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Thursday, 16 November


These Numbers just showed up A Couple of 101s Kauilapele's Blog

So I dont know exactly what this is about, but the numbers seemed significant. Yes, a couple of 101s, but then theres 0101, and 1010, like theyre mirror images.

So all Im saying is, there may (or may not) be something about this. We shall see!

Aloha, Kp

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M 6.5 67km WSW of Angoram, Papua New Guinea is the 5th major quake of November The Mystery Vault

A magnitude 6.5 67km WSW of Angoram, Papua New Guinea is the 5th major quake of November and the 91st of 2017.
All the major quakes this month have come from the same South Pacific area of the ring of fire.

As predicted by, Earth has entered a stream of fast-moving solar wind from a northern coronal hole on our Sun today which will reach speeds of nearly 700 km/second, and this is causing geomagnetic storms around the poles.
Forecasters expected minor G1-class storms, but this stream is sparking stronger-than-expected G2-class storms.

Solar wind flowing from this northern coronal hole is expected to reach Earth on Nov. 7th, possibly sparking G2-class geomagnetic storms on Nov. 7th and 8th. Credit: SDO/AIA


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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-13-17 Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests Kauilapele's Blog

Full weekly report from Ben. Ben confirms what many have been reporting, that tonnes of events are happening, right now.

The great purge of Khazarian mobsters continues as hundreds of arrests of Saudi princes, generals, and politicians is now being followed up with the 842 sealed indictments against senior Khazarian gangsters in the U.S., confirmed by Pentagon, CIA, and other sources.

Pentagon sources sent the photos below showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John Daesh McCain in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been deliberately acting senile in public recently in order to have a medical excuse to avoid arrest, NSA sources say.

[at Las Vegas on October 1 (date of the mass shooting)]Trump and MBS [Muhammad Bin Sultan] were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacksBoth Trump and MBS were evacuated safely and the arrests have now begun in a way that can no longer be denied by the corporate propaganda media, multiple sources confirm.

the three world leaders (Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping) met off the record. President Jokowi [of Indone...


UPDATE (one more) to David Wilcocks 11-12-17 article Kauilapele's Blog

All right I just saw this one, and mainly because of the dream data that David received, I wanted to post. I feel it is very significant. Heres 2 highlights

This [the viewing of 100030 hits] may be a further underlining of the significance of the following tweet, which appeared from a long-time supporter in my email:

[DJT] I will be making a major statement from the @WhiteHouse upon my return to D.C. Time and date to be set.
Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 14, 2017

[DW] Notice also that this tweet is precisely 24 hours after this article solved the puzzle for larger audiences in alternative media.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 11/15, 1:28 PM: I had a dream this morning in which I got absolute confirmation that Trump was writing these 4Chan posts with the collaboration of a small team of highly trusted advisors. The dream was very intense and left no doubt. Of course it is not real, but my dreams have been accurate on many, many occasions.

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

We broke pre...


Donna Brazile To Testify In Seth Rich Murder Lawsuit The Mystery Vault

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile has been asked to testify in a lawsuit alleging that the DNC murdered whistleblower Seth Rich. 

Lawyer Jack Burkman, who filed the suit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters last month, confirmed that Brazile was added to the lawsuit in respond to the recent bombshells she dropped in her new book. reports: She released her [book] excerpts without realizing they could open her up to civil liability, Burkman explained to GotNews. Braziles book documents how the Clinton campaign effectively took control of the DNC before the 2016 primaries even started.

The entire DNC process in 2016 was biased for Hillary Clinton, Burkman declared.

Burkman believes Brazile was foolish to blow the whistle so candidly on the DNCs past corruption, given the leadership role she held there while the fraud and favor-trading occurred. Thats like saying theres corruption in the home, and its my home, Burkman said.

Burkman, however, insists Braziles focus on murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich she dedicates the book to him, and describes how she began closing her blinds in fear of snipers after his death is even more significant. The bigger bombshell was Seth Rich, Burkman argued. You have revelations that are probably more shocking than the revelation of the Nixon tapes in 1974 What is she saying? Does she know that the DNC killed Seth? What on earth is going on?

This isnt Alex Jones, me, or Sean Hannity saying this, Burkman elaborated. This is the former DNC Chairwoman.

Burkmans lawsuit demands the DNC release its supposedly hacked server for an objective forensic analysis. He says the DNC is desperately trying to ignore it and hoping it will go away. Its a sad state of affairs [at the DNC], Burkman told GotNews. Theres been a purge of the Bernie people.

However, Burkman is optimistic about the lawsuit. Were getting warmer, Burkman explaine...


5 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Again! Awareness Act

While Reeses started out with great ingredients the ingredients they use these days are what some might consider questionable. Sure, they taste good, but are they something we should be eating?

Sure, as you do down the ingredients list things may look fine, but once you get to dissecting those letters and looking into what is really in your peanut butter cup you begin to notice all kinds of issues. Reeses peanut butter cups come in all different shapes and sizes, but that doesnt mean the small ones are any safer than the big ones if you are going to eat a peanut butter cup, make your own.

5 Reasons Why Peanut Butter Cups Are Not A Good Snack Choice:

1. Sugar

Well, right off the bat they are far too sugary. Since they are so delicious we end up eating way too many and taking in more sugar than we should. As you may notice on their ingredients list they have sugar which in the world of food could refer to anything from lactose to glucose or fructose and everything in-between. Sure, in moderation if this was the only issue would be fine, but it is one of many issues.

2. Dextrose

Yes, it also contains a simple sugar known as dextrose which is known for increasing ones blood sugar levels. This sugar is something we are already ingesting far too much of and it serves no real nutritional value. Now, dont get me wrong dextrose is safer than some of the other sugars on the market, but it can be dangerous given the amount we consume. It is also something those with a gluten allergy should be avoiding. Personally, I dont see the need for so many different sugars in one product.


TBHQ stands for tertiary butylhydroquinone and is derived from petroleum. This is something that can be highly toxic and a mere 5 grams of it can actually kill you. It is used to prevent the oxidation of fats and oils in food which means it helps to extend shelf-life but that doesnt mean it is safe. It can actually cause stomach cancer.

Potential health risk associated with this preservative include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tinnitus
  • Liver Toxicity
  • Reproductive Mutations


This one is short for polyglycer...


One more video from Tracy Beanz 11-15-17 /POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it #happening? Perspectives and Part VII (and a short bit about Trumps speech today) Kauilapele's Blog

Heres one more from Tracy Beanz. I mentioned her Trump speech remarks in this prior Kp blog post.

So enjoy (or not) this one, as we may view each as part of the data.

Published on Nov 15, 2017

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Remarks by President Trump [11-15-17] on His Trip to Asia VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT Kauilapele's Blog

Image links to video.

So weve been hearing (from the Q clearance postings (I believe)) that this might be a big speech, maybe even including so and so have been arrested, etc., etc. But the prime points I saw were nothing of the sort. However, Ill point out a few notes that I got

  • Unite the world vs North Korea nuclear threat. NK was brought up a lot. And remember that NK is likely just one of the Khazarian puppets (one of those evil labeled ones), so this may be pointed at the Khazarians, meaning he is calling out their NK game.
  • Fair and reciprocal trade was emphasized a lot.
  • Indo-Pacific region was brought up a lot (and US is part of that).
  • At ASEAN emphasized no one owns the oceans.
  • One statement: we have laid out a pathway toward peace and security in our world where sovereign nations can thrive, flourish, and prosper side-by-side. This is not pointing at domination, rather, peace, prosperity, and sovereignty.
  • Key segment: This is our beautiful vision for the future. This is a where this vision this dream is only possible if America is strong, proud, and free. [As] long as we are true to ourselves, faithful to our founding, and loyal to our citizens, then there is no task too great, no dream too large, no goal beyond our reach. Emphasizes taking care of the U...


7 Signs Someone You Know May Have Antisocial Personality Disorder Awareness Act

For anyone who may not be aware antisocial personality disorder is in some ways a broad term. It is characterized by a pattern of disregard of the rights of others, the symptoms can vary but are generally similar.

The more serious cases of this are often referred to as something you may be familiar with known as sociopathy or psychopathy, again this depending on the severity. People who have this disorder most likely show the following signs at some point in their lives. People with this illness may come off as charming, but truthfully they are quite aggressive.

7 Signs Someone May Have Antisocial Personality Disorder:

1. They Shower Others With Flattery

They do this as a means of getting the person emotionally invested. You see, the more that you like this person the more likely you will be to do whatever it is they ask of you. It is a manipulation tactic many have used for quite some time.

2. They Have No Remorse

When they do something that really hurts someone they dont give a shit at all. While you may get an apology from them it is never sincere. They actually, for the most part, try to rationalize their wrongdoings.

3. They Struggle To Conform

People with this disorder often get in trouble with the law in some way or another. That being said, just because someone has never had a run-in with the law doesnt completely rule out this disorder. Some people just seem to get away with anything.

4. They Disregard The Safety Of Others

They are very aggressive and angry. It seems almost anything can set them off and they do not care who the force into their shenanigans. The safety of others is not their concern. They do not care if they violate your rights or not.

5. They Are Very Arrogant

They really believe they are better than everyone else. Nothing is able to get them through that sense of superiority. It is as if no matter how hard you try you never measure up in their eyes.

6. They Take Unnecessary Risks

As mentioned above they dont care about the safety of others, but they also do not care about their own safety. They are constantly doing things that could get them in trouble or hurt but they really do not mind at all. When they make a mistake they do not learn from it, they repeat it until they decide they are bored.

7. They Lie A Lot

Sometimes they even lie just to see if they can get by with it. They think they will never get caught a...


The Age of Judgment: A Time of Truth is Upon Us, Do You Feel This Energetic Shift? Awareness Act

Chances are you have noticed the huge flux of exposure that has been happening in current times. This referring to the darkness of the government as well as the corruption in the media, film, music, and other industries.

Rather than ripping the band-aid off slowly things are shooting out into the light at what seems like rapid speed for some and not quick enough for others. Chances are because of this huge shift in our way of thinking a lot of us are left to wonder what is next and where we should go from here. While these things do not really affect us in the ways they should they are making a difference in our lives.

We are at a crossroads when it comes to this kind of thing. We can either shrug it off and go about our business or we can get out there and work to do something about it. You see, this shift is not just happening on a large scale, it is also happening on a small scale. This shift is directly affecting you and your home. Your life is shifting too.

The things happening in your personal life may anger you or even make you feel as if judging others is the right route but it is not. We are shifting to a time of truth and with that is going to come a lot of frustration. In order to better ourselves, we must accept this change even though it is a hard one to swallow. In order to make it past this time of darkness,\ and move towards a time of truth there will be a lot of pain, but it will all be worth it.

Whatever you are facing right now will come to an end soon. You will make it through this. Things will be intensifying as we make our way towards the full supermoon coming on December 3rd. This full supermoon itself brings a great sense of healing energy and may be enough to push you through the damning experiences you are having. If you are sensitive to energy you are most likely already feeling some of this intense energy that is to come.

Please, do not lose hope, you can make it through this. While I am not sure what has caused this shift towards truth I am quite happy it has happened. We can all gain something from this, and if we truly accept the things the Universe is offering us we will have all that we need and more. Have you noticed this huge shift and if so how has it impacted your life? I know I cannot be the only one sensing this change and noticing the effects of it in real time.

Please feel free to check out the video below for more information on this change and what to expect from the grief we are experiencing. Things are looking up. Your emotional heaviness is going to come to an end, do not lose hope.


Supermoon In Gemini 2017: Trickster Energy and Mental Balance Awareness Act

December 3rd will mark the Full Cold Moon which also happens to be a supermoon. For those who do not know supermoons happen when a full moon coincides with the moons perigee.

The supermoon will appear to be at least 14 percent larger and up to 30 percent brighter than it normally is. This is because it the moon itself is much closer to the Earth than it normally would be. Supermoons do not happen every month because the moons orbit changes as the Earth travels around the sun.

According to TimeandDate:

Supermoons during Northern Hemisphere winter months tend to look larger than supermoons that occur during the rest of the year. At this time of the year, Earth is closer to the Sun. Because of this, the Suns gravity pulls the Moon closer to Earth, making any winter Super Full Moons look bigger than summer Super Full Moons.

It seems the best time to really take in a supermoon is after moonrise. This is when the Moon is just above the horizon. That being as long as the weather is clear. In this position, the moon will be seen best. The Full Cold Moon for those who were wondering according to the Old Farmers Almanac was the name given to the full moon in December because of as you most likely assumed the cold weather.

This full moon will be in Gemini which means we will be met with a good bit of what I like to refer to as trickster energy. Mercury will also be going onto retrograde at this time which is going to make things a bit more intense. That being said, there will be a strong sense of mental balance coming our way as well. If you have been struggling to bring to life your emotions that struggle will soon be over.

I suggest spending time tuning into your higher self and really letting your intuition run as it wants. All of your frustrations will be playing out before you but if you are ready and accept these things as they happen this process will go smoothly. For more on this please check out the video below. There is a lot to learn from this supermoon, while it is a beautiful phenomenon it is also very important for us as human beings to grow.

(Image Via: Deviantart/




Het bericht OPERATION DISCLOSURE GCR/RV INTEL ALERT FOR NOVEMBER 15, 2017 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


A mag 7.3 one of the biggest quakes of the year strikes the Iraq Iran border in an area where 5 of Iran's key nuclear sites are positioned The Mystery Vault

USGS Click on image to enlarge

One of the biggest quakes of the year, a mag 7.3 has struck 32km SSW of Halabjah, on the Iraq, Iran border impacting some of Irans key nuclear sites and millions of people living in the area.
Three research reactors and two nuclear sites are in the USGS shake area, see map above.
It is not known if any damage has been reported at this time, the sites include,
Arak Heavy water reactor and production plant.
The existence of a heavy-water facility near the town of Arak first emerged with the publication of satellite images by the US-based Institute for Science and International Security in December 2002. Spent fuel from a heavy-water reactor contains plutonium suitable for a nuclear bomb.

The quake comes during much tension in Iran with the U.S. over their nuclear deal and a possible war developing between Iran and the Saudis.

Todays quake is the 8th major quake of November and  is the 94th major quake of a very quiet 2017 as this year promises to be the lowest total of major quakes this century.


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Another Phone In Old Painting Sparks Time Travel Speculation The Mystery Vault

An international task force of Time Travel Hunters has located yet another piece of evidence that temporal tourists are mucking about with our already fragile timeline.

Well, okay, it was actually just some folks on Twitter. But its a good thing theyre on the lookout, Ill tell you what.

Image: Die Erwartete (The Expected; 1860)

What we have here is a painting titled Die Erwartete (The Expected), created by the Austrian painter Ferdinand George Waldmller in 1860.

It shows a man crouching in the foreground holding a flower, waiting for a woman whos walking his way down a rocky path. But whats that shes holding?

If we check the tabloids (as if weve just been recruited into the Men In Black), well learn that its almost definitely an iPhone X, and that shes almost definitely already preoccupied browsing Tinder.

Well, he tried.

Of course, skeptics are quick to point out that the item shes holding is probably just a plain old hymn book and not an object of modern time. But we all know how these things go.

Misplaced cell phones are the number one cause of all temporal anomalies.

Speaking of which, this painting would hang nicely next to that mural of a Native American browsing his selfies.

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 15, 2017 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 15, 2017










#MassArrests - Understand The Context of the 1,183 Sealed Indictments Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Thanks to TruthEarth.Org for pointing the way to this article on VOAT........


I know people have been saying "WHOA, bro, this is a ton of indictments." But a "ton" to one is not a "ton" to another. So, here is my attempt to give you context to the sealed indictments...

What is a sealed indictment? Criminal charges that are brought by the grand jury where the charges and Defendant are kept secret.

Why do they seal indictments? Usually in large, organized crime cases, the prosecutors want to keep the defendants secret, so as not to tip them off that they are still collecting more evidence, or that maybe a co-defendant is cooperating.

What is the normal frequency of sealed indictments? The only official numbers I could find are from 2006, completed by the Federal Courts. In 2006, there were 284 sealed indictments across the entire year, for ALL districts, combined.

How do I (a normal citizen, not employed by the Federal Courts) find out how many sealed indictments there are? Dockets (a court's calendar) are public information. So, the sealed cases appear on the dockets, but as "Sealed v. Sealed," or "Defendant: Sealed." Any person can go on a federal court's website and count the sealed cases. OR, you can order a PACER Report. PACER will do all the work for you for a price. They aggregate all of the public information into one document.
What is the frequency this year? According to a PACER REPORT ordered by @damartin32 on Twitter, 832 sealed indcitments were filed across the country between 10/30 and 11/14 of this year.

So, in just two weeks we have over 800 sealed indictments filed across the US.

800+ in two weeks vs 200+ all year Assuming that the 832 number is correct and assuming that the number of sealed indictments has not DRASTICALLY changed in the last decade, then Yes, this is abnormal. Of course it is POSSIBLE that none of these are related. But it is not likely. There becomes a point...


Laura Eisenhower Update - Ascension Timeline, AI, & More Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Laura Eisenhower in A Fireside Chat with Lance White ~ 11 November 2017

This discussion is about 55-minutes in length. You can listen or download the archived replay here.
Laura talks about the dark AI attempts to block or disrupt the organic Ascension Timeline. Despite all the setbacks, we are on the organic Ascension Timeline, and it's now time for the rehabilitation of the Human Race.

This timeline that is now unfolding is hosted by Goddess energies, bringing us back into alignment. It's also aided by the Andromedan Crystal Star frequencies (perhaps to do with Milky Way and Andromeda coming together).

At one point, Lance mentioned that Wernher von Braun, on his deathbed, warned about the Alien Saviour program. I believe he meant the Alien Invasion program.

Many more topics are covered in the discussion.


THE GOLDFISH REPORT NO. 155: MESSAGE FROM ST. GERMAIN: BE AMBASSADORS OF LIGHT Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

The GoldFish Report
Published on Nov 15, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 155, Saint Germain again sends a timely message to humanity through George Washingtons Metaphorical Vision. Continuing with our Uniting the Light series of interviews Scott Werner, MD and Winston Shrout discuss the idea of Universal Unity. Winston reminds us that the Declaration of Independence was a Planetary Declaration not just for the United States and that Humans must come together with what UNITES us and NOT what divides us. Dr Werner discusses Mazlows hierarchy of needs and how for too long most of humanity has been unable to move past the bottom of this pyramid due to poverty. Winstons solution is that humanity needs to transition to needing NO MONEY since we already have all the technology to provide for all. Winston assures us that Humans can embrace NESARA principles of Planetary Unity while still retaining ones individuality. St. Germain encourages Humans to be Ambassadors of Light and to bring forth the inventions and technology that will free us from this bondage. You can address questions to Dr. Werner at 435-986-0025 or email him at Again, the links for the Parasite Cleanse, the St. Germaine Prayer and 1212 Affirmation for 24 Strand DNA is here . . . And for more information about Scott Werner M.D., please visit and for medical intuitive consultation you can contact him at and to contact his office you can cal 1+(435)-986-0025. To contact Winston please visit To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!


279 volcanic earthquakes in 24 hours hit Mt. Kanlaon volcano in the Philippines as officials urge residents to prepare for emergency evacuation. The Mystery Vault

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) raised Tuesday the alert level over Mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental from 1 to 2 after it showed an intrusion of magma that could lead to the volcanos eruption.
In its 9:45 a.m. bulletin, Phivolcs said it raised the second level in its 5-step alert system because the active volcano is undergoing a moderate level of arrest.
There is a probable intrusion of magma at depth which may or may not lead to a magmatic eruption, the agency said.
Phivolcs added that 279 volcanic earthquakes were recorded in Kanlaon in the last 24 hours.
The earthquakes there have continued to increase since August 18, when Alert Level 1 was hoisted over Kanlaon, Phivolcs noted.
Ma. Antonia Bornas, chief of the Phivolcs Volcano Monitoring and Eruption Prediction division, said the public should not be alarmed over the upgraded alert level, which only urges residents and local officials to prepare for emergency evacuation.
Phivolcs said the public may not enter the 4-kilometre radius Permanent Danger Zone due to possibilities of sudden and hazardous steam-driven or phreatic eruption.
Phivolcs also advised civil aviation authorities and pilots to avoid flying close to the volcanos summit as sudden phreatic eruptions or steam-driven explosions can be hazardous to an aircraft.
In June last year, Mt Kanlaon erupted ash and steam more than a mile into the Philippine sky.


Source link


UFO sightings visualization competition held by data crunchers The Mystery Vault

A website called The Data Duo held a contest for the best visualization of UFO sightings data. Their data covers UFO sightings from 1960 to 2014 and reveals some interesting info.

The Data Duos third #DuoDare is for the best visualization of UFO sightings. The dataset includes latitude and longitude data, so they were able to produce some cool looking maps. However, there is little to be gleaned from the maps, but there are still other bits of info they obtained.

The Data Duo, Pooja Gandhi and Adam Crahen, made their best attempts at showing the data, and although I am partial to Poojas map, Adam is in the lead when it comes to votes. Previously, I have referred to these sorts of graphics as infographics, but the Data Duo refer to them as a viz. That is short and cooler. Here are their visualizations (vizs).

Poojas UFO Visualization. Click on the image to see her full interactive visualization. (Credit: The Data Duo)

Adams UFO Visualization. Click on the image to see his full interactive visualization. (Credit: The Data Duo)

An article has popped up on Bustle about Adams map, and they note the areas where there are more sightings and ask some experts why there might be more sightings in these areas. However, there is a problem with this. If you look at this map and a map of the United States at night, you will see the similarities.



Sexualization Of 13-Year-Old Child Actress Sparks Outrage Among Stranger Things Fan Base Awareness Act

If you havent heard of the show Stranger Things, you may have been living under a rock. The science fiction/horror Netflix original has been taking the world by storm, with Symphony reporting that the show averaged rating around 14.07 million American adults between the ages of 18 and 49 in the first 35 days of its release.

In fact, the popularity of Stranger Things dominated social media so much so that that the release of season 2 led to a new record on Twitter, shattering the previously held record with more than 3.7 million tweets about the show in just the first 3 days!

Source: Daily Mail


Recently one of the shows lead actresses, Millie Bobby Brown, was one of 13 actors and actresses featured in an article for W Magazine. The article featured a beautiful photo of the actress wearing a Balenciaga dress and tight, followed by the following quote from Brown about her experience:

During the screen test for Stranger Things, one of the directors came up to me and said, Bzzz, over my head. He then asked, Are you ready? I was like, For what? And he said, To cut all your hair off! The next day I got the job and I cut it. My hair was down to here, but its only hair. After that, I was called boy a lot.

What, you may ask, is concerning about this article? The cover of the magazine read: Why TV is Sexier Than Ever. Sexier, a phrase that should never be used when referring to a 13-year-old child!

Source: Sott


The American Psychological Association (APA) explains, Sexualization occurs when someones sense of their own value is based solely on sex appeal or that individual is held to narrow standards of attractiveness. It happens when a person is sexually objectified mad...


Hundreds of Children Buried in Mass Grave at Scottish Orphanage Top Secret Writers

A harrowing story made the headlines in the UK this month about the bodies of hundreds of children buried in a mass grave at an orphanage in Scotland. New research


Is The Universe Speaking To You? Check For These 5 Signs Awareness Act

The Universe sends us signs throughout our lives. These signs come in from all different aspects and can mean anything, and nothing is off limits.

I am sure you have already heard on more than one occasion that the universe works in mysterious ways but it really does. We are all receiving guidance from an outside source whether we notice it or not. If you think you have been missing out on a message that the universe was trying to send to you the following things might be able to help.

5 Ways to Recognize Signs From The Universe:

1. You are being faced with a challenge.

The universe will throw many different challenges your way but some are much worse than others. When this happens you are being forced into bettering yourself whether you realize it or not. Some decisions are hard to make and some challenges are hard to overcome but you can do it.

2. You are at a standstill.

Something has you out of synch. It seems as if no matter what you just cannot settle on how to move forward in life. The universe is telling you that you need to make a serious change in your life.

3. You notice synchronicities.

If you are seeing repeating numbers the universe is letting you know you are on the right path. Synchronicities come in all kinds of forms, repeating numbers being the most common. If someone unexpected comes back into your life listen to what they have to say, the universe may have sent them for a reason.

4. You cant get something specific off of your mind.

When something needs to be brought to your attention it will be. The universe will not let your mind rest until what needs to be done is done. If you cannot get it off your mind chances are you arent thinking about it in the right way.

5. Your intuition is nagging at you.

If your intuition keeps telling you there is something odd about someone, dont ignore it. Your intuition is a direct link to the source in some ways and it is a means for your spirit guides to show you things. If you are in danger or even just need to be a little wary, your intuition will tell you.

When the universe has something to say to you, no matter how long it takes the universe will send you signals. Eventually, the point will be made and you will see it. When we are traveling down our paths in life the universe is going to ensure we stay on track. Sure, we may fall and we may sometimes end up stuck but in the end, we will be where we were meant to be.

(Image Via:...


8 Common Signs of High Emotional Intelligence Awareness Act

The World Economic Forum released a report in 2016 titled the Future of Jobs. It focused on the changes in the labor markets, new categories of jobs that are emerging, as well as the skill sets that are deemed to be the most desirable when considering hiring and employment, comparing the skills that were most sought after in 2015 with those that are predicted to be at the top of the list for 2020.

One new skill that appears in 2020, previously not making the list, is that of emotional intelligence, scoring in spot #6 on the list, above skills such as judgement and decision making and service orientation. Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability for an individual to recognize, identify and manage their emotions as well as the emotions of others.

Source: All4Women


While this may sound simple, consider the times that your emotions have taken control over your actions. Picture a time that you have been betrayed by a friend or loved one. Feel the anger that builds up over that betrayal, the temptation to lash out, telling them exactly how you feel, or to snub them, talking to your friends about just what they have done to wrong you. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to look at this situation, assess what is happening, and then manage those emotions to avoid a potential blow up or break down on your part.

This is imperative in the workplace, enabling employees to keep their drama and personal problems at home, outside of the walls of their work environment. While this skill didnt specifically rank in the top 10 in 2015, it was already on the radar of professionals in the field. As Harvey Deutshcendorf, Emotional Intelligence expert and author, explains, the realization that E.I. has become an important predictor of job success, even surpassing technical ability, has been growing over the past number of years.


How do you know if you truly possess this important skill? Watch for these 8 signs:

You are not easily offended.

People who are easily offended by the actions or comments of others, this is a sign that they see these moments as personal attacks. They are unable to disassociate their own personal feelings from that of the situation before them....


Antifa Member Building Chemical Weapon Of Mass Destruction Arrested The Mystery Vault

Christopher Langer, a 31-year-old Antifa member from Orlando, Florida, has been arrested after police found explosive devices, human remains, and 200 containers filled with chemical and biological materials that police warn was one step away from being a weapon of mass destruction.

Mainstream media has twisted itself into knots trying to portray George Soross Antifa as a violent yet peaceful activist group, but conservatives know the truththeyre a violent, far left extremist organization intent on the destruction of the United States.

While many knew they were capable of atrocities, nobody expected to find what police just found inside an Antifa members house.

Silence Is Consent reports: It all started when police received a domestic disturbance call at 124 Bradwick Circle. Someone had called in complaining of yelling, so the police assumed it would be just another routine noise complaintafter arriving and seeing what was on the scene however, their lives would be changed forever.

The police officers pulled up at the Florida home and immediately identified Christopher S. Langer, a 31-year-old Antifa member. Apparently hed been arguing with his parents quite loudly, which is why the neighbors called in the complaint. So, naturally the police decided to investigate.

At first, Langer was stubborn as an oxhe refused to give the police any information, but eventually they broke him. He confessed to having a live grenade in his backyard, which deputies went on to locate. This then prompted them to search his house, and what they found inside is absolutely terrifying.

Deputies immediately evacuated the home and began searching around for clues. They didnt have to search far though before discovering what this Antifa thug had planned. Apparently he was preparing to make a weapon of mass destruction, as hed been hoarding hundreds of different types of powders, acids, and other materials.



Discover the #1 Thing Men Want from Their Relationships And its Not Sex! Awareness Act

We have long been told that there is only one thing that men want in life, the one thing that drives their every thought, action, and reaction in life. While women are portrayed as being complex and emotional, everything about the male population is boiled down to one simple aspect of their being their sex drive.

While there is no denying that men are sexual beings, but are they really as disconnected from the experience, looking for nothing more than the physical experience as society tells us? A study carried out by researchers at the Indiana University School of Public Health Bloomington and the Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that this isnt true. In fact, men are far more invested than we have been led to believe!

Source: Great Mind


Dr. Debby Herbenick, the lead author of the study, explained: Contrary to some stereotypes, the most appealing behaviors, even for men, are romantic and affectionate behaviors. These included kissing more often during sex, cuddling, saying sweet/romantic things during sex, making the room feel romantic in preparation for sex, and so on.

If both sexes are motivated by the same aspects of attraction and romance, are there any real differences in the way that men and women view sex, or has the divide between the sexes all been made up? We can agree that there is a different feeling towards the concept of sex when we are discussing it with the average male versus the average female (understanding that there are always exceptions to every rule). So, what is the cause of this difference? The true difference between men and women when it comes to sex is the motivating factor


As the author Emerson Eggerichs reveals: Women need love. Men need respect. Its as simple and as complicated as that.


The one thing that men want more out of every relationship is to feel respected by their partner. Its not to say that women shouldnt show love to their men, or that men arent expected to also respect their partner in the relationship. However, men experience a deep, intense need to be respected that influences many of their thoughts, actions, and desires throughout the course of their lives...


What Type of Empath Are You? Choose a Picture to Discover Your True Empathic Self Awareness Act

Empathy is about standing in someone elses shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place. Daniel H. Pink

The gift of empathy is one that can be incredibly difficult to understand and manage early on, however, once an empath has learned to embrace and utilize their gift for good, it is highly empowering, enabling you to connect with others on an incredibly deep and personal level. Empaths are able to truly absorb and feel the feelings and emotions of those around them, providing them with a unique insight into their strengths and weaknesses, celebrations and struggles.

Often confused with simply being highly sensitive, the experience of an empath takes sensitivity to an entirely new level. They not only understand and feel the emotions of those that they connect with, but they internalize the energies of those around them. These energies can manifest themselves in a number of different ways including emotional feelings or physical sensations within the body. Empaths may also possess an incredible sense of intuition.

Much like the fact that there are different types of people, each with their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, there are also a number of different types of empath. To help you to better understand your own empathic abilities we would like to share this simple picture quiz with you.

Choose One Picture and Read on to Discover What It Reveals About You:

If You Chose #1 Emotional Empath

The most common and most widely accepted type of empath and emotional empath is known for their ability to connect with the emotions of the people that they encounter. While an empath can learn to manage this gift to so...


100+ Most Stunning Pictures Ever Taken Without Photoshop Awareness Act

The true art of photography is one that has been admired for generations, capturing the emotions, feelings and true nature of the environment around us with a single snapshot in a way that words could never hope to describe. Over time, as the technology available to us has advanced, our ability to catch breathtaking, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring images.

In 1988, American Brothers Thomas and John Knoll developed a technology that would soon become a staple in the photography industry Photoshop. Today experts in the field have become so adept at the technology that it can be difficult at times to distinguish between images that were photoshopped and those that have not been.

We live on an incredible planet full of wonderous views and experiences. Sometimes photographers are able to capture those views in such a way that we cant help but wonder if the photo is actually real! To celebrate the incredible works of these photographers Bright Side compiled what they deemed to be the best photographs to ever be taken without the use of photoshop.

As you browse this incredible collection of photos we have but one question Do you believe these really are the best of the best or have they failed to discover an incredible example of photographic mastery that you have been lucky enough to experience?


Here are the Best Photographs Ever Taken Without Photoshop:


A train on the Kazakh steppe. View from plane window

Source: Slava Stepanov

On target



'NIBIRU TRUTH' One man's mission to STOP Nibiru before it 'wrecks Earth ON SUNDAY' The Mystery Vault

The internet is awash with conspiracy theory claims that the Nibiru or Planet X system is heading towards Earth, and will trigger a global apocalypse from Sunday, November 19.

So-called Nibiru truthers claim NASA is at the heart of a global elite conspiracy to hide the truth from the general population while they seek refuge in secret underground bunkers.

The Nibiru myth emerged in 1976, when writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed two ancient Middle Eastern cultures, the Babylonians and Sumerians, told of a giant planet dubbed Nibiru which orbited the Sun.

And the Nibiru or Planet X theory claims a mini solar system consisting of a sun, planets and moons is lurking on the edge of our system with a huge 3,600 miles orbit of the sun.

They say the planet will cause the poles to switch, sparking great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

After nothing happened in October when it was originally supposed to hit believers now claim it will be on an approach path with the Earth between November 19 and December 20.

Nibiru believers are convinced the rogue system is making its way from the outer solar system inwards, where it will wreak havoc on Earth as it passes at about four million miles away.

Mathematician Robert Walker, who has been fascinated by space and astronomy since the 1960s has had enough and wants to end the Nibiru myth once and for all.

He took to the Quora debate website to outline his plan.

Mr Walker was responding to the question posed: Should I believe the Nibiru YouTubers? They seem pretty legit.

He wrote: Yes, they are fake. Some are just out and out frauds doing it for the YouTube ad revenue (which can be a lot, thousands of dollars a month for the most popular Nibiru channels, according to the estimates of SocialBlade), or who knows what reason. 

Some fancy themselves as prophets, maybe they predicted that Trump would be president and are so impressed by the accuracy of their own prediction that they start believing that anything they predict is true.

Or they hear voices which they think are extra terrestrials, and think they are telling them the truth, or they use ouija boards and think they are contacting demons who for some reason can see the future and also tell them the truth about the future.

He said viewers of Nibiru videos can view his checklist to see if they are fakers.

He said: Things they say in these YouTube videos and the conspiracy websites may seem impressive to those with no background in astronomy, but immediately disqualify them as people who know about the subject, if you have a basic understanding of astronomy.

There are many other things they say that are immediate giveaways that they dont have the first clue about astronomy. 



Impossible ancient engineering? Meet the bent stones of Khafres Valley Temple The Mystery Vault

The Valley Temple of Khafre located at the Giza plateau is one of the most fascinating ancient structures on Earth. It features supermassive blocks of stones, some exceeding 150 tons in weight, and design elements that eerily resemble elements found halfway around the world, in Peru.

In addition to that, the incredible bent stones in the interior are another detail which has caused confusion and admiration among experts and tourists alike.

One of the most famous Valley Temples in Egypt is without a doubt the one belonging to Khafre, located at the Giza plateau, a mere 500 meters from the Pyramid of Khafre and in close proximity to the Great Sphinx.

It happens to be one of the best preserved ancient temples in Egypt, surviving thousands of years nearly intact having been covered by sand until the 19th century.

The temples limestone walls measure 45 m and their thickness decreases exponentially, giving it an exterior appearance of a Mastaba.

The walls are covered with polished red granite both inside and outside, while the floor is white limestone.

The valley temple of Khafre, on the bottom of the causeway from the Sphinx to the Great Pyramid. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Auguste Mariette discovered it in 1852, and gave it the name of Temple of the Sphinx, believing it to serve it.

It is believed that the temple served both for the pharaohs mummification process and for its purification before being buried in the pyramid.

The entrances are flanked by sphinxes, and the roof of the structure is supported by columns also made of red granite.

It is devoid of paintings and inscriptions, and has openings in the upper part of the walls that provide natural light.

Khafre valley temple statue sockets. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Its interior was decorated with statues of the Pharaoh, which were placed in an existing well in later...


THE SWAMP Take care 4

A journey down the rabbit hole Source:

Het bericht THE SWAMP verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, THE 1% OWN MORE THAN HALF THE WORLDS WEALTH: THE STUNNING CHART Take care 4 Today Credit Suisse released its latest annual global wealth report, which traditionally lays out what has become the single biggest reason for the recent anti-establishment revulsion: an unprecedented concentration of Continue Reading



BOMBSHELL REPORT CONFIRMS US COALITION STRUCK A DEAL WITH ISIS Take care 4 At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in Continue Reading




  France are to consider lowering the age of consent to as low as 11-years-old as the government draft a controversial new bill dealing with sexual coercion. Is an 11-year-old Continue Reading




  StormWatcher is updating this list as they find more. StormWatcher     @damartin32 Over 1,100 sealed indictments!@buildthewall_20 found 108 in Colorado. Were up to 1,183 in 36 districts.  We will keep updating this spreadsheet. 2:44 Continue Reading

Het bericht NOW UP TO 1,183 SEALED INDICMENTS IN 36 DISTRICTS verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


A very rare hurricane in the Mediteranian Sea called ("Medicane") is forming west of Italy after days of wild and deadly weather in the area The Mystery Vault

A rare hurricane, known as a Medicane is forming west of Sicily and is forecast to move south, gaining strength, hitting the island of  Malta then heading east impacting Greece sometime around Saturday.
The medicane comes after days of deadly weather in the area.
In Greece: Deadly floods hit Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara killing ten people and washing cars into the sea.
Authorities said that about 10 cars were swept into the sea in the Aegean island of Symi on Monday.
 In Sicily, heavy rains fell in the Ragusa province destroying local greenhouse crops this week.
Some areas were hit by actual tornadoes.
It will take days to assess the damage.
In addition to the collapsed greenhouses, operators also have to deal with flooded crops.
At least 38 people were injured in the tornado in Turkeys southern Antalya Province late Monday, Dogan News Agency reported Tuesday.
The tornado, which moved swiftly towards the land from the sea, hit the farming fields and uprooted trees particularly in areas close to the coastline, according to the report.
The heavy storm and rainfall left a large-scale damage in the areas. And greenhouses, houses and vehicles were destroyed.

Source link


Mass Arrest Update - Now Up To 1,183 Sealed Indicments in 36 Districts Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs


StormWatcher is updating this list as they find more.


FBI & NYPD: Clinton Foundation Probed for Money Laundering, Financial Transactions with Islamic Terror Groups

Money launderers who bragged on a secret federal wire tap that they could employ Clinton Foundation connections to funnel and cleanse millions in illicit cash have sparked a newly-minted FBI investigation into the embattled charity run by Hillary Clinton and her family, federal law enforcement officials confirm.

The money laundering allegations being probed by the FBI have been buoyed by recent revelations and evidence discovered by the NYPD from a laptop confiscated from Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedins Manhattan residence. According to NYPD, several of the emails recovered on the hard drive disclosed sensitive financial details of the Clintons and their charity. That evidence is now in the hands of the FBI too, whose New York field office has opened a parallel Clinton Foundation investigation.

Federal law enforcement sources said the Los Angeles-based money launderers, who are part of a separate federal investigation, discussed previously using Clinton Foundation personnel to domesticate foreign funds that could not be legally brought into the United States through traditional bank wires and deposits. NYPD sources said Weiners email treasure trove contained correspondences regarding a company linked to President Bill Clinton and at least one offshore company, a South American affiliate of the Clinton Foundation. The emails also contained offshore financial correspondences, the source said.

Continue Reading at ........


Normalizing Pedophilia In France - France Considers Lowering Age Of Consent To 11 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

France lowers age of consent to 11

France are to consider lowering the age of consent to as low as 11-years-old as the government draft a controversial new bill dealing with sexual coercion.

Is an 11-year-old girl old enough to agree to sex with an adult? Thats the question French ministers are seriously considering, amid total outrage and revulsion by members of the public.

ABC News reports:

Twice in recent weeks, French courts refused to prosecute grown men for rape after they had sex with 11-year-olds because authorities couldnt prove coercion.

Amid public horror, the government is drafting a bill to say sex with children under a certain age is by definition coercive.

Feminist groups plan a protest Tuesday to argue the age should be set at 15. Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet says 13 is worth considering.

The age is just one piece of an upcoming bill on sexual violence and harassment.

The bill has gained importance amid worldwide concern unleashed by the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.


Bombshell Report Confirms US Coalition Struck A Deal With ISIS Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in its last urban holdout of Abu Kamal City in eastern Syria, the US is signalling an open-ended military presence in Syria. On Monday Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that the US is preparing for a long term military commitment in Syria to fight ISIS "as long as they want to fight."

Mattis indicated that even should ISIS loose all of its territory there would still be a dangerous insurgency that could morph into an "ISIS 2.0" which he said the US would seek to prevent. The enemy hasnt declared that theyre done with the area yet, so well keep fighting as long as they want to fight, Mattis said. Were not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stands in front of a map of Syria and Iraq. 

Mattis was referring to the stalled peace talks in Geneva which some analysts have described as a complete failure (especially as the Geneva process unrealistically stipulates the departure of Assad), as the future of Syria has of late been increasingly decided militarily on the battlefield, with the Syrian government now controlling the vast majority of the country's most populated centers.

Ironically just as some degree of stability and normalcy has returned to many parts of the county now under government control, Mattis coupled the idea of a permanent US military presence with the goal of allowing Syrians to return to their homes. He said, You keep broadening them. Try to (demilitarize) one area then (demilitarize) another and just keep it going, try to do the things that will allow people to return to their homes.

Meanwhile Turkey once again reiterated that the US...


For The First Time Ever, The "1%" Own More Than Half The World's Wealth: The Stunning Chart Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Today Credit Suisse released its latest annual global wealth report, which traditionally lays out what has become the single biggest reason for the recent "anti-establishment" revulsion: an unprecedented concentration of wealth among a handful of people, as shown in Swiss bank's infamous global wealth pyramid, an arrangement which as observed by the "shocking" political backlash of the past year, suggests that the lower 'levels' of the pyramid are increasingly unhappy about.

As Credit Suisse tantalizingly shows year after year (most recently one year ago), the number of people who control roughly half of the global net worth, or 45.9% of the roughly $280 trillion in household wealth, is declining progressively relative to the total population of the world, and in 2017 the number of people who were worth more than $1 million was just 36 million, roughly 0.7% of the world's population of adults. On the other end of the pyramid, some 3.5 billion adults had a net worth of less than $10,000, accounting for just about $7.6 trillion in household wealth. And inbetween is the so-called global middle class - those 1.4 billion people whose rising anger at the status quo made Brexit and Trump possible.

As the report authors write, there is just one group to have benefited from the Fed's post-crisis monetary policies: " Our calculations show that the top 1% of global wealth holders started the millennium with 45.5% of all household wealth. This share was about the same until 2006, then fell to 42.5% two years later. The downward trend reversed after 2008 and the share of the top one percent has been on an upward path ever since, passing the 2000 level in 2013 and achieving new peaks every year thereafter. According to our latest estimates, the top one percent own 50.1 percent of all household wealth in the world.

As the bank then laconically adds, "Global wealth inequality has certainly been high and rising in the post-crisis period." And as the chart below shows, in 2017, for the first time ever, the richest 1% now controls just over half, or 50.1%, of global wealth.



BBC Report: US & UK Governments Colluded With ISIS The Mystery Vault

A bombshell BBC report reveals that the US and UK governments colluded with ISIS and allowed fighters to escape Raqqa. 

The BBC confirms that the US cut a deal with ISIS which allowed for the evacuation of thousands of ISIS members and their families from Raqqa as Russian and Syrian forces attempted to kill them. reports: According to yesterdays bombshell BBC report:

The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of Islamic State fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. A convoy included some of ISs most notorious members and despite reassurances dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

Wednesday, 15 November


From Autonomous (on 4chan board) The Swamp (Down the Rabbit Hole) jpeg Kauilapele's Blog

Click image to view the 4chan posting
(click here to view the image).

Well, somehow this showed up via an IntelDinarChronicles post. Here is the link to the 4chan post where it came from.

Direct (original) link to the jpeg: (3.33 MB)
Alternate link (on Kp storage site):

I looked through it and it seems to be pretty accurate. May be helpful for some to view.

One thing I noticed (3rd level down) was the Major Funders Triangle. The three points are Soros (top), Rothschilds (lower le...


EARTHQUAKES IN STRANGE PLACES! A magnitude 5.4 hits South Korea (their second most powerful quake ever) The Mystery Vault

South Korea suffered their second most powerful quake ever this morning after a rare earthquake of magnitude 5.4 rattled South Korea, its second most powerful quake on record, shaking buildings but causing no major damage or injuries.
The quake struck about 9 km (5 miles) north of the southeastern port city of Pohang, the Korea Meteorological Administration said in a news briefing.
According to Reuters Tremors were felt across the country but operations at nuclear reactors were not affected, the state-run nuclear operator Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co said in a statement.
South Korea has relatively little seismic activity, compared with Japan to the east.
Its strongest quake on record was magnitude 5.8 in September last year.

An artificial earthquake movement of a magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale was recorded near the Poonggaeri area in North Korea a South Korean military official told NBC News in September 2017.
The event was recorded around 14 miles northeast of Sungjibaegam the USGS said.
Chinas earthquake administration says the quake was a suspected explosion, 


Source link


The Quantum Shift Hosted By Dr Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn and Drake Bailey Take care 4   source

Het bericht The Quantum Shift Hosted By Dr Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn and Drake Bailey verscheen eerst op Take care 4.

19:46 11-14-17 (Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level Q Clearance & Other Updates (UPDATED) Kauilapele's Blog

Here is Part IV in the series of Q Clearance interpretations by Jonathon at So this is quite a long article. He even includes a Kim Dotcom Tweet, and remarks from David Wilcock and Corey Goode about what is about to take place.

Joyful reading to all

Here are the previous TruthEarth posts: Part I (Kp blog post), Part II (Kp blog post), and...


The Dead Could Be Brought Back To Life In Groundbreaking New Project The Mystery Vault

Could you imagine having the ability to spend time with someone you lost? Well, it wont technically be your deceased loved one, but it will be pretty darn close.

While some people will, of course, be against the idea of spending time with those who have passed via simulation could be a very real option. You see, the simulation would live in a virtual environment that you could access through a device of some kind. Your loved ones voice, personality, mannerisms, and everything else would be captured within this simulation.

Sure, the dead cannot technically come eat breakfast with us the simulation would be able to. While this concept used to be nothing more than science fiction with virtual reality becoming more and more popular and the technology becoming more and more advanced it could soon become reality. According to Muhammad A. Ahmad, the next step in the evolution of bereavement is harnessing these technologies.

Ahmad was inspired to begin a project in regards to this by the death of his father. Ahmed is a researcher from the department of computer science at the University of Minnesota. He wrote in an article on Aeon that using a device like the Oculus Rift people could use the simulations to maintain a connection with those who have passed. It would make people feel less cut off from the person they are missing.

He says:

If we dont start a discussion about the possibility and viability of simulations of the deceased now, then they will be thrust upon us when were not ready for them in the near future.

The road will be fraught with moral dilemmas and questions about human conditions. Soon, the line that divides the living from the dead might not be so clear.

What do you think about all of this? Would experiencing a life with a simulated person you have been missing be a positive thing for you or do you think it would cross some kind of moral like? I for one would be glad to get at least one chance to speak with a lost loved one, even if I know it isnt truly them.

Below you will find a video in regards to speaking with the deceased through social media and AI, personally I find this quite interesting. While it is a bit different from the subject of this article it is something we are already doing. Check it out and give us some insight on how you feel in regards to all aspects of digital immortality.



The Dead Could Be Brought Back To Life In Groundbreaking New Project Awareness Act

Could you imagine having the ability to spend time with someone you lost? Well, it wont technically be your deceased loved one, but it will be pretty darn close.

While some people will, of course, be against the idea of spending time with those who have passed via simulation could be a very real option. You see, the simulation would live in a virtual environment that you could access through a device of some kind. Your loved ones voice, personality, mannerisms, and everything else would be captured within this simulation.

Sure, the dead cannot technically come eat breakfast with us the simulation would be able to. While this concept used to be nothing more than science fiction with virtual reality becoming more and more popular and the technology becoming more and more advanced it could soon become reality. According to Muhammad A. Ahmad, the next step in the evolution of bereavement is harnessing these technologies.

Ahmad was inspired to begin a project in regards to this by the death of his father. Ahmed is a researcher from the department of computer science at the University of Minnesota. He wrote in an article on Aeon that using a device like the Oculus Rift people could use the simulations to maintain a connection with those who have passed. It would make people feel less cut off from the person they are missing.

He says:

If we dont start a discussion about the possibility and viability of simulations of the deceased now, then they will be thrust upon us when were not ready for them in the near future.

The road will be fraught with moral dilemmas and questions about human conditions. Soon, the line that divides the living from the dead might not be so clear.

What do you think about all of this? Would experiencing a life with a simulated person you have been missing be a positive thing for you or do you think it would cross some kind of moral like? I for one would be glad to get at least one chance to speak with a lost loved one, even if I know it isnt truly them.

Below you will find a video in regards to speaking with the deceased through social media and AI, personally I find this quite interesting. While it is a bit different from the subject of this article it is something we are already doing. Check it out and give us some insight on how you feel in regards to all aspects of digital immortality.


8 Common Traits All Open-Minded People Have Awareness Act

There are lots of people in this world who claim to be open-minded who really arent. Are you truly open-minded or just faking it?

There are lots of different factors that go into being open-minded. It isnt as easy as most try to act like it is. This doesnt mean we cant be making progress throughout though, progress is something that can be made even in the most unchangeable people. Open-minded people and closed-minded people both are very different.

These two groups approach things in the complete opposite manner and closed-minded people are actually pretty dangerous. They have learned that being open-minded is important and have merely forced themselves to think that is what they are rather than facing the truth that they are closed-minded. What do you think you are? What would your friends say you are?

Below you will find a list of traits that only someone who is truly open-minded would have. If you have these traits then there is nothing to worry about. You are doing better than most.

8 Traits Only Truly Open-Minded People Have:

1. You focus on understanding.

You want to understand where the other person is coming from. You dont want them to walk away thinking you were not listening. You are a great listener.

2. You are humble.

Being humble is a good thing. You know that you are important but are modest about it. No one is better than anyone else.

3. You use disagreements as a means to learn.

You dont see arguments as things to win but lessons to learn. If you are wrong you dont mind admitting it. learning is important to you.

4. You know when to ask questions.

When you dont understand something you ask questions. You would rather make it known that you dont understand than look like a dick. You are not going to let the conversation go sour because someone is too afraid to ask questions.

5. You allow others to speak.

You dont rule the conversation. You let others speak just as much as you did. They deserve the same amount of time to get their point out as well. You are open to learning as mentioned above, winning is not the goal.

6. You do not judge.

You dont judge other people. You know that sometimes we cannot change things and that is okay. It is not going to bother you.

7. You are able to get past peoples differences.

Just because you disagree with someone on something doesnt mean you are going to avoid them or even send them death threats (yes that does happen). You say okay and move on in spite of the differences. They are not going to make you change your whole perspective of someone. We all have prefere...


Are You A Total Bada$$? 18 Signs That You Are An Alpha Female Awareness Act

We all know that one woman the one that everybody looks to, in awe, mesmerized by her amazing ability to succeed at everything she does. When she walks into a room, she does so with confidence, her head held high and a fire in her eyes.

Urban Dictionary defines an Alpha Female as: a dominant female in a group. She dates as many males as she wants, is strong and confident, and a hard worker as well as often busy. She is usually sarcastic because shes powerful and playful. Alpha Females are intelligent, intellectual problem solvers; and though being an alpha female is more of a state of mind than a physicality, an alpha understands that dressing up or sexy increases her power in society, so she does it.

Source: PositiveMed


These women are the go-getters, the women that are always up for a challenge and rarely intimidated. They are your bosses, your mentors and your teachers. Alpha females are true bada$$es, possessing a number of characteristics: They are assertive, competitive and sometimes controlling, taking the lead in every project they pursue, however, according to Psychology Today, they are also born healthier, more energetic and more resilient.

When the going gets tough, these are the women you want in your corner, ready to fight for and with you against all odds.

Do you find that people often refer to you as someone who goes for what she wants, refusing to back down? To people compliment you on your tenacity and dedication? Do you believe that you fit the definition of an Alpha Female?

Check out these 18 signs that you are an Alpha Female:

1. You dont believe that you have to tear other people down in order to succeed, or that there is only room enough for one at the top. For this reason, you are not prone to jealousy or feeling intimidated. Instead, you actively build others up and encourage their success while still working towards your own.

2. While you enjoy being in the spotlight when you are doing an executive presentation or commanding a room full of people on an important project, you dont require attention 24/7. You arent going to stoop down low enough to beg for attention. Instead, you are happy to remain in the background until your it comes to your time to shine.

3. You are incre...



(UPDATES WILL BE IN BOLD LABELLED AS UPDATE) I must reiterate that it is important to exercise discernment when coming across this or any information you find. Q did mention Continue Reading




Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian S Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to Continue Reading



7 Horrifying Visions From Near Death Experiences In Hell Awareness Act

Throughout all of mankind and humanity, people have searched for an answer for why we are here, what was supposed to be doing, and what happens after we die. While this mystery has yet to be solved, some people have some interesting stories as to what they experienced in near death.

Ah, death; its been the scariest thing to think of since we are children. We all wonder what happens when we die. It really might come down to what religion you practice or believe in when it comes to where you think youre going after death. Science has even studied this on multiple different occasions, and while researchers believe they have proved consciousness moves on after death, people are still far from being comforted especially after thee stories. While I typically write about the more comforting aspects of spirituality, in the spirit of Halloween, youll surely enjoy these visions of hell after death.

When it comes down to it, everyone probably envisions the same basis. After death, you are greeted by either a man with a red face and some eerily tall gates entering the land of despair, or youre met with a wise man dressed in a white robe with a long white beard in front of a pretty ornamented gate made of pure gold.Which one you go through is determined by the character you displayed in your life good or bad?

People these days are having a much harder time believing in the karmic justice of being a bad person following you into the afterlife. However, many people have experienced near-death phenomenon in which they actually went to hell and made it back to the physical world. Even well-known atheists were met with powerful realms of darkness, repentance, and eternal torment unless they were to preach the name of God. What do you think? Check out the stories below.

1. Matthew Botsford, Gun Shot Victim

everything changed on one March night in 1992. Matthew and two sales associates were in Atlanta on business. They had just left a restaurant and had gone outside to catch a taxi, when suddenly Matthew and the others never saw it coming. Behind them, several men were arguing when three of them pulled out guns and started shooting. One of Matthews friends took a bullet to the head and died instantly. The other was unharmed. Matthew was also shot in the head, and he too died.

Utter blackness. Incredible fear. I went to a place what I bel...




Het bericht OPERATION DISCLOSURE GCR/RV INTEL ALERT FOR NOVEMBER 14, 2017 verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Former CIA Officer: Israel & Saudi Arabia Want To Drag US Into War With Iran The Mystery Vault

An ex CIA officer claims that Saudi Arabia and Israel want to drag the United States into war with Iran.

Philip Giraldi, a former American counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer for the CIA says Israel and Saudi Arabia are not in a position to defeat Iran which is why they are trying to draw the US into a war against the Islamic Republic.

Press TV reports :  Giraldi made the remarks in an article headlined Saudi Arabia and Israel Know They Cannot Defeat Iran, Want to Drag the US into an Uncontainable War published on Monday.

Both Saudi Arabia and Israel know they cannot defeat Iran, Giraldi wrote, without the active participation of the United States.

That would require shaping the threat narrative to start with a series of relatively minor military actions that appear defensive or non-controversial to draw the United States in without really appearing to do so, he added.

American involvement would be against Washingtons own interests in the region but it would serve Saudi and Israeli objectives, particularly if the situation is inherently unstable and is allowed to escalate, he warned.

Both the Saudis and, more particularly, the Israelis have powerful lobbies in Washington that will push a friendly Congress for increased US involvement and the Iranophobic mainstream media is likely to be similarly positive in helping to shape the arguments for American engagement, the expert observed.

Giraldi predicted that the escalation will be starting in Lebanon, where the resignation of Prime Minister al-Hariri has created a plausible instability that can be exploited by Israel supported by heavy pressure from the Saudis to harden the Lebanese government line against Hezbollah.

During a visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this month, Hariri announced his resignation....


Antarctica E.T. Disclosure with Linda Moulton Howe and Navy Officer (Whistleblower) - November 11, 2017 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Linda Moulton Howe interviews Brian S Linda received an email from a now 61-year-old Navy officer who was in Antarctica his C130 crew encountered high strangeness from 1984/85 to 1987. Several times he and the crew all watched silver discs darting around the sky. He said he saw an entrance to a human/ET collaboration base. Brian was told by his superiors that, you did not see.

Phenomenon Radio is a show concept blending one of the most high-profile experiencers with an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist to bring the most up to date and late-breaking news and interviews to create a unique live weekly broadcast that delves into the UAP/UFO phenomenon like never before. With over 60 years of experience between them, John and Linda will combine their efforts in a monthly series format that focuses on specific levels of the Phenomenon that cannot be properly covered in a single 2-hour program. This show researches thought-provoking breakthroughs in the field of UAP/UFOs, to discover fascinating truths through first-hand accounts with investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon.

For more incredible science stories, Real X-Files, environmental stories and so much more. Please visit my site To stay up to date on everything Earthfiles, follow me on FaceBook @EarthfilesNews and Twitter @Earthfiles. Be sure to subscribe to this Earthfiles Channel the official channel for Linda Moulton Howe Have you seen all the playlists on our channel? Earthfiles 2017, Richard Dolan, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe, Linda Moulton Howe on Truth be Told TV, Roswell UFO Festival, Earthfiles Podcasts and much more!


Why Do I Crave MEAT? For Those Struggling Staying Vegetarian Or Vegan Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

We may have been vegan or vegetarian for a while, but sometimes we crave meat. Why is this? What causes us to go back to eating meat? Hopefully this video will help you to keep your vegan or vegetarian way of life. The Secret Reason We Eat Meat:

Check out the one to one sessions Nicky Sutton offers via Skype, Facebook and phone:

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#PizzaGate - Interview with the Hacker who Broke into Comet Ping Pong and Found Child Porn Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

This is the long awaited interview with the hacker who broke into Comet Ping Pong's encrypted section and found child porn then reported it to DC Police. To this date the guilty parties remain free and have never been investigated. Today you will hear from the hacker himself who did this, what happened, who he is, the whole story direct from him.

Please share and let's get justice. #PizzaGate is real. PizzaGate is PedoGate.

Anyone saying I do this for "clicks", "views" or "money", this video is already demonetized. That is a false ad hominem attack used by trolls and shills.

Article regarding the person pulled out of the hackers bush's in full camo and a face mask:

"Big Fish" on twitter:

"After Cheese Pizza Post, Officer arrested for Child Porn":

Full Show Notes On Steemit: (Link Coming Soon)

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The Vatican has spent nearly 4 billion to keep pedophilia lawsuits quiet since 1950 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Pedophilia has become a huge topic of discussion over recent weeks as not only have sexual abuse outings been taking place in Hollywood, but the exposure of pedophilia in Hollywood and amongst the elite is becoming more common.

The reality of child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church has surfaced time and time again, and yet, somehow, it continues to happen. If you watched the movie Spotlight, perhaps you have an idea of just how things are going down. But let's break it down to date.

While you can't put a price on the innocence of a child, you can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic Church has paid out in lawsuits over the never-ending epidemic of child molestation wreaking havoc in its ranks.

We hope the facts below help us to realize that in some ways our financial support of the catholic church is helping to cover up and defend pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Not to mention the government is providing tax breaks to what may be the biggest pedophile ring on the planet.

Also consider that the church has known about this for years and has done little to nothing to deal with it, instead they cover it up.

According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who...


Lightworkers Q&A at - Mon - Fri at 9pm EDT Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Is your anxiety running high awaiting the arrival of this global transition including the financial reset and your ascension?

Let us calm you by allowing a highly respected individual with 24 years of expertise and knowledge of this plan answer your questions.  He will discuss and answer your questions on current events, ascension, the global financial reset, Nesara and any other topics of your concern.

The truth is given on this venue. So if you are a bit weary with what you've been told, gather with us and walk away with a clear mind of knowledge and truth that makes sense to you.  Willie Collins has not changed his answers over the course of years educating individuals unless of course his mentor gave him those instructions to do so. 

Come join us 5 days a week, Monday - Friday at 9pm EDT.  Dial 641-715-3570 pin 814068#  

Replay: 641-715-3579  814068#


(Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level Q Clearance & Other Updates (UPDATED) - November 14, 2017 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

(Part IV) Massive Intel Drops on 4Chan by Individual(s) with Highest Level Q Clearance & Other Updates (UPDATED)


I must reiterate that it is important to exercise discernment when coming across this or any information you find. Q did mention that disinformation is real and necessary. I would also ask again that you be forgiving if I leave something out, I assure you it is unintentional. I only have benevolent intentions here. 

For parts I, II and III of this intel drop please visit the links below:

Part I

Part II

Part III

For a more in-depth explanation of some of this information please see Tracy Beanz videos via YouTube. There are things that she goes into there that are important that I dont go into here.

Id like to dive right into this information and include Qs posts from the last few days as of the time...


Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 14, 2017 Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 14, 2017







Proof of time travel? Painting from 1850 shows woman absorbed in smartphone The Mystery Vault

The scene bears a striking resemblance to a teenager texting or looking at social media while carelessly walking down the street but was actually painted in around 1850-60.

Painted by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmller, The Expected One shows a young man waiting on a countryside path holding a pinking flower while a girl approaches with her attention gripped by a small rectangular object in her hands.

The time travel scenario was sparked on Twitter by retired local government officer Peter Russell in response to a similar image being posted.

He told Motherboard : What strikes me most is how much a change in technology has changed the interpretation of the painting, and in a way has leveraged its entire context.

The big change is that in 1850 or 1860, every single viewer would have identified the item that the girl is absorbed in as a hymnal or prayer book.

Today, no one could fail to see the resemblance to the scene of a teenage girl absorbed in social media on their smartphone.

It is understood that the painting, in fact, shows a girl holding a hymn book while walking as her admirer awaits.

Art expert Gerald Weinpolter said: The girl in this Waldmller painting is not playing with her new iPhone X, but is off to church holding a little prayer book in her hands.

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Death-toll now 164 and rising with thousands more injured and missing as Iraq and Iran are bracing for another after mag 7.3 quake The Mystery Vault

After-shocks are now a major worry as locals look for loved onesCredit USGS.

At least 164 people were killed and more than 1,500 more were injured after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck near the Iran-Iraq border, the Iranian government said early Monday.
The state news agency, IRNA, said the official death toll was expected to rise.
The Iraqi Meteorological and Seismology Organization, meanwhile, warned that the country should brace for another possible quake in the coming hours.
The U.S. Geological Survey, or USGS, said the quake was recorded at 9:18 p.m. local time (1:18 p.m. ET) Sunday.
It measured the quake at a magnitude 7.3, while Iraqs state geologists said it was magnitude 7.5.
There are still people under the rubble, an Iranian governor, Mojtaba Nikkerdar, said on state TV, according to Reuters.
We hope the number of dead and injured wont rise too much, but it will rise.
Stephen Hicks, a seismologist at the University of Southhampton in England, said that in a region where earthquakes are common, Sundays quake appeared to be the largest in a long time.
Like most of those other temblors, this one was shallow, said Don Blakeman, a geophysicist with the USGSs National Earthquake Information Center.
No large cities were near the epicenter, Blakeman said, but NBC News producers in the region said it was felt as far away as Tehran and Baghdad, which are about 460 miles and 170 miles away, respectively.
Still, Blakeman added, the region has many towns and villages.
Without a doubt, he said, there will likely be serious damage.
At her home in Irbil, about 170 miles northwest of the epicenter, Lana Serwan said the temblor lasted for a minute.
Everything was shaking, said Serwan, 35.
Another Irbil resident, Manar Ksebeh, 26, said he was in his 12th-floor apartment when he heard people running and shouting.
So he fled down his buildings stairwell.
I wanted to make sure I wasnt feeling dizzy, Ksebeh said.

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Speaking of Kim Dotcom Theres a Movie about him Caught in the Web (viewable on Vimeo) Kauilapele's Blog

I mentioned Kim Dotcom in the last post. You may recall that David prefaced his final talk at Contact in the Desert with a Tweet from Kim Dotcom which said (I paraphrase), P-gate is about to blow the f up. Anyway, apparently there is a movie out about him (link was Tweeted here). I felt some may be interested in viewing this video (rent from $4.99, trailer is below). Feel free to discern and check it out.

Academics film on Kim Dotcom up for Best Documentary (11-13-17)

Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web, directed and co-produced by Professor Annie Goldson, from the University of Aucklands Faculty of Arts, has been nominated for Best Documentary at the upcoming Asia-Pacific Screen Awards (APSAs) Her documentary explores the life and times of the internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom who is charged with criminal copyright violation and was arrested in a high-profile raid on his Dotcom mansion...


SGTreport 11-14-17 You Wont Believe All That Is Being Exposed Now!!! Kauilapele's Blog

This showed up this morning, and I listened, and found it to be very illuminating about the Grand Apocalypse that is occurring right now. And it also points out some historical aspects to the whole thing (you know Rothschilds, etc., Saudis involvement). Theres even a recent Kim Dotcom Tweet! I suggest setting aside any not-liking attitude for Bible quotes, as there are a few which relate to whats going on.

And I definitely agree with the statement at the beginning None of this would be happening if she [HRC] were in the Whitehouse.

Published on Nov 14, 2017
You wont believe all that is being exposed NOW. Luke chapter 8 verse 17 reads For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. And thats exactly what we are seeing now. What control will these monstrous actors have when they can no longer practice their wick...


The Secret Psychology of Kissing: Why Exactly Do We Kiss? The Mystery Vault

Sure, we could show affection through some other gesture, right? So why do we choose to kiss one another? Why is that a normal thing for us to do?

Kissing is something we learn from a young age as something two people who love each other do. Kissing is literally seen as a key of sorts for love. It can honestly make or break a potential relationship.

Research has found that men are more likely to initiate kissing before sex and woman after. There is a sense of attachment around kissing especially regarding women, but of course, having something to do with both men and women. Kissing releases a number of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in the brain that are thought to be responsible for increasing feelings of attachment in general.

Our lips and tongues occupy a large amount of somatosensory brain tissue. Kissing causes a lot of stimulation because of this. Its almost like brain-to-brain contact depending on how you look at it in this way. You might consider kissing to be just as if not more important than sex when it comes to being truly close to someone in that sense.

Kissing can also be quite persuasive. Both men and women use kissing as a means of deciding whether someone is a good potential partner or not. Whether we want to admit it or not, good kissers have better chances, dont they?

Sharing a kiss because of how sensitive our lips are leads to a deep sense of connectedness. Kissing makes us feel noticed and loved. It is something most people see as an important part of a relationship, and can lead to passionate feelings.

For more information on this check out the video below. Kissing is a very powerful thing in many ways. Being good with your mouth is important in this day and age.

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Daily UFO Headlines 11/7/2017 The Mystery Vault


Alejandro Rojas is a radio host for Open Minds Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds magazine as well as For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with several appearances on Coast to Coast AM.

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According to Numerology, This Is What Your Name Says About Your Personality Awareness Act

Perhaps the entire universe exists today because of a random assimilation and combination of different influential numbers and codes. Numbers have more significance than counting objects or money they might just define who you are as a person.

Astrology and numerology are two very interesting topics and could even be the closest thing to predicting the very fabric of the universe. Numerology is the study of the vibrational frequencies of numbers and letters and how they apply to each individual person. Numerology states that a persons date of birth and birth name are not just random. It says that they can even be used to understand the true intentions and motives of a person. It dates back to thousands of years in a variety of different cultures and civilizations. It was taught and studied by some of the most renowned researchers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Numerology offers a life path number that will set the stage for a persons life. Its based on the birthdate of a person and cannot be changed. It is calculated by adding the numbers of the birthdate together in a specific order. Here is an example:

August 13, 1980

  • August = 8
  • 13 = (3 + 1) = 4
  • 1980 = (1 + 9 + 8 + 0) = 18 = (1 + 8) = 9
  • (8 + 4 + 9) = 21 = (2 + 1) = 3
  • Life Path = 3

The second reading offered by numerology is the reading of your expression number. The expression number represents ones natural abilities and interests. It is calculated by converting the letter of the persons name to a number value and then...


The Emotional Roller Coaster Known As Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Act

Borderline personality disorder comes with a lot of emotional chaos and that is without a doubt NOT an understatement. It is chaos for the person dealing with it as well as the people who have to deal with that person.

Dont get me wrong though, I am not saying that we shouldnt have people who are dealing with this in our lives. I am saying we need to know what we are getting ourselves into and understand as best we can what this person is going through. Borderline personality disorder is much more complex than most people would like to admit.

With at least 14 million adults in the United States alone living with BPD it is something we could all stand to be more educated on. Those living with BPD are impulsive and volatile to say the least. They are overflowing with emotional storms and are obviously not easy to read. They have this overwhelming fear of rejection and other things of the sort.

Borderline symptoms are usually as follows:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Aggressiveness
  • Sensitivity
  • Over-reactivity
  • Recklessness
  • Emotional instability
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Poor sense of self
  • Chronic feelings of emptiness
  • Feeling cut off from oneself
  • Quickly changing moods
  • Impulsive behaviors

(and the list goes on)

I am sure that alone was enough to tell you BPD is something that is not easy to live with. People who become romantically involved with those suffering from BPD are in for a lot more than they realize. They have to be prepared for the roller coaster ride they have signed up for. They have to be able to deal with the changing moods and over-reactions. They have to be okay with being loved on one minute and bashed the next. It is not something everyone can endure.

There is no in-between, everything with someone who has BPD is either black or white. You have to love them for their good times and help them through the bad. Sadly when it comes to treating BPD there is no real set in the stone proven method, some things work for some and not for others and so forth. A lot of people with BPD are even misdiagnosed making treatment even harder.

That being said, they are all amazing people and they are so much stronger than most. It is like being trapped in hell and still managing to have good days and for that, I applaud those who suffer from this disorder.

(Image Via: D...


Encourage Overwhelming Energy In Your Kitchen With These Beautiful Countertops Awareness Act

People are getting more creative than ever when it comes to designing homes! As people are discovering the healing properties of crystals, others are installing them as countertops!

Granite and marble are so last season since these new gemstone countertops have made an appearance! These countertops are made entirely of gemstones and they not only give your kitchen a revitalized and natural look, theyre cleansing your chicken breast and vegetables of negative energy! Some of the most popular crystals and gemstones for healing are now being transformed into marvelous countertops. While definitely above my price range, theyre definitely a component of my future dream house!

One of the most prestigious countertop producers, Majestic Gemstones has revolutionized the countertop industry by incorporating these incredibly healing crystals and gemstones into thick slab countertops. Some of their most popular creations include amethyst crystals, petrified woods, labradorite, and white quartz!

Amethyst is a world renowned crystal for energetic healing. It increases courage, intuition, and creativity all while balancing the energetic meridian points in our body. Amethyst can cleanse us of negative energy and impurities and promote a pure lifestyle. Its purple hue gives a calming and soothing influence and is the perfect splash of color for a modern art-deco style kitchen emporium!

Other crystals killing the counter top game are white quartz and petrified wood. White quartz can be an emotional healer and boost self esteem. Its creamy white color is very calming and it can even contribute to the awakening of your third eye chakra! How awesome would it be to practice your mindfulness and spirituality while preparing dinner!? Pretty awesome. Check out some of Majestic Gemstones creations below!

White Quartz

Petrified Wood



11 Steps For Overcoming A Dark Night of The Soul Awareness Act

For those who do not know a dark night of the soul is what one would call their experience of collapsed meaning. For people going through a dark night of the soul, nothing makes sense and everything is hell.

People dealing with a dark night of the soul are going through a depressed state. Usually, there is a trigger for this sort of thing but for some, it can come out of nowhere. If you have not experienced one yet, you will. We all go through dark nights of the soul. I have been there before and know I will be there again at some point but luckily I now know things I did not know last time I experienced a dark night of the soul.

If you are going through a period of sadness or darkness this is something you need to read. There are steps you can take to getting through what you are going through. If you are going through something that is truly shaking your life to the core know that you are not alone and you will make it through. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Step 1: Acknowledgement

Dont ignore what you are facing. Make sure you are aware of it in all aspects. Bring it into the light so that you arent hiding it away anymore.

Step 2: Understanding

Understand that you are where you are for a reason. There is a lesson to be learned here. Know that there is something you need to do in order to move forward on your path whether you know what that something is right now or not.

Step 3: Finding Your Courage

Take some time to find your courage. This is something only you can do. It will take time so be patient. Trust in yourself and be determined in all that you do. Only you can force yourself through this rough time. If you sit idle you will only steep in darkness.

Step 4: Self-Care

Put self-care first, your needs need to be met. Do whatever it takes to ensure you are getting what YOU need. Your needs are not negotiable, dont fall behind.

Step 5: Meditate

Be gentle with yourself. Take some time each day to meditate and go at things as you see fit. Taking things slowly sometimes is the best approach but dont let yourself fall into a rut or come to a standstill.

Step 6: Share

Share what you are going through with others. Do not do this alone. You need a proper support group. Those who love and care for you want to be here for you if you will let them.

Step 7: Ask Yourself

Ask yourself what it is you need to do to move forward. Is it time? Am I ready? Where do I go from here? Only you know when where and how things should go.

Step 8: Baby Steps

Take baby steps if you need to. Get back out there and let yourself actually feel something as time progresses. You dont have to jump right...


Are Your Chakras Out of Balance? Check For These Warning Signs Awareness Act

Our chakras are extremely important. These centers in our bodies allow energy or chi to flow as it needs to.

Each chakra is located in a specific part of our body and correlates to a specific dysfunction or health issue if out of balance. Any blockages in these areas can and will lead to illness. It is extremely important to understand all that each chakra brings and represents for every one of us.

When our chakras are open energy is able to flow effortlessly which is EXTREMELY important. If your chakras are out of balance you may be feeling fatigued or even constipated. The possibilities in relation to your chakras are endless. Please take a look below to get to know your chakras a little better.

Root Chakra

This chakra sits at the base of your spine and is the first chakra. It is our support if there is an imbalance in this chakra we will experience things like anxiety, nightmares, bladder issues, and for some pain in the lower back. Balancing this chakra is all about meditating on a higher spiritual plane and giving yourself what you need to feel safe. When it comes to balancing any chakra you just need to meditate and focus on that specific chakra. That being said, in order to do this you must identify the issue at hand.

Sacral Chakra

This is our creative chakra, it is located above the pubic bone and below the navel. When this is balanced you will feel happy and well but when it is not balanced you will experience a lot of negative things. For instance, sexual dysfunction, depression, addiction, and emotional instability.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is located around the navel and up to the breastbone. It is our source of personal power and governs our warrior energy. This chakra controls our metabolism as well as our digestion so when it is not balanced, neither is our tummy. If yours is out of balance you may also be experiencing trouble making decisions as well as low self-esteem.

Heart Chakra

This chakra is located exactly where you would assume it would be. It is the center of everything. When this chakra is not balanced properly you will experience a lot of hatred for yourself and jealousy.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is, of course, located in the throat. It is where our authentic expressi...


Video: Police Threaten Young Mother With Arrest Over Unvaxxed Kids The Mystery Vault

A young mother has been threatened with arrest over vaccine records by law enforcement officers in eastern Los Angeles while waiting with her children for the school bus.

Porsha Rasheed was walking her young children to the bus stop when she was approached by an official from the Claremont school district and a police officer. In very intimidating fashion, they began questioning her about whether or not her children had been vaccinated.

When she refused to answer and started recording the interaction they walked away, but that wasnt the end of it. Later she called the police department and explained what was going on, and she was told that she could be arrested for refusing to vaccinate her children.

You can see the video for yourself on Facebook right here.

It has already been watched more than 210,000 times, and we need to get this out to as many people as we possibly can.

American Dream reports: The following is the description that Porsha Rasheed posted along with the video:

Please watch this Video and share. I am being set up by the Claremont school district to be arrested and they are trying to force me to give my child immunization shots! I woke up this morning and walked my kids to the bus stop like I always do. Guess who was waiting the Claremont police department along with another man asking me about my childs shots! I called the police department to make a complaint for harassment and was told by the sergeant, that me not giving my kids shots is a criminal act and that I will be arrested. This is why they were at the bus stop to try to incriminate me by me attempting to them that my son does not have any shots. This is crazy!! I want the world to know if I am arrested this is why! I will follow up with the facts!!!!

This is the kind of thing that health freedom advocates were warning would happen in California.

In 2016, a new law...


The Two Smartest Signs of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers Awareness Act

Each zodiac sign has their own set of traits and abilities, and some of which are highly recognized for having unique and special abilities like intelligence!

Each zodiac sign has their own special traits and characteristics. We are all different individual spiritual souls and each of us have our own special talents and faults. Where some signs might be particularly charismatic they might also lack skills of understanding and intelligence. Just like yin and yang, our negative qualities and positive qualities balance each other out.

Most people are aware of the common zodiac sign stereotypes like Leo being a charming player, Gemini being a sociopath, and Taurus being a loving friend, but you might not know much else about the traits and characteristics associated with each zodiac sign. More interestingly, who are the most intelligent zodiac signs? When it comes to intelligence and intellectually gifted people, Aquarius and Scorpio top the list. These two zodiac signs are acclaimed for their intellect and rationalization skills. They tend to possess the higher IQ scores too. Some of the most extraordinary scientists and researchers were Scorpio and Aquarius, like Pablo Picasso or Galileo Galilei.


Aquarius is praised for their intelligence and humanistic skills and traits. They are known for reflecting their creative and original minds in important problem solving and in...


Are You Awakening? New Ascension Symptoms Include Memory Loss, And Strange Pains Awareness Act

As we rise to a higher level we are, of course, going to experience some symptoms. While most people associate higher consciousness or becoming more connected with the Universe as something that feels amazing there are negative aspects as well.

During ascension our bodies must adjust and with that comes some quite uncomfortable symptoms. The more you are aware of the process the more you can help yourself through it. We are all unique so the process will be different for everyone. Different areas of your brain will be coming into play as your mind is working to cope with the coming of energies.

Physical ailments and things of this nature are the souls way of communicating with us through our bodies so everything that is happening is happening for a reason. You are being sent a message. If you are not feeling well at the moment then it is likely because of a shift in frequency that your body is picking up on. As your consciousness expands you can and should expect the following symptoms to occur from time to time.

Negative Ascension Symptoms/Signs:

  • Aches and pains (this is going to be more-so in the upper back as you sprout your wings and remove energetic blocks)
  • Feeling overly emotional (becoming more empathetic with the world)
  • Night Sweats
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Feeling stressed
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Yearning to go home (longing to return to the Source)

When you are experiencing ascension you will most likely be exhausted. Now, while the symptoms I mentioned above are negative there are also positive ascension symptoms as well. For instance, if you didnt like to spend much time outside as you become more conscious you will want to spend more time in nature and something within you will change for the better. You will begin experiencing rushes of intense energy and meditation will hold a much deeper meaning for you.

We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us. (p.162)
Joshua David Stone, A Beginners Guide to the Path of Ascension (The Ascension Series)

Please, do not be afraid to work towards ascension because of these symptoms. If you prepare yourself they will not be an issue. You can ascend to higher consciousness if you truly want to.



PROOF OF NIBIRU? Video footage shows 'first meteor from Planet X as it approaches' Earth The Mystery Vault

Nibiru or Planet X believers continue to maintain the mini solar system is about to pass the Earth next week, despite there being no evidence to support the crackpot claims.

Now, some are saying this video is evidence the legendary system is dragging with it a trail of asteroids and comets, and a small part of one of them allegedly just broke through our atmosphere.

In the video, it is suggested a bright orange object is seen falling down to Earth in Bermuda in the Pacific Ocean, reports.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by channel Explore the World with the title: Nibiru Planet X 2017 update Planet X possible sighting over Bermuda.

The channel said: It shows a very large fireball coming out of the sky. Ive seen similar videos by a young lady in the state of Indiana who is thought to have filmed one of the first Nibiru fly-bys.

The channel believes the object could be debris from Planet X as it approaches the Earth and largely dismissed other theories that it is a standard meteor, space junk, or just an optical illusion caused by a sunlit plane contrail.

And the conspiracy theorist channel adds: I can clearly see when you are zoomed in, that is a large spherical object.

Several Nibiru believers claim fireballs from Nibiru are already falling to Earth.

They include Sky Watcher Matt Rogers, a UK-based, YouTube channel who posts daily updates.

He claims Nibiru is dragging a trail of millions of miles in length of dust, ash, comets and asteroids, that Earth will soon pass through with devastating effects.

Fellow researcher Dave Dobbs is convinced Nibiru is already nearing Earth and has compiled videos of asteroids trailing from the doom planet.

He said: Id pretty much uncovered the 13 cycles that Nibiru has had around Nemesis as its gone over the top of the sun.

Mr Dobbs has also created a fly-by model marking Planet Xs supposed path around the globe.

He said: I was already gobsmacked that we had so many sightings. Once we start taking all this information, were talking about sightings that are taken from satellites beyond this Earth.

I started doing this massive research over six months to a year uncovering on YouTube evidence where people have photographed or recorded something that looked like a twin-tailed object.

I found there was a 200 day interval between all of these sightings. I started using that model to find more and more sightings until Id pretty much uncovered the 13 cycles that Nibiru has had around Nemesis as its gone over the top of the sun.

The Nibiru myth emerged in 1976, when writer Zecharia Sitchin claimed two ancient Middle Eastern cultures, the Babylonians and Sumerians, told of a giant planet dubbed Nibiru which orbited the Sun.

And the Nibiru or Planet X theory claims a mini solar...


The 1860 time travel painting that seems to show a woman holding a smartphone The Mystery Vault

When you look at the painting it immediately strikes you: A woman staring at a smartphone while walking, a scene not too unfamiliar with todays way of life. However, despite the fact that many people would find that this scene shows what seems to be a smartphone, the truth is that this is ONLY evidence of how technology changes our interpretation of art.

And no, it is not time travel, and shes not holding a smartphone, I mean, after all, reception in 1860 would have been a pain in the ass, right? 

How many of us have walked along the street, firmly grasping our precious piece of technology while sending texts or watching YouTube videos?

The scene depicted in this 19th-century Waldmuller painting seems to show the exact same thing, but smartphones didnt exist in 1980, did they?

The truth is no, they did not, but as noted by retired Glasgow local government officer Peter Russell who spotted the scene at the Neue Pinakothek museum in Munich:

What strikes me most is how much a change in technology has changed the interpretation of the painting, and in a way, has leveraged its entire context. The big change is that in 1850 or 1860, every single viewer would have identified the item that the girl is absorbed in as a hymnal or prayer book. Today, no one could fail to see the resemblance to the scene of a teenage girl absorbed in social media on their smartphone.

A painting called Die Erwartete or the Expected, by Ferdinand Georg Waldmller. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The painting is believed to have been created sometime between 18501890 by Austrian artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmller.

Its called The Expected One and shows a woman walking down a rocky path towards a kneeling man, with a flower in his hand, expecting the young woman.

The young lady is illustrated firmly grasping a small rectangular objectstrikingly similar to a modern-day smartphone.



Pneumonic plague in Madagascar now in the east of the island and with over-use of anti-biotics fears of disease mutating could becoming untreatable The Mystery Vault

Photo Science photo library
Around 5 pm yesterday [Mon 11 Sep 2017], a 40-year-old woman suspected to have died from the pneumonic plague, according to a source within the (BMH), was buried at the cemetery of Anjanahary.
She died at the Respiratory Diseases Service of the hospital in Antananarivo-city, after being admitted on [ Sun 10 Sep 2017], according to concordant sources.
The victim had contracted the disease during a holiday in the east of the Big Island.
She was staying with her family in Toamasina, when 4 of the family, including the husband and wife, died suddenly.
It was suspected plague, reported a relative.
The eastern part of the island is, however, not a plague area.
It is feared that those deaths are connected to that of a person who came from Moramanga and was travelling in Toamasina.
Sources reveal that the latter would have joined Toamasina by bush taxi, starting from Moramanga, following a suspected pneumonic plague outbreak.
It is believed that a young man sitting next to him in the public transport was then infected, and also died.
Asked about these facts, the responsible service of the fight against the plague in the Ministry of Public Health at the hospital, preferred to remain silent.
The same happened with the director of health surveillance and epidemiological surveillance of the Ministry, who is currently on a mission to Toamasina Another source in the ministry who would urge everyone to take precautions against these suspected cases of plague, revealed the existence of 5 suspicious deaths and 10 patients since the beginning of the plague season.
They were listed in Toamasina, Moramanga and Miarinarivo excluding that recorded in Antananarivo.
She also stressed that members of the family of the deceased in Toamasina would have already returned home to Mahajanga and Vohemar.
However, there is no risk of transmission of the disease to those who have been in contact with the victim.
The team of the Ministry of Public Health and of the BMH had been rushed to the hospital to distribute plague prevention drugs to his family and relatives and the hospital staff.
They have also conducted a service disinfection operation where the deceased was admitted and the mortuary.
Despite this, consulting a doctor is highly recommended in case of suspicious symptoms, namely high fever, painful glands, cough with bloody sputum.
Bushfires are to b...


Stratford St. Mary Cursus, Suffolk The Northern Antiquarian

Cursus Monument:  OS Grid Reference TM 0486 3433

Archaeology & History

Faint flat outline of SE end + ancient circular enclosure

This short and dead straight cursus monument was first described in John Hedges (1981) survey, and later mentioned in Harding & Lees (1987) corpus on British henges as being in conjunction with a series of circular prehistoric monuments (three circular enclosures existed beyond its southeast and one to its northeast edges, one of which is visible in the aerial image, right).

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