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Monday, 08 October


Parody # 43 with Kent Dunn Take care 4

pbince Gepubliceerd op 8 okt. 2018 Please subscribe button to see new video Email for contact only My Thai channel My facebook fanpage ********************************************************************* ###### 10 Days Continue Reading

Het bericht Parody # 43 with Kent Dunn verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Benjamin Fulford 10-8-18 The world is about to learn about Khazarian mafia crimes horrific beyond imagination Kauilapele's Blog

New weekly report from Ben. And in accordance with Q post 2361, this appears to be [BOOM WEEK].

Ive provided only links to the images here, as embedding would be a challenge.

The Khazarian mafia have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin. Some very disturbing images and testimony sent by the New York Police Department and the CIA show just how evil the Khazarian mafia really is. These people are beyond truth and reconciliation and do not deserve even a quick death.

FBI statistics on missing children in the U.S In 2015, 442,032 juveniles went missing; of these, 42,032 were not found By comparison, in the same year in Japan 17,971 children went missing, and close to 99% of these children were found.

The prosecution of these criminals is set to finally start now that the U.S. military government backing President Donald Trump has secured a majority on the Supreme Court with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Pentagon sources say. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already met with the real special prosecut...


Corey Goode FB post 10-7-18 Cosmic energies are increasing day by day This is the time of the great revealing Nothing will remain hidden Kauilapele's Blog

Noticed this recent FB update from Corey, with an attached video. It is aligning with all the energetic work many of us have been doing, and of course, it aligns with an increase in incoming Cosmic Energies. I have personally viewed some energetic (and 3D) freak outs in my own arena, as well.

Ive not yet watched the video (its about one hour long).

I was told the transition would be known as we started having much more energetic storms/hurricanes, EQs, volcanoes going off in clusters It appears that the cosmic energies are increasing day by day. I know I can feel them as well as see how they are affecting society.

science is detecting an increase in cosmic rays as well. This will contribute to EQs, vulcanism and highly energetic storms well into the future. It is just a part of the Earths, and our, 4th Density shift.

This is the time of the great revealing Nothing will remain...


EMERGENCY REPORT: Trump Planning Mass Arrests, Military Tribunals for Deep State Traitors Take care 4

Comey, McCabe, Clinton and Obama in the administrations crosshairs By Mike Adams | Natural News Sunday, September 23, 2018 As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning Continue Reading

Het bericht EMERGENCY REPORT: Trump Planning Mass Arrests, Military Tribunals for Deep State Traitors verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek Take care 4, September, 2018 Posted on 2018/09/24 Source: Kauilapele Well, this one is off the standard blogging path (sort of), although it relates to some images and terms I have seen Continue Reading

Het bericht The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Chaos Magic in a Nutshell Take care 4

Thursday, 24 July 2014 10:59 Source: Specularium In Chaos Magic we treat Belief as a Tool of Magic, rather than as an end in itself. Hassan I Sabbah: -Nothing is Continue Reading

Het bericht Chaos Magic in a Nutshell verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Scientists Find Human Gut Bacteria Generates Electricity Take care 4

September 24, 2018 Source: Mysterious Universe | By Sequoyah Kennedy Yet another example of the giant, hilarious joke we call reality is the human gut. Apart from the brain, the Continue Reading

Het bericht Scientists Find Human Gut Bacteria Generates Electricity verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Hard to Believe, a Wake Up Call from China Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Paulette Stevens In November 2017, I attended a campus screening of an award-winning documentary, Hard to Believe. The powerful film investigates courageous Falun Dafa Continue Reading

Het bericht Hard to Believe, a Wake Up Call from China verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


18 Signs You Are Destined to Be Alone Awareness Act

If youve been out there in the dating world for some time now, and still find yourself crawling into bed alone every night, you may find yourself wondering if this is simply how its meant to be in your life. You may simply be going through a rough patch, but the possibility exists that you are destined to stand alone.

Dont allow anyone to convince you that happiness can only be found through sharing your life with another being. While love can bring great things, it can also bring heartache and disappointment. Whether you are single by choice, or simply due to the circumstances, embrace your life as it is right now. Youre strong and independent, and youve got this!

Are you destined to be alone? Watch for these 18 signs:

#1 You avoid shaving your body whenever you can.

Youre that person that celebrates the second that the weather drops, as the end of bathing suit and short season means you can go weeks without having to worry about shaving your legs. The very idea of having to do so just for another person is enough to turn you off dating altogether.

#2 You sleep sprawled across the center of the bed every night.

It doesnt matter how you start off at the beginning of the night, by the morning you find yourself lying in the middle of your bed, completely starfish style. In fact, its impressive how one person can take up so much of the bed all on their own. This is the only way you can sleep. As such, the idea of sharing your bed with another immediately brings concerns of insomnia to mind.

#3 No one is going to mistake you for being a people person.

There are some people out there that light up the room the second they walk in, drawing everyone to them and loving every minute of it. They naturally love people and enjoy their company This isnt you. Instead, you struggle through the day, feeling as though you are surrounded by idiots everywhere you go. There are days that you wonder if you are the only decent person left in the world.

#4 Your only lasting relationship is with your favorite barista.

No one can accuse you of failing to connect with everyone that you meet. You actually have one important person in your life that you see every day the barista that makes your morning coffee. After all, the way to your heart is through your coffee cup.

#5 You notice youre the third wheel everywhere you go.

Youve got some great friends, and you genuinely care for them. However, look back at the last few times that you have spent time together. Were you the third wheel in every situation, tagging along with couple after couple? There comes a stag...


How to Communicate Telepathically In Your Dreams Awareness Act

Sending a dream might not be something youve ever considered doing but it is something you are more than capable of. Dream magic is something that many people overlook.

While mastering dream magic is no walk in the park, working with it and at it will benefit you greatly. While getting started might seem simple, but there is a lot more to it than words can explain. A lot of what occurs in this kind of situation is energetic and thus holds no true definition.

When it comes to first getting into dream magic, sending a dream will help you advance. Because our dreams hold so much meaning messages can be sent from one mind to another through the world of sleep. Dreams are carriers of information far more than most of us are willing to perceive.

Below I am going to go over how to work within to send a dream. While these steps might not come across as complicated, carrying them out is quite challenging. Dont give up. If you fail the first few times, keep trying. The more you work at this the more skilled you will become.

How To Send A Dream:

Step 1: Choose a target and get permission.

Figure out who you want to send a dream to and ask them if it is alright for you to do so. Make sure it is someone who would be open to the idea and someone who would keep a dream journal as well. If the person you first ask says no, pick someone else.

Never try and send a dream to someone without their permission when you are still learning. You never know what mistakes you might make and you dont want to mess something up. Making sure they are aware makes them more open to you and allows you to better gain access.

Step #2: Choose the dream you intend to send.

Once all of that is in order figure out what kind of dream youre going to try and send. What kind of dream is it youre wanting this person to have and what message will be behind it? How are you going to make this all come together?

Step 3: Set your alarm for the witching hour and go to sleep.

Once you have your alarm set on the night in which you intend to send this dream (you are free to send it night after night also until it manifests) go to sleep. When you wake from your alarm turn it off. Do not get out of bed and try to move as little as possible. Really allow yourself to maintain that groggy sleepy state that you are in.

From here turn your focus to your minds eye. Relax and lie on your back. With your worldly eyes closed and your third eye open through a white light or even by visualizing yourself leaving your body and traveling to that of the target. Once you are face to face with your target he or she will be sleeping peacefully. Touch this persons third eye with your energy or your astral finger.

Now that the contact has been made send the dream...


A Major Tobacco Industry Scam Has Officially Been Uncovered Awareness Act

Two new studies from the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath have revealed something many might not be aware of. With tobacco as one of the biggest threats when it comes to global health, this is an ENORMOUS find.

One of those papers found that the tobacco industrys data on ITT (illicit tobacco trade) is not reliable in any form. They noted that the tobacco industry continues to fund and tear apart ITT research. The data is not up to standard and is nowhere near as accurate or transparent as it should be.

Both of these studies and their findings were published in BMJ. Through looking at leaked documents and other things of the sort the researchers were able to track and trace the system in which the tobacco companies were using to undermine the Illicit Trade Protocol. Yes, this is a HUGE problem.

Professor Anna Gilmore, senior author on both papers said as follows in a statement:

This has to be one of the tobacco industrys greatest scams.

Governments, tax and customs authorities around the world appear to have been hoodwinked by industry data and tactics. It is vital that they wake up and realize how much is at stake. Tobacco industry-funded research cannot be trusted. No government should implement a track and trace system linked in any shape or form to the tobacco manufacturers. Doing so could allow the tobacco industrys involvement in smuggling to continue with impunity.

While you might not think much of this right off the bat, the more you break it down the more sinister it becomes. The fact that the tobacco industry is behind all of this really speaks volumes. Cheap smuggled tobacco is something that many children end up with and really going through and causing more and more people to get hooked in the long run. This shows us that the tobacco industry not only doesnt care about our health but that they also will go to any length to make sure manipulation is possible on their end.

The conclusion drew from the second study carried out on this shows as follows:

Governments should assume the TI seeks to control T&T systems in order to avoid scrutiny and minimize excise tax payments and that any T&T system based on Codentify, on intellectual property currently or previously owned by the TI, or being promoted or implemented by companies with...


Experts Reveal the Most Common Sexual Problem Couples Face Awareness Act

Sex is an incredibly powerful aspect of our lives, with the ability to bring us both great joy and extreme disappointment. On one hand, it can work to bring a couple closer together, creating an intimate bond necessary for a long-lasting romantic basis. However, when it fails to live up to our expectations, it can lead to disappointment and hurt feelings.

According to Denise A. Donnelly, associate professor of sociology at Georgia State University, approximately 15% of married couples have not had sex in at least 6 months to a year, maybe even longer. Its a well-known struggle associated with marriage, the loss of our sex lives, but what is it that causes this to happen? Why does the spark fizzle out over time?

There are a number of widely accepted answer that probably first popped into your head, the explanations that we have all been fed over time. For example, maybe one or both parties are dealing with performance anxiety? Could he be struggling with ED, or worried that he is? Maybe shes got some body image issues to deal with? Or, better yet, maybe the couple is just failing to communicate their needs altogether. After all, communication issues are one of the biggest struggles of couples in every area of our lives, right?

Experts say that the real reason that most married couples are falling short of their ideal sex lives is simply fatigue! When all is said and done, we are simply too exhausted to care to engage in sex with our spouses.

While there are certainly some physical ailments that one could turn to for an explanation, including everything from anemia to the common cold, in most cases the cause of fatigue is nothing more than your daily routine. We live in a fast-paced society where the pressure to succeed leads us to spend more and more time running the rat race that is corporate America. We are working long hours, taking on a great deal of workplace-related stress and sacrificing our sleep to make it all happen. This is the perfect storm for fatigue, leaving us feeling completely drained. Is it no wonder, then, that we lack the energy to get excited about a little sexy time when all is said and done?

This battle is only compounded when you introduce more factors into the equation. Following marriage, many couples will purchase a home together, starting to establish debt that demands this financial success. Its not long after that many couples will then start a family, adding not only the financial strain of children but also the drain on time and energy that parenting requires. Dont forget the mental and emotional drain that...


A Note (for email subscribers) about Videos (10-7-18) Kauilapele's Blog

Thanks to CH for pointing this out! See the images below the text of this post for a visual of a typical video-containing email blog post.

Today I became aware of an issue with playing videos by clicking the video image in emails to Kp blog email subscribers (these are sent automatically by WordPress, not by me personally).

If you click the video image in the email, the video will NOT play. It leads to an Error 404 type of page. Ive just tried this with video posts made from my home computer and also with video posts made while Im on the road.

When at home, I always place an actual web link for the video below the video image. When Im on the road (and often posting from my car) I am not able to do that (comfortably).

Here are several things one can do to view the videos from the email received:

1. If there is a link below the video (e.g.,, just click that and youll go to the video.
2. If Ive posted from the road and there is NO video link, just click the title of the blog post (in the example, it would be SGTReport with John B. Wells, 1...


If Youre Worrying About The Yellowstone Volcano Erupting, You Are Worried About the Wrong Disaster Awareness Act

We have been told time and time again that Yellowstone will not be erupting anytime soon. It seems in that area, there is another serious issue that we should be focusing on.

Dr. Mike Poland the scientist in charge at the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory says that when it comes to Yellowstone the volcano might be the least of our worries currently. We should be paying close attention to the earthquakes that plague the area.

He told USA Today as follows in an interview:

The biggest concern we have for Yellowstone is not with the volcano, its with earthquakes. There can and there will be in the future magnitude-7 earthquakes.

Luckily Yellowstone is one of the most closely monitored areas and because of that, we are able to detect these things within reason. That being said, there is no set way to truly predict them and we never know where theyre going to hit. Yellowstone tends to have anywhere from 1500 to 2500 earthquakes per year most are small but some are not. Back in the late 50s, a magnitude-7.3 shook the park and literally killed almost 30 people due to a landslide. This is a very real threat.

USA Today reported as follows in regards:

The hazards posed by a large quake today would be greater than what happened nearly 60 years ago due to a higher influx of visitors, especially in the summer. More than 4 million people visit Yellowstone every year, with peak visitation in July and August.

It would be a lot worse today with more people in the area, said Jamie Farrell, a geology professor at the University of Utah.

Yellowstone sits in a rural area with few roads. If one road goes out, it creates a huge detour, Farrell points out. If two roads become impassable, sometimes you cant even get there by car.

The good thing is that Yellowstone is one of the best seismically monitored regions in the world, he said.

More than 40 seismic stations with the University of Utah continuously record the Earths movements in and around the Yellowstone region and report back to the National Park Service.

We cant predict them, but by looking at past data, these earthquakes tend to cluster in areas, Farrell said. Given whats happened in the past, we can give a probability of having an earthquake over the next X amount of time.

Minor earthquakes rattle the park pretty much every day. But visitors wouldnt know it: The quakes are so small, theyre picked up only on seismographs....


9 Things All Witches Do That You Might Not Expect Awareness Act

While you might think you know what witches are in your mind, most people tend to have a flawed idea of them. Witches are not all evil devil worshiping monster, instead,  most of them are nature-oriented, not evil, and very thoughtful.

A real witch and what Hollywood has pushed us to believe witches are, seem to be two very different things. Below I am going to go over some of the things you might not expect witches to do that they do. While not all of these things will come as a shock, some of them might.

9 Things All Witches Do That You Might Not Expect:

1. They lead normal lives.

Witches are not always shut-ins that you never see. Sometimes they are people walking past you on the street. You cant always spot them. They live normal lives for the most part.

2. They are self-confident.

Witches hold themselves in a way that is unique. They have self-confidence that most others dont have. While this sets them apart, it doesnt identify how until you get to know them.

3. They are not always solitary.

Witches are not always alone. Sometimes they travel together or create groups. While they might just seem like ordinary groups of friends, they hold a deeper meaning. That being said, their meaning is not sinister so bothering them is unnecessary.

4. They keep in touch with their roots.

Witches keep in touch with nature. Even in the smallest ways, it is crucial. Nature is their way of truly replenishing their souls and carrying out the things that they need to carry out.

5. They support one another.

Witches are usually quite friendly and supportive of one another. They dont hide away and fight with each other like you might assume. They tend to get along well.

6. They do not always look the part.

Witches are not always ugly or gross looking like the television screen would have you think. Normally they keep up their appearance well. They tend to look just like everyone else.

7. They dont always follow any set religion.

Not all witches have a religion. Just because youre a witch doesnt mean you have to identify with being Pagan or anything else. Witches do what they feel works best for them some might choose a religion and some might not.

8. They never ignore an omen.

When it comes to omens witches never ignore them. This is like listening to your intuition all the time rather than picking and choosing. Not everyone can handle it.

9. They cut toxic people out of their lives instead of casting spells on them (usually).

Witches dont cast spells on everyone who crosses them. They tend to just cut ties with people who hurt them or who are toxic. Wasting their magic on someone so unworthy is not ideal.

Image via...


Researchers Create Horrifying Simulation of Monkeys Talking Awareness Act

While there are a lot of depictions of talking animals (aside from the world birds who mimic) on the big screen, actual talking animals have yet to be found. That being said, we might finally know what monkeys would sound like and its horrifying.

William Tecumseh Sherman Fitch III and evolutionary biologist and cognitive scientists at the University of Vienna and his team trained a long-tailed macaque at Princetons primate lab to sit in a chair while they shot x-ray video of him eating, yawning, and doing other things of the sort that would evoke noise. Through analyzing these x-ray videos and taking stills from them the researchers were able to create a collection of what basically is Emilianos vocal tract.

Fitch told ScienceMag as follows in regards:

Essentially, we built up a model of all the possible things the monkeys vocal anatomy could do,

So you see, these researchers were able to produce frequencies that worked in the same ways as the Emilianos vocal tract would. Through this, they were able to come up with what it would sound like if he were able to speak. Using a computer program that simulated vowel and consonant production they picked a phrase that would show a wide range of vocals which happened to be in this situationWill you marry me?

The discussion/conclusion this brings forth is as follows:

Our data indicate that the actual phonetic potential of the primate vocal tract is not highly restricted as previously thought (6, 19). Because we used essentially the same modeling approach as in the classic studies by Lieberman and colleagues (6), but based our analysis on radiographs from actual living monkeys rather than reconstructions from cadavers, we believe that our approach provides a much more accurate estimate of the vocal sounds that a macaque monkey could potentially produce.

The key conclusion from our study is that the basic primate vocal production apparatus is easily capable of producing five clearly distinguishable vowels (for example, those in the English words bit, bet, bat, but, and bought). Five vowels are the worldwide norm for human languages (20), and many of the worlds languages make do with only three vowels. Although it is more challenging to estimate the range of consonants that would be producible by a monkey (21), the common stop consonants (/p/, /b/, /k/, and /g/) along with a variety of other consonantal sounds (for example, /h/, /m/, and /w/) would be easily attainable by a macaque monkey. In any case, consonant production has never been proposed as a...


12 Habits Positive People Have That Others Dont Awareness Act

Positive people are not as far and few as you might think. They can be found in some of the most unexpected places.

Positive people are people who live their lives looking at things from a proper perspective. They move forward looking at all sides of things rather than just the negative one. They are often the people you might never think of and they tend to really go out of their way to make sure theyre doing the right thing.

Being a positive person doesnt mean ignoring the bad or negative, it means overcoming it and learning to look at things in a more positive manner. While it isnt always ideal to be down in the dumps or feel angry sometimes it is necessary and positive people know that. Below I am going to go over some of the habits positive people have that most people lack. If you have these habits, perhaps you are more positive than you initially thought.

12 Habits Positive People Have That Others Dont:

1. They are thankful for the things they have.

Positive people know that they have a lot of things to be thankful for. They know that while sometimes they may not have all they want but they do have all they need. Having their needs met is more than enough for them in many ways.

2. They do not fear change.

Positive people embrace change with open arms. They are not afraid of it and they know that it must always happen. Regardless of how hard it is to face the change to come, they always do.

3. They always cut out toxic people.

Positive people do not hesitate to cut toxic people out of their lives. They only allow people within their circle that are working to support and help them in the same ways they are offering. They do not let people walk all over them and are not toys to be played with.

4. They treat others with kindness.

Positive people are people who treat others with kindness. They are nice to people before anything else until they are given a reason not to be. While this is not something everyone does, positive people know without a doubt how important it is.

5. They face each challenge head-on.

Positive people face a lot of challenges in life, just like those who are not positive do but they face their problems head-on. They do not run from the challenges before them. They are not the kinds of people to hide away and ignore their responsibilities.

6. They do not make excuses.

Positive people do not make excuses for themselves. They know what they do and what they do not do. If they do something they have a reason for it and whether you like that reason or not doesnt matter.

7. They own up to their mistakes.

Positive people own up to their mistakes. They take responsibility for the t...


9 Physical Symptoms That Come Along With Anxiety Awareness Act

Anxiety is a mental illness that comes in a wide variety of forms. It is much more common than most people think and about 40 million adults in the US alone are affected at any given moment.

Anxiety disorders can be found in both adults and children of all ages and are easily the most common mental illness. While highly treatable, it is estimated that only about 40 percent of those affected actually receive treatment. Anxiety is not simple and while it is a mental illness, it comes with a lot of physical symptoms that people dont usually talk about.

Some of those physical symptoms are going to be gone over below. If youve been experiencing these kinds of problems then what youre going through could be something entirely different than you might have assumed. We all react to anxiety in our own ways and no two cases are exactly the same but I hope this helps you better understand anxiety in general.

9 Physical Symptoms That Anxiety Comes With:

1. Increased heart rate

When facing an anxious situation or something that makes you tense up you might notice an increase in your heart rate. This could be a mild increase or a drastic increase depending on the situation. For most, it feels like their heart is going to bounce out of their chest.

2. Trouble sleeping

Because anxiety tends to show itself in a way that makes you worry it can cause you to struggle with sleeping. It tends to go hand in hand with insomnia and will really keep you up at night. Many people with anxiety struggle to sleep at night.

3. Sweating

When having an anxiety attack or getting worked up over something a person might become quite sweaty. When I am dealing with things like this my palms tend to clam up. While it might not be a big deal to most, those with anxiety feel like you can see their sweat from a mile away even when you cannot.

4. Rapid breathing

People with anxiety tend to deal with breathing issues when worked up. While not everyone faces this symptom many people do. This is something you may have noticed if you have panic attacks.

5. Trembling

Shaking is something that a person with anxiety cannot help. It is their bodys way of trying to get things situated even though it doesnt help. If you notice someone trembling they might be dealing with some kind of anxiety disorder that you are unaware of.

6. Chest pain

While not as common as some of the others on this list anxiety also comes with chest pain sometimes. It all depends on how the person responds to their anxiety and when it comes to the body, we are usually not able to control the ways in which we react.

7. Restlessness

People with anxiety disorders tend to struggle with restlessne...


Research Reveals Marijuana Users are Happier and More Successful Awareness Act

A widely accepted stereotype in our society today is that of the lazy stoner, lacking the motivation to do anything but smoke up and indulge in whatever snack foods happen to be close at hand. New research, however, suggests that this couldnt be further from the truth. In fact, research reveals that marijuana users are actually more successful!

Working with the cannabis industry, a team of researchers from BDS Analytics set out to better understand the impact of cannabis use on our daily habits. They gathered 1000 participants, residents from Colorado and California. The participants were then divided into two separate groups users of cannabis known as the acceptors and those who didnt know as the rejectors. Each participant was asked a serious of questions about their lives, including the topics of employment, mental health, and overall satisfaction. The results were shocking to many.

Cannabis consumers are far removed from the caricatures historically used to describe them, stated Linda Gilbert, head of the consumer research division in a BDS Analytics press release. In fact, positive lifestyle indicators like volunteering, socializing, satisfaction with life and enjoyment of exercise and the outdoors are highest among cannabis consumers, at least in Colorado and California.

The data defies the age-old stereotype, instead, painting the picture of a happy, healthy and successful individual who genuinely enjoys the life that they are living. In fact, studies even show that marijuana use among couples can enhance sexual experiences. A study out of Stanford University discovered that marijuana users reported having 20% more sex on average than those who never used the substance.

Surprisingly, the study found not only that users reported feeling more successful in life, but the statistics backed up this claim with surprising accuracy. An estimated 20% of marijuana users in California graduated with a masters degree, while only 12% of those who abstained from marijuana could make the same claim. A similar pattern could be seen when looking at the household income of participants. Marijuana users reported an average income of $93,800 while the income for abstainers was approximately $70,000.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, a state often judged for its acceptance of cannabis use, marijuana users continued to show a higher level of success. When analyzing the current employment status of participants, the research team found that 64% of cannabis users were currently employed full-time, while only 54% of ab...


Brace Yourselves, the Venus Retrograde Is Upon Us Awareness Act

On October 6th, the Planet of Love and Money shifted its motion, back spinning into retrograde and turning its energy on its head. This change in energy will have a profound impact in some lives, while its influence will be far more subtle in others. What does it mean for your zodiac sign?

One of the better-known planets, Venus has long been associated with the energies of love and romance. However, this planets reach extends beyond just our love lives. The love that Venus shares have an impact on our friendships, relationships with our family members, as well as other forms of love in this life including the arts, culture, and the pleasure derived from luxuries. It motivates and encourages to pursue all things that bring a smile to our faces or joy to our hearts.

When this planet shifts into retrograde movement, however, it can spell trouble in paradise. By interfering with the energy that encourages love and harmony, Venus Retrograde can cause significant rifts in our relationships, introduce difficult challenges in our lives and test even the closest of connections. While you cant avoid its energy, understanding where you are going to experience this influence will empower you to take steps to protect yourself.

What does Venus Retrograde mean for your life? Read on to find out

Aries (Mar 21 Apr 19)

Venus Retrograde is a time of heightened sensitivity and emotions for you, causing you to look at your relationships in an incredibly different light. Actions that you would have once shrugged off now cut deep, leading you to second guess the people that you welcome into your life. Try not to make any harsh decisions or end any long-lasting relationships before first considering the situation with your head on straight. Otherwise, you will look back on this time later with deep regret. If you harness this energy in just the right way, this may be a great opportunity to become more in tune to the emotions of those in your life.

Taurus (Apr 20 May 20)

A time of great introspection, you are going to spend much of Venus Retrograde considering which relationships bring positivity and light into your life, and which are merely weighing you down. Why is this important? While we often overlook the great impact that our relationships may have on our lives, a single toxic relationship may be the very roadblock standing between you and your goals and dreams. While its never easy for someone as loyal as you to end a relationship, you need to understand that there will be times in life where it is the best decision that you can make.

Gemini (May 21 Jun 20)

Always the life of the party, you are known for your ability to light up any...


Monsters Are Real, and They Are Going to Ruin Halloween for Three Zodiac Signs Awareness Act

Halloween is upon us, the time of ghosts and goblins, witches and zombies. This is the time of year when you can be anything you want to be for one night, free of judgment. However, while it sounds like the perfect time to celebrate, its not going to be all fun and games for these 3 zodiac signs

There is no denying the fact that Americans love Halloween. In fact, retail spending for this fun and spooky holiday is estimated to reach $9 billion in 2018, with slightly less than 175 million Americans celebrating. What is it that draws so many to enjoy such a creepy time of year? For some, the scare factor alone is enough the perfect opportunity to watch horror movies and embrace all that is weird, dark and frightening in this world. Others still love the imagination and creativity. Its a far more cost-effective holiday than Christmas for most, allowing families to enjoy this time with far less stress.

However, somewhere along the way with the horror movies, cheap decorations, and creative costumes, we have come to forget that not all the negative and toxic influences on our lives are merely a work of Halloween fiction. In fact, this energy is very real, and it can impact our lives in a profound way.

While modern families embrace the horror of Halloween, the celebrations originated with the traditional Celtic Feast of the Dead, Samhain. This was a time in which it was believed that the veil dropped allowing the ghosts and spirits of those we lost to wander among us. With our deceased loved ones, however, so too came evil spirits seeking to bring pain upon everyone they met. This highly spiritual time is said to bring an overwhelming and complex energy upon us. Are you prepared?

This Halloween will be an incredibly rough experience for these 3 zodiac signs:

Taurus (April 20 May 20)

With Venus, your ruling planet, moving into retrograde in time for Halloween, you should be prepared for her to play some serious tricks on your life. You may find yourself acting recklessly in your love life, throwing your heart around as if it cannot be broken. At the same time, Venus love for all things that bring pleasure will likely encourage you to give into the plethora of candy that surrounds this holiday. It will be like being a child all over again, eating so much candy that you actually make yourself sick. Remember, even good things cause us to cross the line into too much. Keep yourself focused, your eye on the prize. This will help you to avoid the temptations of Venus during this time.

Libra (September 23 October 22)

On October 31st, your ruling planet of Venus will move into Libra. This, combined with the lingering impact from Venus Retrograde will likely lead you to se...


Much Needed Mystery of the Iniquity

I will be taking a break. Ty


WARRIOR OF GOD The Cliff Mystery of the Iniquity


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Sunday, 07 October


Tremendous victory: Trump celebrates Kavanaugh win Take care 4

JILL COLVIN, Associated Press October 7, 2018 Source: Yahoo President Donald Trump waves to supporters after speaking at a campaign rally at Kansas Expocentre, Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 in Continue Reading

Het bericht Tremendous victory: Trump celebrates Kavanaugh win verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Kp Message 10-6-18 A Few Notes The Trump card has been played (for everybody!) Kauilapele's Blog

There are so many items going on at the same time right now, and so much being uncovered, unveiled, unredacted, unfathomed, etc., etc., that I personally have a really non-desire to follow every bit of it, and/or try, in any way shape or form, to keep up with it all. Not in my To Do arena.

I do feel we are well into the final take down (whatever that means, exactly, I cannot say) of the so-called cabal, deep state, dark actors, et al., and it does intrigue me when I occasionally run into folks who have wanted this their entire life, but now that it is happening in front of their eyes, they still deny it. I do not know too many of those, but there are a few, apparently.

The Trump Card has been played. And one definition I just found for Trump card is, A key resource to be used at an opportune moment.

Speaking with someone earlier today, it came out that we agreed that this Trump card has brought about a Grand Apocalypse in many things worldly, socially, and individually. The DJT Trump often leaves nothing to the imagination he tells it like he sees it, no holds barred. I have found this is also occurring within myself, on many levels. That which needs to be unveiled about ME, IS being unveiled...


Deep State War: 4Chan Alert on Podesta, Arrests, Antifa Take care 4

  Anon reader submitted the correct source for this alert. I appears to be old material so not really falsebut stale and maybe relevant at this time. Sorry for any Continue Reading

Het bericht Deep State War: 4Chan Alert on Podesta, Arrests, Antifa verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Hard to Believe, a Wake up Call from China Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Paulette Stevens In November 2017, I attended a campus screening of an award-winning documentary, Hard to Believe. The powerful film investigates courageous Falun Dafa Continue Reading

Het bericht Hard to Believe, a Wake up Call from China verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Is It Too Soon to call Judge Kavanaughs Accuser A Liar? Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay My fervent hope is that Brett Kavanaugh will work to lessen the division in the Supreme Court so that we have Continue Reading

Het bericht Is It Too Soon to call Judge Kavanaughs Accuser A Liar? verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


QAnon October 6: Are you Ready to be a Part of History? Take care 4

Published on Oct 6, 2018 The fight over Judge Kavanaughs confirmation was one for the history books. As will be the arrests that are coming.

Het bericht QAnon October 6: Are you Ready to be a Part of History? verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Discover What Your Color Horoscope Has To Say About Your Life (Test) Awareness Act

Our color horoscopes give us insight into the world of our character. It is something that can reveal so much more than you would imagine if looked into properly.

While the world of colors might not mean much to most if you look into the planets behind each one and the stars assigned to them you can learn a lot about yourself. Through the color horoscopes you can figure out what you are facing now and what is to come.

I recently came across something known as the Color Oracle online and it really puts a lot into perspective. It is a test that unlike most horoscope or personality tests gauges your mood and personality through rating different colors. You are first given a set of about 25 color swatches and asked to put the ones you like and dislike the most in order.

If you are really struggling to get to the root of things going on in your life in this moment, this test is one you should take. In reality, it would be better referred to as color psychology when you really break things down. The creator of this Color Oracle runs the website and while the color oracle is free if you want a more in-depth reading you will have to pay for the PDF version.

The horoscope analysis and color psychology itself is described as follows in the website:

The color horoscope provides an insight into your character structures, describes your characteristics and needs and the various roles you play. It also describes emotional conflicts which can hinder your development into a free and happy person as long as they remain unconscious, as well as the possibilities available to you to defuse them. At times the text is somewhat confrontational in nature and is aimed at your making an active effort in dealing with your own personality.

This horoscope analysis is based on a system of interpretation developed by the Swiss art instructor and astrologer Johannes Schneider. The planets are ranked according to their zodiacal sign, the house they reside in and the aspects between them. This ranking yields a planet profile and a typical basic structure. Each heavenly body is associated with a particular color in accordance with the Astro-Color-System developed by the author. In this way the ranking of the planets can also be represented as a series of twelve colors.

Before giving the oracle a try for myself I was not very skeptical but after actually following through properly I can say it is quite accurate. The Oracle told me that at the present time I am in need of inner peace and that is beyond true. It said that some of the most important things to me right now were stability and solutions which again were true.

To check out the Color Oracle yourself please feel free to...


Earth Intelligence Report October 5th, 2018 (Fall of the Old) Take care 4

Published on Oct 5, 2018 The Earth Intelligence Report for Friday, October 5th, 2018.

Het bericht Earth Intelligence Report October 5th, 2018 (Fall of the Old) verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


The Hype of CBD Oil Take care 4

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By June Ann The Hype of CBD Oil With increasing public awareness, more and more CBD Hemp Oil products are coming online. As Im sure Continue Reading

Het bericht The Hype of CBD Oil verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Why are they Fighting so Hard against Judge K? Take care 4

Source: Dinar Chronicles You really want to know why they want judge K out so badly? Watch its only a couple of minutes Break down of the Q & Continue Reading

Het bericht Why are they Fighting so Hard against Judge K? verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Dave Janda The Last Thing the Deep State Wants is Peace Take care 4


Het bericht Dave Janda The Last Thing the Deep State Wants is Peace verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Political Humor Presidential Alert Edition Take care 4

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed The Week in Pictures: Presidential Alert Edition Amidst the continuing war over the Kulturekampf of the Kavanaugh Konfirmation, I hope everyone took in Continue Reading

Het bericht Political Humor Presidential Alert Edition verscheen eerst op Take care 4.


Police Violating Facebook Rules By Creating Fake Accounts to Spy On You Can You Spot Them? Awareness Act

Chances are youve seen those fake Facebook accounts before the profile picture is someone very attractive and they dont have much within their details. While you might have assumed they were not real profiles, had it ever crossed your mind that they could be police or FBI agents?

This happens because it is a very easy way to spy on people. By pretending to be someone you might want to talk to, gaining entrance into your world is much easier. These undercover officers are using their fake profiles to track protesters and trap criminals. While good does come from it in many cases, it also brings up a lot of controversy.

One such situation was that of the profile of Bob Smith an activist that popped up back in 2015 when Memphis was overwhelmed with protests in regards to the police killing a 19-year-old man. By acting as a protest supporter Smith was able to get close to a lot of members in the activist community. He was through gaining access to their friends lists able to see lots of private discussions and so forth. As it turns out he was really a detective by the name of Tim Reynolds who outed himself under questioning by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee. Because of this whole situation, the ACLUT actually sued the police department for violating a 1978 agreement that prohibited officers from conducting surveillance of lawful protests.

That being said, through online monitoring like this police have also been able to do wonderful things like lure out child predators, snare thieves, and track gang members. Regardless, their use of fake accounts does violate the terms Facebook has set. While not against the law, they are as some might say a violation of privacy in some ways. Any evidence they gain through social media can also be used as evidence in court which gives them the upperhand.

NBC reported as follows on this topic:

The only reprisals come from Facebook itself, which says it strictly enforces its ban on users pretending to be someone theyre not. Every day, it says, the companys detection technology blocks millions of attempts to create fake accounts and detects millions more within minutes of creation. But Facebook wont say how often it has taken action against a law enforcement agency for using fake accounts, only that it has done so many times.

Despite this, pol...


Experts Warn, The Pentagons Plan To Deliver Viruses Via Insects Could End Up As A Bioweapon Awareness Act

If you havent already heard the US Military plans to use bugs to disperse genetically modified viruses to crops. This might seem like a good idea from a glance, but many are concerned about the potential for it to become a new class of biological weapons.

This is being referred to as the Insect Allies program and it could pose a HUGE threat to global biosecurity. Research in regards that was published in the journal Science on the 5th goes over the potential dangers that this could bring. While we might be helping farmers to adapt we could also be bringing forth something to this world that cannot be controlled easily or perhaps at all.

The summary of this study goes as follows:

Agricultural genetic technologies typically achieve their agronomic aims by introducing laboratory-generated modifications into target species chromosomes. However, the speed and flexibility of this approach are limited, because modified chromosomes must be vertically inherited from one generation to the next. In an effort to remove this limitation, an ongoing research program funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to disperse infectious genetically modified viruses that have been engineered to edit crop chromosomes directly in fields. This is genetic engineering through horizontal transfer, as opposed to vertical inheritance. The regulatory, biological, economic, and societal implications of dispersing such horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAs) into ecosystems are profound. Further, this program stipulates that the means of delivery of these viral HEGAAs into the environment should be insect-based dispersion (1). In the context of the stated aims of the DARPA program, it is our opinion that the knowledge to be gained from this program appears very limited in its capacity to enhance U.S. agriculture or respond to national emergencies (in either the short or long term). Furthermore, there has been an absence of adequate discussion regarding the major practical and regulatory impediments toward realizing the projected agricultural benefits. As a result, the program may be widely perceived as an effort to develop biological agents for hostile purposes and their means of delivery, whichif truewould constitute a breach of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

While experiments are said to already be underway the agricultural use to this kind of thing is not very plausible. It is a kind of technology that would be much more suited as a biological weapon and even by accident could end up as such. Researchers who worked on the study noted above even went so far as to say the Insect Allies program itself could be perceived as breaching the UNs Biological Weapons Convention.



October 8th New Moon In Libra: A Time For Deep Thought And New Beginnings Awareness Act

The new moon is coming on fast (October 8th) and with that, we will all be feeling quite out of place. Chances are youve been through a lot the past few months and this new moon is something youve really needed.

The new moon of October is in Libra and because of that, you can expect a lot of radical transformation within. You are going to be welcoming something new and letting go of something old. The new moon itself is a time of energy and initiative. It is the fresh start we all need each month.

The effects of this new moon will last well into the weeks to come. You are going to be working on things you might not have ever picked up before. Because this new moon is conjunct Ceres it will have you feeling more sympathetic and comforting towards all of the people within your life.

During this time you are going to be focusing your attention on things that matter to you. You are going to be finding a sense of balance you never thought you would be able to find. That being said, if you do not continue properly you will be lowering your own self-esteem and finding yourself quite confused. Remembering who you are above all else is very important.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to this new moon:

Sun square Pluto increases your need to be in control, but can also lead to ego conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures. A crisis or conflict could lead to extreme or destructive behavior. Bullying, threats or intimidation could force you into a corner, where you have to either defend your position or make a major change. Such intense experiences may trigger deeply buried psychological issues involving fears of death, losing control, abuse or persecution.

Facing your fears will help you understand your need to be in control. This will help you evolve and let things go, relax and feel less threatened. This transformation or rebirth and will leave you with a greater sense of inner power. You can then channel your intensity into success through ambition and hard work.

Ceres square Pluto could expose the dirty tricks that multinational food, drug, and chemical corporations use profit from bad health. This could include toxins in the food chain from pesticides and herbicides, the effects of genetically modified plants and animals, excess sugar and artificial food additives. Other possibilities include power plays and ego conflicts over child custody, the abuse of power by employers relating to working mothers, and the marginalization of single parents by the Church and State.

This whole ordeal is going to be a bit of a bumpy right but the path to proper beginnings is never as simple as we think it will be. For more information on what this...


SGTReport with John B. Wells, 10-6-18 Q: Are you ready to see arrests? (and other items of possible interest) Kauilapele's Blog

This 40 minute interview goes over quite a few items, and I found it pretty enlightening about a few things particularly the aims of the deep state in China. A couple recent Q posts have talked about that issue (2334, 2350).

Published on Oct 6, 2018
On October 4th Q asked, Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see pain? Are you ready to be a part of history? Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells joins me to break down the latest and John says, Youre GOING to see arrests. And then your going to see indictments. And then youre going to see CONVICTIONS. They are scared to death. Thanks for tuning Patriots! #WWG1WGA


Bizarre Cosmic Rays Shooting Out of Antarctica And Scientists Cant Explain It Awareness Act

When we think about todays modern scientists, we often find ourselves thinking about a group of individuals that have an answer to everything they have it all figured out. The truth is that every now and then a situation comes along that baffles even the brightest among us. These are the true mysteries of the world.

One such mystery has captured the attention of scientists for over a century now, defying all understanding of modern physics. Over 100 years ago scientists began to study and create theories surrounding the presence of high-energy cosmic rays. Coming from places of intense energy within the universe, they believed, these rays would somehow travel through deep space and through the Earths atmosphere, where they would be discovered here on our planet.

In 2006, however, a discovery by the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) would lead to more questions than answers. The instruments picked up a cosmic ray that defied all current understanding. The reason it was so baffling? The ray appeared to emerge from the Earth and travel towards outer space as opposed to the other way around. Specifically, the ray appeared to come from deep within the ice of Antarctica.

Soviet physicist Gurgen Askaryan theorized that when a high energy particle interacted with a dense dielectric medium a type of insulating material that doesnt conduct electricity it would produce a shower of secondary charged particles whose radiation can be detected by standard radio antennas. This interaction, now known as the Askaryan effect, allows physicists to detect particles that hardly interact with normal matter (like neutrinos) by observing their secondary effects.

Interested in better understanding the ANITA findings, a team of researchers recently conducted a study focused on three similar cosmic rays, discovered by a particle detector buried in the ice of Antarctica called IceCube. The rays, they found, were connected with a galaxy approximately four billion light-years from Earth. The source was discovered by following the trail of a ghost particle within the rays.

University of Alberta physics professor Darren Grant, a spokesperson for the IceCube Collaboration, explained that such particles are really a smoking gun for where very high-energy cosmic rays are being produced in the universe. The collaboration includes researchers from 12 different countries, working together to better understand the movement of these waves between the Earth and the universe. ...


Astrological Forecast October 2018: Venus Is Ready To Take Her Place At The Top Awareness Act

Venus is now in retrograde as of October 5th. That is going to mean so much for us all and is something we all need to be aware of.

Venus is a strong and powerful planet that controls our hearts in ways most of us are not aware. Venus Retrograde is going to be lasting from the 5th until November 16th so, we are all in for quite the bumpy ride. While you might not normally focus on your romantic life, now is the time to really set yourself loose. Mars is going to be reducing our self-control and setting the stage for Venus to really take charge.

Venus does not go retrograde often and when it does, it makes sure that there is nothing holding us back. Venus is a planet that brings forth some of the most positive influences in our lives. While complex and demanding, Venus does more good than you might think.

Under this influence, we will all be feeling happier and finally taking the time to slow down a bit. Embrace all of your being, the good and the bad during this time, it will only bring you closer to where you are meant to be. During this time you need to begin thinking before you act even though it is hard. This is all part of a bigger lesson you will understand later in life.

The full moon on the 8th is only going to put Venus exactly where it needs to be. Finally at the top reining down over us all. You will be feeling more compassionate and willing to work towards something to benefit those around you. Many parts of your life will be seeing great improvement. Dont let these energies go to waste, let them work for you.

For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. Sure, Venus might come off as a bit intimidating but your best interest is exactly where it needs to be. Perhaps the world of love is going to do something spectacular for you.


Enormous Mosquitoes Three Times Larger Than Normal Are Taking Over North Carolina Awareness Act

Recently numbers of invasive swarms of HUGE mosquitoes have been increasing in North Carolina. These mosquitoes are much bigger than the mosquitoes we are used to and could mean something bad for us all.

The species of mosquito I am referring to is the Psorophora Ciliata. They are said to be very aggressive and usually easily agitated. This mosquito outbreak is affecting most of North Carolina and locals are not happy. This mosquito outbreak is said to be driven by the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence and wont be over anytime soon.

Michael Reiskind, Associate Professor of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at NCSU told USAToday as follows in regards to these pests:

Theres 61 species of mosquitoes in North Carolina and of those, probably 15 to 20 would be highly responsive to floodwaters in this way.

When you have major flooding, a lot of those eggs hatch and you can see rapid population growth.

Before the storm, I went out for 5-minutes and counted just three mosquitoes in that time. A week after the storm, in those 5-minutes I had eight of them. Then after two weeks, (I counted) 50 in that time, and our area didnt get hit the hardest.

A female mosquito just wants to make eggs, and theres just one way of doing that, by taking blood.

People shouldnt worry too much, a big mosquito is no more dangerous than a little one. They arent radioactive or genetically modified or some exotic species, this is just what happens after a hurricane hits.

Cassie Vadovsky a native to North Carolina recorded a video of these huge blood-suckers and boy are they scary! She was coming home from picking her daughter up from school and you can see them swarming. She told Inside Edition that she had never seen them this bad before and is worried about her kids.

While these extremely big mosquitoes dont live for long getting them under control is very important right now. As the weather begins to get colder they should begin to die off if all goes as planned. That being said, they are still quite horrifying.



10 Major Heath Dangers Associated With Canola Oil Awareness Act

While most of us use canola oil, we shouldnt be. There is a mounting pile of research against it and honestly, after reading this you might never use it again.

Below I am going to go over some of the health dangers of canola oil and what those dangers could mean for you and the people you care for. These dangers are not as small as you might think they are, the risks are very prominent. Perhaps giving something else a try would be well worth your time.

10 Heath Dangers Associated With Canola Oil:

1. It increases your intake of unhealthy trans fats.

Eating foods cooked with canola oil increased your intake of unhealthy trans fats. This has drastic effects in the long run on our health and while it might not sound scary, can do a lot of damage. Think about how much canola oil youve taken in throughout your years.

2. It can have negative impacts on weight management.

Canola oil makes it almost impossible to manage weight. While it might not seem like youre ingesting much even the smallest amounts make a difference. Losing weight while using canola is a nightmare.

3. It can cause kidney and liver problems.

We need our kidneys and our liver. Without them, we would not be able to survive. A 90-day trial found that liver and kidney issues go hand in hand with GMO foods. Canola oil is a GMO food.

4. It can cause a decline in your working memory.

Research has shown that canola oil leads to a significant decline in working memory. It is not a healthy fat and damages more than we realize. While it is cheap, it comes with a huge price in the long run.

5. It might hinder normal growth in children.

The euric acid within canola oil can be harmful to infants. They are not able to break it down properly and that is why in the past it has been banned from use in baby formula. It is no longer banned and you should be looking out for things like this, just because we are told it is safe now, doesnt mean it is.



Lawsuit Claims: LaCroix Isnt All Natural Afterall and What Theyve Found Will Shock You Awareness Act

LaCroix is a very popular sparkling water that up until now was not questioned in regards to being natural. The brand is currently facing a lawsuit in regards and its bringing up things many would have never known otherwise.

While the brand claims that their product is all natural, the firm Beaumont Costales who filed the suit on behalf of Lenora Rice claims that testing has revealed the popular beverage contains several artificial ingredients. One of those being linalool which is an insecticide used to kill off cockroaches. Yes, you read that correctly.

CBS Philadelphia reported as follows in regards:

The plaintiff Rice, desiring a healthy, natural beverage, was led to purchase LaCroix sparkling water because of the claims made on its packaging, advertising and website to be innocent, naturally essenced, all natural, and always 100% natural. However, LaCroix, in fact, contains ingredients that have been identified by the Food and Drug Administration as synthetic. These chemicals include limonene, which can cause kidney toxicity and tumors; linalool propionate, which is used to treat cancer; and linalool, which is used in cockroach insecticide, the lawsuit states.

The suit alleges that LaCroix and parent company, National Beverage are aware of the synthetic chemicals contained in LaCroix sparkling water but are intentionally misleading consumers.

National Beverage Corp. is denying the allegation saying the lawsuit was filed without basis in fact or law regarding the natural composition of its LaCroix sparkling waters.

All essences contained in LaCroix are certified by our suppliers to be 100% natural, National Beverage Corp. adds.

Basically, this whole lawsuit is something that aims to prevent LaCroix from continuing to label their products as natural. This if won could open the doors for many others in regards. It would also award damages to those who bought the drink assuming they were getting a natural product.

CBS Philadelphia went on to also note as follows:

Individuals who have purchased LaCroix and who wish to be added to the plaintiff list may contact Beaumont Costales at 773-831-8000.

LaCroixs parent company says that this lawsuit holds no supporting evidence and that the statements within it are false. They are claiming that under the FDAs current regulations their product meets the standar...


Rita Louise: Stepping Out of Eden Earth Ancients

Science has manipulated DNA, mapped the human genome, and cloned both plants and animals. They estimate that humans share 99 percent of their DNA with chimps, but the 1 percent difference enables humans to create art, literature and religion. We often wonder, what makes humans innately human? Is it our biological differences, our lack of body hair, the size of our brains, opposable thumbs or our ability to walk upright? What was the catalyst that spurred the transition from tree-dweller to an upright, tool-making being able to travel to the moon? The evolution of man has adherents in multiple disciplines. Some hold firm to religious doctrine, while others believe evolution is nothing more than survival of the fittest and that humans are still developing. Other factions believe that humans were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials and are the result of an infusion of alien DNA. Dr. Rita's new book, Stepping Out Of Eden, offers a new theory that will leave readers questioning and contemplating the implications long after they've turned the last page. It incorporates perspectives from a variety of disciplines ranging from psychology, behaviorism, anthropology and science to religion, spiritualism and mythology.  About The Author Bestselling author, Dr. Rita Louise is a consummate researcher who passionately explores topics such as ancient mysteries, Ufology, mythology, health and healing, ghosts, intuition, and the paranormal. She is the author of 5 books and the producer of a number of feature length and film shorts, which have been viewed on YouTube over 5 million times. A public speaker in high demand, Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and on film and has spoken at conferences around the United States. Her writings have appeared in books, magazines and newsletters around the world.

Wednesday, 04 October


The headless body found in Norfolk in 1974 Real Life Is Horror

On the 27thof August 1974 the headless body of a woman with her hands and legs bound was found on Cockley Cley farmland near Swaffam, Norfolk, on a road leading towards Break Hill farm.

This land was registered to a man named Sir Peter Roberts, 3rd Baronet (a hereditary title of the lowest order awarded to a common person who is generally referred to as sir if you were wondering), who was a politician for the Conservative party up until 1966. He died in 1985 and was apparently succeeded as Baronet buy his son, Samuel.

The man who discovered the headless woman was a 19 year old farm worker (also referred to as a tractor driver in reports) called Andrew Head. Apparently when he found the body it was wrapped in plastic. He lifted it slightly out of curiosity and only needed a slight view to identify that there was a dead body under it.

I lifted one corner of the cover over the body and that was enough - I could see what it was. I went home and phoned the police. (Source)

According to this article he found her in the overgrown grass by the side of a road.
I made my usual visit to Google maps to see what the location looks like and came up with this.


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