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Sunday, 14 October


8 Signs Youre Falling Out Of Love With Your Partner Awareness Act

Sometimes we fall out of love and there is nothing that we can do about it. While in a few cases reigniting the spark is possible, it does not always happen.

When youre in a relationship, falling out of love is always going to hurt someone in the end whether youre the one who gets hurt or your partner is the one who gets hurt. Ending things on good terms is not always possible and sometimes just jumping ship is easier than facing things and telling your partner how you feel. When it comes to figuring out if youre falling out of love with someone or if you just need to spice things up there are a lot of different things you can look at.

Below I am going to go over some of the most common signs that you are falling out of love. These things are quite prominent in relationships that are falling apart. While you might not see the signs right away as you begin to lose interest more and more you will notice them.

8 Signs Youre Falling Out Of Love:

1. You dont feel valued in your relationship.

You dont feel like your partner values you. Its like youre not important anymore and you just feel useless. Nothing makes sense like it used to.

2. You dont want to be around your partner much.

You dont like to spend time with your partner. You prefer to spend as much time apart as possible. You just want your own peace of mind and with him or her around its hard to get.

3. You are unable to really focus on your partner.

You are not able to focus on your partner like us could in the past. Things arent how they used to be and it is quite clear. Your mind is elsewhere and no matter what you try you cant shake that feeling.

4. Your goals are changing and youre idea of the future is different now.

Your goals are not what they once were. Youve changed your mind about a lot of things and now have a different outlook on what is to come. This could potentially not include your current partner.

5. There is a lack of trust in the relationship.

You do not trust your partner and he or she doesnt trust you. Trust is crucial when it comes to dating. If your partner is not someone youre able to be open and honest with there is no sense in being together.

6. Intimacy is seriously lacking in your relationship.

You are not able to be intimate with one another. Youre both struggling in that area and you just cant seem to get things right. This is an issue that can run much deeper than you think.

7. You just dont feel right in the relationship.

You arent feeling right in your relationship anymore and you dont want to be in it. If you dont want to be in your relationship anymore you don...


According to Experts, These 6 Signs Mean You Are Ready to Move On From a Breakup Awareness Act

When we go through any kind of separation, it hurts. Moving on from someone who was so important to you is not an easy thing to do.

Moving on from any kind of breakup is not fun. It is always a process and when it comes the time to really take the steps you need to get yourself situated you should not hold back. We as humans fall in and out of love a lot more quickly than youd think.

While you shouldnt be rushing yourself to get back out there you also shouldnt be holding yourself back. When it comes to moving on if the signs listed below are present you should give it a go. Moving on is a crucial part of really pushing forward in this world.

6 Signs Youre Ready To Move On:

1. Youre able to put your own best interests first.

Not many people put their own best interests first. This is something everyone should do even when its hard. If you are finally able to do this you are ready to get back out there.

2. That feeling of helplessness is gone.

When you first go through a breakup, chances are youre going to feel quite helpless. That feeling will pass. While it might take a little while, the more self-exploration you go through the better.

3. Youre finally feeling like yourself again.

When you begin feeling like yourself again it is a sign that youre finally doing better. Things will get worse before they get better but once they get better you will begin really seeing the world for what it is. You can get to where you need to be if you really allow yourself to heal beforehand.

4. Youre open to taking risks and have found answers within.

Moving on includes taking a lot of risks. Once youve managed to find the answers within that you needed taking risks becomes a lot easier. This also goes back to self-exploration and can take some time.

5. Youve found the boundaries you were lacking before.

When it comes to relationships we tend to lack the boundaries we need. If youre moving forward you are most likely working on building up the boundaries that you needed before. This will benefit you greatly as time goes on.

6. You are not living in the past anymore.

We tend to obsess over the past after a breakup. This is not good and will only cause more pain that it is worth. When it comes to moving forward overcoming this is very important.

Image via Psychology Today


Pipeline Explosion Forced An Entire Nation to Evacuate Awareness Act

There has recently been a pipeline explosion in British Columbia and for those who dont know it caused serious problems for the locals. This whole ordeal is quite shocking.

This explosion cut the flow of Canadian Natural gas into Washington and brings forth risks of power outages. While the explosion is currently said to have caused no injuries locals were evacuated. While the order has been lifted now, residents are still afraid to go home.

Global News reported that the pipeline runs under the First Nations evacuation route which made those who had to evacuate feel quite uneasy as they were leaving. This explosion sent flames shooting towards the sky and social media was quite active and is still even now quite active in blowing up with photos of the event itself. As you will see below, some locals were even able to capture bits of the situation on film.

This explosion happened on the Westcoast Transmission Pipeline that was built in the 1950s. It is used to carry gas to areas of Canada, BC, and some places in the US. Gov. Jay Inslee has spoken with British Columbias Premier John Holgan about this situation and says they are working to monitor it closely. Many have been asked to try and conserve energy throughout the rest of the week.

When it comes to pipelines things like this are bound to happen but we do not know much about this situation in general. As time goes on more will be known I am sure. For more on this please check out the video below. What do you think about this? At the very least we can be glad no one was hurt this go around.

(Image Via: Dhruv Desai / The Associated Press)


10 Times A Man Will Regret Losing A High-Quality Woman Awareness Act

He will regret losing you when he is all on his own and forced to face his true self. While he thought the grass was greener on the other side that doesnt mean that it really was.

He might not see it just yet and it might take him far longer to realize he regrets losing you than you want it to but it will happen. As a good woman you did all you could and you gave him your all. Moving on is the best thing that you can do. While he might never be willing to admit that he regrets wasting your time and fucking up his chances with you, the thought will cross his mind one day when he least expects it.

Real love is not something that you find often and he will understand that as time goes by. He will regret what he lost and he will realize that sometimes life is not what it seems. Being single or playing the field might be fun, but its not all that it is cracked up to be. Below I am going to go over some of the instances in which he might think of you and how he misses what the two of you had. Going back isnt an option and youre better for having left his side but that wont change the number of times you come to his mind.

10 Times When He Will Regret Losing You, The Good Woman:

1. When he realizes no one else is as patient as you.

There will come a time when he thinks back to how kind and patient you were with him. He will think about the things you put up with and how good he had it. He will miss the way things were.

2. When he feels invisible and misunderstood.

There will come a time when he feels so misunderstood that he things back to you. You were the only person who saw him for who he really is. You could read him like an open book.

3. When he realizes that there is no one better out there.

There will come a time when he stops and considers whether there is someone better than you out there. You gave him your all and he will realize that he didnt put forth anywhere near the effort he should have. He will think perhaps there isnt anyone better than you out there like he thought there was.

4. When he realizes how fake the people closest to him are.

There will be a time when he realizes that the people he put before you were not who they seemed to be. He will think about how fake the people closest to him are and how real you were. You always told him how things were and broke things down in ways he needed them to be.

5. When you find someone better that treats you right.

There will be a time when you find someone better than him and it will eat him alive. He will realize he messed up and missed his chance to be with you. When he sees someone treating you the way he should have it will make him think big time.



13 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Lemon Water Awareness Act

With the rise of the internet, there are many dietary fads that come and go, each promising incredible results by changing ones diet or adding something to their daily routine. While many of these are later proven to be false, one that has continued to gain attention is that of lemon water.

Is it possible that there is more to this than just smoke and mirrors?

Unlike many of these popular fads, the inclusion of lemon water in your diet to promote better health has been proven through research and studies. Not only can it help you to lose weight and improve your overall skin condition, but lemon water also carries a number of important health benefits.

Interested in finding out why you should drink lemon water daily? Check out these 13 reasons:

#1 Improve Digestion

If you have been suffering from digestive issues, the solution may be easier than you thought. Lemon water works wonders! Not only does it hydrate the body, an essential step for proper digestion, but the lemon works to alkalize the system, helping to keep things moving smoothly and without irritation and inflammation through the digestive system.

#2 Fresher Breath

There is nothing worse than seeing the look that crosses someones face when you open your mouth to speak, and your breath reaches them first. Trying to find a way to improve your confidence in public? Look no further. The citric acid from the lemons actually stimulates saliva production helping to cleanse the mouth of bad smelling bacteria, while the citrusy smells leaves you smelling fresh and clean.

#3 Detoxify the Liver

Your liver plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being by filtering toxins out of your system, however, it also needs to be cleaned up from time to time. While just drinking water does wonders to flush the liver out, allowing it to work at its optimal level, adding lemon to your water can amplify your efforts. A healthy liver will lead to better health overall.

#4 Improve Hydration

We have all heard it at one time or another, that each of us should be making a point of getting those all too important 8 glasses of water into our systems every day. For many, however, the bland taste of water can make this difficult. Rather than using drink crystals full of artificial sweeteners, lemons provide a natural flavor.

#5 Relieve Upset Stomachs

If youve been suffering from an upset stomach, lemon water may be the miracle fix you have be...


11 Permanent Scars Daughters of Unloving Mothers Carry Through Life Awareness Act

While a lot of moms care for their children and meet all of their needs, some of them do not. Sometimes mothers, for many different reasons, neglect the emotional needs of their offspring and that has lasting effects on them.

If you are the daughter of a mother who was not loving, you are not the same as everyone else, things are harder on you for a number of reasons. Unloving mothers bring their kids up in an atmosphere that squashes emotional responses. While it teaches them to protect themselves it doesnt allow them to be their true selves. They develop a mindset that other people might not understand.

Daughters of unloving mothers tend to carry the following scars with them throughout their lives. While they are stronger for their experiences they are also weak in other ways. Sure, we face many things in our lives but if youre the product of a mother who was not willing to show you the love you needed the following thoughts might be things you experience quite often or struggle with big time.

11 Thoughts That The Daughters of Unloving Mothers Carry With Them:

1. I am not trying hard enough.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you probably feel far more than no that your efforts are not good enough. As long as you are doing your best you are making a good enough effort. Stop beating yourself down.

2. Saying no is so hard.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you probably struggle with saying no. Saying no is important and if youre not able to do-so working on it is crucial. Dont agree to things you dont want to agree to.

3. I just cant get anything right.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you probably tend to wonder why things are always going wrong. Even the simplest issues throw you through the roof. While it might be frustrating you cannot give into this feeling.

4. I am too ____.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you might feel like you are too much or other things of the sort at times. This is because your mother may have told you at one point or another that you are too emotional or too anything else. This happens more than you might think.

5. No one really cares about me.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you might not think anyone cares about you. This is not true. There are people who care about you whether you realize it or not.

6. I am just not good enough.

If you grew up with an unloving mother you probably feel like youre not good enough or struggle with this feeling. You are good enough. Her unrealistic views of you were just not achievabl...


Darrell Miklos: Part 1: An Unexplained Discovery Under the Bermuda Triangle Earth Ancients

Darrell Miklos hails from a family of treasure hunters who engaged in several successful underwater historical shipwreck recoveries in the 1960's & 1970's. Darrell became interested in treasure hunting at a very young age while recovering spent booster rockets for NASA's Apollo Program with his father. Beginning in the 1970's through the 1990's Darrell worked on excavating several shipwreck sites off the Florida coast, and later explored areas of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. In 1978 Darrell's father was a guest on The Merv Griffin Show, an episode that also featured Astronaut Gordon Cooper. Darrell and Gordon met that day and later in life the two became friends, shared an office, and went on several treasure-hunting excursions together. Darrell is an NAUI certified diver and Darrell's work has yielded him an invitation to join the American Academy of Underwater Scientists, of which he has been a member for two years. In 2014 Darrell opened a shipwreck recovery business near his home in Southern California called Gemini Marine Exploration where he salvages historic shipwrecks and artifacts. Today Darrell is working on a project based on his close relationship with the late astronaut Gordon Cooper covering the decades of research they worked on separately and together regarding multiple anomalies recorded by Gordon Cooper on his Mercury 9 Faith 7 space flight in May of 1963.


More Weight: The Fate of Accused Salem Wizzard Giles Corey Cult of Weird

During the Salem Witch Trials, Giles Corey was crushed to death with rocks for refusing to enter a plea for the accusations of witchcraft made against him.


How the Ketogenic Diet Could Potentially Benefit Your Mental Health Awareness Act

The ketogenic diet is something many people consider to be controversial. Some are very against it and others claim it is the holy grail of weight loss.

This kind of diet can vary in several ways but basically consists of being formulated to be extremely low carb diets (or no carbs in some cases). This is something that can benefit a lot of people if carried out correctly. The things we eat have drastic effects on our health and in this case, our mental health is one of the things that might see the most change.

Basically these diets lower blood sugar and insulin levels which causes the body to turn to fat as a source of energy. In turn, our bodies go into a fat burning mode known as ketosis, which many people fear could do more harm than good.   That being said, it might be exactly what some people need to help with things like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and even anxiety.

There have been quite a few studies in regards one of which is from 2013 and notes the ketogenic diet as helping stabilize the moods of those involved. It actually managed to exceed the results they had gained from just medication. This being something many found shocking but of course, is still in its early stages research-wise.

There have been studies on the ketogenic diet and many different psychiatric disorders to show positive outcomes. One from back in 2009 that was carried out on an overweight schizophrenic woman noted a significant improvement with her symptoms. Reports even mention complete resolution in regards to her hallucinations. While it might sound crazy, its pretty amazing that things like this are possible.

Sure, there is no firm evidence that it will work for everyone but as time goes on I am sure more research will be done. It has proven to be quite promising for things like seizures in regards to children with epilepsy and could be beneficial for many in the future. What do you think about all of this? I for one cannot wait to see what research brings.

Studies in regards to things like this are not easy to get right and there are lots of different things to factor in. While it might not sound like much offhand when you really break things down it seems there might be some good actually coming from it. Perhaps low-carb diets are more beneficial than we might think.

Image via...


Quebecs Incoming Premier Says The Crucifix Is Not A Religious Symbol Awareness Act

As you may be aware, there is a crucifix hanging in Quebecs National Assembly. This is something that has been considered a bit controversial as not everyone is a Christian.

Francois Legault Quebecs incoming premier says that there is no reason for the crucifix to be removed. While he is all for banning religious symbols (he says) he claims the crucifix in this instance is not a religious symbol. He made several comments defending his decision to keep it hanging where it has been hanging for years all the while intending to make it banned for civil servants to wear religious symbols themselves.

The crucifix we are going over has been above the speakers chair in the National Assembly since 1936. The removal of it is what I guess you could consider to be a delicate issue. Now the ban I mentioned above would literally ban civil servants from wearing things like hijabs and kippas. This would affect everyone from teachers to police officers and everyone in between.

BBC reported as follows on the topic:

The debate over religious symbols in Quebec public life has been a perennial issue for the past decade.

In 2014, the Parti Quebecois proposed a so-called Charter of Values bill, that would ban all public servants from wearing ostentatious religious symbols or clothing.

Many decried the bill as Islamophobic and anti-Semitic, but proponents said the law was meant to promote secularism and separate Church and state.

Since winning a majority in last weeks election, Mr. Legaults Coalition Avenir Qubec party has renewed the call to ban all religious symbols and has even said he would consider firing teachers who refused to comply with the ban.

We have to understand our past, Mr. Legault said.

In our past, we had Protestants and Catholics. They built the values we have in Quebec. We have to recognize that and not mix that with religious signs.

His willingness to ban religious symbols whilst refusing to take the crucifix down from the legislature has drawn much criticism.

Seems a bit one sided now, doesnt it? In regards to keeping the crucifix around, Legault said it was something that helped people remember their past and that it was a reminder of the role of French Catholics and British Protestants in Quebecs history. Claiming those things set it apart from religious signs. The plan to ban religious symbols in general for civil servants has sparked outrage and protests in Montreal and ma...


7 Ways To Enhance Your Feminine Energy Awareness Act

Feminine energy is something we all have. While it is often overlooked, it plays a huge in every aspect of our known universe.

As a woman, you should take pride in your feminine energy and do your best to ensure it is as strong as it possibly can be. Feminine energy is something many people do not quite understand and because of that lots of people think having it is a bad thing. Being feminine doesnt mean you are inferior to masculine traits. Being comfortable in your feminity is something that opens far more doors than you might think.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to increase your feminine energy and bring it more strength. Some of these things will be easier than the others but they will all help you get to where you need to be. Embracing your feminine side is not the end of the world, it is merely the beginning.

7 Ways To Increase Your Feminine Energy:

1. Spend quality time with other females.

Spending quality time with the people who have the most in common with you will bring out your feminine energy big time. Make friends with other ladies and be there for one another. You dont have to always go out and do things, sometimes a simple chat is enough to increase your energies.

2. Please yourself as often as you feel is necessary.

Please yourself in whatever way you feel is best for you and do-so time and time again. Do things that make you happy and have fun. Dont live your life in a way that has you locked away and upset all the time.

3. Practice self-care in all ways you feel are important.

Be there for yourself in all the ways you feel you need to be. Take relaxing baths and sleep in when you think it is necessary. Dont waste your life away, take care of yourself.

4. Celebrate your period.

While this world has taught us that we should be ashamed of our periods and hide the fact that were having them from the rest of the world, you dont have to. You should celebrate your period and allow yourself to relax while youre on it. This is not something everyone is lucky enough to have.

5. Work with your Kundalini.

While a lot of people dont think about their Kundalini you should look into ways to awaken yours. Kundalini awakenings can be a bit intense but they are important.

6. Love the skin youre in.

Love yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level. Dont waste away hating your body or hating things that you cannot change. Learn to care for yourself in the ways most others dont.

7. Pay attention to your feelings.

Pay attention to your own emotions. Be mindful of the things you feel an...

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Saturday, 13 October


GaiaPortal 10-13-18 Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp note: had incorrect date on first posting.]

In this GaiaPortal, the first word that stands out is attenuations. Attenuate can mean To reduce in force, value, amount, or degree; weaken, which seems to fit the overall message. Also, farrows are litters of pigs. Flessaries no idea about that one.

This appears to address the stepward (perhaps = stepwise + forward) reducing of force, effectiveness, of the cabal and all old paradigm things.

Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures

Stepward attenuations collapse the old paradigm structures.

Forward movements made possible.

Farrows are sent.

Levitations begin.



Two 10-12-18 videos SGTReport, PROCESS & PLANNING, Law AND Order [& GITMO] (and bombshell info about) & Internet Blackout Warning For Next 48 Hours Kauilapele's Blog

These two videos really struck home for myself today. The first also goes through the (famous) Q post 2381, and then he speaks about an inside source (a Navy admiral) regarding Gitmo (that starts at about 8:47 of the video).

The second covers a possible internet outage for some users during the next 48 hours.

Published on Oct 12, 2018
Don Lemon has a melt down over Kanyes visit to the Oval office and once again proves that hes a racist mockingbird. And one of the most dramatic Q posts to date in which Q says, the unwinding of the entrenched deep state blockade takes time, but rest assured, the wheels of justice are in motion. AND a bombshell bit of information I just learned about GITMO. Thanks for tuning in.


181012 Return to Klauea 10 Golden Island Kauilapele's Blog

This sculpture, at the Volcano Art Center, really struck Golden Hawaii island surrounded by red ocean in a Golden sphere. Perfect!!


5G is Emerging Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By June Ann 5G is Emerging 5G technology is reported to be 100 times faster than current speeds but the signal is short so cities Continue Reading

Het bericht 5G is Emerging verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


A Tale of Four Companies Take care 4

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz If you read history and read it closely you will notice all sorts of odd things. You will learn that on the Continue Reading

Het bericht A Tale of Four Companies verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2 Take care 4

  Dauntless Dialogue Gepubliceerd op 11 okt. 2018 You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the 20 and Back. Randy Cramer joins us in Breakaway, Continue Reading

Het bericht #7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Scientists Are Urging Women To Lose Their Bras Once And For All Awareness Act

Weve heard the stories of women burning their bras in the 1970s as a form of protest, but recent scientific studies reveal that these women may have been onto something! While society may tell us that its necessary to wear a bra from the moment that our breasts start to develop, research says we may be doing more harm than good.

There are a number of reasons why we are told from a young age that bras are a necessary and inevitable part of growing up. For example, the allegedly protect us from back pain and prevent our breasts from sagging with age. However, as most of us will attest, these incredibly uncomfortable contraptions are often far from the beautiful, sexy lingerie that the commercials want us to believe they are. Instead, many are itchy and constricting. Good news! New research says we may finally have a good reason to get rid of them once and for all!

Sports medicine specialist Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon published the results of a 15-year study involving a total of 330 volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35. Throughout the study, researchers measured the breasts of the participants using a slide ruler and a caliper, taking note of any changes. They then took this information, comparing those who regularly wore a bra to those that didnt, and the results blew away the old theory that bras were required for all young women.

In fact, those who didnt wear a bra throughout the study were found to have an average lift of 7 millimeters from their nipples each year. They showed no signs of additional back pain, any stretch marks had faded, and their breasts were found to be firmer.

Our first results confirm the hypothesis that the bra is a false need, explained Rouillon. Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity. Instead, it languishes with a bra.

While all evidence from the study indicated that women should scrap their bras once and for all, Rouillon cautioned that further research would be required to determine if these findings do, in fact, hold true for all women.

However, new research from scientist Dr. Gregory Heigh may be the last shred of information required to walk away from your bras for the rest of your life! Following significant study, Heigh concluded that 90% of the patients he sees with fibrocystic breast disease experience significant improvement after they stop wearing their bras. Regular use of a bra may actually impede the lymph nodes in the breasts from draining appropriately, leading to the accumulation of toxic waste. This can lead to the development of breast cancer over time.

So, if you...



The HighWire with Del Bigtree Live gestreamd op 4 okt. 2018 Multistreaming with EXPOSED: THE HPV VACCINE America Dying Young?; HHS Under Fire Over Fetal Tissue; The HPV Vaccine Continue Reading

Het bericht EXPOSED: THE HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus Are All In Scorpio Get Ready For The Darkness Awareness Act

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all currently in Scorpio and that is going to have the air around all of us very thick. Chances are youve been feeling very dark and out of place here lately and there is a reason why.

Venus has been in Scorpio for a good while now and is very passionate for a number of reasons. Scorpio is a very extreme sign and brings forth a very all or nothing mindset. Because it is the sign of transformation and works to connect us all in ways that we otherwise would not be able to. While Venus is in Scorpio we will be gaining a better understanding of the things around us. That being said, because Venus is currently retrograding in Scorpio, not all that comes from this will be positive.

We will be finding ourselves pushing backward instead of striving forward. You might become quite emotional and allow the negative side of things to take hold on your being. If you want to make it through this you need to try and remain as grounded as possible.

Now, Mercury and Jupiter are both also in Scorpio which means drama and serious reality checks are before us. Mercury made its way into Scorpio on October 8th and because of this you are most likely being much more critical of those in your life. You will be digging for truth and finding a lot of bullshit along the way.

Jupiter is going to be pushing you overboard if you allow it to and because of that you need to really try and think things through. Dont act without weighing things out before. Slowing down and seeing where you end up during this time is crucial.

These energies combined can produce a lot of confusion within our lives and we need to be aware of that. If you are feeling restricted or confused this is why. Sure, there are other things going on in the celestial world but these are well worth noting.

Scorpio is not a fun force to face but when it comes in contact with several planets at once you can expect a lot of tension. That being said you will come out of this being able to truly appreciate the people who are genuine and truthful in your life. You might be out of it for a little while but things will get back to normal in time. For more information on what to expect this month please feel free to check out the video below.


Horrific Drone Footage Shows The Terrible Aftermath Of Hurricane Michael Awareness Act

As you most likely know Hurricane Michael recently wreaked havoc here in the US. Almost reaching category 5 status Michael was a true terror.

The small city of Mexico Beach, Florida was one of the areas most affected and it is completely torn apart. While it might not seem like much, this town was home to at least 1000 people. Homes are no longer standing and neighborhoods are seemingly nonexistent.

According to The Guardian, Hurricane Michael was/is the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle and when it made landfall winds were reaching about 155 miles per hour. Only a couple of deaths have been reported thus far which is a shock in itself. Many were able to evacuate on time and the efforts that were made in keeping locals safe really seems to have paid off for the most part.

According to NBC News, 20 people were rescued Wednesday night from this small city and were not injured or in distress. Those who live on the coast have been told not to try and get back just yet. Roads are closed as crews work to remove debris and ensure travel will be safe in the weeks to come. Some roads will be cleared with ease and others need much more work.

This hurricane changed the lives of so many forever and most are left with little to nothing. This hurricane was a true disaster. Drone footage was captured of what is left of Mexico Beach in Florida and it is truly heartbreaking. This is all that is left of what so many cherished.

To see the drone footage for yourself check out the video below. That being said, it is not something everyone will want to see. No matter who you are it will make you thankful that you are where you are. Please keep those who have been affected by this disaster in your thoughts, if you would like to donate to this cause please click here.

(Image Via: PBSNewsHour/Youtube)


Avocados Arent Really Vegan And The Internet Is Fuming! Awareness Act

A lot of people in this day and age are beginning to really look at the things they are eating. Many are turning to veganism and with that comes a lot of having to sort through what is and isnt vegan-friendly to eat.

While avocados are delicious and nutritious it seems they arent quite vegan like we have been led to believe. Now, this might be reaching a bit but technically they are not vegan because they cannot exist without the help of bees and those bees are used in an unnatural way to produce avocados. There are also several fruits produced this way as well.

This all sparked controversy recently as the BBC released an episode of their quiz show QI. On this show, contestants were asked which items shown were truly vegan and which were not. Contestants were shocked by the revelation.

Sandi Toksvig the host of this show said as follows in regards to avocados and their not being vegan:

Its the same reason as honey. They cant exist without bees, and bees are used in, lets call it n unnatural way.'

Because they are so difficult to cultivate naturally, and all of these crops rely on bees which are placed on the back of trucks and taken very long distances across the country.

Its migratory beekeeping and its unnatural use of animals and there are lots of foods that fall foul of this. Broccoli is a good example. Cherries, cucumbers, lettuce. Lots and lots of vegan things are not strictly vegan.

That being said, this is just something that cannot be avoided. If you cut down on all of the foods that are produced in this manner or similar situations vegans wouldnt have much left. The Vegan Society believes that branding avocados as not vegan is a bit unreasonable and the internet has been going crazy.

The Vegan Societys spokesperson Dominika Piasecka told Plant Based News as follows in regards:

We are aware that many forms of farming involve indirect harm to animals but it is unfortunately not possible or practicable to avoid the destruction of other animals in most farming a...


7 Superpowers All Empaths Have But Dont Usually Notice Awareness Act

Empaths are some of the most powerful people on this planet. While they dont usually know their true potential, others see it big time.

Now, for those who do not know empaths are people who can sense and absorb the emotions of others. They take them on as their own and sometimes that causes them a lot of issues. While no two empaths are the exact same, they do tend to have a lot in common with one another.

Below I am going to go over some of the powers empaths have that they tend to go overlooked. While they are important things and they make big differences in the lives of those around the empath is completely oblivious normally. If youre an empath these things will really bring you to a new understanding.

7 Powers Empaths Have But Dont Usually Notice:

1. Empaths can spot liars from a mile away.

Empaths can tell whether or not youre a liar with ease. Empaths can sense when there is something weird going on with the people in your life. If someone isnt being genuine then you will be able to see it big time.

2. They can change the mood of a room with ease.

Empaths can make the mood of a room turn from positive to negative or vice versa. When they want to make the mood of the situation to change they change it. That being said, sometimes they dont see the things that are going on. They sometimes do not realize how big the impact they have on things are.

3. They can read auras.

Empaths can read the auras of other people. They can sense whether or not someone is being genuine and can tell if a person is toxic or not. While they might not be able to see a persons aura they do sense things about them other people cant.

4. Empaths are natural born healers.

Empaths are able to heal others in ways that most cannot. They work through the emotions and bring forth a sense of comfort within that people otherwise wouldnt be able to find. While sometimes they struggle with keeping the emotions they absorb from being confused with their own they do work wonders in the lives of others.

5. They understand animals on a deep level.

Empaths are able to understand animals in ways people usually dont think about. They can see the emotions animals are feeling and animals are drawn to them. Its like they are able to actually communicate in a deeper plane.

6. Empaths have a stronger intuition than most.

Empaths can sense things that most other people dont sense. They have a strong intuition and act accordingly. They dont ignore the things their intuition is bringing them to.

7. They see people for who they are.

Empaths see other people for who they truly...


12 Reasons Why Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone Than With Fake Friends Awareness Act

When it comes to being alone it can feel different for everyone. While one person might hate being along another might truly love it.

If you are a strong woman you will prefer solitude over fake friends. Fake friends will make you feel more alone than actually being alone and that is a lesson you know all too well. When you are a strong woman you know who is sincere and who isnt, you are honest with yourself and expect others to be honest too.

While strong women still feel down in the dumps sometimes they know how to pick themselves up. They are able to protect themselves and work on their own lives without obsessing over others. Below you will find a list of the reasons why strong women are like this. Just because theyre on their own doesnt mean that they are unhappy or feel empty. Sometimes the happiest people are those who spend their time with very few.

12 Reasons A Strong Woman Would Prefer Solitude Over Fake Friends:

1. She doesnt have to worry about how she looks.

When a strong woman is on her own she can do whatever she wants and look however she pleases. When she is surrounded by fake people she has to keep up her appearance and work to please others. When she cuts off those fake people she is no longer forced to worry about any of that.

2. She tends to be quite misunderstood.

Strong women tend to be quite misunderstood by others. While few do see them for who they are and stick around fakes will come and go. Cutting ties with fake people can be hard but it is crucial.

3. She hates small talk.

Strong women are not usually fans of small talk. She most likely wants a deep meaningful conversation. She isnt going to waste her time talking to just anyone about just anything.

4. She cant stand liars.

Strong women cannot stand liars. Fake people tend to be both fake and overly judgmental which is a lethal duo. Strong women are not the kinds of people to just let others walk all over them.

5. She finds most people to be quite boring.

Strong women are not going to get along with most other people. Most people wont be able to keep her interested. She will get bored easily with those who only wish to serve their own agendas.

6. She enjoys her own company.

Strong women are women who tend to really feel comfortable in their own minds and bodies. She will be fine all on her own and find happiness within. Sure, she might not be completely alone but she knows those closest to her are people she can trust.

7. She can read others quite well.

Strong women are usually really good at seeing the intention...


The True Definition Of A Soulmate, Based On Your Month Of Birth Awareness Act

Each and every one of us are unique in our own special ways. What you might think is important in a partner, someone else might not care about at all.

Our birth month says a lot about us and what we find to be important in others. You see when it comes to soulmates no one definition is the correct one. Your soulmate is whatever you want him or her to be. Your soulmate is going to be able to provide you with exactly what you need in your life and depending on what month you were born that could be anything from comfort to adventure and all things in-between.

If you want to know what your soulmate could be summed up as, you might want to look for your birth month below. You might be surprised by how spot on these things really are. Soulmates are a lot more than most people tend to realize.

What Your Soulmate Will Be Like Based On Your Birth Month:


Your soulmate will be able to teach you to be patient and broaden your horizons. He or she will be just as spontaneous and innovative as you are but still also just as grounded. You will both be able to bring out the best in one another.


Your soulmate will be someone you can really trust. He or she will never break any of his or her promises and will always make you feel loved. With this person, you will finally feel free to express yourself and open to make changes that you need to make. Your soulmate is the kind of person that brings out the best in you.


Your soulmate will be someone that you can be alone with and still feel perfectly comfortable. He or she will be romantic and love all of the things about you that others dont. He or she will help you live out your dreams in some of the most unexpected ways. You will always feel as if this person truly understands you.


Your soulmate will teach you to be a little more reckless and still bring forth a side of you that wants to grow. He or she will be there by your side even in your worst moments which is something you cannot say about most. This person will be just as down to earth as you are and really work to keep you motivated.


Your soulmate will be just as fun and freedom-oriented as you are but will make you want to be tied down. He or she will remove the tension and restlessness from your life that you have been fighting off for years. Everything will begin to make sense once this person comes into your life.


Your soulmate will be someone that is just as good at communicating as you are. You will both be able to speak to one another about any and everything. He or she will be the stability youve been needing in your life and make you feel truly ready to move forward. With this person, you will finally be able to put your enthusiasm to work.


Your soulmate will be someone that loves as deeply as you do. He or she will be someone that has a sensit...


Scientists Reveal That Your Body Cells Emit Light, Even Using it As a Source of Communication Awareness Act

While there are many theories and scientific discoveries that just make sense the moment that we hear them, others sound so wild that they could have been ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel. Take, for example, the idea that our cells communicate by emitting light, even giving off light as they die like small stars.

Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch was the first to discover the existence of endogenous light, the idea that light is produced by our own cells and not just something that we experience naturally from the sun and the stars. Gurwitshs discovery has inspired research and studies, all to better understand this fascinating phenomenon.

German scientist Fritz Albert Popp took Gurwitschs research a step further, analyzing the way in which the light is used in communication and the messages that your cells may be trying to transmit. His findings revealed that this light may provide insight into the overall health and well-being of the organism. Therefore, by better understanding this light, we may be able to identify chaotic emission patterns that could alert us to diseases within the body.

Popp discovered that in healthy bodies, this light known as biophotons would follow a predictable biological rhythm, a rhythm that is in sync with the world around them. However, when studying this light in sick patients, such as those facing diseases like cancer, the natural rhythm is lost and the biophotons are incoherent. This confuses their ability to communicate with other cells within the body as well as with the world around them.

Interestingly enough, when an individual becomes overly stressed, they begin to emit higher levels of biophotons, producing even more light. In fact, just before a cell dies off it emits a small burst of life similar to that which has been witnessed in a dying supernova, intensifying its light in the moments before it burns up.

It is one of the rare situations in which the findings of science line up so beautifully with the spiritual beliefs associated with many different cultures. Those who are in tune with their spiritual existence believe that there is both an energy and a light associated with the universe, and this energy is what connects us to others, as well as to the Earth and the Universe as a whole. It is an energy that has always existed and will continue to exist long after were gone.

While it will require further study, a better understanding of biophoton communication may lead to new medical discoveries. Is this the future of medicine?


Friday, 12 October


Speaking of Censorship, here on 10-11-18, Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Pages, Accounts for Spreading Fake News (and dont forget those Alternative Health Pages!) Kauilapele's Blog

This is definitely relevant to the last post (about the Google Good Censor document). Ive not too much time here, but Im posting links and snippets from two articles, and a Jordan Sather video that goes into more details about this. A article has a list of some of the sites deleted.

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Pages, Accounts for Spreading Fake News (10-11-18)

Facebook announced Thursday that it had deleted over 800 mostly U.S.-based pages and accounts that were posting politically oriented spam and engaging in inauthentic behavior. 559 pages and 251 accounts [were deleted]. Nation in Distress, a pro-President Donald Trump page had over 3 million followers.

In the past...


You are reaching a point where you cannot fail to start achieving your aims for the future. Take care 4

DUTCH   Mike Quinsey Channeling his Higher Self 12 October 2018   You are reaching a point where you cannot fail to start achieving your aims for the Continue Reading

Het bericht You are reaching a point where you cannot fail to start achieving your aims for the future. verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Trumps Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs According To Steven Greer Take care 4

Source: Collective Evolution | By Arjun Walia IN BRIEF The Facts: According to Dr. Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project, Trumps people have been briefed about the UFO topic. Continue Reading

Het bericht Trumps Administration Has Been Briefed About UFOs According To Steven Greer verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Allum Bokhari, 10-9-18 THE GOOD CENSOR: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for Safety And Civility Kauilapele's Blog

Thats right thats the first page. It says, How can Google reassure the world that it protects users from harmful content while still supporting free speech?

Holy crap what a find for whoever found this!

It is quite full of phrases like, protecting users from harmful content, how much censorship there should be online, oversee safe spaces, well-ordered spaces for safety and civility.. Its like Google seems to be saying that it is up to them to protect us, therefore it is okay to censor what they think they should censor. They are talking about us like we are two- or three-year-olds and need to be protected. Why are they or any of their people even talking about this? Why censor any speech?

It appears to me that they, and other selected (and BIG) internet tech companies are going way off the deep end, and guaranteed, much of it is due to the Trump Effect&#823...


Viral Video Shows Compound in Cannabis Oil As it Targets and Kills Cancer Cells (Video) Awareness Act

The debate regarding the use of medical marijuana is at an all-time high in the United States. As a growing number of states legalize cannabis use for medicinal purposes, the pressure is on for researchers and scientists to better understand its potential use in various capacities.

The road to legalization has been a bumpy one. For every study or research paper showing that there are practical and beneficial uses for cannabis in the medical field, another study will emerge revealing its risks or inefficiencies. Adding to the complications that supporters face, many of the studies both for and against the use of cannabis are questioned for credibility, further confusing any attempt to establish the necessary evidence to support ones stance.

Despite these challenges, a 2018 Gallop poll revealed that 64% of Americans are in support of legalization or marijuana, the highest level of support that has been recorded during nearly half a century of measurement. This change in support is a clear indication of the shift in public opinion regarding marijuana.

One viral video uploaded on YouTube by Lincoln Horsley in 2012 has since been viewed over 2 million times, sharing its message with viewers around the globe. The video depicts the introduction of cannabis oil (THC) to fast-acting cancer-causing cells. Why is it drawing so much attention? If you watch, you will have the opportunity to watch the cannabis oil killing off cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched. This is a clear illustration of the very reason why so many supporters believe that cannabis is a preferred treatment option to the currently accepted chemotherapy routine.

How does it work? Each of our bodies is equipped with an endocannabinoid system, a natural communications system within the brain and the body. Our body produces natural chemicals called cannabinoids that interact with the receptors in this system, helping to regulate all of these functions. Marijuana also includes a number of cannabinoids, which work with this system to help promote a balance or state of equilibrium in all areas of the body including at the cellular and sub-cellular level.

Why have we not heard more about this targeted use? Supporters will argue that this data has been buried due to its ability to hit the pharmaceutical industry hard. Currently those who are diagnosed with cancer undergo significant treatment including chemotherapy and a number of other pharmaceuticals, however, cannabis may provide a treatment op...


PrayingMedic 10-11-18 Qanon October 11 Logic and Critical Thinking (all about #Q post 2381) Kauilapele's Blog

This video I just watched, and I felt it really brings home why all must be patient with the process that is going on now, and why it would not be effective or permanent to just arrest all the dark players without respect to proper timing. It is centered on Q post 2381.

I do know a few who say, This is so frustrating just get it on with the arrests now! But I do feel that the phrase, Trust The Plan' is a very helpful principle to follow right now. We have waited for these moments for a long time, and it is now time to allow those who are here as stewards of the process, to carry it out.

Praying Medics Twitter thread for this is:

Published on Oct 11, 2018
Qanon advises us to avoid using emotions to evaluate current events and instead use logic and critica...


7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions Take care 4

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Suzanne Maresca By Morag, October 10, 2018, Seeing truth everywhere? Having to process darkness and somehow stay in the light? Making profound changes to your life Continue Reading

Het bericht 7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Why Is The Media Warning A Recession Is Expected By The End Of 2020 That Will Be Worse Than The Great Depression? Take care 4

Source: Deus Nexus | By DAVID NOVA Economic Collapse Blog | by Michael Snyder The mood of the mainstream media is really starting to shift dramatically. At one time they Continue Reading

Het bericht Why Is The Media Warning A Recession Is Expected By The End Of 2020 That Will Be Worse Than The Great Depression? verscheen eerst op Take care 4.



Source: Michael Tellinger The discovery of the fossils of giants among the stone circles of South Africa has shifted the attention to GIANTS in history and their connection to the Continue Reading

Het bericht GIANTS IN HISTORY verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Strickland Attorney Robert Barnes Drops a Truth Bomb Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By TM The Shaming of America continues , showcasing how the governmental agencies look the other way when citizens are attacked. How the police Continue Reading

Het bericht Strickland Attorney Robert Barnes Drops a Truth Bomb verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Venus Retrograde And Other October Energies Are Building Up and Extreme Transformations Are Underway Awareness Act

Venus officially went retrograde on October 5th and energies have been building ever since. As we begin moving through the month things are really beginning to reach intense levels.

Chances are over the past few days youve felt quite interesting. You most likely have noticed a sense of discomfort that you might not consider to be familiar. As the days go by you are going to be noticing a lot of tension building and plenty of changes coming about.

While times might be moving forward you are going to be feeling as if things are going backward. This time period is going to teach you to love yourself more so than you have ever loved yourself before. Repeating challenges might be coming forth and if you dont finally learn the lessons before you during this time, they could escape your grasp forever.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to some of the problems you may face during this time:

Venus opposite Uranus (423) usually signals a change in your love life. If you already have a partner, then an unexpected event may cause a lot of upset tension. Perhaps your partner rejects your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom. Even flirting may lead to some drama in the relationship. A healthy relationship would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation would be unlikely. An affair at this time would more likely lead to a rapid separation.

If dating, a new romance now would certainly be exciting. It is most likely, however, that it would be a short-lived relationship. But if you are the unorthodox type and need your freedom, a new relationship with a similar person could even lead to marriage. As Uranus rules the internet, you could fulfill your need for a change through internet dating or other stuff.

Whatever your situation, if love is not an option then change and excitement can manifest in another area of life. Financial windfalls are possible but take extra care with your money. Beware of a tendency to risk it all on suspect schemes or gamble it all away. You could easily find stimulation some other way such as gaming or another form of entertainment.

This month is going to bring forth a lot of pleasure but also a lot of exploration. Venus for those who might not be aware is a planet of love and finances. Through the energies before us, we can transform our lives into something far more positive than we ever imagined. To learn more about this please feel free to check out the video below.



x22Report 10-11-18 Swamp Being Drained, Hint Of A Time Line Kauilapele's Blog

Found this one useful, and helpful in connecting with the message of Q post 2381 (related Kp blog post).

Published on Oct 11, 2018
RR will not hand over the subpoenas and will not testify in front of congress. Judicial Watch has court date to get the emails from the Clinton server. US arrests a Chinese spy has been stealing the US secrets. Israel tells Russia they want the Golan Heights. Coalition forces (deep state) is sending military equipment to the Kurdish area. Q hints a timeline.

All source links to the report can be found on the site.


8 Signs Youre Dating The Wrong Person (Toxic Love) Awareness Act

Sometimes when it comes to love we fall for the wrong person and while there is a lesson behind it, we dont always see that lesson. If youre in a relationship with someone who makes you feel bad or someone who doesnt appreciate you then chances are youve fallen for the wrong person.

Finding the right person to be with or even just a good partner, in general, isnt always going to be a walk in the park. If the following signs are present in your relationship then youre in a toxic situation and not with the right kind of person. Not everyone is what they seem and you need to be aware of that for many reasons.

8 Signs Youre Dating The Wrong Person:

1. You find yourself thinking about other people.

You find yourself thinking about what your life might be like if you were with someone else. You are not content where you are and you know something needs to change. While you might not be able to see exactly what, you know there is something seriously wrong.

2. You dont feel like yourself anymore.

You just dont feel like youre being yourself anymore. Youre turning into someone that you are not and you dont like it. This is a sign that perhaps the person youre with is bringing out the worst in you.

3. You feel stuck.

You feel like youre stuck, and that you have nowhere to turn from here. You might not want to be in this relationship but you dont see a way out. You just arent sure where to go from here.

4. You cannot sit down and talk to one another about real problems.

You cant sit and talk things over with this person. He or she is always making you feel less than and bringing up things that do not matter. Arguments have to be fast paced and heartbreaking instead of just properly communicating and you hate it.

5. You dont trust one another.

If you dont trust your partner there is no sense in being with him or her. Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. You both need to have a mutual sense of it in order to make your relationship work.

6. You dont have any sweet moments like you used to.

If you and your partner arent able to be intimate with one another in any way, there is something wrong. As a couple, you should be able to be very close and vulnerable at least from time to time. This might signify that your issues run much deeper than you think.

7. You both just dont seem to have much in common.

If you don...


Lost Love: When Your Twin Flame Runs They Are Offering You A Chance To Grow Awareness Act

Sometimes when it comes to twin flames things just dont work out. While in some lives you might be together it wont always be that way.

When we find our twin only for him or her to run in the end we are not being broken apart while it may feel like it, we are being provided with an opportunity to heal yourself in more ways than you would be able to otherwise. Twin flames are not always going to be able to stick together sometimes there are things that each part of the flame must do before coming back together for good. When a twin runs, its not for lack of love it is because there is something within them that they must first face.

When a twin leaves you it hurts more than anything I can find the words to describe but it is something that triggers emotions youve had locked inside. It gives you the chance to allow the positive to reign over the negative. It forces you to grow and learn in order to move on. Twins dont run because they dont love you or because youve done something wrong. They run because their afraid and have too much going on in their own minds.

When you are faced with a running twin flame you shouldnt close yourself off. You should take a deep breath and free yourself. You should remind yourself that no matter what this life brings challenge wise, that person is still your twin and you are still connected regardless. Dedicate yourself to your own healing and growth. Begin moving down your life path as the universe intended for you to do.

Dont blame your twin for leaving you or running from you. They are not doing this to hurt you they are doing this to heal themselves and through that, you will also be healing yourself. Your twin is your mirror after all. What changes do you need to make and where can you work on within your being to make things better?

Just because you cannot see the bigger picture just yet doesnt mean that it is not there. When we leave our twins side we are triggering something within that we need to happen. It is through the pain that we are able to resolve the problems of our pasts. While this might be hard to hear it is important to know. For more information please check out the video below.

(Image Via: Louis Dyer)


Mercury Enters Sagittarius On Halloween Night & Here Is What You Can Expect Awareness Act

On the night of Halloween October 31st Mercury will be entering Sagittarius. While this might not be something you think much of, it is something that will have drastic effects on us all.

Halloween on its own is already an energetically charged night. It is something that brings forth the unimaginable. Because Mercury happens to be entering Sagittarius on this night we can expect a shift in energies. This shift will make things even more unpredictable.

Mercury in Sagittarius often shifts our thinking. It pushes us to really learn more and makes our desires quite unique. We will be more optimistic and more willing to believe in the unknown or the things that many would not be open to. While this influence is not always a positive one it is one that brings forth a serious change.

During this time you might really want to go out and experience new things. You will become fearless even just for a short period of time and that could get you into some trouble. If you allow yourself to be swept away, there is no telling where you might end up. That being said, having some fun and getting out there isnt a bad idea.

During this time do not be afraid of anything! Just allow your true self to be set free. While you will be a bit out of place you will be more than willing to finally fight back and set things right in your life. This night will be all about freedom one way or another.

You dont have to go out and do anything spooky if you dont want to, but if you are going to let these energies properly work for you maybe give into that openness I mentioned before. You will be able to see the bigger picture and how you can get there. Try not to argue with the people closest to you and really put your best foot forward.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time inside this might be the perfect time to get out in nature or spend some time in the fresh air. For more on what this might mean for you check out the video below. While there is always going to be something going on in the world of the celestial bodies, this is a chance for you to have some real fun.


The One Emotion That Hurts Your Brain More Than Your Heart Awareness Act

When it comes to emotions things are a bit tricky. Everyone responds to things in their own ways and what something means for me might not be the same for you.

If you are the kind of person to get offended easily or not deal well with being corrected, you might be a victim of this emotion big time. Usually being called out or corrected is a learning experience but sometimes it makes you feel quite humiliated. Humiliation is an emotion that really messes with a person on several levels. Embarrassment and humiliation are one in the same and no one likes either.

Feeling humiliated is a very negative thing and will really damage a person. Humiliation according to several studies is an intense emotional experience. When researchers Marte Otten and Kai Jonas looked into the brains of people who were partaking in a study of theirs they found that the response a persons brain has to humiliation is much more negative and intense than that of anger or that of happiness.

The abstract of this specific study goes as follows:

Humiliation, the emotion associated with being lowered in status in the eyes of others, seems to be very intense. As such, humiliation has been implied to play an important role in the escalation of inter-individual and inter-group conflict. Here, we provide the first clear empirical evidence that humiliation is indeed a very intense experience. Based on the electro-encephalogram recorded from people reading scenarios that evoked humiliation, anger, or happiness, electrophysiological measures of cognitive intensity were derived for each of the emotion types. The late positive potential (LPP), a measure of the level of perceived (negative), affect was markedly increased in humiliation scenarios compared to happiness and anger scenarios. In addition, event-related desynchronization (ERD) in the alpha-frequency range, a measure of the overall intensity of cortical activation, was significantly more pronounced for humiliation than for happiness and anger scenarios. Our findings support the idea that humiliation is a particularly intense experience that is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

While you might not think much about humiliation others might. As I mentioned above we all react differently to specific things. Just because you are not easily humiliated doesnt mean someone else is the same way. Being mindful of the way we go about speaking to others is important.

What do you think about humiliation and how intense it is? I for one know all too well how unpleasant it can be.



What She Truly Wants From You But Will Never Ask For, No Matter How Much She Deserves It Awareness Act

You might not think that putting forth some effort in your relationship will make a difference but it will. The more you appreciate her, the more she will feel like you want her around.

Shes not going to ask you to do all of the cute little things that you used to do anyway. She isnt the type of girl to just beg you to make her feel wanted. She wants you to want to be near her and she wants you to go out of your way to touch her even when she looks a mess. She wants you to send texts reminding her that you miss her and she wants you to let her fall asleep on your chest sometimes.

She isnt as confusing or complicated as you think, she just wants to feel the love that you say you have for her. She wants to know that you love her through your actions instead of just your words. She wants to go on sexual adventures and to take photos with you in all the most beautiful places. She wants to laugh and smile. If you really want to make her happy, its not going to require as much work as you would have initially assumed.

She will never ask you to call her beautiful but she will give you every opportunity to. She doesnt want much but the things she does want are very important. They make her feel special. She doesnt need all the money in the world or to be surrounded by expensive stuff to be happy. All she wants is for you to let her know that you are there for her in all the ways that she needs you to be.

She wants you to be patient and kind, to put in the work that she also puts into things. She doesnt want things to be one-sided. She wants you to be her rock and to remind her that she is the reason your world spins around. Make her feel like a superhero even just for a moment. No, she wont ever truly come out and specifically ask for these things but its not rocket science.

Doing things that make your partner feel good should be second-nature. She matters and she wants your time as well as your attention at least when you have it to give. Dont let her fall behind, love is not something you should neglect.

Finding someone who cares for you and doesnt want to use you for their own reasons in this world is a lot harder than you think. If youve found someone who genuinely loves you then you need to always nurture that relationship. Do things that will ensure the flame of your love will never burn out.

Image via...


The Spiritual Significance Of Deja Vu Awareness Act

Deja vu is something a lot of people have experienced without even realizing it. It manifests in different strengths for different people.

For those who do not know Deja vu is a strange experience that a person goes through. It is when a situation feels much more familiar than it should or would otherwise. Perhaps you had a vision of yourself going through something before it happened or you just felt like you knew what was going to happen next. We see Deja vu experiences on the television screen time and time again because the whole concept is something that fascinates others.

Deja vu is not necessarily as common as you might think it is but it does happen to many people. What causes Deja vu is still a mystery but no matter what the experience in itself is quite spiritual regardless of where you are in your own mind.

When we are between lives we watch our lives to come play out before us. This is where we make the big decisions and choose which lessons need to be learned. While we forget all of that upon making our way to this planet, sometimes bits and pieces find their way back to us. When we experience Deja vu, this is what we are experiencing. We are watching parts of the playback of the life were intended to live or we feel as though we have already experienced something because technically we have.

Your soul planned out everything before you and working with the universe it keeps you on track. If you are straying or need to be aware of something a sign will be sent to you and sometimes that sign could be in the form of Deja vu. Deja vu is very much a sign of a past life connection in more ways than most people realize.

It is you going through something youve gone through before. Sometimes that will have been a memory from your time between lives and other times it could have been a sliver of something from a life before the one youre currently in. While ignoring Deja vu is usually pretty easy, it shouldnt be done. We should always take the time to acknowledge these interesting moments.

While the feeling might be a bit odd it holds far more spiritual significance than most other things. Have you ever experienced Deja vu? For more information please feel free to check out the video below.



Prepare Yourself For The Coming Weeks With This October Monthly Horoscope & Astrology Report Awareness Act

When we think about the month of October, our minds are often filled with images of beautiful fall colors or the coming of all things spooky with Halloween. However, there are also a number of astrological events that have a significant impact on our lives worth mentioning. Whats really in store for you this October?

Those who practice astrology understand the incredible impact that the movement of the planets can have on our daily lives. Each of the planets in our solar system has its own unique energy signature, an area in our lives that it impacts in an important and profound way. However, this energy isnt stagnant. It can be shifted and altered with the movement of the planets in relation to one another, as well as where it sits within the zodiac.

For example, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has a significant impact on the way that we communicate with one another including verbal communication, body language and the use of electronic devices to communicate, as well as the way we communicate with ourselves including logic and reasoning. However, its interaction with other planets can influence these efforts to communicate, promoting better communication in our love lives when its interacting with Venus, or allowing you to share your passion with others when its interacting with Mars.

In addition to these constantly changing interactions, there are the longer-term astrological events. One of the most significant worth mentioning is that of planetary retrograde. This is the moment in which a planet appears to be rotating backward throughout the sky. While the actual visual is nothing more than an optical illusion, the impact that it has on the energy of the planet is significant. Retrograde movement can turn a planets energy completely upside down.

During the month of October, there are three planets in retrograde Venus, Uranus, and Neptune. Venus Retrograde is a time of challenges, creating rifts in our relationships, challenging our connections and forcing us to work harder to maintain our social lives. At the same time, we will be experiencing the intense and impatient energy that comes from Uranus Retrograde, trigger erratic behavior and forcing us to face emotional baggage from our past.  Neptune Retrograde is slightly more subt...


The 5 Biggest Signs Your Relationship Is Really Over, According To Experts Awareness Act

There are a lot of reasons as to why some relationships just dont work or in many cases dont end well. You can love someone with all your heart but that doesnt mean that you should be with that person.

Whether you and your partner are arguing all the time or not even speaking, when it comes time to leave one another you just know. Below I am going to go over some of the biggest signs that indicate your relationship is really over. Sure, in the past you might have made up and gotten back together but that isnt going to happen this time. This time things are not going to be fixed so easily and you need to do what is best for yourself.

While it is going to be hard to move on, if these signs are present you should have already been well on your way. In some cases, loving someone from a distance is much better than wasting your time with them. These signs are compiled from advice Ive found from experts in the world of relationships and healing. These are things you should really take to heart.

The 5 Biggest Signs Your Relationship Is Really Over According To Experts:

1. You are both at each others throats.

When it comes to threats and abuse, in general, be it physical or merely verbal it should be seen as a sign. If you are not able to sit down and communicate properly you do not need to be together. You are just causing one another more problems.

2. You are both constantly invading one anothers privacy.

You dont trust each other and because of that personal freedom is nonexistent. You are not able to meet the needs of yourself let alone your partner when it comes to actually accepting one another. A relationship is a team effort, not a jail sentence.

3. Your pet peeves are really building up.

Robert Taibbi couples therapist says that when youre with someone who is eating away at you, the time to move on might be apparent. When youre done with someone and ready for things to be over with everything they do will irritate you. Your list of pet peeves will continue to grow until you get this person away from you.

4. One or both involved refuse to work on the relationship.

If neither of you are willing to work on things then the time to cut ties is here. There is no sense in staying together and being in a broken relationship. You both deserve better than that.

5. You hate spending time together.

You just dont like to be around one another. When things get to this point is there any sense in even sticking around? Why would you be with someone that you hated being around?

Proper functioning relationships are great and if you...


What to Do When Your Anger and Rage is Actually Caused By Your Anxiety Awareness Act

When we first hear the word anxiety, it often triggers images of someone curled up in a ball, afraid to face what the world has in store. Those who struggle are the worries, the overthinkers and the seemingly paranoid. However, experts warn that anxiety can manifest in surprising ways.

It is estimated that approximately 40 million adults in the United States are affected by anxiety each and every year, a starting number. While some of those who are facing this battle will seek professional help, only 36.9% will actually receive treatment, with the rest left to fend for themselves. While they will learn to recognize and identify their anxiety at work in most cases, there are times that it will manifest in a way that is completely unexpected, leading to confusion and frustration.

One overlooked manifestation that can wreak havoc on your relationships and interactions with other, is that of anger and rage. Have you ever noticed yourself snapping at a friend, family member or co-worker for no obvious reason? Do you sometimes feel as though you are going to explode during times of tension or high stress? This may actually be your anxiety manifesting in a way that you are unfamiliar with.

Anger and anxiety are generally regarded as different emotional experiences with some overlap. They have both unique and common biological, cognitive and social features, explains Dr. Melanie Badali, registered psychologist and board director at AnxietyBC. Anger is usually connected to some type of frustration [and] anxiety is usually connected with an overestimation of threat and an underestimation of ability to deal with that threat.

What we fail to recognize, experts report, is that anger is usually just the surface level emotion that we experience, however, it is triggered by something deeper. Therefore, the only way to deal with this anger is to first identify what we are really feeling in that moment. As Joshua Nash, a counselor based in Austin, Texas explains, Anger very oftentimes is indeed a symptom its the expression of judging another emotion as too painful to address.

If you find yourself experience overwhelming anger or frustration towards the world around you, and it feels out of place or unlike you then you may wish to take a step back and reassess the trigger that set you off. Is something occurring in your life right now that would give you a reason to feel scared or worried? If so, these feelings can quickly turn to anger if you feel as though you have lost control of your current situation in life.

You shouldnt ignore these feelings! As Nash explains, Unprocessed anger...


UN Warns that We Are About to Reach the Point of No Return Regarding Climate Change Awareness Act

Its a buzzword that appears all over mainstream media today, the ongoing debate of climate change. On one hand, we have those that are expressing serious concern for the future our planet.

On the other hand, those who vehemently deny that this is a major issue, believing it is all blown out of proportion. A new report from the UN, however, may reveal the scary truth

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently used a report that highlights the extent of the current climate change crisis. With the mounting evidence that something has changed in the world, including the changes in temperature, decreased size of the polar ice caps and the influx of dangerous storms causing damage across the globe, it was decided that it was time to seek an answer. The result? A report advising us that we have approximately 12 years left to curb climate change, or we will pay a serious price

The report was no small venture. In fact, it was the collective work of 91 authors and 40 review editors, featuring a total of 133 contributing authors and 6000 scientific references. Totalling 700 pages in length, it highlights the frightening impact that a change of just 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit can have on the world as a whole.

It doesnt sound like much, but to stay at or below this threshold, there would have to be significant changes made to the way that we operate globally. More specifically, it would require us to work together and, by 2030, to have cut greenhouse gas emissions 45% lower than 2010 levels. Continuing in these efforts, emissions would then have to reach net zero by 2050.

In order to meet these goals, there would have to be significant changes in the way that we operate today. Current coal consumption amounts would have to be slashed by one-third, while drastic changes would be required in industrial systems, energy usage and building infrastructure. With only 12 years to make it all happen, global leaders would have to commit to the changes quickly and hit the ground running. However, not all leaders are buying into the reports claims.

When presented with the report, President Trump stated that it wasnt any more credible than the documentation that has previously been released, stating that the state of the environment is fabulous. Speaking to members of the press on Tuesday, Trump confirmed that the UN report was given to me, adding, and I want to look at who drew it, you know, which group drew it.

When asked about the contents of the report and its validity, Trump stated, I can give you reports that are fabulous, and I can give you reports that...


Experts Warn Rare Polio-Like Condition is Currently On the Rise in Children Across the United States Awareness Act

We do the best that we can to protect and care for our children, taking the steps necessary to keep them safe from harm where possible. We trust in modern science and medicine to keep our children safe from major illnesses or, where prevention is not entirely possible, to cure them quickly and with as little suffering as possible. Unfortunately, the latest illness on the rise is said to leave some children suffering its effects for years.

The condition known as Acute flaccid Myelitis (AFM) isnt new, however, up until this point the illness has been so rare that doctors didnt consider it to be a risk of any significance to the general population. It appears, however, that something has changed. The number of cases being reported since 2014 have health officials across the country concerned.

Take, for example, the state of Minnesota where, on average, there is less than one case of the condition reported each year. However, state officials recently issued a news release confirming that they are investigating a total of six cases since mid-September. Officials add that For reasons not fully understood, AFM affects mainly children. All recent Minnesota cases have been in children under 10 years old and all were hospitalized. Cases have been reported from the Twin Cities, central Minnesota and northeastern Minnesota.

While the exact cause of the condition is unknown, most researchers believe that it stems from a viral infection. At this time there is no vaccine, and there is no treatment. When a case is brought to doctors, they can treat the symptoms and provide therapy to help the patient fight the illness, but they must trust in the bodys ability to fight back.

AFM impacts the bodys nervous system including the spinal cord, causing weakness in the muscles. Some earlier symptoms of the disease including facial weakness or drooping, drooping eyelids, difficulty moving ones eyes, weakness in the arms and legs, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing. In time, it can lead to respiratory failure requiring the use of a ventilator, paralysis, and other serious neurological complications that can result in death. As such, if you are at all concerned that your child is showing signs it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.

The good news is that the condition is not believed to be infectious. However, given that it has been associated with viral infections, health care professionals warn that we must focus on handwashing as a preventative measure. It is also important to protect your children from mosquito bite...


Extreme Reduction In Meat Eating Found Essential To Avoid Complete Climate Breakdown Awareness Act

A recent study has found that perhaps cutting out meat is a much better idea than weve been led to believe. Sure, it might be tasty but cutting back might really make a bigger difference than you think.

The study was published in the Journal Nature and is one of the most in-depth to date. It goes over data from each and every country to asses the impact of food production on our planet as a whole. While it will be hard for some to accept, cutting back on meat might really be the change we need.

The abstract of this study goes as follows:

The food system is a major driver of climate change, changes in land use, depletion of freshwater resources, and pollution of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through excessive nitrogen and phosphorus inputs. Here we show that between 2010 and 2050, as a result of expected changes in population and income levels, the environmental effects of the food system could increase by 5090% in the absence of technological changes and dedicated mitigation measures, reaching levels that are beyond the planetary boundaries that define a safe operating space for humanity. We analyze several options for reducing the environmental effects of the food system, including dietary changes towards healthier, more plant-based diets, improvements in technologies and management, and reductions in food loss and waste. We find that no single measure is enough to keep these effects within all planetary boundaries simultaneously and that a synergistic combination of measures will be needed to sufficiently mitigate the projected increase in environmental pressures.

Basically, these researchers found that by adopting a diet that is more so based on the consumption of beans and nuts for protein would make a difference in climate change. In the US beef consumption would need to be cut back by 90 percent and milk over 50 percent to get us in the clear. You see, food production especially the meat industry in itself produces a lot of waste and does a lot of damage to the environment, cutting back on that is a big step towards something positive.

The footprint we are leaving on this world is not a good one. Professor Johan Rockstrom at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research who worked on this study told The Gu...


This Most Extraordinary Test Will Reveal the Color Of Your Energy Awareness Act

Each of us possesses a beautiful and unique energy, a reflection of our innermost self. While not all of us are able to see and read auras clearly, they still influence our first impression, giving us a feeling of someones true nature the moment that we come near them. What is your aura saying about you?

If you have ever walked into a room and instantly felt peace, happiness, anger or weariness, then you have experienced the power of a persons aura. It has the ability to reveal our true intentions, thoughts, feelings, and character, providing those around us with an insight into who we really are and what they can expect from us moving forward.

While most, if not all, of us can feel a persons aura, there are a select few gifted individuals that are actually able to see and read this energy. They report that it looks like a color radiating from our person, with each individual color carrying a different meaning. Not only does it reveal our personality, as referenced above, but it can also provide insight into your ideal career path and potential health concerns that you are currently experiencing. There is little you can do, experience or feel without it impacting your aura in some way.

For those that are interested in reading auras, the good news is that it is a skill that one can develop in time! This involves fine-tuned and focused practice, with your intentions at the center of all that you do. It may not be easy at first, but it can be an incredible gift helping to guide you through life once you begin to grasp all that it provides. Begin by learning to read your own aura, the energy that is most familiar to you already, and then, as your gift strengthens, expand your reach from there.

In the meantime, are you interested in learning what your own energy and vibrations are telling those around you? While I cant instantly impart the gift of reading auras onto you, this simple test will reveal the current color of your aura, as well as what that color may mean. You might even learn something about yourself!

Discover the color of your aura with this simple test:

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