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Tuesday, 16 October


10 Signs Your Guardian Angels Are Present Awareness Act

The idea that guardian angels move among us, watching over us and protecting us throughout our lives is one that is often comforting. This provides us with hope in even the darkest times, believing that there are greater things at work than just those of us that walk this planet. How do you know that your guardian angels are close at hand?

If there is one thing I am sure about, it is that those loved ones who leave this planet before us never actually leave us. Instead, they transition from being our loved one here, physically by our side, to a guardian angel helping to guide and protect us every step of the way. Its a comforting thought, no?

Dont just take my word for it. Here are 10 signs that your guardian angels are nearby:

#1 Cloud Shapes

As children, you likely spent time stretched on a patch of grass, watching the clouds floating by and identifying the various shapes. However, if these shapes remind you of a friend or loved on that passed, they may not be as random as you once believed. Spirits may use the clouds in order to convey a message, letting you know they are there. This could include more generic signs like wins or feathers, or shapes that remind you specifically of one person.

#2 Color

While most of us are not aware, each archangel is associated with a different color, one that defines its energy. It is said by wearing this color, we can welcome them into our lives, like sending an open invitation. At the same time, they can use this color to let you know that they are near. If you suddenly start seeing the same color everywhere you look, pay attention. A couple times, sure, that may be a coincidence but if it keeps happening it may very well be a sign of something more.

#3 Ringing in Your Ears

If you are experiencing ringing in your ears and there is no physical explanation, take note. When spiritual beings attempt to guide us or provide us with information, this often comes through what is called downloads, the passing of higher information from the other side of the veil. As this information is passed to us on a spiritual level, we may not even have known that it is happening, except for a ringing or buzzing sound in our ears.

#4 Music

They say that music is a universal language, allowing those of all languages, cultures, and nations to connect with one another. However, it also has the ability to convey messages from the spiritual realm. Is there a specific song that you associate with a deceased friend or family member? You may find that you cant get a specific son...


9 Interesting Facts About Facebook We Bet Youve Never Heard Before Awareness Act

With approximately 2.23 billion active monthly users, there is no questioning the fact that Facebook has made its mark in the global community, connecting people and businesses around the world. No longer confined to just our computers, we carry it around with us every day, on our smartphones, always at our fingertips.

But, how much do you know about this popular social media platform?

Whether you rely on Facebook to connect you with friends and family, or to follow your favorite brands and celebrities, the social media giant has found its way into the lives and homes of the majority of Americans. Your Facebook profile likely reveals a great deal about your life your birthday, employer, spouse, favorite sports team or the movie you were watching last week. Maybe its time to learn a little about the history of Facebook in return!

Here are 9 interesting facts about Facebook that youve likely never heard before:

#1 The Facebook Poke

A well-known feature on Facebook, the poke feature is one that has had people curious. While some believe that its intention is completely innocent, designed simply to nudge another user when you are trying to get their attention, others apply a more flirtatious and far less innocent connotation to the word poke. In his book The Facebook Effect, author David Kirkpatrick discusses a conversation in which he asked Zuckerberg to explain the feature. Zuckerberg reportedly responded with, We thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpose So, mess around with it, because youre not getting an explanation from us.

#2 An Early Facebook Feature was File Sharing

When you consider the timing of Facebooks launch, it should come as no surprise that Zuckerberg also had his eye on the peer-to-peer file sharing market. After all, these programs were all the rage. Developed alongside Facebook, Wirehog was launched in 2004 and actively promoted throughout Facebook at the time. It was designed to enable users to share files between friends, such as music and movies. However, it was one of many programs to be shut down due to piracy concerns, with its last file shared in 2006.

#3 The Original Facebook Homepage Featured Al Pacinos Face

When Facebook was first released, there was a face on the homepage, greeting everyone who visited. While it was not known at first who it was, it was later revealed the face was that of Al Pacino, a sketch that had originally been created by Mark Zuckerbergs cla...


Study Shows A Link Between Processed Meats and Breast Cancer Awareness Act

It is estimated that 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, a startling fact. While we dont fully understand the causes of this horrible disease, researchers have made great strides in better understanding the risks that we face each day. The latest study reveals an incredibly common potential offender.

The most common form of cancer that women around the globe will face, its no wonder that we are desperate to better understand what causes it, and what we can do to reduce our risk and protect ourselves from its deadly grasp.

A recent study has been making waves online, as it points to a group of foods commonly found in the average American diet processed meats. This includes any meat that has been modified in order to lengthen its shelf life, including smoking, curing or salting. Popular examples of processed meats including salami, beef jerky, bacon, sausages, and hot dogs.

For those that have been diligent in terms of developing a nutritious and healthy diet, the news may not be all that surprising. After all, the World Health Organization issued a press release in 2015 revealing that processed meat was classified as Group 1 carcinogenic to humans, placing it on the same list as tobacco, alcohol, and plutonium.

In the report, Dr. Kurt Straif, Head of the IARC Monographs Programme stated, For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal cancer because of their consumption of processed meat remains small, but this risk increases with the amount of meat consumed. In view of the large number of people who consume processed meat, the global impact on cancer incidence is of public health importance.

Reviewing data from 15 different studies published before January 2018, the new study takes this information a step further by specifically addressing the connection between processed meats and breast cancer. The studys authors write that red meat (unprocessed) consumption was associated with a 6% higher breast cancer risk and processed meat consumption was associated with a 9% higher breast cancer risk.

While the study does draw a connection, experts advise that it is incredibly small compared to the increase in cancer rates seen from other risk factors, like smoking. Therefore, while they agree that it may be beneficial to cut down on the amount of processed meats that one is consuming, they assure the general population that it isnt necessary to completely remove these foods from your diet quite yet.

I just cant tell you how many more cases of breast cancer there would...


If You Have Any of These 25 Toys, You Could Be Rich! Awareness Act

When we see toys from our childhood we think back to the memories we have of when they were popular but the truth is some of these toys could be worth a lot of money in this day and age. While you havent thought about some of these in ages, some might be locked away in your attic in perfect condition.

Below you will find a list of some of the items you might recognize from your childhood that are worth well into the hundreds these days. While not all of these will be as prominent to you as some of them will be I am sure you will most likely recognize many. How many of these did you enjoy in your younger years?

25 of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth A Small Fortune now:

1. Polly Pockets

People are going crazy for old Polly Pocket items right now. You can buy them by the lot for anywhere from one hundred to seven hundred. It just depends on which ones you have how much you can get.

2. Original Furbys



Some original Furbys are going for hundreds. If you have one in an unopened box you might be able to get about nine hundred for it. Keeping them sealed makes them much more valuable.

3. Pogs

There are some pogs that are actually worth a pretty penny.  There are a lot of rare ones from the 90s that people are hunting in current times. If you have one that is flawed due to some kind of manufacturing error you might be able to get a lot for it. The set of Marilyn Monroe pogs goes for over one thousand.

4. Cabbage Patch Kids

Prices for these babies vary but some are on up in the thousands. Perhaps you might want to look up some of the ones you have. They might be worth more than youd think.

5. Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby

While this beanie baby might not look like much to most there were only 2,000 of these made with a darker color than intended. If you happen to have one you might want to trade it in for your five thousand bucks. Yes, I said five thousand bucks.

6. Original Gameboy

Original Gameboy might not seem like much when it comes to playing video games these days but there is a demand for this classic. If you have one you could sell for anywhere from seven hundred to over a thousand if properly taken care of and functioning. This handheld system is something many want to get their hands on.

7. Original Super Soaker Watergun (Power Drencher)

Original Super Soakers were known as Power Drenchers to begin with and ori...


12 Things You Learn When You Are Raised By A Strong Woman Awareness Act

When it comes to your childhood, the people who raised you really make an impact on your life. If you were raised by someone that is a very positive and strong individual then you are most likely better off for it.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you most likely learned from the strong woman you call mom. These are things that shaped you into who you are right now. While she was far from perfect, her strength made an impact on you that shaped you for the better.

12 Things You Learn When You Are Raised By A Strong Woman:

1. You learn that loving yourself is important.

Loving yourself is one of the most important things that you should be doing. We often forget how crucial it is. When we forget to love ourselves we tend to fall behind in many ways.

2. You learn that happiness cannot be found.

You learn that happiness is something that comes within. It cannot be found in others or in things. You have to dive inside of yourself and bring it out.

3. You learn that we never know everything.

You find out that knowing everything is not possible. You learn that even the strong woman you look up to doesnt know everything. Its just not something anyone is capable of.

4. You learn your worth.

When you have someone in your life that builds you up you begin to understand your worth. Chances are, she taught you that you are worth so much more than what other people say. You are irreplaceable.

5. You learn how hard it can be to exist in this world.

You learn how hard this world is to live in. People are always at each others throats and you begin to see things for what they are. She makes sure you do not go out into all of this without being prepared.

6. You learn that being perfect isnt all its cracked up to be.

She will make sure you know being perfect is not possible. In this life no one is perfect. Everyone has their own flaws and problems even when we cannot see them.

7. You learn what unconditional love is.

This person provides you with your first real connection that comes with true unconditional love. The more you are around her the more you will understand this. She would do anything for you.

8. You learn to communicate properly.

When we grow up with a strong woman in our lives she teaches us how to sit down and talk things out. She doesnt jump to conclusions and always hears us out. Because of this, we grow into the kinds of people to function properly even when angry.

9. You learn how important respect is.

When you have someone like this in your life early on you learn how important it is to respect others...


Holy Crap! Over Half of All Beards Are Full of Feces Awareness Act

Beards might be attractive to some but they might not be as clean as youd assume. If you like running your hands through a mans facial hair you should probably give the act a second thought.

A newer study from Fragrance Direct and Manchester Metropolitan University found that some beards contain fecal bacteria. They found that almost 50 percent of male beards contain fecal matter of some kind on some level. Basically, for this study, they tested a wide range of beards. They looked at men with stubble, long beards, short beards, and well everything in-between.

Researchers wrote as follows on the FD website:

A shocking 47% of the facial hair sampled contained the microorganism Enterococcus spp, which is commonly found in the human bowel and in fecal matter. The beards that contained these bacteria were of varying lengths and styles, meaning no facial hair is safe!

The majority of participants claimed they had washed their beards with soap on the same day as the test, but results suggest these men need a little guidance in the beard hygiene department.

The shorter beards seemed to be the ones with the most bacteria present and because we dont often think much about facial hair things like this can go without being noticed. Perhaps giving your beard or facial hair in general a little more care might be a good idea if you opt to have some.

For women with a preference for bearded men, this is something that needs to be known. These are bacteria found in the digestive tract that is, well, super disgusting. Another study also found that for some reason men dont wash their hands as often as they should. About 60 percent of all men dont wash once theyve used the toilet and this probably contributes to the number of shit filled beards.

When it comes to keeping your beard clean and fecal matter free perhaps washing and brushing your beard out is something you should spend more time on. While it shouldnt have to be said, washing your hands once youve used the bathroom is important. If you keep your beard nice and clean you have nothing to worry about.

FD wrote as follows on what men should do to work on this:

1. Wash your hands in the bathroom!

2. Make sure you shampoo

3. Condition Too

4. Brush that beard

5. Care for your beard in between showers

What do you think about this? Have you ever wondered how clean the beard of someone in your life was?



A Major Energetic Shift Is About to Impact Your Life, Due to Pluto Going Direct Awareness Act

While Pluto may no longer be classified as a planet, its energy continues to have a profound impact on our lives. Faced with Pluto Retrograde since April 22, we have been revisiting the past and taking control, once again, of our lives. What does Plutos recent shift back into direct movement mean for your life?

Having spent approximately 5 months unpacking our emotional baggage and reassessing the choices that we have made in our lives, we are more in touch with ourselves than we have been in years. This includes understanding your direction in life, reassessing your relationships and rediscovering our strengths and weaknesses. Weve set ourselves up to take this valuable information and put it into action as we step into Pluto Direct.

Ready to make the most of Pluto Direct? Discover how this energy will affect your life:

Aries (Mar 21 Apr 19)

Youve spent the last 5 months struggling in your career, as Pluto Retrograde led you to second guess every decision you were making. The greatest challenge came when you began to doubt the connections that you have developed with your co-workers and supervisors, no longer sure that you could trust or count on the people around you. This has been a setback, but dont let it get you down. Take all that you have discovered during this time and run with it. It wont be long before you will be awarded the raise or promotion you have been working towards.

Taurus (Apr 20 May 20)

There is one hard realization that has led you to second guess everything you once believed to be true. Pluto Retrograde opened your eyes to the fact that in order for one person to live, another must die, triggering feelings of guilt and regret. Dont allow this to tear you down. By accepting this reality, you have a new respect for the opportunities that you have been given, which will inspire and motivate you to try harder in all that you do. This new fire within you will take you great places.

Gemini (May 21 Jun 20)

If you didnt previously believe in bad luck, the events of the last 5 months sure have you accepting its existence. Rest assured, your suffering is over, and your luck is...

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Monday, 15 October


Benjamin Fulford 10-15-18 The fall of the Zionist house of Saud plus possible coup attempt in Russia Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben.

World events are quickly coming to a head, with a major move against the house of Saud and a possible coup attempt this weekend against Russian President Vladimir Putin the murder (or psy-ops staged murder) of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is part of a move to remove the Zionist/Satanic house of Saud from control of Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern oil

the CIA summed up the situation: The U.S. Treasury is holding between $3-5 TRILLION of Saudi Arabias petrodollars These trillions have been confiscated and will not be returned. The same for the thousands of tons of gold stored in Credit Suisse and UBS banks in Switzerland, which was owned by Saudi Arabia (the House of Saud). It has been confiscated as well. It is game over financially for the Zionist Khazarian House of Saud. This really is Game-Set-Match.

As a preliminary step, Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) may be purged, as Saudi Arabia is facing Western sanctions and boycotts in a dry run for an attack on Israel when 9/11 documents are declassified, Pentagon sources add.

as this newsletter was about to be published we got urgent communications from FSB sources about a...


Cobra update 10-13-18 Situation Update (This nightmare will be over, soon. Justice is coming) Kauilapele's Blog

This new update goes over a few points about what has been happening energetically, and what is still needed to be done. Some may have interest in his information.

Increased activity in the Galactic Center continues. Galactic Light Forces have removed last remnants of the quantum signature of a huge quantum fluctuation Dyson sphere, 4 light years in diameter, that was encircling our Solar System and was hindering the Ascension process of our Solar System. This quantum Dyson sphere was a very advanced quantum hyperdimensional portal that was created by the Chimera group in 1996 and is now completely gone forever.

Galactic Forces fleet is present inside our Solar System, cloaked, but those sensitive to energies can definitely feel it. To avoid revealing the presence of those motherships to the surface population, NASA has arranged blind eyes in the sky All remaining plasma toplet bombs are now located within 30 meters from the planetary surface.

Plasma implants are black holes, rotating in a strong electromagnetic field [and] serves the purpose of erasing our memories and disconnecting us from our Soul. The physical biochip (produced by Siemens) located next to the implant of every incarnated human sends a constant aud...


Pleiades 1 Message for the Alliance Take care 4

Source: Dinar Chronicles Pleiades 1 Message for the Alliance P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !! Ventral Energy in expansion for greater support. Continue Reading

Het bericht Pleiades 1 Message for the Alliance verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Hurricane Michael Microwave Manipulation Take care 4

Published on Oct 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael is the latest manipulated cyclone to hit the US mainland. Though we can speculate about the various agendas being carried out by Continue Reading

Het bericht Hurricane Michael Microwave Manipulation verscheen eerst op Take care 4.



CAPTAINS BLOG Travel News for the Collective Journey MENU You didnt really think that was a rocket last weekend, did you? It wasnt a rocket. They tell you everything is Continue Reading

Het bericht DISCLOSURE IS UNFOLDING BEFORE OUR EYES verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


How The Universe Speaks To Us and Why Awareness Act

The universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you might think you have it all figured out only for everything to change.

We all receive signs from the universe at one point or another but not all of us are able to pick up on them like we should. The way in which we face the signs the universe puts before us makes a difference in our lives. If you ignore the messages the universe is sending things wont be as easy as they should be for you.

When it comes to recognizing the signs and other things of the sort you have to be open to them in the first place. The universe will only send you a sign when you truly need one so its not as if they will be present in your life day in and day out. They are normally sent through the mind and manifest in our dreams but if youve ever experienced synchronicity you know they can appear in many different ways at any given moment.

If you are seeing repeating numbers, being unrealistically lucky, coming across people right after thinking of them and other things of the sort you are being sent signs from the universe. These signs are unique to you and your path so no one else can interpret their meaning besides you. Some messages or signs will be subtle but there will also be some that might knock you off of your feet, literally.

If you are headed in the wrong direction you might literally hit a wall if the universe sees it fit. The more connected with our higher selves we are the more positive everything will be in the end. The universe is not always easy to understand but you will get the hang of things.

If you want to see more messages from the universe and pick up on the signs more prominently pay closer attention to the small things. Dont let things go unnoticed. If you have a peculiar experience write things down so that you can go back to them later. Dont just ignore the interesting things that occur around you, those interesting things might be much more meaningful than you can understand at the moment.

The Chopra Center wrote as follows on signs sent by the universe:

You may get lost as you seek out the truth. You may receive a sign but then continue to seek out more instead of getting the message.

The universe expresses a great deal of genius in simplicity. This truth can be seen in nature all the time. Most things just are, period. If the universe tells you go left, dont hinder yourself by trying to figure out why and how and at what point to make the turn. Just do it!

In a lot of ways, we humans tend to get in our own way, and this can be true when it comes to receiving signs as answers. In ot...


9 Signs You Have Been Attacked by Dark Magic Awareness Act

In this world, there are many forms of magic. Black magic is the branch of magic that is used to perform evil acts and to draw negative power.

Black magic can be used against others and might be affecting you without you even realizing it. If you are a good person with a low vibration you might be more susceptible to black magic. The higher your frequency the less likely it will be that these spell and bad intentions will affect you so that is something to think about.

That being said, if you suspect you are currently being affected by black magic in some way the signs below might be present in your life. If these things are happening to you then working within to raise your vibration and put yourself in a better place might benefit you greatly. Please remember just because you feel someone is using black magic against you does not mean you should send it back to them. Handing things like this in the most appropriate way will make a difference when it comes to the outcome.

9 Signs That Dark Magic Might Be Affecting Your Being:

1. You feel like someone is out to get you.

You cannot help but feel like something or someone is intending to do you harm. You can tell that something is up whether you know what that something is or not. Its like youre able to sense the ill intent hoovering over you.

2. You can feel the weight of a negative energy over you.

You feel as if the air around you is much thicker than usual. You are noticing more and more negative energy enter your life. You are unsure of what to do about it.

3. You are experiencing terrible headaches.

If you are experiencing headaches out of nowhere black magic could have something to do with it. If nothing else will help you might be the victim of an attack. This kind of thing is much more common than you might think.

4. You are experiencing nightmares or are unable to sleep.

Sometimes the negative energies sent our way manifest in nightmares. If you are not someone who usually has nightmares dont cast this thought aside. You could be onto something.

5. You are extremely drained.

If you are feeling overly drained no matter what you do or who youre around a change of vibration could work wonders. Black magic is something that really takes a lot out of us. It weighs down heavily.

6. You feel lost.

If you are feeling lost this too could be the result of a persons ill will towards you. They want you to feel lost so that you will go searching. The further away you end up from your true self the better in their eyes.

7. You are very irritable.

If negative energies are looming of course as time passes you will become irritable. The longer these energies are around the more negative and drained you will...


Study Reveals That Parents Do Pick Favorites, And Its Usually the First Born Awareness Act

You might feel like as the youngest child you are the one your parents love the most but this study says youre wrong. It seems research shows that the first born child really does hold a special place in the heart of his or her parents.

Researchers from the University of California took the time to collect data from almost 400 families in order to come to the conclusion that the oldest child is usually the favorite. For this study, they asked pairs of teenage siblings to explain their feelings in regards to how their parents treated them and how they treated the rest of the siblings. Their findings showed that most of the time the younger siblings felt that their parents seemed to be more trusting and biased in regards to the older siblings or more specifically eldest sibling.

The abstract of this study goes as follows:

This study examined reciprocal links between parental differential treatment, siblings perception of partiality, and self-worth with 3 waves of data from 384 adolescent sibling dyads. Results suggest that birth-order status was significantly associated with self-worth and perception of maternal and paternal differential treatment. There was a consistent across-time effect of self-worth on perception of parental partiality for later-born siblings, but not earlier born siblings, and a consistent effect of differential treatment on perception of partiality for earlier born but not later-born siblings. The results contribute new insight into the associations between perception of differential parenting and adolescents adjustment and the role of birth order.

They basically found that 74 percent of moms and 70 percent of dads confessed to liking one of their kids more than the rest meaning that yes, most do pick favorites. While they were not all willing to specify which one they liked the most the children seem to already have a good idea. Elder siblings seem to feel more confident and assertive than their younger brothers and sisters.

While the oldest sibling might be the favorite in most cases he or she also provides the younger siblings with a lot of benefits. Having someone to look up to that is so close to you can help boost your intelligence and help you make better life choices. This study was one that went in the opposite direction than expected as researchers had assumed the firstborn child would be the one who felt pressured and as if he or she was being treated harshly.

What do you think about these findings? I for one think they are pretty accurate, as a first born child I believe I am the favorite amongst my siblings. Do you feel like these findings are accurate for your situation?



No One Is Immune to the Power of the Venus Retrograde Awareness Act

Venus is currently retrograding and if you arent already feeling the effects, you will be very soon. As time goes by a lot of things in your life are going to change.

Venus has been retrograding since October 5th and will be retrograding until November 16th. It is going to be bringing forth a lot of energies that most of us will have no clue what to do with. Because the Venus retrograde is not very common, it always packs a serious punch.

During this course of this retrograde everything is going to be coming out one way or another. While you will be focused on the world of love you might not find anything like that. You will be forced to really see the people around you for who they actually are and that might not be easy to face. If you are someone that surrounds his or herself with others prepare for a good bit of loneliness.

These energies are going to be quite intense as time goes by and you might not know how to respond to them. Do your best to be as grounded as possible and think things through. While you might end up reassessing a lot of things in your life you will end up better for having done so in the end.

You should use Venus retrograde as a chance for you to love yourself more. During this time, think about what things you really love and find happiness in. Work through all of the problems before you with the answers being presented. If someone from your past comes into your life think long and hard about whether or not they deserve back in. Do not let your heart do all the reasoning during this time.

You cant avoid the things to come but you can influence how they affect you in some ways. Be strong and do not fight the energies before you. The more you fight the worse off things will end up. Let the universe work for you in the ways it knows it needs to. You might be confused right now but as time passes things will begin to make more sense.

There is nothing to be afraid of. The universe will never bring you to something that you cannot handle.

Image via Conscious Reminder


USDA Places Recall On Over 35,000 Pounds of Frozen Food After Being Deemed Unfit for Human Food Awareness Act

Just a few days ago, a recall went out for four pasta dishes that were distributed by Valley Fine Foods. These frozen pasta meals have been giving customers much more than they bargained for.

The company is, according to the USDA, recalling over 35,000 pounds of heat-treated not fully cooked meat and poultry products. These products might have been adulterated due to the presence of spoilage organisms that means it is no longer considered fit for human consumption. This is a class two recall meaning it a serious health hazard situation that could cause adverse consequences in regards to the health of those who consume these products.

The FSIS/USDA website says the recall consists of the following products:

12-oz. tray packages containing SIMPLE DISHES Chicken Penne Alfredo with case code #19034, case UPC code 1-07-42753-34709-0, and BEST IF USED BY 10/09/18 through 11/25/18. Unit UPC 7-42753-34709-3.

12-oz. tray packages containing SIMPLE DISHES Chicken Primavera with case code #19033, case UPC code 1-07-42753-34708-3, and BEST IF USED BY 10/09/18 through 11/25/18. Unit UPC 7-42753-34708-6.

12-oz. tray packages containing SIMPLE DISHES Italian Sausage Ziti with case code #19035, case UPC code 1-07-42753-34711-3, and BEST IF USED BY 10/09/18 through 11/25/18. Unit UPC 7-42753-34711-6.

12-oz. tray packages containing SIMPLE DISHES Rigatoni with Meatballs and a Mushroom Cream Sauce with case code #19036, case UPC Code of 1-07-42753- 34710-6 and BEST IF USED BY 10/09/18 through 11/25/18. Unit UPC 7-42753-34710-9.

These items are said to have been shipped to locations in California, Maryland, Connecticut, Michigan, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. According to the statement released FSIS is concerned that many people may have these items sitting in their freezers. If you have these things within your household you should check the dat...


The Absolute Best Marriage Advice From a Divorced Man Awareness Act

It is estimated that 90% of people in Western cultures will be married by the age of 50. Unfortunately, experts report that 40-50% of these marriages in the United State will end in divorce. In the wake of his one divorce, one motivational speaker and coach has taken to his blog to share the advice he wished someone had given him when he was married.

Those of you who have been married know what Im talking about when I mention all of the well-meaning advice that is suddenly directed toward the new couple as soon as there is discussion of wedding bells. Friends, family and loved ones reach out in the hope of increasing your chances of a long and happy marriage. While some of this advice may be incredibly helpful, other tips may leave us rolling our eyes. Especially those who have never been married before themselves. At the same time, there is something to be said about learning from the mistakes of others

This was the hope of Gerald Rogers, a well-known motivational speaker, and life coach. Sharing his knowledge on topics such as how to overcome limiting beliefs and programming your subconscious, he is no stranger to sharing the wisdom he has gained in life with others. One blog post shared by Rogers in 2013 has gone viral, attracting the attention of couples across the globe. Titled Marriage Advice I Wish I Would Have Had, he shares the lessons he learned after his marriage of 16 years ended in divorce, powerful tips on how to maintain a happy, loving relationship.

Powerful marriage advice from a divorced man, after 16 years of marriage:

#1 Never Stop Dating

Far too often when couples get married they settle into the idea that they have already have their partner. This is dangerous, as it can lead us to take this person we love so dearly for granted, failing to show them just how much we care. Dont get lazy. Dont lose the mindset that you had during dating when you were working hard to show your partner that you have chosen them each and every day.

#2 Protect Your Heart

While we should aim to show love and compassion for the people that we meet throughout life, we also need to learn to protect our own heart. There is plenty of space in your heart for others, but you need to keep one special space reserved just for your partner. This is what sets your relationship apart from every other friendship in your life.

#3 Allow Yourself to Fall in Love Every Day

The action of falling in love isnt something that is once and done, instead, its an ongoing experience. Every day you need to fall in love with your partner all over again. Why is this important? You will both change, evolve and grow through life, and its important to be in love with who they are today, not just who they wer...


The Real Reason Why Some People Are More Prone to Nightmares Than Others Awareness Act

If you have ever woken up with the sweats, your heart racing, then you know how horrifying a nightmare can be. While these are often explained away as nothing more than imagination gone awry in children, what causes these terrifying experiences as adults?

For some, its nothing more than the same situation at an older age. The power of suggestion can, at times, take hold and something as simple as a scary movie or reading a spooky story may trigger your imagination leading to a chilling experience. Just as we all have our own unique personalities and character traits, some people are more susceptible to this type of outside influence than others. On the other hand, some experts believe that the experience of nightmares after a scary movie may be traced back to past life experiences and past baggage.

Think of the movie as having prompted issues that need your deeper attention. Do not dismiss it as caused by the movie, warns dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson. She encourages those who experience these frightening dreams to step back and consider what experience from the past may be responsible. Its possible your nightmare is a sign that there are past hurts that demand your attention. Once enlightened, Anderson adds, you can act upon the insight you gain, and your dreaming mind may then have no further use of the symbol: issue resolved.

How serious must these problems be in order to trigger this kind of reaction? While even the smallest experience may stick with us, triggering slightly scary or unsettling thoughts, experts reveal that nightmares are most common in adults that are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, adult nightmares are far less common than they are in children. While anywhere from 10-50% of children will experience nighttime terrors, only 2.5-10% of adults will make the same claim. Nightmares in children are often a product of an overactive imagination, with young children fearing the existence of the Boogie Man, ghosts, goblins and monsters. However, adults have a better grip on reality. As such, nightmares in adulthood are often based in reality, recollections of past events or experiences.

In a report investigating the connection between PTSD and nightmares, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine revealed that 90% of people who have been diagnosed with PTSD report disturbing dreams with some degree of resemblance to the actual traumatic event. In other words, by night they are reliving their trauma all over again, similar to the flashbacks that many experience during the day. In these experiences, the only way...


Research Reveals A Vaccine for Acne May Be Just Around the Corner Awareness Act

The most common skin condition in the United States, nearly every American will experience acne at some point in our lives. While many cases will be minor, occurring during puberty and passing with age, for others, this condition may continue into adulthood significantly impacting their lives. However, hope may be within reach.

The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 50 million Americans experience acne annually, illustrating just how widespread the condition is in our society. In fact, it is estimated that Americans spend more than $1 billion every year to treat their acne! But what if this whole battle could be avoided? It may sound too good to be true, but a team of researchers has recently revealed important data that could lead to the production of an acne vaccine.

The process started by focusing on the cause of these blemishes and lesions so that they could target the source. Previous data had indicated that a toxic protein called Christie-Atkins-Munch-Petersen (CAMP) factor played an important role in the development of acne by triggering inflammation, and so the team focused on antibodies that they believed would combat this reaction.

In a pre-clinical study, the team investigated the use of these antibodies both in mice and ex vivo in human skin cells. The monoclonal antibodies were applied, and the team witnessed a decline in the growth of bacteria common to all 5 human strains of P. acnes. As such, the results would show that these specific antibodies could fight the appearance of acne before it even developed. These findings could bring hope to those who currently spend considerable time and money trying to fight the condition on an ongoing basis.

Once validated by a large-scale clinical trial, the potential impact of our findings is huge for the hundreds of millions of individuals suffering from acne vulgaris, explained the studys lead investigator Chun-Ming Huang. Current treatment options are often not effective or tolerable for many of the 85 percent of adolescents and more than 40 million adults in the United States who suffer from this multi-factorial cutaneous inflammatory condition. New, safe, and efficient therapies are sorely needed.

While most people consider acne to be nothing more than a shallow concern regarding ones appearance, experts reveal that the problem runs far deeper. The...


How Climate Change Is Damaging Our Health Awareness Act

Following the release of a concerning report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), discussions and debates regarding the impact of climate change on our lives have been at an all-time high. While some view this as a distant problem, with little personal impact to consider, many experts warn this couldnt be further from the truth.

Not only should be concerned about the bigger picture, with the UN report stating that we have only 12 years to stop the increasing temperatures associated with climate change before we face serious consequences, climate change may also have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. While this may sound a little far-fetched, the studies dont lie! It is more important than ever to do our research and ensure that we are aware of the impact our actions have on climate change, the environment and, ultimately, our own lives.

Here are 8 ways that climate change may be affecting your health:

#1 Increased Mental Health Issues

While the connection may be hard to understand for many, experts report that the change in climate we have been experiencing in recent years may actually have a significant impact on the mental health decline in the United States. In fact, a recent study suggests that climate change may even contribute to an increase in suicide rates. Researchers concluded that each increase of 1 degree Celsius in the average monthly temperature leads to a 0.68% increase in the countrys suicide rate. The report revealed that this could result in as many as 40,000 additional suicides in the United States and Mexico by 2050.

While the discussion of suicide may seem extreme, evidence reveals that the changes in climate change have been connected with an increase in the overall mental health struggles in this country. In fact, for every 1-degree increase over 5 years, the researchers concluded that the rate of mental health issues in the country would increase by approximately 2%.

#2 Respiratory Problems and Ailments

When one is considering the increase in temperatures associated with climate change, rarely do we stop to consider the impact that this may have on our air quality. However, experts warn that this should be a serious consideration. Consider, for example, the estimated 50 million Americans that...

Sunday, 14 October


Marck Wauck, Meaning in History 10-11-18 The Russia Hoax As Contingency Plan Kauilapele's Blog

This is a pretty bombshell type of article that this post is based on. The plan, that is talked about by Rhodes and Psaki, was presuming that Hillary won the election and Trump disputed the results (for those who are still unaware (or still denying it), Donald J. Trump won the election, and is currently responsible for the (very likely) large increase in adult diaper sales in Washington DC, and heavily Democrat locations in the US).

for reasons best known to themselves Ben Rhodes and Jen Psaki have decided to reveal to NYMag that the Russia Hoax was a key part of the Obama Administrationsand presumably the Clinton campaignscontingency plan to, well, steal an election

The Obama White House plan, according to Rhodes and Jen Psaki, Obamas communications director, called for congressional Republicans, former presidents, and former Cabinet-level officials to try and forestall a political crisis by validating the election result. In the event that Trump tried to dispute a Clinton victory, they would affirm the result as well as the conclusions reached by the U.S. intelligence community that Russian interference in the election sought to favor Trump, and not Clinton.



Mark Wauck, American Thinker 10-10-18 Trump, Declassification, and Leverage Kauilapele's Blog

Well, I was listening to CIRs (Katie Gs) latest video/podcast, and she mention this article, that it explained a lot about all the Rosenstein, Mueller, DECLAS, etc., etc., etc., business. I agree. I usually dont spend much time in these arenas, but I did enjoy this one. I feel this also illustrates the brilliance of the moves of the Alliance team that is handling these things in the multi-level end game (for the cabal) we are in right now. They are using the potential for DECLAS as leverage against the deep state (domestic and foreign).

The original article appeared on Mark Waucks blog, here. I intend to post one more of Marks right after this one.

Mark Wauck is a retired FBI agent who blogs on religion, philosophy, and FISA at Meaning in History.

Theres a reason why President Trump has not unilaterally declassified the documents exposing perfidy against him: leverage. As the whole Russia hoax is beginning to come i...


The Historic Trusts Take care 4

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz The banks did something deplorable, criminal, inexcusable. It wasnt the first time. They pretended that actual assets left on Special Deposit in Continue Reading

Het bericht The Historic Trusts verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


This Is Why The Fed Will Be Taken Down Episode 1688a/Internet Blackout Warning For Next 48 Hours Episode 1688b Take care 4

Published on Oct 12, 2018 With market fluctuating up and down many financial pundits say gold is going to rise above 1300. If the price of gold does move up Continue Reading

Het bericht This Is Why The Fed Will Be Taken Down Episode 1688a/Internet Blackout Warning For Next 48 Hours Episode 1688b verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


PROCESS & PLANNING, Law AND Order [& GITMO] Take care 4

Published on Oct 12, 2018 Don Lemon has a melt down over Kanyes visit to the Oval office and once again proves that hes a racist mockingbird. And one of Continue Reading

Het bericht PROCESS & PLANNING, Law AND Order [& GITMO] verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


So Quiet But Something is Brewing Take care 4

Source: Dinar Chronicles There have been no new Q posts for several days. However EyeTheSpy has posted two intriguing tweets that confirm major activity behind the scenes These two Continue Reading

Het bericht So Quiet But Something is Brewing verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


12 Signs You Have Met The Man You Are Going To Marry Awareness Act

Sometimes we think we are with the person we will be with forever only to find out down the line that things were just not what they seemed. This happens all too often and honestly, it shouldnt.

When you meet the man you want to be with for the rest of your life everything changes. These changes are so drastic that not realizing he is the one is almost impossible. That being said, there are lots of wolves out there running around in sheeps clothing. They act like they are exactly what youve always dreamed of only to begin bursting at the seams on down the line. These are the kinds of people you need to look out for.

If he does not prove himself, he most likely doesnt have the proper intentions to be your true love. Below I am going to go over some of the things that will help you determine whether or not he is the real deal. Sure, relationships are going to have problems sometimes but if these signs arent present you should probably jump ship.

12 Signs Youre Going To Marry Him Someday (He Is The One):

1. You can literally talk to him about anything.

You can talk to him about anything. You are comfortable around him and more than capable of bringing up the important things. He is someone you can really confide in.

2. You both get along better than most others.

You get along with him and he gets along with you. You both get along with one another more-so than you get along with other people. Its like youre both on the same page.

3. You trust him.

You trust him and he has never given you any reason not to. There is a sense of respect between the two of you that most people dont really have. You know in your hearth that he would never do anything to hurt you.

4. You both have a similar vision of the future.

You both see a similar future for yourselves, it is almost like you have found your other half. The longer time goes on, the more you talk about it and the more sense it makes. You are both headed in the same direction.

5. You work through your problems.

You are not people who choose to go to sleep angry, you both like to sit down and talk your problems out. You dont get in each others faces or try and hurt one another. You calm down and talk it through like adults who love each other.

6. He makes you feel very comfortable with your appearance.

You are comfortable in your own skin because he builds you up. He makes sure you are aware of how amazing you are, and always makes sure to make you feel good about yourself.

7. You love his flaws.

You love everything about him, even the things that make him well less than perfect. To you his flaws just...


8 Lessons We All Need To Learn From Venus Retrograde October 5th November 16th Awareness Act

Venus is currently retrograding as you might already be aware and that means something different for each of us. While we will all be feeling a bit worked up during this time, we dont need to let this retrograde get the best of us.

This retrograde is going to be a difficult one for many of us. We are going to be feeling a lot of tension and be struggling with self-control for a number of reasons. While you might not often think much about Venus, it is a force that holds intense power.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we should expect to learn from this retrograde. Some of them will be easy to face and others well, not so much. Keep your head up and do your best, things will die down sooner or later.

8 Things You Should Expect To Learn From This Venus Retrograde:

1. How to move forward with a new perspective.

You will finally learn how moving forward can be done for you. You will note a change in perspective and everything will become different. You might be surprised how much difference such a small change can make.

2. Where your values truly lie.

Venus is going to be showing you what you really care about. Where your values actually lie will become clear. You might find this one to be much more unexpected than the rest.

3. How to face the past without giving it power.

You are going to be facing the past during this time, and Venus is going to teach you how to do so without giving it power. Sure, you might want to get lost in the memories youve been bottling inside but you cannot do that. Facing your past without giving it power is one of the only ways to begin moving forward.

4. Who you are and where youre headed.

This retrograde will help you to better understand yourself as a whole. You will be able to really see yourself for who you truly are instead of the mask you wear. Those lines are no longer going to be blurred.

5. How toxic some people really are.

While you know there are toxic people in this world, you probably didnt realize they were so close to you. We are all surrounded by toxic people, and soon you will be able to really begin seeing them!

6. How to be more patient.

You are going to be learning how to be more patient. While it will be a hard lesson to learn it is one that will stick with you forever. Patience is one of the most important things that you could ever lean.

7. How important those you care for are to you.

You will through all of this learn how important the people you care about are to you. Sure, you might not realize it just yet but in time it will become clear. You care much more than you are willing to admit.

8. What matters most in your life.

The things that matter to you will be center stage during the course of this retrograde. You will be focusing on them much mo...


The Biggest Energy Shift On The Planet Is Happening Right Now! Prepare Yourself For The Biggest Mission Of Your Life Awareness Act

Its a phrase that you often hear shared by the worlds greatest self-help gurus: Whats your purpose? Your purpose or mission in life is the underlying motivation for everything you do, the driving force for your passion and the one thing that will help you to keep fighting even in the face of lifes greatest challenges. But do you know yours?

For some, the discussion of purpose comes back to religious beliefs, as is seen in Rick Warrens best-selling book The Purpose-Driven Life and the corresponding Purpose-Driven church programs that have been taught across the United States. Using religious beliefs and life values that they have been taught, individuals look for meaning in their lives with a focus on their families, faith and other pursuits. In fact, a survey of 1003 adults conducted by The Barna Group revealed that approximately 44% of adults believe that their top priority in life is having a satisfying family life

What does this say about your society, however? Survey researchers George Barna expressed that same concern, stating, One must wonder if the struggles evident in so many marriages and parent-child relationships are connected to the fact that people are generally more interested in pursuing a fulfilling family life than in understanding the principles for meaningful living that may help shape such a family experience.

If youre looking for your true life mission I have some good news for you, we are in the middle of an incredible shift. Far too long humanity has been walking through this life half-asleep, unaware of the bigger picture or how we fit into the universe. However, 2018 is being referred to as the Year of Illumination or the Year of Spiritual Awakening. As the energy and vibrations begin to shift around us, we are called, more than ever, to open our minds and our hearts to the Universe and its plan for our lives.

This shift in the way that we live will not only work to improve our own lives, bringing us a level of happiness, peace, and...


And We Know VIDEO 10-13-18 SerialBrain2: The Maestro Come Fly with Me Rosenstein' Kauilapele's Blog

I love the many anons and video makers who put these together for us to learn and enjoy. This short one (11 minutes) covers the Rosenstein flying with Trump deal. Im not 100% sure right now how some of the letter to number assignments are made, but the hidden messages are clear.

Ive included the SerialBrain2 article with this post.

Trump delayed his meeting with Rosenstein, how it was connected to Kavanaugh, and now that he is confirmed, why the meeting can take place, what Trump is really doing with Gladiator Rosenstein and how he would get rid of him elegantly should he wanted to.

The Maestro says: Since the moment Brett Kavanaugh was [], and you remember this, we made an announcement and since right from the moment we announced, radical Democrats launched a disgraceful campaign to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy, right from the beginning he purposely failed to articulate after Brett Kavanaugh was this is where the coded message is Resist, Obstruct, Delay, Demolish and Destroy. Take the initials and you have ROD DD. Coincidence? You already know what ROD stands for, but then how about DD? [DD translates to AF1]

Rosenstein is a gladiator in bad shape. As I explained, the right arm and the left leg are alre...

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