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Saturday, 20 January


Selco: Who Survives and Who Dies When the SHTF? SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


Did you ever wonder about the differences in how people behave in a crisis? Why some people survive and some people die? Are there characteristics that we can nurture now in good times that could help see us through bad times?

Id talked with Selco previously about who lives and who doesnt in a long-term emergency, and a great determiner is a flexible mindset. In this interview, we go deeper into who can withstand the stress of an SHTF event and who crumbles. Today he shares his insights from the Balkan War.

What were the worst mental stressors during the situation in Bosnia that are probably common in many long-term scenarios?

Obviously, it was a situation when violence was very widely used and in a sporadic way ( very often without any logic) so people lived under constant physical threat, and also in very poor condition.

On first look that was mental stressors, but this part or field of survival is in my opinion very important and commonly overlooked in prepper community, and there is much more to it.

It is a huge topic, but we can touch on some of this in the article. I researched it a lot. A few factors were important, and will be important in any future collapse event:

#1) Loss of control

If you are living a normal average life with your family, you have a job, kids go to school, you go to the physician when you are sick, kids eat their favorite foods.

There are police for problems, there is law and order, everybody knows its place more or less.

You feel that you are in control of your life and lives of your family.

And then one day all that is gone. You find yourself in the world where very often things of life and death are a matter of pure coincidence or luck if you like, or a matter of event. For example, is there going to rain that day for enough water?

People had a very hard time of dealing with it, you can be prepared very well to some extent, but also you need to be prepared that for a number of things (big number) you are simply not in control anymore.

#2) Hopelessness

Hopelessness is...


The Fire Piston (Numyth) Survival Monkey Forums

The Numyth fire piston:

I picked this up at a great price from the website linked above. Right out of the package I could tell this thing was built to last a nuclear freaking explosion. It's very similar to a mini-Mag Light, if you've ever held one you will know what I mean. It's very light, made from aluminum, and weighs in at less than 2 oz. The top end opens to reveal a hidden chamber, complete with a rubber 'O' ring to...

The Fire Piston (Numyth)

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Friday, 19 January


DIY Boat Repair & Maintenance (Podcast 65) The Boat Galley

Why boat owners tend to prefer to install equipment, maintain their boats and troubleshoot problems instead of always calling in the professionals -- it's not just cost!


Fireplace wood stove or pellet burner Survival Monkey Forums

I built then expanded the fire place heat exchanger here, Fire place heat exchanger | Survival Monkey Forums
It works great but I'm still burning a ton of wood to heat 1 room, to keep it comfortable. I'm burning off up to 10lb of wood per hour.
Burning that much wood, say in a wood stove could heat the entire house, not just one room.
So something has go to to give, the fire place is nice but it's too...

Fireplace wood stove or pellet burner


Six Things To Check Before Going To A Shooting School Prepper's Will

For many Americans, shooting has always been their second nature. While some are fast learners, others require a lot of time and dedication to improve their shooting skills. No matter how much time you put into improving your shooting game, you will never be able to cover everything without the help of a shooting school. ... Read more...

The post Six Things To Check Before Going To A Shooting School was written by David Andrew Brown and appeared first on Prepper's Will.


What is a fire piston and how do you use it Survival Monkey Forums

Ok here is one of my fire pistons and how it works.


A new approach to urban survival for Male Monkeys Pretty dresses are no longer just for women Survival Monkey Forums

i will pass thank you

Why should women get to wear all the pretty dresses? Why can't men also flounce about in the feathers, lace or fine embroidery if they fancy? These are the questions being posed by the daring young Spanish label, Palomo Spain, whose flamboyant show kicked off the Paris men's fashion week late Tuesday.

Pretty dresses are no longer just for women


Hey Yall Survival Monkey Forums

Hey Yall, I am new here.


Best EDC at Cabelas Survival Monkey Forums

I got a Cabelas gift card for Christmas, and have decided to use it towards an EDC knife. My budget is $150ish, but if I can get get the job done for less than all the better. Conversely if there is a compelling reason to spend more money then I'm all ears.

What in your opinion is the best EDC knife at Cabelas and what makes it the standout?

Best EDC Knife at Cabelas Survival Monkey Forums

I got a Cabelas gift card for Christmas, and have decided to use it towards an EDC knife. My budget is $150ish, but if I can get get the job done for less than all the better. Conversely if there is a compelling reason to spend more money then I'm all ears.

What in your opinion is the best EDC knife at Cabelas and what makes it the standout?


17C American Women: 1698 Puritan leader Cotton Mather (1663-1728) on N... A Woodsrunner's Diary

17C American Women: 1698 Puritan leader Cotton Mather (1663-1728) on N...: Cotton Mather 1663-1728 "The Story of Squanto"  from 1698  Magnalia Christi Americana  by Cotton Mather A most wicked shipmas...


Remember The CIAs Heart Attack Gun? CNN Predicts That President Trump Will Die From A Heart Attack SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


CNN keeps predicting Trump will die of a heart attack, which brings to mind the CIA poison dart gun that can trigger one.

Revealed by the Church Committee in 1975, the heart attack gun is a modified 1911 that can shoot a dart with a deadly poison thats nearly undetectable which is perfect for political assassinations.

The poison was frozen into some sort of dart and then it was shot at very high speed into the person, said CIA whistleblower Mary Embree. When it reached the person it would melt inside them, and there would be a tiny red dot on their body, which was hard to detect.

There wouldnt be a needle or anything like that left in the person.

Then-CIA Director William Colby confirmed the gun could fire a special dart which potentially would be able to enter the target without perception, adding that an autopsy would fail to detect the darts poison.

Of course, the heart attack gun is 40-year-old technology, so its theoretically possible to now deliver heart attack-inducing toxins to someone without needing a dart.

But for Trump to suddenly die of a heart attack from natural causes, the public must be conditioned to believe he was at risk for one.

Conveniently enough, CNN now has this weird obsession with Trumps risk of a heart attack:

According to the American Mirror:

Because of Trumps calcium score, CNN predicted the president will have a heart attack or heart disease in 3-5 years.

But [CNN medical analyst Sanji] Gupta was more aggressive.

So the president has heart disease, he declared.

Yesterday, CNN host Brian Stelter didnt accept Dr. Ronny Jacksons findings [Trumps examiner], either.

Why is the network making an armchair diagnosis that Trump suffers from heart disease, despite his recent physical indicating excellent health?


Paying For The Surveillance State: Detroit Businesses Are Being FORCED To Pay To Allow Police To SPY On Their Customers SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


In yet another shocking example of the ever increasing American police state, the Mayor of Detroit is planning to mandate that all businesses that stay open later than 10pm be equipped with surveillance equipment that said businesses would then be forced to pay for.

The mandate would increase the amount of businesses taking part in Project Green Light from 230 to upwards of 4,000. Over 200 businesses have already voluntarily signed up for what is essentially a video surveillance system that is directly monitored at a main police hub in the city.

Local news outlet Crain reported:

Mayor Mike Duggans administration is moving forward with a plan to eventually mandate every retail business in Detroit with late-night hours have surveillance cameras tied into Project Green Light, the Detroit Police Departments real-time crime monitoring system credited with a decrease in carjackings and overall crime around participating businesses.

In an interview Wednesday with Crains, Duggan said he will ask City Council later this year to mandate Project Green Light high-definition video systems for all retail businesses open after 10 p.m.

Duggan said the city will start with requiring the camera systems for bars, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses open between midnight and 4 a.m. during the highest risk time for crimes to occur. Then the city will move to businesses open after 10 p.m., he said.

The report goes on to then reveal that businesses themselves actually pay for the surveillance which means that if Project Green Light becomes mandatory, American companies will literally be forced by the law to pay to spy on their own customers whether they want too or not.

Businesses in the Green Light project get extra patrols from Detroit Police Department officers who stop in to sign a log book, documenting the visit. Startup costs for getting the surveillance cameras installed ranges between $1,000 and $6,000, with monthly costs for cloud storage of the video starting at around $140.

Officers can access the live video feeds inside DPDs Real-Time Crime Center in the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters on Third Avenue.

Additionally, the mayor seems absolutely hellbent on forcing every single business in his city to install the surveillance and has even gone as far as to slander business owners who dont want the equipment by ludicrously claiming that they work with drug dealers them...


Hell On Earth: Major City Will RUN OUT Of Water In Less Than 95 Days SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

earthquake drought natural disaster

If youve ever needed a reason to store extra food and water, this just might be it.  Cape Town, South Africa is on schedule to run out of water in less than 95 days, and when they do, the government will turn off the taps.

There are only 95 days left before we reach Day Zero, the City of Cape Town announced on January 15 in a statement. Day Zero has moved a day closer this week to April 21, 2018. Day Zero is when the City will be forced to turn off most of the taps.

The coastal South African city has been battling droughts for nearly three years, amounting to the worst one in their history. With little rain on the horizon, the city has now ordered its 3.7 million residents to drastically cut their water consumption, take short stop-start showers, not wash their cars, and flush toilets as little as possible. If they dont, all of their taps could be shut off by the government in April.

The city doesnt appear to have any plan in place for such a SHTF event. But if the government cannot find a solution to the problem, Capetonians will be forced into bread lines for water. As if that isnt scary enough, city residents will have a limit of 5.5 gallons of water a day that will only be given to them at specific government outposts around the city.

Cape Towns mayor Patricia de Lille tweeted: I cannot stress it enough: all residents must save water and use less than 87 liters [19 gallons] per day We must avoid Day Zero and saving water is the only way we can do this. Not missing the opportunity to levy extra taxes on the populace, the city mayor has also impeded a drought char...


NPR... Survival Monkey Forums

I don't normally listen to National Public Radio (NPR) mainly because I didn't know what channels it was on in my local area. Anyway...By chance, I was going into town and happened upon their frequency and they had a broadcast about how the world will not be able to produce enough food for everyone by 2023 unless something changes. It did have some interesting facts also such as 55% world population by that time will be made up by China and India. Also, the USA and Brazil are the real...



How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened: Part 2 SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


Finally!!!! After Jose left us hanging in Part 1 of How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened, hes back with part 2. In the last installment, hed been inadvertently swept up in a mob of protesters.

So, I found myself, at age 15 facing a mob coming right straight to me. And of course I did what anyone with common sense would have done: I left. Not running, because my parents always told me that whenever a bunch of people surrounds you, there are usually socially non-adapted thugs within it that will look to hurt whoever they can, and the more harmless they look, the better. These kind of sadistic individuals are in all countries, regardless the cultural or economical general level of it. Look at the hooligans in London if you dont believe me.

I walked slowly, with the other friends I was with, and shaking myself like a jelly bowl of course, but never turning the back to the mob, and found shelter in a car parts shop owned by a friend of the family.

He came to the door, with the iron bar used to close the steel shutters in hand, just in case, (He is a pretty nice guy, he would make fun of me after years about how pale I was that day. God Bless him!). But the road direction steered away most of the people towards what would be the equivalent to the commercial district, with some large warehouses and bulk shops. Some of them told us not to follow, and to go home immediately. We saw in front of the boys of the high school we were going to, who came in the opposite direction to us, in a huge group and mixed with people of all kinds.

There was a huge mass of people of all ages who were shouting slogans. A huge cacophony was in the atmosphere, and the merchants, nervous, had already begun to close the doors of their shops.

After the mob, maybe 300 or 400 persons, passed, I decided to walk with my friends all the way home. For some reason, I accepted the invitation of my friend Leo and the rest of the kids. We started walking down the hill, along a large avenue with shops on both sides.

We wanted to hang around and have some fun, after all the school was closed. He wanted to show me a...


Eerie Satellite Images Show North Korea Gearing Up For Another Nuclear Test SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


As the world stands at the precipice of a third world war, eerie satellite images show that North Korea is likely getting ready for another nuclear test. The new images are reigniting fears that this could be the final straw that would officially lead to world war 3.

Dramatic satellite images taken earlier this month show disturbing activity on a barge that supports the development of a deadly nuclear submarine. The photos show activity on a second submersible ballistic missile test stand barge at the Nampo Navy Shipyard, a seaport in South Pyongan Province. This particular barge supported the development of the deadly Pukguksong-1 SLBM and the SINPO-Class experimental ballistic missile submarine.

The photo below was taken by satellite on January 6, 2018.


The fitting-out dock is used when vessels need systems such as pumps or electrics to be installed and minor work to be completed before being placed into devastating service. Since the last set of images were taken in December, the barge now has a small floating crane moored alongside it. Though the purpose of the work is unclear, it is probably related to final stages of repair before declaring the barge operational, reported

It comes as Kim Jong-uns repeated tests of his atomic arsenal have caused tensions to heat up in Asia, bringing condemnation from numerous powers and fanned World War 3 fears. This news also surfaces as a nuclear scientist, who has frequently visited North Korea, warned that the nation could have...


Yard Cart, Wagons & Wheelbarrows For Preparedness Modern Survival Blog

Wheels are round! They make it much easier to transport heavy stuff from point A to B! As a prepper, are you overlooking the need for yard carts, wagons, and wheelbarrows that will assist you in moving stuff around? Something thats not necessarily motorized, but instead can be pulled, pushed, rolled, or pedaled. Think about how you might transport supplies from here to there if fuel runs out. Are you planning to carry or drag everything? Some things are just too heavy or cumbersome. Why not take advantage of the wheel?   Yard Cart, Wagons, Wheelbarrows for Water Transportation One

The post Yard Cart, Wagons & Wheelbarrows For Preparedness appeared first on Modern Survival Blog.


Facebook Says Big Change Is Coming: Its Time To Pull Out All The Stops Of Censorship SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


Facebook is planning a major change to their news feed.  According to those briefed on this change, Facebook believes prioritizing content thats acted on will reduce the occurrence of fake and offensive content in the news feed.

The change will decisively favor user content and effectively deprioritize publishers content, according to three publishers that have been briefed by the platform ahead of the move, according to Digiday. It looks like it is simply another way to censor dissenting views.

Facebook told publishers that content from reputable publishers will also be surfaced. It didnt specify how it would define reputable publisher or how their traffic would be impacted, though. The worry for publishers is that such an approach will have the unintended consequence of hurting high-quality content because a lot of legitimate news articles, while they may get read, tend not to get shared or commented on.

The Daily Sheeples Joe Joseph also believes this is nothing more than a full-blown censorship attempt by the social media outlet. Big change is comin, says Joseph. Its time to pull out the stops of censorship because it is going full tilt.

Let me rephrase [what Facebook told publishers] that for people just so we dont use the term fake and offensive content, Joseph says. Its any content that Facebook says it doesnt like. Thats what that is. It has nothing to do with fake or offensive. It has everything to do with anything Facebook doesnt like or perhaps runs counter to narrative and worldview. 

For people like Facebook, who have dual interestsit really gets kinda murky. And then they have to kinda talk through their a$$ to try to explain it away, which they cant do, Joseph added. He says Facebook wi...


Well....I learned something today...... Survival Monkey Forums

Sittin' around the house today with about 6 inches of snow on the ground,,,,not really normal for my AO,,,,,had a mouse running around for a while,,,,don't bother me much,,,,,,well found out today,,,,my BB gun is not shootin' straight ,,,,,or I'm drinking to much,,,,,:ROFLMAO:


Either Negotiate, or Well Take Military Action! U.S. Secretary of State Uses Extortion on North Korea SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


There was a 20-nation security meeting in Vancouver on Tuesday, 1/15/18, and the nations in attendance agreed to impose stronger sanctions against North Korea in a bid to stop their nuclear weapons buildup and tests. China and Russia did not attend, and stated the meeting was evidence of another Cold War forming. The most alarming rhetoric, however, emanated from the U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson, who flat out stated that if the North Koreans do not negotiate, it will bring about a military response. Here is the video clip and an excerpt heading as released by Reuters on 1/17/18, entitled US Warns Pyongyang on Military Option:

Twenty nations agree to consider tougher sanctions to press North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns Pyongyang it could trigger a military response if it does not choose negotiations.Twenty nations agree to consider tougher sanctions to press North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns Pyongyang it could trigger a military response if it does not choose negotiations.

As headlines run, there is nothing that jumps out with this one, until you delve into the substance of it. This is very serious, as the U.S. has been narrowing the cone of the funnel toward war, now, for several monthsa quiet escalation in the form of movements of military assets into the area, military exercises (designed to provoke North Korea), and steadily-increasing sanctions.

Bottom Line? Tillerson threatens a U.S. military response if North Korea does not negotiate: military action not to counter or prevent military action, mind youbut military action if they do not negotiate.

Akin to an Anglo-Centric schoolyard, the Vancouver Summit was a closed meeting of nations with stances determined prior to the meeting. The U.S., Canada, Britain, and Australiaand the English-speaking kids, only invited nations that either fought in the Korean War or nations that would abide by the programnations that would not present dissenting views.

Russia and China were not invited: go figure.

Another headline sums it up most eloquently as released by CBC News. The article is entitled, North Korea Summit in Vancouver to focus on enforcing sanctions ahead of diplomacy.

How do you like that one? Focus on enforcing sanctions ahead of dip...


Hmmm Sea Cowboy... Survival Monkey Forums



I tried to find a water proof horse as a present.......

Hmmm Sea Cowboy...


Volunteer Spotlight: Alec Helps Companies Activate Onion Services Survival Monkey Forums

Volunteer Spotlight: Alec Helps Companies Activate Onion Services t0mmy January 18, 2018


Tor is a labor of love built by a small group of committed individuals, but were lucky to have the support of a dedicated volunteer base who help us make Tor the strongest anonymity tool out there. The volunteer spotlight is a regular feature here on the Tor...

Volunteer Spotlight: Alec Helps Companies Activate Onion Services


How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened: Part 2 The Organic Prepper

Finally!!!! After Jose left us hanging in Part 1 of How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened, hes back with part 2. In the last installment, hed been inadvertently Read the rest

The post How the Collapse of Venezuela Really Happened: Part 2 appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


7 Ways to Use Coconut for Survival When You Have Nothing Left Survival Life

Coconut Uses For Survival When You Have Nothing Left

When you find yourself in a Cast Away moment, you become overwhelmed and frantically look for resources that will aid in your survival. But did you ever think of a coconut as a means of surviving? Aside from being a source of food and drink, coconuts can be used in a variety of ways to help you live longer while waiting to be rescued.

Coconut Uses You Probably Didn't Know

If you're stranded on an island or in the middle of nowhere, you should be thankful if you see a coconut tree. While we often take things around us for granted, these overlooked trees produce fruit that could potentially save our lives. Read on for coconut uses you might be surprised to know.

Click here to enlarge.



1. Soothes Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

 Soothes dry skin and chapped lips | Coconut Uses For Survival When You Have Nothing Left
When you're dehydrated, chances are you...


The Popes WW3 Warning: The World Is At The Very Limit Of Nuclear War SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


Pope Francis said on Monday he was really afraid of the danger of a nuclear war and that the world now stood at the very limit.  According to his comments, the world is one step away from a devastating nuclear war.

The Pope made the comment as he flew off for a visit to Chile and Peru, and the statement comes just after Hawaii issued a false missile alert that provoked panic in the U.S. state and highlighted the risk of possible unintended nuclear war with North Korea. The mistaken alert underscored the risk of potentially entering an unintentional war with North Korea. Hawaii Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard said Sunday that the false alert shows the need for direct negotiations with North Korea.

But when asked if he was worried about the possibility of nuclear war, Pope Francis said: I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things.

Although the Pope did not specifically mention Hawaii or North Korea, he did say that stockpiling nuclear weapons is against the teaching of the Catholic church. According to One America News Network, Pope Francis has often discussed the danger of nuclear warfare. Back in November, the Pope appeared to harden the Catholic Churchs teaching against nuclear weapons, saying countries should not stockpile them even for the purpose of deterrence.

As reporters boarded his plane bound for Chile, Vatican officials handed out a photograph taken in 1945 that shows a young Japanese boy carrying his dead brother on his shoulders following the U.S. nuclear attack on Nagasaki. I was moved when I saw this. The only thing I could think of adding were the words the fruit of war, Pope Francis said, referring to a caption put on the back of the image. I wanted to have it reprinted and distributed because an image like this can be more moving than a thousand words. That is why I wanted to share it with you, he said.


What $50 can do for a prepper! Prepper Broadcasting |Network

What $50 can do for a prepper!

What $50 can do for a prepper!
James Walton I Am Liberty Audio player below!

I approached The Prepper Journal a couple months ago for a client. I already knew of the site and loved its content. I was a fan long before all of this freelance writing. Well, I posted some great content on there about setting up a base defense. It just so happened that this site was running a writing contest at the time of the posting, unbeknownst to me.

Continue reading What $50 can do for a prepper! at Prepper Broadcasting |Network.


Why use obsolete guns and ammo? Survival Monkey Forums

Going through Cartridges of the World (12th edition) I was Curious about the age of my ammo. It's not that old just wanted to find out when it was developed! This is what I found, 22lr,1887.12ga, early 1880's. 38 special,1902.9mm parabellum,1902.45 acp,1905. 357 magnum,1935. That's just handgun! Rifle rounds, 30/30 Winchester,1895. 8mm Mauser(.323)1905 and the youngsters 7.62x39 Soviet(M43) 1943. This is what I have. Now some young guns(pun intended) 308 Winchester,1952. 223(5.56x45)1957. 10...

Why use obsolete guns and ammo?


The Daily Show Asks, Will Liberal Preppers Survive the Apocalypse? The Organic Prepper

It was a tale of preppers from two different worlds.

A while back, a reporter from the Daily Show named Desi Lydic went to visit preppers who have entirely different Read the rest

The post The Daily Show Asks, Will Liberal Preppers Survive the Apocalypse? appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


Your Prepper Stockpile: How To Add More Fruits And Veggies To Your Inventory SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


Building a usable supply of fruits and vegetable is difficult for some preppers. Many of us struggle with this aspect of prepping, but there are a few simple steps you can take if youre looking to add fruit or vegetables to your prepper stockpile.

It is difficult in a SHTF situation to get the fruit and vegetables the human body needs, but without them, you and your family can be at risk for a nutritional deficiency disease such as scurvy (which results from a lack of vitamin C) and immune systems will be compromised.

According to Before Its News, one of the first things you should actually do, is avoid certain produce.  Whenever possible, focus on organic produce for your stockpile.  The use of pesticides in conventional farming is rampant.  Even the Environmental Protection Agency has been forced to admit that the ingestion of pesticides can cause health problems.  The government agency warns of the risk of birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time.  Especially at risk of harm from pesticides are prepubescent children and the unborn. It is also a good idea to just avoid GMOs (genetically modified organisms) if you can.  Particularly avoid anything non-organic that contains corn or soy ingredients. There are questions about health risks and GMOs are engineered to withstand even higher dousing of pesticides than other conventional fruits and veggies.

Now that its understood what to avoid, you can begin to build your stockpile of fruits and vegetables. Go here to find a list of the p...

Thursday, 18 January


SHTF Medical Emergencies: Why This Antibiotic is the Most Popular Type Stored Ready Nutrition


Ready Nutrition Readers, before you scoff completely at the title and smirk at the use of a manufactured pharmaceutical, there are a few things I ask you to keep in mind.  I have written before on my stance regarding both naturopathic and traditional medicines, and I will reiterate that position once more if you have either forgotten it or not read it:

 Herbalism is the parent of modern medicine, and the two branches should complement one another and never be in contradiction.

I have the utmost respect for the educational background of physicians.  The definition of a true physician is one who uses his skills to for the benefit of a patient in need and helps that patient as best as can be done.  Dont discount modern medicine completely.  Where one of the two branches cannot work, or does not work effectively, the other should be able to pick up the slack.  In this light, do not relegate all of the chemistry and science behind medicines that do work.  Sometimes we need that extra edge when facing an illness we cannot rectify through traditional home remedies.

Why Amoxicillin is the Most Popular Type of Antibiotic

One of the best medicines to stock up on is Amoxicillin, a drug that has been actively used in the service since 1972.  It is a pretty broad-spectrum antibiotic that is great for bacterial infections, such as ear infections, sinusitis, respiratory ailments, UTI (Urinary Tract Infections), Lyme disease (yes, were entering tick season now), pneumonia, and other ailments.  A well-rounded antibiotic, it has a shelf life of more than 15 years.  That in itself should ring a bell for you as a happy prepper.

I had mentioned in past articles that you can obtain antibiotics such as this one without a prescription for your pets.  Yes, prep for your pets, if you see what Im saying. Amoxicillin can also be used with skin infections and is one of the antibiotics prescribed when there is a problem with the dental emergenciesespecially with tooth extractions.  There are those who are hypersensitive (that suffer an allergic reaction) to amoxicillin, and adults should be aware of their own history regarding this.

The best thing: check with your friendly family physici...


Bug Out Bag K.I.S.S. and a Solid Plan. Survival Monkey Forums

Here is my B.O.B. Minus a sleeping bag a unopened 12 pack of socks and a unopened 6 pack of white cotton T Shirts unopened. It is NOT for long term survival or comfort. It is to get from the home base to one of the alternate locations. This all fits in my shoulder sling bag and weighs all total 9.37 pounds. Total Cost under $250. It is 32 miles to my first cache of supplies 3 days hike at a decent pace, 36 miles to the second cache from the first 4 days hike through very rough...

Bug Out Bag K.I.S.S. and a Solid Plan.


Global cooling Survival Monkey Forums

Well they probably had it right the first time.
After 20 years of failed climate predictions, most notably "the polar ice caps will be melted by 2010".
Climate gate 1 and 2
And NOAA just got caught adding weather stations that to the official climate change data pool that tend to give more erroneous high reading and deleting stations that give too many erroneous low readings.
(Climate gate 3?)
The IPCC was forced to admit they have been overestimating the effect of CO2 on the climate by...

Global cooling


SHOCK: An Elon University Professor Is Using Software To Provide Private Details On American Patriots To The Domestic Terror Group Antifa SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


In an absolutely shocking revelation, a report from Wired Magazine has revealed that a professor at Elon University has devised a so-called secret weapon, in support of Antifa, that allows her to keep tabs on at least 400,000 Americans who she believes are members of the alt-right.

The data is then provided to not only the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center but also directly to radical members of the domestic terror group Antifa who in turn presumably use the doxxed information to target said Americans.

The Wired Magazine report details the work of Megan Squire, a 45-year-old professor  professor of computer science at Elon who have developed the software for the hard-left with the admitted aim at not only getting right-wing patriots fired from their jobs but also possibly killed, as Antifa has been known in the past to violently assault anyone that they believe to be a member of the alt-right.

Amazingly Wired Magazine makes a women literally giving private details on people she just flat out claims are racist to a domestic terrorist group sound like some sort of hero.

The Wired article first describes an initial list of supposed alt-right Americans who Squire targeted for harassment, intimidation, and possible death.

Once she had a long list of people to investigate, Squire opened a database of her own designnamed Whack-a-Molewhich contains, as far as anyone can tell, the most robust trove of information on far-right extremists. When she cross-checked the names, she found that many matched, strengthening her belief in the authenticity of the leak.

By midafternoon, Squire was exchanging messages via Slack with an analyst at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a 46-year-old organization that monitors hate groups. Squire often feeds data to the SPLC, whose analysts might use it to provide information to police or to reveal white supremacists to their employers, seeking to get them fired. She also sent several high-profile names from the list to another contact, a left-wing activist who she knew might take more radical actionlike posting their identities and photos online, for the public to do with what it would.

Wired then describes Squires program that she claims has exposed upwards of 400,000 Americans who she believes are members of the alt-right and should therefore be attacked in a variet...


The Myth of OPSEC Survival Monkey Forums

While we all may dream of living in the Redoubt area of the USA with a secret self sufficient homestead with twice as many supplies as James Rawles, the sad truth is that I live 60 miles from Boston in a small New England semi rural town. I was at the clinic yesterday and they were reviewing my medical records, new computer system with records now supposedly in a format that is accessible in a nationwide data base, and we have been using the same clinic and providers for 35 + years. My...

The Myth of OPSEC


Whey protein isolate Survival Monkey Forums

Raw uncut whey protein has around 96% protein by weight. You can bet 9 grams of powder is going to have over 8 grams of protein in it.
It doesn't appear to go bad. It's very protein rich to say the least.
My wife bought some and it sucks. The $40 a pound medical grade soy free hypo alerginic stuff. Problem is it costs $40/lb, is soy free and doesn't want to mix with water. Need that soy lectin to make the whey mix with water, unless you plan on using a blender.
Mice like it, alot. If you do...

Whey protein isolate


Fire Cider: How to Make a Fast, Effective Remedy for the Flu The Organic Prepper

One of my favorite remedies for cold and flu season is fire cider. Its loaded with anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting, and decongestant herbs. Best of all, its super simple to make. Even Read the rest

The post Fire Cider: How to Make a Fast, Effective Remedy for the Flu appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


Socialist Dystopia: Starving Venezuelans Loot As Runaway Inflation Forces Pillaging For Food SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


The socialist dystopia of Venezuela is seeing inflation at such high rates that the starving civilians have resorted to looting the few stores left and pillaging for scraps of food. The 2600% inflation rate and socialist policies are destroying what was once South Americas wealthiest nation.

Worsening food shortages and runaway inflation have unleashed the spate of pillaging since Christmas in the South American country, in which seven people have reportedly died, according to Reuters.  Looters have ransacked trucks, supermarkets and liquor stores across the nation of 30 million people, which ranks as one of the most violent in the world.

The plunder is heaping more pain on battered businesses, raising questions about how much longer the starving Venezuelans can survive. The country, which is run by a full-blown socialist regime is suffering a fifth straight year of recession and the worlds highest inflation rate.

According to PanAm Post, in the city of Maracaibo, the capital of Zulia, residents looted a supermarket after waiting hours in line to buy corn flour. Violence broke out when they were informed that only members of pro-government community councils could make purchases. People were upset, Ana, a mother of two, said. There were people waiting yesterday. They started to open the doors (of the supermarket), to get in and grab packets of flour, but the police (socialist government police) arrived.

Manuel Lpez, President of the Association of Agricultural Producers of the Sur del Lago area, said that criminals will go from farm to farm, extorting producers and asking them to give up an animal. If the farmers refuse,  the extorters destroy everything.



Zippo Survival Monkey Forums

My very first lighter, or at least the first one I played with, was my dad's zippo when I was six years old. I thought it was so cool, even though I almost burned my neighbor's house down.

Was playing with the two daughters and was underneath a couch or bed. Thought it would be cool to light it up under there like I was in a cave or something. I learned that the flame does not have to be touching something very flammable to have it catch. And that flames and heat go upward. :eek:




Movie Director Offers $100K To Trumps Charity Of Choice If President Is Accurately Weighed SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


The director of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy is offering $100,000 to the charity of Donald Trumps choice if the president gets on a scale and is weighed accurately. James Gunn is making this offer because hes personally offended that the doctor who evaluated the president said Trump is in perfect health.

Fat shaming is only OK when done by the left apparently.  We wonder how many leftists would complain if someone wanted to fat shame the obviously pudgy Hillary Clinton, put her on a scale, and her publicly broadcast her weight.

According to the Hill, Gunn made the Tweet after looking up the weight of a professional baseball player who happens to be Trumps exact height. (Someone has no idea that muscle weighs more than fat.)

Gunn then tweeted a photo of MLB star Albert Pujols alongside Trump, comparing their heights and weights as listed in Trumps physical exam results.

Lets break it down for the liberals who don...


Some Really Good Places Not to Hide Your Stuff. Survival Monkey Forums

People Are Sharing The Best Hiding Places To Hide Your Valuables From Thieves

This article has a few tasty little items in it, but, unfortunately, they're all busted.

Once somebody posts a "secret" it isn't a secret anymore.

That means you can't trust these methods, and if you're already using one because you invented it, you might want to consider making a change.

Ye olde key in a rock doesn't work...

Some Really Good Places Not to Hide Your Stuff.


Uganda Doctor: Eye Bleeding Fever Is An Epidemic Already SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


The horrific outbreak of eye bleeding fever in East Africa has forced one doctor to admit the disturbing truth. The fatal outbreak of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is an epidemic already.

Amid news that this disease is the same on the wiped out much of the Aztec population, Dr. Mukuzi Muhereza, from the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) warns that immediate action should be taken to prevent the spread of this disease, which has a 40% fatality rate, and as a virus, has no cure.

Dr. Muhereza warned that the disease is highly contagious and said the people must be protected to prevent it spreading. Muherezas warning comes amid a growing war of words between the UMA and Ugandas health ministry, who have said there is no CCHF in the country, despite confirming a case.

This horrific infection causes victims to suffer from a burning fever before beginning to bleed from orifices including their eyes, anuses, and mouths. World Health Organisation (WHO) officials label any outbreak of CCHF as a major threat to public health. CCHF outbreaks constitute a threat to public health services because of its epidemic potential, its high case fatality ratio (10-40%), its potential for nosocomial outbreaks and the difficulties in treatment and prevention, WHOs description of the virus reads.

And new reports say that the Aztecs fell victim to a strikingly similar disease.

Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple says that history could be repeating itself with the reemergence of this deadly disease. Interestingly enough, its [the disease that killed the Aztecs] showing striking similarities to the eye bleeding plague over in Africa, says Joseph. If we use history as a guide here, and I wo...


Would Your Children Survive On Their Own? RSS Feed

little girl survival preppingWeve all read about the street children in Argentina after the economic collapse there, who wander the streets begging, stealing and scrounging through trash to survive.

Many were forced into child labor and prostitution.  Some of their own parents that could not support them or worse exploiting them for their own gain. In many ways, children suffer most from a disaster.

In the aftermath of the 7.0 Earthquake that shook Haiti on Tuesday, 12 January 2010 many children become parent-less. We have seen the...


Best Water Distillers for At Home Use Backdoor Survival

Why Distill? Distillation is beautiful process and it can be used to create a variety of things. Water distillation is an important tool for survival and we are lucky to have a lot of affordable distillers out there that make it easy to distill water at home. You can also distill a lot of other. . . Read More


Round Out Your Long Term Food Storage After Basic Goods Are Laid In Modern Survival Blog

Once you have the basic dry goods laid in, how should you approach the rest: meats, vegetables, vitamins, i.e. the things that help round out the diet. ? Thats an excellent question and one that should inspire some good comments! For long term preparedness there is often focus on dry goods and foods that are specifically processed for long shelf life (rice & beans, freeze dried, #10 cans of xyz, etc..). Thats all good! (and important). But what about rounding ones food storage (for the long term) but with other items that will complement the diet? Who wants to eat

The post Round Out Your Long Term Food Storage After Basic Goods Are Laid In appeared first on Modern Survival Blog.


Odor: Horses Sweat, Men perspire and Ladies glow! Prepper Broadcasting |Network

Odor: Horses Sweat, Men perspire and Ladies glow
Lynna A Preppers Path Audio player provided!

Ill admit it, Ive stolen the above line, my title, from a Victorian book on etiquette. Hopefully it got your attention! Odor or fragrance whichever term you prefer is something each of us deals with. We all have a story to tell about our own or someone else experience with Body Odor! In fact most people think of body odor as the opposite of alluring, which is why we put on perfume before dates and apply extra deodorant before a big date or meeting.

Continue reading Odor: Horses Sweat, Men perspire and Ladies glow! at Prepper Broadcasting |Network.


Japans Warning: North Korea Is Playing For Time As Talks With South Korea Proceed SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


The Japanese are warning the world that Pyongyang may be using the newest talks with South Korea to buy time to pursue its weapons program. United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also warned of complacency at a Tuesday summit in Vancouver, Canada.

South Korea pressed ahead with talks to include its northern neighbor in next months Winter Olympics Wednesday, but not without allies expressing concern that North Korea is continuing its nuclear weapons program.  According to CNN,  Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono called on the international community to be clear-eyed about North Koreas motivations for participating in the talks, which have been hailed by some as the most significant thaw in ties in years. I believe that North Korea wants to buy some time to continue their nuclear and missile programs, Kono said at the meeting. Its not the time to ease pressure towards North Korea, he said.

China, a nation which was not invited to the talks in Vancouver, denounced the meeting, and the United Nations Command, under whose framework they are being held as demonstrating Cold War mentality. [Such thinking] will only lead to split in the international community and harm the joint efforts that could properly solve the nuclear issue on Korea peninsula, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Wednesday.

Officials from both sides of the Korean Peninsula met Wednesday for the third round of talks to discuss North Koreas participation in the Pyeongchang, South Korea Winter Games next month. The International Olympic Committee is expected to discuss the proposals on Friday.

Discussed in Vancouver, were topics such as the US Air Forces deployment of six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Guam, and a Japanese national broadcaster who...


How to Raise Backyard Quail: An Alternative to Raising Chickens Backdoor Survival

City Farming with Backyard Quail: An Alternative to Raising Chickens | Backdoor SurvivalTen reasons why backyard quail are the perfect food animal for urban dwellers or others where chickens are not allowed. Plus the eggs and meat are delicious!


Selco: Who Survives and Who Dies When the SHTF? The Organic Prepper

Did you ever wonder about the differences in how people behave in a crisis? Why some people survive and some people die? Are there characteristics that we can nurture now Read the rest

The post Selco: Who Survives and Who Dies When the SHTF? appeared first on The Organic Prepper.


Another Hawaii Emergency Broadcast System Now Broadcasting Their Passwords SHTF Plan When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


In photo blunder by the Hawaii Emergency Broadcast System, a password was revealed. In a photo released by the agency in July, a password can be seen stuck to a computer with a post-it note in the Hawaii Emergency Management Agencys headquarters in Honolulu.

This government agency went so far as to brazenly display their password.  Media outlet Hawaii News Now reports that the agencys password protection measures are now in the spotlight after a photo from the agencys Honolulu headquarters appeared in news reports. Sharp-eyed readers noticed that a password was on a Post-It note stuck on a computer. Agency spokesman Richard Rapoza says the password was for an internal application that is no longer in use, not a major piece of software.

The agency says the alert was sent was because an employee pushed the wrong button, not because of a hack, but the photo has still rightly sparked criticism about the agencys level of security. The agency has said a worker clicked the wrong item in a drop-down menu; sent the warning, and that its system was not hacked.

It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the changeover of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button, Governor David Ige said. But if that truly was the case, it should be closed, right? Yet theres an ongoing investigation into the employee who sent the alert.

At the very least, government incompetence is more than evident when looking at this photo.  But not only that, it helps prove to the regular, everyday American citizen that those who should be on the frontlines looking out for the publics well-being dont actually care much.  Like the rest of us, they just want a paycheck.

The emergency warning officer who accidentally sent Hawaii an incoming missile alert has been receiving death threats and is not doing well, says the executive officer of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. Toby Clairmont told the...

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