. Jack Horner says scientists are only 5 to 10 years away from genetically engineering dinosaurs into existence.

According to a report by PEOPLE, Horner is working with scientists at Harvard and Yale, looking to the closest living relatives of dinosaurs in the hopes of reverse-engineering them. Of course, birds are dinosaurs, Horner said. So we just need to fix them so they look a little more like a dinosaur.

Horner and his team will reportedly begin with the modern day chicken, which is widely considered a direct descendant of the massive beasts that once dominated the earth. Horner has consulted on all four Jurassic Park films. In a behind the scenes interview from the first movie in the franchise, writer Michael Crichton confessed that the hero, Dr. Alan Grant, was an amalgam of Horner and Philip J. Currie.

The 71-year-old paleontologist said that when he first began work on the movies, he believe dinosaurs would be revived in the same way they are in the film through preserved bits of their DNA taken from fossils.

However, in the years since, he and his colleagues have come to better understand how DNA degrades over time, and determined that this is not the course they will have to take.

As Horner sees it, the chicken, and many other modern birds, have the genetic code of their dinosaur ancestors stored within their own DNA. He believes they will be able to manipulate that code to reverse the evolutionary process forcing mutations that will express more and more of those ancient characteristics.

Dinosaurs had long tails, arms, and hands and through evolution theyve lost their tails, and their arms and hands have turned into wings, Horner explained to reporters. Additionally, their whole snout has changed from the velociraptor-look to the bird-like beak morphology. Horner said he hopes his work will determine a way to flip a switch in such a way that well get these ancestral characteristics back.



Talpiot Program: Database Terrorism for Israeli World Domination (updated) Prepare for Change

Unit 8200, the NSA is a joke in comparison

The Mueller investigation has turned from Russia to Israel.  Russia cant run troll farms, nobody speaks English, while in Israel, for decades, US aid has financed troll farms that dominate Wikipedia and Facebook and fill comment boards around the world with smears and insults.

Their targets?  Elon Musk who wont turn his company over to them, George Soros, the worlds primary anti-Zionist who is continually smeared by IDF Unit 8200 as a Zionist Jew, a message picked up and traveled across the sewer of the internet by the same assholes that believed Pizzagate and Jade Helm.

They not only gave you Trump, they gave you W as well, watch both videos, to the extent your attention span allows, and see why the US military is totally castrated.

See why Putin kisses Bennys ass.

Learn why the US is now forced to go analog or surrender.

The story of the massive Israeli run cybercrime business model, make the virus, offer the cure and kill the patient.  This is the story of Googles war on VT and their network of Jigsaw and IdeaGroup organizations and the very real threat of world dominance by a criminal sub-elite.

How Israel backdoored everything:



Scientists Hit Back: Another Paper Claims 100% Renewables is Possible and Affordable Prepare for Change

Is it possible for the world to run on 100 percent renewable energy? Its a noble goal, as the best science tells us we must significantly slash fossil fuel consumption or else the planet faces dangerous climate change.

A number of academics believe its not only feasible to wean off coal, natural gas and other polluting fuels by transitioning to renewable sources such as solar and wind power, its even cost-effective.

Other researchers disagree, and this divide has spilled out into a spiraling debate, with each side pumping out more research to prove their positions. Last September, Australian scientist Benjamin Heard, an advocate for nuclear power, and his team published a critical review in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Review that stated, there is no empirical or historical evidence that a 100 percent renewable electricity system is feasible.

Now, in a direct rebuttal published Thursday in the same journal, scientists concluded there are no roadblocks on the path to a clean energy future.

The authors of the new paper hail from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Delft University of Technology and Aalborg University.

In the earlier paper, Heard and his colleagues raised a number of questions, including whether renewables-based systems can survive extreme weather events or when the wind isnt blowing or when the sun isnt shining. They also questioned if the power grid could stay stable with...


How Autoimmune Disease made me a Better Yogi. elephant journal

After seeing notable improvements in my pain, mood, and energy levels, I was so thrilled with this newfound outlook on healing that I decided I wanted to befriend my disease. And just like with a delightful stranger, any new friendship must start with


The Ripple Effect of Tragedy. elephant journal

There was a moment where I turned to look at my sister, her tan face contrasted by her bright white smile and blonde sun-kissed hair. She appeared to be in a state of peace, maybe even bliss, and with her clear green eyes, she communicated to me an implicit knowing that all would be okay.


Becoming Transhuman: The Complicated Future of Robot and Advanced Sapient Rights Church and State

For the masses to survive and thrive, theres really only one thing to do: merge with this radical tech and science.


Healing your Relationship Through the Power of Ritual. elephant journal

The true work lies in changing our own minds and riding the experience throughout our life. When we embody how we want to feel, we can trust our bodies and minds to be natural, easy, and simple, responding in ways that will deepen our emotional experience in highly creative ways.


Cedella Marley: Keep Going Karma Yoga Daily

There is a reason youve chosen this path, and connecting with that reason will keep you going.


The Real Cause of Emotional Wounds and Why We Struggle to Heal Them Karma Yoga Daily

Have you ever wondered why emotional trauma is so difficult to heal, or why emotional wounds grow bigger with time?


Shedding Outdated Skin: Building the Bridge from Man to Overman Karma Yoga Daily

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind. ~Friedrich Nietzsche


If youre Tired of Getting in your Own Way, ask yourself these Practical Questions. elephant journal

My husband looked straight into my depths and asked, How come you keep returning to the same place? Id felt itover and over. Like a scratched record, I always


Psychedelics Shown to Heal Damaged Brain Cells from Depression Karma Yoga Daily

Now that you can see the visual proof that psychedelics like LSD, DMT and more have actual restorative effects on neurons in depressed or traumatized brains what do you think?


Manifesting Self Love : Loving Yourself One Day at a Time Fractal Enlightenment

This post Manifesting Self Love : Loving Yourself One Day at a Time was created by Garima Roy for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you fly? ~ Erin Hanson As a collective, gradually, were sinking in with the idea of self-love. The level of awareness around self-love is on a rise, as more and [...]

The post Manifesting Self Love : Loving Yourself One Day at a Time appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


We are Walking Contradictionsan Ode to Nice Girls. elephant journal

We rise each day to blaze a trail of fiery transformation, holding our flags high in the sky for all to see and follow.


Eat this & Save the Caribbeans Coral Reefs. elephant journal

The most important action you can take is to demand that your favorite seafood restaurants stop serving threatened or endangered species, like Bluefin Tuna, and ask them to start supplying and selling lionfish instead. In turn, eat lionfish when its on the menu.


Is Facebook Becoming Totalitarian In Its Ways And Should We Escape? Educate Inspire Change

Im going to use a nightclub as an analogy to try and describe the current state of social media. You can have the best venue, the hottest DJs, cool lighting and special effects but its still no fun if no one turns up to the party.

That was the main problem with Google+. It had lots going for it but there was no reason (at the time) for anyone to show up. It was a giant venue with just a few people standing around the empty dance-floor looking at each other holding empty glasses wondering what to do next.

Facebook on the other hand is a totally different story. The nightclub is packed and thats why we keep going back even after being kicked out, because everyone is there right? But when we get there we find that were packed in like sardines in a tin, the queue to the bar is too long and drinks are greatly overpriced not to mention watered down. We can barely see the dance floor as its full of tired mothers holding crying babies and the DJ box is surrounded by obnoxious drunks tossing their empty glasses at the DJ. Meanwhile you can always hear screams from someone somewhere being mugged and the you can barely hear yourself think over the sound of people hurling verbal abuse at each other. To top it all off your best friend got thrown out for smoking weed in the toilets and someone just peed on your shoes. In short Facebook has become a major buzzkill and its just not fun anymore.

As a business Facebook itself seems to have become drunk with its own power too big too fail, at least in their own eyes. Their early success created a monetization problem which theyve apparently solved at the expense of their users who made the site popular to begin with. In other words weve been used folks.

Worst of all, theyre collaborators. Theyve become so embedded with the state establishment that theyre essentially becoming the social media wing of the government. Their propensity to control the narrative and monitor dissent should be disturbing to any freethinking individual.

The big problem is that everyone knows all of this already but we STILL keep going back even after being banned or having your business pages deleted. Why? 1: Because no one wants to dance by themselves and 2: All the action is happening at Facebook

The first reason is why I have been focusing a lot more attention to Instagram and even Twitter lately. Its not like Im making any money there but at least I can get my social freak on without being peed on, abused or robbed.

On that note here is a link to o...


Your Story Matters: 5 Reasons Why I Journal. elephant journal

My grandmother passed away a year ago this past Easter, and when she did, her extensive journals resurfacedyears of writing that ended upon her eyesight greatly diminishing. The books contained


How to Supercharge your Health with just One Cup of Coffee. {Partner} elephant journal

A revolutionary new product that turns your coffee into a powerhouse of nutrition for your body and brain...

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Monday, 18 June


Spectacular images of an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing in Ostankino, Moscow Tales from out there - Blogue

The spectacular images that we present, were broadcast by Russian TV in October 1995 and show the landing of a huge extraterrestrial spacecraft that took place right in the suburb of Ostankino, which is located in the suburbs of Moscow.


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Ephesians 6:4 (KJV)


Benjamin Fulford 6-18-18 Rebirth of Manchuria plotted as Europe faces summer of discontent Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben.

Once again the world faces a long hot summer of discontent, with the major action likely to be in Europe and East Asia this year. The EU is likely to experience regime change due to popular anger as warm weather brings in yet another massive wave of mostly male Muslim immigrants. In the Far East, the summit meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un has led to serious plotting to revive a Manchurian empire

governments in Austria, Italy, Sweden, and elsewhere are waking up to the fact that the so-called refugee crisis is actually a Muslim invasion. This is no exaggeration, since over 60% of the roughly five million refugees who have arrived in Europe since 2013 are men. Put another way, an army of three million military-age Muslim men has invaded Europe by stealth means This is not just a random occurrence, either. The refugees are being handed false papers

we have the new Italian government getting into a war of words with France after deciding to stop admitting boats filled with refugees the government of Austria kicking out imams and mobilizing its border police as a wave of 80,000 migrants approaches its border Also Sweden has mobilized its Home Guard for the first time in 40 y...


UFO Mothership Hiding in Clouds Caught on Camera in UK - 2018-06-18 Tales from out there - Blogue

The witness on 2018-06-18, left his home in the UK to smoke a cigarette and to his astonishment he spotted this ship partially hidden in the clouds.
Source: Mufon


Thich Nhat Hanhs 14 Principles of Engaged Buddhism RiseEarth

by Azriel ReShel; UPLIFT

How to Put Compassion into Action

In the tumult of the mid-60s, a Vietnamese monk formed the Order of Interbeing (Tiep Hien). It was a time of escalating conflict in the Vietnam War and global problems. His country was gripped by hatred, violence and divisiveness and the teachings of the Buddha were sorely needed.

When I was in Vietnam, so many of our villages were being bombed. Along with my monastic brothers and sisters, I had to decide what to do. Should we continue to practice in our monasteries, or should we leave the meditation halls in order to help the people who were suffering under the bombs? After careful reflection, we decided to do bothto go out and help people and to do so in mindfulness. We called it Engaged Buddhism. Mindfulness must be engaged. Once there is seeing, there must be acting We must be aware of the real problems of the world. Then, with mindfulness, we will know what to do and what not to do to be of help.

On the February full moon of 1966, Thich Nhat Hanh ordained three men and three women into the Order, who vowed to study, practice and observe the Fourteen Precepts of the Order of Interbeing. These six members were the only members for ten years. This provided an amazing mix of traditional Buddhist principles and contemporary social issues, and Engaged Buddhism was born.
Read more


Seeing Nature Through the Eyes of a Child RiseEarth

by Jessie Klassen; Wake Up World

If we truly want to see Nature, and not just in the way that we want to see her, but in her true form, we only need to spend time with children while out in Nature. Children are still awake to her magic, as their vision has not been distorted by years of programming and conditioning by our civilized society.

Their hearts are open, which in turn means that they can feel truth. And this leads to their eyes seeing truth, and to their ears hearing truth. We are all meant to experience Nature in this way. This is why babies love to be outside and are calmed by the fresh air and the singing of the birds. This is our true home.

My family and I go on regular Nature walks, and one of the most exciting times to do so is in the spring when the Earth is waking up from her rest. The pond is always a popular attraction as it attracts all life, including geese, ducks, turtles, muskrats, and an all-time kid favourite; snails. I have been collecting empty snail shells since I was a kid, and now I share in this fun with my kids.

I find this to be one of the greatest wonders of Nature; no matter how many times you can see or experience something, such as the discovery of a snail shell or the magnificence of a sunset, it always feels like the first time. It is always a new moment. Perhaps this is the key of true magic. When we look to the man-made world of toys and entertainment, as exciting as they can be the first time, lets be honest, it all gets old pretty quickly. There is no life in them, so once we stop giving our energy to it, it dies.
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Is Canned Fruit Healthy? RiseEarth

by Dr. Michael Greger; Care2

Food cans used to be soldered with lead compoundsso much so that people living off of canned food may have died from lead poisoning. Thankfully, this is no longer a problem in the United States. Lead contamination was one of the first priorities of the Food and Drug Administration back in 1906, before it was even called the FDA.

Now that the lead is gone, though, are canned foods healthy? It depends primarily on whats in the can. If its SPAM or another processed meat product, for instance, Id probably pass.

What about canned fruit? We know fruits and vegetables in general may help protect us from dying of cardiovascular disease, and, when it comes to preventing strokes, fruit may be even more protective. But does food processing affects this association? One study found that unprocessed produce, mostly apples and oranges, appeared superior to processed produce. But that study focused mainly on orange and apple juice. Its no surprise whole fruit is better than fruit juice.

What about whole fruit when it is in a can? Dietary guidelines encourage eating all fruit whether its fresh, frozen, or canned, but few studies have examined the health benefits of canned fruituntil now. Canned fruit did not seem to enable people to live longer. In fact, moving from fresh or dried fruit to canned fruit might even shorten ones life. Therefore, perhaps dietary guidelines should stress fresh, frozen, and dried fruit rather than canned.
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EU Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

I've been connected to Slovakia via VPN, trying to look up something on You tube. the message came as follows:
' Because you come from EU members country, access is denied' How about that!


Breath of the Fresh Air in Austalia Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network


Nikkis Weekly Tarot Reading: June 18-24, 2018 Forever Conscious

2 of Swords and Ace of Cups

I was sitting in my car this morning, about to go into the grocery store, and a bit of anxiety came over me. And then I had the thought: distraction is THE best way for me to deal with my negative emotions.

When I engage in something or I am distracted deeply enough, with an interesting podcast, a walk in a garden, a complex problem at work, I do not have time to feel bogged down with my negative emotions.  And usually this distraction helps dissipate the intensity of whatever I am feeling.

I honestly thought- it is overrated to have to listen to every emotion and unearth the roots of all my feelings. Sometimes we just need to distract ourselves. 

So much messaging out there is that we have to deal with the deeper issues in order to change our mental state. In that moment I thought, not everyone has to deal with their emotions, sometimes you should just quiet them!  So I popped in my headphones and went into the store.

When it came time to pull my cards for the week, they addressed this thought exactly. The cards said, not so fast. Distraction is not the full answer.

The 2 of Swords is about obstruction and avoidance. The 2 swords on the card make an X, while an eclipsed sun is trying to let light through.

We are obstructing energy from coming through by blocking it. Perhaps by our distractions or by our fear, we are stopping our emotions from giving us the messages they want to give us.

Even if the message is something unhelpful or untrue, we need to listen. When something feels heard, it can let go. If you listen to your emotions you can let them flow out of you and move on.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression, this message maybe be wrong. My anxiety often tells me I am unsafe when I am not. If I simply distract myself, the emotion will still be there just not as loud. If I listen to the feeling, without cow tailing to it, it can let go a bit. The emotion feels heard and reassured by me.

This card also points to overthinking, so be careful not to overthink this process. When an emotion comes up, feel it and let it go. Whatever we resist, persists. So pushing down our emotions does not help alleviate them.

Now if your emotion is not listening, gently nudge it to engage back in life with you. This is where the podcasts, calling a friend, or diving into a complex problem comes in. If we have distractions without listening, we will simply be avoiding.

If there is a decision you have been needing to make, this card can also indicate that you are at a mental standstill. The 2 of Swords calls for you to make a decision and get out of your head. You will not progress without action.

Perhaps by listening to the 2 of Swords, the vibrations of the upcoming Solstice, or simply just because, we are about to ge...


They Thought They Were Free (The Germans), 1933-45 Milton Mayer Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

But Then It Was Too Late

"What no one seemed to notice," said a colleague of mine, a philologist, "was the ever widening gap, after 1933, between the government and the people. Just think how very wide this gap was to begin with, here in Germany. And it became always wider. You know, it doesnt make people close to their government to be told that this is a peoples government, a true democracy, or to be enrolled in civilian defense, or even to vote. All this has little, really nothing, to do with knowing one is governing.

"What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

"This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.

"You will understand me when I say that my Middle High German was my life. It was all I cared about. I was a scholar, a specialist. Then, suddenly, I was plunged into all the new activity, as the university was drawn into the new situation; meetings, conferences, interviews, ceremonies, and, above all, papers to be filled out, reports, bibliographies, lists, questionnaires. And on top of that were the demands in the community, the things in which one had to, was expected to participate that had not been there or had not been important before. It was all rigmarole, of course, but it consumed all ones energies, coming on top of the work one really wanted to do. You can see how easy it was, then, not to think about fundamental things. One had no time."

"Those," I said, "are the words of my friend the baker. One had no time to think. There was so much going on."

"Your friend the baker was right," said my colleague. "The dictatorship, and the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting. It provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway. I do not speak of your little men, your baker and so on; I speak of my colleagues and myself, learned men, mind you. Most of us did not want to think about fundamental things and never had. There was no need to. Nazism gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to th...


Highlights from #QAnon #Q Posts 1490-1537 (as of 6-17-18, 1919 HST) Kauilapele's Blog

There were a few that highlighted themselves in my mind, when they came out (in massive loads, day after day). So Im only placing those below, with a comment or two. Have fun with these! (and remember to check out the CIR video for more details)

All I can add to this is the phrase, Use that Higher Discernment, baby! (namely, see what resonates; at least thats how it works for me).

Qs current tripcode is !CbboFOtcZs. And here is the other Q post collection website I mentioned in another post:


(2) MISSILE FIRES W/ A STRATEGIC PURPOSE (2) EXTINGUISHED. [apparently refers to the missile fired at Hawaii and a missile which appeared to have launched at Air Force One during DJTs North Korea trip.]


Many Ordinary Meds Cause Depression Public Trust in Pharma Hits New Low Humans Are Free

Many ordinary meds cause depression; public trust in Pharma hits new low

by Jon Rappoport

For years, Ive been writing about the medical systems self-feeding mechanism:

Give a patient a drug to treat his symptoms; the drug causes new symptoms, which are diagnosed as a new illness; and then new drugs are given, and those drugs cause still more symptoms, which in turn are diagnosed as a new condition on and on it goes.

Drugged patients suffer tragically and needlessly, and cash piles up in Big Pharmas coffers.

Read Entire Article


There are a grand LOAD of new #QAnon #Q Posts (as of 6-17-18) so Im just posting this Citizens Investigative Report about them, from 6-17-18 Kauilapele's Blog

This was a very thorough overview about the ones up through 6-17-18 (in my view, at least). I do like how she connects things and gives some great background and research about all of them. Anyway, here it is.

Published on Jun 17, 2018
THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board:
My videos are now available on bitchute:
Please support my work in the following ways: Paypal


Connect To Your Sound The Healing Power Of Your Voice In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Angelina Stojic, Guest writer, It is no secret that music and sound is part of our every day life and that it is a very integral part of healing and relaxing in general.  It is also becoming a very big part of scientific research on how sound or music can heal the mind []

The post Connect To Your Sound The Healing Power Of Your Voice appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Angel Message For The Week #22 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, You have waited many, many lifetimes for this awakening. Do not go back to sleep dear one. Your life-force energy is low because you are getting drowsy and slipping back into your sleep. We are here to remind you of your awakening. We ask you to remember who you []

The post Angel Message For The Week #22 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


City of London Corporation: Secret History of the Worlds Financial Capital Humans Are Free

The City or, The Square Mile refers to the City of London Corporation.

Together with Wall Street, The City forms the hub of the plutocratic system that controls most of the world, and is presently engulfing the few remaining states that it does not control, through the time-proven tactics of plutocracy: revolution ostensibly in the name of the people.1

Because The City is situated in England, and because it is often confused with the ancient capital, London, there has been a lot of obfuscation as to the character of the plutocratic system that is partially based in The City.

Hence, there has been a great deal stated, even by the well-informed, in regard to the British Empire and even the British Crown, being intrinsically a part of this international oligarchy.

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180614 2018 Klauea Eruption Update from Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp update: I added the latest BIVN video about the eruption, as it has some more spectacular views.]

This was a rather nice video from the site which I somehow ran across. It gives a short history of the current Kilauea eruptions and flows. I downloaded the video and placed it on the Kp YouTube site for viewing.


Corporations Selling Stocks And Central Banks Buying Gold: Verge Of Major Turning Point Prepare for Change

U.S. Minute Men Turning Back British Banking Forces.

The global system is weakening and its not all Italys fault. Heres what is causing the slowdown and what to do about it

As a Wall Street Unicorn its current market cap is $58.2 billion, even though there are losses as far as the eye can see.

On June 12th the stock price surged 3.19% and is now up 40% from its April low, when Wall Street questioned its ability to sell more debt. Why? Because Tesla is cutting its work force by 9%.

Last week I asked if the tax changes and repatriation had kicked into gear. The speech by SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson, Jr. confirms this.

In the first quarter of 2018 American corporations bought back a record $178 billion in stock and CNBC points out that there is $2.5 trillion set to pour into buybacks, dividends and M&A this year. It seems the tax changes and repatriation has indeed, kicked into gear, pushing markets higher.

Personally, I think you should always do what the smartest guys, on any given topic, do for themselves. Corporate insiders are selling stocks and central banks are buying gold. I think that says it all.



Aborted Baby Remains Discovered in Warehouse of Biotech Company Humans Are Free

Aborted Baby Remains Discovered in Warehouse of Biotech Company that Ran Human Body Parts Trade in America

by Ethan Huff

Federal authorities are trying to figure out what to do with a mass of aborted baby body parts they recently discovered at a biotechnology firm in Michigan, the owner of which is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence for deceiving customers about infected human remains.

International Biological Inc., located in Detroit, is a biotech firm that deals in human remains for research purposes, so its to be expected that human body parts will be present within its walls. But investigators believe that the remains of four second-trimester babies they discovered may have been collected from abortion procedures in violation of the law.

Read Entire Article


Joan Wheatons experience (communication from Mom) while preparing for #CITD2018 (6-10-18) Kauilapele's Blog

Kp and Joan

There have been a few times when I mentioned that I felt some of us were at the last two CITD conferences to assist in energetically protecting and/or holding a Light dome over the conference. I have also felt that both times, Joan has been one of those. When she posted this on her FB page, she points out that her Mom was also one of those who played a part.

I found this pretty fascinating how it describes how the Higher Dimensionals (other dimensionals) assisted in this years #CITD2018. I strongly felt it would be helpful to others to read this.

[Caveat: Joans FB page may be hazardous to view for some, as she often posts her delightful looking food creations, some of which may cause hunger sensations and occasional drooling!]

My Mom, who passed out of our physical existence about six years ago, has been very active in my life and has used her non-physical perspective to aid me many times over. A couple weeks before the [CITD] conference she...


Home of the Brave: a look at the Current Border Crisis. elephant journal

You can stay here. Youll be safe. I watch her shake her head. When she moves the wobbly cigarette toward her lips, her face falls under the yellow kitchen light and I see the dark eye, her swollen lips caked a muddy brown. Ill go over there right now and handle this. This time she shakes her head violently. He pours her coffee and stays silent while she sips at the mug unsteadily. He touches his own cup to his lips. I can call the cops and let them handle it.


Testimony of Ronald Bernard about heavily damaged children and our liberation Prepare for Change

This testimony of Ronald Bernard gives you inside information about his life, how the world works, your inner child, the program and the effects on damaged children. This testimony will raise the awareness in general. Original source:

Ronald gave this testimony in the Westminster seatings of London for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse. Please sign the ITNJ Treaty:

Comment of Mark Pearce about the testimony:

I found this to be one of the most moving talks Ive witnessed about the understandings of the human mind and spirit. Ronald has been on both sides of the fence as a perpetrator and victim. He talks of the inter-generational traumas of abuse and why this led him to become an elite international banker and how this gate opened him up to be locked-up (metaphorically) in a cell a story about freedom, restraint, slavery and slavery perceived as freedom.

Ronalds story is worthy of feature-length documentation. He shares some of the deepest insights into the human condition and how a system of todays society can both ruin a mind and also lead one to redemption. Thank you Ronald for your honesty, bravery, consciousness, inspiration and love. I hope by sharing this testimony with the world we can all learn more about forgiveness and how to heal. Filmed at Westminster, London April 2018.

Full testimony of survivors:


Tarot roundup: manga, Greek gods, Alice, and TV The Wild Hunt

Zeus, Dr. Who, Alice in Wonderland, Medusa, those Sex and the City gals, and manga-influenced art are featured in new tarot decks. Heres a look.

Mystical Manga Tarot

Barbara Moore, illustrated by Rann, 78 cards, 175-page book (Llewellyn).

Barbara Moore calls herself a tarot shaman and says she uses the cards to explore the magic and mystery of everyday life.

Shes also the co-creator, with various artists, of Tarot in Wonderland, Cats Inspirational Oracle Cards, Earth Wisdom Oracle, the Gilded Tarot, Hip Witch Tarot Kit, Steampunk Tarot, the Vampire Tarot of Eternal Night, and other decks.

A shaman is someone who, among other things, travels to worlds in non-ordinary reality to search for wisdom and guidance, Moore writes on her website. Shamans work with helping spirits and teachers, seeking to bring healing to the people they serve. While I am certainly not a traditional shaman, the work I do with tarot and the way I approach life is similar and incorporates shamanistic practices.

In line with her steampunk, vampire and hip witch decks, Moore continues her tradition of mashing up pop culture and traditional tarot with Mystical Manga Tarot. French illustrator Rann uses the style of manga those Japanese graphic novels and comics that feature sharp-chinned, pale-skinned, always-youthful characters to render a deck that mirrors traditional Rider-Waite imagery. Even the hermit and the devil (a Pan-looking satyr) appear no older than 19.

From the Mystical Manga Tarot, from left: the fool, death, the devil, and the star [courtesy].

Curiously, Moore includes no discussion, or even a passing mention, in the 175-page, full-color guidebook of why she believes manga style is conducive to tarot, but she does take up the subject online, writing: The images of Mystical Manga Tarot have that lovely modern balance of combining symbolic and evocative art. It would be easy to dismiss a manga deck as being merely illustrative but there is something special about so many of these images.

The decks book, however, is more than a collection of card descriptions and divinatory meanings. 48 pages are devoted to how to work with the cards. A basic tarot glossary and a question-and-answer section are user-friendly enough for first-time tarot users. The questions include, Can I use the tarot to spy on my ex or tell me if my boyfriend is cheating on me? and, Will cards show if som...


3 Ways to Get Back on the Spiritual Bandwagon when we Lose our Momentum. elephant journal

A problem comes up in our personal lives or we come down with the flu, and we momentarily lose the vital energy that we had beforehand. Our previous momentum is shot, forcing us to


YOU'VE LET DADS DOWN Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

YOU'VE LET DADS DOWN' Kate Garraway left shocked and furious as fathers rights activist opens his trousers and gets balls out live on Good Morning Britain
The presenter had chaired a debate about whether Father's Day should be scrapped before things descended into chaos on today's show

By Jill Robinson
15th June 2018, 7:05 amUpdated: 15th June 2018, 3:46 pm
KATE Garraway has been left furious after a fathers' rights activist today opened his trousers to get his "balls" out in a shocking live debate on Good Morning Britain.

Fathers 4 Justice founder Matt O'Connor left the morning show host reeling when he began to stand up, motioning to his trousers - before flinging several small cloth pink balls onto the desk.

Fathers 4 Justice activist Matt O'Connor opened his trousers live on Good Morning Britain todayITV
Fathers 4 Justice activist Matt O'Connor opened his trousers live on Good Morning Britain today

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'I'D DO IT AGAIN!' Fathers 4 Justice founder doesnt regret getting balls out on GMB and would do it again in fight for dads rights

Presenters, including Kate Garraway, were left visibly stunned as the stunt played out during the debate about whether Father's Day should be scrapped.

And while appearing to be relieved the stunt was a fake, Kate was quick to tell off the dad, telling him: "I think you've slightly let dads down."

Today's debate, alongside child development specialist and mother Ollwyn Moran, had started off in a civilised fashion but quickly went downhill as Matt claimed he had been treated like an "outcast".

Criticising the way he had been treated on his arrival at Good Morning Britain, the dad suddenly stood up, saying: "And I've got to say one thing, I'm going to show you my balls."

Child development specialist Ollwyn Moran who was debating the issue with Matt looked horrified as he stood upITV
Child development specialist Ollwyn Moran who was debating the issue with Matt looked horrified as he stood up
Kate and Ranvir Singh cried 'No' repeatedly as Matt continuedITV
Kate and Ranvir Singh cried 'No' repeatedly as Matt continued
The father-of-three flung two sets of pink balls on to the deskITV
The father-of-three flung two sets of pink balls on to the desk
Matt had started the debate in a civilised fashionITV
Matt had started the debate in a civilised fashion
But Kate was not happy with his stunt and told him he had let father's downITV
But Kate was not happy with his stunt and told him he had let father's down
Those on the panel, including co-host Ranvir Singh, were visibly shocked - saying "no, no, no" as the dad motioned towards his trousers.

But the dad's actions quickly tur...


Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Demands That Munich Retract Anti-Semitism Claims Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

British musician Roger Waters performs at the Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria, on May 16, 2018

Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Demands That Munich Retract Anti-Semitism Claims

13:35 16.06.2018(updated 13:38 16.06.2018)Get short URL

The former Pink Floyd vocalist and rock legend found himself at odds with the Munich city administration after the city government accused him of antisemitism.

Christian Schertz, a Berlin lawyer representing Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, has announced that his client wants the city to withdraw a press release which labeled Waters an antisemite, according to DPA.

Earlier this week, Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter issued a statement ahead of the Waters concert at the Olympianhalle, stating that the city is unlikely to rent the venue to the musician in the future due to the "increasingly unacceptable antisemitic comments" which he allegedly made.

READ MORE: Roger Waters Lifts Mask on Influence Operation Driving Dirty War on Syria'

"It is therefore all the more important to me to clarify unequivocally in advance of the concert that Roger Waters' antisemitic sentiment is neither welcome nor unchallenged in Munich," the mayor added.


Vandal strikes controversial billboard Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

The controversial anti-vaccination billboard has been changed. 

Perth anti-vaccination billboard attracts vandal with a message of their own

June 17, 2018 8:22PM
Jordan Cutts


WA News

SEE the moment someone vandalises the controversial anti-vaccination billboard in Perths CBD.

The person cheekily answers the question Do you know whats in a vaccine? with A: common sense.

Premier Mark McGowan said the State Government was looking at its options to take down the billboard on Brisbane Street.

We want to encourage people to vaccinate, so were look at


Its Not New: Pictures Show The Fight Against Vaccines Is Well Over 100 Years Old Prepare for Change


  • The Facts:The struggle against vaccination, especially compulsory vaccination mandated by a government/industry coalition, was met with fierce resistance from people during the early history of vaccination over a century ago.
  • Reflect On:What does the pictorial evidence of opposition to vaccines from early in the previous century tell us about todays vaccine industry?

In the foreword to the book by Doctor Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bistrianyk entitled Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, Dr. Jayne L. M. Donegan sums up the vaccine landscape that she and all MDs enter into as they become doctors:

It was a received article of faith for me and my contemporaries, that vaccination was the single most useful health intervention that had ever been introduced. Along with all my medical and nursing colleagues, I was taught that vaccines were the reason children and adults stopped dying from diseases for which there are vaccines. We were told that other diseases, such as scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, typhus, typhoid, cholera, and so on, for which there are no vaccines at the time, diminished both in incidence and mortality (ability to kill) due to better social conditions.

You would thinkas medical students who are supposed to be moderately intelligentthat some of us would have asked, But if deaths from these diseases decreased due to improved social conditions, mightnt the ones for which there are vaccines also have decreased at the same time for the same reason? But we didnt.

The medical curriculum is so overloaded with information that you just have to learn what you hear, as you hear it: nonvaccinatable diseases into the social conditions box and vaccinatable diseases into the vaccines box and then onto the next subject.

What this book especially brought to light for me was not just that open debate on vaccination is systematically stifled, but the gruesome early history of vaccination itself is hidden, suppressed, and denied. For me, just knowing the early history of vaccinati...


Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War? Prepare for Change

The current massive rise in populism in America is obviously an emergent byproduct of the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press and this new populism is now deeply challenging the power and control of the Ruling Cabal. But is it just another internecine war between individual Illuminati sub-groups fighting for supremacy over the rest? Or is it actually a serious challenge to displace the Illuminati itself, a secret Cosmic Space War against the Illuminati and all its sub-groups?

When I was briefed on Secret Space War matters over 20 years ago by a highly connected Intel man, it was not significant to what I was involved in at the time and I was unable to see much relevance to fully integrate it. To me it was irrelevant and just another set of defense contractor rip-offs of taxpayers and the use of Black funds obtained from illegal drug trafficking and weapon sales to dictators.

At that time the Secret Space War Fleet was just being assembled to run out of the four corners area of the USA from several Beyond-Black well camouflaged secret Military bases, all linked to Deep Underground Military Bases by high speed trains in an underground tunnel networking system connecting them.

Now many years later the Secret Space War Program runs in full functional mode with capabilities far beyond normal everyday societal expectations or awareness, perhaps best described in the fantasy content of Hollywood movies about Alien ETs, US Star Fleets, and secret space wars.
So now in the last several years, as all this information has been leaking out on the Deep-Black and Secret Space War Program, it turns out everything I was briefed on 20 years ago was very accurate. If you think the Deep-Black Secret Space War Program is the deepest of the Secret Shadow Government secrets, you would be mistaken.
There is a whole other deeper category referred to as Beyond-Black and these are solely contained in special access unacknowledged programs, not even known by the Board members of the Defense Contractors they lie hidden deep within because their security clearances dont go high enough. These programs involve time warping, quantum technologies far beyond anything most can conceive of, including time projections from the Looking Glass and psychotronic and psi-powered mind-kontrol using miniaturized technologies, remote entrainment and hiving of the human mind.
Beyond-Black involves worm holes, deep space factional bat...


10 Reasons Cannabis is Far Safer Than Alcohol for the Consumer and the Community Karma Yoga Daily

What we have been led and encouraged to believe about cannabis through mainstream education, and its reality, are two entirely different things.


This Super Simple Breathing Technique Can Help Alleviate Anxiety & Depression Karma Yoga Daily

The breath is one of the most underrated and under-utilized methods of healing.


How YOU Can Undermine the Evil Cabal Karma Yoga Daily

By becoming a library of terrible truths, you are willfully imposing upon yourself a subtle but powerful form of mental slavery.




Twenty people have been injured, some critically, in a shooting at an arts festival in Trenton, New Jersey on Sunday. One person, suspected to be behind the shooting, has been killed according to local officials.

A second suspect is in police custody, according to Mercer County Prosecutors office. Fifteen of those injured suffered gunshot wounds and a 13 year-old boy is among the casualties.

Local authorities say that several people opened fire inside the venue and multiple weapons were recovered in the scene. The casualties were confirmed by the Mercer County Prosecutors office.

(Theres a video, but its on Fecebook and cant get the link becuz I'm not a member of Zucks fan club)

Police received reports that a man had opened fire inside Roebling Market, where the all-night event took place, shortly before 3 am.

"It's a massive crime scene," Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri said at a news conference.

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson described the incident as truly a tragedy, and expressed his sympathies to the victims and their families.

One eyewitness told WPVI that he saw a person with gunshot wounds. I saw two police officers escort a guy that got shot in the leg, he said. They bandaged him up and whisked him away before the ambulance came here."

The 24-hour arts festival has since been cancelled.



Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Canada Karma Yoga Daily

"Were relieved this is an isolated contamination case but were concerned that the government couldnt determine how it happened."


Read This on the Days Life Fires the Hard Shots. elephant journal

Even after a lot of time has passed, you are allowed to have these moments.

Sunday, 17 June


Kim for President? Never say never, says Kardashian West Educate Inspire Change

Kim Kardashian West says she hasnt ruled out going into politics.

Last week President Trump commuted the sentence of Alice Johnson, a first-time nonviolent drug offender whod been serving a life sentence since 1996, after Kardashian West made a case for Johnson in an Oval Office visit. Its a victory that has changed her life, Kardashian West said on CNNs The Van Jones Show.
I honestly saw that if I could use my platform just to do something for one person, that it opens the conversation for so much more and for other people to want to do the same thing, the reality star told Jones.
If more people would just put their personal feelings aside and talk about really important issues that have to be discussed, then so much more can get done, she said.
Asked by Jones if she would ever run for office, Kardashian West said it isnt likely right now. Still, she wont rule it out completely.
I guess never say never. But thats not going to be like, Kims running. Thats not where I am, she said.
Kardashian West told Jones she wants to help other incarcerated women, starting one person at a time, and has no interest in following a specific party line.
No matter who you talk to, no matter what political party, people feel whats right is right and thats what I love about this, is that it can just be so bipartisan, she said.
Check out this snippet from her interview below:

Source: CNN


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