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Tuesday, 15 May


Nikkis Weekly Tarot Reading: May 14-20, 2018 Forever Conscious

6 of Swords and The Hierophant

The dreary and rainy scene on the 6 of Swords gives way to a beautiful rainbow above. We have been going through challenging times and our spirits may be low. However, this week there is a ray of hope shining through.

There are times in life where we are surviving rather than thriving. We may be experiencing an onslaught of daily stressors that have ended with us feeling mental, physically, and emotionally worn out.

Just like the resting swords at the bottom of the card, we too need to rest and know our rainbow is already on its way. We must have faith in the goodness of life, while letting our bodies and minds recover.

The 6 of Swords sends the message that we will be visited by a brighter outlook this week. Whatever has been bringing us down will let up and we will see things in a new light.

The card also speaks to traveling. Whether it is a long adventure or just a weekend out of town, the 6 of Swords tells us that a trip will help with our new perspective.

How can you incorporate the message of the card this week into your life?

Maybe you take time to acknowledge all of the struggles you have gone through and give your body the opportunity to rest. Maybe you take a relaxing trip out of town where you can shift your point of view.

Whatever you do, know your rainbow is on its way and be gentle with yourself. You are a determined warrior who has come so far. Be proud of your hard work and keep your chin up. The cards are supporting you.

The Hierophant is part of that support as well. The message of the card is that a teacher is here to strengthen us.

Whether they are already in your life or they are just around the corner, The Hierophant lets us know it is time for a  guide to help us enter the next phase of life.

Be open to a teacher entering your world and let the Universe know you are ready. Be on the lookout for messages from wise sages, either in something you read or a person you meet.

Be ready for mentor by asking for one. Describe the characteristics you are looking for and say them out loud. The Universe will support this energy by helping your teacher find their way to you.

Whether it is in the form of a therapist or spiritual guide, you will know who they are when you meet them. Good mentors do not ask for you to follow them, but instead lead humbly by example. So be wary of someone who tries to sell you on themselves too much.

Much like the crow on the card grasping the large key, they will convey to you the keys of life you have been missing. You only need to let the Universe know you are ready.

Mantra for the week: I honor my struggle and let my body and mind heal. I know hope and a powerful mentor are on their way to support my path. I see the rainbow on the horizon.


The post...


Cobra Update 14th May 2018 Entry Protocols Update Prepare for Change

Entry Protocols blog post has triggered strong reactions and so it requires an update.

First, it was never claimed that pre-Event entries into the Resistance will happen. It was stated that they may, or may not happen. Entry protocols were given to the surface population so it may be prepared in case they do happen.

Second, if pre-Event entries do happen, they might not happen in the immediate future (days, weeks or even months).

Third, these entries are only intended for a very small number of people, between 20 and 200 individuals. This is NOT a mass recruitment campaign for the Resistance.

Fourth, these entries are only intended for two categories of people, the first category being very advanced Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with minimal attachments to the surface population that require a well deserved rest in a more beautiful and loving environment and the second category being Lightworkers / Lightwarriors with practical experience in cultural anthropology, communicology, sexology, counseling psychology, cultural psychology, sociology and social work. This second category will help the Resistance in future interactions with surface population, as Resistance members are many times at a loss how to interact with often reactive surface humanity.

Fifth, these entries will very seldom be presented to surface members with strong family attachments. Surface population will experience many surprises in their personal relationships after the Event and needs to distinguish between emotional attachment and unconditional love:

Sixth, candidates for Resistance entry will go through a process of inner preparation so if and when the entry does happen, they will be able to trust the process through inner Soul connection with their inner voice of truth and with the Resistance. People with excessive amount of fear and mistrust are not considered as candidates.

Seventh, an entry into Resistance is considered to be a spiritual initiatory experience and therefore the candidate needs to go through the experience in full alignment with his own free will and on his own. This is an entrance into a higher reality and is NOT a trap, leading to some reptilian underground base.

Eighth, banana comments that have mushroomed over the internet in the last few days are proof that most of the surf...


Girl thrown into the air by strange forces. Give a logical explanation for this! Tales from out there - Blogue

Girl thrown into the air by strange forces. Give a logical explanation for this!


CLANKING REPLICATORS Mystery of the Iniquity

Que the music, Mistro There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of mans fears, and the summit of []


The military made a robot that fuels itself by eating biological organisms. This should end well Tales from out there - Blogue

The military made a robot that can eat organisms for fuel.
"We completely understand the public's concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission," is a sentence no one should ever have had to say.

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Monday, 14 May


Kp Radio Hawaii 5-14-18 Discernment of the Higher Type is Recommended Kauilapele's Blog

Show link:

Talked about (among other things):

  • The closer to the end, the more resistance might be felt.
  • Were close to end stage.
  • Im not really a gabber, chatterer. Thats why I do these shows.
  • I will not engage in arguments of any kind. Or debates.
  • What I get Inner-wise is my own thing.
  • Everyone has Higher Discernment. Higher = instant get (or hit). No thinking no debating no research.
  • Have to release the ego and all things related it.
  • Im seeing lots of opposing information channels flying around.
  • Q disinfo (misinfo) programs coming out.
  • My Inner Discernment is that Q messages are for me.
  • I share what I get to share.
  • The comment soap opera coliseum is NOT for me.
  • Q put trigger phrases in one post. Those who had triggers to pull got triggered.
  • Cobra disinfo (misinfo) programs also came out.
  • My experience with Cobra.
  • Many are triggered BIG TIME. Bitch and moan if necessary, but ask, What do I need to release? then release it.

Audio player



Benjamin Fulford 5-14-18 Trump Iran sanctions aimed at forcing Middle East peace, Pentagon sources say Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben.

The battle for the planet Earth has heated up again with major movements in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere as a final showdown approaches between the Zionist fanatics who want World War 3 and the rest of humanity who want world peace and friendship.

On this front, the renunciation by U.S. President Donald Trump of the Iran nuclear accord is, on the surface, a major victory for the Zionists. However, Pentagon sources say, The endgame is to force both Iran and Israel to de-nuke after North Korea, and then have permanent peace in the Middle East.

The Trump move on the Iran nuclear agreement has certainly triggered open, public bickering between the regime of Donald Trump and various European governments [A] clear and obvious split between the U.S. and Europe is unprecedented in the post-war era. However, Pentagon sources insist that, Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal to take down corrupt EU and U.S. officials who may have been bribed, along with globalist French companies



4th Dimensional Negative Energies RiseEarth

by Dawn Bailey;

I wrote about 5th dimensional negative energy and higher that I look for when helping someone. These energies will leave you alone until right before ascension to the 5th. They try and hold you down from ascending by lowering your vibration.

I am now going to go into the 4th dimensional energies to watch out for. These, of course, are meant to keep you from raising your vibration for ascension too.

Demons and Entities are the ones most are familiar with. There are different ones, but they all do the same. They cause negative emotions and thoughts that can mentally wear you down. They can be very painful to those that feel energy. They exaggerate your feelings and can cause you to act out of character. Perhaps they might make you say something or act in a way that isnt you, but will not be able to stop yourself. Once removed, you will go back to normal behavior.

Jinn are a type of demon, but these can get into your electronics and cause some crazy problems. They do attach to people, also. They have the ability to leave and come back so they can sometimes be tricky to find and catch.

Etheric weapons and objects. These dont move around and stay in a small, concentrated area. They can be quite painful to those that feel energy.
Read more


How To Have Your Own Personal Zen Master Around Anytime You Descend Into Stress RiseEarth

by Richard Enos; Collective Evolution

When you look at a true spiritual master, guru or yogi, one of the most remarkable things you might notice is that they dont seem to experience stress. You might conclude that they arrive at this state through meditation, fasting, prayer, or other such disciplines. This is only partly true. Those spiritual practices can certainly contribute to stress reduction, but their ultimate effect is to support the maintenance of ONE KEY THOUGHT that spiritual masters hold in their minds (and bodies) with unfailing certainty.

Granted, this key thought is not easy to grasp, hold as truth, and then deeply embody within yourself. Throughout history spiritual masters have done their darndest to articulate it for those hoping for inner peace and harmony. The limitations of language, of all human languages, is woefully revealed in these attempts. But if you are ready, open, and genuinely seekingan aspirant as they say in yogathen it becomes possible for a certain expression or turn of phrase to begin to activate your deeper inner knowledge of the state some call samadhi, enlightenment, Christ consciousness, or what I like to simply term presence. Are you ready?

Stress-Free Perception

In a true state of presence it is impossible to feel stress. Impossible. That is because stress is predicated on our seeing the world as dualistic. In a state of presence we embody a perception of singularity. The apperception of the world as whole, as unified, is truth unmasked.

From a perception of unity there is no past or future, there is only now. Note that human experience is only ever experienced through the now, past experiences were only ever experienced in the now, and the same will hold for our future experiences. Having the experience of presence helps us get a glimpse that time itself is a fabrication, a program that helps our intentionally limited minds have a particularly lush and interesting kind of experience in the physical world.
Read more


Edward Morgan, 5-13-18 Important Cobra Announcement (We are in Taipei, Taiwan, with Cobra) Kauilapele's Blog

There have recently been a number of postings / Tweets /videos by some who were saying that Cobra was (dead / compromised / taken over / artificial intelligence) (heres an RMN link to one of them), related particularly to this recent Cobra article (related Kp blog post). This has been going on at the same time as the supposed disinfo campaign about Q. I chose to publish NONE of them. And now, thanks to this post at RMN, I was led to this PFC article that just came out. Im going to place a couple highlights from the article, and let each discern for themselves what to make of all this.

Some align closely with Cobra, some do not. With any of those who seem to represent the Light community, I always use discernment about what to post, and what not to post. My own interactions with Cobra have been via live teleconference, as well as via email, and they have all been what I consider positive, and centered on bringing Light to the planet. To me, his messages are part of...


These 5 Organizations are the Reason Cannabis is Still a Crime RiseEarth

by Phillip Schneider; Waking Times

Its often half-jokingly said that if there was one thing that could bring Americans together, it would be cannabis. That might seem a little farfetched at first, but once you discover how many people want cannabis legalized, it will make sense.

As of 2018, nine states allow recreation use in some form, while 30 allow medicinal use and 16 allow only CBD, an active component of the cannabis plant which aids in pain relief and sleep.

According to a poll from the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, 52% of American adults have tried marijuana at some point in their lives, while 44% of those adults who have tried it are also current users.

To bring it all together, a Gallup poll from 2016 sums up the situation by showing that roughly 60% of Americans support legal use of marijuana. However, these numbers are likely to only rise as people better understand the safety and medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

So, if for years most people have agreed on legal cannabis, why does it remain a federal crime? As you may have guessed, several powerful interests are playing gatekeeper over our rights as citizens to use cannabis. Here are the top five offenders.
Read more


Detecting Cancer: Can You Trust All the Tests? RiseEarth

by Jon Rappoport;

Obviously, a false diagnosis of cancer would be a disaster.

Im not talking about all tests for cancer. Ive only looked into two. This is what Ive discovered.

There is a blood test, which looks for a bio-marker labeled CA125. There are doctors who will tell you that a highly positive result indicates a high probability of cancer.

Imagine being a patient on the receiving end of that news.

But wait. If you go to other sourcesand no, Im not talking about alternative practitioners, Im talking about the mainstreamyoull get a distinctly different view.

How about a quite prestigious organizationthe Mayo Clinic?

A CA 125 test measures the amount of the protein CA 125 (cancer antigen 125) in your blood.

A CA 125 test may be used to monitor certain cancers during and after treatment. In some cases, a CA 125 test may be used to look for early signs of ovarian cancer in people with a very high risk of the disease.
Read more


Advice from a former Workaholic: How I finally Found my Passion. elephant journal

I rarely used to see my friends or even family. I was the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave, working over the weekend and holidays. The more I got the more I wanted.


The Art of Protopia: Three Strategies Toward Progressive Evolution Fractal Enlightenment

This post The Art of Protopia: Three Strategies Toward Progressive Evolution was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

Protopia is a state that is better today than yesterday, although it might be only a little better. Protopia is much harder to visualize. Because a protopia contains as many new problems as new benefits, this complex interaction of working and broken is very hard to predict. ~ Kevin Kelly A utopia is an ideal []

The post The Art of Protopia: Three Strategies Toward Progressive Evolution appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


The Philosophy of Painful Transcendence : Making Pain Your Greatest Teacher Fractal Enlightenment

This post The Philosophy of Painful Transcendence : Making Pain Your Greatest Teacher was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, and torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche Pain: It can be your greatest teacher or your ultimate destroyer. Surviving the pain is critical, of course. But once youve survived the pain, its up to you []

The post The Philosophy of Painful Transcendence : Making Pain Your Greatest Teacher appeared first on Fractal Enlightenment.


"Federal Agent On A Mission"? Man With Body Armor, Large Cache Of Weapons Caught In Waikiki Hotel Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

"Federal Agent On A Mission"? Man With Body Armor, Large Cache Of Weapons Caught In Waikiki Hotel

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

Authored by Shepard Ambellas via,

A man claiming to be a federal agent was found posted up in a Waikiki hotel with a large cache of weapons, knives, and armor, much like Stephen Paddock and Francho Bradley who also possessed their own large weapons cache and were likely sheep-dipped

Trending Articles

The Deep State...


Health Minister Brad Hazzard Blames Anti-Vaxxers For One Case Of Measles In Sydney (Fucking Moron) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Health Minister Brad Hazzard Blames Anti-Vaxxers For One Case Of Measles In Sydney

Its time to put on a Hazmat suit, pack up your wagons & hightail it out of Sydney because our lives are now in extreme danger. WHY? According to Health Minister, Brad Hazzard the skys are about to rain blood because one Sydney man supposedly had a bout of Measles.

Minister Hazzards end of the world prediction stems from a  North Sydney Local Health District warning for measles after a peninsula man was diagnosed with the disease at the weekend. Thats correct, one single man from Sydney was supposedly diagnosed with Measles & now its not only the beginning of the end but Minister Hazzard has laid the blame for this infection on evil Anti-Vaxxers.

Public health director Michael Staff urgently issued a list of the areas the man had visited while infected, including Sydneys northern beaches and Parramatta. It gets worse, the infected civilian may have also visited a local mall & surrounding suburbs, stumbling & drooling like a bloodthirsty Zombie straight out of the Walking Dead.

According to the Manly Daily, the main symptoms of Measles are a fever, sore eyes, coughing followed a few days later by a non-itchy rash. In fact, with a healthy immune system, an adult can be up & about in less than a week after suffering from Measles so why all the fear-mongering, Brad?

Once again, Measles typically begins with a mild to moderate fever, often accompanied by a persistent cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis) and sore throat. This relatively mild illness may last two or three days but these symptoms closely resemble the common flu so how can we be sure what the man had in the first place? Its easy for Pharma controlled Government offic...


Cervical Cancer Increases Since HPV Vaccines, Per Swedish Study Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Cervical Cancer Increases Since HPV Vaccines, Per Swedish Study

By Catherine J. Frompovich


It seems there are more correlation and causation effects from vaccines, especially with the much-touted cervical cancer prevention vaccines known as Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Cervarix  the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines manufactured by Merck & Company and GlaxoSmithKline, respectively!

These vaccines are loaded with aluminum adjuvants.

Source: CDC

Each 0.5-mL dose of the vaccine contains approximately 225 mcg of aluminum (as Amorphous
Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate adjuvant), 9.56 mg of sodium chloride, 0.78 mg of L-histidine,
50 mcg of polysorbate 80, 35 mcg of sodium borate, <7 mcg yeast protein/dose, and water for injection.
The product does not contain a preservative or antibiotics.



Trump seems to think he's killed Iran nuclear deal (not so fast Traitor!) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Trump seems to think he's killed Iran nuclear deal (apparently NOT)



US President Donald Trump has tweeted a statement suggesting that the Iran nuclear deal, an internationally acclaimed multilateral accord, is a thing of the past. That is despite all other signatories reaffirming their commitment. 

All other parties to the agreement, including the "rogue" Iran itself, pledged to stick to its terms and discuss the impact of the US pullout in upcoming talks. Several European leaders, such as President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini, signaled that Europe is done doing the US' bidding and may break with its powerful ally to pursue its own interests, as Washington threatened to hit European businesses in Iran with revived economic sanctions. 

Trump has again accused Iran of "bad behavior," like he did when he had just withdrawn from the nuclear deal, saying Tehran sowed "bedlam and death" wherever it was present.

If you look at what's happening in the Middle East with Syria, with Yemen, with all of the places they're involved, it's bedlam and death," Trump said on Wednesday.

Both those countries are indeed in dire situations, mired in war and humanitarian disaster. Syria's civil war (not a civil war - 95% of trump's jihadi mercenary terrorists in Syria AREN'T Syrian - DS) was started by US-backed anti-government rebels, and it allowed terrorist groups to dig in and thrive on Syrian soil something that Iran is helping the Syrian government combat.

Yemen has been reduced to a point of infrastructural collapse, widespread hunger and displacement after three years of relentless bombings by US ally Saudi Arabia. The Saudis seek to reinstate ousted Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who was overthrown by Houthi rebels, and it accuses Iran of supplying the Houthis with missiles.

Hundreds of Yemeni civilians have been killed in Saudi-led airstrikes, and a Saudi economic blockade impedes much-needed humanitarian assistance to the country, where some 80 percent of the population is in dire need of humanitarian aid.



Prepare For Change: Important Cobra Announcement Prepare for Change

Recently, certain well-known websites and individuals within the awakened community have made claims that somehow Cobras blog, has been hijacked and that he has been cloned and/or replaced by agents of the dark.  These reports falsely state that Cobras  blog is being written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a reptilian, the Cabal or an illuminati operative.  Or someone or something.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are in Taipei, Taiwan with Cobra

I, Edward Morgan, your humble servant and one of the contributors at , am, at this very moment, sitting  in a room, with Cobra himself and with a small group of the most dedicated and powerful Light warriors on the face of our beautiful planet. We are chanting powerful mantras that are making some of us cry.  The love and dedication that Cobra is showing to all those present, all whom have made the effort to come to Taipei, Taiwan, to his conference, is most humbling!

I am a physical living witness of Cobras 2018 Taipei weekend conference, which started on May 12, 2018 and which is still going on as I write this.  I can report in clear conscience that Cobra has NOT been cloned, that he is still the same dedicated, gentle, humble and tireless individual, fully dedicated to the total Victory Of The Light!   I, with many other committed workers of the light who have personally known Cobra for a long time, who are currently present in his conference, can vouch for this.

We Will Soon Meet our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters

To all those who have decided to participate in this  Cobra-attacks drama, I have this to say:  Every one of us has known for a long time that at some point in our human journey we would face our cosmic brothers and sisters. We all know by now that it is part of our individual soul journey to eventually meet our soul families who also reside beyond this Earthly realm.  This is what First Contact is, and Cobra is just starting to release information to emotionally and mentally prepare the surface population for this experience and future First Contact encounters.



Purging The Shadow Self In5D FB Live w/ Gregg Prescott Ep. #22 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, A lot of people are feeling the results from the purging of our shadow selves,  In this episode, Gregg Prescott talks about what people are going through and how to handle it! Here are some links from the show: Personality Test: My personal OnStellar Page: []

The post Purging The Shadow Self In5D FB Live w/ Gregg Prescott Ep. #22 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Your Body Is The Temple Of God In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Derek Kato, Guest writer, Our bodies are temporary, and we merely rent them from our creator. The human body is the temple of the creator and it should be treated with the utmost respect. We need to be extremely careful about what we let enter this temple. This includes the air that enters []

The post Your Body Is The Temple Of God appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Angel Message For The Week #17 In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Elise Cantrell, Guest writer, Discover who you are, but know it is ever-changing. Leave space to grow and evolve. Know that a flower starts as a seed, becomes a plant, a bud and then finally blooms. And then it goes through that same cycle again and again. So it is with you. You []

The post Angel Message For The Week #17 appeared first on In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database.


Aggression creates aggression, not justice or equality. elephant journal

Above: Daryl Davis, who befriended dozens of KKK members, shows off collection of robes surrendered to him. Talking to anyone anywhere in 2018 is just landmine hopscotch. ~ Tina Fey Just like you cant judge a book by the coverwe all got to be careful how we treat one another. ~ Buddy Guy, Skin Deep []


Atheist Republic Summary: Teenage Girl Plots Terror, Lebanon Election 2018 Atheist Republic: News

AR Summary May 12

An Isis fianc plotted to become a martyr after her fianc was killed in Syria. Her plans were found before she could commit terror in a British Museum grenade attack. Her mother and sister are also involved in plots to unleash violence in the heart of London.

Noura Hussein, a Sudanese woman who was forcibly married at the age of 16, has been sentenced to death for killing her husband. He raped her repeatedly with help of his family, when he tried to rape her again, she stabbed him to death and her family turned her in to the police.

Utah high school students convinced their Republican majority government to see the facts of climate change.  They finally got their Economic and Environmental Stewardship bill to pass.

A young child residing in Birmingham was tricked by her mother into getting married to a man 16 years older than her in Pakistan. She was 13 when she signed a marriage agreement and her new husband raped her. Once back in Birmingham, she was able to get assistance and her mother is facing charges.

Pakistan makes a historical move by passing a law that guarantees rights for transgender individuals. By law, no business can discriminate a person based on their gender identity.

Students in Spring Arbor pushed back against bigotry preached during a sermon at their Christian University. While a preacher compared LGBT students to murderers and drug dealers, they decided to protest by waiving rainbow flags, taking a stance that could get them expelled.

President Erdogan of Turkey promised to step down if enough people wanted him to do so. This has led more than a million Turkish people taking to social media making the word, Tamam (enough) go viral.

Isis has tried to take credit for a prison attack in Jakarta that has left five officers and one prisoner, dead. One officer is still being held hostage. Former governor, Aman Abdurrahman, being held for blasphemy, was not involved in the attack.

Joumana Haddad was set to be the first female atheist Parliament member but lost the election last minute. She was in the lead on Sunday night, but by Monday no one was reporting her victory. This has led people to believe the election was rigged last minute.


Let Go Of Your Gods And Leaders: You Are The Answer Humans Are Free

The time of Ascension is in full glow, as we near the highest peak of energies we have been feeling and anticipating for years.

For many of us, the grounding of full 5D energies is nearing completion and we are beginning life on a completely blank slate.

At this point, we need to review our lives over the last decade or so and see how much we have learned to be self-reliant, using our intuition and our guidance to show us the way towards this new existence. The time of leaders, gurus and figures that we relied on to show us the path is finally over.

The purpose of the Ascension process has been to reconnect us with our infinity, our light, and to enable us to become creators, in an aware, and loving manner. We have been stripped of all the superfluous, the painful, the difficult, and the old, in order to reveal what we can easily call, the real US.

Read Entire Article


The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (its not the gluten) Prepare for Change

The stories became far too frequent to ignore.

Emails from folks with allergic or digestive issues to wheat in the United States experienced no symptoms whatsoever when they tried eating pasta on vacation in Italy.


Confused parents wondering why wheat consumption sometimes triggered autoimmune reactions in their children but not at other times.


In my own home, Ive long pondered why my husband can eat the wheat I prepare at home, but he experiences negative digestive effects eating even a single roll in a restaurant.


There is clearly something going on with wheat that is not well known by the general public. It goes far and beyond organic versus nonorganic, gluten or hybridization because even conventional wheat triggers no symptoms for some who eat wheat in other parts of the world.


What indeed is going on with wheat?

For quite some time, I secretly harbored the notion that wheat in the United States must, in fact, be genetically modified.  GMO wheat secretly invading the North American food supply seemed the only thing that made sense and could account for the varied experiences I was hearing about.


I reasoned that it couldnt be the gluten or wheat hybridization. Gluten and wheat hybrids have been consumed for thousands of years. It just didnt make sense that this could be the reason for so many people suddenly having problems with wheat and gluten in general in the past 5-10 years.


Finally, the answer came over dinner a couple of months ago with a friend who was well versed in the wheat production process. I started researching the issue for myself, and was, quite frankly, horrified at what I discovered.


The good news is that the reason wheat has become so toxic in the United States is not because it is secretly GMO as I had feared (thank goodness!).

The bad news is that the problem lies with the manner in which wheat is harvested by conventional wheat farmers.

Youre going to want to sit down for this one.  Ive had some folks burst into tears in horror when I passed along this information before.


Wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as withered, dead wheat plants are le...


Why Isnt Anyone Talking About Israels Nukes? Prepare for Change

File In this Sept. 27, 2012, file photo, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel shows an illustration as he describes his concerns over Irans nuclear ambitions during his address to the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly at U.N. headquarters. Israels Mossad spy agency in October 2012 had a less alarmist view of Irans nuclear program than an assessment delivered by Netanyahu at the United Nations just a few weeks earlier, according to a purported secret cable published Monday, Feb. 23, 2015, by two media outlets. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Netanyahu wants to talk about Irans nuclear ambitions, but why isnt anybody talking about Israels not-so-secret arsenal?

 On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to Washington, D.C., and appeared before a joint session of Congress not the Knesset to give a speech on the dangers of Irans nuclear weapons program.

Irans nuclear program, Netanyahu declared, poses a clear and present danger not just to the Jewish state he heads, but to the entire region, and the United States, too. In stern tones the implied Senator from Tel Aviv warned Congress that the nuclear deal being cobbled together by Washington and Tehran in order to ward off war between them was a bad deal that would leave Iran unacceptably close to possessing a bomb.

By his calculations, with the in-place nuclear infrastructure Washingtons deal would likely allow Iran to keep, Netanyahu estimated Iran would be able to build a nuclear weapon in a year or less.

This is a bad deal a very bad deal, intoned Netanyahu. Were better off without it.

Its not exactly clear who the we Netanyahu referred to was assuming, of course, that one sees some degree of difference between the interests of the U.S. and Israel. Yet the message the prime minister was trying to convey was easy enough to understand: Iran is a cheat and a liar that cannot under any circumstances be trusted.


The 200-kiloton elephant in the room



May 15th: Intense Make or Break Time with the Taurus New Moon. elephant journal

All zodiac signs will be affected by this highly charged energy, as the moon in Taurus constellation enhances the bulls characteristics within us all. However, those born under the sign of Taurus will feel it more intensely than others.


Pagan bookshelf: Esoteric India, Yoruba novel, Odin, tree magic The Wild Hunt

Paganism is not a religion of the book, but it is a religion of many books. Heres a look at some recent releases of interest to Pagans, Polytheists and Heathens: a Scandinavians travels in esoteric India, a young adult novel inspired by Yoruba religion, an examination of Odins influence in modern times, and a tree herbal.

Journeys in the Kali Yuga: a Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe

Aki Cederberg, Destiny Books, December 2017, 172 p.

In the introduction to this spiritual travelogue, Finland native Aki Cederberg writes that as far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to and felt a strong resonance with certain sights, symbols, and signs, not exactly knowing why. Some of these have been found in the waking world, while others have revealed themselves in visions and dreams . . . . Its as if my soul or spirit had been imprinted with images, and consequently my life has been a search for these images in the outside world.

Cedeberg became intrigued, for example, about the similarities between the trident-shaped Algiz rune of his native Nordic culture and the trishul of the Hindu deity Shiva. His curiosity led him to India.

His odyssey began as a search for spiritual roots, something missing in the spiritually disconnected life of the Western world, where the indigenous traditions were long ago severed by the spread of Christianity, reads the book description on the website of his publisher, Destiny Books.

Cederberg, in what is his first book in English, writes that he encountered a literal army of Naga Babas the naked ones, the wild, wandering mystics, the holy madmen of Shiva. He also recounts his adventures with hucksters in Rishikesh, pipe-puffing mystics at a temple of the goddess Maya, the American-born techno-trance deejay Goa Gil, the American-born sadhu Rampuri, and a raised-arm Baba who has held up one arm for 40 years to show his devotion to Shiva.

My initial reaction to all this, of course, as I told Rampuri, was a strong What the fuck am I doing here? Cederberg writes. It was all quite overwhelming and disorienting, suddenly bursting into this alien foreign fairy-tale world.

Rampuri responds with a Stars Wars tale.

Oh, great, I thought. A Star Wars analogy, Cederberg writes, but he was undeterred from his quest: I wanted not only to see the sadhus, magicians, and shamans, but I wanted to be able to see as they saw.

Near the end of his odyssey, Cederberg, who lives in Helsinki, reflects on lessons learned: It had become apparent that for most of the Western individuals I knew their initiation into the Indian esoteric world had not been entire...


Stormy Daniels Consoles Iran - (Satire) Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Stormy Daniels has cum to Iran's defense saying in a CNN interview "Donald Trump has pulled out of the Iran deal early just as he pullrf out of me. You thought he cared for you I'm sure but he won't be putting a ring on your finger nor will he apologize. Just take the $130,000 grand and the roses he sent then get on with your life,.. maybe bring it up again 20 years from now to restart your film royalties.

Within minutes President Trump tweeted, "Don't be playa haters bitches, snitches get stitches.

In other news today,.. viagra stocks have exploded to record levels.


The Pentagon feared that UFOs were either "demonic" or sent by God " Tales from out there - Blogue

As reported on the British tabloid, the UFOs are the result of "divine" forces or are the demons and not aliens? According to new statements, Pentagon officials and MOD the UK Ministry of Defense, feared that UFOs were either "demonic" or sent by God.


Daily Verse Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

Sunday, 13 May


Red Glowing UFO spotted in the Constellation Canes Venatici Tales from out there - Blogue

A skywatcher from Aztec New Mexico observed the constellation Canes Venatici by using his telescope when he captured an amazing red glowing object that travelled an enormous distance in space in just three minutes.


QAnon on How Ending Iran Peace Deal Thwarts Deep State Plans for Nuclear False Flag Attack New Article

The military intelligence group that comprises QAnon continues to make extraordinary revelations about behind the scenes efforts to displace and remove U.S. officials that make up or have been compromised by the Deep State. Most recently, QAnon has been focusing on why President Donald Trumps withdrawal from the July 14, 2015 Iran nuclear deal is []

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Today, I will Rise. elephant journal

will rise despite obstacles, despite feelings. I will rise despite my depression, my disease, my diagnosis. I will rise despite the raging waters that slap at my doors, and the sandbags tied to my feet. I will straight up rise, instead of crawling back under the covers, or falling back to sleep.


I do Yoga because it Feels like Sex. elephant journal

This new relationship with yoga has had unexpected side effects, specifically,


Kp Message 5-12-18 Early AM About Eruptions Time to Erupt in and with the Light' Kauilapele's Blog

Okay, that title kept getting longer and longer so Ill quit. And my fingers seem to be having challenges dealing with the early AM keyboard energies.

Speaking of that quit word, it starts with Q and that is the first erupting arena that comes to mind. Yes, many have erupted when the Q post lines Be careful who you are following. Some are profiting off this movement. came out (Q post 1296). Those who erupted were the ones who were perhaps being exposed to the Light, yet somehow not aligned with it.

Each and every one who reads this may make their own conclusions about what that all means.

To me this whole thing is that I have a choice. I can Erupt with the Light, and Erupt in the Light, meaning that I can understand that if I have my own internal (or external) eruption, something is trying to expose itself to my consciousness, and if I stay with the Light, and view that eruption in the Light of Higher Awareness, I can see that it was for my growth and Ascension.

But for those who have erupted in a blasting of Q (who apparently was simply making a statement, and not pointing out to whom it referred), well, maybe theyre not quite ready to wake up to why they erupted.

Kilauea erupting is such a reflective event for this planet, and aligns w...


Revitalizing And Activating Your Energy Centers RiseEarth

by Janet Eileene;

Tickling the Divine Spark within the body awakens needed energy that will help in the process of healing and activation. This process was discovered during recent sessions of revitalizing chakra clearing and activating sessions. Barely brushing energy up against the spark is enough for it to wake up. We then direct it to go through the body with us to promote healing, clear and revitalize the energy centers and to free chakras from stagnation and karmic issues.

Our human bodies came from the primordial waters of the Earth and a Spark of the Divine. Evolution stepped in and here we are ready for our next evolutionary leap. Tickling or waking up the divine spark sends messages to the body that promotes healing, rejuvenation and a deeper connection to the sacred self.

The chakra revitalizing session we offer clears chakras so that the toxic energy accumulated through our lives as a result of trauma can be released and new energy brought in to re-energize the luminous body. Not clearing this toxic energy will hinder us from moving forward in all areas of our life. The cleansing process used releases the toxic energy in the chakras that is ready to leave and replaces it with new vibrantly charged light and energy. Completed karmic issues or karmic issues that are no longer necessary are able to leave with this procedure.
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The Zombie-Like Lives Of Sheeple From Birth To Death RiseEarth

by Pao Chang;

Why Sheeple are Properties of the State and are in a Daze

The zombie-like lives of sheeple begin on the day they are born. Shortly after sheeple are born, their parental sheeple give them a name and register them to the State using the birth certificate. The sad thing that parental sheeple do not know is that the birth certificate is the legal document used by the State to trick them to abandon their babies or lambs, allowing the government to claim their babies/lambs as chattels (personal properties).

It also allows the government to transfer their babies/lambs to the land of the DEAD (legal fiction), turning their babies/lambs into dead entities in the eyes of the law. Hence, the name in all capital letters on their social security cards and drivers licenses. The name in all capital letters is the same all caps name written on gravestones.

What sheeple do not know about governments is that nearly all of them have been incorporated and thereby are legal fictions. In the United States (incorporated), the U.S. government is a FOREIGN corporation with respect to a state of the United States of America (unincorporated). For evidence of this, read this article.

In the article, there is a sentence that says, The United States government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state. Most, if not all, sheeple have been brainwashed so bad that they actually think that governments are living entities and have power over them. There is NO government that is living in reality, because there is no living man or woman who is the government itself. There are only men and women acting as agents for the government.
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Oncologists Wont Tell You That Baking Soda Treats Cancer Just Because Itll Cut Down The Profits Of Big Pharma! RiseEarth

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Many health experts these days say that even the most advanced cancers can be eliminated with the help of a simple ingredient we all have at home, baking soda. Baking soda is an alkaline powder which has proven to be lethal for cancer cells, some studies suggest. These claims are further supported by the thousands of stories of people whove managed to win their battle with cancer by using baking soda.

But your doctor will never tell you this. Why? Because the cancer industry cannot profit from this common household ingredient, but theres a lot of money in the anti-cancer drugs and pills were forced to take. The common treatment for almost any kind of cancer is chemo or radiation, both devastating treatments which dont just destroy the cancer cells but our healthy ones as well. But luckily, people are slowly beginning to realize that chemo is detrimental to our health and are turning their attention to the health benefits of baking soda.

Mark Pagel, a doctor from Arizona University, received a grant of 2 million dollars just 2 years ago to study the effectiveness of baking soda against breast cancer and his study has revealed amazing things. According to the study, baking soda increases the alkalinity of the tumors surface without damaging the healthy cells underneath. Furthermore, this prevents the proliferation of cancer cells and its metastasis to other organs, while eliminating the existing cancer cells in our body.

The results were widely accepted by many doctors around the world, including Dr. Julian Whitaker whos already started applying the treatment on his patients suffering from cancer to amazing results. He developed the Whitaker method which involves the use baking soda and honey in the treatment against cancer. He advises a mixture of 2 cups of water, 2tsp. of baking soda and a drizzle of honey or molasses to be taken throughout the day, 2-3 times per day.
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The long and secret info wars against Q and how he stayed alive. You really need to know this and move on. Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Posted by  u/SerialBrain2   No deals. Q    source link

I promised there would be a follow up to [my post about Q1295] ( Be careful who you are following. Here it is. Its a long post but if you are a Q follower, this information is worth knowing.

As many among you already know, Dr. Corsi is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dark forces at work trying to divide us and hijack Qs work and our Movement. I will show you today who these dark forces are and how they are related to Dr. Corsi.

To those who think this issue should be put to rest for the sake of unity, this is my response:

  1. if Q himself has spoken about it [here] ( after having put up with these dark forces trying to undermine him for months, he must have some kind of intel pushing him to react;

  2. A glass of fine wine mixed with water is no longer fine wine and is certainly not water;

  3. When a snake enters the house, there is no time for poetry: you secure the kids, close the doors and do what you have to do.

The Truth has a price my friends and no strong movement in human history has succeeded avoiding the issues challenging its foundations. Roses are beautiful, but they come with thorns. To be safe, we need to know how to hold them. This is why we are here today. We owe it to Trump, we owe it to Q, we owe it to the patriots who have sacrificed their lives for True Freedom, we owe it to ourselves for our efforts to not...


#Q #QAnon analyzers Im currently going to (5-12-18) Kauilapele's Blog

I posted another list a few weeks ago (couldnt find it), and I am just updating this to my current list. Im sure others may have their own favorites. Those in the list below are mine.

And although I may go to Dr. Corsi for other things, Ill likely not be using him as much for Q interpretations.

Citizens Investigative Report
Destroying the Illusion
Isaac Green
You Are Free TV

Occasionally Ive also viewed
Seething Frog


Wildlife Services Killed 1.3 Million Native Animals In 2017 Humans Are Free

The arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture known as Wildlife Services killed more than 1.3 million native animals during 2017, according to new data released by the agency last week.

The multimillion-dollar federal wildlife-killing program targets wolves, coyotes, cougars, birds and other wild animals for destruction primarily to benefit the agriculture industry. Of the 2.3 million animals killed in total last year, more than 1.3 million were native wildlife species.

"The Department of Agriculture needs to get out of the wildlife-slaughter business," said Collette Adkins, a biologist and attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity.

"There's just no scientific basis for continuing to shoot, poison and strangle more than a million animals every year. Even pets and endangered species are being killed by mistake, as collateral damage."

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Cosmic Intervention Triggers In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Morag, Guest writer, There are times in our complicated lives when joy flows like a river, and other times where sorrow threatens to drown us. We learn to navigate highs and lows with measured core balance. We are able to manifest our experience of reality when we realign our chakras, clear blocks and []

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4th Dimensional Negative Energies In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

by Dawn Bailey, Guest writer, I wrote about 5th dimensional negative energy and higher that I look for when helping someone. These energies will leave you alone until right before ascension to the 5th. They try and hold you down from ascending by lowering your vibration. I am now going to go into the []

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Seth Richs Assassin Hitman Gunned Down in MD Hillary Clinton 4 More Dead Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Seth Richs Assassin Hitman Gunned Down in MD Hillary Clinton 4 More Dead

Thursday, May 10, 2018 10:36

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Hillary Clintons #1 Secret Deep State Assassin of Seth Rich has fallen in Gunfire in Maryland. 

Fact is Seth Rich USED HIS THUM...


Here Are The Official State Censorship Documents Relating To The Skripal Affair Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

Here Are The Official State Censorship Documents Relating To The Skripal Affair 300w" sizes="(max-width: 613px) 100vw, 613px" />

By TruePublica: Last week we reported that a D-notice (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) used by the British state to censor the publication of potentially damaging news stories had been formally issued to the mainstream media to withhold publication of the British ex-spy deeply involved in the Skripal/Novichok affair.

We revealed that Channel4 journalists had been issued these D-notices, which were in respect of a former British intelligence officer called Pablo Miller. Miller was an associate of Christopher Steele, first in espionage operations in Russia and more recently in the activities of Steeles private intelligence firm, Orbis Business Intelligence.

Steele was responsible for compiling the TrumpRussia dossier, comprising 17 memos written in 2016 alleging misconduct and conspiracy between Donald Trumps presidential campaign and the Putin administration. The dossier paid for by the Democratic Party, claimed that Trump was compromised by evidence of his sexual proclivities in Russias possession. Steele was the subject of an earlier (unsuccessful) D-notice, which attempted to keep his identity as the author of the dossier a secret.

If Miller and, by extension, Skripal himself were somehow involved in Orbis work on the highly-suspect SteeleTrump dossier, alongside representatives of British and possibly US intelligence, then all manner of motivations can be suggested for an attack on the ex-Russian spy and British double agent by forces other than Russias intelligence service, the FSB.

Get Briefed, Get Weekly Intelligence Reports - Essential Weekend Reading - Safe Subscribe

In other words, the state attempted to clear up the mess it had already made of the Trump dossier, since proven to have made many false assertions, particularly of collusion with senior Russian officials and links to ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal.


Yesterday, revealed that the Skripal affair has resulted in the issuing of not one...


The ONLY Video Im posting about the #QAnon #Q Disinfo business (which includes AJ JC DS, et al), from Citizens Investigative Report 5-12-18 Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp note: Katie talks about the dis-info stuff going on in the first 10 minutes, and then starting at 50:36.]

This is the only video that really resonated with me completely. Katie G goes through many of the Q posts and addresses the Q is only a LARP, Q is not, I know who Q is but you dont memes flying around these last couple days. And it goes along with these recent Kp blog posts Post 1 Post 2.

For those desiring rants about this, heres a Lionel, and an Isaac Green.


Why Words Can 'Cut' Your Soul and Are More Powerful Than Swords Humans Are Free

For millennia, tyrannical governments controlled by the Elite or Dark Magicians have used swords and other physical weapons to enslave people. What the Dark Magicians have known for a long time is that physical weapons (e.g., swords and guns) are not the best tools to use for controlling and enslaving people. 

by Pao Chang, author of

The reason is that when their agents use physical weapons to enslave people, it makes it hard for them to hide the fact that they are forcing people to be slaves.

Today, the Dark Magicians have nearly perfected their system of slavery. Through trial and error, the Dark Magicians have discovered that the best form of slavery is stealth slavery.

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Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes In Vaccines All Found Murdered Prepare for Change

A number of holistic medical professionals who had found cancer enzymes in vaccines have been found dead.

Each of the deceased doctors appears to have died in apparent, yet suspicious suicides.

The medical community is left speechless due to the timing of their deaths, based upon that they were all scientists working on an advanced breakthrough cure for cancer.

Prominent autism specialist, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was researching cancer enzymes prior to his death in July 2015.

His body was discovered floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot injury to the chest.

Suspicions swirled that the medical professional may have been killed as an outcome of his groundbreaking research study.

Cancer enzymes in vaccines

Bradstreet and his colleagues had actually found that the immune system is being jeopardized by nagalase cancer enzymes

Dr. Bradstreets research found that these cancer enzymes are being introduced through vaccines.

Doctor Bradstreet was working with a naturally occurring substance that may be the single most efficient thing in the immune system for eliminating cancer cells.

Nagalase interferes with an important protein in the body that eliminates cancer cells, discussed Dr. Ted Broer in an interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

This brand-new development treatment, which you can discover more about in the video below, consists of the human protein GcMAF (globulin part macrophage triggering aspect).

Breakthrough discovery

GcMAF in fact triggers macrophages that are currently current within the human body, and in turn, causes the body to damage cancer cells.

As the body produces this compound naturally, lots of cancer clients can not produce enough necessary to ward off the illness.

Thankfully, when administered GcMAF, the body immune system can become more powerful and can fight cancer by itself, without more invasive treatments like radiation or chemotherapy.

The GcMAF website says:

Your GcMAF empowers your body to treat itself.

In a healthy person, your very own GcMAF has actually 11 actions discovered up until now, including two on cells, 3 excellent impacts on th...


490,000 Pounds of Toxic Pesticides Sprayed on National Wildlife Refuges Humans Are Free

America's national wildlife refuges are being doused with hundreds of thousands of pounds of dangerous agricultural pesticides every year, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity.

The Center for Biological Diversity report, No Refuge, reveals that an estimated 490,000 pounds of pesticides were dumped on commodity crops like corn, soybeans and sorghum grown in national wildlife refuges in 2016, the most recent year for which data are available. The analysis was conducted with records obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity under the Freedom of Information Act.

"These refuges are supposed to be a safe haven for wildlife, but they're becoming a dumping ground for poisonous pesticides," said Hannah Connor, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity who authored the analysis.

"Americans assume these public lands are protected and I think most people would be appalled that so many pesticides are being used to serve private, intensive agricultural operations."

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Choose a Way of Life, Not an Occupation Prepare for Change

Are you sure you just want to farm? Dont you want to do something more with your life?  These were the questions posed to me in high school by my well-meaning teachers when I had declared that I was going to farm with my family after graduation. In their eyes, I was wasting my talents by staying on the farm I grew up on.

For generations, this has been a fostered attitude here in the country; you grow up, move to the city as soon as you can, get an education so that you can get a good paying job and youll be much happier than living out here in the sticks. There isnt a whole lot of encouragement or support given to anyone with aspirations of staying. Sadly, this attitude for decades has meant the decimation of our small communities and reliance upon large, urban centres.

Not that there was anything wrong with those who did choose to move away and pursue their dreams elsewhere. Their talents and abilities are certainly cherished and needed in this world. I am just hoping that this is what they actually wanted, and that they werent left feeling empty, or somehow abandoned by the life and the land that they knew; because it seems that when our children are being guided into their careers, especially by the school system, it often comes down to coulds and shoulds rather than wants and callings.

With this trend of small-town families encouraging their children to go live a better life elsewhere, I cant help but wonder if those people couldnt see the treasures they had in front of them? And I wonder how many of these children did indeed feel happier in the city, or away from their homeland? Away from the land?

My own parents experienced the same questions from their teachers as I had from mine; But youre too smart to farm, you could be anything you want, was what my mother was told. In other words, Only idiots stay here and farm, go make something of yourself. This comment implied the sentiment that so many have carried for so long; that you dont have to be very smart to farm, so it is what you do if you arent capable of anything greater. This attitude diminishes the great skill and determination involved in farming, and the incredible value of farming to our community.

So, my parents did give a life in the city a try. It lasted about a year, and in...



What is Pedovore?


Pedovore is something who eats children and has its symbolism. Search the word and see how vast it is being used in the world of modern art.

Where is the red line in Modern Art?
No red line!
Children in heinous positions
Adults genitals completely open and exposing
Adults performing sex
Beheadings and blood
Cannibalism, Satanism
All allowed by modern art.


Frogner Park-Oslo

Modern Art is a language code for pedophiles and cannibals to find their pals. Of course, as usual, we are not saying that all people and students working and studying in the field of modern art are criminals or bad people, but modern art has become a channel to broadcast pedophilia, bestiality, and cannibalism through symbols. Symbols which are meaningful only to the members of Planet Perversity. Here I recall a passage of my book on modern art as I already broke it up:


The modern usage of the word art is just disturbing. Modern art has become a cover-up excuse to display openly, publicly and freely the symbols that in no other way can be presented in society. These symbols act as a language code. A language code in which perverts and pedophiles recognize each other.

The language of symbols is the way they communicate and prove to be still on the line of loyalty. It is hard to believe...


Reptilian Shapeshifter caught on Live TV Tales from out there - Blogue

Reptilian Shapeshifter caught on Live TV, take a look at her eyes!!!


Column: Talking about our Mexican Origins The Wild Hunt

[Every month, we feature new writers with various backgrounds and traditions, who share their perspectives and add their insights to the larger conversation in the community. If you like this feature, consider making a small monthly donation or make a one-time donation toward this vital global community venture. It is your help and your support that keeps daily and dependable news coming to your doorstep each day from wherever its origin.]

I would like to apologize. On my first column for The Wild Hunt, I was so excited to introduce myself that there were a few details about our Mexican Pagan community that I regretfully left out. I was impatient to tell about our existence. I wanted to let the international Pagan community know that we are very similar to each other and that there are practitioners here with similar beliefs or people who belong to the same traditions as them. However, my big mistake was to talk about Pagans and Witches in Mexico without including our own heritage and what this means. I omitted telling about our background and about our rich history and context when it comes to magic, witchcraft, and sorcery.

I did not tell, for example, that witchcraft has been part of our history since ancient times. In the Pre-hispanic world, there were several types of witches, sorcerers or magicians. Bernardino de Sahagn, a Franciscan friar, registered at least fifteen of these in the Florentine Codex. Alfredo Lpez Austin, a Mexican historian, listed forty types, grouped in five categories in his book Cuarenta clases de magos en el mundo nhuatl (Forty class of magicians in the Nahuatl world).

Some of these names and their meanings are: the tetlachahuiani, the one who bewitches people; the monotzale, possessor of spells; the cihuanotzqui, she who possesses seducing spells; the nahualli, who has the power to transform into another being; the eutlipan moquetzani, personalities that represented a deity and who were believed to have its talents and power.

I did not tell either that we have ancient types of divination. The most famous being throwing corn grains or beans and reading their position and direction to foretell what will happen with a sick person.

And I also didnt mention that magic can be found anywhere in Mexico. That we can step out of an office building in M...


Columna: Hablando de nuestros orgenes mexicanos The Wild Hunt

Quiero disculparme. En mi primera columna para The Wild Hunt estaba tan emocionado por presentarme que hubo algunos detalles de la comunidad pagana mexicana que lamentablemente exclu. Estaba impaciente por contar de nuestra existencia. Quera hacer saber a la comunidad pagana internacional que somos muy similares entre nosotros y que aqu hay practicantes con creencias similares o personas que pertenecen a las mismas tradiciones que ellos. Sin embargo, mi gran error fue hablar de los paganos y brujos de Mxico sin incluir nuestra propia herencia y lo que esto significa. Omit hablar de nuestro trasfondo y de nuestra rica historia y contexto cuando se trata de magia, brujera y hechicera.

No dije, por ejemplo, que la brujera ha sido parte de nuestra historia desde tiempos antiguos. En el mundo prehispnico haba muchos tipos de brujos, hechiceros y magos. Bernardino de Sahagn, misioneros franciscano, registr por lo menos quince tipos de stos en el Cdice florentino. Alfredo Lpez Austin, historiador mexicano, enumer cuarenta tipos agrupados en cinco categoras en su libro Cuarenta clases de magos en el mundo nhuatl.

Algunos de estos nombres y sus significados son: el tetlachahuiani, el que embruja a la gente; el monotzale, el poseedor de conjuros; la cihuanotzqui, la que posea embrujos para seducir; el nahualli, los que tenan el poder de transformarse en otro ser; el eutlipan moquetzani, personajes que representaban a una deidad y se crea que tenan los dones y el poder de sta.

Tampoco dije que hay antiguas formas de adivinacin. La mas famosa siendo el arrojar granos de maz o frijoles y leer su posicin y direccin para predecir lo que pasar con alguien enfermo.

Y tampoco mencion que la magia puede ser encontrada en cualquier lugar de Mxico. Que podemos salir de un edificio de oficinas en la Ciudad de Mxico y dos minutos despus podemos estar arriba de una pirmide. Que aunque tenemos solo algunas tiendas de ocultismo, tenemos un enorme mercado dedicado al ocultismo y a objetos y remedios mgicos, el Mercado de Sonora, el cual tiene cincuenta y un aos. Que Catemaco, un pueblo ubicado en el sur del estado de Veracruz, es famoso por sus brujos, y que todo tipo de gente, incluyendo polticos, acuden a ellos para limpias o para otro tipo de trabajos mgicos.

No pretendo justificarme, pero creo que hay algunos razones por las cuales omit todo esto.



They're Going Down! Stormy Daniels was Branded and is a Part of The Storm! This Ties Schneiderman, Cuomo, SKANKLES, the NXIVM, and Q! Everyone's Blog Posts - 12160 Social Network

"So The Clintons knew of Keith Raniere in 1992. Knew he was a narcissistic POS! In other word, that he was like them. Probably like looking into a mirror. In 1998, Raniere begins the infamous NXIVM sex cult and SKANKLES follows on his heels beginning her solo politcal career where? IN NEW YORK! What a fucking coincidence! Everyone wondered why she came to NY, but we wonder no more. THINK LOGICALLY. Who was Attorney General at that time? ELLIOT FUCKING SPITZER!

Pataki was governor when NXIVM was formed, but who followed Pataki? ELLIOT SPITZER! Yes, Spitzer was elected governor in 2007! But is this the same Elliot Spitzer that was forced to resign due to a sex scandal? Oh, you would be so right!"

"Trump tweeted: Weiner is gone, Spitzer is gone next will be lightweight A.G. Eric Schneiderman. Is he a crook? Wait and see, worse than Spitzer or Weiner, referring to disgraced state politicians Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner." Quotes from Pizzagate Voat:


Gerald ODonnell channels: April 24, 2018 Prepare for Change

Gerald ODonnell
This information about Gerald ODonnells recent channelling was sent to us from our friend here at, Christina.

Gerald ODonnell, Remote Viewer and Channeller

Gerald ODonnell has predicted a number of probable,  future events with accuracy.  Among his predictions are the major corrective wave affecting the US stock market in 2000 and the 9/11 attack.    He also talked after the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 in 2014 and he claimed the plane and its passengers would never be found and he explained why.

The April 24, 2018 channelling

This biographical information is from the probable future website:    Gerald ODonnell is the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI), and a world-renowned Remote Viewer who was employed for several years by a Western intelligence agency. He has been recognized as a visionary in mind-consciousness research and remote viewing and influencing. Gerald is a certified hypotherapist.


Former worker of Area 51 Talks about the Extraterrestrials, Stargate and the Cube of Orion Tales from out there - Blogue

Dan Burisch, born in California in 1964, studied microbiology and psychology at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated in 1986 and did a Ph.D. in microbiology in 1989 in the state of New York.

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